What Is Solskaer's Future At Man Utd? Flex N KG! Reckless Talk!

How much progress has Ole Gunnar Solskajer made since becoming Manchester United manager? Can Solskjaer prove the doubters wrong? Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand.

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Sandbox Studios INC
Sandbox Studios INC - 20 dager siden
Hey Flex, KG Happy Birthday Rastus here, just recently started watching you guys and amazing talks. Jus would like to say ole shud be given his run and have players who are jus stagnant and poor progression out of the club and get new ones that will improve the squad. You can't blame the manager for the mistakes and low performance of certain players.
Scott Panton
Scott Panton - 22 dager siden
Happy birthday KG..
dave rees
dave rees - 23 dager siden
Get ole out he is 💩
He has damaged United beyond repair, we are now a joke
Tony Capella
Tony Capella - 23 dager siden
It seems ole is being casual on it player's,,I think it's time for a new manager, that will be critical and focus,
Filipo Ociepka
Filipo Ociepka - 23 dager siden
Happy birthday KG
Banter United
Banter United - 23 dager siden
Banter united 0-1 😥
Katana Lugo
Katana Lugo - 23 dager siden
No consistency, plus I think solskjaer is only doing a guess work with man Utd... he can't even stand up and try to get things right even when the team looks a bit lost... it's very frustrating to a wheelchair man Utd manager not showing the passion that is required of a top manager managing a top club..????
EyeInTheSky - 23 dager siden
Roy keane was spot on
R P - 23 dager siden
Is it me or is everyone on TUS scared of saying 'OLE OUT'?
j a
j a - 23 dager siden
If he looses to Everton he should go, simple as. We're 15th for god sake. Ole talks that we were in this position at the start of last season like its acceptable, surly that makes it worse that we haven't improved.
Super Mario Maker 2 Glitch Hunters
Happy birthday x
SQ 25
SQ 25 - 23 dager siden
flex’s roy keane is jokes.. look at him acting like it’s normal🤣🤣🤣
WOOOPdoctorFROGhere - 23 dager siden
stop doing that boom noise FFS. It's not funny and anybody listening on headphones or speakers with the bass on it completely blows it.
hany junh
hany junh - 23 dager siden
it kind of reminds me when José Mourinho was sacked. Played well in the CL but were horrible in the PL.
Qahir Makhani
Qahir Makhani - 23 dager siden
He was much better than ole this season and last
RL10 - 23 dager siden
Happy birthday, KG!!
Louis Clarke
Louis Clarke - 23 dager siden
Kg you're a legend bro 🤴🏿 ole is the worst manager in the league. He should never have been given the job because him and his staff don't have the skills talent intelligence or ability to do the job.
BackTo AttackMan
BackTo AttackMan - 23 dager siden
Did he just say big up the Durex gang? 😂😂😂😂
Marshall Ranginya
Marshall Ranginya - 23 dager siden
Got so little from this show..No offence to Kg and Flexx.Thats why I rate Mark and Ricky on the show and Beth is doing good too.
Milan Serdar
Milan Serdar - 23 dager siden
He is partner in crime along side, hand by hand together with Ed and Glazers. Owners, Board, Manager...all on same page. Only major strike which is impossible since there is no fans on stands would lead to sacking Ole. He is so good in a role of a YES MAN that even that is questionable. So he has all the time in the world and there is no need for fans to separate him from clubs broken structures. Maybe he learns something in few years
Irshaad Allie
Irshaad Allie - 23 dager siden
That Roy Keane accent by Flex was tops! 😂😂🤣🤣🤣
El Doctor69
El Doctor69 - 23 dager siden
Happy birthday condom hat KG!!
Uti Praise
Uti Praise - 23 dager siden
Happy birthday KG, big up my brother🇳🇬👊
Steve Gardener
Steve Gardener - 23 dager siden
Flexi that Roy Keane impression is dope 🔥🔥🔥
Steve Gardener
Steve Gardener - 23 dager siden
Happy birthday KG 🔥🔥🔥
Amaan 7861
Amaan 7861 - 23 dager siden
*Look how many managers we have gone through*
*Maybe try sacking the board this time*
Qahir Makhani
Qahir Makhani - 23 dager siden
How do you propose doing that?
Ando - 23 dager siden
Truth of the matter is we are all confused now..This is the result of all them inconsistencies becoming the new consistency. I for one don't know whether we can make top 4 , win a cup , get relegated , we just don't know! That's why we are no longer a top Club. You just don't get these sort of inconsistencies with Clubs that win Trophies.
Stanislav - 23 dager siden
This show was a breath of fresh air ! :D
Mark Gabriel
Mark Gabriel - 23 dager siden
Can ole deliver utd a title/silverware?
Absolutely not..
Meanwhile the only reason he's the manager is all down to his legendary status as a ex player as otherwise no top10 club would even consider his services..(facts)
Furry Pudding
Furry Pudding - 23 dager siden
Has kg been cake soapin
Furry Pudding
Furry Pudding - 23 dager siden
Looking far less blick, could be lighting
Shamase - 23 dager siden
We need Ancellotti
Adrodog - 23 dager siden
The fact that Utd fans aren’t overwhelmingly Ole out tells me that standards have slipped and a lot are deluded. Anyone could win the odd game with the players at Utd. If there was NO manager the players would still win some games because there’s no doubt there is talent in the squad. If any other manager at a top 6 club had Oles record this year I don’t think they would be in a job. If Mourinho loses a couple games in a row everyone says he hasn’t got it anymore! It’s so stupid to me that everyone’s judgement is clouded because Ole was a good player for the club
steviemak10 - 19 dager siden
Changing ownership of this club is the priority
Lars - 21 dag siden
No, we have understood that a new manager won't solve it.
Richard Were
Richard Were - 23 dager siden
Happy BDay KG
Reza Razak
Reza Razak - 23 dager siden
8:29 "Get rid of the fanbase"?? Seriously Flex? as if we are not already divided as it is. People are always going to have their own opinion. The problem is, we have too many shiite english based players like Maguire/AWB/Scott/Shaw/James who cant play from the back!
Woody Annison
Woody Annison - 23 dager siden
KG stop being a narcissist you spend so much time worrying about yaself instead of the football Man UtD
stand not KG stand PS Happy Birthday
harrison nzuki
harrison nzuki - 23 dager siden
Ole out poch in
Ideozu Blake
Ideozu Blake - 23 dager siden
People seem to not acknowledge the fact that this is the best our squad has looked since Ferguson left in 2013. No matter how most of us want olé to succeed, he just can’t as he’s not good enough. People need to wake up
& smell the coffee. December makes it two years into his regime & we’re still having this conversation about consistency fgs.
Only Hooman
Only Hooman - 23 dager siden
Ole needs to be braver and make changes sooner. He also needs more experienced *first team* coaches around him. Get rid of Carrick, Mckenna, etc., and bring it some seasoned first team coaches.
xpkx360 - 23 dager siden
Flex is ole out
Jem Cole
Jem Cole - 24 dager siden
Best show in ages. Big up. Happy bday KG. Brum man remember man.
Rayon Serous
Rayon Serous - 24 dager siden
This has become the comedy stand?
dan bdm
dan bdm - 24 dager siden
If his not let's first win champions league
Sylvia Nikolette
Sylvia Nikolette - 24 dager siden
Man Utd need to approach every match like how Khabib Nurmagomedov does for his mma fights.. With seriousness, focus and humility.. If you have a mountain to climb, you dont stroll or be casual about it.. Tough decisions need to be made and tough work need to be done. No more joking with transfers and no entertaining of toxic personalities.. no weak players with weak mindset..
Kenneth Grant
Kenneth Grant - 24 dager siden
To all my fellow United fans go to Manchester united email, scam down to supporters feedback and bombard them with your resent thoughts. We have got to do something about the CLOWNS in charge.
Helmut Stouthamer
Helmut Stouthamer - 24 dager siden
Happy Birthday, KG. Wishing you a great year ahead. May you have a very Special Day filled with lots of love and happiness.
Adiele Princewill
Adiele Princewill - 24 dager siden
Ole won not even a tea cup but sits down through out the match and do nothing..he's too relaxed.. Arteta won FA cup but stood throughout the match that's the zeal to win
HeCameFromFrance - 24 dager siden
Trojan Squad stand up Durex gang in the mud
Reeves Wong
Reeves Wong - 24 dager siden
Will - 24 dager siden
Why would you spend 100m on Pogba and not put players around him to get the best out of him. If Pogba needs an athletic cdm to pair with and everyone knows that then how is it his fault when he struggles because there isn't one.
痛みAchos - 24 dager siden
Hats off to that guy who triple captain because of KG advice 😆
3chords - 24 dager siden
Just think.......we could so easily have lost to Brighton as well. That would have been 4 points only.
Anam Maceba
Anam Maceba - 24 dager siden
Happy birthday KG big up
jay cam
jay cam - 24 dager siden
Clicked on saw KG and clicked off!!
Vishen Naidoo
Vishen Naidoo - 24 dager siden
The wit and energy of kg and flex..is why I still watch the utd stand. They question the right things. But manage to keep it fun. Keep it up boyz!!
JTorres 17
JTorres 17 - 24 dager siden
since 88
since 88 - 24 dager siden
Man are moving shook to say ole out 😂
Luke 82
Luke 82 - 24 dager siden
Happy Birthday KG bro 🤜🤛🏾
Subhash Kj
Subhash Kj - 24 dager siden
Qammar Shah
Qammar Shah - 24 dager siden
Happy birthday KG, keep it reckless
willy yonathan
willy yonathan - 24 dager siden
Ole "Gunner" Solskjær
Jesse Skariah
Jesse Skariah - 24 dager siden
If man Utd lose to Everton Ole might get sacked
paid shill
paid shill - 24 dager siden
ole served his purpose. need the next level guy now.
Wai hlyan Moe
Wai hlyan Moe - 24 dager siden
Ole needs to use a clear game plan and use same players for games and drop players who don’t deserve to play as well. We need consistent results and maybe go on a good run.
Fabio Mobeast
Fabio Mobeast - 24 dager siden
Happy birthday KG
Ian Hay
Ian Hay - 24 dager siden
The Jota has arrived
Darren Lown
Darren Lown - 24 dager siden
Kg is the most self serving person on the United Stand. He loves the sound of his own voice.
Flex is a cut above this fella!
FruitPunchie - 24 dager siden
Meanwhile Liverpool Diogo Jota just scored a hat-trick in ECL. He runs, he scores. A bargain buy from Wolves. How about MU's Cavani?
Anand Mahamuni
Anand Mahamuni - 24 dager siden
He is in a well coached system mate. They wanted him because he fits thier system
taner aliosman
taner aliosman - 24 dager siden
I waited all week to watch this and all ive seen is 20% football talk 80% stupidness talk. Ffs.
Talk about utd guys come on. Annoying me now!!
Flee Danso
Flee Danso - 23 dager siden
Lol facts
Rayon Serous
Rayon Serous - 24 dager siden
KG is a big distraction. He should be on sesame street.
priceYT - 24 dager siden
Dirty James
Dirty James - 24 dager siden
We're not as high above arsenal as we think we are. - TRUE
We're not as far behind the top 4 of the UCL as we fear we are (PSG & Leipzig) - Also TRUE
We are somewhere in between and we should be patient and stop moaning because we can technically beat anyone on our day and our manager is learning on the job...
Chinwike Obi-odunukwe
Chinwike Obi-odunukwe - 24 dager siden
D problem of utd is moving d ball from d defence to attackers fluidly.
Ole needs to work on that problem
Apollo M.
Apollo M. - 24 dager siden
I’m going to make everyone’s day. For the song KG always sings search “Caramel - No chicken wings”
Youngabz - 24 dager siden
ppl won’t accept that ole is a trash coach how can’t you get the best out of your players no consistency in our team OleOut
Fitzroy 1878 Williams
Fitzroy 1878 Williams - 24 dager siden
Fitzroy 1878 Williams
Fitzroy 1878 Williams - 24 dager siden
Ole out
Amiss AV
Amiss AV - 24 dager siden
Durex gang😂🔥
Sir Alex Ferguson
Sir Alex Ferguson - 24 dager siden
Ole is gone he's done. No way back now. it's just a matter of time before Woodward pulls the trigger.
Mark Gabriel
Mark Gabriel - 23 dager siden
After the Everton game hopefully..🙏
Sean Mullin
Sean Mullin - 24 dager siden
My question to people who are ole in if you don’t think we can win titles & ucl under him then why are you ole in?
Mark Gabriel
Mark Gabriel - 23 dager siden
Spot on..
Troll Face
Troll Face - 23 dager siden
sam Smkrgd
sam Smkrgd - 24 dager siden
Blinded by love
Vrushabh Sekhar
Vrushabh Sekhar - 24 dager siden
HAHA aks not ask
A K - 24 dager siden
Happy Bornday KG 👊🏽💙
Spiritual Alexi
Spiritual Alexi - 24 dager siden
Ole was never a united legend .... he was a moments player, just like how he is as a manager. He isn’t an Alpha male deep inside. Man sat on the bench at united his entire career and had no aspirations to leave and be a starter and potentially an actual club legend at Everton or something but nah . Get this fraud out my club I feel no ways about ole
Spiritual Alexi
Spiritual Alexi - 24 dager siden
Spiritual Alexi
Spiritual Alexi - 24 dager siden
Don’t get mad it’s facts
Spiritual Alexi
Spiritual Alexi - 24 dager siden
Loose 1
Loose 1 - 24 dager siden
Ole needs time really? Hardly he has had enough time
Getu Babsa
Getu Babsa - 24 dager siden
Happy Birthday my G big ❤️
Inquisitor Pingu
Inquisitor Pingu - 24 dager siden
you are disrespecting Molde, he took them from absolutely nowhere to winning the league, we don't beat the smaller teams as because as usual with a lot of big clubs the players have disgraceful ego's that don't try hard enough against smaller* teams, it's all mental, the players are disgusting
Gotta Give Entertainment
Gotta Give Entertainment - 23 dager siden
Ahh yes, the mighty Molde
Loose 1
Loose 1 - 24 dager siden
What did he do with Cardiff?
Loose 1
Loose 1 - 24 dager siden
Are you joking? Molde
Gaz J
Gaz J - 24 dager siden
It's very simple, it's how Ole is setting the stall out that's wrong... AWB and Shaw/Telles need to get forward and when they do, Fred and Matic drop into the holes.. The defence needs to push up a lot more and squeeze the game, I'd include Tuanzebe in that and not Harry... Get martial no.9 and rashy deeper to run at defenders, and Bruno and donny have the freedom to create.....
praxi man
praxi man - 24 dager siden
Ole is obviously the right manager.1. He scored an important goal in the last millennium.
2.He has faced adversity in tough times as he relegated Cardiff.
3.He smiles a lot. And thats despite his only previous EPL
being relegating Cardiff.
Carl Connikie
Carl Connikie - 24 dager siden
Cut to the chase for goodness sake.
Geneva Khanye
Geneva Khanye - 24 dager siden
Ole is done out here end off!!
Inquisitor Pingu
Inquisitor Pingu - 24 dager siden
you can say whatever you like but Pogba hasn't done jack, he needs to get gone, defending Pogba being garbage for 4 years is a disgrace
J Splizzat
J Splizzat - 23 dager siden
@Richard Were yeah man but at Juventus and France hes been what?
Richard Were
Richard Were - 23 dager siden
@J Splizzat If they are garbage he's the compressor....XD
J Splizzat
J Splizzat - 23 dager siden
@Hector Rico them man quick to call pogba garbage but wont adress all the garbage hes been surrounded by 🤦🏿‍♂️
Richard Were
Richard Were - 23 dager siden
Adebisi has spoken! XD
Riyan Bicha
Riyan Bicha - 24 dager siden
rob bider
rob bider - 24 dager siden
Lol his future is herding sheep in norway , he isn't going to manage any club in 5 big league
Brodda Syd
Brodda Syd - 24 dager siden
Arteta much better manager than Ole.
Keep Ole. LoL. You will never win anything with him.
Yusuf Best
Yusuf Best - 24 dager siden
Man Utd need to approach every match like how Khabib Nurmagomedov does for his mma fights.. With seriousness, focus and humility.. If you have a mountain to climb, you dont stroll or be casual about it.. Tough decisions need to be made and tough work need to be done. No more joking with transfers and no entertaining of toxic personalities.. no weak players with weak mindset..
collage Mcneil
collage Mcneil - 24 dager siden
Happy birthday KG
gyuuhkj - 24 dager siden
Flex and goldbridge are low-key ole out
Renato Swartz
Renato Swartz - 24 dager siden
Happy birthday KG it's my birthday today🎉🎊👍
phelan edopu
phelan edopu - 24 dager siden
We need consistency and we all know a manager who performs consistently with a low budget. Pochettino
Nasser Hossain
Nasser Hossain - 24 dager siden
Poch has been poor in big games, he has won only 25% of big games as a manager, his win percentage is 52% which is lower than LVG, Mourinho and guess who Ole. His record in cup competitions is bad as well. His last CL run doesn't help his statistics.
rob bider
rob bider - 24 dager siden
Ole budget isn't low , he has spend almost 300m
Dave Elcock
Dave Elcock - 24 dager siden
Drop mctominay from the bench and replace him with lingard in the box to box role, vdb in pogba out , he lacks match fitness more than vdb, lingard comes off the bench for vdb if we're on top and looking for fresh legs in the last 15 or 20 , if not and were trailing pogba comes on for him.
John Pasifull
John Pasifull - 24 dager siden
Tomorrow's game I'd go Henderson gk Williams rb tellas lb axel cb mengi cb hmf pogba lmf Bruno rmf dvb rashford lw greenwood rw cavani str bench de gea gk awb rb Shaw lb maguire cb lindlof cb matic hmf mctommney cm Fred cm mata James lw pellistri rw martial str ingahlo str
Tyrone Williams
Tyrone Williams - 24 dager siden
Happy 29th birthday KG
Graham - 24 dager siden
A fucking Giro