Solskjaer's Uncertain Future! Man Utd News

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Man Utd and Ole Gunnary Solskjaer face and uncertain future unless United start winning. Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand. SUBSCRIBE here
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Azhan Kids TV
Azhan Kids TV - Måned siden
Pls bring pochettino
Rehan Nongbri
Rehan Nongbri - Måned siden
Why are most of Bruno's passes wayward any opinion on that ? Will be risky against a team like Leipzig
Rehan Nongbri
Rehan Nongbri - Måned siden
VDB has to slay a dragon now to catch our clueless managers attention 🤷‍♂️
Alk.t -
Alk.t - - Måned siden
One of three best player in UnitedVan De Beek best and top 10 if he doesn’t play for United
streetkiller90210 - Måned siden
Ricky is such an intelligent person and he clearly sees the full picture.
beehappychicken - Måned siden
Maguire as a CDM - Catastrophic Defensive Mistake.
Raja Madhav
Raja Madhav - Måned siden
Why is this guys cooking up new agendas against the team
Phil Smith
Phil Smith - Måned siden
Love seeing Kev on the United Stand!
Go on lad! 👍🏻
B Krause
B Krause - Måned siden
I agree with Ricky. Yes James is not good enough for Man United but everything else Ricky said about the current game plan and why Ole is doing what he's doing is spot on.
Ryan T
Ryan T - Måned siden
Shouldve called this the ricky show! Never heard him talk so much
Richard Dorling
Richard Dorling - Måned siden
Any news on Sancho?
Taimur Ahmed
Taimur Ahmed - Måned siden
The plaers are noT good enuf how is daT ole's faulT
Taimur Ahmed
Taimur Ahmed - Måned siden
mark geTs whaT ricki is saing aT 23 mins., ure welcome ;]
Daflundaful - Måned siden
Rick schooles the panel. Mark starts getting it. Great knowledge. He is a great contribution to the Stand. Good job!
Taimur Ahmed
Taimur Ahmed - Måned siden
if rashfford scored da8 chance all of dis 8alk would be differen8 so much arm chair quaar8er back s8ff going on
j a
j a - Måned siden
Liverpool got slapped by villa 7-2, you don't see klopp going all out defensively in the next game, get our best players back in the team, spurs was a freak result, no fitness, red card. Its about time we made teams fear us instead of fearing everyone else
Valerie Jackson
Valerie Jackson - Måned siden
Taimur Ahmed
Taimur Ahmed - Måned siden
finalli someone who makes sense on unied sand . mark is so s88oborn omg. hahah he doesn ge wwha8 sir uncle is saing
Taimur Ahmed
Taimur Ahmed - Måned siden
mark u sillie goose . once we build momen8um we can pla all dose. he is righ8 and fank uu. i jus8 realized how wrong i was., cuz i don have a big ego like mark
Taimur Ahmed
Taimur Ahmed - Måned siden
bruno nd pogba works if theyy playyy well. playy bruno and pogba at no. 10's and pogba on d left whre he alwaus has had his best . playy bruno on the right cm, like modric and kroos. kroos cantttt pla at his best on rcm . so same here. or diamond. playy pogba lcm and bruno at d ttop of diamond nd de beek on right cm and fred or scott or matic at cdm. and rashford n martial up top with cavani nd greenwood pushing em for he spots
Brian Ring
Brian Ring - Måned siden
Can’t listen to Ricky anymore. Way too low expectations.
LJ Amsterdam
LJ Amsterdam - Måned siden
It seems like the united stand hired the anti-pogba fanclub
Daniel Krivtsov
Daniel Krivtsov - Måned siden
Old man is true
Patrick Muyonjo
Patrick Muyonjo - Måned siden
I am happy for Pogba to go only to save his career. If his ambitions are to feel once more what its like to be on the winners' podium, he has to go. It will be a lifetime before United get there, if ever, especially under the present setup.
Aman Tsehaye
Aman Tsehaye - Måned siden
Oly is not a manchester utd caliber manager
Ryan Burke
Ryan Burke - Måned siden
Ricky is on point.... everybody wants the flair players on the pitch but when we leak goals then its ole out
Patrick Muyonjo
Patrick Muyonjo - Måned siden
It is a matter of time before defensiveness will result in being a mid-table club. Yes, we will be hard to beat but will have limited resources to win games.
Aay Grg
Aay Grg - Måned siden
Solksjaer cannot habile big stars like Pogba Hernandes and Van der berk like Mark Hugues could'nt handle Man city initially.Solsjaer must be sacked.
Ryan Burke
Ryan Burke - Måned siden
The team wasn't what the fans wanted but I think we should have won, its not oles fault, we just didn't take our chances. Apart from the controversial penalty claim by everyone Chelsea did nothing to win. We were in on goal a few times and those should have hit the back of the net so the players weren't clinical on the day.
Kobby sagoefitness
Kobby sagoefitness - Måned siden
so whos fault is it
Harry Mayhead
Harry Mayhead - Måned siden
Would like if Beth and Kev got as much time to speak as Ricky! Does half love the sound of he’s own voice
Vervito United
Vervito United - Måned siden
People should understand that we need to build a System where the Players can come in comfortably without a Problem. And our Defensive record needs to be perfect so, I don't mind what Ole Did.
Mark Terry
Mark Terry - Måned siden
Oh dear. This lineup is more depressing than Ole's bench last season
Devils Reject
Devils Reject - Måned siden
I like Ricky but he likes to dismiss others opinions a little bit to often for my liking
caitano samuel
caitano samuel - Måned siden
we have the best players now , but only the manager knows where to put the player to his right spot . if not they will fail .
xpkx360 - Måned siden
Bad by ole but even worst from lampy
PaulRoscoe11 - Måned siden
Ricky the owners have ground you down your bar is now set far too low
kevin garner
kevin garner - Måned siden
I think Ricky's stuck in football being played in the 1980s trash James is utter garbage United are supposed to have attacking player's that can create and score goals not just track back and do nothing.
JA M - Måned siden
Ricky we could win 5-3 every week and you would still want them to be more defensive, were Manchester United we should be the team on the front foot, you don’t challenge for
the title with James and Mata in your side end of, but when you have a player you like he does no wrong. Your boring Ricky
Shylow Brown
Shylow Brown - Måned siden
Ricky always talks sense! But everything it just goes over their heads smh. Are team is so unbalanced it’s unreal man. 💯 agree with Ricky.
rauta66 - Måned siden
People who isTexting Ole out without saying why and not giving any substitute, is deluded!
Tedy cu
Tedy cu - Måned siden an old trump for united//////dan james for god seak
Bach Vo Nam
Bach Vo Nam - Måned siden
He should have been sacked long ago.
NLV Films
NLV Films - Måned siden
Anyone else get triggered every time they here Marshall
JerodimusPrime - Måned siden
Ricky is clueless. Van der Beek is a total footballer, he can play in may positions and is a better CDM than McTominey, a better attacking right-midfielder than Mata and a better attacking Left-midfielder than James. He should start and it's not shoehorning. He's played in those positions several times for Ajax and done great.
SEOJobbers - Måned siden
Dan and pogba should go
Enough hearing about that we two
waste of time and energy
Wont be missed
gobchops - Måned siden
Ricky you forget Mctominay played against Palace, they ran him ragged through the middle
gobchops - Måned siden
Beth is by far the most knowledgeable, Ricky needs to be put out to pasture.
gobchops - Måned siden
If you are going to play Cavani, you have to play Telles, he would be the only player we've got who could provide consistent, quality crosses for Cavani to attack.
Badmus Adeyinka
Badmus Adeyinka - Måned siden
How are people now saying Solksjaer didn't want Van De Beek but then Solksjaer called him to convince him to come to manchester united. Solksjaer really just overrates some players and underrates some.
Eoin m
Eoin m - Måned siden
Theres too many younger fans who support players over the club theyll jump to Madrid soon as pogba signs for them they're the fans that are most vocal online and they're the worst fans for any club to have because they're not really fans of the club
Swarup chhetri
Swarup chhetri - Måned siden
I would rather have a car wreck and get ole out than a slow train crash.
Swarup chhetri
Swarup chhetri - Måned siden
V d b is not a no 10 ricky, he is a box to box midfielder.
Man Like i
Man Like i - Måned siden
This Rick's stance is not sustainable. If we are not good with our best players and we have to go defensive to get results then what does this mean going forward...are we going to get caught up in this loop of every time we lose playing our best players we revert to this defensive way of playing. This actually shows a lack of ideas from the coaching stuff.
Swarup chhetri
Swarup chhetri - Måned siden
Ricky is toi goddammed stubborn
gobchops - Måned siden
Ricky what are you on, Fred breaks up play far, far more than the lolloping scot
Simba Choga
Simba Choga - Måned siden
Ricky loves boring football mind you he is the guy who over hipped Van Gaal sooo much, all Ricky is worried about is simple passes and freaken defense at the expense of winning, i don't get this old man
Stefan Markovic
Stefan Markovic - Måned siden
1.People need to realize James is not Sancho and the hatred should stop since he is young and we haven't lost a game since he played not to mention conceded less.
2.Mata should play every game if Ole didn't sub him off to bring in Pogba i am sure we would have won not to mention he put Bruno off position as well.
3.Van de Beek should start ahead McTom/Fred they are decent in the defense but they are dead awful when it comes to bringing the ball into opponent opposition and offer absolutely nothing in the attack.
Pat Cow
Pat Cow - Måned siden
Thank God get him out . 15th in the league people wake up
Gideon Obeng
Gideon Obeng - Måned siden
Kev's comments about Pogba's stupid hair cuts was totally not necessary. It's okay to criticize somebody's performances but once you start insulting his looks, it becomes personal
gobchops - Måned siden
Is Dan James Ricky's lovechild? I can't believe he is constantly defending him. Dan James has no idea what to do when running at players and then when he messes up, he looks totally unbothered about it. When you think of the great wingers we've had at united, this is a total joke.
Yewbzee - Måned siden
On the subject of Solksjaer's comment "there's plenty of games" for Donny VB, he said the same about Angel Gomes after last year's pre-season. Look how that turned out, I'm not saying DVB will be on his way out more like Ole is prone to talking utter bollox from time to time rather than answer difficult questions.
Raj Guy
Raj Guy - Måned siden
We should never be happy with a draw at home against any team and it looked like Ole was happy with that result yesterday.
AHMED SALEH - Måned siden
Totally agree Donny's agent comments is the reason
Mattich and Fred 2left footed midfielders not working
Keep Pogba on the bench
AHMED SALEH - Måned siden
@Vitoloric Ole tried before it didn't Hope it could coz Fred is an engine but with lots of miss passes
Santhosh Umesh
Santhosh Umesh - Måned siden
Not for a minute supporting Ed Woodward.
But the mediocrity in thought seeps deeper. For Ole to be happy with a draw playing the team he did against Chelsea. Fans like Ricky supporting defensive mindset.
Kobby sagoefitness
Kobby sagoefitness - Måned siden
the funny thing is Mourinho got sacked for playing the same way
David Morris
David Morris - Måned siden
corrupted club for sure
Da normal 1
Da normal 1 - Måned siden
Sometimes ricki speaks nonsense other times he makes the best points ever 😄
marty jay
marty jay - Måned siden
Kev 👍
S L Jones
S L Jones - Måned siden
Glad we didn't get sancho he's not playing well I feel he was always overrated. Amad diallo will be a much better player
Daf - Måned siden
Probably not playing well because he doesn't want to be there.
South Steez
South Steez - Måned siden
Goldbridge on his phone 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 setting a great example
Mokeddem Fayçal
Mokeddem Fayçal - Måned siden
Ricky my man !!!
Stuart Holehouse
Stuart Holehouse - Måned siden
Spot on Ricky. We are going back to basics to build a foundation. Flair can come later.
Mike Lilley
Mike Lilley - Måned siden
Ricky must of loved van gaal football
Zinhan Win
Zinhan Win - Måned siden
Ricky is making sense... everyone is getting angry...
Antony Aw
Antony Aw - Måned siden
How about putting Telles in that Dan James position?
Samuel Bino
Samuel Bino - Måned siden
Yep, agreed. Think he was injured though
denis omahoney
denis omahoney - Måned siden
VDB is tired of sitting on the bench Mark ..Ole will never be a League winner if he doesn’t take the risk.
3000KJH - Måned siden
Why? cause Ole ain't a good coach. He relies on players to create moments of magic, he has no structure. He can't get a team with that much talent performing, something is wrong.
Joshua Bowater
Joshua Bowater - Måned siden
Ricky kind of contradicts himself with the Donny shoe horn point. Mata isn’t a winger and won’t track back and forth all match, so aren’t we doing that with mata when he prefers to be a CAM? Why can’t Donny do the job as a right attacking mid or even left attacking mid in front of Dan James? Surely he could do the job just as well if not better
Paul Graham
Paul Graham - Måned siden
Ricky "it was a perfectly decent performance yesterday"
What game was he watching? Both teams were dire
Mr Bille
Mr Bille - Måned siden
Kev is Back!!! Legend I remember back when he used to do amazing videos in van very funny., back when you had 5 K subs. Great to see him back.
Aaron Lowe
Aaron Lowe - Måned siden
Oooo dan James, friends!!!
robert fletcher
robert fletcher - Måned siden
Leave Ole alone. Stop analysing his tactics I feel sure he will learn, once he gains more confidence. You OLE knockers seem to forget, it took Sir Alex time to create great teams. Remember, every one laughed when he said he needed a winger to balance the team. Blame the People who have created this MESS!!!!
Kobby sagoefitness
Kobby sagoefitness - Måned siden
whilst hes learning other teams are winning trophies
Only Hooman
Only Hooman - Måned siden
The team selection at 35:05 is exactly what I'd chose, but I'd have Telles on Shaw's ass and hopefully taking over from him. I'd have Tuanzebe on both CBs' asses too. Cavani needs to play at CF. Pogba out!
Judea Jud
Judea Jud - Måned siden
Solkjear has no confidence he is scared to loose and he will not risk playing an attractive attacking football I think he should have taken his chances with Chelsea and right now the story would have been different
Nyati SM
Nyati SM - Måned siden
The PSG game was the same as the Chelsea one.The team benefited from a penaltyThey did not create that much at the end of the day. Besides that they had to wait for Pogba to come and change the game.
Rie Uirab
Rie Uirab - Måned siden
The ladies team is the best just change Mata with Greenwood
Ebrahim Shaik
Ebrahim Shaik - Måned siden
Ricky is to deluded he stuck in 1999 our problem is personal in the 433 shape and not the shape if he can just that it would be a miracle
Paul s
Paul s - Måned siden
This would actually be watchable if there wasn’t an advert every minute lol
Paul s
Paul s - Måned siden
Careers advisor: what do you want to be when you grow up?
Me: that girls seat 💺
Paul s
Paul s - Måned siden
@Samuel Bino Jesus Christ Samuel you must be fun at parties. You’re a sensitive soul
Samuel Bino
Samuel Bino - Måned siden
The woman is called Beth. Your attempt at sexist humour is about 40 years out of date.
Alk.t -
Alk.t - - Måned siden
VDB < Grealish
Carnifex - Måned siden
Why does ricky keep assuming that vdb, who has played in the double pivot in a well drill team like ajax can't to the same for united or at least a better job of it than mctominay. I mean I haven't seen him play much but it not like you're taking a player who has only ever played cam and sticking him in cdm, the lad has experience in the position give him a chance imo
kenneth Kakiiza
kenneth Kakiiza - Måned siden
Why didn't telles play??????
Mike York
Mike York - Måned siden
Dan James not United quality unfortunately.
kenneth Kakiiza
kenneth Kakiiza - Måned siden
I think, ole will shine at Manchester, give the guy time to build his thing. We are yet to see pellistri coming on.
Jerome Holland
Jerome Holland - Måned siden
This show isn't the same without the old regulars.
The Legends
The Legends - Måned siden
I think ole has confused dan james as last season dan james would take on defenders with his pace but now he tries to cuts in and tries to over do.
AlexTotal Gaming
AlexTotal Gaming - Måned siden
What is the persistence with playing 6 defensive players and “defensive wingers” we are actually so defensive it’s unreal. It’s like ole is protecting his job not his reputation
Only Hooman
Only Hooman - Måned siden
Ricky is right! The last three results have been fine. Dan James is garbage, though. He might work as a backup wing back, but that's all, IMO.
CareLess LEGENDARY - Måned siden
Aar Dalal
Aar Dalal - Måned siden
Ole is blessed with good players he can't coach no ideas good coaches always play their good players with good systems.
Viswak Balaji
Viswak Balaji - Måned siden
Ricky defends Dan James as if he was his own
The Cape FPL
The Cape FPL - Måned siden
................De Gea
*AWB* Axel *Maguire* Telles
Fred *Pogba*
VDB *Bruno* Rashford