United Approach POCHETTINO! Man Utd News Now

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Man Utd have approached Pochettino to replace Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as Manchester United manager. Get the latest Man Utd News now on The United Stand. SUBSCRIBE here bit.ly/1CmczHm
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Khayelihle Shozi
Khayelihle Shozi - 18 dager siden
You literally dont know anything about football if you saying you dont want Ole to get sacked😤
DIVAD LLEWDLAC - 18 dager siden
You see Mr Know it all, Manchester Evening News , if they printed that man utd will be the first team to play on the Moon, you would be here like a shot, saying the Manchester Evening news have said, Bla, Bla, Bla.
Your full of your own importance
David McCarthy
David McCarthy - 21 dag siden
Ole can't be blamed as he wasn't backed by the board! Unless the Glazers sell the club, we are going to be in the wilderness as Liverpool were. Our expectations are too high with the Glazers in charge! Glazers out!
THE UNITED WAY - 21 dag siden
Normal board: Appoint Poch
Our Board: Appoint Giggs with Keane as his assistant.
Tevin Johns
Tevin Johns - 22 dager siden
In my opinion if either Giggs or Scholes isn't going to be the next manager, Nuno Espirito Santo is the best option ahead of Poch. I have more faith in NES than Pochettino, all he needs is the opportunity.
shaun young
shaun young - 22 dager siden
Ole or whoever is in charge needs to send a message and drop Pogba and sell him ASAP. We need strong characters and not over payed over hyped w@nkers. I agree Ole is tactically inept but he really hasn’t been hard enough with certain players.
Forest Gump
Forest Gump - 22 dager siden
I don''t wont Ole sacked but i mention it every time United lose... Grow some fucking balls and say it... FFS... Ole is out of his depth and must go...
andrew pearson
andrew pearson - 22 dager siden
The cycle repeats itself because of Pogba. We would all play the players we can trust for the clubs sake! Ole is a Champion.
Matthew Black
Matthew Black - 22 dager siden
DOF need to be planners, think ahead, well connected to agents and clubs, be social, have authority and leadership to lead the club behind the scenes. None of our Ex players can do that Maybe Evra and Beckham but Evra is not ready to sacrifice for the club yet as he says and Beckham Started his Own Club sooo we look elsewhere for someone well qualified.
caddcoll1 - 22 dager siden
Toz G
Toz G - 22 dager siden
Maybe PSG would want ole ? It’s no brainer for poch
Jørgen Kenneth Sævareid
Jørgen Kenneth Sævareid - 22 dager siden
Vaughan Jones
Vaughan Jones - 22 dager siden
Turn your audio please Mark very quiet on full volume
depressed potato
depressed potato - 22 dager siden
luis Campos as director of football
James Maughan
James Maughan - 22 dager siden
Woodward and glazers are you happy now the damage is done this is not Oles fault
Santanu Sk
Santanu Sk - 22 dager siden
Get Ole out already
Cosmo Joseph Nylander
Cosmo Joseph Nylander - 22 dager siden
Maybe ole will be given the director of football......
Kee Keong Liew
Kee Keong Liew - 22 dager siden
If Ole wants his job, he needs to clear out the current team starting with pogba, macguire, matic, mata, mctominay, fred, and of course those that are not in the first team squad.
Victor R
Victor R - 22 dager siden
Yasser Stellenboom
Yasser Stellenboom - 22 dager siden
Poch will bring back that exciting football which is a step in the right direction and will for sure challenge for top four
James DaT WoN
James DaT WoN - 22 dager siden
Honestly, Pogba was turning back towards utd, he and Bruno were promised a direction and transfers this was papering over poor tactical deficiency. Now both have lost faith Pogba again! In club and manager it shows in Bruno on the pitch, Maguire is usless as a captain but I think he may be alomg the same lines too, we all say this is Man utd players shouldn't be like that but truth is it isn't what it was thee clubs poisoning itself and sorry but Ole is nowhere near good enough.
Saynab Adan
Saynab Adan - 22 dager siden
Nah fam Ole is the best give him a chance
Santanu Sk
Santanu Sk - 22 dager siden
He's a tactical genius will get us first place this season
Adah40 - 22 dager siden
Mark jus can't talk about Ole jobs on the line without mentioning "Pogba" sarcastically smh. Just like Lukaku, Pogba should leave to better his career. They all want Ole to succeed and rather see us in 15th rather than, to get Ole so far away from this club smh.!
Switchdoktor - 22 dager siden
Good choice , he won the league and champions league with spurs
mahoota sibitlo
mahoota sibitlo - 22 dager siden
Paul Pogba and Ed Woodward survive alot when evidently they are the ones ruining the team.
Tobi Olusola
Tobi Olusola - 22 dager siden
Gejamugam Latsoomanam
Gejamugam Latsoomanam - 22 dager siden
What ole has done should be counted as a crime against football
Ian Iragu
Ian Iragu - 22 dager siden
Here we go again... this is what will happen next year 🥱

- potch will come in 🧔🏻
- has immediate affect on improving the team morale ✅
- everyone will praise potch and say he needs more time for not winning the prem 1st season ⏳
- Second season players will play the same mediocre football ⚽️
- bad form of run will happen 📉
- potch will get blamed👉🏻🧔🏻👈🏻
- dumb fans will ask for a new manager 👨🏼‍🦳
-Then Rinse and repeat 🔁
keras lunak
keras lunak - 22 dager siden
united need new manager. that's it!
Ezii Jr
Ezii Jr - 22 dager siden
Is it the Barcelona fans who forced the president out or Messi?
bb muru
bb muru - 22 dager siden
Forget about whether Ole is staying or going. All I want to know is - what is Ole watching on his tablet during games ??
C Y Lok
C Y Lok - 22 dager siden
As long as Man U is run as a business, not even appointing Klopp or guardiola would make any difference. Man U ie the glazers only like poch because he worked wonders with no budget
Morris Mo
Morris Mo - 22 dager siden
Ole for the director of football job
Dean M
Dean M - 22 dager siden
I would Like the Man Utd Board to Proved Mark Wrong, Get Poch in and Win a title next season
KH CHOI - 22 dager siden
If Ole gets sacked, I won’t blame him. He’s still my legend. I blame the players and the board.
Lee Bishop
Lee Bishop - 22 dager siden
If there are players in the team causing disruption, I hope whoever comes in as manager gets rid of them, maybe that will bring a bit more stability to the club and team.
George E
George E - 22 dager siden
ole needs a win
muiz1983 - 22 dager siden
Hopefully Pochetino ask for a Technical Director and control over transfer.
Keith Rowley
Keith Rowley - 22 dager siden
I'm already wondering who's next after Potch! Good luck through.
Anuj Singh
Anuj Singh - 22 dager siden
Mark wearing that jacket..I thought it's Pochettino
Red hair Shanks
Red hair Shanks - 22 dager siden
I don't wanna let ole get sack but i wanna see Poche vs Mourinho rivalry🔥
Plus Kean as assistant manager 🔥🔥🔥
And Rio as sporting director
jascha santoso
jascha santoso - 22 dager siden
Get Allegri
avelino fernandes
avelino fernandes - 22 dager siden
Get Arsene Wenger, give him a year and let see if he can build this team he knows how to get the best out of player,
also he know make the best of what he has.
Taz Khan
Taz Khan - 22 dager siden
Ole managing director
Poch Manager
Sack Ed Woodward
Glazer sell up
Carlinton White
Carlinton White - 22 dager siden
Smh this club is going backwards, we sack Jose spurs hire him ,spurs sack poch now we hiring him 🤣🤣🤣real joke .....all you ole outers will be sorry👉Mark my word these brainless players is the problem
Em Simpson
Em Simpson - 22 dager siden
Think you're being taken for a mug by whatever 'sources' you have behind the scenes..
Evan Ahmed
Evan Ahmed - 22 dager siden
Our only winger in the squad is dan James.
steve acosta
steve acosta - 22 dager siden
why not Allegri
Bos Gaurus
Bos Gaurus - 22 dager siden
Aubameyang always emphasize the importance of trusting the manager, trust the process in his interviews. I think that this element is very important for the players and club to success
airforce1969 - 22 dager siden
If we get Allegri, I will struggle with that...
airforce1969 - 22 dager siden
The Glazers are so clueless and corrupt I'm surprised they haven't made Woodward manager.
Alan Turnbull
Alan Turnbull - 22 dager siden
Poch don't take the job you will get a big team like jose did. This lot are shite
Uche Omenoba
Uche Omenoba - 22 dager siden
Until he take Utd too relegation you will understand Ole is clueless and weak
Uche Omenoba
Uche Omenoba - 22 dager siden
Win or lose Ole out out out out out out out out out out
Uche Omenoba
Uche Omenoba - 22 dager siden
Ole out out out out out out out out out out out out win or lose Ole out out out out out out out out
Uche Omenoba
Uche Omenoba - 22 dager siden
I'm Ole out win or lose
theforeigner - 22 dager siden
ole is weak manager with no authority on player
pj neon
pj neon - 22 dager siden
rejected barca and waited for man utd job. hmmm i think its a done deal
Vestige Digital
Vestige Digital - 22 dager siden
Why would the approach poch what caliber has he
Vestige Digital
Vestige Digital - 22 dager siden
No they havent
Brian Roads
Brian Roads - 22 dager siden
He wasn’t backed in transfer window which is sad.
Alfonso Davidson
Alfonso Davidson - 22 dager siden
Woodward Out
Ole out
Many of those players out.
Nothing will solve that football club unless certain players are removed of there roles
dagenhamdave - 22 dager siden
olie out he aint got a clue
dagenhamdave - 22 dager siden
olies weak POCHETTINO waiting for this job
Steven David
Steven David - 22 dager siden
Yeah Mark but are you Ole out?
David waddington
David waddington - 22 dager siden
I think Klopp would struggle at Man Utd.
richy3125 - 22 dager siden
Mark you're a first-class Prat you've done a video this morning saying the club are not going to sack ole!!
Francis Smyth
Francis Smyth - 22 dager siden
maguire won't get a game under pochettino
MightyLumber - 22 dager siden
Forget Pochettino, get Allegri instead!
Garth Cartwright
Garth Cartwright - 22 dager siden
Allegri is way too defensive
zanir ebrahim
zanir ebrahim - 22 dager siden
Has Ole thrown in the towel?
Leon White
Leon White - 22 dager siden
There basically covid testing
Paul Tomkins
Paul Tomkins - 22 dager siden
Gotta give Ole a chance, still needs support he’s a legend
Jesper Ogabe
Jesper Ogabe - 22 dager siden
Well Liverpool sacked Sir Kenny Daglish, got Rogers and almost won the league. So what's the big deal of sacking Ole?? Is Ole more legend to united than Sir Daglish legendary status of liverpool???
Alan Clarke
Alan Clarke - 22 dager siden
Don't think Ole is the problem, there's one too many " Marquee " players could not be bothered to put a proper shift in, and regrettably it will be the manager that will lose out.
Really enjoyed this cast, thank you agree the Ole Should not be sacked but it's looks odd
Fra - 22 dager siden
This will not happen
Thorpey's World
Thorpey's World - 22 dager siden
Anyone think we will have another former player as manager again like Giggs?
X G - 22 dager siden
I'm a spurs fan..I LOVE Poch and he will be brilliant for Man U...HOPING IT DOESN'T HAPPEN...
BIG dracooo
BIG dracooo - 22 dager siden
imagine the scenes when we hire poch then go to spurs away and thrash them 6-1 witha kane red card 💭
Tawanda M
Tawanda M - 22 dager siden
Ole for Director of Football. Poch for Coach. Job Done
Ryan Hyndman
Ryan Hyndman - 22 dager siden
Uniteds recruitment are shocking, ole’s downfall was trying to buy a player that cost an unrealistic amount in jadon sancho, just look at liverpools recruitment, look at how they identified diogo jota and purchased him for bargain price, becoming one of the best goal scorers in the league and champs league. He would’ve been reasonably easy to buy. Absolutely shocking recruitment from ole and united.
XO XO - 22 dager siden
When we bench all our summer purchased players, we don’t need....
When we have a board that are greedy businessmen with no love for the sport ....
When the current team is not even a team with any understanding or consistency....
No one can ever be a manager in this club ! Period .
Sionnach rua
Sionnach rua - 22 dager siden
no matter what manager we get, they need to get the issues addressed.
IrishSinner89 - 22 dager siden
Poch was sacked for a reason, why get rid of Solskjær to bring in another unemployed flop!!!
3chords - 22 dager siden
Players sense when a manager is on his way out. They stop playing for him. This is what is happening?
Andre Tirta
Andre Tirta - 22 dager siden
I am Ole out but poch is not the solution either
Jonathan Yanakiss Tsouvallaris
How many more managers will these players sack? Ole" was shafted by the board and the players! There is enough talent in that squad though even without your Sancho s of this world to be doing much better? That's down to these players! It's Disgusting by all and whilst i want and love Ole"to remain and Succeed he has been hung out to dry! So..lets get on with it then and see how long Poch or whoever comes in lasts with this board Owner s And Down tools players!...👹
tyler whitehouse
tyler whitehouse - 22 dager siden
Maybe bring in giggs
Sanzhar Kurmanguzhin
Sanzhar Kurmanguzhin - 22 dager siden
I preffer Ten Haag
Andre Tirta
Andre Tirta - 22 dager siden
5:25 paul pogba
Adam cox
Adam cox - 22 dager siden
Everton have our manager. Carlo would have fitted us like a glove
matembwere chekai
matembwere chekai - 22 dager siden
Pochettino is not the right man at this moment in time, one coach to explore would be Martinez, he did well at Everton
Sky Ricky Mpofu
Sky Ricky Mpofu - 22 dager siden
Ole isn't tactically gifted. and that's why he's need to be fired.
RTL - 22 dager siden
Sacking Ole is not like sacking Mourinho, it will anger many fans. This story has been put out to gauge opinion.
Michael Twomey
Michael Twomey - 22 dager siden
If you could have one wish, would it be Woodward out or the Glazers out?
Michael Twomey
Michael Twomey - 22 dager siden
Its Pogba, he is the one destroying this club. He only played well towards the end of last season, so he could put himself in the shop window, for a transfer to Real or Juve. All the talk of signing a new deal, was the draw Real and Juve to the table, talks of a new deal have gone quiet now.
Michael Twomey
Michael Twomey - 22 dager siden
Ole, on your way out can you please take Maguire and Pogba with you.
Kato Patrick
Kato Patrick - 22 dager siden
Poch,is not a good manager and he should forget MAN UNITED
Kato Patrick
Kato Patrick - 22 dager siden
Amilian Kush
Amilian Kush - 22 dager siden
how can yu hav two no.9 and still not play one of them in a full match , yu hav got two transfer signing and yu refuse to use them what assurance do we hav should incase they get u more signing
Anthony Okonkwo
Anthony Okonkwo - 22 dager siden
The good thing with poch is that, he can manage on a low budget and still make a decent team