Solskjaer Loses Dressing Room? Man Utd News Now | Flex N KG

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Ole Gunnar Solskajer has reportedly lost the Manchester United Changing as United's poor form continues. Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand.
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Utdagainst Glazers
Utdagainst Glazers - 15 dager siden
countersmart - 20 dager siden
Ole is a deadman walking...SACK THIS PE TEACHER
After 30 years Scousers Stole our Title.
At least it’s not 30 years 🤣🤣
Kushal Roy
Kushal Roy - 21 dag siden
This is the best show on the channel. Fun
Mikey Brownski
Mikey Brownski - 21 dag siden
If you’re Ole out, CHANGE CLUBS.
James Dennison
James Dennison - 21 dag siden
Banter Fc BACK AGAIN! 4-1 blud
CampNou 1999
CampNou 1999 - 21 dag siden
this is the problem with fans supporting with their emotions in the first place. always black or white. if after 6 games you're looking at the table as a good reason to sack Ole, your reasons for backing him were not solid in the first place.
Gerry Shom
Gerry Shom - 21 dag siden
He's gone after that ridiculous presser
Banter United
Banter United - 21 dag siden
Banter United
Banter United - 17 dager siden
@Nightin Gale Villa are way stronger than banter united so I don't know why you laughing🤫fool
Frank Rybicki
Frank Rybicki - 21 dag siden
Ole's MU future in his own hands, he just has to win.
John Davies
John Davies - 21 dag siden
You cant lose what you never had can you?
Katana Lugo
Katana Lugo - 21 dag siden
You have a manager who don't talk to his players then expect goals like the one we just lost in Turkey... I'm sure if he was at the by line giving instructions we would not have lost like that???
abdullah hamza
abdullah hamza - 21 dag siden
How are they debating between lindelof and maggy. Lindelof 100000x better
Steven Taylor
Steven Taylor - 21 dag siden
These two are awful together.
Anthony Evelyn
Anthony Evelyn - 21 dag siden
The management sabotaged Ole.
azad3000 - 21 dag siden
KG is so annoying!
Stephen Persaud
Stephen Persaud - 21 dag siden
jaaaaameeeeen LOL
Bryn Gefferies
Bryn Gefferies - 21 dag siden
Ole needs to be backed at least to the end of a season. He deserves it. Ole needs to up his game and recognise that he's job is under threat, so big decisions have to be made. This is an opportunity to grasp because Man Utd needs him to perform right now. Ole has to be more ruthless, he's been too much Mr Nice Guy and it's affecting the team, maybe Maguire the 'Fake Captain' has sapped his energy because his form has been affected for a long time. Ole has to shake it up a bit to get a response from the team especially when things are not going our way, its best to give Bruno the Captaincy. Against PSG, the team as a whole played a lot better and showed that any tactic Ole wanted to implement could be carried out, showing that the club is progressing positively and is going in the right direction. Bring in Roy Keane as Assistant Manager, that would help to get the players improve on their performs, consistency and achieve more.

The board got conned in every way especially by 'The Three Stooges' Moyes, Van Gaal & Mourinho. They helped to destroy Man Utd progression for nearly 6 years. They started dismantling the squad at the time with their approach & direction and a lot of players suffered. they did not do their works for the benefit of the Club but for themselves, a form of quick fix, so we are still paying the price up to this day. Ole at present is trying to put the structure back together again and all he needs is the necessary support. We are a few tweaks away from being a very good team. So, the fans have to appreciate this in every way. the infrastructure is back, so be patient.
Ole can also earn & make a statement by getting a contractual extension and encourage more negotiations & agreements to improve his managerial position/team, squad & infrastructure.

At present the Board are in support of Ole's project, so they need your support. Give Ole & the Board more credit, we need to appreciate their contributions to our present state of affairs, managing finance & recruits. There's no comparison with Ole and the rest, when Ole a Man Utd through and through and we've been waiting 7 years for this moment, especially experiencing Mediocrity for such a long time. So get behind him and he will get the job done so stop the negatives. It's a Cop Out, disrespectful and an insult to want an outsider like Pochettino & others who supposedly are better managers to manage Man Utd when we have other ex players e.g. Roy Keane or Ryan Giggs waiting to take over. If you listen to Ole, he says the necessary things and he wants to keep it in the family!
Moonlight Graeme
Moonlight Graeme - 21 dag siden
I live for KG’s bombs 💣
Ean Cafaro
Ean Cafaro - 21 dag siden
“Dead clubs” sorry that we’re not all top six glory hunters kg! What an absolute idiot this guy is. Why the hell was I even watching?
zerosub - 21 dag siden
Kg is a very likable personality, very good addition to the United stand.
Neil Jackson
Neil Jackson - 21 dag siden
KG is piss funny
RL10 - 21 dag siden
The double whammy!!
KarmaKenz Y
KarmaKenz Y - 21 dag siden
Soon we will get a proper manager and be where we need to be.
Terrance Twonk
Terrance Twonk - 21 dag siden
'Chelsea can sack a manager for fun' 😂 funny cause it's true
Richard Obiekwe
Richard Obiekwe - 21 dag siden
Mentality is the problem with United.
Apex_Pred4t0r - 21 dag siden
I just want him gone asap!!!!! He has a weak mentality and it flows through the dressing room!!! Never should have been given the job anyway!!!!
Rebman Wambaa
Rebman Wambaa - 21 dag siden
Where is Said,would like to hear his opinion n take on ole at this moment!?
OrcasRule x
OrcasRule x - 21 dag siden
I’ve been ole in for so long, but maybe he’s reached the max of his potential. I’m starting to think maybe poch is not such a bad idea
Alan Kenny
Alan Kenny - 21 dag siden
AWB is like bambi on ice when he gets the ball at his feet. Thats why teams leave him on his own because they know he's not a threat when attacking.
Y45EEN - 21 dag siden
AWB needs to be moved to centre back along with tuanzebe and use mensah as full back until Dalot comes back.
Alan Kenny
Alan Kenny - 21 dag siden
The players have got away with so much that when they do make a mistake, they don't care. Thats a bad sign. Only Bruno shouts at players when they mess up but even he didnt shout at Pogba when he gave away the pen against Arsenal. there are cliches
Razi Sharbini
Razi Sharbini - 21 dag siden
Getting close to that 900k 🐐
BLOXX - 21 dag siden
Flex - how are 5 of our defenders on the 6 yard line on our corner.
KG- crack
keeperzz - 21 dag siden
Ole is the only coach tht keep on rotation the players, thts the problem we have...stick with one system ..the players lose hope !!
tracie taylor
tracie taylor - 21 dag siden
I love you too, your amazing. You make me laugh so much, KG i bet you don't need to talk to your wife about man utd she can read you huni, everything you do or say she knows all us woman can read the men. Top Guys.
JC - Curtis
JC - Curtis - 21 dag siden
Super Mario Maker 2 Glitch Hunters
Poch?? Why tho??? 🤦‍♀️
Anthony - 21 dag siden
The funniest thing is that Flex thought Ole should leave a few weeks ago but he will never voice it 😂
abdihkim abdullahi
abdihkim abdullahi - 21 dag siden
Guys like Rashford would never be a starter for the old United. He’s very similar to a Nani
Vince Bruno Mason Grealish
the only reason maguire plays ahead of linderloff is the fact that he cost 80 M, is taller & has a bigger head!
Enzoll Stallion
Enzoll Stallion - 21 dag siden
No one:

Djibouti Today tv
Djibouti Today tv - 21 dag siden
How on earth Manchester United fallen this much yea from Jose Mourinho who did 2nd, why the board doesn't try to do better than 2nd and how they gave the job to Ole wow. Whatever happening to them now they deserve it and that's fax yea...😂😂😂
MacDonald Oduro
MacDonald Oduro - 21 dag siden
Ole needs to be as fierce as Ferguson
Shamrock Phys
Shamrock Phys - 21 dag siden
Ole innnnnnnnn...
Benjac Design
Benjac Design - 21 dag siden
United fans are the worst thing about this club, acting like spoilt brats online after 9 games of the new season, it's ridiculous
Afrasiab Hussain
Afrasiab Hussain - 22 dager siden
Utd have lost everything players games fans.
MrRocknaidu - 22 dager siden
Can someone buy the club please? The club need an overhaul.
muriuki Michael
muriuki Michael - 22 dager siden
Our off the ball movement is non existent
fareed mohammed
fareed mohammed - 22 dager siden
I laughed af when KG checked the teams😂😂😂
Ronin 1977
Ronin 1977 - 22 dager siden
KG looks like Lennox Lewis
Edwin Tiroyamodimo Nthompe
Edwin Tiroyamodimo Nthompe - 22 dager siden
hello guys,
Cress Welsing
Cress Welsing - 22 dager siden
I can't even hear the bombs man. Wutliss KG and his system. KMT.
Keep up the lockdown entertainment guys.
jersey lim
jersey lim - 22 dager siden
The whole world had figured out how to handle Pogba. Go watch Spurs all or nothing series. the manager had to change the triangle in midfield to allow Pogba to express himself. Unless the coaching staff can figure that out, united will perform bad
Reeves Wong
Reeves Wong - 22 dager siden
KG makes everything less painful 🤣
Ederies Cottle
Ederies Cottle - 22 dager siden
Some players is average
Ederies Cottle
Ederies Cottle - 22 dager siden
Ole is the problem give klop the same players we will end up with the title
David Patterson
David Patterson - 22 dager siden
Bruno is trying too hard!!! Bad passing....Ole out!!!
Dede Fakolujo
Dede Fakolujo - 22 dager siden
I think Lindelof is injured, so Tuanzabe might start, would love tp see him and calvert lewin
Flywings Nlr
Flywings Nlr - 22 dager siden
Yesterday when KG said pogba is dead, my little bro was there by my side and he asked me whether he is actually dead😂
Handyfix - 22 dager siden
Ole to PSG ?
Ebrahim Shaik
Ebrahim Shaik - 22 dager siden
RAFAEL is better than Wan bisaka he was more balanced. He could go forward and backwards, Wan bisaka can barely stay on the pitch.
You dont need great players like beckham to win title. You need hard worker like Rafael to win.
334665eric 7788977
334665eric 7788977 - 22 dager siden
Mohammad Mehdi
Mohammad Mehdi - 22 dager siden
lindelof is so much better than maguire.faster,reads crosses better and can pass the ball.when will people see this.have been saying this since jan
The Legends
The Legends - 22 dager siden
We are 18th if we loose.
Arrays of Stats
Arrays of Stats - 22 dager siden
No guys the title would be "Fans have lost faith in Ole he is drunk as*f".
The Legends
The Legends - 22 dager siden
The club will stabb ole from behind soon.
The Legends
The Legends - 22 dager siden
Ole must go if he lost to everton or he does not picks vdb.
Vincenati - 22 dager siden
Man Jose told y’all years ago about these players
Fitzroy 1878 Williams
Fitzroy 1878 Williams - 22 dager siden
Ole out
Kunal Paul
Kunal Paul - 22 dager siden
People are keep saying klopp's win record in first 100 games was not better than ole's, but they don't see past the stats, klopp's sides were dominating, high pressing, and one of the best consistent attacking side. Klopp had a particular philosophy, and it kept on improving as the players got the hang of it, in case of ole, I can't see any particular philosophy, the ideas are really staggered and not organized, even the players don't know what are they trying to do. Ole was really good for short term, but not long term, I don't think so he is the man. We can't play counterattacking in every match, we lose against teams with our strength. To be best we have to dominate not just counter attack, so poch would be ideal for this time, also we need a director of football, so that we have a particular direction.
osita iwuora
osita iwuora - 22 dager siden
If you are a Utd player at the moment, can you have any respect Ole?
Dan Breen
Dan Breen - 22 dager siden
roy keane in now.
Nzrn - 22 dager siden
MU has been going through top manager after top manager(LVG &Mou) to club legend as manager, the cycle just repeats itself. Why would an actual top manager entertain an offer from United? Poch... Really? This is where we are now.... Taking other rejects not even proven rejects
Ando - 22 dager siden
Simple question: Name 10 top managers in world football right now. if only doesn't make the list why is he still at United?
agsotonukable - 22 dager siden
I can see Everton having a right go at United. Everton is the game that will decide Oles future at United. For me Poch is the real deal and will bring in a top coaching staff with him.
J Yagami
J Yagami - 22 dager siden
They hate Ole because he’s white and his Mancwegian accent.
davewhtn - 22 dager siden
Expectations are higher than last season, that’s why most of you flip flops are Ole out. We are a top 4 team that’s underperforming. We keep chasing Liverpool both style of play and system, and don’t have an Identity. Our Identity is attacking pressure, great wing player and all managers since Sir Alex, have failed to deliver. If Managers are not able to deliver this fans will never be happy.
J Yagami
J Yagami - 22 dager siden
Lampard is not up and down he’s been up since the Man United game.
Chase Pickering
Chase Pickering - 22 dager siden
Flex said it. 💯💯💯 we fools for singin Ole at the wheel. Big ups from Ohio/US to both you guys.
Ray E
Ray E - 22 dager siden
If Ole gets sacked, get Steven Gerrard in! 😆
Wilfred Steele
Wilfred Steele - 22 dager siden
Ole did not get 3rd, Bruno did plus Leicester faded as did Chelsea. Bruno should have been in the summer before he came in.
Pratyush Prasad
Pratyush Prasad - 22 dager siden
get erling braut halland play for dortmund
get upimicano plays for rb liepzing
halland will cost 80 million maybe and upimicano would cost 30
Captain_Nemo - 22 dager siden
Big up Flex and KG🙌🏾
Kizito William
Kizito William - 22 dager siden
Brace for the relegation fight.
Febian Lim
Febian Lim - 22 dager siden
I still believe we have better squad than arsenal and equal with spurs, with better tactician coach we will able to get to top 4.
The problem ole is clueless with his tactic, he doesnt set the structure right, he had good relationship with player but it only work when the result is right, when the result is wrong the player start to question him
I'm done with ole, he already given the time as long as mou and van gaal but he doesnt delivery neither the stability team or tittle so what is the point of keeping him??
With pochettino you may not get the tittle soon but he will surely build the team, structure and DNA of play. Slowly but sure the team will stable and the result will be more predictable
the managing maestro
the managing maestro - 22 dager siden
The corner is the Indianapolis 500 just round and round in circles
Steve Ononye
Steve Ononye - 22 dager siden
New Banter Fc no arguments 😅😀
Maitreya MJ
Maitreya MJ - 22 dager siden
Back then players automatically had a respect for the badge, no matter if it is some team like charlton or man utd, but today some of these players don't have that, there is a line, a line of prblms throughout the club, from the players to the top glazers. There is a need of changing the manager bcos the players become complacent, the manner they played at the start of the managers coming can't be sustained cause someone is always pulling strings from higher up and thus we have a failed manager every two seasons. Lvg and jose should have succeeded at United, they didn't and the line of prblms is what kills them
Kwei Kwabena
Kwei Kwabena - 22 dager siden
when Pogba plays for France , he excels, because he plays with payers who make runs ..runs the channels.......a quarterback does not throw a pass if the wide receiver is not opened!
juggu1 - 22 dager siden
Same old same old. We been here before after the Burnley match last season. Nothing changed since then, except we had a brief opportunity to shine due to new signing Fernandez, covid lockdown break and a very easy end of season run in. That all papered over the cracks that's been there for a long time, INCONSISTENCY.
Inconsistency amongst players only goes away if they believe in the manager, the tactics and are good to play for man utd.
Kwei Kwabena
Kwei Kwabena - 22 dager siden
KG, this is 2020....these players are young and millionaires.....Sir Alex is a smart.....he will change his man manage skills.
Ziyad M Knight
Ziyad M Knight - 22 dager siden
The funny thing about the turkish team beating united, it's kind of how united used to fight for matches... United should watch and learn!
juggu1 - 22 dager siden
Ole has not lost the dressing room, the players probably all like ole. What I feel has been happening for a long time is the players have given up believing in ole tactics, training drills and in game management. That's why we seeing inconsistency in them.
They might have an excuse with the training staff ole has, and ole own inconsistency and poor decision making.
MAZIARTIST - 22 dager siden
love watching you two together lool and im a gooner
Ramses VI
Ramses VI - 22 dager siden
Ole made this team finish 3rd and got them to a fa cup semi, Europa league semi, and a caraboa cup semi, then surely Pochettino being a top manager should be able to take this same team to a title challenge and win semis and finals? I expect nothing less than improvement on the ‘PE teacher’.
S Peled
S Peled - 22 dager siden
It's Atalanta Italy not Atlanta Georgia
dbo 0
dbo 0 - 22 dager siden
Ole in.
scott lynch
scott lynch - 22 dager siden
The same problems at United for the last 7 years. Poor management ,poor recruiting, leading to poor attitude by over paid players . ole's  not the best manager  ,but United have had good Managers ,the players attitude is as toxic as the Boards is to recruitment.
Matt James
Matt James - 22 dager siden
Watching in half speed, think these guys are hilarious already ? Then try it
Yes.. one day of lockdown and I’m already at this point
Shreyas Dongre
Shreyas Dongre - 22 dager siden
Solskjaer lost the dressing room?? Stop coming up with imaginary stories.
juggu1 - 22 dager siden
It is a mixed bag. He hasnt lost it but he hasnt had the full support of a fair few, who simply dont rate him.
Valsan 13
Valsan 13 - 22 dager siden
Ole out.
Shreyas Dongre
Shreyas Dongre - 22 dager siden
@Bertrand Lo yeah, it is. They have no proof and no competent journalist has said that
Bertrand Lo
Bertrand Lo - 22 dager siden
It’s not imaginary