Solskjaer's Van De Beek Promise! Pogba Struggles Continue! Man Utd News Now

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Man Utd manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has made a promise about Donny Van De Beek's future as Donny shines on international duty. Paul Pogba on the other hand struggles. Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand.. 🔔 SUBSCRIBE here
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Jason Mahadeo
Jason Mahadeo - 14 dager siden
Mark i enjoy your shows but DVB played as a #10 yesterday. Is it Ole's fault he doesn't have a RW?
Omar Yuusuf
Omar Yuusuf - 15 dager siden
Alex Lapo
Alex Lapo - 15 dager siden
Ahmad Fazlee Aziz
Ahmad Fazlee Aziz - 15 dager siden
I’d get Ole out just on the count of omitting VDB. How can he not see his talent and right mix in United. VDB got practically United written on his forehead, a winner. Inexcusable!
Muhammad Mujtaba Faruqui
Muhammad Mujtaba Faruqui - 15 dager siden
@9:26 also cuz you know hes a human who we dont want to see suffering ......maybe?
Craig Slavin
Craig Slavin - 15 dager siden
covid has a respiratory issue thats gonna cause anyone issues even athlete's
Craig Slavin
Craig Slavin - 15 dager siden
"didnt he get tested at weekend by Watkins" lmao brilliant come back, love the channel keep it up Mark
Billy Leahy
Billy Leahy - 15 dager siden
Bring ronaldo home!!
Christian Meneses
Christian Meneses - 15 dager siden
Why do united bother with pogba just sell him
#PgTrym91 Norwegian Sports fan, gamer & Guitarist
covid + his wife is pregnant pogba ... I think so he probably bit worried it would be understandable
Stian Andreassen
Stian Andreassen - 15 dager siden
Didn't you say DVDB and Bruno shouldn't play together, and that the was brought in for depth when he was signed?
Joe DS
Joe DS - 15 dager siden
Pls Mark don't play Pobga just let him go he is vulnerable to the team he can't defend his passing is of the Mark and if he defends he gives away a penalty
Joe DS
Joe DS - 15 dager siden
I agree with you Mark Ole will turn out to be a world class coach
Joe DS
Joe DS - 15 dager siden
No club will offer him even Juventus won't come in for him
Ricky Spanishhh
Ricky Spanishhh - 15 dager siden
the strain of coming up with new hair styles is probably weighing pogflop down
S-Roman B
S-Roman B - 15 dager siden
Xmas Jumper looking ❄❄❄ I been watching this channel since lockdown and yh gonna have to get one. GOLDEYY U HAVE KEPT ME ENTERTAINED😂 And I Love The United Stand 🔥❤😀
Julian Brothwood
Julian Brothwood - 15 dager siden
DEPAY ??? Get him back
Julian Brothwood
Julian Brothwood - 15 dager siden
He’s a leader
Julian Brothwood
Julian Brothwood - 15 dager siden
Bruno amazing signing he’s only gonna be here till Madrid come calling and we will lose another great player
Julian Brothwood
Julian Brothwood - 15 dager siden
Mark what about getting depay back ?
Arisa Higashikuni
Arisa Higashikuni - 15 dager siden
1:39 I stopped my 9-5 with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
MrAmr8 - 15 dager siden
Man utd need to start playing a 4-3-3 with bissaka - tuanzebe - maguire - telles
Fred - van de beek (RCM) - Pogba (LCM)
Bruno (10) with Rashford and Martial up top
Adrian Hull
Adrian Hull - 15 dager siden
Deschamps comments
were out of order and disrespectful to United.
Michae V
Michae V - 15 dager siden
is McSauce even a good CM
scone John
scone John - 15 dager siden
Wow all that hype for merch. Fs
TerryLeeMurphy11 - 15 dager siden
Pogba has been awful and we can't trust him to not give the ball away in dangerous positions.
Robert Alvarez
Robert Alvarez - 15 dager siden
How can anyone hate Bruno 😒 y’all are mad
Logan 5
Logan 5 - 15 dager siden
Long term covid.... LMFAO !
Ray Carl Brown-Amory
Ray Carl Brown-Amory - 15 dager siden
Burno is great but only one thing he when turnover the ball in stupid places but you can see now he changing when gives the ball away he trying to win it back
LJC - 15 dager siden
Love it 😂 ‘France against Bruno’ just Bruno nobody else 😂🤣
JM - 15 dager siden
“If we didn’t have Bruno we’d be mid table” we are mid table mark 😂
JM - 15 dager siden
I like Bruno, but mark has an obsession with him 😂
David C
David C - 15 dager siden
Yeah with Bruno and also with all his tier one journalists,
Judea Jud
Judea Jud - 15 dager siden
Why can't United pay harland 200 per week instead of signing christiano send pogba sign grealish don't ruin what we are doing we need to build a young strong team
RASHAD RAZACK - 15 dager siden
wow sometimes u can be very annoying
Rod Noch
Rod Noch - 15 dager siden
Pogba playing bad due to fitness? Na
Judea Jud
Judea Jud - 15 dager siden
Vanderbeek is the solution to our lackluster attack we need to add him instead of mata
hamlet gomes
hamlet gomes - 15 dager siden
Bruno jumper - Nice 👍🏼
TheStrongmansteve - 15 dager siden
We need to cash in on Pogba. He's checked out big time. Hopefully Ole will realise
anthony connell
anthony connell - 15 dager siden
Long term covid wake up goldbridge now mate stop listening to msm.
Edward Reid
Edward Reid - 15 dager siden
Without a doubt . Donny has to start games at the moment !! This is another reason why I do not rate ole as a coach , he plays his faves not his best players . OLE OUT NOW !!!
Multibox01 Delivery
Multibox01 Delivery - 15 dager siden
Screw You Mr. Goldbridge you have no faith in us i hear you say. Like i wouldnt watch this show from start to finish.... This is the best United Show ever!!!! Ty, keep up the good work!
Vietnam 3241
Vietnam 3241 - 15 dager siden
Finally pogba needs a new team with all my due respect
Edward Reid
Edward Reid - 15 dager siden
Mark ur a tool sometimes . FRED does join the attack , he and Scotty DO NOT sit in front of back 4 all 90 mins . Just cuz someone disagrees with u does not mean u can be a rude prat cuz u don’t like their comment
DragunMann - 15 dager siden
De Gea
AWB Maguire Shaw Telles
DVB Fred
Martial Rashford
Adenike Roseline
Adenike Roseline - 15 dager siden
Take martial off
Rob Zombie
Rob Zombie - 15 dager siden
A proper captain or leader brings everyone around thems game up a level. Either by encouraging team mates or giving them a kick up the arse if there under performing.
Isaiah - 15 dager siden
Ricky likes player who keep things simple
Nishen Cris
Nishen Cris - 15 dager siden
We need justice with Rojo and Sergio Romero! Rojo will do a much better job than Maguire any fucking day! Marcos Rojo plays for the badge he would feed lovely balls to the strikers and midfielders and he can take a fucking shot on goal! Very underrated player. Just because Maguire is English he has been given the privilege and the captaincy for Man Utd. for me over best CB so far will be Eric Bailly and Marcos Rojo the rock!!!!!!
Joey Chad
Joey Chad - 15 dager siden
When Ajax got to the semi of the champions league he did play cam but the last two years he had been playing box to box
Isaiah - 15 dager siden
Bruno Fernandes and Paul pogba got us 3rd
Chuk kirk
Chuk kirk - 15 dager siden
Mark Goldbridge fred is box is to box he doesn't really sit. Mctominay goes forward he doesnt really sit. They both play because they win the ball back quick and they are all action. Mark Goldbridge stop chatting rubbish to your subscribers
Isaiah - 15 dager siden
Is mark ole out or ole in I’m confused
Chuk kirk
Chuk kirk - 15 dager siden
Mark: when u play vdb pogba and bruno its harder. It takes better coaching
Lol plays pogba and then he gives a way a bunch of penalties. Mark Goldbridge use ur fucking brains. You dont just chuck in players.
Isaiah - 15 dager siden
Upamecano to Liverpool
Alaba to Liverpool
Gerard Lynass
Gerard Lynass - 15 dager siden
Mark says we aren't getting Upamecano which means we are definitely getting upamecano lol
Gerard Lynass
Gerard Lynass - 15 dager siden
@Isaiah well we all know how it went with sancho who he said was nailed on lol
Isaiah - 15 dager siden
Ikr jinkbridge
Isaiah - 15 dager siden
We need to play Donny van de beek on the right Bruno in the middle and pogba holding
David C
David C - 15 dager siden
😂😂 stop smoking that stuff mate
Isaiah - 15 dager siden
Pogba is lacking confidence he needs game time
Isaiah - 15 dager siden
Pogba is world class keep him
Sandeep Dulku
Sandeep Dulku - 15 dager siden
Bruno FC, Pogba FC, Neymar FC... In my experience these types of "fans" don't come from countries where football is the main sport. They're not exposed to the nuances of the game... Football language, loyalty, intelligence is very different in these player FC countries.
archiewall124 FIFA
archiewall124 FIFA - 15 dager siden
Benching donny now would be like Lampard benching Ziyech
Nicky Mathew
Nicky Mathew - 16 dager siden
Communicating with Press : Pogba should learn from Van De Beek
TwoSixFour - 16 dager siden
pogba getting pocketed by valakari lmao
D. Trump
D. Trump - 16 dager siden
We would like to appoint Mark Goldbridge as our New Manager .
Congratulations To Mark .
We are sacking Ole Soon.
Krishnadev Nair
Krishnadev Nair - 16 dager siden
Donny will cement his place in man utd mid field very soon!
Israel Vince
Israel Vince - 16 dager siden
Mark, we don't sit back for 90 mins against big teams. We attack in phases and also have possession at times.
dan day
dan day - 16 dager siden
Stopped listening to your opinion on who we will sign after the Sancho fiasco
Ederies Cottle
Ederies Cottle - 16 dager siden
He need 90min on the right in place of mata
Jeremy Chia
Jeremy Chia - 16 dager siden
“He’s not a number 10”... few hours later...”I’ve never said that he’s not a number 10”
God Goldbridge, stop being an indecisive prat
David C
David C - 15 dager siden
He's said it a million times he's not a number 10 and for not been a number ten VDB does have some amount of touches in the opposition box
Ederies Cottle
Ederies Cottle - 16 dager siden
I said it on the other comments on this morning show just go check
Ederies Cottle
Ederies Cottle - 16 dager siden
Play him at the right
TOP STRIKA - 16 dager siden
Isaiah - 15 dager siden
Free grealish
WarrenG Regulate
WarrenG Regulate - 16 dager siden
Rob McCormack must be Ricky's son
BeeCeeHQ - 16 dager siden
Do one with your Pogba backing.
Isaiah - 15 dager siden
Afrodita channel
Afrodita channel - 16 dager siden
Richard Were
Richard Were - 16 dager siden
Van De Beek & Cavani should start to showcase their prowess for United vs West Brom
Rashad R
Rashad R - 16 dager siden
Bruno made another record 10 goals 5 assists in 10 away games🐐
D B - 16 dager siden
Donny plays number 10 for holland lmao
Kenneth Martin
Kenneth Martin - 16 dager siden
Guys be carefull this channel dont turn into FOXNEWS.
ethan kelly
ethan kelly - 16 dager siden
goldbridge is an idiot who cant admit when hes wrong
Isaiah - 15 dager siden
Van de beek is an number 8
Isaiah - 15 dager siden
Ur a prat
LeoWings - 16 dager siden
I'm glad you talked about the CDM problem. That is the sole reason our best midfielders can't play together, because you need someone to cover the space going back. We are giving up A LOT of counter attacks because of our slow defending core (and lack of overall awareness because we have these mental blackouts, as well), and players that take risks (like Bruno and Pogba) should have some freedom of losing the ball without giving up a goal threat every play. We don't have someone who can cover ground going back (a Fernandinho, Casemiro, Kante type of player), and our creative players lack the tracking back of players that play in those systems as well (de Bruyne, for example). Either because they don't do it physically or because of Ole.
Of course Ole seems fixated on a 4-2-3-1 rather than a 4-3-3, but might as well get rid of Pogba because he's not suited for the double pivot.
cammy macfarlane
cammy macfarlane - 16 dager siden
If pogba is here till January he should sit on the bench. His form and attitude is dung. Stop protecting him long Covid my ass.
Matthew Edward
Matthew Edward - 16 dager siden
Mark it’s not Covid that’s hindered Pogbas play. He’s been average even before his injury of last year.
Jack Lynchy
Jack Lynchy - 16 dager siden
Alaba wants madrid, if madrid get upamecano we should go for alaba, but if upa goes elsewhere i reckon alaba goes to madrid
T. L.
T. L. - 16 dager siden
Sell Pogba and sign declan rice and upamecano!
DylanB04 - 16 dager siden
Phil Jones and Rooney reunion
Gilgamesh †
Gilgamesh † - 16 dager siden
I'm a France guy but I'll not back or look for excuses for Paul Pogba because he flirted with Real Madrid.
My dream is for him to play for Real madrid.
Sell him now
Oscar Nageri
Oscar Nageri - 16 dager siden
Aren't many excuses being made just to accommodate Pogba? His bad form is more than the result of having had Covid. He has been inconsistent for years now, almost for as long a time as he has flirted with Madrid. I also don't stand with those who claim that United has let him down, in not putting the right kind of players around him. No one says the same for Jack Grealish at Villa. Bruno coming in has shown him up, not talent-wise, but in terms of desire. Paul may be the better talent, but no one can deny the desire and consistency of effort that players such as Henderson and Wijnaldum. Paul has to flip a switch in his mind to be the player that we all know he's able to be.
man utd football
man utd football - 16 dager siden
Bruno is the best thing since Mourinho left👏👏👏👏
Bags - 16 dager siden
10:30 Let’s play Donny as a box to box, let’s put Donny on the Rw. Let’s play Pogba, Bruno and Donny in the same team. Let’s Drop Bruno back and put Pogba in front of him.... This is not Fifa21 Goldbridge
Osas Omos
Osas Omos - 16 dager siden
Mark why don't you recognize African viewers
Compilation Central
Compilation Central - 16 dager siden
Solskjaer looking like stretch Armstrong in the thumbnail
Saswata Roy
Saswata Roy - 16 dager siden
Shouldn't hv sacked Mourinho bcz of Pogba.. Ole hs much lower win percentage.. still Ole in??
Saswata Roy
Saswata Roy - 15 dager siden
@Isaiah thts true..
Isaiah - 15 dager siden
Van gaal is lower 🤣 ole is second behind mourihno
Jason RT
Jason RT - 16 dager siden
Fore Right
Fore Right - 16 dager siden
You hate the team you hate the way they play but still Ole in 🤣
Jason RT
Jason RT - 16 dager siden
Isaiah - 15 dager siden
Deluded prat
Miftahul Firdaus
Miftahul Firdaus - 16 dager siden
In FM19, I bought Sandro Tonali as replacement for Matic
Jason RT
Jason RT - 16 dager siden
Jason RT
Jason RT - 16 dager siden
Pogba played where he always plays in France, what happened now? is it Ole's fault too? YOU CLOWNS BACKING POGBA ARE A DISGRACE
Isaiah - 15 dager siden
Your an idiot you know nothing about football
Saswata Roy
Saswata Roy - 16 dager siden
Brov.. two things..
Ole playing his favorites to win games ignoring youths n attacking football.. then wht ws wrong with Mourinho? He hd far far better win percntage..
Ole inners say Ole has tactics n masterclass.. etcetc..n blaming players like Pogba,lindelof,Maguire.. wht if the players r themselves caring the manager?? Last game Ole ws standing by the touchline bt he had zero instructions to the players on pitch.. only celebrating the goals by throwing hands..
Raymondo Red
Raymondo Red - 16 dager siden
I do wonder if Donny was not Ollie’s signing and he is making a point by not picking him...... just a thought!
Bryan Teles
Bryan Teles - 16 dager siden
Renato Sanchez is a shout fast strong good on the ball