SOLSKJAER OUT Again? Man United 0-1 Arsenal | Live Fan Forum

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Manchester United 0-1 Arsenal! Solskjaer in trouble again? Flex & Co reacts to a defeat for United. Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand.🔔 Player Ratings Vote here
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The Best Man
The Best Man - 27 dager siden
Where is that fcking cigar guy😂😂😂😂??
John Rapa
John Rapa - 27 dager siden
Ole continually mentions small margins...Opposing managers target players lazy in defence & obviously concentrate on Pogba....Mourinho & Arteta....sad that Ole can't see it
James Dennison
James Dennison - 27 dager siden
Flex is stressed 😂😂
Chris Richards
Chris Richards - 27 dager siden
the best thing ole ever did was shout at lignard " JESSE..JESSE!!.... ONE MORE AND YOURE FUCKING OFF..... COME ON!!"
WarrenG Regulate
WarrenG Regulate - 27 dager siden
Where's Sander at? Goes missing when his beloved Ole f’s up
Mohd Hashim Hasni Abdul Malek
Ole out! Ole out ! Ole out !
J D - 28 dager siden
Ya got smacked !!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Stu77 T
Stu77 T - 28 dager siden
Sick tired free style football ole out he should gone months ago what club waiting for act now or Man Utd fighting to survive
The Red Angle
The Red Angle - 28 dager siden
Before you start taking these YouTube guys seriously, just step back and wonder why they haven't been employed by any team. Just fans grunting out nothing more. We must stop tuning into these Fancam channels and other rubbish if we don't want to turn into another Arsenal.
Remi Sofola
Remi Sofola - 28 dager siden
Flex, you are wrong Newcastle played like Arsenal Man U beat them here is where your analogy fails.
CJayJM - 28 dager siden
KJ stop looking at Ole and the performance today....... Ole has had 83 games in the Premier League his Record is W35,D20,L28 games. and look at his records since the start of the season. The point of a manager is to watch how the match is progressing and make changes based on what is happening on the field not what you thought at the start. Ole is not a top level manager, if every match you play you feel the need to tinker, it means you are not doing the work you need off the field to understand what your best team is.
mobility saf1
mobility saf1 - 28 dager siden
There's something wrong with Xander. No clue. The writings on the wall
mobility saf1
mobility saf1 - 28 dager siden
Also kg has no clue. Great guy. But clearly has no idea except watching players on youtube
Suresh Ayyadurai
Suresh Ayyadurai - 28 dager siden
We had no leaders as Roy Keane mentioned, but atleast Ole cld have been the voice and lead from the touchline. But he was busy sitting his arse down most times. Lack of leadership from the top to bottom. Not enuff covid is ruining our lives, n here this team is not helping too. Sad day
Nain Ali
Nain Ali - 28 dager siden
Ole stay forever. From non united fans
Ezii Jr
Ezii Jr - 28 dager siden
This damned if you do or don't is a flawed thing, if OLE benches Pogba and plays Dan James and we win constantly few will moan so what are Xander and KG talking about
BabsW - 28 dager siden
The guy in red speaks a lot of sense. Bring him on more
Irish Atheist
Irish Atheist - 28 dager siden
Mediocre maguire out
Irish Atheist
Irish Atheist - 28 dager siden
We have the most expensive defender in the world btw...
Sheldon Kisten
Sheldon Kisten - 28 dager siden
I'm sorry KG... I Love You, but how can you call fans reactionary given how you and Sander were post the Leipzig win... The problem with our fanbase is that there are too many extremists - not enough of rational supporters.
NLV Films
NLV Films - 28 dager siden
Juan mata has never been and will never be a Right winger. Right mid, but not a proper winger. He's too slow and doesn't take anyone on or actually play down the wings.
ONDA Music
ONDA Music - 28 dager siden
Did anyone pay attention to the leadership of Mike Dean, Gabriel should have been a second yellow card when he dropped Greenwod, yes or no ??
Damien Daly
Damien Daly - 28 dager siden
id have wenger now
Lati man
Lati man - 28 dager siden
you sack
Jude SN
Jude SN - 28 dager siden
Players don't go in and out of form 6 times in 6 games its the style of play
Adrian Bascombe
Adrian Bascombe - 28 dager siden
bruno was trash
Earth Extremities
Earth Extremities - 28 dager siden
Man of the match is 'The United Stand' 👊🏾👍🏾👋🏾
GrizZLyGuy - 28 dager siden
I rate this cam brudda talking logic with the tactics. ANY TACTIC CAN WORK. But it needs to be coached and you need the right personnel. These man are completely missing the game management that happened with Leipzig but didn’t happen here. McTominay is not good enough. I’m only saying Ole ain’t good enough....because he’s shown he’s not good enough lol. Ppl need to remember how much longer Ole has been in management compared to both Lampard and Arteta. He’s had too much experience to be doing some of the things he’s doing now.
Stat Man Cam
Stat Man Cam - 28 dager siden
Thank you! Yup, anything can work if it’s executed well. Will have my own analysis out soon!
Djibouti Today tv
Djibouti Today tv - 28 dager siden
KG belong to a middle team cuz he doesn't like Great managers and prefers Ole the "PE" teacher to stays...😂😂😂
crunch time
crunch time - 28 dager siden
Xander gotta go he’s given up
Rob C
Rob C - 28 dager siden
Ole is a PE teacher
Alexander Choi
Alexander Choi - 28 dager siden
Manchester United are an absolute shambles from top to bottom. As a neutral, I now just feel quite sad that such a big club are like this.
P.S: When Cam talked about the RCM in attack and the backward pressure that could be created if Scott moved 10 yards forward in buildup, the rest of the crew had no clue 😂.
Although, I don’t reckon that ‘backward pressure’ would’ve made a difference to Arsenal’s pressing intent because Manchester United hinder themselves by not pushing the fullbacks high and wide in the buildup. Deep, narrow fullbacks allow for opposition to implement a compact press, make it hard for the offensive team to start combinations and thus Arsenal would’ve seen a golden opportunity regardless.
Stat Man Cam
Stat Man Cam - 28 dager siden
Cheers! Will have my own analysis out soon, a lot to say on that game!
Steven E.F.
Steven E.F. - 28 dager siden
Ole get off your ass when the going gets tough....system should have changed at half time, even my small football brain knew the diamond was not working at half time, why not changed it early enough. Rashford and Greenwood were not even on the pitch!!!
Sohail Damree
Sohail Damree - 28 dager siden
Ricky is right when he says Greenwood is not a RW. There is no collective play when he plays on the right he only wants to shoot.
Sohail Damree
Sohail Damree - 28 dager siden
That guy in the red shirt speaks so much sense...big up!
Stat Man Cam
Stat Man Cam - 28 dager siden
Cheers! Will be putting my own analysis up soon!
doggydd8 - 28 dager siden
Mason Greenwood is not ready to play week in week out for a big club like man utd. If it was up to me, he would go out on loan for a season or two in the championship to toughen him up
Bobby Wood
Bobby Wood - 28 dager siden
Van de beek for pogba
matic for mctominay
Tuanzebe for maguire.
We would of won easily with the same formation if these played instead 100%
Laureate Masango
Laureate Masango - 28 dager siden
Bruno may have been poor...but we don't have any other player like him...vdb isn't that kinda player who will churn out goals and assists the way Bruno does...he's better in that midfield and would have navigated out of the press better and given the ball to Bruno quicker
Laureate Masango
Laureate Masango - 28 dager siden
I'm sorry but taking Bruno off was a mistake...Scott was offering you'd rather take a top attacker off who's got the potential to produce something and leave a cdm on who has been dreadful and can't produce anything?
8233Eire - 28 dager siden
Ole has been given enough time. But he is such a 'hit n miss' manager, he really needs to be replaced.
John Hume
John Hume - 28 dager siden
Its not good when the fans know more about the players than the coaches.
Stuart Holehouse
Stuart Holehouse - 28 dager siden
I agree with Bruno off the bench and start with DVB at the moment. We need to lay a platform before Bruno, Pogba, Greenwood come off the bench.
gb251 - 28 dager siden
KG is talking Wass
Miguel De Adeje
Miguel De Adeje - 28 dager siden
Ole is out of his depth . How many times are we going to say Ole has to go back to the drawing board ... Poch now , save season and DVB gets to start .
Marsha Phiri
Marsha Phiri - 28 dager siden
Last video ended with a score predication of 4 nil and 5 nil to united. Pride comes before the fall. Arsenal 4 life
Emmanuel Imasiku
Emmanuel Imasiku - 28 dager siden
Xander Sounds like porky from the looney tunes show.
Nani Nels
Nani Nels - 28 dager siden
Stopped watching when Zander came in
e SOLUTION - 28 dager siden
Ole will never break the 70-points barrier nor reach a final irrespective of the players at his disposal. He (Ole) is just a relegation manager playing relegation football, and the sooner the board gets rid of him, the better it will be for everyone. That's what I've been saying since the end of last season.
Daniel L
Daniel L - 28 dager siden
Did you say that after the Leipzig game?
Jack Tha Real
Jack Tha Real - 28 dager siden
Ole out, mctommony out, pogba out, mcguire out, Everyone out! 😅😅
Keith Rozario
Keith Rozario - 28 dager siden
Partey bossed us all on his own
Dylan Bruford
Dylan Bruford - 28 dager siden
If our manager was anyone else other than a club legend he would have gone after the spurs game
Freshkid 47
Freshkid 47 - 28 dager siden
Cam the basics are that ole is not the man
Stat Man Cam
Stat Man Cam - 28 dager siden
Maybe, he’s got his flaws certainly
FifaFc - 28 dager siden
Ole seems to want to do so well in the champions league but not the pr league. He needs to think that every game in premier league is important and it’s not a pre season game which it’s not.
George N
George N - 28 dager siden
Why have we accepted mediocrity??????? Ole out clean out the dead wood and start over. This is complete shambles.
Devashan Pillay
Devashan Pillay - 28 dager siden
Give ole a 10 year contract. Get pogba on a new contract.
Azhan Kids TV
Azhan Kids TV - 28 dager siden
please get a proper manager in pochettino.. you moron board!
John Ian
John Ian - 28 dager siden
Guys just struggling to agree Ole aint the right man just say the word " Ole out"
xxxblack vu
xxxblack vu - 28 dager siden
even if ole buy sancho he gone use him to support lindelof and maguire....Clueless manager ever.
mohammad abbas
mohammad abbas - 28 dager siden
Ole is a pe teacher
where is all your energy before the game flex
Anthony - 28 dager siden
"This team needs rebuilding" Rubbish. The team is rebuilt! That squad is good enough to compete for top honours. You don't have to have a perfect squad to compete!
Anthony - 28 dager siden
@Nadir Munoo Exactly. We keep making up excuses for Ole because we love him. I love him but he's killing himself.
Nadir Munoo
Nadir Munoo - 28 dager siden
True. Leicester won the league with so many unknowns in their team at the time and let's give Leeds an honourable mention who are playing the best football in the league at the moment without any big name stars. Coached right and with the proper work ethic this United team will do well.
Christopher Clarke
Christopher Clarke - 28 dager siden
I do believe Ole has brought the good feeling back into United and the players but tactically in tough spots he isn't good enough, why could we not get another manager but keep Ole for keep the players happy and trying to install old values. I do think the coaching staff are not good enough, just look how Leeds are coached with not as special named players.
Atomic Puppet
Atomic Puppet - 28 dager siden
Bruno was bang average
Christopher Clarke
Christopher Clarke - 28 dager siden
We also didn't have any width and Shaw wasn't whipping balls into the box like against RB
Christopher Clarke
Christopher Clarke - 28 dager siden
What is Oles obsession with Mcsauce surely Ole could see he wasnt even moving into the correct positions and standing deep all the time. Arsenal were very up for the game and bossed united all over the midfield and up front. It was a hard watch.
Oluwamodimu Odunayo
Oluwamodimu Odunayo - 28 dager siden
we need a number 9 rashford ain't one he can't hold the ball
- Youngish -
- Youngish - - 29 dager siden
What happened to Sayeed? He was the best!!!
Sihlee Undefined
Sihlee Undefined - 29 dager siden
Sihlee Undefined
Sihlee Undefined - 29 dager siden
Ole out
Sihlee Undefined
Sihlee Undefined - 29 dager siden
My guy is right van de beek is a team player.
Girish Nair
Girish Nair - 29 dager siden
Dominic explains things really well. He should come on more often
phelan edopu
phelan edopu - 29 dager siden
KG players like pogba, Bruno and others can only play well when they are coached properly and Ole doesn't do that for us.He had a go run, but it's time to go...
Olisa Nzeribe
Olisa Nzeribe - 29 dager siden
I can’t understand why people still think Ole is good enough for this club
FootTea Time Official
FootTea Time Official - 29 dager siden
big result for gunners today. They just need consistency. that side play good football. also I think partay is a PLAYER! really see him slotting into any side if im being honest. Liverpool had an excuse to drop points this weekend but didn't. City with a pedestrian but important win and don't look now but saints and newcastle are getting big results. Chelsea and spurs look proper title challenging sides. WHAT A YEAR! So many fun sides to watch. Even look at wolves and Leicester who are pillars of consistency. This is the best I can remember the PL being in a while!!
Muhammad Zaini
Muhammad Zaini - 29 dager siden
tired on ole ..
Busted Recordings
Busted Recordings - 29 dager siden
a lot of coaches don't get all the players they want, its no excuse
Bruno Miguel
Bruno Miguel - 29 dager siden
Bruno is not even rated as high in Portugal as you guys rated at Manchester
Michael Anthony Gordon
Michael Anthony Gordon - 29 dager siden
That kinda looks like reguilon
Tae-Hyung Kim
Tae-Hyung Kim - 29 dager siden
KG calling the fans "reactionary" is a dumb comment. Of course we react to this crap result. What else would we do? We react to what we are shown by the team. When facts change, opinions are bound to change. Being "Ole in" is as reactionary as those you call "Ole out"
Isaac Emong Paul
Isaac Emong Paul - 29 dager siden
Mctomminay 😩
Ad Krishna
Ad Krishna - 29 dager siden
Diamond worked on previous game coz, Matich, VDB and Martial played simple passing and good hold up play. We lacked all three today and rest we all know
Simon Brooks
Simon Brooks - 29 dager siden
I’m annoyed like everyone but to try and be positive... everyone is having some shocking results this season, and it’s only 1-0 against a decent team. We need to go on a streak and get some consistency
3chords - 29 dager siden
The worst part of it is that Arsenal didn’t really have to do that much to roll us over. They got in our faces but we just let them school us?
Rogers 6
Rogers 6 - 29 dager siden
Get me Erik Ten Haag in the Summer underrated Manager .
Arun Rai
Arun Rai - 29 dager siden
What's excuse now?Fitness,injury or clueless manager?
Rogers 6
Rogers 6 - 29 dager siden
Depressed Fancams Ole our here giving united fans Bipolar Disorder 😂. On a serious note I could take any loss but not loosing to Arsenal . Don’t see ole lasting till January
dicerevo - 29 dager siden
KG is right. Bring in a new manager means more changes. So what do people want? What’s the next step? Who’s the winning manager?
Tee BeDaGuy
Tee BeDaGuy - 28 dager siden
And keep this one and go nowhere?
Lenny Moon
Lenny Moon - 29 dager siden
Indoor hats lol
Super Man
Super Man - 29 dager siden
united needs to buy more quality players! pogba is not reliable ! ole tatic is a joke ! woodward never get the players united needed !! what a mess ! united playing scare all the time ! overall united need a new experience coach like kloop
airforce1969 - 29 dager siden
I like the idea of VDB upfront with a Cavani.. he is almost a Ramdeuter in finding space and his one touch play makes him a great linking player.. interesting!
Lenny Moon
Lenny Moon - 29 dager siden
Wake up Ole wouldn't get hired in a primary school
Andrew Martin
Andrew Martin - 29 dager siden
Cam talks sense
Stat Man Cam
Stat Man Cam - 28 dager siden
Thank you!
Sel Viek
Sel Viek - 29 dager siden
So Ole is not good now but will get better eventually. It makes sense if you are training a player with potential. So MU is training Ole to become a better manager, so fans have to patient, is that it? 🙄
Andrew Martin
Andrew Martin - 29 dager siden
Pick the right players
Hassan Safdar
Hassan Safdar - 29 dager siden
can we get the brother in the red shirt more invloved please he knows wht his talking about formation was right the personel was wrong shuda had matic dm fred right pog left or even beek. dm is a specialist role u cant just b good at breaking up play u need to b able to play foward passes in to your front playrs not side to side like mctom does or fred
Stat Man Cam
Stat Man Cam - 28 dager siden
Thank you! Will be putting my own analysis up soon!
Jean-Paul - 29 dager siden
Almost two years Ole is at the wheel. But the wheel isn't advancing its stationary.
Sam DaMan
Sam DaMan - 29 dager siden
pe teacher vs actual coach
BeaTrix - 29 dager siden
Please don't use dvb as 10
Andrew Martin
Andrew Martin - 29 dager siden
We are no further forward than we were with Moyes SIMPLE AS THAT
Andrew Martin
Andrew Martin - 29 dager siden
I cant believe how people can slate Bruno for trying to do things differently whilst the crap players like Fred, Mactominay and Especially POGBA can't even do the basic stuff right.Get VDB, Matic in the starting eleven and get Maguire OUT - A CAPTAIN MY ARSE
Giorgio B
Giorgio B - 29 dager siden
Ole finished 3rd last season because of Bruno. He can't expect another Bruno bounce this season. He needs to win on merits.
Giorgio B
Giorgio B - 28 dager siden
@e SOLUTION After Ole's caretaker performance, I thought he deserved a chance to manage, but I soon realised he wasn't up to the task. He's too passive and slow to react when changes are necessary. His staff also isn't providing any support. I'm not sure what Carrick offers, but Ole needs a first class tactician sitting beside him.
e SOLUTION - 28 dager siden
Ole will never break the 70-points barrier nor reach a final irrespective of the players at his disposal. He (Ole) is just a relegation manager playing relegation football, and the sooner the board gets rid of him, the better it will be for everyone. That's what I've been saying since the end of last season.
Eurasian Gunner
Eurasian Gunner - 29 dager siden
Ole's at the wheel!
Andrew Shearer
Andrew Shearer - 29 dager siden
Also, I think Ole needs to be careful going down this more narrow diamond route... That’s Poch’s preferred team shape haha. If now all of a sudden Ole is failing, and playing similar to Poch, it’s going to make that transition easier. Think of the players coming in: several Spanish-speaking South American we weren’t really linked to until last minute, an overload o f narrow central midfielders and a sudden adoption of a diamond might be some behind the scenes instruction to get the team ready for Poch... Maybe that’s a bit tin foil hat, but it is very strange.