Solskjaer's Sack Warning! Man Utd News Now

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Man Utd could sack Ole Gunnar Solskjaer at any minute but when is Ole's departure realistic? Get the latest Man Utd News now on The United Stand. SUBSCRIBE here
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Genesis junkie beats za
Genesis junkie beats za - 20 dager siden
I really love OGS but I think he has had enough time
Joseph Fleming
Joseph Fleming - 21 dag siden
Maguire is absolutely shite
Steven bishop
Steven bishop - 22 dager siden
I said me always said and thought that ole gunner was no good he was far better just as a interim manager only yes united won a Good number of matches but it was good bad or bad good with top clubs and really low clubs have he won united any cups trophies for the club no maybe one small tournament trophy but no premier league no Europa league and could not qualify for the champions league up till now then suddenly they lose there against a non popular foreign club always said he needed to go why did the bosses keep him on stand by him when he had his first warning I do not know always wanted the former Tottenham manager in far more experienced
MCFC ok - 22 dager siden
29:24 there’s no way he just said B.I.D.N
Rizal Omar
Rizal Omar - 22 dager siden
no way mate... ole should stay!!
Eva Burnz
Eva Burnz - 22 dager siden
it's easily to vent and complain and claim exasperation etc but what are you going to do enforce change?
Don't have a solution?
Well quit whining until you find one and focus on what can be implemented to at least improve matters no matter how gradual those improvements may be.
Poch in.
Oliver W
Oliver W - 22 dager siden
You told every person who said the manager can't coach that they knew nothing about football because it won't change anything with the owners. Yes, big picture thinking but it would mean they don't concede stupid goals & set up to play to not lose against Arsenal
jL Mante
jL Mante - 22 dager siden
What is our red line? How many games do we have to lose for us to let down our pride and accept that Ole isn't a good coach? What's the point in waiting to see if we lose more games when he's shown he only gets good when he's about to get sacked.
Garth Francis
Garth Francis - 22 dager siden
Jesus. I'm watching this after UCL loss. If only Mark knew what was coming.
Aston King
Aston King - 23 dager siden
Oli out
VICKY S GTYL - 23 dager siden
exactly - missing that wining mentality, things just going easy here wining and loose doens't much matter to them.
Charlie Baker
Charlie Baker - 23 dager siden
Oh liverpool we love you....this is fuckin great!!!enjoy the next 30 years of being nothing!!!!
keras lunak
keras lunak - 23 dager siden
ogs is immortal
Haziq Hizul
Haziq Hizul - 23 dager siden
Ole and his golden boy ( maguire) must out. Period.
David Mcquilliams
David Mcquilliams - 23 dager siden
I'm a 56 year Liverpool supporter and I love my football. I watch players closely and what I see is one player causing all the problems. MAGUIRE!
David Mcquilliams
David Mcquilliams - 23 dager siden
He's causing chaos behind the scenes.
Brian - 23 dager siden
I would make Roy Kean the the assistant manager he would scare the sh... out of them
Larry Tan
Larry Tan - 23 dager siden
Utd should rope in Ferdinand, Evra, Keane, Neville, Scholes and Van der Sar to help run the club. They are people who still care for the club.
Forever United
Forever United - 23 dager siden
The entire organization is mismanaged, inconsistent, misguided, poor, ungrateful, undisciplined and lost. Ole is not the right person for the job. He is not the only problem but it is his job to ensure his players are ready to play, focused, trained and understand the strategy for every match...that's his failings. He needs to go!
Yamin Mowla
Yamin Mowla - 23 dager siden
Ole will win Saturday that retains the job as simple :)
Joe Healy
Joe Healy - 23 dager siden
They definitely didn't win 8 níl 😂😂😂
Hello Hello
Hello Hello - 23 dager siden
Those selfie poses of Mark got me laughing so hard🤣
Eliah Chitiyo
Eliah Chitiyo - 23 dager siden
I once told you you are now an average team:club. How can concede a goal like the Demba ba one. Even a pub club will not concede such a goal
Eliah Chitiyo
Eliah Chitiyo - 23 dager siden
These are average players being coached by a PE teacher
MCALAX - 23 dager siden
He’s not being sacked.
He’s leaving to join Santa and the rest of the Elf’s for the Christmas campaign.
In his little green tights.
Red Devil
Red Devil - 23 dager siden
Ole not good enough
M Azzopardi
M Azzopardi - 23 dager siden
Forget the defending, we know this team can't defend. The problem is failing to get anything going up front, they don't have a midfield base and there are no combinations clicking. Solskjaer is still shell shocked from the Spurs game and doesn't know whom to trust, he's going through multiple formations, line ups and combinations trying to make something click. It never does and his subs never seem to work. The players are confused, we can see it on their faces every time he second guesses his decisions. They aren't buying into the manager's plan, if there is one he's hiding it from us and from them as well. A manager rarely survives when this starts to happen. The rest of the games are simply ceremonial, everyone is underestimating how quickly the castle can crumble when quality players lose faith in the manager, it doesn't matter how good they are. United are nowhere near top 4 and the board will realize this at some point.
KMHH1976 - 23 dager siden
Why hes the best manager man utd can get right now
Graham Darlow
Graham Darlow - 23 dager siden
I have been a red for 53 years and lately have seen some of the worst Utd performances in my life.
Aidy W
Aidy W - 23 dager siden
Hahaha yous were beat! Brendan Rodgers would turn your club around and make you consistent
Jabber 1974
Jabber 1974 - 23 dager siden
He will always be a legend as a player but he hasn’t got a clue as a manager. Should have been courting guardiola whilst Fergie was still in charge rather than letting him get his useless mate a job.
We missed him, got stuck with the grumpy one, missed out on Klopp, the guy we should have is slumming it at Everton which leaves us with a guy who was Meh at spurs🙄🙄🙄🙄
Ole has to go and Woodward needs to go with him, he is the reason Utd are where they are.
If something isn’t done now we are in real danger of going down.
lovely one
lovely one - 23 dager siden
Solkjere should be sacked now
Joseph Ngugi
Joseph Ngugi - 23 dager siden
Let face it ,anytime a manager consecutively loses games in Man United will be sucked,bt Ole has lost games in that manner but still is the manager ,for me the problem is deep in the club not Ole not players.
peppi1974 - 23 dager siden
man utd not dying dead
malcolm booth
malcolm booth - 23 dager siden
goldbridge you are a turd
Emmah Wafula
Emmah Wafula - 23 dager siden
Ole out now!!!
Emmah Wafula
Emmah Wafula - 23 dager siden
Pochetino in ole out
Jared Francis
Jared Francis - 23 dager siden
Man utd are the weakest team I've ever seen .They lack so much characteristics as a team and family .Yes I'm a utd supporter .They are falling
Kasra - 23 dager siden
Ole OUT ,Ole OUT ,Ole OUT ,Ole OUT ,Ole OUT ,Ole OUT Ole OUT ,Ole OUT ,Ole OUT ,Ole OUT ,Ole OUT ,Ole OUT Ole OUT ,Ole OUT ,Ole OUT ,Ole OUT ,Ole OUT ,Ole OUT
Roque Gaeta Marquez
Roque Gaeta Marquez - 23 dager siden
Solksjaer will be sacked before december
Amy Parker
Amy Parker - 23 dager siden
either the players dont want to play for ole or he isnt good enough which ever it is ole has to go wouldnt even let him back on the plane
A Monroe
A Monroe - 23 dager siden
Sancho WORSHIP'S Dele, so you may actually get him if you sign Poch who wil bring Alli. Plus Poch gets the BEST out of Alli who f*cking hates Mourinho and has soo much to prove to all the negative azzholes.
John Bhaal
John Bhaal - 23 dager siden
You know I was watching the 99 season last night, what a massive world away we are from that, it’s a shame ole can’t manage like he used to play, he needs a backbone with the players.
matembwere chekai
matembwere chekai - 23 dager siden
Amit Sinya
Amit Sinya - 23 dager siden
What’s wrong with this guy ? Cannot players smile and post a pic ? Do u need to go break legs and punch the opponents to show they care ? What kind of sick human being is this guy ?
j pezza
j pezza - 23 dager siden
just look at the stats over the first 100 games he is better than klopp he just needs more time and backing
1stupidgenius - 23 dager siden
y u always negative with how you move. bring some +ve vybz.
Stephen White
Stephen White - 23 dager siden
Hi Mark I think you are right the club have definitely lost their bottle with d
Lawrence Roper
Lawrence Roper - 23 dager siden
You sir....are garbage
Omar Rasheed
Omar Rasheed - 23 dager siden
this guy has toxic content (always finds something bad to say about micro details)
bruno Fernandez
bruno Fernandez - 23 dager siden
Cavani play save united we know cavani experienced player but Marcia
Marcus all are kids one week good one week not good hell
Cavani play 80 minutes not play 10 minutes ok
Ole if you listen us cavani must play
If you not listen us ole are going to be fire from united soon
fantasticF17 - 23 dager siden
Unpopular opinion: Ole is still the right manager, just not the right players
James Sykes
James Sykes - 23 dager siden
Why would it be catastrophic if he left?
Giorgio B
Giorgio B - 23 dager siden
What if we lose to Everton and West Brom?
bruno Fernandez
bruno Fernandez - 23 dager siden
Where is cavani
I think ole mistake cavani bench
United buy cavani to play not bench 80 minutes
Cavani when he play fantastic
Dominque caswell
Dominque caswell - 23 dager siden
Ole as an ex Molde and Cardiff manager signifies how ambitious we are as a club.
Andamani Guy
Andamani Guy - 23 dager siden
Fire the manager -> get some good results -> Players show their true face -> repeat
We have bunch of parasites for players and board
SIHLE JACK - 23 dager siden
People thought i was crazy when I used to complain about Pogba and Lingard dancing in the dressing room in Mourinhos days.
Norma - 23 dager siden
You cant keep kicking managers out because the "players" are the ones that are crap, not Rashford, Poch will be just the same!
waki Realestate
waki Realestate - 23 dager siden
Defenders and midfield playing soft game. Soccer is war of friends. Look at Vidic, Fedinard, Carrick and now Bruno
Adrian Barker
Adrian Barker - 23 dager siden
The manager smiles week in week out blame ole
Tran Dang Lin
Tran Dang Lin - 23 dager siden
Sack ole the earlier the better
Bahadoor Nazeem
Bahadoor Nazeem - 23 dager siden
We will not even be in the europa league
Peezebeuponyou - 23 dager siden
5.55PM kick-off. Not 6pm.
Peezebeuponyou - 23 dager siden
Early Saturday kick off after a Wednesday game- cheers SKY. Everton given an edge even before we kick-off.
matembwere chekai
matembwere chekai - 23 dager siden
jarrodfildes - 23 dager siden
When I seen them pictures mark I thought the exact same thing, completely agree with everything you said 👍🏻
Kai Rankine
Kai Rankine - 23 dager siden
Mark any chance of getting Roy Keane anywhere near the United Stand??
Samoc2020 - 23 dager siden
Let's not take no preseason into account.. Our energy levels were diminished against arsenal and that's not oles fault.. Ole has the blueprint to win big games not one plastic can disagree with that
Lovejoy - 23 dager siden
You know the day that bad-luck lose in-chief, Woodward finally goes to get Pochettino, he will choose the day that Mauricio has just hours earlier gone to another club. Woodward is not a banker or businessman, he is a gormless loser with bad luck following him.
Samoc2020 - 23 dager siden
Hes been facing the sack for the past year now.. Same old shite, ole is going nowhere n I love it hahah
Danial Chaudhry
Danial Chaudhry - 23 dager siden
forget Declan rice!!! get Zakaria
Jakob Puggaard
Jakob Puggaard - 23 dager siden
I think Mark hit the head on the nail, when he talked about the players and the manager going around smiling and laughing When we are 15 in the league. They are a joke not worthy of being in the Club.
Bob Dagnall
Bob Dagnall - 23 dager siden
I am FURIOUS, ROY KEANE was a GREAT LEADER and a WINNER and the team had DISCIPLINE but it's ALL GONE. MAGUIRE is NOT a LEADER and OLE needs to GET a GRIP he's TOO SLOPPY. I have always supported MAN UTD and I'm 81 years of age and our team needs BETTER LEADERSHIP both ON and OFF the field. Let's. ALL GET BEHIND OUR CLUB and OLE he needs all the support he can get.
Ederies Cottle
Ederies Cottle - 23 dager siden
Sack Ole before Everton
Everything United Dave
Everything United Dave - 23 dager siden
Absolute rubbish to suggest Ole doesn’t care!
Nick Deakin
Nick Deakin - 23 dager siden
Sorry if United lose 4-0 on Sat, ole will be sacked full stop.....don't talk shite
Ederies Cottle
Ederies Cottle - 23 dager siden
Y u obsessed with sancho get haaland
Glazers Out
Glazers Out - 23 dager siden
Mark would u get rid of martial or do u think he fits both
Banter United
Banter United - 23 dager siden
0-1 lollllllll easy win coyggggg
Banter United
Banter United - 21 dag siden
@Nightin Gale man you have no rights to talk like that at the moment your team is a laughing stock😂😥🤫🧂. Even without CL trophy or qualification we attract top class players like partey😥🤫
Banter United
Banter United - 21 dag siden
@Nightin Gale I enjoyed CL night on Wednesday when you lost against Turkish farmers pahaahahahahahahah
Jay Blood MUFC
Jay Blood MUFC - 23 dager siden
Should they be depressed or sumut ffs there pics and if oles not bin told he's getting the sack why doesn't the title say ole WONT be sacked??
E F - 23 dager siden
We could easily sort out this team
De gea
Dstaar UTD
Dstaar UTD - 23 dager siden
For people who wanna shy up Ole’s backside I hope you realise Liverpool have Adrian in goal , a 19 year old and Gomez at the back, Henderson, Gini and Curtis Jones in midfield and an ex Wolves winger who wasn’t even talked about like that behind Traore, Raul, Neves, Doherty. Yet we have Pogba, Bruno, VDB , Rashford, Martial, Cavani, Greenwood, De Gea , Wan Bissaka, Telles, Fred and this is where we are...
Simon Katongo
Simon Katongo - 23 dager siden
Football has moved on Roy Keane would make united more toxic today's players ain't yesterdays players
Leobest Bote
Leobest Bote - 23 dager siden
Glazzers out, Ole is the victim here
No One
No One - 23 dager siden
I sure hope ole favouring martial and rashford over greenwood doesn’t force him to make a decision in the near future
Simon Katongo
Simon Katongo - 23 dager siden
This guy is deluded age is catching mate no matter who you get the manager is the problem players are mirror image of their managers
Chris Allotey
Chris Allotey - 23 dager siden
Mourinho did a good job in Manchester United but he was fired . He won two Trophies for Manchester United. Trade Porgba and United would be better.
Ulf Lilienthal
Ulf Lilienthal - 23 dager siden
Mark, you are losing it. stay calm and we will come through this. Ole knows the problems with the current squad still and it is a work in progress. we need to let him have the rest of this season and at least first half of next season. Let's see where we are then. Poch is not the answer so if he goes to someone else by then so be it. He is not getting Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, or Tottenham again. Probably Wolves, Everton and Leicester will also be no go. The only place maybe that could open up at end of season will be Manchester City. That depends on Pep.
Kwasi Baffour Nana Boakye-ansah
The player's are not serious and the leadership too.
I was so annoyed when at the start of the match rashford starting falling off on the ground. You could see he was not annoyed with the referee and the players fouling him.
We need serious characters at the club
Chris Allotey
Chris Allotey - 23 dager siden
The Coach dont have the Vision for the game . He didn't know how to use the Players Manchester United acquired. He also did not have the foresight to approach each address his Players what to do during second half of the game. The forward line Players are very selfish. Playing soccer is a team sports. Give the Ball to your team mate in the scoring position to score.
eazy e
eazy e - 23 dager siden
It's funny when goldbridge says he is looking at bigger picture and then wants to keep manager who couldn't get job in championship. Yeah sure bigger picture...
Adz Mack
Adz Mack - 23 dager siden
Get the champ manager out
Dhan - 23 dager siden
This club is dead!
Benito Miori
Benito Miori - 23 dager siden
Mark, Mark, Mark... look at Oles history in Cardiff did same their... Clueless CARDIFFOLE!
Fergie's Son
Fergie's Son - 23 dager siden
He is SACKED if he loses today .
eazy e
eazy e - 23 dager siden
Declan Rice...and you talk about standards are dropping..another English hype train.
Stephane - 23 dager siden
Sacking Ole is a bad Idea
mike heap
mike heap - 23 dager siden
Save our Ole campaign needs ramping up for all those who appreciate everything Ole has done for football fans throughout the world. Ole's at the wheel, long may this continue.
Lee Inkson
Lee Inkson - 23 dager siden
No manager is the right man with that useless inept board running the show recipe for disaster
Tebogo Mashapha
Tebogo Mashapha - 23 dager siden
Mark is toooo emotional
Jose Maldonado
Jose Maldonado - 23 dager siden
Our prob in defense is NOT Lindelof!! Pair Lindelof with Axel or Baily and we'd be better than now.