Solskjaer Wants Haaland! Pogba Quits? Man Utd News

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Man Utd are still targeting Erling Haaland as Ole Gunnar Solskjaer first choice striker and Paul Pogba may have quit international football according to reports. Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand. SUBSCRIBE here
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bobby fisher?
bobby fisher? - Måned siden
If i was Haaland i wouldnt touch Manchester united, no player that inspire to win big things should sign for a club is happy just being in the CL.
Titus Augustus
Titus Augustus - Måned siden
Wait omg what is this!!! After the embarrassment of Sancho Mark has the front to talk about Håland 😆👍
Robert Browne
Robert Browne - Måned siden
Utter rubbish Mark. The hatred for mctominay is unreal. Mctominay was brilliant before he got injured last season. Maybe he’s not playing as well as he was. He certainly isn’t playing badly for me and maybe he won’t be good enough to start week in week out but I’d prefer a guy who works hard and wants to succeed rather than an overrated “world class “ midfielder who very rarely shows up
BulatBulatCafe - Måned siden
In the Newcastle game McTominay raced from ~halfway line to our penalty area to win the ball. This resulted in Bruno getting the ball and passing it to Rashford who scored. We don't see this because we watch football for the goals but McTominay is doing a thankless job
Lee Davis
Lee Davis - Måned siden
What a load of bollox! Sport is nearly as corrupt as politics!
334665eric 7788977
334665eric 7788977 - Måned siden
ingsve - Måned siden
The problem that Ole is facing is that we started the season badly in defense so he needed to sure up the defense and that has meant going with his midfield pairing that are the best two at screening in front of the back line while at the same time sacrificing attack. In the best of worlds Ole would play for example Pogba instead of one of them but Pogba has been dreadful in defense this season and often does not show the discipline or willingness to give it all in defense and that is a problem for Ole. He simply doesn't have the creative player who will also put in a good shift in defense. This means has has had to choose between defense and creativity and given the quality of PSgs and Chelseas attack he has prioritized a defensive midfield.
The error you are making Mark when you talk about what that means for the future and how you build on that is that making a choice for one or two games does not mean you have to make that choice in every game. Ole picks his team based on opposition right now and if we were playing Burnley we would not be playing McTominay and Fred in midfield.
You could argue that a side like United shouldn't be adapting so much to opponents, we should be playing our of game no matter what but the thing to remember is that we just came off a 6-1 defeat so Ole desperately wants to avoid another loss both to lessen the criticism of the team and for team morale as a whole.
Busted Recordings
Busted Recordings - Måned siden
Funny how we dont know who the CB ole wanted is
Godwin Onyeka
Godwin Onyeka - Måned siden
Donatus Kissoon
Donatus Kissoon - Måned siden
Fred, Mctominay, James, Shaw and Maguire are mediocre at best. We are Manchester United. We don't build winning teams around mediocrity.
taffelost - Måned siden
Raiola isn't in control of Haaland. Alf Inge Haaland is in control of Erling Haaland. That's how that story goes. End of story!
Dave berry
Dave berry - Måned siden
Jimmy garner is a class act and would have him over, Matic, Mctominay and Fred ( improving ). Football is effortless for him, line Carrick.
huehuehue - Måned siden
Fred just showed he was better than Kante and you really want to throw shade at him??
Scott Henderson
Scott Henderson - Måned siden
Mark you judge mctominay like he's the finished article, he's like 23
Mundhir Sunni
Mundhir Sunni - Måned siden
I feel sorry for Paul being black muslim and talented skillful player he gets critized without even trying anything 😤
DragunMann - Måned siden
De Gea
AWB Maguire Tuanzebe Telles
VDB Pogba
Martial Rashford
Blue - Måned siden
Sambhu Singh
Sambhu Singh - Måned siden
The United Dream.
Makainternational - Måned siden
Mark was going to a stylist in a Salon at 10am. You can see he clearly doesn’t need a haircut. He just wants to style it up for the United stand.
Maik - Måned siden
McTominay is 23. What a joke to compare him with Carrick.
Fernando Thompson
Fernando Thompson - Måned siden
We need a better defense why not concentrate on a better defense than Haaland and Sancho
Kjell Andre Egeland
Kjell Andre Egeland - Måned siden
If Haaland ever ends up at man u , ollie won`t be there
Michael J W
Michael J W - Måned siden
President macaroon?
gamercal30000 - Måned siden
I don’t understand the McSauce hate and the Matic love
Onell Karr
Onell Karr - Måned siden
I think it's time for ole to move on ......😂😂😂😂😂😂
geoff harris
geoff harris - Måned siden
For a moment I thought Pogba had 'quit' United. Oh dear, put the fizz back in the fridge !
geoff harris
geoff harris - Måned siden
Yeah, Pogba loves playing for France. But not United, cos he was told he was supposed to run around a bit...
Mario G
Mario G - Måned siden
Even with a crowd other clubs no longer fear coming to Old Trafford. Sadly it’s been that way ever since Fergie left.
Nikolozka - Måned siden
Yeah mate, it has nothing to do with islam,that guy was shouting "Big Bang Theory" while chopping the head off. Izlam iz muh religion ov Peace,or pieces...
Matthew Gartell
Matthew Gartell - Måned siden
dcs10291 - Måned siden
As if united would ever play Bellingham. Hes 17, dortmund is undoubtedly the best place for him right now. I wanted sancho to come too but tbh United would probably ruin him
Jonathan reid
Jonathan reid - Måned siden
Screw haaland screw dirtmund there like Madrid stay well clear off them oh screw Sancho also.
J G - Måned siden
im done talking about anything to do with Pogba, read what he says sour grapes suggest the UK media is after him and his great country , sure its misinformed if its not true but to whine like pogba about sums it up, he doesn't want to be in the UK anymore IMO so lets get over it he wants to move on and has for ages now he's going to use this as another excuse to make headlines
Richard Dorling
Richard Dorling - Måned siden
Any news on Sancho?
MrConnect54 - Måned siden
More transfer bull got to fill air time again ☹️
Valerie Jackson
Valerie Jackson - Måned siden
Joakim Johansson
Joakim Johansson - Måned siden
Bruno Fernandes is THE key player for Man United. He is so important for the team and for that reason we have to rest Bruno from time to time. To play two full games a week will take its toll. Van De Beek should start more games so Bruno can rest and because Beek is a fantastic player and I have said so many times before that he is one of the smartartest player I have seen on a pitch. His positional intelligence is among the best in the world.
Phil Leworthy
Phil Leworthy - Måned siden
Fernandes VDB & Pogba are all intelligent players and all can play in midfield together - Fernandes and VDB are quick and tenacious and can really mix it up in midfield
Amro Arafa
Amro Arafa - Måned siden
"If we had Erling Haaland, Bellingham, Sancho, Grealish, and a centerback, where would we be now." Man what a freakin shame. With the way the big clubs are performing this year, number 21 could have easily walked home with that list of additions. Oh how I hate that board and Scrooge McDuck.
The Football Stand
The Football Stand - Måned siden
Even if we get Haaland for 65 million in 2022 and he leaves at 2025 or 2026, we will get lots of profit, we could sell him for 150-200 million
So, it’s a win win
klo schuessel
klo schuessel - Måned siden
Reguilon Haaland in february Bellingham This is true about many players and yet it wont happen Haaland had better options in winter and will have when he moves next summer or in 2022 Why would a player like that choose manu... Just makes no sense
Bleachguy - Måned siden
haaland would be great to get but look at sancho united couldnt get him going to be same with haaland dont have faith in united anymore not united ed and negotiation team i should say
just peace
just peace - Måned siden
He won't go to u he's got too much respect for leeds
Roger Benjamin
Roger Benjamin - Måned siden
Manchester United are without a home league win in five games (D3 L2), their longest run without victory at Old Trafford since February 1990 (6 games). I wonder who was the manager then? Glory hunters need not reply.
lijfwrh kbkjb
lijfwrh kbkjb - Måned siden
If Pogba wants to protest the idea of secularism in France, good riddance. We need to get rid of this self obsessed man-child now. To quit your national team because the president stood up for what the entire republic was founded on, is just pathetic.
martin sheridan
martin sheridan - Måned siden
StrawHatPele - Måned siden
cleverley won you a premier league
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson - Måned siden
OLE ONLY TALKS ABOUT A CROWD, to show supporters he trusts and backs them. It isnt an excuse, it is a wink and nod to all of us, that they wish we could take part. Simple as.
Lance63 - Måned siden
Pogba cannot play a deeper role your focusing on when we have the ball but when when have to defend he can't keep up and he can't defend, he's an attacking player
Stacey M
Stacey M - Måned siden
The craziest thing is we probably have one of the best holding midfielders in the modern age as a coach, Carrick was great at through balls. I would be interested to know what conversations Carrick an Ole are having about the holding midfield role because you're right they're not distributing the ball well enough, the defence / attack balance in that midfield is off and for me a VDB type player would possibly help to fix that.
Nikunj Pasari
Nikunj Pasari - Måned siden
Don't understand why is Ole is obsessed with 4-2-3-1....4-4-2 is a better formation given the number of midfielders we have !
Mo bayomy
Mo bayomy - Måned siden
If we have anychance ov bagging Harland it’s with ole
Mo bayomy
Mo bayomy - Måned siden
Ole must stay he learnt from sir Alex he is getting better he also has pheelan helping him you can see the players really do want to win for him he has got that hair dryer treatment same as sir Alex
Chrisxerri - Måned siden
Regards the Bruno situation, I think there are a lot of 'British-only' fans out there who'd rather we had someone like Grealish playing instead of Bruno. He's without doubt our best player, should be captain and someone we should be building the team around. Anyone who's against him are morons!
ODIN - Måned siden
Matic on wednesday
Tshiamo Mogotsi
Tshiamo Mogotsi - Måned siden
Fred's passing range is good. Fred is a CM. Don't play him in a two man holding position
Edward Reid
Edward Reid - Måned siden
Ole def is not Fergie.. at least u got that right !!!OLE OUT right NOW he’s not good enough ,a better manager would get much more outta the team we got .. can’t always blame woodworms, and glaziers . It’s time OLE left
Edward Reid
Edward Reid - Måned siden
U could easily replace Bruno with Donny he’s as good at least .
Edward Reid
Edward Reid - Måned siden
And another common theme , if it’s not an opinion that u share ,then it must be some kind of agenda .. such a arrogant guy ,wish flex didn’t this show
Anirudh Iyer
Anirudh Iyer - Måned siden
with this board he's not even gonna get charlie austin...let alone haland
Ali A Meme central
Ali A Meme central - Måned siden
1:40, he isn’t exactly wrong 😂😂
Owen Morgan
Owen Morgan - Måned siden
It’s true tho all Islam does is cause deaths and promote terrorism it’s an evil, sickening movement which has been responsible for so much terror over the years.
ARD - Måned siden
Pogba has since rubbished this story and he also denounced all forms of terrorism. Good for him.
Isaiah - Måned siden
0-2 burnley
Isaiah - Måned siden
1-6 Spurs 😂😂😂😂
2-5 Leicester
LevelOnLevel - Måned siden
Scott is better than Fred his energy and physicality is brilliant and massively underrated
LevelOnLevel - Måned siden
Nah I love Scott. Plays for the badge. Just needs help to create. Can’t play with both
Isaiah - Måned siden
Fred can tackle better than Scott I prefer Fred
Isaiah - Måned siden
We can buy Harry Kane next summer
Isaiah - Måned siden
Fred is better than mctominay
Connor Winnett
Connor Winnett - Måned siden
What macron said was the truth
Mike Wallace
Mike Wallace - Måned siden
United have the players to do well so stop making excuses. They need a decent manager.
Tefo Marape
Tefo Marape - Måned siden
we have 4 strikers. we need proper wingers not haaland.
Isaiah - Måned siden
Arsenal fans are saying arteta out so deluded
Ayvree - Måned siden
We don’t care what Ole wants , he must go now. Should be sacked just because of the position we’re in
Louis Bonfield
Louis Bonfield - Måned siden
Bruno played well vs chelsea just didnt get fed the ball enough fred to blame for that
festus mansaray
festus mansaray - Måned siden
Mark you are not going to win this argument,Ole played the midfield you wanted we lost and struggled to win ,Ole changed the midfield we won two draw one.Ole tactics is get a hold of the game and bring in the creative players later.I am ok with it until it stops working.
Isaiah - Måned siden
Van de beek is an energetic midfielder
Kamal Thapa
Kamal Thapa - Måned siden
Why would Glazers will deliver haland to ole? When he can't pick right players a match? You paid 40m for DVB just to watch Daniel james rolling on the floor?
Smurff Oo
Smurff Oo - Måned siden
Mark you make me want to not like bruno by making him sound better than he is I think he's good but not our greatest signing ever like Mark makes it sound
krick_mufc - Måned siden
Bruno and rashford should be rested for this game, van de beek and cavani should start in their place
Gordon Richards
Gordon Richards - Måned siden
So when is Greenwood going to get a game all this talk about strikers. if I was Greenwood I would be looking for a move to get a start as a centre forward his development is being wasted at United Marcel red card was the perfect time to give him a game in the position he is going to own when playing their but at what club will that be ! If you wear him what would you do ?
Amin Johari
Amin Johari - Måned siden
Let’s play Pogba, Bruno & VDB together.
dabluerover - Måned siden
Pogba has already denounced the Sun and will take legal action against them for slander.
Steve Webster
Steve Webster - Måned siden
Here we go back on the magic roundabout.
Jili Riba
Jili Riba - Måned siden
Declan Rice would be perfect😭
Isaiah - Måned siden
He’s going to Chelsea
Mr A
Mr A - Måned siden
Where's the condemnation of Macron and what he said? Shamelessly blaming and criticising a whole religion for terrorism. Very quick to condemn the Nigerian government, but when it's a white man making inflammatory comments you're not so quick to condemn 🤔
skgooner - Måned siden
Haaland is more likely to go to City. His dad played for City and he can be a long term Aguero replacement. City are a better team than United
Isaiah - Måned siden
Man city are 12th and pep will be replaced by pochettino
emmanuel pardo
emmanuel pardo - Måned siden
Can we stop talking about transfers?
brian spence
brian spence - Måned siden
Maybe up an coming player dont rate Ole why does the board always get the blame yes we know they are useless but Ole has no cred as a manager
Abhijit Roy
Abhijit Roy - Måned siden
Mark, you are a superlative dreamer😁
Mike - Måned siden
Mark, best for you and the site, that you don't comment at all on political matters of any kind. This is a football site.
Lester Lee
Lester Lee - Måned siden
There are "fans" out there who want to see the club fail. And they hate anything positive about the club.
Thomas Mcniff
Thomas Mcniff - Måned siden
How come they don’t try a 41212 with de gea, telles, whatever cbs, awb, fred in cdm, pogba lcm, van de beek rcm, bruno cam, any two strikers
Satria Kelana
Satria Kelana - Måned siden
Sir Alex winning EPL with bloody Cleverley, Gibson in midfield 😂
xpkx360 - Måned siden
Håland would be our best nr 9
John Dickinson
John Dickinson - Måned siden
This channel is a joke
Dave Stuart
Dave Stuart - Måned siden
🖤💛bridge out!
caitano samuel
caitano samuel - Måned siden
dan james does the running very good to bring the ball from back to front , and run back to defend , but when he is in front line he cannot score nor pass to the strikers. da james should be used for other domestic cups , we need VDB to play instead for DAN james , he could play in the front line up on either sides
Ilyass Tahar
Ilyass Tahar - Måned siden
Believe me . After the Chelsea match I feet we are playing for the insuring of staying in premier league even it's early to say that . It's shame to start like that
Shannon Sharpe
Shannon Sharpe - Måned siden
Nothing against you but I’m just tired of hearing about transfers that aren’t gonna happen
Mark Gabriel
Mark Gabriel - Måned siden
IMO if utd don't get maximum points out of the arsenal & Everton games then ole is toast..
DJ Afrika
DJ Afrika - Måned siden
MashAllah pogba 💪🏽💪🏽👌🏽