SOLSKJAER vs ARTETA! United Stand vs Robbie AFTV Premier League Special

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Manchester United look to ignite their slow start to The Premier League with a tough tie at Old Trafford vs Arsenal. Can Ole Gunnar Solskjaer tactically school Guardiola's old apprentice Mikel Arteta?
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Tahona Walalaze
Tahona Walalaze - 20 dager siden
I can't stop laughing lukin this video after the arsenal performance
Glen Kightley - Everything Arsenal
1:00:44 The way he casually said that 😂😂😂
Glen Kightley - Everything Arsenal
😂😂😂 You enjoy this even more after beating them
Your Donny Scotty
Your Donny Scotty - 24 dager siden
Manchester United 0-1 Arsenal an look at how these man are talking, let that sizzle in your spirit.
RICHARD RICHU - 24 dager siden
Hindsight is a good lesson
Zippo404 - 24 dager siden
Banter FC...

wait Man Utd Banter FC
jordan newton
jordan newton - 24 dager siden
Love how confident they are and then they lost 😂
Romelle King
Romelle King - 25 dager siden
Got to say, Flex was chaffin bare poop on this one lol the man needs to just handle where is team is at right now
Paulo H86
Paulo H86 - 25 dager siden
Where’s all the united fans now after losing to banter fc and not just losing you got battered should have been 3/4-0 at HT... majority on here thinking it would be easy and trashford would rip arsenal apart 😂 guys average at best
Am - 25 dager siden
who are you?! lol 15th and going down lol
Ahnaf ryan
Ahnaf ryan - 26 dager siden
Who’s here after Arsenal beat them?
ryadh mouacher
ryadh mouacher - 26 dager siden
so happy to watch this after wining in old traford . who aaaare you ! hahahaha
Udayan Awasthi
Udayan Awasthi - 26 dager siden
Play this again Flex and Goldie boy.. Where are you hiding now? 😂😂😂 United is a banter club... 😂😂😂😂
Fergie Days
Fergie Days - 26 dager siden
Who else came here after Arsenal won 1 - 0? 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Your Donny Scotty
Your Donny Scotty - 24 dager siden
V L - 24 dager siden
Jar Jar Binks
Jar Jar Binks - 24 dager siden
Gargamel - 26 dager siden
Flex humble yourself!! Arteta schooled your P.E. teacher
Partey ran the midfield
V L - 24 dager siden
Elneny broke United
houssem aouar
houssem aouar - 26 dager siden
LMFAO the united fans in the comments are literally crying cus robbie is speaking faxx
Baron - 26 dager siden
Really had fun watching this. I have subscribed.
Siddhant Farwaha
Siddhant Farwaha - 26 dager siden
Who are you?
Manchester United
Love it Mark 🤣🤣🤣🤣
martin grant
martin grant - 26 dager siden
Hang on Robbie,... Utd fans are calling out our heroes because only a few weeks ago everyone else (non Man Utd fans)were breathing out United’s RUIN, and if Utd fans are honest they were shitting themselves at all the possibilities of what that ruin & demise looked like! So a few “Telling” victories later that reveal clear evidence that this team is NOT a team in ruin,,.. far from it, this team look like they could do really well & I for one would rather concentrate on those possibilities!!!
Rohit Kumar
Rohit Kumar - 26 dager siden
You gotta love Robbie. Get him on this channel a little more Mark.
martin grant
martin grant - 26 dager siden
There is a chance this season for Ole to prove himself ahead of a great deal of managers. Maybe up till now Arteta has done marginally better!!?
martin grant
martin grant - 26 dager siden
Love this banter ! I’m a Man Utd but I do enjoy Robbies input every time!
#JL - 26 dager siden
If you are speaking about refrees, I think we all know who Howard Webb is
Stephen Williams
Stephen Williams - 26 dager siden
varun narvekar
varun narvekar - 26 dager siden
United will win 4-1
WhyMe432532 - 26 dager siden
Robbie is very level-headed and talks a lot of sense. What I love about the United Stand is that the community is respectful of each other. We can bring in rival fans and have some fun rather than getting angry / defensive etc.
Iltik Aubrid
Iltik Aubrid - 27 dager siden
insha'Allah an arsenal win
Jenni Anderson
Jenni Anderson - 27 dager siden
Mark, do you really think that Ole does not like Pogba as a player? I believe the opposite?
Barkhab - 27 dager siden
United fans talking about parking the bus 🤣🤣🤣.
Your legend Ferguson parked the bus in his entire career versus Wenger's Arsenal except in one game in FA Cup final 2005 and he lost.
It's time to get your own medicine and go to sleep.
Vijay Tiwari
Vijay Tiwari - 27 dager siden
United will win 3-1, comfortable.
Gursevak Shehri
Gursevak Shehri - 27 dager siden
Robbie had nothing other to say other than u got battered by palace and spurs😂😂😂
Mubeen Attari
Mubeen Attari - 27 dager siden
Robbie saying Arteta has deadwood but so did Ole (Sanchez,rojo,young,valencia,fellaini,lukaku not good enough)
Akhil Vasudevan
Akhil Vasudevan - 26 dager siden
You still have Fred,Matic,Maguire and Pogba 😆😆
Charlie Gonzalez
Charlie Gonzalez - 27 dager siden
This was amazing robbie absolutely buried flex and mark amazing 👏 🙌 💪
Khassoum Savane
Khassoum Savane - 27 dager siden
Ridiculous what Mark is saying about Pogba, Robbie is delusional but he is right that we always find excuses for Ole.
During Ole first season Pogba was our best player, then he got injured and had little cameo and was MOTM every time he touched the ball, But hey now we have Bruno and Pogba has a bad start of the season and we don't need him no more.
usifo john
usifo john - 27 dager siden
I won't lie. I'd have to agree with Robby on this. Manutd squad is a very good squad. Better than most in the league and even Europe.
Veljko Dragovic
Veljko Dragovic - 27 dager siden
Both teams still have to play Villa. Curb your enthusiasm..
Both teams are shells what of they used to be.
Daljeet Hansra
Daljeet Hansra - 27 dager siden
Aditya Choudhury
Aditya Choudhury - 27 dager siden
Bruh these type of people are not logical
Tony Montana S
Tony Montana S - 27 dager siden
Don Robbie roasted these two
Jayant JJ
Jayant JJ - 27 dager siden
Loved the banter and how Don Robbie was getting riled up. Would have loved to watch a longer show with some serious discussion around both the teams though.
Carlin Dzikiti
Carlin Dzikiti - 27 dager siden
Honestly, if we beat Arsenal well, we would look like title challengers, because no matter how much you only wanna look at premier league, we played two of the hardest games in ucl and along with the hardest in epl, and we still came out on top
Tasara Nyaguyo
Tasara Nyaguyo - 27 dager siden
Great show lads, really good banter in the true spirit of the game
Edison Magaia
Edison Magaia - 27 dager siden
R.I.P. Nobby
Max Belho
Max Belho - 27 dager siden
Edison Magaia
Edison Magaia - 27 dager siden
Best show ever 🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
Alex LWC
Alex LWC - 27 dager siden
Mark and Flex are like talking to a man without a proper brain😂
Eoin Ó Curnáin
Eoin Ó Curnáin - 27 dager siden
Robbie spot on. United fans bunch of flip flops
SlightlySaltedSteve - 27 dager siden
Robbie kept saying "you took our reject player and put him in front of a piano" lol he isn't an arsenal reject HE rejected Arsenal and stamped his feet until he was allowed to leave
samgzag11 - 27 dager siden
People say with the team we have we should be challenging for everything. The fact is Ole built this team and it’s now starting to look very competitive. Football has become so reactionary and managers rarely get time anymore.
Fingers998 - 27 dager siden
never have i seen mark talk so much nonsense. ole does want pogba. and certain managers would get more consistency out of this team, and pogba. pogba is france's best player.
Darren Campbell
Darren Campbell - 27 dager siden
I have to give it to Robbie he held the channel all alone 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
Darren Campbell
Darren Campbell - 27 dager siden
The man who took Cardiff down 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Darren Campbell
Darren Campbell - 27 dager siden
You are 15th place in league chill out 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Darren Campbell
Darren Campbell - 27 dager siden
Who channel is this AFTV 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Darren Campbell
Darren Campbell - 27 dager siden
You two are just deluded as Ty 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Darren Campbell
Darren Campbell - 27 dager siden
Your man ain’t won JACK 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
fonz114 - 27 dager siden
Robbie has given united stand a bloody nose here, absolutely spot on United fans flipflop every week,,
Christy Moreland
Christy Moreland - 27 dager siden
Unlike Arsenal fans who never do that
Kenny Hughes
Kenny Hughes - 27 dager siden
Good show but adverts every 5 mins😠to much
Michael Myers
Michael Myers - 27 dager siden
We also took van Persie off Arsenal and he helped us win the league 20 times
K 95
K 95 - 27 dager siden
Arsenal are gonna park the bus hahaha
Aakash Chaurasia
Aakash Chaurasia - 27 dager siden
37:30 Don Robbie straight away went from humble to savage😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥🔥
Jamie-Williams Arts
Jamie-Williams Arts - 27 dager siden
Aftv is only talking about the results where we/everyone/Olé knew we didn't have fitness, and we're getting our match fitness back and the champions League is showing that (UCL is slower than the prem) and arsenal play in a European style, and I think that plays into our hands
Rafay - 27 dager siden
Is robbie really ironically clapping them for beating RB lipezig and Psg?
Christy Moreland
Christy Moreland - 27 dager siden
No salty cla
Sylvester O Johnson
Sylvester O Johnson - 27 dager siden
Robbie owned Mark and Flex on the Ole vs Arteta debate.
Weak arguments from the United guys. They made hard work of what should have been an easy argument in favor of Ole.
ben lennon
ben lennon - 27 dager siden
Can u imagine if arsenal had just beaten Leipzig and psg??
Christy Moreland
Christy Moreland - 27 dager siden
This a United channel
vincent - 27 dager siden
how can ole be compared to arteta? arteta has won silverware after being in charge for 5 months, arsenal finished 8th because arteta took over the mess from emery, also what happened last time arteta played ole? 2-0 and could've been 6-0! it's no good playing in the champions league if you can't win it so keep celebrating 3rd place haha oles a big meme
ben lennon
ben lennon - 27 dager siden
Form doesn't change depending on the competition
marakus 1991
marakus 1991 - 27 dager siden
Nurbol Nurdaulet
Nurbol Nurdaulet - 27 dager siden
Loved this show today :) KEEP UP! hilarious, gentlemen!
Nurbol Nurdaulet
Nurbol Nurdaulet - 27 dager siden
how Leipzig was dreadful that game? I think they played well. just United that day was at another level, it was too much for them. we sacked up the pressure, countered, and coldbloodly finished them off. That is true/ Your opponent is only as good as you let him.
WIL SON - 27 dager siden
Robbie is so gonna be shocked on Sunday.
MO ABD - 27 dager siden
condescending Arsenal prat 🤔
Logen M
Logen M - 27 dager siden
Mark you’re being a bit harsh on the squad mate. Sure some of the big players have been inconsistent but you gotta blame some of the tactics, formations and squad rotation for their inconsistency. I think OGS and the players have to equally take the blame. However, if they can go on a winning run, they could become real contenders this season.
This season after that horrible start which was both down to the players and manager, Ole is finally trying out different formations and tactics and the players are playing some of their best football.
K - 27 dager siden
Mark is talking absolute BS. Robbie is right ole can’t get the best out of the players consistently.
Neo Leso
Neo Leso - 27 dager siden
If ole does not win against Arsenal the pressure will intensify we might be dragged into a relegation dog fight 6 games into a league season
Jonathan Ekström
Jonathan Ekström - 27 dager siden
RIP Nobby Stiles❤️🙏
Kenneth Eze
Kenneth Eze - 27 dager siden
I'm stunned people are happy with Ole, how the expectations have fallen we get happy with big results over winning trophies now. Ole won't win us anything significant.
Khalid Ali
Khalid Ali - 27 dager siden
The scenes if man United somehow lose. Mark would lose it for sure.
Realist90 - 27 dager siden
United stand rolling out the big guns 👌
Gracie Scott
Gracie Scott - 27 dager siden
100 games in charge this weekend congratulations olly👏👏👏feeling confident arsenal hit and miss not scoring goals can only see this game going one way👍👍
Hasan Mahmood
Hasan Mahmood - 27 dager siden
Flex is really annoying in these debates
Akwasi Owusu Asare
Akwasi Owusu Asare - 27 dager siden
Match will end 4-0 Man utd
Kalesu Kangwa
Kalesu Kangwa - 27 dager siden
Ole effing out
Kalesu Kangwa
Kalesu Kangwa - 27 dager siden
Don robbie put the chuckle sisters in their placr
robbo2k10 - 27 dager siden
What a collab this is, great work keep it up guys 👍
Come on my ARSENAL.
Only Hooman
Only Hooman - 27 dager siden
Robbie is right! If the team isn't consistent, you need to question the coaching and player management.
Mohammed Ali
Mohammed Ali - 27 dager siden
Flex just waffles lol just get to the point bro
Mohammed Ali
Mohammed Ali - 27 dager siden
Flex seems fake when he speaks for some reason
Mitch Trewin
Mitch Trewin - 27 dager siden
Any team that’s winning will be confident Robbie is waffling they win won game and celebrate like it’s the champions league on there live streams
Stuart Lee
Stuart Lee - 28 dager siden
top 4? Leagues got more competitive
Romil Patel
Romil Patel - 28 dager siden
Joe Banks
Joe Banks - 28 dager siden
I think man u fans forget with a worse team Jose finished 2nd haha joke of a club and mark goes on about finishing 4th managers get judged on what they win fact klopp was known as a nearly man now he has won the league and champions League
beach bum
beach bum - 28 dager siden
Mark is a walking contradiction
The Disturbed Gamer
The Disturbed Gamer - 28 dager siden
Prat in the hat 😂😂😂😂
Mapa Tara
Mapa Tara - 28 dager siden
If Arsenal were the one that came back from CL beating Paris and Leipzig, God help us what they would say about Arteta.
Shawn Wun
Shawn Wun - 28 dager siden
Who does mark call he pratt in the hat ? 😂😂
SQ 25
SQ 25 - 28 dager siden
we are 15th after 5 games relax like arsenal ain’t been in worse positions after 5 games
Jordan Amor
Jordan Amor - 28 dager siden
Love how Robbie is living of the spurs result and celebrating it 😂😂 that's embarrassing needing your biggest rivals to bring you joy against united
SQ 25
SQ 25 - 28 dager siden
wait hold up these man were inconsistent under mourinho.. what arteta is better than mourinho now yh? Robbie has to back arsenal but he knows deep down wagwarn