Sancho or Dembele January Transfer Link! Man Utd News Now

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Man Utd could sign Jadon Sancho or Ousmane Dembele in a cut price January transfer according to reports. Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand. 🔔 SUBSCRIBE here
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Sylvester Anyim
Sylvester Anyim - 16 dager siden
we don't need players that don't want to come to united, we are united, best in the world, beside you are beginning to sound like the faithless red just make you dough on youtube and stop being so pretentious. even if dembele would cost 10 penny we don't want him, let the scout do there job in ole I trust not you guys the fake opinionist.
Ahmad Imtiaz
Ahmad Imtiaz - 17 dager siden
Bruno is consistent? 😳
He had a very good patch and a very bad patch of more than 6-8 games before he's back good again.. that's consistency?
Ahmad Fazlee Aziz
Ahmad Fazlee Aziz - 17 dager siden
Dembele and Pogba are disaster, attitude wise
Eric Polese-Lopez
Eric Polese-Lopez - 17 dager siden
La Liga a pub league...u really make yourself sound so ignorant
Nigel Cola
Nigel Cola - 17 dager siden
Sancho still wants Manchester United move tho
Bruce Grimett
Bruce Grimett - 17 dager siden
😂😂😂😂Southgate's a Pratt😅😅😅
Michael Palfreman
Michael Palfreman - 17 dager siden
Do we want another failed manager to.replace Ole
He will ruin our style big time
Michael Palfreman
Michael Palfreman - 17 dager siden
Not Sancho again!,
Alan Kenny
Alan Kenny - 18 dager siden
They wont buy him in january but may come to an 'agreement' to buy him in the summer
Elt Felt
Elt Felt - 18 dager siden
Nup. Won’t happen now Ansu Fati has fucked his knee.
George de giovanni
George de giovanni - 18 dager siden
did you actually just say wan bissaka has not been playing well
Ahanor John
Ahanor John - 18 dager siden
Can we give Woodward a little cuddles for not bulging for the Sancho fee...Hope Dortmund get another club to pay the fee
Eucalyptus Da Villa
Eucalyptus Da Villa - 18 dager siden
Would rather sign Lyon's Dembele
Judea Jud
Judea Jud - 18 dager siden
We should not go near any of the above players let's forcus on ourselves and make signings in the summer
Lucifer sixsixsix
Lucifer sixsixsix - 18 dager siden
So its started, the Dembele saga. No wait Utd will buy Dembele and Sancho plus Ronaldo for half price.
Peter George
Peter George - 18 dager siden
We need Grealish, whatever he costs. Sancho or Dembele are inferior choices.
PEVE182 - 18 dager siden
Oh come on we have watched you all summer saying we will get sancho! We didn’t! We won’t! And we won’t get dembelle! I can understand you need content for your channel but these thumbnails are false and a joke and you know that too mark.
Mohamed Bayoumy
Mohamed Bayoumy - 18 dager siden
Av that for your apples
Mohamed Bayoumy
Mohamed Bayoumy - 18 dager siden
Every player is improving with ole lool at Fred the more he plays look at Everton the way our centre backs controlled the pace ov Calvert lewin they should keep playing hard games to get the best outa them maguire played great he reminded me why I liked him so much at Everton I could see how good he was and I didn’t have confidence in this lindelof but I can see abit ov wot ole sees quality getting much stronger game after game the players are gelling nicely
Mohamed Bayoumy
Mohamed Bayoumy - 18 dager siden
Who did jamp Stan partner with? I believe as long as the centre backs have pure quality on the ball as well as off the ball with positioning then it will work especially if they are playing constantly together they build understanding and fluency ole the tactical mistro sees them in training daily basis and knows wots going on if he trusted twainsbi with class quality he would play him but he will flop like he did other night so bare with ole he’s played with the world class players he knows better that’s why he can beat teams like PSG and others lol you can see they are getting better as time and games progress
Mohamed Bayoumy
Mohamed Bayoumy - 18 dager siden
So mark your telling me every team has a defender who is quick and the other not as fast really?
samgzag11 - 18 dager siden
The essential signing we need is a director of football, otherwise we will continue to fail in the transfer market.
Christian Meneses
Christian Meneses - 18 dager siden
Barca ain’t cashing in Ansu fati is injures for 3/4 months so there not selling dembele
Dave Hanna
Dave Hanna - 18 dager siden
BORING ......
Bleachguy - 18 dager siden
prob never happen for varane never happen could u imagine pogba for eder. and a zakaria and an adama
Bleachguy - 18 dager siden
lol a thought popped in my head mason playing fifa21 and packing live rashford and calling rashford
CR7-Rvp cls92
CR7-Rvp cls92 - 18 dager siden
Sancho dembele lol
zaid saleh
zaid saleh - 18 dager siden
dembele is an excellent signing if dead wood doesn't mess it up
Akhil Vijay
Akhil Vijay - 18 dager siden
We will bring some play out of retirement.
Kelvin Ogbeide
Kelvin Ogbeide - 18 dager siden
We should get oyarzabel from real sociedad
AMR13 - 18 dager siden
Sancho no QUESTION
Yonah Josse
Yonah Josse - 18 dager siden
Isn’t Traoré, on loan to Bordeaux
James Martin
James Martin - 18 dager siden
Mark thinks shaw is a great LB because since evra we've had right footed LBs and left footed CBs
Chukwudum Okonkwo
Chukwudum Okonkwo - 18 dager siden
jack grealish is a better signing to sancho or dembele. its better to spend 90m on someone who can play both LW and RW and aslo an AM. than someone who could come form the bench and get a long injury...
Keonie Smith
Keonie Smith - 18 dager siden
I seriously think Allan Saint maximin, would be perfect on the rw, the kid is fast, skillful, energetic, young with end won't be hard prizing him away from Newcastle
Aksels Suksis
Aksels Suksis - 18 dager siden
Dembele is going to start now, because Ansu Fati is injured. And i think Ousmane is a really good player. For example he is really good at starting attacks.
Bleachguy - 18 dager siden
what about offering james and a loan move to dortmund if they give us sancho also i think last summer dortmund wanted hakimi but needed to sell sancho first ive no faith in sancho deal after screw up by ed
trevor gorman
trevor gorman - 18 dager siden
Buy kante
Uddant Patel
Uddant Patel - 18 dager siden
Mark is so stupid calling la liga a pub league when they have shown again and again they are better in European competition.
josh mchugh
josh mchugh - 18 dager siden
With ansu fati out for 4 months I can’t see barca selling dembele tbh
David Smethurst
David Smethurst - 18 dager siden
I thought Tuansebee was really good when he came on against Everton even though he was out of position. Just showed his class and pace as well as a great attitude.
Dan Narayn
Dan Narayn - 18 dager siden
He looks like he is going to be a class player!!!
Bruce Mitchell
Bruce Mitchell - 18 dager siden
I know there's only 7 games been played in Serie A but anyone noticed that Ibrahimovic, Ronaldo and Lakaku are the top scorers.
Max leigh grace 88
Max leigh grace 88 - 18 dager siden
Mark, please stop talking about Sancho and Man Utd, it’s at least 90% annoying
Rodney Mckee
Rodney Mckee - 18 dager siden
They should go haaland not sancho
Ben - 18 dager siden
Saying spoiler alert after spoiling... nice one
David Patterson
David Patterson - 18 dager siden
We need a CB and CDM more than a RW...
Rust Rider
Rust Rider - 18 dager siden
Pogba overrated just the players in the juve team he played in made him look good in there set up same as when he plays for France
Akmal Hariz
Akmal Hariz - 18 dager siden
I can say Dortmund deserved what they got this season with sancho underperforming for them, like you said they should accept that 80m but instead they play the hardball. no disrespect to sancho, but i really do want him to improve his performance in the pitch.
Rust Rider
Rust Rider - 18 dager siden
Once again goldbridge for manager
Trevor Cross
Trevor Cross - 18 dager siden
Why is that Joker Solskjaer still at our Club Get rid Now
Sakif Aryan
Sakif Aryan - 18 dager siden
plz let's get JACK GREALISH
Ro Han
Ro Han - 18 dager siden
james aaron
james aaron - 18 dager siden
The way Dembele is play absolutely no chance lool
Danny O'Leary Music
Danny O'Leary Music - 18 dager siden
Mark, you probably need a better processor or more RAM for your laptop for streaming.
stephen Jones
stephen Jones - 18 dager siden
We break the bank and get Haadland !
Oddy Pele
Oddy Pele - 18 dager siden
Dembele all day ahead of Sancho. I have watched Sancho after all the hype and I feel he is overrated. Dembele is definitely a better player
TOP STRIKA - 18 dager siden
Not this again 💀
Matt C
Matt C - 18 dager siden
sancho or bust!!!
JP Owens
JP Owens - 18 dager siden
Hi Mark. Jeremie Frimpong at Celtic would be a good shout as an attacking right back. He is only 19 years old and has it all.
Martin GN
Martin GN - 18 dager siden
I don’t care just get one of them
Arsenal Fan
Arsenal Fan - 18 dager siden
Dear lord rashford and martial are NOT I REPEAT NOT STRIKERS THEY ARE WINGERS
Cathal Ryan
Cathal Ryan - 18 dager siden
Mark have you ever heard that players can sign a new contract. Fati will be injured for the next 4 months so it will be very hard to get dembele
Arron G
Arron G - 18 dager siden
Don’t ... don’t give me hope
david cox
david cox - 18 dager siden
All Man Utd Problems Are Down To The Glazer's/Woodenhead Culture Which Is Greed Greed Greed Greed,
They Should Be Hanged By The Neck For Their Crimes Against Utd,
Aitch Ess
Aitch Ess - 18 dager siden
Fred is class. And I can definitely see why Pep wanted him in man city. I can see Fred excelling in Peps high press system.. not sure I can say the same about Mctomminay, James, lindgard etc
Sam R
Sam R - 18 dager siden
Rashford is too inconsistent to play for us. Needs to step up more regularly
Yaki Ala
Yaki Ala - 19 dager siden
Traore is the only signing we getting this January
Naim Rafi
Naim Rafi - 19 dager siden
90% club in January for sancho not again 😂😂
Mike - 19 dager siden
Stopped watching the moment the dreaded word Sancho came up yet again.
HardstylezSuperstaar - 19 dager siden
Demon Headmaster
Demon Headmaster - 19 dager siden
Mark loves off bruno to the max boiii lol 🤦🏻‍♂️ getting carried away with him. U claim he himself got united into the top four when actually it was a team effort and performance especially from martial rashford includin pogba. Bruno actually was burnt out by the end of the season his impact declined. Hes a top player he still perfected his craft.. if he remains the same for the next few years then he can be put into world class bracket permanently because just like United.. hes been inconsistent
Dirty Diamonds House
Dirty Diamonds House - 19 dager siden
Dembele would be a great move and would probably be a cheaper and very similar to Sancho in terms of quality so if he could come at 50 mill it wouldn't be a bad transfer. Sancho is just not worth 120mill, dont defend his deep in form which was inevitable
Francis Lee
Francis Lee - 19 dager siden
Well, with Mason.G..I will say..all you need to follow is C. RONALDO. Mason is his own worst enemy. That is why there will only be 1 C. RONALDO.. his work ethic..if Mason follows..he will be amazing..he needs to stop being distracted...and focus on improving and being a better footballer.
ryan cumberton
ryan cumberton - 19 dager siden
Disasterpiece 6
Disasterpiece 6 - 19 dager siden
Honestly I hope we don't see the same situation unfold as ravel Morrison 💯
Jakob Puggaard
Jakob Puggaard - 19 dager siden
The reason traore and pellestri where hyped in the media by the Club, is because the transfer window for United was crap.
Sean Nnadi
Sean Nnadi - 19 dager siden
Rip ander Herrera 🙏🙏🙏🙏
M a Ali
M a Ali - 19 dager siden
Ffs why this channel got so much adverts
ken juan
ken juan - 19 dager siden
Screw Dembele, he already said no and as for Sancho , not looking like a 100M player right now...In my mind a 100M player can't have long spells of bad form.
Rashad R
Rashad R - 19 dager siden
Mark it's always bloody Burnley 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂🤣🤣
Mark Ukone
Mark Ukone - 19 dager siden
£120 million for a city reject no goals so far for a 20 year old unproven in the Prem when you need a solid striker From a weak league Told you they will not buy him £40 million max
Also a bad influence broke covid twice
United have Greenwood doing the same thing You wrote a ''tweet'' asking why no Greenwood in the team as a jip at Ole
While Solskjaer publicly claimed that Greenwood's absence from Saturday's 3-1 win over Everton was down to illness, club officials are said to have been concerned by a lethargic performance in training on Friday which left them believing he could not be included.
What happens in training is how players get in the team hence why some don't
Also far better is Ronaldo maybe available as Juventus are not happy
So do you want Ronaldo back ?
Bruno at United with Ronaldo now thats worth £120 million
eddytravels - 19 dager siden
Sancho been okay this season so far, definitely not 100M+
SRL Back Up
SRL Back Up - 19 dager siden
If Mason Greenwood want's to live a normal Life then *od off & get a normal job with normal wages.
ryan cumberton
ryan cumberton - 19 dager siden
Get rid of so called world class player let him go to Madrid Alex new he was crap
Kelvin Kwame Okyere
Kelvin Kwame Okyere - 19 dager siden
Mark, Dembele is better than Sancho FYI
Mike Tyson
Mike Tyson - 19 dager siden
we do need sancho arizabalaga we have lingaressi more like lingardo no no lingardinho yoooooo
Mike Tyson
Mike Tyson - 19 dager siden
outcome of the transfer
ole I want sancho messi Ronaldo mbappe dembele and Sergio Ramos

woodward": ok my G I will buy them

ole: yaaaaaaa

woodward: here you go kepa and Christensen and Phil Jones 5 yrs contract also sold bruno penendes


next day
ole sacked big sam new man utd manager
ENDY DEGEA - 19 dager siden
Nxll xnxm
Nxll xnxm - 19 dager siden
not this again
Josh king
Josh king - 19 dager siden
This is the same guy who was saying sancho is worth 120 million and grealish wasnt worth 70 🤣Sancho not performing in a second rate league meanwhile grealish tearing up the Premier league. Plonker
Sebastian Burrow
Sebastian Burrow - 19 dager siden
They will sign a RWer who of a proven age (26 to 29) which will then mean when Pellistri and Adama are slightly more proven when called up to start. They will not splash the cash on Sancho now they've purchased both them.
YS913 - 19 dager siden
We need a commanding dm or cb then a right winger at the moment
Shahan Naseer
Shahan Naseer - 19 dager siden
sancho offer them 85 million - thats it .
Shahan Naseer
Shahan Naseer - 19 dager siden
Greenwood need club protect hin - only a teenager that has great potential for club and country there be a lot distractionsand hanger on . Remember gazza .
Anthony Tracey
Anthony Tracey - 19 dager siden
Dalot would be a better full back for our diamond system than AWB, why did we send him out on loan???
Dav Noble
Dav Noble - 19 dager siden
@Ummair Ali if we get a new manager I don’t even think awb would start. A rb can’t cross or attack is favored by managers these days
Riiico - 19 dager siden
So y’all really gonna start with sancho again??? If y’all couldn’t sign him during the summer what makes you think they can sign him in January during mid season 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Gypsy Pinto [Student]
Gypsy Pinto [Student] - 19 dager siden
Just wanna say that ole in is funny because if it was any other manager we would have all say he must go but then again ole out is also funny because he has also done good things with the team. If you think like me and you are in the middle of this but you still think it would be the best for all the parties to part ways drop why?
Dasherlul 8
Dasherlul 8 - 19 dager siden
Does anyone think son would be a good signing?
Maaz Ahmed
Maaz Ahmed - 19 dager siden
We need a right back (someone who is pacy,physical ,good at defending and has good vision to create chances) as well as a winger like Sancho
Nicholas Gilli
Nicholas Gilli - 19 dager siden
Oh no not Sancho again!