Would Pochettino Actually Improve Man United With This Starting XI? | Formation, Tactics & Players

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Runtime: 12:34


The United Stand
The United Stand - 19 dager siden
Literally said at the start not Ole Out...if you can't see this video is a look at how Poch would change us and the potential pros and cons then football isn't for you
Ocelot K.
Ocelot K. - 18 dager siden
@Robert Andersonwhich part? So we keep Ole and continue being a mediocre team while others leave us behind? I know the board is the problem blah blah. But let's get poch first and see what happens.
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson - 19 dager siden
@Ocelot K. Sorry you dont get it.
Rahul Wanjari
Rahul Wanjari - 19 dager siden
I want Ole to stay, but he's not good as Klopp and Pep in developing youths, some exciting talent knocking at first team like Mengi, Galbraith, Tuanzebe, Mensah are not getting game time. Hannibal, McNeill, Garner, Hugill, Kambwala, Puigmal, Alvaro all youth will be in first team in upcoming season needs good manager to develop under. Ole will only demand players with high price tag, end up in neither the development of team nor any young talent.
Aaron Warner
Aaron Warner - 19 dager siden
Don't think footballs for You mark if you can't see that mata mctominy and Dan James are quality title winning pedigree players
Guy from the 80's
Guy from the 80's - 19 dager siden
@Ocelot K. jesus christ, listen to what you are saying. We got Jose and Van Gaal and where did it take us?
James Winny
James Winny - 16 dager siden
This young Man Utd team pressing other teams would be a thing of beauty. Poch made Dele Ali and Son look world class, imagine what he’d do with Rashford, Greenwood and Martial, with Bruno, Van Der beek and Mctominay in mid. Even Wan Bissaka would improve going forward.
abdullah lukat
abdullah lukat - 17 dager siden
Poch wanted Martial when mourinho was in charge
William Djokro
William Djokro - 17 dager siden
If AWB is not the starter, United have Brandon Williams as potentially better attacking right fullback/wingback.
Firestone Clouds
Firestone Clouds - 17 dager siden
We need hurricane and son in man utd
Firestone Clouds
Firestone Clouds - 17 dager siden
Solsker must buy hurricane and son from Tottenham and man utd will stert improving
Firestone Clouds
Firestone Clouds - 17 dager siden
No record of changing cotch all the time will change man utd the players are responsible for the loses and they should wake up and improve to win
Firestone Clouds
Firestone Clouds - 17 dager siden
Cam on man utd players should wake up and stop sleeping while others are winning trophise
Firestone Clouds
Firestone Clouds - 17 dager siden
U only blem the cotch and u don't look at the laziness of the players
ademola onashile
ademola onashile - 17 dager siden
Always finding a way to defend Ole. You haven't learnt since the Sancho transfer saga..
Firestone Clouds
Firestone Clouds - 17 dager siden
Nothing like another cotch to change man utd BT the players should take the business serours to win trophies like sir Alex days and seasons
Matthew Black
Matthew Black - 17 dager siden
Rashford and Martial are inconsistent. Asking Pogba to defend is going back to Jose.....Just sell him and re invest.
Justin Ruth
Justin Ruth - 17 dager siden
Your a hypocrite. Constantly saying your not ole out and then releasing videos about what a poch team would look like. Anything for a few subs & likes.
Matt C
Matt C - 17 dager siden
we get poch we could get kane :)
A Romanian guy
A Romanian guy - 18 dager siden
Who is here after Woodward said that Man Utd is absolutely commited to Ole?
Celtfifa - 18 dager siden
Probably the weirdest video The United Stand has made. Ole is still the manager and I swear Mark has said he is Ole In multiple times?
andrew pearson
andrew pearson - 18 dager siden
Invert, press, oops the ball is in our net! Idiot!
andrew pearson
andrew pearson - 18 dager siden
Here we go Mark the theorist! This is what Poch would do! Mr 90% wrong is at it again! Mr telepathetic again! My goodness, if the ball is here the press is so important. What happens when the ball is in our net because Pogba gave away another penalty?
quincy tellem
quincy tellem - 18 dager siden
almost at 1m keep smashing it lad
Yellyman - 18 dager siden
Sorry Mark, but this is crap. Poch is not the manager of Man United. So this video is completely irrelevant, and very disrespectful to the current manager.
Judea Jud
Judea Jud - 18 dager siden
If pochetino takes this team he will sell like 6 players but he can't spare martial
Judea Jud
Judea Jud - 18 dager siden
The only manager that can improve us Ralph huhusenhuttl of Southampton
Raj Girdhari
Raj Girdhari - 18 dager siden
I agree with the video perfect get him now fire ole
jimbobmago - 18 dager siden
I still prefer ole flair attacking speed soon he will prove he should still be the man for Manchester United
jimbobmago - 18 dager siden
The two spurs center backs when they were doing well we're considered two of the best around no way we could do this maguire would be skinned every game
Strider - 18 dager siden
Pochettino would play Tuanzebe
Anirudh Iyer
Anirudh Iyer - 18 dager siden
fantastic video 👏👏
Matt Handford
Matt Handford - 18 dager siden
Giving Van de Beek more game time as a box-to-box midfielder is exactly why I'm Poch in.
Steve Brown
Steve Brown - 18 dager siden
Ole can't develop players, it's as simple as that! Poch can!
Ray win
Ray win - 18 dager siden
Ole wanna play just like that but they run out of stem in 20mins.. which is ridiculous..i dont know how poch is gonna fix that..
I more like ole gunnar solksjaer as a manchester united's manager.he buy the awsome players like edinson,telles.pellistri and much more...
Y45EEN - 18 dager siden
Who Edinson?
Tri2b Calm
Tri2b Calm - 18 dager siden
People don't watch Tony closely enough, his pressing improved dramatically (4 to 9), he took more players on than ever last season with an excellent success rate (63%) and provided an goal or assist a little under every 115 minutes. Best improvement though is taking more shots in box whilst keeping the same efficiency. Normally I don't put much stock into certain statistics bad had to look it up to see if I was missing something the anti Tony crowd weren't but maybe its just that he's quiet and has shy demeanor people get wrong idea about what they're actually seeing.
Anurag Vishwakarma
Anurag Vishwakarma - 19 dager siden
What about this against big teams in UCL who play very attacking football like Bayern?
Rashford/Cavani. Mason/Martial
DVB Fred
Telles. Williams

Shaw. Tuanzebe. Bissaka

De Gea
Do give your opinion.
P.T Magar
P.T Magar - 19 dager siden
we don't need him at the moment..
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson - 19 dager siden
WE DONT HAVE ENOUGH PACE AT THE BACK TO PRESS HIGH UP THE FIELD. The higher up the field you press, the higher up the field each line has to be so no gaps. This is the problem we run into pressing. If we had more pace at back press, but not with our current CBs.
Anthony Woodhouse
Anthony Woodhouse - 19 dager siden
I’m convinced AWB could be an amazing CDM in the Kante mold
Emmanuel simeon
Emmanuel simeon - 19 dager siden
Pochetino as a manager will be worse
Cameron Stone
Cameron Stone - 19 dager siden
Effective 'Counter pressing' is the term you're looking for mark, the press to get the ball back seconds after you've lost the ball
Ulysses - 19 dager siden
How often do we see our academy players braking through into the first team? Rarely is the answer. We spend a fortune buying young talent that never makes the first team. Poch could solve that. Everyone knows he’s great a developing young players.
ShoniShash - 19 dager siden
Regardless if Ole stays or another manager comes, there won't be any success for any of them if they don't play with two strikers up in the front. Neither Martial nor Rashford are able to play alone in the striking forward. The both of them are easily doubled by the opponent CB's and don't manage to pull through. One should bare in mind that Martial is not a striker, he is more a right wing attacking type of footballer. Only ONE CDM and that is to be Fred, Mctominnay has to be a backup to Maguire and Tuanzebe to Lindelof. Greenwood (should he start) has to be on the left wing side and van de Beek on the right side. It should be a fast forward and backwards moving formation, which would meant little time for Pogba on the pitch. Cavani should be put in a rotation with the other two strikers.
Sohdam temlong
Sohdam temlong - 19 dager siden
Please can we get Leeds manager already,after all he taught poch and Guardiola everything they know
Nolonger At ease
Nolonger At ease - 19 dager siden
I don't know why Manchester united likes employing managers who failed at other clubs. Mourinho failed at Chelsea united got obsessed and fired Van gal and employed a failure. Now they want to fire Ole to employ another failure who has never won a major trophy.And the fans like Mark wants to dance the tune. Stick with Ole and Buy the players he wants.Or else you are doomed to fail.
Moremogolo Tsatsi
Moremogolo Tsatsi - 19 dager siden
Zakaria for CDM would slap under whichever manager. We should really prioritize signing him over chelsea n Bayern. He's a combination of fred n matic! He's pacey, good on the ball and a tackle machine! Dream signing!
justonemorego - 19 dager siden
And to add. A video that really says NOTHING.
Michael Palfreman
Michael Palfreman - 19 dager siden
Everyone forgets he's a failed spurs managet
justonemorego - 19 dager siden
Wow this guy has no respect. FYI Ole is STILL Utd manager and making a video on this is a disgrace!
Paul Hynes
Paul Hynes - 19 dager siden
Looks a good system
Guz989 - 19 dager siden
Raul Jimenez would be perfect in that striker position under Poch
naod habte
naod habte - 19 dager siden
Does ole even have a system
justin steele
justin steele - 19 dager siden
Mark u should know this video is a waste of time, ole was about to get sacked so united are going on a 20game undefeated run🤣
onotu aliyu ohindase
onotu aliyu ohindase - 19 dager siden
Poch in Ole out
rancid wolves
rancid wolves - 19 dager siden
No shaw.. Even williams was doin awesome
Patrick McKenna
Patrick McKenna - 19 dager siden
Pochettino would give United two very important things that we've lacked in recent years; a good work ethic, and a very clear identity and style of play. If he were to come in now we can still make top 4, but under Ole we simply aren't going to get there. We got away with it last season, but lightning won't strike twice!
Patrick McKenna
Patrick McKenna - 18 dager siden
Cheers mate. People get all fixated on Ole in or Ole out, but that's not the point. The point is, would we be a better team under Poch, and anyone can see that the answer is yes we would - it's that simple. Deep down everyone knows what needs to be done, but they all get bogged down in sentiment.
Azhan Kids TV
Azhan Kids TV - 18 dager siden
spot on mate
matthew flatters
matthew flatters - 19 dager siden
Do a video on the transfers you think Poch would make
Anton Mbuzi
Anton Mbuzi - 19 dager siden
This vedio is rubbish, guess its only meant to meet the daily content quota
Mahad Asif
Mahad Asif - 19 dager siden
8:50 We would need someone like Gravenbirch
Trevor Cross
Trevor Cross - 19 dager siden
Hopefully 4-3-3
Matt Lawless
Matt Lawless - 19 dager siden
Why isn’t this guy a manager with his knowledge 😂😂😂😂🍩
SammyBoi - 19 dager siden
This might sound wild but an inform Lingard is perfect for a Poch winger
Nasruddin Kalidi
Nasruddin Kalidi - 19 dager siden
Martial and Maguire as well as VDB were all Pochettino targets.
Taylor Hyde
Taylor Hyde - 19 dager siden
Call me crazy but moving AWB to right sided CB and bringing Dalot back from loan to be a pressing RWB could work for this system...Love AWB but not sure if he will ever be good enough in the attack
carter v.
carter v. - 19 dager siden
shame on you mark. why poch is still in the conversation?
movie /game reviews
movie /game reviews - 19 dager siden
Why appoint a failure as manager
movie /game reviews
movie /game reviews - 19 dager siden
@Trevor Cross exactly
Trevor Cross
Trevor Cross - 19 dager siden
We have one now took cardiff down
Ayan Dutta
Ayan Dutta - 19 dager siden
If Poch comes to United,we will probably lose Tony. He can't play as the target man. Tony will become the old inconsistent player.
Paulo Ramírez
Paulo Ramírez - 19 dager siden
The thing with me is that Ole could do that, but he is so obsessed by not playing VDB.
jaden - 19 dager siden
Strange upload considering your an ole in but i guess content comes first
Muma Ndubula
Muma Ndubula - 19 dager siden
433 with two cm/am and a Dm. Paul Pogba plays better in that, so does VDB, Fred, Mejbri, Bruno aswell.
A Ali
A Ali - 19 dager siden
If poch does become manager i think our priority should be a left footed cb with ball playing ability and pace. Having your full backs going soo high up will require the cb to almost be a lb at times and be able to make passes down straight channels which a right footed cb cant when playing lcb.
Rishi Kamath
Rishi Kamath - 19 dager siden
Really like the "feature" type, short episodes Mark. Would love to see more of these 👍🏽
CraicaddictYid - 19 dager siden
Biggest problem you'd have at UTD if Poch does come soon would be a lack of a pre-season. It was known at Spurs that the first few weeks of pre-season were brutal, players vomiting all over the place as he worked them so hard, the benefits came in big time around Christmas when we'd just run teams into the ground for the wins. He got buy-in initially from the players as he was bringing through young-uns who would push themselves so hard in training. Can you imagine in this covid age and a team of established world stars at United being up for this? Could be disastrous.
Shiir A
Shiir A - 19 dager siden
Speculating on other managers and how they would play is just crap IMHO. Point is that, you as other media are adding to the speculation and the pressure. If you can't see that, media is not for you, because you are part of setting the agenda, not just reacting to it.
Anurag Kiran
Anurag Kiran - 19 dager siden
This video is more about how Mark wants Ole to play😁
simon smith
simon smith - 19 dager siden
paul olele
paul olele - 19 dager siden
Let’s be real Shaw will not get into Poch’s system. It’s Telles
paul olele
paul olele - 19 dager siden
@Ammar Siraj true but I just feel like Telles will be ahead shaw especially because he picks up quite a few injuries
Ammar Siraj
Ammar Siraj - 19 dager siden
i mean shaw was a big part of poch's Southampton team
The Unknown
The Unknown - 19 dager siden
I think that Wan-Bissaka will actually do well in this system, but maybe I'm wrong.
Harry Gilez
Harry Gilez - 19 dager siden
googleboughtmee - 19 dager siden
I'm not Ole out but I want him to be replaced with Poch asap
Jeremy Walker
Jeremy Walker - 19 dager siden
Then surely you are Ole out 😳?
David Sweat
David Sweat - 19 dager siden
No no no no no no no no
Bijay Malla
Bijay Malla - 19 dager siden
Esker Victor
Esker Victor - 19 dager siden
Poch is so converting Dan James to a right back, while he has has got pace, he just doesn't have the intelligence to play as a forward in the modern game (surprised Ole hasn't found that out and fixed him in a more suitable role), Rashford fits perfectly into Son's role on the the left and so does Van De Beek into Alli's role on the right. I also think Lingard's intelligent movement and pressing ability might be crucial to Pochettino's system. Great video Mark.👍
ambarish banerjee
ambarish banerjee - 19 dager siden
Poch can't do anything with this team, cz our team isn't good enough and lacks good players at critical positions. Even Ole can win titles if we have a Sancho, Grealish and Upamecano.
Y45EEN - 18 dager siden
Ole wouldn’t win anything with those players. He wouldn’t even win the league with Bayern.
Paarshva Shah
Paarshva Shah - 19 dager siden
Honestly i do not rate mctominay but he suits poch system with donny on the right
Abhishek Bhattacharya
Abhishek Bhattacharya - 19 dager siden
Son was not as good as Rashford before Poch....
So i think poch can really improve Rashford!
Chris Chris
Chris Chris - 19 dager siden
is it so???
Darren Petchey
Darren Petchey - 19 dager siden
The fact hes putting mctominay shaw and McGuire still in team I think he should stay where he is
Mulugeta Mersha
Mulugeta Mersha - 19 dager siden
Manutd needs a high profile manager. I font think Solalshaer fits to the level of manutd!!
Jem Cole
Jem Cole - 19 dager siden
Loved the video. Great content and insightful
Amitayush Ghosh
Amitayush Ghosh - 19 dager siden
I would prefer either of McTominay or Fred in the CDM role with van de Beek the adventurous mid in the double pivot. The first thing that Poch should do is sell Pogba. He is starting to become like Sanchez
Abel Kidanu
Abel Kidanu - 19 dager siden
I think mark is tired of ole. He doesn’t wanna say it but he wants him out
Y45EEN - 18 dager siden
Mark is ole out but won’t say it until Christmas. He criticises ole and rightly so when he gets it wrong which happens to be every other game and basically gave a presentation on how poch would do at United.
jaden - 19 dager siden
@stefan Mari i know but mark is definitely not ole in , i cant blame him though
stefan Mari
stefan Mari - 19 dager siden
@jaden nah he said he's only doing this vid cuz it was widely requested
jaden - 19 dager siden
He is low key ole out mate
Jonathan Maze
Jonathan Maze - 19 dager siden
Poch would prefer Dalot to AWB
The Devils Verdict
The Devils Verdict - 19 dager siden
Absolutely and he would be right.
Muhammad Solwa
Muhammad Solwa - 19 dager siden
This vid made me super excited for poch to come in 😂
Azhan Kids TV
Azhan Kids TV - 18 dager siden
me too!!!!
movie /game reviews
movie /game reviews - 19 dager siden
@oldboy5 8 poch is a failure
oldboy5 8
oldboy5 8 - 19 dager siden
For what awb can be sold?one of martial and rashford or both could go the bench and greenwood no even gametime
Rahul Soni
Rahul Soni - 19 dager siden
GW will compete against martial and cavani
Donny will start from right side
Seán Fitzgerald
Seán Fitzgerald - 19 dager siden
We would be the longest distance covered teams in the premier League under Pochettino. We would become one of the fittest teams in the league. I hope Pochettino brings in a whole new physio department who are the best in the world right now. I think we are in dire need of an increase in standards on in those areas.
Madhu - 19 dager siden
There is no way players like wan bissaka plays under poch.. he likes players who are good on the ball... wan bissaka is abyssmal on the ball... I dont know whether people notice it or not but he is costing us going forward...
PanteraMark - 19 dager siden
The only way Pochettino can improve United is getting rid of Woodward and the Glazers.
Rodger Downer
Rodger Downer - 19 dager siden
Poch in
Rhys Powell
Rhys Powell - 19 dager siden
We get Poch and AWB could be 50m down the drain. He is so bad going forward.
On the plus side we wouldn't have to put up with Martial as our number 9
Tony Browne
Tony Browne - 19 dager siden
Poch hasn't won a thing hes a food not great and will be taking on a bad team which could be good again but not great open ur eyes mate ffs
joana morn
joana morn - 19 dager siden
Stop talking about poch we don't need him please... You have had a lot of good and better managers than poch yet we failed so please stop talking about poch please please please please please please please please please please please
Glazers Out
Glazers Out - 19 dager siden
Can u do a naglesman he’s got an interesting stats team
Bob Dagnall
Bob Dagnall - 19 dager siden
We do not want POCHETTINO he lacks aggression and determination and is NOT a MAN UTD TYPE. What did SPURS win when he was their manager? OLE is our manager and should be given MORE TIME. Our players at times have let our supporters and OLE down.look at POGBA,and he is still lacking REAL FITNESS, and most of our players need a ROCKET up their backside.
Dav Noble
Dav Noble - 19 dager siden
And ole is aggressive and shows determination? Lmao seriously man ? This is unbelievable honestly
The Devils Verdict
The Devils Verdict - 19 dager siden
Exactly, Ole is even more powder puff than Poch. Which is why so many fans want a change. But there are also a lot of people like you who want Ole to stay. I don't but respect your opinion. Pogba out? Definitely.