Solslkaer's BEST Man Utd Eleven He Must Pick! Man Utd News

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This the Man Utd Eleven Ole Gunnar Solskjaer must pick if United's season is to reach it's full potential says Goldbridge. Get yours in below and get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand. 🔔 SUBSCRIBE here
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Runtime: 13:31


Mimisha Admasu
Mimisha Admasu - 26 dager siden
Exactly what you said, appreciate your intelligencey, but am also having a black dot on management 😡
Agesin Oluwaseun
Agesin Oluwaseun - Måned siden
I came back here after the 5-0 to say you sir are brilliant esp. on the formation. 👏👏👏
armando neto
armando neto - Måned siden
As I said, you guys talk too much and pretend to know more than the manager when in all really you know next to nothing of what being a manager is like. There you go, 5-0 and well won, flawless, no bad performances in my opinion. A team that none of you would have picked ran all game and kept the opposition quite whilst still winning convincingly. Subs that came on to finish off the opposition. All of you experts can now talk and be all happy
Leonardo Blakey
Leonardo Blakey - Måned siden
I love this formation I love this team
Crease Mason
Crease Mason - Måned siden
A 4-Diamond-2 could work, but you really need your Full Backs to provide the width going forward...
Jay Jay
Jay Jay - Måned siden
Make this man manager
Kaustubh Nagawade
Kaustubh Nagawade - Måned siden
This would never happen
khairul azmi
khairul azmi - Måned siden
Where is CAVANI?????????
laptop clinic
laptop clinic - Måned siden
De gea
AWB Tuanzebe maguire Telles
Van de beek Pogba
Rashford Cavani Martial
george Bassem
george Bassem - Måned siden
the best lineup: henderson, tuanzebe, maguire, awb, telles, pogba, mctominay, vdb, fernandes, martial rashford. in a 4-3-1-2 formation
Nightbot Killer
Nightbot Killer - Måned siden
About That DM andCb I think this is real reason
ShoniShash - Måned siden
Why for God's sake would someone pick Maguire and Pogba in the squad. In a world class club (like we used to be) there would have been no place for Maguire after the tackle on Azpiliqueta, and Pogba...? That mannequin!! He can't play more than 30 minutes!! Why would you pick any of them if they can't play.
Farzana Hanif
Farzana Hanif - Måned siden
fred just never does simple passes
samuel njenga
samuel njenga - Måned siden
Meanwhile Barcelona president resigns...
spectre - Måned siden
not sure how but id stop moyes taking over from fergie
M M - Måned siden
Pogba ball loser, Fernandes ball loser, put the defence into to too much trouble.
I think the lineup is very strategic and can be very lethal against a strong team like Leipzig and I think we should also deploy the same team against Arsenal at the weekend. I would only substitute Fred with Matic as I really think he is the only holding midfielder we have got. I also think it's the high time we started Cavani as I know he is a lethal striker against Martial. Otherwise, I think its a brilliant line up. My only concern is that Ole can not see the wisdom of this kind of team as he is very fond of doing experiments every time we are faced with a crucial match with the likes of Daniel James and Matta and Mactominy. He used the same team against Chelsea during the FA cup whereupon Chelsea beat us in the semi final but Ole. it seems never learns.
Mental OoZE
Mental OoZE - Måned siden
I'd pick the same team but probably get a new CDM later on
Garry Brotherton
Garry Brotherton - Måned siden
Pogba is to lazy to start he doesn’t track back
paul - Måned siden
doesnt take einstein...pogba injured,unbeaten..pogba returns,rearrange whole team to suit...a hundred shows later.......
Ephat Chosen Characters
Ephat Chosen Characters - Måned siden
Send Ole the screenshot/ the video
Niyonsaba Jeremie
Niyonsaba Jeremie - Måned siden
Anyone in contact with Ole?send him this team!!
armando neto
armando neto - Måned siden
Thats the best names in, not the best team, thats why none of you are managers. There is no consideration of upcoming games and so on. By the way, Mata has been playing well, so is Shaw, even Baily has had good performances and the same to other players. Im sure Ole will play whoever he things will do the job, people who train well and give consideration to upcoming games. You can all criticise after, if he loses i guess. Actually I'm sure you will even if he wins
Neil Luhar
Neil Luhar - Måned siden
I love how Mark has just completely ignored Mason Greenwood just because he hasn’t played for a couple games.
Neil Luhar
Neil Luhar - Måned siden
Who’s this new Alex Tuanzebe player we’ve signed Mark?
Shabda Gautam
Shabda Gautam - Måned siden
What an awful team. Get Maguire out, put in Lindelof. Matic in place of Fred. Switch Fernandes and Pogba. Switch flanks of Martial and Rashford and get Cavani in for Rashford.
Tim Murray
Tim Murray - Måned siden
It sound exiciting and worth trying but it might present some serious problems- vdb Bruno and Pogba playing in similar spaces the opposition would force us wide and we wouldn't have a lot of threat from the wing. And the idea that pogba and vdb would cover the flanks defensively could be suspec, Pogab hasn't demonstrated that trait. I'm not saying it defintiely wouldn't work or we should neve try it, but there are pros and cons to all systems and team selections and we should give ole credit for considering all of this in detail. There is no way he hasn't analyzed many different systems, the level of preparation and attention to detail that the coaches will be putting in goes way beyond anything most fans can imagine.
Owen Mighty
Owen Mighty - Måned siden
Mark dat is Right I like it olé need to use it ok
Jonas Sundbom
Jonas Sundbom - Måned siden
Lindelof Tuanzebe. Lindelof is more mobile than Maquire and is ok in the air. Lindelof is good with his feet.
Electron - Måned siden
Bruh where's E.Cavani???
Roman Hockey
Roman Hockey - Måned siden
Definitely agree Mark this is a great team formation which includes all our best players. It would be good to see Man Utd line up like this.
DragunMann - Måned siden
Mate I've been screaming this every fucking time I see the starting XI posted
Skill UP
Skill UP - Måned siden
Ole doesn't has the balls to do this!
Metal Juke box
Metal Juke box - Måned siden
I think this system looks bery good. Dont agree with all the united dont buy players buisness as sancho not coming to me is not a big deal cant rember last time he was above rashford for England. But this line up solid
Nyati SM
Nyati SM - Måned siden
This is a big test.
Khushal Aumeer
Khushal Aumeer - Måned siden
Mark not selecting Shaw. 2020 keeps getting weirder...
andy 0128
andy 0128 - Måned siden
Go no one to bring on from the bench with that system
Wasim Ahmed
Wasim Ahmed - Måned siden
Van de beek will thrive in this system so will pogba idg why ole dont realise this
Wasim Ahmed
Wasim Ahmed - Måned siden
The perfect time to test this against leizig ffs i hope ole does it
Wasim Ahmed
Wasim Ahmed - Måned siden
I wud run on the pitch and strangle fellani wen he used to play as our striker
Sean King
Sean King - Måned siden
I love this spaud mark
Sriram S
Sriram S - Måned siden
Mark I'm with u
Nights - Måned siden
pogba on right. diagonal balls to rashford and quick triangles with telles vdb bruno and rashford on left
Kiyong Desmond
Kiyong Desmond - Måned siden
Mark Goldbridge For United Manager
rantoi - Måned siden
pogba cant defend
I agree with you on that line up 100 percent. I would like to see this playing Leipzig.
. De gea
. Awb Maguire tuenzebe telles
. fred
. Bruno pogba
. Vdbeek
. Cavani martial
Barry Pokiton
Barry Pokiton - Måned siden
Yeah Mark, totally agree with this diamond structure.Pls show it to Ole.
lucien lewayne chetty
lucien lewayne chetty - Måned siden
Perfect team. But I would definitely take maguire out and play lindelof in place of him. Hell, Id rather have shaw as left cb that maguire.
Scott - Måned siden
First time I’ve ever been in total sync with Goldbridge. I agree with everything he said here. Our wide players don’t create enough for us to warrant playing with wide players.
Kaidzz - Måned siden
Someone @ this to man u twitter account
zack 41
zack 41 - Måned siden
Mark : helloooo
Rajalingam Seetharaam
Rajalingam Seetharaam - Måned siden
Mark .... put your CV in for the manager's position... 💪🏽💪🏼💪🏾💪🏻👍🏽😅
Lucas Glory
Lucas Glory - Måned siden
I like the midfield very packed 🙌🏽❤️
Samuel Haahr
Samuel Haahr - Måned siden
You're bloody right Mark, this is a superior team that can play with the best teams in the world
Padmini H
Padmini H - Måned siden
Maguire out, Bailey in
Ammar Siraj
Ammar Siraj - Måned siden
hes injured, as always
Eastern Kimba
Eastern Kimba - Måned siden
Excellent Team 💯
Humzah MOHAMED 02
Humzah MOHAMED 02 - Måned siden
I'm gonna go back and break messi
Joe DS
Joe DS - Måned siden
Does Pobga have the speed he I'd just jogging around the field
Ammar Siraj
Ammar Siraj - Måned siden
yes he does have the speed, he's played as a cdm so he isn't allowed to run, ole doesn't know how to use his best players
Joe DS
Joe DS - Måned siden
99% marks team
Syed Tauseef
Syed Tauseef - Måned siden
What about Cavani?
Ammar Siraj
Ammar Siraj - Måned siden
rotate cavani/greenwood between martial/rashford
Vinayak goel
Vinayak goel - Måned siden
Ngl this team bangs 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Mike York
Mike York - Måned siden
For me its either 4-4-2 diamond or 3-5-2 formation. I think Mark made valid points, I totally disagree with Ricky about having two defensive midfielders we need to play with two 8's , one 6 and a 10. United playing with two strikers is what I want to see.
Sorin Rezmuves
Sorin Rezmuves - Måned siden
Doesn't matter what team you pick they are just inconsistent average players who can beat anyone today and loose to anyone next week we saw that for 7years are we stupid to not learn it ?cmon we shouldn't trust these children's
Sylvester O Johnson
Sylvester O Johnson - Måned siden
Mark has always been critical of a diamond midfield. Given the opportunity to pick the team himself, he picked a diamond midfield 😂
Queen Ani
Queen Ani - Måned siden
I would play that same team but put Lindelof in there instead of Maguire
Aryan Dularamani
Aryan Dularamani - Måned siden
what about the same players with a 4-1-2-3
Emml Asante Appiah
Emml Asante Appiah - Måned siden
Anyone who plays Martial ahead of the natural striker Cavani is not serious
Pratham More
Pratham More - Måned siden
Well done Mark just show this to ole I want him to do good as well plz
Rehan Nongbri
Rehan Nongbri - Måned siden
Ole won't mate he's stubborn and clueless
Deveshwaran 261
Deveshwaran 261 - Måned siden
what about a 4-3-3 with one cdm
Dáithí Ó Pléimeann
Dáithí Ó Pléimeann - Måned siden
And who's going to score you goals? Who's the target center forward??????????? I'd have Greenwood in before Martial or Rashford all day long.. Of course the reality is that Ole won't play without a center forward which will be Cavani..
Ammar Siraj
Ammar Siraj - Måned siden
greenwood's too weak in the air to be a no 9
Ankur Singhal
Ankur Singhal - Måned siden
If you can consider Glazers buying United as a Football moment, then thats what i would change !
Bernard Chan
Bernard Chan - Måned siden
Ricky is tearing his hair and bollocks out. lol
Omar Marquez
Omar Marquez - Måned siden
I would go back in time and stop Robben from flopping against Mexico, no era penal! We could’ve gone to the 5th match, but got robbed!
Κωστας Μπαμιχας
Hey!!! This is kind of a poch system... so long for we cant get poch because he doesnt use the width!!!!😉😘
Gus D
Gus D - Måned siden
Finally some sense. Ole, take your notepad out!
Jonathan Johnston
Jonathan Johnston - Måned siden
Please please start van de beek over pogba 😭😭
Oluwamodimu Odunayo
Oluwamodimu Odunayo - Måned siden
this should be our formation all day good job mark
Fullback - Måned siden
Lol! There is a lot of IF's in Mark formations. But ok, lets try this.
Danial Chaudhry
Danial Chaudhry - Måned siden
Bang on mate!!! Been crying out for this team and formation! But I’d swap Maguire for lindelof!!!! City won the league with so many attacking players only because they were taught to defend well off the ball! We have to get that into our team! Even defending up the field with our attackers! The intensity!! How easily a team can pick up the ball and transition into an attack against us is so awful to watch at times.
Jason Wilhelm
Jason Wilhelm - Måned siden
It's the only relevant formation where we can include our best midfielders at once.Telles must play his delivery is class
xixou z
xixou z - Måned siden
Glad Mark has changed his opinion on the diamond. Not too long ago he was very against it and was adamant it wasn’t in the United DNA etc. Could work wonders against many of the teams in the Prem this season.
Tajeo - Måned siden
I really hope someone at United sees this🤞
Ronin 1977
Ronin 1977 - Måned siden
Finally ! thats 4312 formations , i said this before we get VDB lol ...
Gavin Ward
Gavin Ward - Måned siden
If ole doesn’t start Donny ole bout to catch this fade
Neel Patel
Neel Patel - Måned siden
What about Taunzebe as a CDM and Lindeolf as one of the CB. Midfield ; Taunzebe, Pogba, Van de beek, Bruno
Dharamraj Bheechook
Dharamraj Bheechook - Måned siden
K Chino
K Chino - Måned siden
fantastic video, especially the mobility in the team and for me this puts pressure on Ole to prove to us that he can actually coach players
Tanka Raj Baral
Tanka Raj Baral - Måned siden
Ole is not manager material; a good manager I believe can even win PL with this squad; better get him sacked.
David Patterson
David Patterson - Måned siden
5 3 2 - one holdings mid Fred, Bruno and Donny attacking mid! You are mad Mark one holding mid with 4 in the back with our CBS.
Nikolas K
Nikolas K - Måned siden
yeah nah well said goldbridge fuccin fair point lad
David Logue
David Logue - Måned siden
Great. Team mark 👍
Daniaal Hussain
Daniaal Hussain - Måned siden
4-3-3 formation with two number 8's playing the box to box role. Main plan should be dominating games, forcing teams back with the number 8's playing in between the lines. Wingers coming in central with the overlap from fullback. My team:
De gea
Wan Bissaka Tuanzebe Maguire Telles
Matic or Fred
Pogba Bruno
Mason Martial Rashford
Sh Cm
Sh Cm - Måned siden
Axel Tuanzebe Mark not Alex 👍
Izaan Malik
Izaan Malik - Måned siden
Greenwood instead of Martial
dale way
dale way - Måned siden
Take the news from the past 3-4 years back in time, to roughly 2000, show Fergie what has happened to the club since the glazers and Co took over. Hopefully he can stop it before it happens.
Aj Wilson
Aj Wilson - Måned siden
Axel* not Alex
Robert McDowell
Robert McDowell - Måned siden
I disagree I prefer the team with wingers more width
HawkHardstylez - Måned siden
Change Maguire for Lindelof! Lindelof played better vs Chelsea as well! English people ... 🤦🏼‍♂️
Alfie Collens
Alfie Collens - Måned siden
DDG, AWB Tuanzebe Maguire Telles, Fred VDB, Rashy Bruno Greenwood, Cavani