Solskjaer Press Conference Reaction! Man Utd vs RB Leipzig

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Ole Gunnar Solskjaer Press Conference reaction for Manchester United vs RB Leipzig in the Champions League. Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand. 🔔 FIFA Man Utd Career Mode Stream
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Ozzy Singer
Ozzy Singer - Måned siden
Oles mindset is that the playrs we have are quality. What else do you think he would say, he managed Cardiff and Molde. United players are quality compared to that shite.
Navin Manogaran
Navin Manogaran - Måned siden
Is it a big crime to not start with DVB, every big team have kept some good players on bench for longer time than DVB. Like how long before Nabi Keita was given his first start.
Badmus Adeyinka
Badmus Adeyinka - Måned siden
Ole is scared of loosing so much so he's willing to sacrifice the win.
LevelOnLevel - Måned siden
Well mahrez is at city and barely plays unless players are injured. Not everyone you bring in will play every game
Margaret Hii
Margaret Hii - Måned siden
I think Ole is shooting himself in the feet n his sacking is a matter of time????
george roe
george roe - Måned siden
Bobby Edwards
Bobby Edwards - Måned siden
Marks examples of situations is gold i listen to him for them alone superb 👌
john paul D
john paul D - Måned siden
Mark ADbridge😳👀👀👀
john paul D
john paul D - Måned siden
Prem ready . Telles cavani?? Your some sausage at times mark
Nathnael Tesfa
Nathnael Tesfa - Måned siden
I have a feeling he will start Daniel James agaisnt Leipzig and settle for a draw
J J - Måned siden
Last season, people were talking same about Greenwood. But eventually he got integrated into the team well. Whatever Ole does, many people will find what is there to criticise than appreciate. Period.
Atomic Puppet
Atomic Puppet - Måned siden
Daniel James is the next lingard where he hasn't scored a goal in a year
Kirubel A.
Kirubel A. - Måned siden
I came from the earlier video..what a bullshit thumbnail
Jonas gustavfsson
Jonas gustavfsson - Måned siden
Dont ply muguier plz
Mohammadparsa Parsaei
Mohammadparsa Parsaei - Måned siden
I think we played really well against Chelsea if we scored our chances we would have won easily.
mannie ramadhin
mannie ramadhin - Måned siden
Its come down experience of a manager I am not saying ole is not good
Mark Evans
Mark Evans - Måned siden
Too much moaning today to listen to it all
writer james
writer james - Måned siden
I believe the board bought Van de beek and not Olie . And that is why he is not playing him .
Nani Nels
Nani Nels - Måned siden
So glad that Mark is starting to see Ole is not good enough for us ,now going to enjoy the shows more 💯🍻
Craig Spires
Craig Spires - Måned siden
Mark is a point against chelsea not a good point.
tanay kumar
tanay kumar - Måned siden
With the horrible start that we had defensively, don't you think it's only natural to go defensive tactically?
Raphael Frank
Raphael Frank - Måned siden
When will we have a manager that just picks players on form not favouritism? This is my problem with the ole and Jose!
mpanji simwinga
mpanji simwinga - Måned siden
VDB will get his chance mark.. Relax. Jeez!!!!
kylebriffa7 - Måned siden
Mark you said it yourself. This IS a marathon. Ole is thinking long term, you're thinking short term. It's his call to make and we will judge at the end of the season. For all we know he can easily be rotated a lot with Bruno in the latter part of the season by which time he would have settled in well in his personal life and adapted to the system well.
Amani Okundi
Amani Okundi - Måned siden
The prem ready quote was on pellistri
John Ralph
John Ralph - Måned siden
Sir Alex had players who did not do what he wanted and he did not bend the system for them but just got rid of them
RuudBeatz - Måned siden
Do some call ins next episode mark
Rajeev K
Rajeev K - Måned siden
This is getting boring .... ranting about van de Beek.....
Akash Dixit
Akash Dixit - Måned siden
System+Better players = Title charge 🔥
Christan Gayle
Christan Gayle - Måned siden
Why the players strike out and that couch
Christan Gayle
Christan Gayle - Måned siden
We need a change of couch please Mr ed
Max leigh grace 88
Max leigh grace 88 - Måned siden
I wish Mark would leave the singing to the chart show as a warning to the ear abuse ahead......ache
TinoTinny M
TinoTinny M - Måned siden
Wan bissaka is 10000000000000000% starting
Ankit Lama
Ankit Lama - Måned siden
Ole pisses me off everytime he gives his enigmatic smile...
Donal Williams
Donal Williams - Måned siden
Why the fuss about Pogba? Did Fred and mctommy played in the 6-1 loss?... Give the manager a break
Fitzroy 1878 Williams
Fitzroy 1878 Williams - Måned siden
Ole out
buster colin
buster colin - Måned siden
If he starts or comes off the bench that would make Ole look weak and unsure of himself. VDB to start.
Gunahlan Subas
Gunahlan Subas - Måned siden
time to get a new computer Mark heh
AyeItsFon - Måned siden
score predictons?
WarrenG Regulate
WarrenG Regulate - Måned siden
Mctomany is an average player = Ole below average Manager. Goes figure 🤔
Neptune Official
Neptune Official - Måned siden
Give it time. We are kicking up a fuss and putting unnecessary pressure. Ole has to back his players about their quality. You can't just brand new players into new systems. Let him observes and unleash him. Its an ego of dressing room too. This B team needs to get strong mentally. Question if VDB starts and we lose what do you say then. You can't please everyone I guess.
Honeyboy - Måned siden
Fred and Scott are playing because they are form players that we need throughout the season, IN FORM, and they need to be playing regularly to get to that form
Teacher M
Teacher M - Måned siden
What a waste of a talent if he doesn't start Donny Van de Beek! I'm not sure whether Ole pick his players based on his favorites but not those who can play to win games. Well, I am losing my patience backing Ole.
SRL Back Up
SRL Back Up - Måned siden
Its because Solsjaer is trying to get the Sack
AI Wilson DW
AI Wilson DW - Måned siden
U think he pick players that defend
paul scarff
paul scarff - Måned siden
Could mctiminay and van der beak not do a gd job in midfield van der beak is a gd passer and defends well means u still have options and theres gd balance
Shane Simpson
Shane Simpson - Måned siden
Jason Kavanagh
Jason Kavanagh - Måned siden
Utter utter rubbish. Jaysus this lad has no understanding of football whatsoever. Players should be able to play any system? Has he ever watched a game ?
Yellow - Måned siden
ManUtd is ALWAYS looking for the big names. They don't get them and whomever they get they are disappointed about what they do or don't do. It's just a lot whining and complaining.
stavvy stavvy
stavvy stavvy - Måned siden
Mctominnay will get exposed by Leipzig they are better than PSG there midfield are very lively one touch and move.
Jon Snow
Jon Snow - Måned siden
I don’t like kfc wow box I like the other deals they do
colin heffernan
colin heffernan - Måned siden
Ole Gunnar Waffler
Adam Aydin
Adam Aydin - Måned siden
Average possession with Fred and mctom is something like 37 percent . When Pogba comes on we go to 56/57 percent . So ? Pogba has to play we shouldn’t be giving teams 2/3rds of the ball . We are Man U ffs
Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith - Måned siden
I really don't understand why you are so convinced that Donny should start over Fred/Scott who are being used as a ball winning duo to reduce the sheer amount of goals we have been conceding in the games prior. Its clear from the way he plays, that Donny is more of an attacking player, anyway who operates further forward from these two. He hardly ever played on the wing either prior to coming to United so don't really see him there either.
Mitch Trewin
Mitch Trewin - Måned siden
I like Fred at the moment tbh but you can’t play him and mctominay
Calvin - Måned siden
Ole is the manager of man utd he knows more about football than anyone does in this comment section. Keep on saying ole out but 6 months time when we have a new manager you will all be the ones complaining about how changing managers every week won’t win us the prem
Des Dog
Des Dog - Måned siden
god i hate mctominay useless
Thomas Lee
Thomas Lee - Måned siden
Balance and trust is a lie. We are being brainwashed with drivel.
Rafique Solomon
Rafique Solomon - Måned siden
Well none of us will ever know if his prem ready if he doesn't actually play In the prem
Little Billy
Little Billy - Måned siden
Van Der Beek has been the best player on field anytime he’s played. If you don’t agree you’re a moron with no football intelligence. Like Goldberg
Annet Ahmad
Annet Ahmad - Måned siden
Don't u think ole should use some of fargason tricks on players according to which I team we are playing
Annet Ahmad
Annet Ahmad - Måned siden
Just praying for van veek to start
ericjongard - Måned siden
If James play tomorrow i Will watch Barca instead.
Messymouf Entertainment
Messymouf Entertainment - Måned siden
mark says back ole after the transfer window and spends every show moaning about ole this guy actually makes me feel sick its like hearing some one talk on espn.its woodward out but nope yet again spread negative stuff about ole.well done
Messymouf Entertainment
Messymouf Entertainment - Måned siden
ole win 7 in 10 matches in last 30 games but ppl say ole out.go search how many managers are doing that
Messymouf Entertainment
Messymouf Entertainment - Måned siden
chelsea put werner and haverts in there team and its been poor chelsea fans are moaning and arsenal fans are saying arteta is the same as uni emry.
Jet Cleveland
Jet Cleveland - Måned siden
Ole saving James for arsenal lol lol
Messymouf Entertainment
Messymouf Entertainment - Måned siden
ppl moan about fred playing...fred plays then everyone moans about vdb playing.grow up
Jet Cleveland
Jet Cleveland - Måned siden
Dvb dvb
Messymouf Entertainment
Messymouf Entertainment - Måned siden
fact.scott has played better than pogba
Joakim Johansson
Joakim Johansson - Måned siden
I agree with Ole that the balance of the team is very important but he can use Van De Beek and still keep the balance so what he say is more an made up excuse. Beek is quality player and will bring a new dimension to Manchester United. Look at Bruno. His impact on the team and how much better united became after his arrival.
Obzen - Måned siden
The team selections just shows that Ole dont give a crap about getting criticism and just does exactly what he has to and sticks to his plan. Theres probably good reasons for his choices we know nothing about and he has the balls to have alot of our best players start at the bench vs chelsea. Stand by your manager! We all know what type of football Oles united play when things gel.
Sambhu Singh
Sambhu Singh - Måned siden
Ole will be Ola by Christmas.
Mr Big Knob
Mr Big Knob - Måned siden
Gets mad when he plays pogba gets mad when he benched him
MaklyRam - Måned siden
This video just shows why I have followed TUS for two years. Mark Goldbridge is spot on with the press conference analysis and the PE teacher analogy.
Mr Big Knob
Mr Big Knob - Måned siden
40 secs in and in already in stitches 😂
Hamdan Mohamad
Hamdan Mohamad - Måned siden
Y are u so so hard up dvb shld play? Results matters. The balance of the team is so important dont u know? Ya dvb scores against crystal palace but we also concede the 3rd goal when he was on the field. U nd not concede goal 1st b4 u hv a chance to win. I dont understand y ppl understand y frank lampard nd to play 5 at the back now bec they concede many goals but ppl dont understand or refuse to except wat solskjaer did is necessary.
Tomi Banks
Tomi Banks - Måned siden
He played his best team at the start of the season and it didn’t work out well. When he decided to play more attacking football his defense couldn’t handle it and everyone was calling for ole’s head, now that he’s getting results with a different system, it’s too defensive. I LITERALLY CANT. This is seriously tiring.
imo - Måned siden
Ole is cluesless
Bernhard Reknes
Bernhard Reknes - Måned siden
Ole pick Beek and we loose, Ole get blame by Ole outers. Mark, do you really dont trust that the best decision is made by coaches and Ole together.
Get on some callers Mark, so we can hear some other thoughts of things. Are getting bored of "I know best of how ManUtd will win every match" videos.
Utd4ever Podcasts
Utd4ever Podcasts - Måned siden
Your McSauce agenda is disgusting! Love Scott, hate plonker-bridge!
Kevin Mossop
Kevin Mossop - Måned siden
I think donny will want to leave in January
Cedro Cross
Cedro Cross - Måned siden
Sounds like Mark is getting onto Ole I love to see it
John Lyons
John Lyons - Måned siden
UNLEASH 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Rob C
Rob C - Måned siden
Ole is a PE teacher... JMO
Yg - Måned siden
I hope mcshit gets injured, can’t watch that dude play football and he’s the worst player I’ve ever seen ever. 🙄
Tiago - Måned siden
when he said he rather have a challenge than pick guys who aren’t ready for the PL, i think he means the youngsters.
Shawny Elstar
Shawny Elstar - Måned siden
Mark talk rubbish. We have not loss a game with mctom and fred in the team. When we start the better players we lose. Iast yea you moan about having a strong bench, now we do, you still moan. Yea you like football, and you are entitled to your opinion but you talk rubbish. I only follow this page because of your side jokes + flex and KG
Donatus Kissoon
Donatus Kissoon - Måned siden
Mark it is your Ole in stance that is clouding your understanding of the situation. Ole hasn't got a clue and should not be in charge of a Premier League club let alone United.
Dewi Evans
Dewi Evans - Måned siden
Ole sucks. If he can’t see that Van De Beek has done well every time he’s come on, if he wasn’t impressed by Telles and Tuenzebe against PSG, and if he doesn’t give Cavani a chance tomorrow then he’s not the man to take this club forward. I’m sorry but I’m rapidly becoming Ole out!
Donatus Kissoon
Donatus Kissoon - Måned siden
I am tired of Ole's passive-aggressive bullshit. Lose half your games in the first part of the season and you are out of contention before the end of the season. The obvious reason for the selection of the team is because Ole obviously did not want Donny and he is going to bench him as much as possible to vent. Not match ready is bullshit talk for "Cos I don't want to". Ricky has alawys had a screqw loose and half the time I wonder if he watched the same mateches that he did.
Edward Reid
Edward Reid - Måned siden
I’ll say it again ... the coaching staff and OLE are really poor at their job, they are picking their fave players and not players on form or players that are simply better quality .. OLE has to go , I no longer want him at the club, I’m now fed up with his stupid smiley Fuvkin face ,I’d say he’s CRAP at his job and no other prem team would take him as a manger
Joe Snow
Joe Snow - Måned siden
Ole just copies Fergie, but doesn't win enough games to back it up!
Arturo Filio Villa
Arturo Filio Villa - Måned siden
I don't like Ole and I like Poch better BUT this more defensive system has been working, we should wait and see if it works. I think a 3 4 2 1 where Telles and Bisaka play as the wingers and converting into a 5 4 1 when defending could work, that way we have wingers and two CM and a LM with rashford and RM with VDB with Martial or Cavani as the striker. Idk, it may me worth giving it a shot.
Anthony Franco
Anthony Franco - Måned siden
Mark i don’t know how you’re not OLE OUT if he literally is clueless. If you can pick dan james or mctominay over Pogba Van de Beek or Matic. That is ridiculous.
JOHN ASHLEY - Måned siden
L30887 - Måned siden
We started the season with no pre season, behind others on fitness, Ole is just going with Fred & McTominay because they are very familiar with each other & Bruno, and they have the best fitness/mobility which is key when you need to have a stable midfield to tighten up after getting smashed by Spurs and starting badly in the season. What is all of the outrage over, it's a lack of patience from the fans. Donny is a fantastic player, he will get into this team long term, especially if Pogba leaves next summer
Mutib alMutib
Mutib alMutib - Måned siden
Mark with modern technology smh..
he's like a clumsy old man 🤣🤣🤣
Rambling Boots
Rambling Boots - Måned siden
Curve ball - it was Woodward’s idea to buy VDB and Ole isn’t playing him much to show he wasn’t what we needed
Kolade Ayeni
Kolade Ayeni - Måned siden
The date is wrong Mark.