Van De Beek Criticised! Pogba Outrage! Man Utd News

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Donny Van De Beek has been criticised for moving to Man Utd and Pogba is outraged at the latest story about him Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand. SPURS Watchalong
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MindStorm - Måned siden
It's embarrassing that Dan James (ex-Championship player) is getting games, and VDB isn't. He played really well in the Eredvisie, and his style reminds me a bit of Scholes. OGS doesn't have a clue... Fred and McTominay's distribution of the ball is very poor IMO; At Ajax, he played as a no.6 and was quick, skilful, creative and he scores goals. How many have Fred and McTominay scored? not many.
Trevor Cross
Trevor Cross - Måned siden
Bring in a decent manager and Van De Beek plays every week Ole needs to stop kissing Pogba,s arse ffs
Carry On Coaching
Carry On Coaching - Måned siden
Carry On Coaching
Carry On Coaching - Måned siden
imo - Måned siden
Ole poor management hence the points in the EPL
TinoTinny M
TinoTinny M - Måned siden
Martial Cavani
Rashford Greenwood
Fernandes(C) Van De beek
Telles Wan bissaka
Lindelof Twanzebe
De Gea
Subs: Henderson, Maguire, Pogba, Matic,Fred,
Raheem Watt
Raheem Watt - Måned siden
Stop talking about Lampard is he our manager? No! Mark trying to take the heat of Ole I see.
Raheem Watt
Raheem Watt - Måned siden
Ole needs to get sacked man. He’s actually ruining this club. If any other manager did what he did against Chelsea then everyone would be on his back. First time I felt so disappointed/angry/baffled before a match.
Genie Ngwenya
Genie Ngwenya - Måned siden
Why buy a star then we bench him. Although it is difficult to change a winning team but all players should be given time to play.
Jon Williams
Jon Williams - Måned siden
Solskjaer is clueless and incompetent as a manager
Mister Millz
Mister Millz - Måned siden
Spot on Mark! It's criminal that VDB cant start a game over Dan James and Juan Mata.
Jimbo Slice
Jimbo Slice - Måned siden
U wanted jose out who won us trophies yet you're desperate for ole to stay🤣🙈😭🙈😭
andrew pearson
andrew pearson - Måned siden
If You want to back Solly, then back him! What is this crap I love Solly and now I will cut him down! Crap Mark. You are playing both sides of the fence. Grow a pair, or is it your job description? Chelsea was a bit wet too!
John Hume
John Hume - Måned siden
Nah. Van de Beek should be starting over Mata & James even Greenwood and Rashford. Its bad management.
Abdoulaye Maiga
Abdoulaye Maiga - Måned siden
I don’t get why all the onus is on Lampard to attack when just a couple days ago barely any Chelsea players apparently don’t get in your combined XI. I’m just saying It’s not really fair to say Lampard should have done this or that when the players he has ‘isn’t better’ than the ones at united. Lampard was cowardly but Ole is rightly being criticised for his lack of ambition in the game. I think Ole is a good coach with good tactics which is why he should have gone for the win.
kwl189 - Måned siden
Last time I checked Lampard didn’t ship six goals against Spurs. We had more reason than Lampard to not attack. A combined XI just based on opinion 90% of the time.
andrew pearson
andrew pearson - Måned siden
Good, Pogba can leave Man Utd. I agree with Pogba i think he should leave. Agenda if you want i call it opinion.
Ikram Bashir
Ikram Bashir - Måned siden
Donny a class player ole give him the game time he will definitely get better with time he can’t do anything on the bench !!!
Alex Boyd
Alex Boyd - Måned siden
I don’t think it matters if VDB or Bruno play the 10 or 8 as long as they are on the pitch together. When they played together they often interchanged positions which caused confusion in the defense with quick passing and movement which led to Bruno’s goal at Newcastle
Michael O'Looney
Michael O'Looney - Måned siden
Like, Pogba is overrated. We should be using van de beek more then we should be using Pogba. I mean this is a decent midfield Van de beek Pogba and Fernandes
Joe Goh
Joe Goh - Måned siden
Media making up stories to sell advertisements and fans get lured into it ... what a load of bull crap! Don't drink the cool-aid people!
EyeInTheSky - Måned siden
The plan was Pogba was supposed to be fucked off and VDB his replacement because COVID it screwed up the plan. I would take VDB over Pogba who has basically downed tools for 2.5 years now and makes no effort. VDB would have been the difference in the last few games we drew and lost.
maoh Sama
maoh Sama - Måned siden
a pr manager, a data scientist, what next a store keeper?
Timack Ndiane
Timack Ndiane - Måned siden
Cavani is finished. Stop pushin it
Itai Ndanga
Itai Ndanga - Måned siden
We need to understand that the coaching in our team is below par. We have world class talent on the bench because the coaches can’t teach the players to operate effectively on and off the ball. That means we play an over defensive lineup to ease the bleeding. Diamond with pogba vdb Bruno and Fred. Rotate front two between cavani martial Rashford and greenwood
Timack Ndiane
Timack Ndiane - Måned siden
Grealish would walk in your team. You are so funny. What a player he is. He can even take Bruno place. Bruno is so overrated
JerodimusPrime - Måned siden
In regards to Van de Beek, United are to blame. We've played him as a sub and he's already scored and created much more chances that Dan James. He's a better player than Mata, Matic and McTominey. He should be starting. United ruin players, I can't remember the last time we bought a player and improved them—maybe Martial? Though the jury's still out on him. We're a joke club, we need a proper Director of Football and a proper manager. I love Ole, but he's not the man that will lead us to titles, that should be clear and obvious by now. The fact that Ole thinks Dan James and Mata are better than Van de Beek says everything about the type of manager he is
James Hackney
James Hackney - Måned siden
Everyone keeps saying stuff about VDB but he might be having conversations with ole and they’re trying to train him to playing a much more advanced role or move him to play a right winger we don’t know maybe that’s why ole said you don’t see what happens on the training ground
hassan hussein
hassan hussein - Måned siden
Ole stupid not to play if I were VDB I would quit utd
thian huat tan
thian huat tan - Måned siden
Maybe Soldjaer indirectly hinting to the board and woodward that giving me someone I don't want instead of Sancho.
Naomi Mwakugu
Naomi Mwakugu - Måned siden
Surely, I am not able to understand what you are saying. Does it mean that Ole is ready to lose a game coz he wants players he favors. Then Manu will not improve. Ole OUT
Samuel W. Appiah
Samuel W. Appiah - Måned siden
I think the player recently came and there is more games to play. We have a long season to go. We have had only six games played. I think we should be patient for him to settle. Why the pressure? The criticisms is too much.
Red Devil
Red Devil - Måned siden
There was an ad 55 seconds in
Kenzo Okami
Kenzo Okami - Måned siden
Donny will play as the season progresses. He will become a club legend. Fosure!
John L
John L - Måned siden
If we do not start to play donny i think it is sadly time for ole to go.
Dan James just is not a prem league player, all he has is pace.
Der.Prinz.Eisenherz - Måned siden
I like the way you rightly criticise McTominay. Almost everybody else is either deluded bc he's from the academy or doesn't see the dross mediocrtiy that he is. Keep up doing it so, until we replace such mediocrity with class players like VDB and Co.
Master Chitunga
Master Chitunga - Måned siden
its not fair to put van de beek on the bench and paul pogba if solskjaer wanted nt to use them he must realese the players instead of cutting down their carriers in football
I.nathan 10
I.nathan 10 - Måned siden
Is been 5 games ffs stop talking about it
chunky chunks
chunky chunks - Måned siden
with regards to donny, there's obviously something behind closed doors going on. maybe ole is using donny much like deano in applying pressure to key targets, donny will replace pogba, he's already shown the impact he has when he's on the pitch ( even with bruno on the pitch ) and all the while he's training with premier league players, he will take this league by storm when he becomes a regular, the fans already love him and apart from the pre-season villa game he hasn't started yet.
HUGH McNEILLIE - Måned siden
Ole needs to change his formation and accommodate Donny, Paul and Bruno. Inserting a couple of quick CB's like Tuanzebe and Bailly with Telles at LB and AWB would solve the issue and we could have one CDM rather than two holding. Play two 4-1-3-2 is the way forward.
Nyati SM
Nyati SM - Måned siden
Don V is good player he will break into this team soon.
Bijay Malla
Bijay Malla - Måned siden
VAN is a very good player and right now he is being totally wasted. Surprisingly no has any answers except unacceptable excuses. This is totally unfair to VDB and the fans.
Michael Webb
Michael Webb - Måned siden
lampard hadnt just lost massively either
Ebrahim Shaik
Ebrahim Shaik - Måned siden
Mark saying there's a responsibility on Donny for the amount of game time his getting. If you look at that squad whos picking the team. Its Ole.
He is responsible for Donny's game time. If Ole can't see how useless dan james is who's fault is that. If this is Ole standing up to the board then he is just getting himself sacked.
Filip H
Filip H - Måned siden
The whole idea is to sell Pogba next summer and use this season to bed-in VdB as his replacement.
Artem Davydov
Artem Davydov - Måned siden
Jesus, there were 4 matches - people are outrage because vdb is not playing....just freakin relax
Harmanpreet Gosal
Harmanpreet Gosal - Måned siden
He will get his game time.... It's been one month since the season started. He will eased into the club...
R C - Måned siden
Ole inconsistent.
Joshua Gouveia
Joshua Gouveia - Måned siden
Bruno and Pogba don't play well together
Bruno needs to play with Mata or Van de Beek
Mfundo Nkosi
Mfundo Nkosi - Måned siden
In the last 7 years, signing for United is career suicide. The list: Di Maria, Pogba, VDB, De Gea, Fred, etc. All players that won't (or have not) achieved their potential at United. United is a dead club. No direction. Sancho was lucky to escape being signed by United.
krick_mufc - Måned siden
De gea signed 9 years ago and most certainly hit his prime from 2015-2018
Reece - Måned siden
Di Maria in his first and only season had a better season than Pogba has ever had for us.
Jehoiakim Pillay
Jehoiakim Pillay - Måned siden
I'd argue the De Gea one.
abdulrahman alali
abdulrahman alali - Måned siden
Hey Mark
Anthony Okonkwo
Anthony Okonkwo - Måned siden
I understand why everyone is being critical of man united including our fans. Man united is one of the biggest club in world football and expectations are high from everyone including other clubs, we are UNITED for Christ sake!!! My disappointment is reduced compared to Saturday but I expect much more from Ole especially in the future beginning from Leipzig
Oluwamodimu Odunayo
Oluwamodimu Odunayo - Måned siden
good morning coffee
Mo Mufc
Mo Mufc - Måned siden
Ole made it clear that he saw DVB playing as a 10. He's clearly seen as a Bruno understudy.... I just feel DVB was desperate to move and we came in with an offer and he jumped at it not knowing he's gonna be a cheerleader.
eJam Junior
eJam Junior - Måned siden
Remember when we won 3-0 against Brighton? Ole put VBD on the left as a winger,and when he came he laid on a sublime assist for Mata,remember? After the game Ole hint about change of position for VBD,So why the hell Dan James start ahead of him when we played Chelsea last weekend??
Alex Ya
Alex Ya - Måned siden
What are you talking about? Ole is the most protected by the media manager i have ever seen, van gaal and Mourinho were slated on a daily basis even when winning matches. Even when Ole is performing like one of the worst managers in the Premier league all the media including channels like yours say is yeah he is not backed, he needs time excuse after excuse
Zak Bostan
Zak Bostan - Måned siden
You really chat crap now, you sympathise with Ole now because you were screaming your head for DVDB over Grealish. Support for the improvement of Man U not clueless and spineless manager, because no one is above Man U team.
Flyest Kyxng
Flyest Kyxng - Måned siden
Donny never played 10 for Ajax he doesn’t play one fucking position
Κωστας Μπαμιχας
I've said this before, donny isnt playing because his manager complained to ole after 2-3 games.
Simon Brooks
Simon Brooks - Måned siden
Instead of saying not not you can say is 👍👍👍👍
334665eric 7788977
334665eric 7788977 - Måned siden
Kartik Pandey
Kartik Pandey - Måned siden
juan mata should only play against teams like newcastle,fulham,west brom etc.
Kartik Pandey
Kartik Pandey - Måned siden
mahrez,phil foden,oxlade chamberlain all these guys should never have joined their respective clubs then...van basten is a mug
peter duncan
peter duncan - Måned siden
why because ole as not got the balls to change the team its a joke
J J - Måned siden
When Klopp benched Fabinho for half the season just to set him free from then, he is a genius ! When Ole does same with VDB, the bad press and criticism he gets is unreal . Specially when it comes from our own fans !! I never wanted Ole, but the way he has grown on the job is top notch. He has stopped so many dressing room issues, handles palyers well, and I am bold enough to say that under him we are playing better after Sir Alex left. I wish he gets the respect he deserves with time. Because the way he is scrutinized for everything is starting to get on my nerves !
Ace Dragon
Ace Dragon - Måned siden
Mark i disagree with u. Its true that it is the board fault, but Ole keeps picking a questionable team. That is the frustrating issue here. I hope Man Utd is not paying u to hold a balancing act.
G Rezzo
G Rezzo - Måned siden
I think everyone is overreacting
Niall O'Neill
Niall O'Neill - Måned siden
We live in the world of immediate gratification, they want it all yesterday, otherwise they overreact.
Sohail Damree
Sohail Damree - Måned siden
OLE thought his midfield was going to be Matic Pogba Bruno...and Van De Beek a direct replacement for PP and BF...but the start of the season changed things.
Leobest Bote
Leobest Bote - Måned siden
We were all crying, speaking crap at the end of last season that we dont have qaulity on the bench. Wen Bruno or Pogba are tired we had no qaulity on the bench to deal with that. THAT IS WHY DVB WAS SIGNED FOLKS. HE WASN'T BROUGHT IN TO BE A SURE FIRE STARTER NOOOO. IF THAT WOULD HAVE HAPPENED YESS GOOD BUT HE WASN'T SIGNED TO BE QAULITY FROM THE BENCH
Thato Nasilele
Thato Nasilele - Måned siden
We're only complaining about Donny because we dropped points against Chelsea. We were fine with this after psg. We've played 5 games! Wth?
Prince NS
Prince NS - Måned siden
VdB is signed as a Pogba replacement. So, VdB will get his chance.
The Legends
The Legends - Måned siden
Donny can play at cm. Ole doing same thing what he did with dalot.
Gabe - Måned siden
He thought he would walk into the first team ahead of Scott McTominay, James and Mata.
Gabe - Måned siden
@Wiseman mashego Yeah, Donny would be a great box to box player. He can also help create great chances. He has great composure on the ball and a good passing range. He's way ahead of so many players on the first team now. It's such a shame that a player of his caliber has to sit on the bench.
Wiseman mashego
Wiseman mashego - Måned siden
Donny is levels above Scott and james Who offer nothing and r playing coz Ole like dem. He is a better and younger versión of mata as well. No top mananger in World footbal Would play james over donny, It is criminal. Anyway his team selection will cost Ole his job coz united r not gona win thier premier league games with players like james playing on de left wing
Dan Smith
Dan Smith - Måned siden
Allu Lallu
Allu Lallu - Måned siden
Don't instruct manager to do what he has to do.. somuch negativity in fans coz they are not seeing the team they want . I won't criticize ole for not playing vdb untill atleast Dec.. the fans negativity is a reason for club not achieving results in ground. Vdb had not played for 7month before hejoined man u, ha s started in cup games and sub in most except one. I have heard he is being given special strength training to excel at club.. I think people should wait than be reactionary let managrr try to achieve his balance in team. A winger to strtch play was essntial this summer but board didn't back manager. Still people is going against manager, another sacking on the run from glazers and woodward. I pity the fans we got in man u
Tony Kim
Tony Kim - Måned siden
its always about the players and transfers lost.... what about the coaching? look at leeds, they have no stars but they play miles better than ole's manu. no style of play. manu has one of highest wage bills in the world.
Wiseman mashego
Wiseman mashego - Måned siden
Yeah It is funny how de fans want united to sign de best players but r happy with a glorified average mananger Who plays pragamtic football
jose hernandez
jose hernandez - Måned siden
No ole doesn’t want him
Robinita Robinson
Robinita Robinson - Måned siden
That's why I said ole out he has special player's that aren't good,he is trying to sabotage Donny Van de beek,
Robinita Robinson
Robinita Robinson - Måned siden
That's why I said ole out he has special player's that aren't good,he is trying to sabotage Donny Van de beek,
baking with Tejas Midha
baking with Tejas Midha - Måned siden
Does anyone know what happened to Telles is he injured? Because they never said anything about Telles injured on the man utd app.
Niall O'Neill
Niall O'Neill - Måned siden
You would think someone would telles, but like many things in life, it's a mystery!!!
Prit Vanjara
Prit Vanjara - Måned siden
I am not from England and I sometimes think English press is Anti-United.
Chevalier_noir - Måned siden
United didn’t play for a draw! The set up was for containment more than attack that much is evident..however it’s funny seeing so many fans comment about how they’re far more capable of doing a better job than Ole! That includes you too’ve become such a whiny assed presenter!
kai xian luo
kai xian luo - Måned siden
Yeah, many said season is still early. How many points do man utd want to drop when they should hv won? Yo-Yo team selection.
Sithabisiwe Murenge
Sithabisiwe Murenge - Måned siden
Mark i had a dream vdb started against arsenal
Pedpost Urgent Care
Pedpost Urgent Care - Måned siden
How can Ole not see this is his best team and system below?
Rashford...... Cavani........ GreenWood
Telles.....Shaw....... Maguire.........AWB
Fred should come in for Pogba
McTom for VDB
Matic for Bruno Only if we are ahead and need to waste time
James for Greenwood if we need pace on the right, Mata for Greenwood is we need penetration
Martial for Rashford
Igalo for Cavani
Tuanzebe for Telles (shaw moves left)
BW or Fosu for AWB.

My dream Lineup next season will be a 4231
Everytime i put Pogba or Matic or VDB, deep down in me, i see Fred and McTom as the pair that will prevent us from conceding goals and may be the better option behind a lethal top 4.
Diego Murillo
Diego Murillo - Måned siden
Vdb and pogba are attackers midfielders
Diego Murillo
Diego Murillo - Måned siden
Who will defend
Mc Nelly
Mc Nelly - Måned siden
Ole is giving DJ and some of the old players time to prove themselves this season,if they don’t use this opportunity wisely they mightn’t be able to sit on the bench in the future(it’s respect).Donny’s time will come,calm down guys and trust in Ole.He knows what he’s doing.
Sanidhya Vijay
Sanidhya Vijay - Måned siden
I get all the VDB in thing. But to call playing a weaker XI, which is doing statistically better than our “better” XI, a mistake when this “weaker” team has 7 points out of 9 vs Newcastle, PSG and Chelsea is farcical. It won’t be the XI to go forward and I need a better team versus Leipzig but Ole is getting slated too much for playing an XI that’s actually getting results much better than what our best XI has. I rarely agree with Ricky but there is obviously a tactical aspect to the the team selections and I’m not interested in who plays, as long as results support the selections. Mourinho was sacked because his selections started getting weirder but his results went downhill
china brown
china brown - Måned siden
Ole is sleeping on vdb heavily , he’s not our best midfielder but he’s by far our most flexible player he can play 5 positions no excuses to leave him out !
Quinn O'Connor
Quinn O'Connor - Måned siden
How can he seriously start Dan James? Consecutive league games? What can James do that VDB can't. VDB is easily a more intelligent player, as well as just more gifted; scoring, providing. etc.
Khalfan Nadhief
Khalfan Nadhief - Måned siden
Dan James a.k.a. Scott Sinclair 2.0 a.k.a. Sonic the Hedgehog with Concussion
Adenike Roseline
Adenike Roseline - Måned siden
Bro I swear if donny becomes the next lingard
ishaq shafiq
ishaq shafiq - Måned siden
Anyone seen what the athletic are saying? Pogba wants to be a rotational player in the 10. Meaning Donny is now 3rd in pecking order
Dillon Sarkar
Dillon Sarkar - Måned siden
Ole plays us like we are Cardiff City
Piran Penrose
Piran Penrose - Måned siden
I think United paid the £35 million for Van De Beek this season while there is no competition for a Pogba replacement in a season or two.
Geneva Khanye
Geneva Khanye - Måned siden
VDB will become a best player 4 man United you just watch hehe!!
Atnabista OneLove
Atnabista OneLove - Måned siden
Ole out that's it
Fitzroy 1878 Williams
Fitzroy 1878 Williams - Måned siden
Ole out
Gunahlan Subas
Gunahlan Subas - Måned siden
@24:50 Amen to that Mark, end of discussion!
Vito - Måned siden
Mctominay and fred did well in psg match i think that is why they started against Chelsea
Louis Bonfield
Louis Bonfield - Måned siden
The other thing about vdb is he can take pogbas role at the club when he inevitably leaves this summer
Louis Bonfield
Louis Bonfield - Måned siden
Donny could play fred or mctominays roll he played there at ajax and he wont lose the ball anywhere near as much
Joe DS
Joe DS - Måned siden
What has religion got to do with football You play cause it's your rice bowl and you are a footballer