Solskjaer Sack Latest! Nagelsmann & Poch on List! Man Utd News Now

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Man Utd are looking at Julian Nagelsmann and Pochettino to replace Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as the sack rumours continue. Get the latest Man Utd News now on The United Stand. SUBSCRIBE here
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lordeagleye - 23 dager siden
A manager needs time to get all right. He need to get the players for the job to.
And they won today, so that's great.
Shane Peter Cosgrove
Shane Peter Cosgrove - 23 dager siden
Go for Simeone, 10 years at AM, he has huge respect.
Bond Jame
Bond Jame - 23 dager siden
Nagelsmann is the best choice for me, really want fights between him and Jurgen Kloop, will be so excited to watch "German football " inside our club
Lucifer sixsixsix
Lucifer sixsixsix - 23 dager siden
Barca are going to release Dembele for the January transfer window.
This will be the next saga for a few months.
Just a headsup, be prepared for that. 😂🤣
Altruistic - 24 dager siden
I knew Ole wasn't the man for the job when we drew 1-all to Huddersfield in 2018 who were already relegated
OddsJet - 24 dager siden
Altruistic - 24 dager siden
When he gets sacked, the club will report it as a mutual agreement.
Jamie Bolar
Jamie Bolar - 24 dager siden
He spent over 200 million, I’m confused, how was he not backed? OLE hasn’t got any pulling power deluded fans
james pender
james pender - 24 dager siden
everyone keeps talking about the board (which i do agree with)... but what about the squad of 24 expensive professional footballers who have been either selected or bought based on being very good footballers (this has to be the case to be selected/play for the mighty reds!!), now for me its the managers job is to get these guys to play together, get the best out of them, direct and man manage each one of them to keep them motivated and focused throughout the season.... (doesnt matter which players and if they havent purchased any of them as again the players should already be good enough to wear the shirt on paper...) Ole has shown he is not the best at any of the above, take away the fact he is indeed a Utd Legend, no way in the memory of man would he even get the opportunity to mange this club of this size never-mind even be in the job this long with results and tactics he has been playing!! I know 99% of real Man Utd fans would agree with me and say they would want OLE OUT OUT OUT if he wasn't a true Utd Legend... a club of this stature should not be expecting a manager with these credentials to succeed in the first place (Manager = DUMB & Board = DUMBER)
A Monroe
A Monroe - 24 dager siden
Poch has a point and would be go. McTominay and Ole....why him?
airforce1969 - 24 dager siden
The trophies thing is really not a big deal to me. Has Nagelsmann won anything? And people who say Poch was lucky to get into the CL final, what team doesn't have luck when getting to a CL final?
After 30 years Scousers Stole our Title.
At least it’s not 30 years 🤣🤣
adam84657 - 24 dager siden
I don't want a manager who wants the obvious signing. All of OGS signings are obvious ones and this is a problem cus we will end up over-paying, e.g. slabhead, AWB. Sancho for 110 mil, get lost. I want a manager who brings a good obscure player and turns him into a world beater, like Sir Alex, Klopp, or Poch. Since Sir Alex and Klopp wont manage for unite, then Poch is the best choice.
WayneBissaka - 24 dager siden
I dont want any manager that dresses like Nagelsmann. Im not even joking.
thomas Causon
thomas Causon - 24 dager siden
How old is Beth?
AMR13 - 24 dager siden
Abdel Chowdhury
Abdel Chowdhury - 24 dager siden
Everyone knows the board is an issue but this is the wrong manager to pick this fight... He never was and never will be... If anything, he's a shield for the board...
Abdel Chowdhury
Abdel Chowdhury - 24 dager siden
Mark you discount Poch's CL run but give Ole credit for stumbling into 3rd thanks to Bruno...
Abdel Chowdhury
Abdel Chowdhury - 24 dager siden
Stop making excuses for Ole... He's been given enough time and signings to be better than he has done... And Nagelsman gives me an AVB vibe....
Tahmid Ahmed
Tahmid Ahmed - 24 dager siden
Tahmid Ahmed
Tahmid Ahmed - 24 dager siden
mike CASS
mike CASS - 24 dager siden
Here’s a fact. The board are the owners. They aren’t moving. Not now and most likely not ever in your life. So if your gonna keep doing the United stand maybe consider that whining about the board is like throwing your toys out of the pram every day for no reason. You aren’t changing, no one is. So, we need to find another way of winning. That simple, get a coach. Ole is not a coach, you know that, I know that. Everyone knows that.
N U - 24 dager siden
*Let's just be honest Woodward is the one who should leave*
Giorgio B
Giorgio B - 24 dager siden
Nobody thinks a new manager will win the league. A new manager will however get more out of the team than Ole and staff has done.
Robeco Hill
Robeco Hill - 24 dager siden
What backing did Ancelloti have he made a few signings one of which, most ppl thought was finished at the highest level. Stop making excuses Manchester United is not the only club with a horrible board. How many signing did Rogers make at Liecester he carried them to 5th, Lampard was a championship manager for a year and he carried Chelsea to a 4th place finish. You’re acting as if Manchester United doesn’t have a lot of good players.
Robeco Hill
Robeco Hill - 24 dager siden
Arsenal board is worse than ours and they are ahead of us and we have better players. Spurs went a year without making a signing and the same with Chelsea.
Jon Terry
Jon Terry - 24 dager siden
Bruno should be dropped tomorrow he hasn't played well for weeks if it's martial or maguire it's drop him so he should be dropped too, I would actually go mctomely, fred vdb against Everton because their midfield will run riot on matic, Bruno pogba
bAkA - 24 dager siden
better than mou? i don't see united getting 81 points and a european title under any new manager anhytime son, there will none better than mou at united for a long time
Altruistic - 24 dager siden
Don't be daft. We made the europa league semis last year. Maybe we should just stick to that competition because we're not winning the ucl this decade
juggu1 - 24 dager siden
The club needs to get rid of an out of his depth ole and bring in an experienced, up and comming manager in Nagelsman.
It worked for liverpool when they sacked Brendan Roger's at start of the season and brought in klopp.
Altruistic - 24 dager siden
Why would Nagelsmann leave in the middle of the season?
Marcel Dekkers
Marcel Dekkers - 24 dager siden
It's true that the board doesn't back the manager.
But is it there foult that OGS make's every week the wrong choices??
With the same squad of last season , there is no progress.
Banter United
Banter United - 24 dager siden
Teen Rocker 19
Teen Rocker 19 - 24 dager siden
Real Madrid or Barca would sack ole after the loss against Spurs
Altruistic - 24 dager siden
The fact that you put ole and those two clubs in the same sentence...
Abishek - 24 dager siden
U lot are not getting Naglesmann 😂😂
Darkstar8473 - 24 dager siden
He said that I will be successful here crap again ... god I hope he is sacked soon.
ShoniShash - 24 dager siden
Pochetiino is no real substitution to Ole. He works only with football stars rather than real players. Therefor if the choice reduces to Pochettino and Nagelsmann only, than getting Nagelsmann is a no brainer. Pochettino is already one of the biggest managerial flops in the Premiership (after Moyes, Van Gaal,..etc).
Colin Marshall
Colin Marshall - 24 dager siden
I'm sure this channel and you in particular Mark were saying we can not blame the manager after the shite transfer market. I guess a couple of weeks really is a long time in football ⚽️ 🙄.
Jospin van raat
Jospin van raat - 24 dager siden
Ancelotti would have been ideal. Missed that one! At the time I thought Tuchel, but he cannot handle PSG. A GOOD tactically aware assistent coach should HAVE been appointed at Ole's appointment!
S Peled
S Peled - 24 dager siden
This worse than any manager we had after Ferguson. Even worse than Moyes. We never spent more than one week in the bottom half. And now ole thinks it ok to be 15 th for weeks. Even if we win the next game we still bottom half. How is it acceptable? He has less than 50% win rate in the league
Sam DaMan
Sam DaMan - 24 dager siden
fred talonsky
fred talonsky - 24 dager siden
Why not ten haag 😭😭😭 he is definitely the sort of manager we should be looking at
Nour Ashraf
Nour Ashraf - 24 dager siden
Ole will be sacked if we lose to Everton
Matt Rush
Matt Rush - 24 dager siden
Mivanp - 24 dager siden
If Ole is not replaced by the close of international break then what ever faith I did have in this board which isn't much. I'll have no hope for us going forward
Mivanp - 24 dager siden
I don't know how it makes a difference between now and after the Everton game. Its not about getting rid of one person. It's more about making sure we get the next person!
Irish Atheist
Irish Atheist - 24 dager siden
Maguire out
Christopher Faulkner
Christopher Faulkner - 24 dager siden
Carricks training isn't good enough
Rob Crowther
Rob Crowther - 24 dager siden
Flick app is dogshit dont waste your time
John Calum
John Calum - 24 dager siden
Mark you say he was very lucky, well maybe is the luck evrethyng we need
Crap Head
Crap Head - 24 dager siden
MG,you are a part of the problem...Don't advertise Man United to the fans with adverts.. regards Tony
samgzag11 - 24 dager siden
Woodwood and the Glazers have zero passion for this club or football in general. There’s no point in just bringing in a new manager, what will it change?
Orange Sloth
Orange Sloth - 24 dager siden
Imaging being replaced by a coach you just beat 5-0 😂😂😂
Playing To Win
Playing To Win - 24 dager siden
i believe in you ole👍👌
Kwei Kwabena
Kwei Kwabena - 24 dager siden
when you need 6 to defend......a back 4, 2 CDMs....who cannot pass the ball beyond 5 do you transition from back to front and attack?
Joshua Andrews
Joshua Andrews - 24 dager siden
Let's be honest united fans no matter who comes via players or manager nothing will change we have a bad omen at the club and I doubt things will change in the next 5/10 years
Kamran Hossainzadeh
Kamran Hossainzadeh - 24 dager siden
this guy clearly hasn't watched that spurs team under poch. Didn't play good football? The hell you on about, they played some of the best football after city every season, constantly scored plenty of goals each season, were the best team to watch in the season that leicester won the league.
John Fulco
John Fulco - 24 dager siden
A miracle at this point isn't possible... Ole hasn't coached any aspect of our game. Back line is horrible, we can't break teams down, we're losing the midfield battle by playing sideways / backwards, our attack is lost, we can't handle a press, we haven't been guarding set pieces which is sunday league stuff.... It's over, rip the bandaid off and give whoever the new manager is more time to evaluate who needs to stay or go / play or sit.
favour ifeanyi
favour ifeanyi - 24 dager siden
Yes he finished with 8 points, but you forgot to mention the teams that was in the same group. U really do have an agender
Isaiah - 24 dager siden
When people say man utd will lose we end up winning if we are predicted to win we lose 😭🤔
Kwei Kwabena
Kwei Kwabena - 24 dager siden
Mark, wow for the first time agree with you.....stop thinking about the opposing team and develop your own tactics....442 diamond, 352, 4231, 433 whatever tactics based on the talents available and go for it!
Rasgmus - 24 dager siden
Mark is playing both sides , he's so fake
Matthew Azzopardi
Matthew Azzopardi - 24 dager siden
Mark surely Ole CANNOT go with Fred McTominay again after that arsenal game.. if he does I will be Fkn baffled even he knew he got it wrong last week
Alan Clarke
Alan Clarke - 24 dager siden
We are a Club in transition and that's it.
Ole is not the problem it's the wasters pulling on the shirt
RUBEL2009 - 24 dager siden
Ed Woodward is a problem, the glazers are a problem, united have problems from the top of the club to the bottom of the club
mellbob - 24 dager siden
Nagelsmann in !!!
Edward Wanjala
Edward Wanjala - 24 dager siden
Just one question for the board and everyone else - just what boxes of a coach recruitment checklist did Ole tick when he was considered for this position?????
safe - 24 dager siden
literally 99% of pundits and fans saying he should get the job and chanting ole's at the wheel, ferdinand claiming United were back? etc etc etc
Isaiah - 24 dager siden
If we sacked pochettino I will be pissed who’s making these managers appointment.
Altruistic - 24 dager siden
Kwei Kwabena
Kwei Kwabena - 24 dager siden
mark, Ole lost 1-6 and is spooked! he is more interested in not losing Jose now!
yunghazy - 24 dager siden
Ole's at the wheel and he's drunk driving
Irwan Bin Soekadi
Irwan Bin Soekadi - 24 dager siden
The coaching staffs need a sack too
Kwei Kwabena
Kwei Kwabena - 24 dager siden
Sir Alex had.......eric steele, meulensteen, mcclaren, queiroz, smith and kidd compare to this backroom........and he kept refreshing the backroom......Ole fire phelan, carrick, Mckenna...clueless!
heyne williams
heyne williams - 24 dager siden
The question is not the board backing him,he has a group of players I think with proper coaching can achieve better.That can be done with a system and a formation.I don’t see a style of play or philosophy.He does not have that,it is freestyle if it works for the day it works.
Lee Bashir Channel
Lee Bashir Channel - 24 dager siden
Pochetino is Another David Moyes come on guys. What did he has done champions league final. Let’s be patient Ole is doing ok ✅.
Lee Bashir Channel
Lee Bashir Channel - 24 dager siden
@Daniel Wright no
Daniel Wright
Daniel Wright - 24 dager siden
ayumaa - 24 dager siden
What's Ralph hassenhutle compensation? I think he is a good shot.
Altruistic - 24 dager siden
S M - 24 dager siden
The problem with fred and mctominay is that we have to use both to do the job of one quality cdm, and they can't even do it well
Altruistic - 24 dager siden
@Daniel Garcia that's the problem. The gerrards and lampards of the world don't exist anymore. They're once in a lifetime players. When you look at every active English footballer, you don't see a once in a lifetime player.
safe - 24 dager siden
@Daniel Garcia yeah its almost like gerrard and lampard weren't anything like cdm's?
Daniel Garcia
Daniel Garcia - 24 dager siden
I agree completely but you don’t find a Gerrard or Lampard easily
Harry Hayes
Harry Hayes - 24 dager siden
If Fred and mctominay and Fred start I’m officially ole out
TheImaginaryBeing - 24 dager siden
One interesting thing to note is the way we do well. Bruno shows some class... rashford hat trick.. lovely back heal from Dvb.. worldies done thtough individual skill and not tactics. Ole has been lucky, the team in my eyes have actually outperformed themselves getting 3rd without any direction. Individual brilliance isn’t drilled as such, and certainly cannot be relied upon for consistency. A new manager will make a difference to the current state of play
Frank Rybicki
Frank Rybicki - 24 dager siden
Agreed Ole relies on individual brilliance and needs to work on team systems. Many times MU is like a chicken with its head cut off. We all like Ole the player but he is Mu Manager now and results count.
Darren J-P 73'
Darren J-P 73' - 24 dager siden
Ole wanted 5 players and got absolutely nothing that he asked for.
If he got what he wanted we wouldn't be all saying OLE OUT.
It's the board and the owners fault, and always has been since the Fergie days
Altruistic - 24 dager siden
Haaland turned down united because his father told him it wouldn't be a good move
safe - 24 dager siden
''if he got almost 400m worth of players he would be doing much better'' ok darren great insight mate
stacey smith
stacey smith - 24 dager siden
Hi sally
Gerry Shom
Gerry Shom - 24 dager siden
He said sack race
You prat 😂😂
Matthew Newiss
Matthew Newiss - 24 dager siden
I can literally hear you saying the words ‘Nagelsmann out’ in a years time
Mark Owusu
Mark Owusu - 24 dager siden
It's funny people are mentioning Ten Hag.
I mentioned that De Boer should have replaced Fergie. He had won 4 titles at Ajax and was a well respected player who would command respect in the dressing room.
I know he's not done well since Ajax but his credentials were better than Grey Dave Moyes.
RAWAY - 24 dager siden
Look at what spurs have done? Pochettino did that for them .-.
Mark Wojtowycz
Mark Wojtowycz - 24 dager siden
Ole's biggest downfall, he's too nice, these players today need to fear the gaffer no matter who or what they earn.
Altruistic - 24 dager siden
There's hardly any managers today who players say they fear. But sounds like you're suggesting someone like Conte?
Lun He
Lun He - 24 dager siden
you said we were getting sancho 100% too so..
Supr3me_ Shr3k
Supr3me_ Shr3k - 24 dager siden
Ole, Poch, Nagelsmann.
In that order the managers who won’t sell Phil jones.
MrKristb17 - 24 dager siden
Think Mark is slowly losing his faith in Ole but knows we could get a footballing Einstein and still be in the same position. Will Man Utd ever win anything ever again??? Looks so hopeless 😔
Carvetti - 24 dager siden
Bring Back David Gill
Mark Owusu
Mark Owusu - 24 dager siden
Big loss for the club when he left with Fergie, in the same summer.
Nin Jutsu
Nin Jutsu - 24 dager siden
There is another manager that is proven to win trophies for teams and ie Max Allegri, he may be an interesting option aswell
Saj Irshad
Saj Irshad - 24 dager siden
Reality is the board need to act now which I feel they tried and poch turned them down that’s when sky sports reported ole’s jobs safe.
Pat O brien
Pat O brien - 24 dager siden
I'm definitely not ole out
Janp Teyag
Janp Teyag - 24 dager siden
Should go for Bayerns manager
Samson Munthali
Samson Munthali - 24 dager siden
Ole has not being geting the best out of his signing maguire,james,now bruno is droping his levels,van dar veek not sure where he can play honestly do you think sancho could have improve this team
Jonathan reid
Jonathan reid - 24 dager siden
I think it's typical if OLE we will win tomorrow it's nailed on as poch circles but if he does lose tomorrow he's still safe for another couple of games
Hoang Quan
Hoang Quan - 24 dager siden
I have been waiting for this for so long, hope he will get sacked before christmas
Eric Ole Mørk
Eric Ole Mørk - 24 dager siden
Bets are even on Solskjær getting sacked, that tells you something-
chanbabbb - 24 dager siden
sir its pronounced NAA-gels-maan
moist flops
moist flops - 24 dager siden
still saying he not been backed :D lol
Djravechild - 24 dager siden
Our best eleven doesn’t exist cause the board didnt back him wither the players he wanted which you rattled off. They are on other teams.
Harrison F
Harrison F - 23 dager siden
U have a good team
Brian Downey
Brian Downey - 24 dager siden
Lose to Everton think hes gone .... Disgrace he is still there even with Glzs and woodpecker
Paul Hynes
Paul Hynes - 24 dager siden
Yeah but if most of us lost our jobs we don’t get million pound pay offs that’s like losing your job and winning the lottery lol