Solskjaer's Targets Exciting CB's! DOF Demanded! Man Utd News Now

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Man Utd are targeting two exciting centre backs for Solskjaer in the January transfe window according to reports..Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand. 🔔 CHRISTMAS JUMPERS HERE
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Sophie Lyman
Sophie Lyman - 7 dager siden
Ramos wouldn't leave Spain at this stage
Ralphenstein - 11 dager siden
Soyuncu is pronounced 'soyunchoo'.
Ady Q
Ady Q - 13 dager siden
We were linked to Ramos but he was never ever coming.
Elliott Defoe
Elliott Defoe - 13 dager siden
STOP talking like you have any idea about the FAKE BUG Mark. And now you're promoting vaccines. FFS stick to football mate.
tarantula Kingdom
tarantula Kingdom - 13 dager siden
Ole doesn't have a brain because he is treating donny van de beek like the way he is if that freak knew who van de beek was he wouldn't be sitting on the bench recking is carrer which I find a stackable offence
WATCH NOFACE - 13 dager siden
Don’t make this a pogba thing mark, it’s not just him who people think vdb should replace. In fact, those who know football properly like the Dutch probably think Mata and ESPECIALLY Mctominay are the ones who should be replaced first.
WATCH NOFACE - 13 dager siden
Lol, talk of Ramos just made me find a positive in the UTD team, that at least we don’t have any dirty cheats in our squad.
Yella Dean
Yella Dean - 13 dager siden
I watched this defender last season Braga bs rangers and Ryan Kent killed him nowhere near united quality
WATCH NOFACE - 13 dager siden
When they said we were building a team for the future I didn’t realise they meant IMMEDIATE future! Plus I can’t stand Ramos, he’s a dirty cheating player. Cavani is a risk that might pay off but ronaldo is the ONLY older player that’s guaranteed to perform and his ethic and talent will rub off on the team along players like Bruno who he knows well.
Harini Narayan
Harini Narayan - 13 dager siden
If we are targeting eriksen then then potch business is happening 🧐🤨🧐🤨
Somesh Panda
Somesh Panda - 13 dager siden
Just wait for a few games....Ole ' s sacking stories will resurface with a few defeats or ( win/defeats ) and United will be back in news . All a gimmick . United don't wanna win anything clearly evident from the way they are being run .
Manchester United Fan
Manchester United Fan - 13 dager siden
I think we should get ramos on a loan with option to buy
Ken Brickley
Ken Brickley - 13 dager siden
Mark the tests are less than 50% accurate. People don’t get covid twice. It’s down to poor testing, don’t forget Ronaldo tested positive then negative in quick succession.
Michael McKay
Michael McKay - 13 dager siden
Another great video Mark, not quite as good as 'Textbook ladder climb' but still good. 👍
Stephen - 14 dager siden
So sad that’s the last time I watch you
Marine and Rattlesnake J
Marine and Rattlesnake J - 14 dager siden
I like your new sweater you freaking Prat but is in my own personal preferences I do not like the term Xmas I prefer the term the way it was originally intended
Michael Evans
Michael Evans - 14 dager siden
Ed Woodward probably thinks Dawali is a center-half, and is putting in a bid
COC REX - 14 dager siden
pogba fans fc___ IF pogba is surrounded by good players ..he can play better...................bruno arrives and destroyed the myth...///////// now if pogba gets freedom like bruno he could be better........POGBA EXCUSE FC for a reason
BIG MAN SHANE DUFFY - 14 dager siden
Do u do kids sizes
David Underwood
David Underwood - 14 dager siden
Don't you need copyright permission to show Cantona et al on a tee shirt?
SHAFI - 14 dager siden
Nɪᴄᴇ Cᴏɴᴛᴇɴᴛ Mᴀʀᴋ!
Dels Trotters
Dels Trotters - 14 dager siden
Mark, Donald Trump will be linked to us now he's lost the presidency!
Dels Trotters
Dels Trotters - 14 dager siden
23.43 loud swallowbridge 🤣🤣🤣
Rohan Toor
Rohan Toor - 14 dager siden
Hirving Lozano maybe
Bijay Malla
Bijay Malla - 14 dager siden
Van det Saar should be our foot ball Dir. Meanwhile, thank God Pogba is leaving in January 2021. Good riddance.
Asfand yar khan mandokhail
Asfand yar khan mandokhail - 14 dager siden
Ramos is still better .
Alex Gillan
Alex Gillan - 14 dager siden
Your not paid to think
ABC anish Bc
ABC anish Bc - 14 dager siden
Happy diwali
David Blane
David Blane - 14 dager siden
We need bargains and lots of them, diversify your risk fgs!!
Cam Jay
Cam Jay - 14 dager siden
Ramos griezman haaland sancho all so close to signing for us but all got ruined some way 😔
Michael Lydon
Michael Lydon - 14 dager siden
Peddling more lies
Zakir Feysal
Zakir Feysal - 14 dager siden
David Carmo:
Fast for a defender☑️
Loves a tackle ☑️
Decent range of pass☑️
Left footed ☑️
Zakir Feysal
Zakir Feysal - 13 dager siden
Rory Whelan
Rory Whelan - 14 dager siden
How old?
Grove - 14 dager siden
Thiago Silva is 36 years old..........
Raahil Mehta
Raahil Mehta - 14 dager siden
Kay Le
Kay Le - 14 dager siden
Merry Xmas you bloody prat! Love it ! Have mine on order already
Paul Joyce
Paul Joyce - 14 dager siden
Pele is only 80, might sign him.
Aggelos Stm
Aggelos Stm - 14 dager siden
Bro, i see how bad the other teams are going in pl and im really disappointed that he havent done well...
ric t
ric t - 14 dager siden
Switch Pogba position with Bruno, with Fred an Bruno deep an pogba ahead of them. an rest pogba an Bruno with them van Beek he can both positions. When pogba looked the best was when ole first came an pogba was ahead of the two midfielders Herrera an matic. Look when pogba played at the beginning of ole first 10 match’s
Jay Singh
Jay Singh - 14 dager siden
Ramos? I dont why u will eva mention it, Ramos only uses United
Pranoy Dutta
Pranoy Dutta - 14 dager siden
Forget Ramos, bring in Pepe. Lets go mental.
Iztok Golob
Iztok Golob - 14 dager siden
Oh god. Transfer rumors. I thought we were done with those :).
Jon Waddell
Jon Waddell - 14 dager siden
8mill is bugger all, not worth moaning about
Broken King
Broken King - 14 dager siden
There's one thing about Dortmund everyone in there defence is absolutely awful that's why they're never able to win the bundesliga
Broken King
Broken King - 14 dager siden
@Ahmed Abdelhameed And with all that u still concede 40+ goals every season and every season u get absolutely embarrassed by a random club in the bundesliga. And Hummels top 5 😂😂😂get me some of that you're smoking plz
Ahmed Abdelhameed
Ahmed Abdelhameed - 14 dager siden
@Broken King Italian clubs want Akanji, hella teams want Guerriero, Hummels is literally top 5 CB in the world rn, Zagadou is one of the best U23 defenders in the world rn. Passlack is developing into a beast. Emre Can is a CDM that can play a CB better than any Current united defender. Delaney as well, and he’s a CM.
Broken King
Broken King - 14 dager siden
@Ahmed Abdelhameed exactly rn and like any other season u show exactly why no other clubs are even interested in ur defenders. And leipzig has the best defence in the bundesliga rn fool😂😂
Ahmed Abdelhameed
Ahmed Abdelhameed - 14 dager siden
We have the best defensive record on the Bundesliga rn, our substitute defenders would walk into a United back line right now. Behave yourself
Joweezy Isaacs
Joweezy Isaacs - 14 dager siden
Milan Skriniar
S Sheldon
S Sheldon - 14 dager siden
United aren’t swooping for anything but dropped chips.
Abdul Mehmood
Abdul Mehmood - 14 dager siden
remember vidic before United basically no one knew him and after a few years he turned in to a beast
Dav Noble
Dav Noble - 13 dager siden
Aum back then we had the best manager and tbh ole isn’t a good manager 🤦🏿‍♂️
Abdul Mehmood
Abdul Mehmood - 14 dager siden
@Asfand yar khan mandokhail only for a few years we need a new upcoming defender and that defender could a future legend
Rohan Toor
Rohan Toor - 14 dager siden
I watched a few clips of carmo he is quite good
Asfand yar khan mandokhail
Asfand yar khan mandokhail - 14 dager siden
Ramos at 35 will be still better than our current defenders
K_ RobboMUFC
K_ RobboMUFC - 14 dager siden
I believe it was down to the manager too.. Look at what he got out of players like ji sung Park and Anderson etc..
B S - 14 dager siden
all this news are just to feel good...
Bill Cubbin
Bill Cubbin - 14 dager siden
Can you mention Man United women top of the league playing Man City today.
Izdihar Ali
Izdihar Ali - 14 dager siden
Cmon ramos to man utd? Y would he?
Raja Madhav
Raja Madhav - 14 dager siden
He says he was excited about signing Traore and Pellistri, does he watch his own videos.
He is the same prat who said he doesn't care about United signing 20 years olds.
Joysury Shashu
Joysury Shashu - 14 dager siden
Happy diwali Mark
Muma Ndubula
Muma Ndubula - 14 dager siden
I'm not sure scouting is our problem it's the inability to pull off deals for top players at top clubs, we can sign from some British clubs at best and small Spanish teams. A dof is needed to help with the overral management of the club.
peter duncan
peter duncan - 14 dager siden
Solskjaer move to DF bring in Pochettino as manger
Hmm - 14 dager siden
Whenever we're linked to young CB's why does mark kept saying they're quite quick when they're actually slow af
Humzah MOHAMED 02
Humzah MOHAMED 02 - 14 dager siden
United should sign ozil
Thuhin Satheesh
Thuhin Satheesh - 14 dager siden
I think Badishile would be a much better option. David Carmo also looks decent, haven’t seen a lot on this lad apart from a compilation video :P
Kim Wong
Kim Wong - 14 dager siden
Remember when napoli rejected a 100 mil from a PL club & Manchester brought Maguire after..i think the scouting system is good but not great until I see what these signings do..
RAHUL VERMA - 14 dager siden
Hi Mark,
You would like to wish all Indian viewers a very happy Diwali.
Ankit Aswal
Ankit Aswal - 14 dager siden
Happy diwali everybody
Sanal Sundar
Sanal Sundar - 14 dager siden
Apart from a rich owner option another way will be to make United less financially viable. Players can get us close to relegation , they can just play normally as they do 😉
Siddhanth Bhat
Siddhanth Bhat - 14 dager siden
Happy Diwali Mark!
Gary Casey
Gary Casey - 14 dager siden
David Carmo is a Portuguese Maguire, good in the air but too slow. Only decent thing about him is he's left footed
Irish Atheist
Irish Atheist - 14 dager siden
Imagine a quality CB replacing mediocre maguire 😍😍😍
Anilsekhar C
Anilsekhar C - 14 dager siden
We cannot compete at highest level using experience and leadership from player over 30 years of age. We need experience and leadership from players at their prime
infonator07 - 14 dager siden
Just funny thing to talk about for younger fans of United who might not even know club history is how Sir Alex career as manager in United started. It was rocky start.
He was proven coach back then, what he did with Aberdeen was admirable (breaking Old Firm, beating Real Madrid in European Cup, etc.), but his start in Man Utd was bad to say the least. If it was in today's era, Ferguson would have been fired many times over, because of fans calling for manager head when team is doing poorly.
Ferguson success took almost 4 years of development in United, bringing in players, etc. It was much bigger job than what he had to do in Aberdeen.
First 4 seasons when Ferguson was in charge Man Utd finished: 11th (when he was appointed in 1986 they were in 21st place), 2nd (1987/88 season), 11th (1988/89) and in 4th season (1989/90) Man Utd were fighting against relegation, finishing just outside of relegation zone. There were banners on Old Trafford calling for Ferguson head - "Three years of excuses and it's still crap ... ta-ra Fergie." (he then went and won League Cup and FA Cup that season though).
Following season Man Utd finished 6th (1990-1991 season). Man Utd won first title under Ferguson in 1992/1993 season after Ferguson brought in Eric Cantona for 1.2mln pounds from Leeds (who were amazing team back then).
People don't remember the dark days of Sir Alex I guess.
Omari Philip
Omari Philip - 14 dager siden
The best team in the world
KJ - 14 dager siden
Ramos would be deadly in the league no cap
T. Yahya
T. Yahya - 14 dager siden
United is linked to everyone these days.
Salman Zaidi
Salman Zaidi - 14 dager siden
United should get delite for pogba
kaushik sahasranaman
kaushik sahasranaman - 14 dager siden
Happy Diwali Mark and the whole United Stand community. Love from India
Akash Dixit
Akash Dixit - 14 dager siden
Hi Mark Happy Diwali to all of your family and united stand community. Love from India 🎉🎉🎉🎉
arvie ocampo
arvie ocampo - 14 dager siden
Zagadou isnt even that good he is the next jonathan tah!! Was great and flopped
Ahmed Abdelhameed
Ahmed Abdelhameed - 14 dager siden
You didn’t give him enough to time to even flop yet he was injured and now he’s back watch him dominate in Dortmund
Chris Hodge
Chris Hodge - 14 dager siden
Bruno is the only reason Ole has a job still
Asha Singh
Asha Singh - 14 dager siden
I don't think vdb was well scouted as ole thinks he is a no.10 but he was a 8 at ajax
Freddy - 14 dager siden
Not trying to be rude but I think Dan-axel’s name is pronounced zag-a-doo
O J - 14 dager siden
Who in TF is Zagouda? Do you mean Zagadou?
Milo Dsouza
Milo Dsouza - 14 dager siden
If Declan rice is 80 mill then just get ndidi
Karan S
Karan S - 14 dager siden
Happy Diwali to you to mark. Cheers mate for recognising our festival
Milo Dsouza
Milo Dsouza - 14 dager siden
Van de beek has to start vs west brom
Milo Dsouza
Milo Dsouza - 14 dager siden
All I want is for ole to get back to winning ways I'm ole out but I'm ready for ole to prove me wrong
Sindo M
Sindo M - 14 dager siden
Arsenal is doing better business than us😔
S-Roman B
S-Roman B - 14 dager siden
Ahh Can't get the Prat one goes it says Bloody😭 should of said absolute😂
tarantula Kingdom
tarantula Kingdom - 14 dager siden
And he talks about ramos being old so what is ronaldo than because is old let's get this right man u needs players for now and the future not old players that are gonna retire soon. Goldbridge keep changing is story all the time he says he wants ronaldo hes old I think he's even older than ramos and he says he wouldn't want ramos but he would have a old ronaldo he's two faced
tarantula Kingdom
tarantula Kingdom - 13 dager siden
@michael bridge is world but old and man u should look at younger players to build a future around not bring in old players that u cost heavily on the wage budget not worth get sancho instead he a player for now and the future ronaldo ain't
michael bridge
michael bridge - 14 dager siden
Ronaldo is getting on but plays like a 28 year old still
stephenmartinsantoso - 14 dager siden
Sign Mark Goldbridge for CB
Mikey Brownski
Mikey Brownski - 14 dager siden
Who needs your negative comments?👎
Mancunian Proscout
Mancunian Proscout - 14 dager siden
Luiz Felipe from Lazio is the guy whe should go for CB position.
Wreckin 45
Wreckin 45 - 14 dager siden
I love Bruno and his drive to win. If we had Ronaldo now (the young version) fans would complain and say look how much he's losing the ball!
Drjay074 - 14 dager siden
We cant even get players Dortmund are interested in let alone ones they already own
Nadir Munoo
Nadir Munoo - 13 dager siden
😅, true
Anthony Johnson
Anthony Johnson - 14 dager siden
Let's get David Como from Braga only if he is 1st team player and plays for Portugal otherwise get Pau Torres or Konate; Also get Haarland,a 1st team young Pacy CDM and a RW then we can go on to win the Premier League and Champions League Titles again!
Dave berry
Dave berry - 14 dager siden
Same old bollox. If a manager can't draw a player, director of football needed, were man utd. Ole not a manager or a Ledgend..all pre 1990 fans.
Michael Allen
Michael Allen - 14 dager siden
Sancho- Rubbish, De Beek- found out during broadcast and had no idea, Telles- found out reading Twitter. No inside info at all. But, if you like listening to pub chat, keep listening.
Fathi - 14 dager siden
Is that Michael Allen the world renowned football scout and genius?
PanteraMark - 14 dager siden
As long as Woodward is in charge. United will always fall in a trap!!!
cedric DCunha
cedric DCunha - 14 dager siden
Let’s hope a CB is bought by Man U in the January window!!!
jonah bishop
jonah bishop - 14 dager siden
Not a witch hunt on Greenwood...just pure racism. It’s plain as day
TakeA Chillah
TakeA Chillah - 14 dager siden
We should get konrad laimer from rb leipzig
Fahad Hamid
Fahad Hamid - 14 dager siden
S M - 14 dager siden
Can't believe we have to defend bruno to anyone, let alone a united supporter
Bread McQuackson
Bread McQuackson - 14 dager siden

Oliver Oliver
Oliver Oliver - 14 dager siden
He’s moved to Monaco
Hacheeze Gaming
Hacheeze Gaming - 14 dager siden
mark did you know. michael zorc has win 3-0. if you persue dan axel it will 4-0 to zorc
FOGUL - 14 dager siden
I've for utd to sign Saint Maximan
Liam Ellis
Liam Ellis - 14 dager siden
@FOGUL he makes chances from nothing and would not be hard to convert him over to the right side then greenwood can focus on playing down the middle and make some competition there
FOGUL - 14 dager siden
@Liam Ellis he is a very good player in a very bad squad sooner or later a bigger team will sign him
Liam Ellis
Liam Ellis - 14 dager siden
I would get behind that if they get relegated he will be cheap aswell