Solskjaer Powerless to Stop Poch Appointment! Man Utd News Now

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Man Utd are still likely to appoint Mauricio Pochettino as United manager very soon despite Solskjaer's efforts to keep his job long term according to reports? Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand. 🔔 SUBSCRIBE here
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DJ Hanky
DJ Hanky - 16 dager siden
We haven’t had a good run for 7 years? We had 15/20 games unbeaten (twice) under ole... fml. Talking shite
Michael Todd
Michael Todd - 20 dager siden
OGS all the way!
Tahmid Chowdhury
Tahmid Chowdhury - 21 dag siden
This channel is horrible. The amount of negetivity is astonishing. Even when we win the so called 'supporters' are not even supporting.
Risk Risk
Risk Risk - 21 dag siden
Come win?? what a joke. It is no win to loose and get Po... Thats loose loose
noel byrne
noel byrne - 21 dag siden
mark you said ole doesn't like van de Beek .guess what we don't like ole . mean ole out utd fans. so he needs to go right away
noel byrne
noel byrne - 21 dag siden
the treatment of van de Beek is disgraceful., class player. ole out .run not happening mark .sorry.,ole out poch in now.
rantoi - 21 dag siden
sancho tap was turned off
Imrul Hasan
Imrul Hasan - 21 dag siden
Ole is a nice guy and he will finish last (not actually last). He is not a newbie, has almost 10 years of coaching exp. Never won anything except in Norway. Clearly he is not half the man for MU. Norwegians are not ambitious and competitive. I live in Norway and I know how Norwegians are. They are very nice people with a smiling face. In PL football, they need more ruthless, ambitious and innovative manager. I guarantee that MU will never get close to any trophy with Ole.
Simon Mpeho
Simon Mpeho - 21 dag siden
How can we be in a good position. How many more games should we lose at home before we're in a bad position ?
Rakesh - 21 dag siden
Solskjaer should stick with Utd as Director of Football. Pochettino should be appointed as Manager.
Saqib Akbar
Saqib Akbar - 21 dag siden
If Ole did not want VDB: wasn't there this consensus saying that the transfer got completed so quickly because Ole himself got on the phone with Van Der Sar to get the transfer completed quickly?
Stuart Holehouse
Stuart Holehouse - 21 dag siden
To be fair Messi does go past players almost every time, but comparing anyone Messi is unfair.
Stuart Holehouse
Stuart Holehouse - 21 dag siden
We have too many players who are missing key attributes for there positions. Full backs that can’t cross consistently. Forward players who don’t anticipate goal scoring opportunities and a box to box midfielder with a low work rate. They are all good players, but not complete players.
Stuart Holehouse
Stuart Holehouse - 21 dag siden
What happens to players that never play like Jones, Rojo, Lingard on game day? Do they train during the week and just have the weekend off?
Mahmood K
Mahmood K - 21 dag siden
I think Ralph Hasenhuttl is good for man utd.
Adam Geoghegan
Adam Geoghegan - 21 dag siden
Mark......... did you get bullied at school??? And you feel better about yourself trying your hardest to get Ollie the sack? You are soooooo wrong about soooooo much it’s quite annoying but also comical! 90% club 😂😂😂😂
Sean Nash
Sean Nash - 21 dag siden
Ole didn’t want Donny, now he’s proving a point by not playing him. Very childish, when Ole is sacked Donny will play and prove just how bad Ole’s decision making was.
Oxygiiien H20
Oxygiiien H20 - 21 dag siden
Lol i guess pochettino will go to city or psg now. Ole will get saved everytime he about to get sacked even if we fighting relegation
Lyng - 21 dag siden
Poch would be such an underwhelming appointment
J Leppsalu
J Leppsalu - 21 dag siden
Eric Ole Mørk
Eric Ole Mørk - 21 dag siden
In football anything can happen ask Arsenal :)
Dave berry
Dave berry - 21 dag siden
Still the numb comments about being a ledgend...he scored a few goals and an important one.
tmgriffiths20 - 21 dag siden
In terms of football intelligence some of the United players are the dumbest footballers on earth. Without the ball Martial, Rashford, James, Pogba are completely brain dead. That’s why the team struggles against defensive teams. They’re static and make it easy for the opponent to defend. Nothing to do with tactics. “It’s all about what’s in between the ears, football is. Yes, you’ve got talent, physicality and the technical bit but if your head is screwed on right and you’re focused and concentrating on your job, then you get performances” - Solskjaer
Abc Def
Abc Def - 21 dag siden
Mark you have been spun on your head. It's not a win win. It's a lose lose.
Ronald - 21 dag siden
Ole is a club legend, he deserved special treatment and privileges which other managers don't get, give him more time which united stand, ex players and fans fully support. Don't let Poch spoil the party. As long Ole win matches even if it boring it's still acceptable but other managers in charge of man utd must win in style otherwise it's a failure. So Poch if you want to come to man utd better think again.
Ideozu Blake
Ideozu Blake - 22 dager siden
Bruno is still a little bit rough around the edges imo. He needs fine tuning. It seems like Olé just allows him do whatever
Who Me
Who Me - 22 dager siden
35:50 - I think we have the correct way to use Fernandes for upcoming games
marc johnson
marc johnson - 22 dager siden
Love a bit of coldplay me!
Yisehak Wegene
Yisehak Wegene - 22 dager siden
Who is pogba? seriously
Zack Middleton
Zack Middleton - 22 dager siden
35:48 Bruno sucks the center back off 😂
Jose De SS
Jose De SS - 22 dager siden
That is why if you’re a good manager you do what’s best for the team and pick Van den Beek.
adam huss
adam huss - 22 dager siden
Why cant Vdb play RW where Mata plays am i missing something. Why can we all see it
adam huss
adam huss - 22 dager siden
Am quite relaxed about it.... hope we keep winning and then lose finals and semi finals no chance we need poch it has to be done in this international break.
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson - 22 dager siden
GREAT VIDEO MARK. Some of your stuff was off but overall you kept the focus on the board and the club. OLE HAS TO KEEP WINNING, BUT SO DOES ANY MANAGER AT MANCHESTER UNITED. Hopefully he can do it.
Marine and Rattlesnake J
Marine and Rattlesnake J - 22 dager siden
Mark is that a pimple or did your wife smack you upside the forehead haha I am just kidding I hope all is well with you mate
Thomas Lee
Thomas Lee - 22 dager siden
Why do I feel that negotiations with Poch is going at a turtle’s pace like player negotiations 😂
RBJM - 22 dager siden
NOW YOU HAVE AN AGENDA!...Definitely infatuated by OLE and DONT WANT POCH
Matt - 22 dager siden
@theunitedstand what does that make Poch then? A black wine gum?

Mark cracks me up PML
Lehlohonolo Hloni
Lehlohonolo Hloni - 22 dager siden
Poch is overrated
Paulo Ramírez
Paulo Ramírez - 22 dager siden
I was in the shower and I was thinking about Donny van de Beek 😂😂😂
Trevor Martin
Trevor Martin - 22 dager siden
Did anybody watch Rashford warming up before game, certainly looked like he didnt care and that was evident in his game.
Gotti Style
Gotti Style - 22 dager siden
Remember when ya said donny vdb was ole's second choice to grealish? Mark
caitano samuel
caitano samuel - 22 dager siden
Mark you should sometimes read our comments , today Arsenal lost to Aston villa 0-3 . Artetta used the same winning team who beat us at home and now they lost to villa at their home ground. Its not always picking up the same winning team against every opponent . the team picked by Ole for Arsenal was ok to beat them but we lost . we dont play the way we should . i think some of the players dont obey instruction and that does not come out in the open have you thought of that. thats why he picks on players who listen and obey instruction . i dont even say bruno obeys instruction he is all over the pitch and ole even said it in the interview he gets frustrated by that , thats what he has to deal with . dan james came and scored on his debut , he hasnt scored in months now. why because he is follwing instructions running back and forth and then his end result is bad , the same role was given to rashford what happened the same , he did his job running back and forth and when he got in the box he lost the plot. it doest mean he is bad . ole is still developing the players they are not there yet, the only player we bought ready made was bruno and pogba . but still they have to play with players who are developing . we will get there just patience. Its a just a game
Taz Khan
Taz Khan - 22 dager siden
Ole, managing director
Poch, manager
Tore Olsen
Tore Olsen - 22 dager siden
When will they sack Poch? The board stays, the players stay - so whats gone change to build a new/old winning culture in the club? All managers is being sacked, sacked sacked .... on and on and..... its plain stupidety. Building a winning culture needs consistency and thats loyality from all parts.
DJ BD - 22 dager siden
Just let Pogba go. Bruno is better with Fred and matic like when he started
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson - 22 dager siden
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson - 22 dager siden
MARK YOUR ANALOGY IS NOT APT, OUR SQUAD IS THE CAR, THE MANAGER IS THE DRIVER. With this squad we arent winning prem or CL. Need more wingers for Ole, if we get a new manager who knows what positions they will need to win.
Herakles Eros
Herakles Eros - 22 dager siden
With Cavani why can’t we go back to 433? Martial LW Rashford RW
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson - 22 dager siden
dag torp
dag torp - 22 dager siden
Its easy to know that you are Ole out. You dont hide it well.
Peter Mcallister
Peter Mcallister - 22 dager siden
The thing is would ole get a managers job at any other Premier league club i really don't think so ..and thats where were at ole being manager of this club is laughable just sits on his arse with his legs crossed at games just a joke
bob w
bob w - 22 dager siden
This guy changes his mind every other day
razjeda - 22 dager siden
Pochettino will not wait forever! Ole will get sack at the end of the sezon and than we're gonna pick another defensive manager. The circle will never ends
Evil Jim
Evil Jim - 22 dager siden
The Only problem is Poch won't be waiting around for long, He has other Clubs who want him. It might be Now or Never !
Nikhil L
Nikhil L - 19 dager siden
Then let him be at the supposed other clubs,Manu might not have the results of the past but no manager is greater than the club
adam84657 - 22 dager siden
hahah you say that Southampton is a winnable game.
razjeda - 22 dager siden
We're in the very good situation? What the f**k are you talking about? There is absolutely no future with Ole. We're gonna play this crap defensive football till the end.
Zanos - 22 dager siden
Channel banner looking hard unoo
Oliver Cain
Oliver Cain - 22 dager siden
Too much agenda support the team
Dave Dudhia
Dave Dudhia - 22 dager siden
Mark why have you changed your opinion now. Before arsenal you were like yeah oles a guy
RandomGamer - 22 dager siden
city drew
kalle klovn
kalle klovn - 22 dager siden
Comment section has turned into Mark Goldbridge echochamber
RED_DEVIL_DoG!! USMC - 22 dager siden
😂😂😂😂if u only waited &listened to every other top manager, complaining about the same thing...but no u&ur huge platform pushed a false view, with how divided we are bro u should be a bit cautious 1mill viewers&the same media attacking Greenwood or saying Pogba supports terrorism, they have been trying to create chaos with this club cuz they ignore Foden,Tammy&Sancho ur just continue'ing the uk papers agenda when u come out so decisively&without then acknowledging PeP or Klopp&even Moyes who all have said similar things this week&at there pressers
Rajalingam Seetharaam
Rajalingam Seetharaam - 22 dager siden
Ppl have an agenda on Bruno... just like how Mark has an agenda over McTominay ..
Umeshvar Yadav
Umeshvar Yadav - 22 dager siden
What is Guarantee that players will play for poche after sacking of OLE?
Poche will last max 7 games in that case
Ethan Buchanan
Ethan Buchanan - 22 dager siden
35:49 He did what?!😂
boniface mayunga
boniface mayunga - 22 dager siden
Pogba needs to sacrifice and play CDM Matic’s role. It’s easy he’s got energy and can pass. He can be “Man utd’s Rodrigo” then Donny and Fernandez play with another CM Mcto or Fred
kalle klovn
kalle klovn - 22 dager siden
Rajalingam Seetharaam
Rajalingam Seetharaam - 22 dager siden
Mark Luke Shaw had a bad game against Spurs ... so you're wrong to say he has not had a bad game for 8 months .... you're a prat ...
Rajalingam Seetharaam
Rajalingam Seetharaam - 22 dager siden
Mark has an agenda over McTominay ... it's obvious ...
Paul Taylor
Paul Taylor - 22 dager siden
Annoying. People were either ole out or on the brink, one win just versus an out of form Everton team and everyone is now give him time give him time. No.
Joe Kavanagh
Joe Kavanagh - 22 dager siden
The problem with getting Ole out is that it lets the Glazers off the hook once again. If they had backed him properly and he still wasn't getting results, then the sack might be justified, but he hasn't had the backing
Niall Doyle
Niall Doyle - 22 dager siden
Ole not playing dvp to prove a pont isnt true cos hes a joke of a manager and has no right to try prove a point he should never have got the job
Rajalingam Seetharaam
Rajalingam Seetharaam - 22 dager siden
Mark you just want Ole gone ... it's obvious ...
Rajalingam Seetharaam
Rajalingam Seetharaam - 22 dager siden
Mark you're a Prat ...
Leenkesh Ramlagun
Leenkesh Ramlagun - 22 dager siden
Need to conduct a proper review if and when Ole is sacked.
Cannot just appoint Poch just because he is free and " fans" want him.
That's how we appointed Moyes LvG, Mourinho.
Jamir Assen
Jamir Assen - 22 dager siden
Finally Ole is no more sitting before his IPad, crossing his legs.... He finally realised the value of staying on his feet, encouraging his players 😏😅
Hello, Bye!
Hello, Bye! - 22 dager siden
you know whats worse then Woodward and Glazers? Ole outers..
Killer Kazuri
Killer Kazuri - 22 dager siden
It would be very cool if United players interacted with the united stand the way Auba does with AFTV
Rob P
Rob P - 22 dager siden
If Oli goes woodward should hes appointed 4 managers the butt rests with him
LeoWings - 22 dager siden
I still don't know why some people bash United for signing VDB and letting him sit on the bench, yet complain that Ole didn't get Grealish, who's an attacking midfielder/left winger who would probably sit on the bench for Rashford and Bruno anyway.
IMO, VDB is a much better signing and he makes sense, if he's picked.
Delano Blanco
Delano Blanco - 22 dager siden
Ole need to go! How can we be comfortable with the position we are at on the table
Paul Taylor
Paul Taylor - 22 dager siden
Ultimately ole needs to go over the international break. We have been here before- crap start to last season, January and again this season. He gets results in patches which will never amount to a title challenge or top 4 in a decent premier League season of which the last couple have not. His decisions are weird. Tactics are boring. I couldn't really enjoy the game coz he has sucked the life out of it. His smile is starting to irritate people because he is happy with poor results and performances and we are not.
No one in the head trusts ole to get a trophy, many people don't trust him to get top 4 this season and rightly so in my opinion. People say give him time but he's had two years. People will talk about not getting signings but the ones he has whether he wanted them or not meant he should of shown us something more in regards to progression whether that's in a style of play, patterns and interplay through passing and movement.
People have hope not belief. Once belief goes it's time to move ole on.
Sure his complaints are somewhat justified but he had Williams and fosumensah for lb to cover Shaw, they are not ideal but they are in the squad.
When a manager talks constantly about fine margins and yet there is no evidence to suggest this. If he says that we can talk about today and Brighton and that could of been more points off. Fine margins is a weak excuse for poor selections, attitude, tactics and substitutions. If a manager had a negative approach to a game this can impact upon the players.
Sasheel Karthik
Sasheel Karthik - 22 dager siden
Shaw plays couple of games like prime Marcelo and then gets injured. That is what I call consistency
1962Jivatone - 22 dager siden
The best guide to the future is the past. Why not keep faith with Ole. He's a Man Utd man through and through, and surely if there's one lesson from the past; United need to give him time, (as they did with their most successful managers).
Sven Erik Moa
Sven Erik Moa - 22 dager siden
Sack Woodward
Bobby Verola
Bobby Verola - 22 dager siden
he tried fred on his own against Sevilla and he played very well.. don't know what this guy is saying lol
Tanjim Shafique
Tanjim Shafique - 22 dager siden
mark always talks out of his ass when talking about poch ! He made totenham what they are today.
Yassin Hani
Yassin Hani - 22 dager siden
We are in a bad situation Ole will get more time now
AmitTechYT - 22 dager siden
best line up for mnu
de gea
bissaka lindelof maguire telles
matic pogba
donny rashford
christopher bradley
christopher bradley - 22 dager siden
Gomes is playing brilliantly for Lillie.He's getting good reviews all over the place,he's scoring goals,assisting goals and playing great football.The football genius's i mean incompitents Solskjaer and Woodward let him go for free.Don't just think the Glazers are at fault here,Woodward knows as much ab out football as a six year old and Solskjaer is not much better.
Hernan Alvarado
Hernan Alvarado - 22 dager siden
Mark, it is a win win situation only if Ole is replaced by Pochetino, if he is replaced by Gerard or someone like him it will be a disaster.
iron Mike
iron Mike - 22 dager siden
Jesus were does he get this sh## from lol
D W - 22 dager siden
I don't mind if Pogba plays or not
Akshay Chhabra
Akshay Chhabra - 22 dager siden
When you play Thursday Sunday.. the Thursday matches are Europa league where you don’t have that many first team players
Kitty In The Fridge
Kitty In The Fridge - 22 dager siden
Psg has saved ole twice.
doingwrong2012 - 22 dager siden
these unreliable tw@ts will lose next home game 100%
KAPTURE 101 - 22 dager siden
Love the way you put it between ole and Poch. United dont need to just ride around but win the race. Forgive me but i dont have anything against him. He is a likably nice man. I love him so much but am sorry we need someone to help us win the race
dillon adams
dillon adams - 22 dager siden
Rashford should be playing cf
Jesse Skariah
Jesse Skariah - 22 dager siden
Dvb should be in the place of Mata!
Dagamz Entertainment
Dagamz Entertainment - 22 dager siden
Ole should be given more time.. poch in and ole out , so I ask is poch a title winner?