Solskjaer's Man Utd Player Ratings So Far! Man Utd News

Solskjaer's Man Utd Player ratings so far! See which Man Utd players have succeeded and flopped as voted for by you. Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand🔔 CHRISTMAS JUMPERS HERE

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Em Simpson
Em Simpson - 5 dager siden
Mark slates McTominay every week and then is surprised when the fans give him an under average score..
Shirish Baral
Shirish Baral - 12 dager siden
Fair rating for Martial is 3,4
ChrisKatsu - 12 dager siden
Thea ratings shows are always a laugh as mark continues his mission to convince people a 6 is average. Most others (inc Flex when he done player ratings) would argue 5 is where you start and average. But during these shows Mark will always say it’s 6 about a million times and act shocked when he is c.1 point higher than everyone else’s score lol
Mika-eel Khan
Mika-eel Khan - 12 dager siden
Ole should be a 1. I can't believe he's still in a job
Mika-eel Khan
Mika-eel Khan - 12 dager siden
Juan Mata played very well in our Cup Games, Created practically the only chances in the Chelsea game. And has been extremely important. 5.4 what are people thinking🤯
Sean - 12 dager siden
Maguire and pogba -100
Stupid Pig
Stupid Pig - 12 dager siden
Maguire is a disgrace
xpkx360 - 12 dager siden
U could easily drop martial to a 4
jyothidas N
jyothidas N - 12 dager siden
Fred has been very impactful when we needed him this season (so far).
Louis Johnson
Louis Johnson - 12 dager siden
Shaw higher than AWB, jesus
Callum Leighton
Callum Leighton - 12 dager siden
He does realise were in the bottom half of the table and hes giving people an 8😂
Footy is life
Footy is life - 12 dager siden
He got the hat rick markkkkkk mate 90 min
Mohd Hasyudin
Mohd Hasyudin - 12 dager siden
Phil Jones should get perfect 10.He will be players of the season !!!
xBoothy - 12 dager siden
Pogba worse rating than Maguire? Seriously?
The Devils Verdict
The Devils Verdict - 12 dager siden
Have you watched united play this season or do you just watch youtube 5 minute montages of Pogba? It's a rhetorical question because the answer is obvious.
BeeCeeHQ - 12 dager siden
How did Pogba even get a 4 ?
The United Reflection
The United Reflection - 12 dager siden
Rashford did get a hatrick against Leipzig he scored after the penalty
Κωστας Μπαμιχας
Mark being an instigator of mctominays 5. Then acting all suprised!!!!😈😬
MrDwGamer - 12 dager siden
Bruno has literally not had a bad game Whenever he’s lost which is not very often Every time it’s because of the team around him not performing he delivers every game our team need to get him the ball more In big games
splashum snm
splashum snm - 12 dager siden
If victor linderlof is a 5.9😂 I'm not debating football wid any man utd fam again.linderlof is an easy 8 so far
Caleb James
Caleb James - 12 dager siden
Marcus did get a hatrick he could of got 4 if he had taken the penalty
Mike Scott
Mike Scott - 13 dager siden
Where was telles
sbsbarik5 - 13 dager siden
Why cant we use mata as no 8..
John Wigmore
John Wigmore - 13 dager siden
Pogba would be lucky to get a 2, his been awful so far. Hope he gets better
Le Roi du Hip Hop Na
Le Roi du Hip Hop Na - 13 dager siden
I would've given Luke Shaw an 8 he has been close to flawless this season.
Alexander Coetzer
Alexander Coetzer - 13 dager siden
Where is Telles
Alfie Simpson
Alfie Simpson - 13 dager siden
How can all the players have above average scores when you are at the lower half of mid table? So that’s above average for utd?
abdulrahman alali
abdulrahman alali - 13 dager siden
Hey Mark
Skeng Man
Skeng Man - 13 dager siden
that's a joke for ole, how can he get a 5 with a terrible start to the season and constant talk of sacking, out managed by inferior teams and defensive tactics. should have gotten a 3 at most, jokers.
jyothidas N
jyothidas N - 12 dager siden
Changing the manager is the smallest problem that can be fixed. A DOF a cdm, a CB, a rw is what we need.
jyothidas N
jyothidas N - 12 dager siden
We need to back our manager
jyothidas N
jyothidas N - 12 dager siden
We need to be consistent. Sometimes we produce extraordinary results but sometimes we are average
jyothidas N
jyothidas N - 12 dager siden
Maybe if ole had got the players he wanted like grealish sancho upamecano it would have been a different story.
Daniel Josevski
Daniel Josevski - 13 dager siden
Rashford did get a hatrick. He scored his 3rd after he gave martial the penalty.
taner aliosman
taner aliosman - 12 dager siden
And Martial done all the softening up for Rashford to come on FRESH to put the finishing touch which only proves Rashford is best off tge bench!!
amir sofian
amir sofian - 13 dager siden
So this is how Goldbridge thinks when sober...
Siddharth - 13 dager siden
You give Pogba a 4 but give Mctominay a 6????what are you on today mark😂
Gunslinger Oy
Gunslinger Oy - 12 dager siden
Why is that not fair?
Aiden - 13 dager siden
wan bissaka?
Fitzroy 1878 Williams
Fitzroy 1878 Williams - 13 dager siden
Ole out
Oscar Flores
Oscar Flores - 13 dager siden
I think Freds slightly too low and Bruno slightly too high. Consistency is key
Haywood J'blome
Haywood J'blome - 12 dager siden
Fred hasn't played nearly as much as Bruno. The more the number of games, the harder it is to keep consistency
Stefan Wagner
Stefan Wagner - 13 dager siden
How does Mark give Mata a 5 and McTominay a 6? Mata is miles better
Krishnadev Nair
Krishnadev Nair - 13 dager siden
4_2_3_1 Telles Maguire Taunzebe wanBisakka
Fred van de Beek
Martial Bruno Rashford
Gk De gea
Shirish Baral
Shirish Baral - 12 dager siden
@Krishnadev Nair Greenwood
Krishnadev Nair
Krishnadev Nair - 12 dager siden
@Shirish Baral who else?
Shirish Baral
Shirish Baral - 12 dager siden
Not Martial
Rob United
Rob United - 13 dager siden
How is a 5 under average🤣 5 is average surly
J Westlake
J Westlake - 13 dager siden
Rashy did get the Hatrick mark
Jack Ferris
Jack Ferris - 13 dager siden
Rashford did get a hattrick 🤦🏻🤦🏻
vaz - 13 dager siden
Bro what a boring segment, obviously no new news,
Harry Galt05
Harry Galt05 - 13 dager siden
Rashford did get hatrick
Daniel Moroney
Daniel Moroney - 13 dager siden
Shane dawson
Paul Taylor
Paul Taylor - 13 dager siden
A 5 out of 10 rating for ole for the start of the season. If you take away the champions league games its a 2.
Paul Taylor
Paul Taylor - 12 dager siden
@Tevin Coley where are your standards? A 4 if it was a wolves or a leicester but a 2 for us
Tevin Coley
Tevin Coley - 13 dager siden
More like 4
TwoSixFour - 13 dager siden
What is your thing with Maguire 🤦 literally been class since the spurs game
TwoSixFour - 12 dager siden
@Gunslinger Oy exactly, and i always increase his aggregated score on the player ratings by +1 because of the downies that will just vote a bad score
Gunslinger Oy
Gunslinger Oy - 12 dager siden
I agree mate, this channel in general (ie the comment section) seems reluctant to praise him and help pick him back up with support. Kicked him while he's been down. Couple of good games in a row now for us and England and there's not even been a hint of "he's doing well let's hope he continues and keeps getting better"
cogamers84 - 13 dager siden
1-0 defeat to Arsenal, 2-1 defeat to Basaksehir = masterclass
Rayz - 13 dager siden
Some players have been decent but it’s not good enough for United. Has our standards really fallen that low. This season so far I wouldn’t give anyone anything higher than a 7
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Manchester is red
Manchester is red - 13 dager siden
Rashford did score a hat trick mark!!!!!
Red DevilZz
Red DevilZz - 13 dager siden
@Matt B making a mistake and not recalling something correctly means you dont know what you are talking about?
Matt B
Matt B - 13 dager siden
It’s just proof he chats pure waffle n doesn’t know what he’s talking about
United84 - 13 dager siden
Nobody has been truly outstanding but I’d say Shaw Fred De Gea and at times Bruno have been the most consistent so far. If it weren’t for his performance against Everton I wouldn’t even put Bruno in there. VDB has been good whenever he has played but it’s more of a N/A for him cause he’s not really played enough
Bags - 13 dager siden
Now Shaw is starting to cross the ball he’s already 100x better. He’s solid for us now.
Jaison Paget
Jaison Paget - 13 dager siden
Pogba looks like he has fallen out of love with football
Daniel Oyeniran
Daniel Oyeniran - 13 dager siden
after pushing McSauce propaganda the entire season, goldbridge thinks 5 is a harsh mark from his loyal supporters
Spurs Flying High
Spurs Flying High - 13 dager siden
Garbage pundit, and garbage club, almost ruined the special one, Mourinho. He is too good for your trash board.
J Plays
J Plays - 13 dager siden
First, the amount of work this channel does for the charity, to fight a horrible decease deserves nothing more then a massive applause. Respect!
Now let's talk about things which are part of daily life aswell. Football. And I am sorry to say this, but I think we are complacent. We fell asleep. We are okay with the attempt of lowering expectations by the board. We don't care anymore. Where are our demands? You obviously love to be in a 7 season rebuild! It's ridiculous! Seriously! a 3.5 Overall performance is way too much. Wake up!!! We are 14th on the table!! We should be atleast third! And you are satisfied with that?? Seriously?
Hope Chigudu
Hope Chigudu - 13 dager siden
Rashford got a hat trick against RB Leipzig
Felisberto Soares
Felisberto Soares - 13 dager siden
Playerz_ YT
Playerz_ YT - 13 dager siden
Rashford had a hatrick
James Allen
James Allen - 13 dager siden
he did get a hat-trick
john omahony
john omahony - 13 dager siden
Rashford did get a hat trick against leipzig
thawng peter
thawng peter - 13 dager siden
David and Bruno are the best player so far this season
Kob Ross-Aikins
Kob Ross-Aikins - 10 dager siden
David for sure. Bruno has been as bad as he has been good this season. As the vice captain last 5 games Chelsea - poor Lepizig - he didn’t play until 70th min Arsenal he was very poor (Maguire did more in attack than Bruno and Pogba combined) Instabul he was terrible Everton he was amazing
Vince Senile McMahon
Vince Senile McMahon - 12 dager siden
Marc and Anto have done well
Dar Mon
Dar Mon - 12 dager siden
Luke has been phenomenal
david suwardi
david suwardi - 12 dager siden
jaden - 12 dager siden
@HY_Xpired at the back but he needs to step going forward he first touch and control is off sometimes he needs to improve going forward like luke shaw did since alex talles been here
Trevor Cross
Trevor Cross - 13 dager siden
Says a lot Martial can,t get jn france game and why should he
A T - 13 dager siden
What are you on about?
Ando - 13 dager siden
Those who are against Pogba, man's made it clear saying he wanted to leave last year, but someone chose to keep him against his will. So why you hating?.
J-LINDO 6 - 13 dager siden
@Ando EXACTLY 🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫
Ando - 13 dager siden
@Michael Galea Yeah,but let's say you run a company right. Would you hire someone who didn't want to be there, and then get upset when that person performs sub-par? Even Fergie Sold Ronaldo when he said his heart was set for Madrid.
Michael Galea
Michael Galea - 13 dager siden
Because you get paid to do a job and he isn't doing it simple
Tamir rahman
Tamir rahman - 13 dager siden
Which left back would you prefer Shaw or Telles
Trevor Cross
Trevor Cross - 13 dager siden
Dan Smith
Dan Smith - 13 dager siden
GLAZERS OUT OUT OUT OUT..season over for Utd. Too inconsistent.
Rob Zombie
Rob Zombie - 13 dager siden
Some players who are getting an average would be less than that if they had better ability themselves. Like he said a Pogba average is a lot more than McTominay being his average because hes just not on the same level.
Divout - 12 dager siden
If we're rating on ability Pogba should be a 2-3 and McTominay a 7. Pogba is a good player that overall has been horrible. McT a average player that har been average to good. Even if you discount potential McT has been way better than Pogba this season.
D W - 13 dager siden
Mark's prediction majorly matching with the polls
Emperor Ceaser
Emperor Ceaser - 13 dager siden
We have been and currently we got good players but bad coaches so far. Until we get the right manager, any player we sign will fail.
A Romanian guy
A Romanian guy - 13 dager siden
🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ you're so stupid....just go..
Joe Kavanagh
Joe Kavanagh - 13 dager siden
De Gea is playing well because he has Henderson breathing down his neck
Mcnally145 - 13 dager siden
Good ol vanny beek
Raku - 13 dager siden
Mark gives Scott a 6 and Paul a 4 they've been just as bad as each other
The Devils Verdict
The Devils Verdict - 12 dager siden
McT along side Fred in the double pivot have been top draw. He's the new easy target. When Ole tampers with Fred and McT like the Arsenal game, the team fall to pieces. McT is not a great technical player but he and Fred provide the platform for match winners. A 4 for Pogba was generous.
Jack & the headbangers
Jack & the headbangers - 13 dager siden
AWB is overrated atm...he hardly crosses or makes those overlapping runs like in an attacking side would... actually we don't have enough attacking players..
Robin Rixon
Robin Rixon - 13 dager siden
Way too kind on all the ratings in my opinion.
cogamers84 - 13 dager siden
Martial, Greenwood, Bailly's ratings seemed too high
Tevin Coley
Tevin Coley - 13 dager siden
True how the hell is 6 average lol 5 is average not 6 some od these ratings should be way lower
Tanmay Mohanty
Tanmay Mohanty - 13 dager siden
I thought Telles was done with quarantine. Couldn't seem to make it for the ratings.
Pedro Brites
Pedro Brites - 13 dager siden
cavani is better than van de beek lol you just assume he is old, you going to see haha
The Devils Verdict
The Devils Verdict - 12 dager siden
@Nicholas Hernandez spot on fella. Cavani has looked more dangerous than Martial with the scraps he's had. After project restart it looked like Martial had turned a corner. Now we are back to the old Martial. Taking the easy option by going to the ball instead of making runs in behind and occupying the box.
Nicholas Hernandez
Nicholas Hernandez - 13 dager siden
I'd like to see Cavani start a game. I think he should start ahead of Martial. Why compare him to Donny though? They play two very different positions so it seems strange.
Venkatesh S
Venkatesh S - 13 dager siden
The vast majority didn't give 5 for Ole. The Ole ins rated him a 10 and the Ole outs a 1 and surprisingly the fans have been absolutely divided 50/50 with Ole.
Ry Earl
Ry Earl - 12 dager siden
@jaden u can't compare my support for our manager who is a club legend to the support of people who are here bleeding the club dry and don't care for the club at all
Ry Earl
Ry Earl - 12 dager siden
@jaden I'm not blind believing im supporting the man whos manager till he's not our manager coz he deserves the backing till he's been sacked or walks,I don't control who gets the job
Ry Earl
Ry Earl - 12 dager siden
I'm ole out but I don't want the owners or Woodward either, I didn't want ole in the first place, I think he should have only been here till the end of that season when he was caretaker manager,I wanted poch b4 Jose came in
Ry Earl
Ry Earl - 12 dager siden
@jaden hell no I don't support them and trust me I aint no sheep
jaden - 12 dager siden
@Ry Earl so should we support the glazers and ed as long as they are here as well then ? Don't be a sheep and do the blind believe thing i take it a game by game i don't do the ole out thing like i said if he does good he gets the credit when he doesn't he gets criticized that's it .
Gustav Häggendal
Gustav Häggendal - 13 dager siden
Scott was decent against PSG and Everton but consistently the worst player in the team in most other games. 5 is fair.
Greatest Analyser
Greatest Analyser - 13 dager siden
I’m happy OGS got 5, he has been shocking. If it wasn’t for the champions league, it would have been alot less
Galaxy Pumps
Galaxy Pumps - 13 dager siden
Mark rashford did get the hatrick. Respect to u doing the charity livestream
Tee Mill
Tee Mill - 13 dager siden
Gabriel Bailey
Gabriel Bailey - 13 dager siden
Says a lot about how far man United have fallen that they're in 14th and players are getting 6s and 7s
Dirty James
Dirty James - 12 dager siden
It's not only league form it includes the European results
Rob Zombie
Rob Zombie - 13 dager siden
The quality of the players is way down
Ricky Spanishhh
Ricky Spanishhh - 13 dager siden
The Phil Jones liberation society demands you let him go FREE PHILJONES!!
Asad Suleyman
Asad Suleyman - 13 dager siden
Someone needs to remind mark that jessey lingard is stil at this footbal club😂😂,,he did feature in some cup games
Ronaldo Owino
Ronaldo Owino - 13 dager siden
Hopefully everyone is well, Dan james last scored a PL goal for Manchester united on 31st august, 2019.
Ferenc Fajkusz
Ferenc Fajkusz - 12 dager siden
That's still better than Lingard.;))
TK S - 13 dager siden
@Robin Hood martial agenda by a British. Not surprised
New York
New York - 13 dager siden
@Robin Hood totally agree. Im sad to say it
Robin Hood
Robin Hood - 13 dager siden
Anthony O
Anthony O - 13 dager siden
@BoomBoi 💯
Jack & the headbangers
Jack & the headbangers - 13 dager siden
De gea 8
Maguire 4.3
Lindelof 5
Shaw 5
AWB 4.5
Mctominay 5
Fred 5.4
Pogba 4.5
Bruno 7
Rashford 4
Martial 4
Ole... Mark 😁
Our squad is overrated imo.. almost all players aren't total nor a complete player in their positions....some can tackle but can't pass..some will defend but won't attack...we haven't replaced Ronaldo and scholes since they've left United
Jack & the headbangers
Jack & the headbangers - 12 dager siden
@The Devils Verdict the board is @#*tt ....hope ole steadies the ship until we get hands on a good manager/coach or else we'd have to wait like Liverpool for sm1 like Klopp for 30 odd years...I'm so gutted...
The Devils Verdict
The Devils Verdict - 12 dager siden
@Jack & the headbangers your right. it's sad we are splitting hairs on players that normally would never be good enough for us. But that's where we are.
Jack & the headbangers
Jack & the headbangers - 12 dager siden
@The Devils Verdict yes..ur right..we'd b much far we've fallen innit?
The Devils Verdict
The Devils Verdict - 12 dager siden
Sorry mate. I've seen ever second of United's season. If it wasn't for the double pivot of Fred and McT united would be even worse off. But I respect your opinion. I think a 6.5 for both us fairer.
Ihab Ammoury
Ihab Ammoury - 13 dager siden
My player of the year so far, will be Fred, i'm telling you all Fred is unbelievable on the pitch 🔥
Ry Earl
Ry Earl - 12 dager siden
I will continue to get behind fred till he's not red
safe - 12 dager siden
@Ry Earl Sadly I have to trust concrete numbers over one persons eye test but have a good one
Katherine -
Katherine - - 12 dager siden
@safe i agree, he is very good at the things he's good at but he isn't good enough in the rest to be considered a great player
Ry Earl
Ry Earl - 12 dager siden
@safe u can find all the stats to make fred look great or crap but my eyes will judge him and not your stats
Ry Earl
Ry Earl - 12 dager siden
@safe anyway gotta go dude
Francisco Martins
Francisco Martins - 13 dager siden
I think Rasford deserves more than 7
Jacob - 13 dager siden
Correction: Mark said rashy didn’t get his hattrick cos he gave martial the pen but he scored another goal after the pen
Rohit Roy
Rohit Roy - 13 dager siden
You should have taken the average of all ratings so far this season but with a minimum number of games played criteria to pass.
Nicklas Kildeholm
Nicklas Kildeholm - 13 dager siden
How can players get these ratings, When we are 14 in the league, should we be relegated and each players score 10 own goals to get lower than 4? its ridiculous, and show the small club mentality our fanbase has been poisoned by, its sad and are disgrace, i will never get that small club mentality. My Ratings De Gea(6) Henderson(5) Tuanzebe(6)Baily(3) Lindelof(4) Maguire(2)AWB 5(He need to get better attacking wise) Shaw(6) Matic(2)McT(3) DVB(6) Fred(7,5) Bruno(7,5) Pogba(2) Mata(4) James(3) Rashford(6,5) Greenwood(3) Martial(3) Ighalo(1) Cavani(5) Ole(2)
cogamers84 - 13 dager siden
I don't know how Greenwood got a high rating. He's been sh*t this season
Tevin Coley
Tevin Coley - 13 dager siden
@safe true cavani barely plays comes on in last 10 minutes of games
Tevin Coley
Tevin Coley - 13 dager siden
Agree with this sitting down wondering wth lol fans got carried away by the psg and leipzig games anf forget about the rest of terrible games we played
safe - 13 dager siden
I agree with all your ratings bar AWB. Below Cavani? Very very harsh.
yonis - 13 dager siden
I've said the same thing! We can't drop the standards of the club ! Why give these guys high scores when haven't won a game at home in the league this season and sit 14th
Talent Scouting
Talent Scouting - 13 dager siden
I hope these Pogba lovers get some knowledge in their brain.Pogba is fantastic player but he is not up-to the mark.These fans of Pogba always rate least Bruno because He took his CAM position.Pogba is good with his heart and Loves Manchester United but due to some useless Reporters and Their Over Ambitious fans He(Pogba) has got all blames. Bruno DVDB and Pogba together
The Chronic
The Chronic - 13 dager siden
True he’s not a pl player he’s on the ball too long and doesn’t release it quick enough so he loses possession too much. I guarantee he goes to Madrid or juve and he’s back to the way he used to be under juventus
Kordell Edmondson
Kordell Edmondson - 13 dager siden
beatsprodbycm - 13 dager siden
Easily Bruno.
Msquared - 13 dager siden
martial needs to become more of poacher
CHINCHINCHINNY - 13 dager siden
Mark Rashford DID score a ha trick against Leipzig. Are you dense? Smh
Sufyan Billel
Sufyan Billel - 13 dager siden
This is proof there are two Goldbridges...
Dar Mon
Dar Mon - 12 dager siden
Always felt one mark wasn't enough
Ihab Ammoury
Ihab Ammoury - 12 dager siden
@Bïłłÿ çøøñėÿ this was prerecorded mate
Azaan Khalid
Azaan Khalid - 13 dager siden
@Bïłłÿ çøøñėÿ how’s that weird lol 🤣
Johan PI
Johan PI - 13 dager siden
@Bïłłÿ çøøñėÿ huh how’s that weird
Bïłłÿ çøøñėÿ
Bïłłÿ çøøñėÿ - 13 dager siden
@Johan PI wth??? so weird
WHT Benji
WHT Benji - 13 dager siden
Rashford did get the hattrick against Rb leipzig. Love the content keep it up 🙌
safe - 13 dager siden
@Tim Jones No he was thinking Rashford that's why he said about giving Martial the pen, I think his brain just forgot the last one
Tim Jones
Tim Jones - 13 dager siden
He's probably thinkin Bruno, he gave up his hat trick to play in Cavani to score his first goal for us against Everton
Your mum LovesCharlesDickins
Your mum LovesCharlesDickins - 13 dager siden
Yeah gotta big up rashford. Gave away the pen and still got his hattrick!!
Owen Mcdaid
Owen Mcdaid - 13 dager siden
He did get the hattrick Mark
John up gaming
John up gaming - 13 dager siden
Maguire is a 4 so far, I do agree with the 5 but cuz he’s the captain I’m more picky and he’s a 4 for me
Nomical Kyyy
Nomical Kyyy - 13 dager siden
Thanks mark keep up the good work
Kroggy - 13 dager siden
Mcsauce should consider himself lucky with a 5😂
Rishi Kamath
Rishi Kamath - 13 dager siden
The ratings don't make sense.
We've had more bad and terrible performances compared to good and exceptional.
The consistent performers like Fred and Bruno deserve their ratings but in most cases, it should have been a point lower.
Luke Parisot
Luke Parisot - 13 dager siden
Yep. Honestly Fred deserves an 8
Red Devil
Red Devil - 13 dager siden
@L-e-gendary Maybe not in terms of performance but Bruno consistently gets goal involvements. How can you not be consistent yet have one of the best G/A numbers itw?
Jason Bacon
Jason Bacon - 13 dager siden
@L-e-gendary hes our best player, the game changer, the reason we win. he should be around 8, but overall, I do think that everyone should be a point lower
Fedje Tang
Fedje Tang - 13 dager siden
@L-e-gendary Shaw? I get that he hasn't been fantastic going forward. But, rock solid defender.
L-e-gendary - 13 dager siden
Bruno hasn't been consistent though..... Fred been consisted but not bruno. Shaw been average to be honest. He keep forgetting his defensive duties most of the time.