Solskjaer Still Wants Grealish! Man Utd News Now

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Man Utd could still sign Jack Grealish on a transfer next summer with Solskjaer moving on Pogba and Mata to accommodate. Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand. 🔔 MAN UTD's Top Earners Watch Here
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Not Me
Not Me - 13 dager siden
I want a ferrari...i ain't getting it though. I promise you faithfully beyond a shadow of any doubt Jack Grealish will never ever ever be a Manchester United player.
Firstly Utd fans are absolutely delusional about his worth, i see 50/60 mill being banded about by them.....i mean? C'mon..if you can't see that he is currently a 100 million player then you don't know football, thats only gonna rise as well.
Tevin Johns
Tevin Johns - 15 dager siden
How about buying a CB and promoting Axel to CDM...
Paulino N.
Paulino N. - 15 dager siden
Imagine Grealish on the left,VDB on the right,Bruno down the middle and Rashford as a striker and Adama Traore as the cherry on icing to compliment Pogba as power subs.We would then need that CDM and CB to finalize a title winning side.
Gaz Snaith
Gaz Snaith - 16 dager siden
Grealish won't go UTD why would he? If he was going to leave he would have gone at the end of last season villa are on the up. United are shite united fans living in the past look where they are now. Bottom half of the table
Alex Vitsileos
Alex Vitsileos - 16 dager siden
Not getting our Jack yet deal with it 🤫
ibrahim saidu
ibrahim saidu - 16 dager siden
To play where exactly ??
Petrus Mako
Petrus Mako - 16 dager siden
If we get a proper cdm we will win something....🙌🤔
Alan Kenny
Alan Kenny - 16 dager siden
I'd swap Pogba for Veratti if PSG would go for that. I've always wanted United to sign Veratti. Im sure PSG would jump at the chance for Pogba and he would love to return to France.
adams dauda
adams dauda - 16 dager siden
The main problem abt man utd is that we don't get our priority signings every summer how can we even progress?
「λlik」 jr.
「λlik」 jr. - 16 dager siden
poor donny shouldn't join us
AMR13 - 16 dager siden
acesneights2009 - 16 dager siden
"Dont talk outta your arse your face will get jealous "??
Just cos the lad had a different opinion than you Mark Goldbridge??
What happened "this channels all about opinions and respect others opinions "?
Oh unless you don't agree with that opinion then you insult them.
Low blow mate
Brummie Key
Brummie Key - 17 dager siden
Why would Grealish wanna go down market ?
Mr Real
Mr Real - 17 dager siden
Sell pogba & bring him in
Bleachguy - 17 dager siden
lol what about de jong
Albin Babu
Albin Babu - 17 dager siden
Snowl Lectric
Snowl Lectric - 17 dager siden
sell pogba n mata. we can get grealish
Chivers Athlete
Chivers Athlete - 17 dager siden
Diabys good but needs development with decision making . Ole won’t develop him
Snowl Lectric
Snowl Lectric - 17 dager siden
Yea he better be u muppet
334665eric 7788977
334665eric 7788977 - 17 dager siden
The BORED won’t sign anybody we need basically..! 🤯
jascha santoso
jascha santoso - 17 dager siden
Diaby is very similar to Dan James.
Unreel FIlms
Unreel FIlms - 17 dager siden
love the fact how deluded Man U fans are you still think every player wants to come to your club, you don't have that appeal anymore. Villa is a big club we have had a nightmare with owners over the last 10 years now we have some solid owners we want to see the club build the club back to were we should be competing top 6 that will take time and we will get there. Man U on the other hand will never be the same club they were with Ferguson in control and you just have to except it, its your manager that's a problem not the quality of the players you have.
Brad Parker
Brad Parker - 17 dager siden
A midfielder with some height that can defend would be great....Pogba doesn't want to do it...probably time for him to go since Bruno is twice as good, VanDeBeek is better than him too.....strange days continue
John Harris
John Harris - 17 dager siden
Declan Rice be a good CDM for Utd
Ash B
Ash B - 17 dager siden
if you want Grealish I hope your prepared to pay 100+ million, his new release clause in his new contract was raised
Kieran Monaghan
Kieran Monaghan - 17 dager siden
Everyone missed a trick with Diogo Jota.
guALa sZn
guALa sZn - 17 dager siden
Van de Beek is a CDM
tahirtazz - 17 dager siden
He wouldn’t go to untd . You couldn’t afford sancho and grealish is twice a player sancho is . 140 million
guALa sZn
guALa sZn - 17 dager siden
Angel Gomes
Yella Dean
Yella Dean - 17 dager siden
Am convinced this guy makes he’s own theory’s to just have a topic to talk about
Yella Dean
Yella Dean - 16 dager siden
markino pennicooke looks like we’re both correct 14 hours later New video Ronaldo tempted by united😂
markino pennicooke
markino pennicooke - 17 dager siden
He’s a content creator I don’t see a problem with that being as though there’s not much going on atm
Nyati SM
Nyati SM - 17 dager siden
Jack is not going to make united win trophies. Bruno and Don are enough for CAM.Unless if Bruno leaves maybe yu could .
Highly favoured 1
Highly favoured 1 - 17 dager siden
Man utd want to buy every foot ball star
around the world .
Tim Jim
Tim Jim - 17 dager siden
my January shopping list would be Mario Gaspar Villareal I love AWB but we don't really have cover at right back plus hes attacking numbers are much better if we had Gaspar and Telles at left back and right back that's serious attacking width
A CB I Wouldn't be mad at kouilbaly for the right price hed bring through and help younger players in the squad has tones off experience and maybe sancho £ 150 million total i reckon as its covid and sancho's contract is up 2022
im more concerned about getting rid of deadwood in the squad like lingaard and Jones.
LeoWings - 17 dager siden
We want another attacking midfielder? I don't believe it.
Samoc2020 - 17 dager siden
For a couple of seasons a lot of scousers did not rate Jordan Henderson, couldn't understand why klopp had started to give him a consistent run in the team.. Klopp knew himself that a player with Hendos attributes is fundamental to any team esp his style of play (gegenpressing).. I feel Mctominay will be that player for us and giving a consistent run in the team can become a top class box to box midfielder for years to come.. he just needs time and patience
Abs Corleone
Abs Corleone - 17 dager siden
Give em Lingard as a sweetener, get Jack in!
ben lennon
ben lennon - 17 dager siden
As in Irish person the fact that we are linked with Grealish and Rice makes me feel sick 🐍🐍
Awaken The Greatness Within
Awaken The Greatness Within - 17 dager siden
Donny needs to play
Ricky Spanishhh
Ricky Spanishhh - 17 dager siden
Four seasons of my life wasted waiting for pogflop to shine
Judith Kelly
Judith Kelly - 17 dager siden
Jack on the left for me in either formations. Imagine him n Bruno creating chances
Peter George
Peter George - 17 dager siden
We need to lose Poggy and get Grealish, at any cost!
Robert Xerxes
Robert Xerxes - 17 dager siden
WATCH NOFACE - 17 dager siden
Not being funny, but pogba talk is becoming the new sancho everyday talk. He hasn’t said anything else and whatever happens happens but no sense in making it the biggest topic, there’s much more to worry/think about imo.
่๋Jayman Namyaj
่๋Jayman Namyaj - 17 dager siden
If he still want Grealish ,we must pay 60-80 million pounds = Leftchester United .
Blackest Eyes
Blackest Eyes - 17 dager siden
Amad Traore will surprise a few in my opinion. Looks an exceptional talent.
Jerry Warren
Jerry Warren - 17 dager siden
I generally watch your channel with more patience and understanding than many others but I’m afraid that this surmising about jack grealish is absolute crap .
TR3YWAY - 17 dager siden
Grealish would be among the best signings we've made in the past 5 years!
Shame, we will never get him because EVERY other club will be going for him :/
Brian Hopwood
Brian Hopwood - 17 dager siden
Let Pogba have his wish and move to Madrid or Barcelona for 50 - 60 million max
Brian Hopwood
Brian Hopwood - 17 dager siden
V D B and Grealish playing midfield together would be awesome get Grealish in next transfer window
Ryan Skeffers
Ryan Skeffers - 17 dager siden
Worrying he chose villa over man utd. Let that dink in bro
andrew pearson
andrew pearson - 17 dager siden
Pogba is not width 50 million. Every second time he plays he hives away a goal, penalty ør otherwise.
Say it like it is Mark!
stwads - 17 dager siden
Absolute rubbish. Stop making stuff up!
Xeph - 17 dager siden
Need someone like Denis Zakaria more than Grealish...
Tim Jim
Tim Jim - 17 dager siden
think will get Sancho for 60 mill as A he's been shite B he's contract is up june 2022 so dortmund may be forced to sell.
N Ad
N Ad - 17 dager siden
We need Zakaria at CDM
Sarvesh Raote
Sarvesh Raote - 17 dager siden
I think out board will hold on to Pogba for huge demand in this coming summer which real madrid wont offer. And then we will lose Pogba for nothing next summer. Just like Harrera!
Nimbus 04
Nimbus 04 - 17 dager siden
Grealish is a winger/ Van De Beek is not better than Grealish
noneedtoknow myname
noneedtoknow myname - 17 dager siden
Where will he fucking play we already fucking have 5 Centre Attacking Midfielder and he won't be picked over Rashford at LW.
Sang Guite
Sang Guite - 17 dager siden
Fow what?
To keep him on the bench? Lol
ShafiihTekkerz - 17 dager siden
Uno what I clocked it is that I think that ole don’t play vdb because ha cc knows he’s not a 10 and that he wanted grealish as Bruno’s replacement and that he went for vdb because I think he might sell pogba next summer and vdb is pogbas replacement
izzy hassan
izzy hassan - 17 dager siden
get Tielerman.....
EyeInTheSky - 17 dager siden
Grealish takes over Pogbas Place, VDB Matas
De C
De C - 17 dager siden
Remove: Cavani, Ighalo, Lingard, Mata, Pogba, Matic, Phil Jones, and Solkaer.
Add: Grealish, Dembele, Sancho, Haaland, Koulibaly and Pochetino.
Daniel Lawton
Daniel Lawton - 17 dager siden
The reason were so iconsistent is because were a team full of players that consistently perform badly ,if ole got his way we would have 4 world class players now ie sancho,haaland,bruno,grealish who perform week in week out then chuck donny and fred into the team ,get a center back and youve got a class team there.pluss 433 attack attack attack not defend defend defend.
Photographer Michael croghan
Photographer Michael croghan - 17 dager siden
Ole is like a banker to good for glazers to fail no matter what, and blind fans, it's Ole, it's united way, he wins some games and he Could do more, sentimental crap, relegated Cardiff manager do one
Captain Footlong Frank jr
Captain Footlong Frank jr - 17 dager siden
Oh dear still talking about Sancho a player who isn’t the best English player in the world and definitely isn’t the most expensive English player in the world
puppygirl13830 - 17 dager siden
Will Ole still be here come summer? If not, who cares what Ole wants? If so, the board have shown they don't care what Ole wants.
Darkstar8473 - 17 dager siden
Le god should have played for United imo.
De C
De C - 17 dager siden
Grealish is the type of player Man Utd need to gel together as a team. I think this signing would be more successful than Sancho, Dembele or anyone else.
terry stockwell
terry stockwell - 17 dager siden
FTC give VDBeek a chance
Ell Cee
Ell Cee - 17 dager siden
Doing a good job and can get us results 🤔 has this guy been watching the same games. They have energy I’ll give them that but they’re no consistent enough. The odd good game here and there doesn’t make them good
Purple Avenger
Purple Avenger - 17 dager siden
We have showed that we are an absolute joke when it comes to transfers and players won’t join us if they enjoy their current club imo
Raphael Shotikare
Raphael Shotikare - 17 dager siden
why would grealish want to come to united just remember that ??
Red Lavish
Red Lavish - 17 dager siden
Forget about it, had that chance and now it’s gone.
memory lapse
memory lapse - 17 dager siden
i love how these channels talk about the greed of the owners.... They all put hundreds of adverts on every video after collecting superchats from when its live.... come on boys
StudRitaF - 17 dager siden
Arsenal need Grealish not MU.
Le-Rhone Quan Miller
Le-Rhone Quan Miller - 17 dager siden
I wonder if mark still think Van de beek is still better than Grealish?? Mark talk rubbish sometimes Grealish start anyday in our squad
jimbobmago - 17 dager siden
Grealish would be my perfect signing was so sad we didn't get last summer
arildoaim - 17 dager siden
Sander Berge
Glazers Out
Glazers Out - 17 dager siden
Just want olen gone and potch naglesman or tenhag in
jimbobmago - 17 dager siden
I'd love tenhag i don't want poch I love ole to find consistency over both
Arturo Filio Villa
Arturo Filio Villa - 17 dager siden
So on the summer transfer we could've buy Grealish and we didn't want to sign him because we had bruno and pogba which grealish would be taking that role (Like VDB) and then we have Matic, Fred and McTomminay. So tbf, we didn't need him before, and we don't trully need him now and I'm not sure Ole wanted him, we needed a left back and a winger... but that's another story
R T - 17 dager siden
Bro if you don’t have any ideas for videos just wait for proper news lol
Tonka - 17 dager siden
Bruno and Grealish in the same team would be incredible
Blake the III
Blake the III - 17 dager siden
Wheres the brexit fc brigade?
Michael Showz
Michael Showz - 17 dager siden
Grealish is at least 120m now, it aint gonna happen
Benson White
Benson White - 17 dager siden
I dont agree with this "maybe the epl isn't for pogba" argument. He had a few world class performances and had periods where he was really good. The problem is consistency
paul mcmullen
paul mcmullen - 17 dager siden
He compares Grealish with Le tisser Why do you think the big boys didn't buy Le tissier. I watched him on numerous occasions very skillful but very lazy. He was a match of the day player, looked absolutely great in the highlights. You would be knackered if you played alongside him in the midfield!
pierrane suh
pierrane suh - 17 dager siden
We need Upermercano from lipzig
Joe joe
Joe joe - 17 dager siden
if grealish is coming pogba is leaving
Anthony Johnson
Anthony Johnson - 17 dager siden
Mark: Fred was not a CDM when we bought him from Shaktar Donesk but I don't mind his pairing with either Matic(if the oponent is not so Pacy) or Mctominay (if the opponent is a Pacy one) until we get a Pacy proper CDM like Partey etc !
UNIIISUN - 17 dager siden
100% my thinking, they need a proper DM
Dinesh Gautam
Dinesh Gautam - 17 dager siden
I would take Grealish over Pogba everyday
40 Year Old Virgil
40 Year Old Virgil - 17 dager siden
Photographer Michael croghan
Photographer Michael croghan - 17 dager siden
Compare grealish on left to rashford huge gulf in class, grealish better baller creative and scores, old fashioned united style player. Compared to rashford who is a lot like what we have at united one trick ponys, martial more like a grealish can play ball doesn't need all to go his way, was hoping we would have got him grealish captain material too great energy never gives up and a rock solid performer week in week out, to many prima Donna's at united
Dstaar UTD
Dstaar UTD - 17 dager siden
If Pogba left he would succeed under Poch
Jonathan reid
Jonathan reid - 17 dager siden
We have a better player and half the price of grealish but OLE doesn't play him Donny van
Anthony Johnson
Anthony Johnson - 17 dager siden
Greylish ?! ;We desperately need Haarland, Cavavinga,Upermecano more in January; Greylish can only come on in January if we forget Sancho and Aston Villa lower their price !
Prince of Persia
Prince of Persia - 17 dager siden
Sell Pogba and we can buy Grealish and Sancho in January. Go for upemacano and calvert lewin in the summer and we will win the league next year!
J-LINDO 6 - 17 dager siden
We already have Vdb thooo...
Terry Bishop
Terry Bishop - 17 dager siden
decian rice
Energetic180 - 17 dager siden
70 million plus for grealish? Why can’t we just spend smart in the midfield and get quality wingers, we don’t got anything on the wings