United Shock Adama Traore Swoop? Man Utd News

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Man Utd could turn their transfer attention to Adama Traore this January as they continue their search for a right winger. Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand. SUBSCRIBE here bit.ly/1CmczHm
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Airbus Aviator
Airbus Aviator - 24 dager siden
Don't be silly, why would Adama leave Wolves for a a team in 15th 😂
Murphy moe
Murphy moe - 26 dager siden
Pogba out again go throw him in the garbage he is either doing it purposely or he's gone stupid... Lose him ASAP
Rock girl
Rock girl - 29 dager siden
donny played in a holding two multiple times with ajax, but if we had a solid defensive midfielder we could play a 4-3-3 and play donny with bruno as no8's
soiung toiue
soiung toiue - Måned siden
Traore would improve the team hugely. A winger that doesn’t play for himself is needed to supply the strikers
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni - Måned siden
Donny & Bruno could be our Modric and Kroos. We just need a proper DM with pace behind them
Barking Mad Media
Barking Mad Media - Måned siden
Did you get all the tissue off your hand HAHAHAHA
Rock girl
Rock girl - 29 dager siden
Who is better adama traore or st maximin?
Allan Spencer
Allan Spencer - Måned siden
who do you think Man united will sign in the transfer window in Jan
soiung toiue
soiung toiue - Måned siden
Why not get Allan saint maximum
Ben DeGorro
Ben DeGorro - Måned siden
Imagine Sancho angry with United & move to City, then win the league.
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon - Måned siden
Is anyone getting tired of Man U transfer rumors yet .
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni - Måned siden
Mark, you change your mind far too many times, Sancho hasn't been playing well for about 4 months, yet during those 4 months you were going on about how great he was 🙄
MaklyRam - Måned siden
There are different types of CAM. Donny is a false 9 player like Müller. He is a 10 but can also play box to box. Donny is a versatile player and improves us massively nevertheless.
Javier Hernandez
Javier Hernandez - Måned siden
Donny plays more like Fred than like Pogba or Bruno. He doesn't always play 40 yard passes like Pogba, and he doesn't have the goals/assists like Bruno. Donny and Fred are both tenacious and are good at winning the ball back, but Donny has more technical ability than Fred.
Luke Whitebrook
Luke Whitebrook - Måned siden
imagine amad traore and adama traore on the same team. nightmare for the announcers
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon - Måned siden
Traore = Valencia 2.0
Max Vigne
Max Vigne - Måned siden
Traore doesn’t track back. He had the worst distance covered stat for all wingers in the prem last season. Not sure if he would be a great signing.
Rennie Pilgrem
Rennie Pilgrem - Måned siden
Yes Traore is a very good option. Bring it on
Eric Ole Mørk
Eric Ole Mørk - Måned siden
Congrats we play well today.
Mr. 007
Mr. 007 - Måned siden
Transfer news as fake as Mark's intro...only believe player signings when they sign
Jon Waddell
Jon Waddell - Måned siden
Too good to be true?
BabsW - Måned siden
I'd take him. He's 10x the player Dan James ever will be.
Dajo - Måned siden
Xcyper33 - Måned siden
He should've been a Rugby player, or boxer lmao
Ramtea Jongte
Ramtea Jongte - Måned siden
Who is better adama traore or st maximin?
kirk deans
kirk deans - Måned siden
Why not get Allan saint maximum
Adrian Troalic
Adrian Troalic - Måned siden
Mark, you change your mind far too many times, Sancho hasn't been playing well for about 4 months, yet during those 4 months you were going on about how great he was 🙄
andrew pearson
andrew pearson - Måned siden
Everything you do in life is a system son, and your mother should have told you, you will need maths in everything you do son!
andrew pearson
andrew pearson - Måned siden
Mark Goldbridge, you are a whipper snapper! Goldbridge is about half many of our ages! Soooooo wrong again Goldy!
Mr 10% correct........90% wrong, Sancho is not worth 50 million!
Adrian Troalic
Adrian Troalic - Måned siden
And potentially Liverpool are interested and will probably get him.
There's talk that Woodweird has plans for Haaland instead of Sancho 🙄 'here we go again springs to mind'.
Adrian Troalic
Adrian Troalic - Måned siden
Traore = Valencia 2.0
pavement422 - Måned siden
Why would we pay £50m for a Wolves sub?
Adrian Troalic
Adrian Troalic - Måned siden
Talk sport, the same channel / website that did an article on why Hassenhuttl would be a great United manager 🙄😂😂😂 clueless
Herakles Eros
Herakles Eros - Måned siden
I think ASM from Newcastle would of been a better option... to bad he signed a 6 year contract
pppscooby - Måned siden
If 4-3-3 then would love to see telles on the left wing as he likes to go forward but can defend too & vdb on the right.instead of mata as he will be alot more mobile and can get back
andrew pearson
andrew pearson - Måned siden
I want another Telles type for the right wing!
Manchester United Club
Manchester United Club - Måned siden
Guys we are tired of all the transfer bull. We already bought pellistri and amad. How could u think we will go for traore???wolves price was 90mil.
Its a waste of time talking about it.
arubaconga - Måned siden
The idea to turn Manchester United 's attention to Adama Traore this January instead of Jadon Sancho, is this the idea and plan of Ed Woodward ? Does this mean that United ..... or Mr. Deadwood has dropped Jadon Sancho from his plans ?
campod83 - Måned siden
Traore a faster James and that's it. Can't cross, can't pass., can't shoot
Natnael Tilahun
Natnael Tilahun - Måned siden
he would make a better holding midfielder than mctominay
Arresss YT
Arresss YT - Måned siden
Donny is not playing because ole is playing a midfield two because he is scared for his job he knows that we need to defend to keep his job it’s pathetic
Name Surname
Name Surname - Måned siden
Why are we so obsessed with everyone mamed Traoré, Aliou Traoré is in our academy, we bought Amad Traoré and now also Adama Traoré?
Michael Rusnak
Michael Rusnak - Måned siden
This is very familiar to the ousmane Dembele transfer to Barcelona where they wouldn’t let him leave in the summer and then he forced his way out of Dortmund in January same as aubameyang. Wouldn’t be surprised for a January saga featuring sancho to many clubs not just united
Steven f
Steven f - Måned siden
Dont need sancho, we need to start putting r best team out
Natnael Tilahun
Natnael Tilahun - Måned siden
adama is not for united sancho or nothing
jarzhinio - Måned siden
Swap deal with James?
jarzhinio - Måned siden
Is it going to be a swoop with no pull up at the end, I.e. a sort of smash head first into the ground?
It’s our priority to keep the rumour that Jadon Sancho is our priority alive despite it obviously not being our priority
Tomislav Klauski
Tomislav Klauski - Måned siden
We still didn't solve the question what is Pogbas best position. And now we are on Donny
Tarmac 'n' Tin .
Tarmac 'n' Tin . - Måned siden
Good luck tonight reds . Mark , what do you think the score will be , and will Van De Beek start you think ?
Humoud Rashidi
Humoud Rashidi - Måned siden
Finally ... Mark I think you know now that Sancho is not the player you think he is and you know it well!!
brobed1 - Måned siden
I have watched several games of his. Troare is just a little bit better than James.
jrkamdoum1 - Måned siden
This is nothing but a clique bate video. Come next year United won't bring up his name.
nishank arora
nishank arora - Måned siden
Tissue 😂😂
Mikaeel The Best
Mikaeel The Best - Måned siden
Who’s singing for man utd
Michael Webb
Michael Webb - Måned siden
adama has had the skills for years but no end product at wolves his found that end product his improved immensely since joining them if he had the end product at a young age he would still be a barca player buy him and he will prove to be what he was meant to be
Sean - Måned siden
My god you have no shame do you , u gonna milk this lie like u did with sancho for every penny u can get ? People dont listen to mark hes only caring about making cash
Steve Goncalves
Steve Goncalves - Måned siden
Strongest team bissaka tuanzebe McGuire tellers matic Donny Fred Bruno rashford martial degea in goal
Guillermo Cordova
Guillermo Cordova - Måned siden
Cant believe you said Traore is better than Valencia , cmon man the disrespect smh
Eduardo Yepez
Eduardo Yepez - Måned siden
Adama is sonic the hedgehog on steroids lol
LuftWaffe ME 109bf
LuftWaffe ME 109bf - Måned siden
i would hate having adama on united . the dude have one of the worst records in front of goal , he wasnt being called "a brute who can only run" for no reason . he literally just charge like a brute then and use his oiled hands as a tool to escape defenders who try to catch him then he send it to the moon or make a bad assist . i watched him play many times and i wasnt impressed at all . we already have such kind of speed merchant and its not working . we need there someone who can actually pass or score not just charge like an idiot and waste a chance .
i have never seen a player this famous with a record as a bad as that of adama . even our daniel james have a better one .
Only Hooman
Only Hooman - Måned siden
I'd love Maximin and I'd really be happy with Traore.
Bijay Malla
Bijay Malla - Måned siden
Mark, I like your comments. But you don't need to scream to draw our attention. Instead of transfers let's concentrate on the Champions League and the ensuring league matches. This is more important for us right now.
John Smith
John Smith - Måned siden
Mark - it's not a lack of knowledge on Donny, it's the fact he's far more effective in the no10 role. He's not a central midfielder really. He could do a 'job'. But he's not got a great passing range. He's a one-touch player, who like to make runs off the ball. VERY similar to Dele Ali. Dele can play MC but he's lost most of his impact there. Same for DVB. He would be ok in a 3 - as per Ajax but in the 4231, he's a no10. Simple as that.
Finn Jacobsen
Finn Jacobsen - Måned siden
Traore, One shoulder man🤕
Richard Dorling
Richard Dorling - Måned siden
Any news on Sancho?
Kevin lansdowne
Kevin lansdowne - Måned siden
Sed this the whole time they were wasting their time with sancho could got traore for 50 on transfer plenty good enuff n would be good for utd
Happy Coding
Happy Coding - Måned siden
Tuanzabe can play in different positions - IN THE SAME GAME - in a back three he can be a CB and then switch to RB when AWB pushes up. That's what Ole is talking about. Same for Shaw.
Smurff Oo
Smurff Oo - Måned siden
Mark to invested in bruno
Smurff Oo
Smurff Oo - Måned siden
Adama is overrated
Cole T
Cole T - Måned siden
United vs Red Bull. Juve vs Barca. Which one to choose. I love my team but damn I haven’t seen ronaldo vs messi in quite some time......
United all the way
jonty bono
jonty bono - Måned siden
bit of tissue mark , wasn't sticky was it, what have you been doing?
Neem Noa
Neem Noa - Måned siden
That "thing" about Adama Traore is his decision making. He admitted himself it was one of his weak areas. Nuno improved him massively in that regard, but it's still questionable how he'd do against low block teams.
Wolves typically had the exact same problem as us last season. They played counter-attacking football and did well against sides that had a go at them but were drawing and losing games to defensive sides.
Quinn O'Connor
Quinn O'Connor - Måned siden
United's best team would include a 4-5-1 formation. Fred and Matic holding with in front of Tuanzebe + Lindelof at CB and AWB and Shaw at wing back. Pogba + Bruno + Rashford and Cavani up front.
Inibla App
Inibla App - Måned siden
Traore at best is a bench player at United. Lets improve the bench.
the 5ma5her
the 5ma5her - Måned siden
Bit of bloody tissue on my finger
Hugh Jass
Hugh Jass - Måned siden
Hopefully Fred and Mc T play we need their energy can't be arsed watching Pogba stroll around the pitch, I'd rest Bruno and play VDB but doubt Ole will he won't bow to public opinion and I respect him for it, if VDB ain't ready like Fred took time to settle people just need patience
Ted Lawyer
Ted Lawyer - Måned siden
Of course we need a right winger, but I'm not sure if we should wait for Sancho.
Ted Lawyer
Ted Lawyer - Måned siden
Our priority should be a top centerback and CDM, if Matic is not going to play much anymore.
dioforce - Måned siden
You guys realize Mark is putting out three videos a day whether there's anything substantive to talk about or not, right?
Prince TaRiG
Prince TaRiG - Måned siden
That Arsenal troll was gold.
musa jallow
musa jallow - Måned siden
Van de beek is more like fede Valverde at real Madrid..
He plays as a double 8 position or a 4 midfield formation...
They are box to box Footballers..
He cant play 10 because he cant make sharp killer passes like mata or ozil..
He cant play 6 also because he is not a all round anchor,real cant also play fede only because he needs casemiro for security in case he progress in front..
ChennaiDOTA - Måned siden
What are ur sources?? No credibility only
David Saint-Germain
David Saint-Germain - Måned siden
Intro 🔥
nauthiz1001 - Måned siden
Mark "Sancho was never my friend" Goldbridge
Samoc2020 - Måned siden
Transfer rumour from talksport at the end of October.. Why entertain this drivel 🤔🤔
D K - Måned siden
RashFord and martial up top tonight 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
simon Moloka
simon Moloka - Måned siden
Talk sports talk nonsense!
khal - Måned siden
No more transfer talk, can't take anymore disappointment.
Κωστας Μπαμιχας
Ffs... traore is not that good....
Kamikaze - Måned siden
Traore is a robot, stiff, but is strong and pacey..
Grey Castle
Grey Castle - Måned siden
It’s that same old simple question, would Traore improve ya? Answer is yes
Grey Castle
Grey Castle - Måned siden
I like Traore, he’s got great pace and he’s a grafter
Grey Castle
Grey Castle - Måned siden
Tissue on your finger? Been knocking one out boy? 😂😂😂
matt jones
matt jones - Måned siden
Lol lahm and blind were both very intelligent footballers(especially lahm) Shaw is the polar opposite of that!!
Calvin Westbrook
Calvin Westbrook - Måned siden
100% pro ADAMA
D K - Måned siden
I would be happy to be honest 👌
Louis Bonfield
Louis Bonfield - Måned siden
We should just go buy mbappe in the summer
ducksauce123 - Måned siden
Bro... Adame or Daniel Freakin James.... NO BRAINER. I'll take fast muscles allllllll damn day
Jason Barton
Jason Barton - Måned siden
You talk nonsense
Slim_ _OneSeven
Slim_ _OneSeven - Måned siden
Ive got alot of time for adama hes a baller but you will get the most out of him playing alongside CFs like jiminez, cavani etc. If were going to persist with martial/rashford etc. It may not work.
Martin Costello
Martin Costello - Måned siden
FFS Jotta was the one to get. He's gone and guess who got him?
white owl
white owl - Måned siden
Shaw at CDM? Tuanzebe RB?? Fansbase moving on some Emery settings
Rizwaan - Måned siden
Id love to sign traore as a backup RW. Imagine bringing him off the bench
CCCbeats - Måned siden
I'm looking forward to seeing Upamencano play tonight.I hope we win but he has a good performance👀