Solskjaer's FURIOUS RANT! Man Utd News Now

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Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was furious after Man Utd's win over Everton and let his critics know exactly how he feels? Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand. 🔔 SUBSCRIBE here
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Khayelihle Shozi
Khayelihle Shozi - 21 dag siden
Ole out this guy is literally the worst manager in the league and Im not exaggerating😔
H Youtube
H Youtube - 21 dag siden
Asmr Tingles
Asmr Tingles - 21 dag siden
What happened to mark being positive
Abdul Rashid
Abdul Rashid - 21 dag siden
We should stick to this style and tactic.
Alax Whiteman
Alax Whiteman - 21 dag siden
Next time we win league it won’t be in 90s kid life time
Shadradstar - 21 dag siden
So he moaned in September that we hadn't had a pre-season and hadn't played enough games and now he's saying we're playing too many. People in all manner of industries work long hours, travel a lot and they don't get paid millions of pounds a year. It was a good win., but Ole blaming United's form on a fixture 'conspiracy' is embarrassing.
Springtrap Lover2010
Springtrap Lover2010 - 21 dag siden
Under Sir Alex he used the siege mentality to get the best from his team, it was always them against us. Does anyone else notice that nearly every season we get into the CL we play away in Europe on a Wednesday and then we get a half 12 kick off away to Everton, that fixture always seems to miraculously appear.
ONA - 21 dag siden
Martin Murithi
Martin Murithi - 21 dag siden
defence problems and more leadership
Joshua Kimmich is the player to take united to the next level
Sam Call
Sam Call - 22 dager siden
Mark getting round to wat the players r up to... Wiz board blessings by keeping the ringleaders on board..
David Crowley
David Crowley - 22 dager siden
Give Ole a chance , another manager will take another two years to find his right squad, so Ole in, United fans need to stand by him, what has pochatino won
pj neon
pj neon - 22 dager siden
ole has played in champions league and epl during sir alex days, he should know how many games at least in a week. why is this new for him?? if cannot handle its ok , next year u wont be in the champions league base on the way u manage.
sirishgreen - 22 dager siden
He also made the point about covid and when we played. Not just when we played. His problem is the extra pressure mental and physical from covid is exacerbated by stupid scheduling with no thought for the players in this difficult time.
nick toh
nick toh - 22 dager siden
Ole in
Avishek Choudhury
Avishek Choudhury - 22 dager siden
Go go go... Ole ole ole
Datty - 22 dager siden
Weak mentality from Ole. Imagine complaining about the schedule when you have just won. Not to mention the fact that the schedules have been like this for ever when it comes to big teams. Crying about the schedule screams of a weak squad and small club mentality
Beenbarian - 22 dager siden
When you was a player under Fergie you was always under pressure, so he's probs right there
George Papps
George Papps - 22 dager siden
Ole in!
Josh Solomon
Josh Solomon - 22 dager siden
i dont think man u can afford to sack ole
Mohammed D Malik
Mohammed D Malik - 22 dager siden
The Ole press conference was the sign of a man who was resigned to defeat and the sack before the game, but winning today change that and he let all his emotions out.
He sounds grateful to the players and looks like he's about to cry.
Neil Jackson
Neil Jackson - 22 dager siden
I’m not buying that from Ole. He’s clearly under pressure and it’s getting to him. Reminded me of Keegan
Compilation Central
Compilation Central - 22 dager siden
I think the ole we see in press conferences pre match etc is different to the ole in the dressing room. It's actually very intelligent he makes it almost impossible for the press to hate on him, any other manager would get a serious amount of hate at this point
Michae V
Michae V - 22 dager siden
it hurts the league. needs to change and make the bpl more dominant in every european competition
Z A - 22 dager siden
the day ole realised VDB can play where Mata was playing is the day when we will start to kick on
Joe Macdonald
Joe Macdonald - 22 dager siden
TUS needs to chill on these adverts
planetdean - 22 dager siden
How do you have enough content for a 45min video? 🤷🏽‍♀️😅 love it
Dan Driscoll
Dan Driscoll - 22 dager siden
I'm not gonna panic yet, we're only 5 points from 3rd with a game in hand
Douglas Roehling
Douglas Roehling - 22 dager siden
Ba goal was it for me with ole
Duncan Kabitto
Duncan Kabitto - 22 dager siden
Why is ole not that angry when the team loses, if he was I think they would lose less games. Ole is using the fixture list as an excuse as he nows he can't get consistency.
Abraham Chinye
Abraham Chinye - 22 dager siden
We're not Bruno FC. Fred is a big factor in our wins but let's just ignore that.
RAJEN MOODLEY - 22 dager siden
Not concerned or confused always wait for someone signs on the dotted line just like yr transfer rumors about sancho
Gavin Haynes
Gavin Haynes - 22 dager siden
Need to let ole get on with it, imagine if utd sacked fergie after 100 games. Sucess takes time
Ray E
Ray E - 22 dager siden
Mark You've not been very very tough on Maguire, you have been very very very wrong
Lee Bruce
Lee Bruce - 22 dager siden
You will sign Sancho next summer. He’s been poor this season so far and it looks like he’s tryna bring his value down.
RAJEN MOODLEY - 22 dager siden
Players need some sort of discipline /punishment for unforced errors or giving the ball away
heyne williams
heyne williams - 22 dager siden
Looks like we need to defensive players to shield maguire.
BOY DILA - 22 dager siden
I think it more like "Bruno at the wheel".. Martial can't score but play for 80 minutes.. What a joke
Christopher Bourne
Christopher Bourne - 22 dager siden
Ole out
He's not a good coach, man utd will get relegated if he stays, I can make predictions that if he stays we won't get past 66 points.
DJ Alastair Stirrup
DJ Alastair Stirrup - 22 dager siden
I'm olie out to many bitches flip flopping
mike CASS
mike CASS - 22 dager siden
If I was a player listening to this I would call you a prat. As if our players are just not trying. Do you hear yourself. Say it to Fred’s face. Idiot
WALLSTREETJOURNAL999 - 22 dager siden
Us United fans have been like a broken family lately...
Darren Gorin
Darren Gorin - 22 dager siden
I was moyes out, guess what,, I got the win and knew he'd be sacked.
I was also lvg and jose out and I'll say the same with ole. I'll get the win eventually and look good for calling it out i will keep with this logic with the next manager after ole I will say the same and get the win once he is sacked and look good for calling it out... utd fans nowadays
Steven Whitfield
Steven Whitfield - 22 dager siden
Love how you say he picked a good team mid week they were embarrassing. They pick a bad team today but win. Maybe he knows the players better ....
Jonathan Brady
Jonathan Brady - 22 dager siden
This is perhaps the most astute observation I've yet witnessed on the show. I think psychologically, the players need the right motivation and Ole is still trying to figure that out. I think he's been a nice guy to his detriment. He's not a bad manager but he IS still a bit inexperienced tactically and has some things to figure out when it comes to man-management (Pun intended).
Richard Obiekwe
Richard Obiekwe - 22 dager siden
Pogba is our best midfielder. Only delusional fans and pundits with personal agenda will say otherwise. With all that ball control in the midfield. Pogba outers have nothing to say but price tag and consistency like there are other players in that club that are consistent.
Jamil Yassin
Jamil Yassin - 22 dager siden
Even if Ole wins, he lose. Everton have now lost three games in a row . Is their manager going to be sacked?
Anthony - 22 dager siden
Mark hit the nail on the head at 12:10. The fact we didn't prioritise an out and out DM in the summer is what is killing Pogba and DVBs playing time and our ability to win when the onus is on us to attack.
Leighton James
Leighton James - 22 dager siden
Back your manager
Pro Evo
Pro Evo - 22 dager siden
Don't care what he is ranting about or if its right or wrong, this is the side of Ole we need to see more, the fighting spirit!💪
aklordx - 22 dager siden
Finally seen Ole’s true side, more of this please Ole. More ruthlessness.
Anthony - 22 dager siden
Sounds like he knows there was some truth to the Poch rumours. Happened to LVG as well.
Barry holloway
Barry holloway - 22 dager siden
Dont agree take bruno out wouldn't have one that game
TNMinotaur - 22 dager siden
Bruno has been consistently average but scores a penalty or gets and assist and everyone forgets the last 90 mins of horrible passes and lost possession it's crazy that's people ignore that fact
ADRIAN KEARNEY - 22 dager siden
utd have adopted the small club mentality to many games bla bla bla, he woant have to worry about that the way man utd are going they woant even make a europa leauge spot for next season . before people moan ole is not getting sacked he was given the job simply because he is getting far less pay than moyes , van gaal and jose were getting every year. in other words hes the cheap one
William Young
William Young - 22 dager siden
Sorry Mark totally disagree with a lot on what you have talked about, you completely missed the point on Ole was saying about playing on the Saturday morning, what he was rightly pointing out that Man City & Liverpool both played on the Tuesday and have their games on the Sunday, why couldn't they have had the Saturday slot and Man United then had the Sunday slot? Makes sense..
My second point, is here you are blaming the player's, the player's are playing to Ole's tactics, which a few days ago you had slated? Ole doesn't have a clue to which formation of which player's he wants to play, so many of the player's have been below par, easy to see why. Being playing out of position then the next game not starting.
Loved Ole as a player, but as a Manager he is out of his depth and this inconsistency will not go away.
Miguel De Adeje
Miguel De Adeje - 22 dager siden
I think its coaching , tactics and a weak manager ... the squad is made up of mostly international players .
Albin Johansson
Albin Johansson - 22 dager siden
"A wise man fears the wrath of a gentle man" - Nordic saying
Albin Johansson
Albin Johansson - 22 dager siden
@SmallPurpleBumpie there are several versions in the Nordic countries, also there is a fantasy version of one American author, Rothfus~ entertaining books
SmallPurpleBumpie - 22 dager siden
Mmm. I believe it's the wrath of a quiet man
Dorian Smith
Dorian Smith - 22 dager siden
Harry maguire did play well against Everton but they did play to his strengths. Crossing and lumping the ball in to Calvert Lewin he will win that aerial battle all day long. Fred an Bruno were fantastic
Mark Gould
Mark Gould - 22 dager siden
De Gea
Mark Gould
Mark Gould - 22 dager siden
The squad needs help.....Upamenaco, Rice, Sancho and Haaland would transform our team, you could even throw Bellingham in there as well.....
Ray Carl Brown-Amory
Ray Carl Brown-Amory - 22 dager siden
I feeling great that we won
Mark Gould
Mark Gould - 22 dager siden
The club hung Ole out to dry with that transfer window...with him being an inexperienced manager he needed all the help he could get.....
Efi Brilovski
Efi Brilovski - 22 dager siden
It's a question of quality, good players will perform in many games but not in all games. Great players will play at the same level just about every game and with the exception of one or two you don't have great players and as such, they will not perform game in and game out. and then there is the issue of who you play against and how they force your hand or not.
Jay Singh
Jay Singh - 22 dager siden
Spurs beat United 6-1 on a Sunday after playing Haifa on a Thursday, this midweek matches affects all teams who in Euro competitions
Apex_Pred4t0r - 22 dager siden
His excuses are absolutely embarrassing!!!!!! Just want him gone ASAP!!!!!! Will forever be in the same shitty cycle!!!!!! Cant believe people still think this guy's going to turn it around!!!
Mark Gould
Mark Gould - 22 dager siden
De Gea
Mark Gould
Mark Gould - 22 dager siden
Fred when we have to defend, DVB when we have to break teams down...
Dominque caswell
Dominque caswell - 22 dager siden
This is just the thing, Ole isn't the right guy for the job ,he is inconsistent and tactically clueless. We played a very very poor Everton side today and won, now all of a sudden his obvious flaws are overlooked.
A Povey
A Povey - 22 dager siden
I got no time for the players after this result
B.Alexander Johnstone
B.Alexander Johnstone - 22 dager siden
Can't we just enjoy and praise the good without agendas
Peter McLaren
Peter McLaren - 22 dager siden
and here we go! a win over a Everton team that are off the boil and ole is back to being a tactical genius! he has no style of play and he struggles reading a game (his substitutions show that) we need to put the emotional attachment with ole to one side and do whats best for the club and thats letting ole go. Better still I'd prefer ole to walk away and point his finger at the board and out them!
Rajalingam Seetharaam
Rajalingam Seetharaam - 22 dager siden
Finally ... finaĺly ... some passion ... from Ole ... get in there Son ... smash your way in ... be more angry ... 💪🏽💪🏼💪🏾💪🏻
Hlomlal10 - 22 dager siden
Ole won’t take us to the next level
Keegan Murphy
Keegan Murphy - 22 dager siden
You say look at the players but people like martial rashford always get passes on their inconsistent form. And the flip flop on matic Fred the cb pairings etc is deluded
Lewis Brannigan
Lewis Brannigan - 22 dager siden
Its great to actually see the changes the team are now doing to score goals shaw, wan are putting in more crosses and today we still know we are weak at the back maybe telles crossing in now maybe what we need :) i think we should support ole 100% covid is gonna be fucking up everyone.
Ross R-Dal
Ross R-Dal - 22 dager siden
People just look at the scoreline & forget we were totally outplayed once again today. Rashford was crap, so too Lindelof (BALL PLAYING CB my arse), McTom & Mata offer absolutely nothing on the pitch, Maguire is no leader & always leaves the CF man-marking job to his partner regardless of situation & who it is. How VDB doesn't start ahead of Mata & McTom is beyond belief.
Sohail Damree
Sohail Damree - 22 dager siden
When you have PAUL POGBA on the bench, I don't think that the players feel that they have a free run under Ole.
Blitz Kartel
Blitz Kartel - 22 dager siden
Hes garbage, sell him. 🗑Man
Keegan Murphy
Keegan Murphy - 22 dager siden
29:25 😂😂😂
Emamboccus umar riaz
Emamboccus umar riaz - 22 dager siden
I think Ole was crying.Hope he turn things around
Κωστας Μπαμιχας
Rashford on the right, Vdb on the left an telles behind him...
Matt Handford
Matt Handford - 22 dager siden
He won't play Van de Beek in the position he should be playing in on a regular basis.
Yusuf Best
Yusuf Best - 22 dager siden
They set him out to fail and he still win. Thats Ole for you..
Robi sali chris luki
Robi sali chris luki - 22 dager siden
Spurs played 5 games in 9 days and they impressed. Ole is trying to deflect the attention. Don't fall for it.
ioannis pelekanos
ioannis pelekanos - 22 dager siden
Mark covid messed the world and of course the football too where home or away games make no difference. It's like roller coaster pl .We debate and personally after man utd results and 15th position I felt we are gone.But if we win the game in hand we are only 6 points away from top.Why is bcause footballers are humans and covid mess the world and humans confidence 😎
ioannis pelekanos
ioannis pelekanos - 22 dager siden
Mark is being proved in covid times no fans in stadiums around the world
Dennis Murithi
Dennis Murithi - 23 dager siden
Hahahahahaha just laughing at short sighted fans. We have been on this road several times. No need to be confused. Ole must go. There is no ole confused.
cozza - 23 dager siden
Poor opinions, poor read on the situation, you are confused.
abdulrahman alali
abdulrahman alali - 23 dager siden
Hey Mark
Gunahlan Subas
Gunahlan Subas - 23 dager siden
am still not convinced by ole, look at chelsea now...all the best players are playing and playing well all over the pitch...and Ole in comparison is still picking teams that will keep him and his amateur coaching setup in a job! period...look at ziyech ffs...why can van de beek be that good for know what i'm saying
Rithvik Ks
Rithvik Ks - 23 dager siden
I don't think ole ever sat down in the whole game
Brazilian Sigma
Brazilian Sigma - 23 dager siden
Hate me all you want, but Martial needs to be dropped
Joe Rocha
Joe Rocha - 23 dager siden
ManU fans remind me of a soap opera, you have a very good team, last year you were crying about the champions league, your in it and its is stressing your team, relax, your load has increased
Deaner - 23 dager siden
As long as we're stuck with Woodward and the board, we're going to have to judge the manager by how well they manage with the players they have. I think if Ole was a better coach, he could get much more out of this team. You've talked about this in the past: most fans knowing what they know about this team's ownership would back Ole even if he didn't win trophies, just so long as the football was good, and we could see that he has a plan and philosophy.
Most people have to work at jobs where they don't get everything they want, but they use what they have and make the best of it. Football isn't a drudging 9 to 5 job, it's football. Ole should stop playing favorites, stop playing players out of position, and stop being a weasel about Van de Beek because he's mad he didn't get the players he wanted.
To be honest, Ole hasn't done anything to deserve getting Sancho, or any other super talent. Until he shows he can be consistent with what he has, he needs to appreciate the fact that he's got his dream job, and get to work.
sri murali sivadason
sri murali sivadason - 23 dager siden
The problem with these chat forums is u need material to speak abt everyday.. so one day we are ok the other we are not. Gets boring
Flywings Nlr
Flywings Nlr - 23 dager siden
Adding a new member to the coaching setup and taking the captaincy from maguire, will make me believe in Ole again
anubhav malik
anubhav malik - 23 dager siden
I think ole was pointing towards the board as well that he has been set up to fail
As we had the worst transfer activity and the board is playing with the fans and ole by dropping poch name in the papers
Tapa Saha
Tapa Saha - 23 dager siden
want ole to stay and players to step up!
Rob Ramos
Rob Ramos - 23 dager siden
When I first heard him going off I thought that this was the excuse he had lined up in the event that we lost.
Maybe he is actually angry about it but to go off like that makes me think his protecting himself and/or the team if he loses his jo to Poch. Very tactical
Sakhile Twaise
Sakhile Twaise - 23 dager siden
😹Good welcome.🤙🏼
Nikhil Serigar
Nikhil Serigar - 23 dager siden
If you back a manager, you need to back his judgement. It is extremely difficult to get all the flair players at once and in a formation that suits everyone. You cannot be - I am Ole In but I know what team to pick and what formation to play better than manager.
Besides, we have seen our results when all the "best" players have played, did not get the results we were after.
The results will decide Ole's future, till then, you either back him completely or you don't.
Tebogo Mashapha
Tebogo Mashapha - 23 dager siden
Ur not confused mate, it's called the fence