Solskjaer Press Conference Reaction! Everton vs Manchester United

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Ole Gunnar Solskjaer Press Conference reaction for Everton vs Manchester Unitedl in the Champions League. Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand. 🔔
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Prashant Ramakrishnan
Prashant Ramakrishnan - 20 dager siden
boy you can whine!!! you are an expectational talent!! nothing you have said have come true!!! just shut it!!
Dáithí Ó Pléimeann
Dáithí Ó Pléimeann - 20 dager siden
They could have sacked Ole after the last game then Poch would have come in and we might have had a chance at top four but now we have to wait another year to get into the CL.. Ole is a PE teacher, he is not a technical coach and what's the point in having tactics if you have technical players and you're not playing modern technical football. MU suck eggs at the moment and haven't a clue what they're doing in this modern era of football.
Dáithí Ó Pléimeann
Dáithí Ó Pléimeann - 20 dager siden
Get out Ole, please we've had enough of you.. Love you for what you have done but you are not a good manager so please leave.
Dáithí Ó Pléimeann
Dáithí Ó Pléimeann - 20 dager siden
We are stuck with Ole now for the next 5 matches now until MU hit another dip in form.. Why didn't they just get rid of him after the last match and bring in Poch.. I'm sick of his "get out there and play your best style football." We have good technical players so get in a good technical coach/manager like Poch, Nuno, Rodgers, Hag or even Wilder as Ole hasn't got a clue. Maybe the players heard Poch trains the crap out of his players so they were desperate not to get him in as manager for fear of losing Ole's laid back ways. This is a terrible result for MU today, as I was excited waiting for Poch to come in as our new manager.. Ole get out now, we love you but get out before you drag the club further into the crap.
James Lannon
James Lannon - 20 dager siden
Ole is talking out of his arse. This team should be glad there are no fans. Because if there were fans it would lead to a root Fucking fact!!
Margaret Hii
Margaret Hii - 20 dager siden
It’s just as well Jason Sancho’s transfer failed to materialise. Imagine, Ole justifying the Club’s consistently inconsistent performance after such a huge investment. He has not utilised DVB well. Team mgmt n teamwork is evidently poor
AZ - 20 dager siden
Moyes - wrong decision. LVG - wrong decision, Jose - seemed right but wrong, ole - wrong decision. We need a fresh and intelligent manager who can stay LONG TERM and has potential to be world class (i.e. poch, hassenhuttle, nuno, those are the options i would go for.)
Riko Mori
Riko Mori - 20 dager siden
The media bringing their guns now. When ole losing they shoot him mercilessly.
We have seen this happening all the time. Trying to get managers sack
AZ - 20 dager siden
Ohhhhh poor premier league players. they're under strain from COVID-19. They still get to work and play football and get paid millions, what an awful way to live...give me a break...
Luke Hoolan
Luke Hoolan - 20 dager siden
Ole is on 7,5 MILLION a year not a cheap manager
Tony Aquilina
Tony Aquilina - 20 dager siden
If the fans is not in the ground for him they are not there for everyone that is not an excuse
Ole please select good players that have passion to play for you and Man United and you get to the touch line when you see they are not giving you 100 per cent and if the Coved 19 is for your players it is there for us the fans and other teams
Karl Strausside
Karl Strausside - 20 dager siden
Wtf is it with all these adverts, unreal. Greedy bugger
Eddie Ivens
Eddie Ivens - 20 dager siden
Glazers are to blame for all the faults ie never bringing in players season after season Manchester United should be strong nobody is afraid of going to united any more and that's because of woodwoods recruitment the man doesn't have clue how to build a team and that's because his a glazers man which is why woodwood will never be sacked
Alpha Charm
Alpha Charm - 20 dager siden
The players are not playing as a team
Alpha Charm
Alpha Charm - 20 dager siden
I bet Ole has got the hint that he's getting the sack that's y he's not care anymore
Alpha Charm
Alpha Charm - 20 dager siden
Mark good we accepting it now that Ole is not a good manager for us
Rob Bennett
Rob Bennett - 20 dager siden
Please change the set up were well of the pace and its not going to change ole nice fella but not top coach
Alpha Charm
Alpha Charm - 20 dager siden
Is like Ole is scared of the board and the players
Alpha Charm
Alpha Charm - 20 dager siden
This has shows that Ole is not the right man to manage United
Alpha Charm
Alpha Charm - 20 dager siden
I didn't want him to go b4 this but now I want him to go
Alpha Charm
Alpha Charm - 20 dager siden
Ole has to go now
Ede Martins
Ede Martins - 20 dager siden
P.E Teacher.
Chris Jackson
Chris Jackson - 20 dager siden
I would hate to see this team unfocused and unready , fucking hell , change the record ole, not doing yourself any favours
MP6 HD - 20 dager siden
4:30 👀
Critical Thinker
Critical Thinker - 20 dager siden
United fans/coaches don’t know who’s a 6 who’s an 8 and who’s a 10
kyriacandro - 21 dag siden
May aswell give all the players participation awards if he is making shite excuses like this for them
Fernando Thompson
Fernando Thompson - 21 dag siden
Be a man and take responsibility and admit that you put a big shirt on. This task was to big for ole
Fernando Thompson
Fernando Thompson - 21 dag siden
BS from Ole. Excuses after excuses, I am so tired that he is using no fans in the ground come on.
That African
That African - 21 dag siden
Why is nobody talking about ten hag of ajax buh pochettino, sign ten hag for 5years and give him time to implement his philosophy we've already seen poch's philosophy which worked sometimes buh ten hag to me will bring a consistent attractive winning style of play if given time
Edet Asuquo
Edet Asuquo - 21 dag siden
Ole is trying to whip unnecessary sentiments.. It's a bad one anywhere.
Arjun - 21 dag siden
Keith Rozario
Keith Rozario - 21 dag siden
Hopeless pc
Keith Rozario
Keith Rozario - 21 dag siden
Hes broken himself
Louie Dias
Louie Dias - 21 dag siden
I was ole in till untill that spurs game
We all know that our biggest problem is the board. But with the team at his disposal he should be doing better. Are you guys telling me that this team is not better than Villa , leeds, Southampton or Everton? Regardless of everything else, at the end of the day its down to the managers tactics.
Mourinho finished 2nd with a squad much worse than this ffs
334665eric 7788977
334665eric 7788977 - 21 dag siden
C RH - 21 dag siden
How is calling someone a PE Teacher classed as abuse?
Kontact 20
Kontact 20 - 21 dag siden
Personally if Ole does get sacked eventually I would 100 percent go for Naglessmann ..its not that Poch is a bad manager...but he doesnt DEMAND ..he doesnt DEMAND trophies....basically an Ole with better tactics..and maybe better football but trophies no....people forget he worked with SCRAPS under Daniel Levy and never put up much of a fuss and thats exactly the type of manager they would love to have ..again
Prijan Shrestha
Prijan Shrestha - 21 dag siden
Mark I was very happy you predicted us to lose but you changed it now I am fearing for another shock result. 😢😓
Mr Ringway
Mr Ringway - 21 dag siden
No fans in the ground when we battered Leipzig or easily beat PSG? Get a grip Ole.
I love Ole, but feel that when we do win, especially easily, it is more down to the quality we have rather than Ole's management.
I'm sorry for Ole and think he has been let down by the board, but that said, I just don't think he is up to the job.
What a shame that the fairytale hasn't materialised.
Poch had a budget of ZILCH at Tottenham and Southampton and worked wonders.
Brendan Rodgers is a TOP manager and was VERY unlucky not to win the prem with Liverpool and still managed to totally embarrass City at the Emptyhad with a squad worth about 10% of theirs.
Unfortunately, common sense must prevail and Pochettino or Rodgers should get the job.
Sorry, Ole, will always love ya man.
Kyaw Lwin
Kyaw Lwin - 21 dag siden
The club broke Ole. Damn. Sad to see.
tarantula Kingdom
tarantula Kingdom - 21 dag siden
Everton are gonna better man utd ole is the worst manager in the world clueless how he got coaching badges I don't know. the one that give him the badges is clueless to
Peter - 21 dag siden
We.need Sandro tonali to break up play like Roy Keane did
Cathair Patrick
Cathair Patrick - 21 dag siden
We are not a properly arrogant club. Bayern or Madrid are truly arrogant clubs. Bayern were humiliated a few years back in the CL. How did they respond? they won the treble. Madrid were overshadowed and humiliated by Barca. How do they respond? by winning multiple CL titles. When United can do that then we will be a proper arrogant club.
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson - 21 dag siden
WHICH OF OUR PAST MANGERS HAVE MOVED THIS CLUB IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION? Ole has clearly shown he is our best managers, entertainment wise and big results wise, since SAF.
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson - 21 dag siden
WHAT PLAYERS DOES OLE PLAY FAVORTIE TO? Maybe Mctom and bruno, rashford, but everyone else he has dropped. He dropped mctom too. At some point though, players have to start taking their chances. YOU CANT PICK PLAYER AND POSITIONS YOU DONT HAVE.
S.A. A
S.A. A - 21 dag siden
Banter club looool
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson - 21 dag siden
OLE SHOULDNT BE BLAMING THE BOARD, WE SHOULD BE AS FANS. Watching a 30 year club servant not backed, by non footballing people who havent backed other managers, is absolutely disgusting. WE ARE LETTING THIS HAPPEN, NOT OLE.
S.A. A
S.A. A - 21 dag siden
P.E teacher!
Leon Samms
Leon Samms - 21 dag siden
Listen his team went on an UNBEATEN RUN & got us to 4th!!! WITH NO FANS!!
S.A. A
S.A. A - 21 dag siden
"I'm not mad at Ole, he was ill advised".. C'mon Mark just come out and say it otherwise you're just as embarrassing as Ole.
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson - 21 dag siden
OLE SHOULD BE MAKING SURE WE ARE SCORING GOALS EVERYGAME. I am not saying sack him, but he needs to go for more attack.
Leon Samms
Leon Samms - 21 dag siden
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson - 21 dag siden
WE SACK OLE, LINGARD ON 300K AND POGBA ON 500K. Board will use the time when footballing brains leave the room, for contract extensions so dont have to buy players. SOME OF YOU TRUST THIS BOARD WAY TOO MUCH.
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson - 21 dag siden
Is there any evidence Ole ever said," just go out there and enjoy youselves"? I have never heard it, but it is the main narrative against Ole. Get out of your own heads people. There is a big real world out there that will show you something new everyday. Try it.
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson - 21 dag siden
WE SACK OLE, LINGARD ON 300K AND POGBA ON 500K. Just wait they will use that change to not buy players and give long extensions, when footballing brains have left the room.
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson - 21 dag siden
THINK OLE KEEPS TALKING ABOUT FANS TO TRY AND CONNECT WITH US. I really am starting to not understand our supposed fans. Just wish you would watch more football and understand complex situations instead of thinking everything is a vacuum.
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson - 21 dag siden
QUITE CERTAIN NO ONE IN THESE COMMENTS HAS BEEN INVOLVED IN PRO FOOTBALL OR EVEN HAD A JOB FOR THAT MATTER. These comments are all naive immature, ignorant, and lacking any more complex view from what a sensational paper headline would be.
Warren Cheong
Warren Cheong - 21 dag siden
Players are mentally weak because of their leaders
Warren Cheong
Warren Cheong - 21 dag siden
Mou was too harsh, Ole is too soft, both mentalities shown through the players on the pitch. As much as I want Ole to succeed I think it's time to bring that someone in between and turn the players into men and start aiming high
Warren Cheong
Warren Cheong - 21 dag siden
You don't quit, that's not ballsy, that's just weak.
Jonathan Yanakiss Tsouvallaris
Look!...Ole" is not going to sit there and say the fuckin board did not get me the player s i wanted but did get the player s they wanted is he? We all know what s going on at the top Van gaal and Jose remember? No one can turn this around So...start barking at the Owners and try to get them out if you want your club back! Period......👹
Edozie Ajogwu
Edozie Ajogwu - 21 dag siden
Lolll Ole is a loser man, if Jose came out with this press-conference today, you lot would have come for his head😂 ex-player bias is killing my club
Jazz Giddi
Jazz Giddi - 21 dag siden
That statement, “we are Manchester United “ is the problem with both united players and fans.. this club and squad aren’t anything near what they think they are. Forget the name, forget the historic status for a moment, and see the reality. Now work to move forward.
Francis Smyth
Francis Smyth - 21 dag siden
They were inconsistent before covid . That excuse doesn't wash.
Athanasios Floros
Athanasios Floros - 21 dag siden
Ole’s usually decent in his press conferences, but this one was different. He really was clutching at straws and unfortunately I think it’s only a matter of time till he’s done.
Terry Smith
Terry Smith - 21 dag siden
Mark you did say that if United loose against Everton then you would probably be ole out
richy3125 - 21 dag siden
What an absolute joke Mark changed his decision from being ole out after burnley result !! to ole in because we signed Bruno...
Terry Smith
Terry Smith - 21 dag siden
Ole has lost the plot if he loves United as much as he says then he should stand down, saying because know fans it's the same for other clubs and players, people have lost their love one's so stop hiding behind covid. Ole out A.S.A.P and his coaching staff your a shambles of a manager .
Chimuula Banda
Chimuula Banda - 21 dag siden
When Mark was asked what he wants, I wish he said ' I want us to win the league' but he couldn't even say that. This shows how our standards have been lowered..these are dark times..all we want at this point is a good run and top 4..'the biggest club in England'
Wayne L
Wayne L - 21 dag siden
The strain is the same for all teams! The pandemic is affecting all teams. Bloody excuses! WTF. Ole is not projecting confidence at all. I think he knows his time is up. Fucking scandalous really. When will the Glazers sack Woodward???? When!!!!
John Woodward
John Woodward - 21 dag siden
Players are way overrated
Mr.Avocado - 21 dag siden
We are becoming like the Dallas Cowboys, living off the past with no plan for the future.
Joe 204
Joe 204 - 21 dag siden
Mark predicted that when there’s a bad run if form this season everyone will turn on Ole rather than the board for not investing in the manager, now he’s turning on Ole 🤷🏻‍♂️
Dar Mon
Dar Mon - 21 dag siden
He should be beating palace
Harry Jones
Harry Jones - 21 dag siden
your reason forbeing ole out is right yeah cos of his team selections... can you not understand about the effects of such a jam packed season have u seen hw manyu injuries other clubs have
hobbo420 - 21 dag siden
Don't forget that United's luxury plane didn't get into Manchester until the early hours of Thursday morning, tick off another excuse
Sihlee Undefined
Sihlee Undefined - 21 dag siden
Ole Out 😁
Tae-Hyung Kim
Tae-Hyung Kim - 21 dag siden
Mark isn’t Ole out in theory but in practice he’s Ole out for sure!
Alan Louise
Alan Louise - 21 dag siden
Of course there are fine margins in football sometimes but your job is to make sure the margins are in your favour..that’s what big clubs do.
Utd4ever Podcasts
Utd4ever Podcasts - 21 dag siden
Way too many adverts...(yawn)
G Metz
G Metz - 21 dag siden
Would United players rather have fans in the stands or their paychecks? Ole really does come across as weak and after hearing this BS, I’m 100% Ole out.
Steve Webster
Steve Webster - 21 dag siden
Boohoo It seams to me Ollie has had a lesson with the ceo and his spin doctor on how to answer press conference questions but half way through the lesson Jonesy spat the dummy and demanded a first team game, in the end they promised him five minutes on his testimonial.This is officially by somebody.
Theo Tocard
Theo Tocard - 21 dag siden
I am sick of seing some players who are expercted to be top class to play rubbish football. Mourinho was the man, we should have backed him more or even stick with him, those players are spoiled and need a real change even if it means them being unhappy. Noone wants to step up (Bruno aside) Matic plays lazy and Maguire doesn't take responsabilities, Rashi and Ole are to nice, we need someone to get them to realise what Manchester United means!!!
Barry Stanley
Barry Stanley - 21 dag siden
Ole is my favourite United manager of all time. Harry Maguire is my favourite United defender and captain of all time. McTominay and Fred are my favourite United midfield combo since Kleberson and Djemba Djemba.
Anthony Martial is the most overrated player to ever pull on a United shirt.
Fitzroy 1878 Williams
Fitzroy 1878 Williams - 21 dag siden
Ole out
chad phillip
chad phillip - 21 dag siden
Your negativity is stifling..... best you be Ole out
Surafel Kebede
Surafel Kebede - 21 dag siden
fear the Southampton game they will destroy us
Festy - 21 dag siden
“And I don’t do what Flex does sometimes and sit on the fence.” Goldbridge throwing Flex under the bus
Rhys Powell
Rhys Powell - 21 dag siden
Yet slags Ole off for being useless then doesn't say Ole out
Bleachguy - 21 dag siden
if u look at poch wanted bruno and donny this summer we got donny could this be a sign how board plan trying to win poch over id respect poch more if he didnt take united job i can foresee in his second season united will get new manager and the crap circle of managers begins
SoItGoes - 21 dag siden
If Ole does that, he will never get a job in managerial career ever again
A B - 21 dag siden
Pogba....DANCING WHEN NO ONE IS WATCHING....that's the problem.
Bleachguy - 21 dag siden
oles press sounded like he was broken comments of a broken man we need roy keane at united but he will never sign as coach ole is to passive keane opposite they be great combo like good cop bad cop lol
Bleachguy - 21 dag siden
ive been wondering what would board do if no manager wanted job would ed have to be manager or would mckena be manager and if he refused i personally believe poch isnt blind he can see the summer they had and manager not backed poch would make big demands on budget each summer
Muj46 - 21 dag siden
Tada it's Ishmael SAAarr!!!!!!! 🤪🤪🤪🤪
Bleachguy - 21 dag siden
the mentality of board is like arsenal europa aim but united is CL we should be challenging but board havnt backed ole and united
Maximus D. Meridius
Maximus D. Meridius - 21 dag siden
Ole press conferences have always been meaningless...he never answers a question directly, always veers towards the Pride and Effort, typical PE teacher answers! Participation points anyone?! You can already see the difference in Arteta and Lampards' teams and they started after Ole!
tarn Bainbridge
tarn Bainbridge - 21 dag siden
Once again Ole giving the players excuses and letting them off the hook. I'm really starting to hate Oles press conferences. We should have lost to arsenal 3-0 and Chelsea 1-0 because of maguire giving that pen away. Fine margins MY ARSE!!
Festy - 21 dag siden
Ole talking about the pandemic as if we’re the only one in it. Plus was it also not during the pandemic that we went on the winning streak? Ole needs to get his acts together and find ways to start making us perform consistently
Will Sum
Will Sum - 21 dag siden
Leaving football aside, you speak common sense. A rare commodity
wubzy dubzy
wubzy dubzy - 21 dag siden
these players and the coach take no accountability it’s irritating
tim pardoe
tim pardoe - 21 dag siden
Same old agenda against british players from Mark
countersmart - 21 dag siden
Ole Gunnar is deluded and a terrible manager. Get him out of the club..its toxic, its irreversible. Lost the players? He never found them. SACK HIM!