Solskjaer's Upamecano Plan! Telles Blow! Man Utd News

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Man Utd are favourites to sign Upamecano according to reports as Solskjaer's United destroy Leipzig. Plus Alex Telles out of Arsenal game! Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand. SUBSCRIBE here
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Jonas Sundbom
Jonas Sundbom - 27 dager siden
Upamacano Lindelof
Martin Costello
Martin Costello - 27 dager siden
Upamecano is totally overrated. He cannot defend
Martin Costello
Martin Costello - 27 dager siden
That's the end of Sancho then.
Johannes Storo
Johannes Storo - 28 dager siden
Daniel James is useless
Wengi Simmons
Wengi Simmons - 28 dager siden
Ole has no tactics he is just trying things as he goes along. The league results is what he will be judged on and if he does not get the team into the top 4 he will be gone.
tony mayer
tony mayer - 28 dager siden
Man U needs to start to get going in the EPL now.
Freddy Zavala
Freddy Zavala - 28 dager siden
After rashford killed him I don’t want upemecano I prefer lindelof or maguire
bountylad - 29 dager siden
Mark....this was similar to Jose first year when Rashford and Martial use to rotate on the left wing and scoring goals for were calling the team 5/4 nil FC. I am happy that Ole is making better use of the tools available to him.
Jamel Miller
Jamel Miller - 29 dager siden
It was a 4-2-3-1
Leobest Bote
Leobest Bote - 29 dager siden
If I was Ole i would asign one of my stuff to work tirelessly on Fred first touch and pass delivery ryt, wen that is sorted I would deploy the diamond like this


Pogba VDB

Bilbo - 29 dager siden
Ye ok m8
Something - 29 dager siden
Ferguson changed formation. 4 4 2 in league games and 4 3 3 in europe. Hell pep changes formation all the time 4 2 3 1, 4 1 4 1, 4 3 3. Zidanes changes formation. Most of the best teams do. If a team has a bad full back you drop the diamond and play with a winger.
Smurff Oo
Smurff Oo - 29 dager siden
I still think ole will never win a league
cyberman - 29 dager siden
It's still the group of death. Just that we hopefully escaped the scythe of the reaper.
Vtx nzo
Vtx nzo - 29 dager siden
We are holding the scythe
Steve Church
Steve Church - 29 dager siden
could lingard play the fred role in a diamond with his energy should injuries dictate. would like to see the diamond in use against a more defensive minded team ? would it have the nouse to unlock a tight defence. i can see it closes down attack minded teams. so would like to see Ole employ it more. still think Dvdb could play as a no6 for matic should need require.
Locz - 29 dager siden
I personally love the diamond and also the 5,3,2. Think it is so easy to transition between the two during matches
Buhlebethu Mtsweni
Buhlebethu Mtsweni - 29 dager siden
Can Dan James please never ever play for United again please. Sell him in January
Adrian Hull
Adrian Hull - 29 dager siden
Reading these analogies making me massively hungry - stop it - it's killing my diet!!!
Terry Crawford
Terry Crawford - 29 dager siden
Your comments are so true and accurate Mark
Joel Johnson
Joel Johnson - 29 dager siden
Guys let's not get too carried away with this result the first 70 mins weren't all that great we had our fair share of problems ... And we can't just ignore it because of the last 20
Ross Mills
Ross Mills - 29 dager siden
united couldnt sign for a parcel, let alone upamecano
Harry Maguire
Harry Maguire - 29 dager siden
Still got me boys, not to worry 💙
Kris Coopsie
Kris Coopsie - 29 dager siden
The United way is two up top we’re lucky just now because we have three who are quick and versatile
Joakim Johansson
Joakim Johansson - 29 dager siden
Mark is wrong about Lindelof and Maguire. They are a good CB pair, better than many other premier league teams back pair. But with that said; of course we can improve with one worldclass CB like Upamecano. Even if he had a bad night yesterday he is a superb CB with a lot of growth left.
kevin gooptar
kevin gooptar - 29 dager siden
mark u slander pogba since bruno came in. u bad talk him every show. Im starting to hate this channel because u slander him every show. in the watch along he played a brilliant pass for the first goal. u said its all Fred. if bruno played that pass u would say its all about the vision n weight of pass from bruno.
Chris Casserley
Chris Casserley - 29 dager siden
Love how people have completely u-turned on Upamecano after last night, ignoring the fact Leipzig pushed their whole defence forward trying to get back in the game, which plays into our hands.
TOP STRIKA - 29 dager siden
Farmers group too easy for us 🤣
Jamie Anglo Saxon
Jamie Anglo Saxon - 29 dager siden
Need lets headphones 🎧 and more soccer players
Eduardo Yepez
Eduardo Yepez - 29 dager siden
Sugar ray robinson would have his coach scream out 30 seconds before the bell would go off. The reason for it was because he would be defensive and tired the opponent out and then he shift the gears
Chris Casserley
Chris Casserley - 29 dager siden
When Shaw first signed I was so excited for what he could be. After the leg break I gave him time, backed him after Jose's comments and after a year or two of being poor I had had enough. However last night against Leipzig he was superb, put in some great crosses, was defensively strong, if he can keep this level up I'll be very happy
H L - 29 dager siden
Rashford would be a real threat with his pace if he comes on after 60mins and run at the defs w the ball but sadly we dont have much quality depth in the forward line.
Kurmir Defreitas
Kurmir Defreitas - 29 dager siden
You bring telles on & you lose that defensive shape which Shaw gives you..telles could only come in when we have a better cb that formation we need good defensive players in defense
James Bendelow
James Bendelow - 29 dager siden
You don’t adapt your formation but you switch your players which will help suit that game
shaldar nurse
shaldar nurse - 29 dager siden
counter attacking isn't something that is hard to do
Paul Lucas
Paul Lucas - 29 dager siden
Rashford Hatrick just a few days before his birthday 🥳
Adam Dean
Adam Dean - 29 dager siden
man utd have a premier league winning squad
Ochinsang Kichu
Ochinsang Kichu - 29 dager siden
I sometimes think that Ole watches TUS and makes some of his decisions
samuel njenga
samuel njenga - 29 dager siden
Things somehow falling into place on the pitch... but still Glazers our 😑. Barca board was pressured till they resigned.
Riyad Ali
Riyad Ali - 29 dager siden
The fact that goldbridge starts back mentioning Lingard and mata in this formation goes to show how deluded some fans are. The formation is not there problem. They don’t have the skills , strength or pace to play in the current epl . Mata does 2yard passes after his version of sprinting and everyone is like yeah he had a good game lmao .
J WELSHEY - 29 dager siden
Arsenal have to worry about; Fred,Pogba, Bruno, Rashford and greenwood on the attack/midfield.
We just have to worry about Auba lol.
We will have Victor, Harry, is an bissaka and luke to deal with him.
I really think we will win well if ole plays similar.
There defence against greenwood and rashford. They must be shitting themselves lol.
Rob United
Rob United - 29 dager siden
Should do a call in show soon mark
Keith Corbett
Keith Corbett - 29 dager siden
Upamecano was awful. Trotting back to defence after going up field like a toddler.
Michel James
Michel James - 29 dager siden
upemacano was very poor last night, konate was 100 times better
The Football Stand
The Football Stand - 29 dager siden
“A French Starter, A German main course, a Turkish delight and we are through” - Goldbridge
The Football Stand
The Football Stand - 29 dager siden
and in the round of 16, a Spanish beverage, an Italian brunch, a British snack, and a German combo, (Barca, Juventus, Liverpool, then Bayern in final
Trey Stiemsma
Trey Stiemsma - 29 dager siden
I think Martial being out is the reason that Greenwood started in a front two.
3000KJH - 29 dager siden
We dont have patterns of play, it's the players not tactics. We only look good when teams attack us.
Why do you think smaller teams get results against us? City, Liverpool ect don't struggle like us against them. It's because of great coaching.
DJBICK - 29 dager siden
France starting to play the Diamond also, it really suits Pogba
Littoral Propiedades
Littoral Propiedades - 29 dager siden
Upamecano and Tuanzebe would be a dream pairing!
Samson - 29 dager siden
"Ole out have caved in." Calm down. Still 15th and slapped at home by Spurs and Palace.
AopGunshotzzz - 29 dager siden
Not to be negative but one defeat in the group I feel like we will slip. Our poor form under Ole always lasts weeks but when we get back up we’re on fire. I dnt think we can afford another slip any time soon
AopGunshotzzz - 29 dager siden
@Vtx nzo your thickle, it can be a new season but if we still dnt know our best lineup n have the same recruitment then how’s it any different to any other season
Vtx nzo
Vtx nzo - 29 dager siden
We lost 6-1 to Spurs and now look at us? What’s your point, it’s a new season be open minded
LeoWings - 29 dager siden
We had a diamond off the ball, however with the ball, specially coming out from the back, it looked at times like a 4-2-2-2, Pogba and VDB on the sides.
Bryan Teles
Bryan Teles - 29 dager siden
Zakaria is a cdm he can play cm but he is better at cdm because he Is fast strong good on the ball and a good passing range
Daniel Phillips
Daniel Phillips - 29 dager siden
I get everyone is gassed about winning yesterday, but I think people are going too far. We need consistency, we win a couple games? Great, now let's do that on a regular basis and not draw/lose at the weekend.
Isaiah - 29 dager siden
teams will want ole as a coach
Dylan Kelleher
Dylan Kelleher - 29 dager siden
Since the international break, we haven’t conceded to an opposition player
Rodney Joseph
Rodney Joseph - 29 dager siden
If Upamecano is on the top of our wish list for 2021 remember you heard it hear first, we ain't getting him, remember Jadon Sancho was at the top of our wish list for the 2020 season and what happened, nothing we might get Leipzig other CB Konate and he looked very good

Mark ever since I've been viewing the United Stand I have developed a high level of respect for you and listening to you hold up your hands and say that you were wrong about the diamond my respect for you went up another level, and that's coming from someone who is much older than you 💯⚽
Isaiah - 29 dager siden
Man utd are winning the league
André Ahlgren
André Ahlgren - 29 dager siden
Rio failed to mention that he and Vidic had carrick and scholes as a shield.
Jose Augusto Martins
Jose Augusto Martins - 29 dager siden
That is the correct way to think football!! We are the best..we have top players...só we go to the field to dominante!! The others have to BE afrayd of US!! The others have to adapt to us..
Isaiah - 29 dager siden
Lingard and James can play in the diamond
Harry GW
Harry GW - 29 dager siden
If PSG vs Leipizig is a draw in both games and we beat the turkish team twice we won the group
dharendranath jugoo
dharendranath jugoo - 29 dager siden
Defensively luke Shaw is the best my opinion
dharendranath jugoo
dharendranath jugoo - 29 dager siden
Ole also is growing as a manager thats same like a player
Mallo Fredrick
Mallo Fredrick - 29 dager siden
Your agenda against pogba is real
Mallo Fredrick
Mallo Fredrick - 29 dager siden
@Isaiah He doesn't. For him, it's all about play Bruno and drop Pogba
Isaiah - 29 dager siden
Literally just said he likes Paul pogba 🤦‍♂️
_DAV_IS_MY_NAME _SIMPLE_ - 29 dager siden
😂😂I think i was the only person who think Telles was Portuguese😂😂😂,even when he was talking in his introduction video he said he talk to bruno before the move,😂😂😂
TheCJsamson - 29 dager siden
4:44 Pretend Matic is where!?!? 🤨 that’s getting clipped! 🤦‍♂️
Blake the III
Blake the III - 29 dager siden
A game in a game?? Olè is Dom Carb 🤣
Ike .E
Ike .E - 29 dager siden
mark, u were the one bashing mourinho 2nd place, and now ur bigging up ole 3rd place...come on bro. the ole bias is too much
Isaiah - 29 dager siden
Tbh I got worried about Mctominay coming on
Luke Smith
Luke Smith - 29 dager siden
Upamecano or Konate?
Isaiah - 29 dager siden
Maguire or lindelof
Isaiah - 29 dager siden
Riyad Ali
Riyad Ali - 29 dager siden
What game u guys watched? Greenwood went past upemacano for the first goal and Rashford sat him down for the 3rd. Upemacano was only good going forward yesterday and quite frankly that isn’t the job of a defender DUH. Why would u want your CB running down the left wing to cross???? It’s basically espn fanboy Frank Lebeof saying VVD is better than Vidic cuz VVD can give long balls LMAO it’s not needed .
JOB description of Defender : DEFEND
Isaiah - 29 dager siden
Ole>Lampard ole hasn’t been backed Lampard has and look at the results
Christos Joseph
Christos Joseph - 29 dager siden
I think we finally found a system that suits Paul Pogba
Isaiah - 29 dager siden
Nagelsman is a good coach tho
Isaiah - 29 dager siden
PSG don’t have a good coach
Isaiah - 29 dager siden
Upamecano will want to join us after that performance we’re going places with ole Gunnar solskjaer
Charlie Pappoe
Charlie Pappoe - 29 dager siden
Oh boy Fred the red yesterday MOTM
David Tollisen
David Tollisen - 29 dager siden
Upamecano is sooo good. But not a good day yesterday.
Isaiah - 29 dager siden
Yesss nagelsman man is good too I rate him
Asjad Abdul-Rehman
Asjad Abdul-Rehman - 29 dager siden
Well pep changed his formation against lyon and it backfired big-time...
But I still believe against the big teams we need to be adaptable , sir Alex used to do it all the time ...remember when he played like 8 defenders against arsenal 😂
Arghhhh I miss SAF :/
Keysi Fighting Method
Keysi Fighting Method - 29 dager siden
I keep saying, I will be 100% behind Ole when he's won a trophy. Tactics or not that's what football's all about and until then I will not be convinced by his managerial credentials. It's a couple of games we need to look good for a full season.
Adonis Ayiomamitis
Adonis Ayiomamitis - 29 dager siden
Mark a good idea might be, have a summary in description about the topics that you talk about and the time that those topics come up in the video. Keep up the great work!
Aston Chishala
Aston Chishala - 29 dager siden
Looked like Harry was more like targeted as the player to press
kayrel zin
kayrel zin - 29 dager siden
Mark u usually wanted van de beek to start but now u saying bruno, pogba, fred, matic to start for the diamond. 🤣
kayrel zin
kayrel zin - 29 dager siden
This is why ole should be given what he needed and wanted. Ucl, fa cup, league cup, premier league. The players will be tired/injures. some opposition needs different tactics, players with flair on the bench helps.
Brandon Didier
Brandon Didier - 29 dager siden
U forgetting that we have 5subs lol
BIG MAN SHANE DUFFY - 29 dager siden
Phil Jones
andrew pearson
andrew pearson - 29 dager siden
Was it after or before Chelsea Mark said 4, 4, 2 was over! Another 90% wrong until he knows different.
Husaam 'Huzzy'Hashmi
Husaam 'Huzzy'Hashmi - 29 dager siden
Where do you find the Ole interview with Jan
andrew pearson
andrew pearson - 29 dager siden
Not coming for the food. The football is good enough.
BIG SHOOP - 29 dager siden
If Man Utd play against Arsenal the way they did vs Leipzig, Man Utd will remind them of 8-2 again
Celeste De Wee
Celeste De Wee - 29 dager siden
No way arteta is going to be that naive, he know what united is good at he will sit back, let us have the ball and hit us on the break, Nagelsman was way to open, and Ole is going to drop Pogba and Donny for bruno and Scott dan james for Mason probably
Ed out. Mark In
Ed out. Mark In - 29 dager siden
I can’t think of any team that we can’t beat in the UCL apart from Bayern - we’re gonna win it!
Andres Mancera
Andres Mancera - 29 dager siden
Ole in for now
Garrett Goldsmith
Garrett Goldsmith - 29 dager siden
Drop greenwood for rashford even tho greenwood played good and drop matic for Bruno then shift Fred to cdm pogba and vdb with Bruno at the top of the diamond. Would be a solid squad and would smash arsenal
Garrett Goldsmith
Garrett Goldsmith - 29 dager siden
@Chukwuemeka Ihedioha also forgot martial is still banned so keep greenwood and rashford up top. We should win though my prediction 2-0
Chukwuemeka Ihedioha
Chukwuemeka Ihedioha - 29 dager siden
You are right about dropping Matic. United loses against Arsenal whenever they start a slower midfielder. The speed and intensity of Fred will blow Arsenal and many oppositions off with Pogba Bruno and Van de Beek blended together.
Taz Huss
Taz Huss - 29 dager siden
The problem for utd has always been on teams that sit back and defend all game! Teams that have attacked have never been an issue for Ole, that’s why he has won so many games against the big clubs!
Until he sorts out the team to break down teams that sit deep, then you guys will win titles! Remember the premier league is a marathon! Ole has more chance of ever winning a champions league then ever winning EPL!
83 Smith
83 Smith - 29 dager siden
Unless you can get a manager as good as Klopp (there aren't any).... best to keep Ole, he's doing good job.
Noah Laliberty
Noah Laliberty - 29 dager siden
People out here saying drop fred for VDB. Fred cannot be dropped. Hes easily the best defensive midfielder on our team. If VDB starts on the RCM, fred starts at CDM. Fred has to play.
Killer Kazuri
Killer Kazuri - 29 dager siden
What happens to Tuanzebe if we get Upamecano? because it would be a shame to let someone like Tuanzebe waste away so that Maguire can get game time.
Littoral Propiedades
Littoral Propiedades - 29 dager siden
Bench Harry
Leenkesh Ramlagun
Leenkesh Ramlagun - 29 dager siden
Here is how we should line up:
Jones Rojo Fosu Williams

Mata Lingard James
Jude Ighalo
Enough to beat Arsenol
Kai Dinsdale
Kai Dinsdale - 29 dager siden
We have ate our starter and main course now it’s time for dessert
Husaam 'Huzzy'Hashmi
Husaam 'Huzzy'Hashmi - 29 dager siden
Can we get Upamecano in January