Ronaldo To Man Utd Transfer Moves Closer! Man Utd News Now

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Man Utd are closer to a Cristiano Ronaldo transfer as reports suggest Juve are looking to offload Ronaldo's huge wages this summer. Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand 🔔 CHRISTMAS JUMPERS
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Julia Lora
Julia Lora - 4 dager siden
After Ronaldo dies, transfer rumours would be like "Ronaldo comes back from death in a shock move to Manchester United" smh
Dan Oriordan
Dan Oriordan - 4 dager siden
Where’s the Jueve Stand page?????
Vladdyimpaler - 5 dager siden
I think you should be on a transfer talk ban after the whole Sancho debacle.
switzhk ng
switzhk ng - 5 dager siden
CR7 back, MANU can clear out trashes player.
switzhk ng
switzhk ng - 5 dager siden
Good news if CR7 return, sell pogba, martial, rashford, De gea, shaw ASAP
RVP - 5 dager siden
Ronaldo 2+1 vs sancho 3+2year co tract who would you prefer
Sweat Or Smile Fitness
Sweat Or Smile Fitness - 5 dager siden
Koulibally was CLOSE Sancho was CLOSE Grealish was CLOSE Ronaldo every season CLOSE... until they sign the dotted line and take the photo in the shirt and it’s official ... THEYRE NOT CLOSE ENOUGH... simple.
Mo Yafai
Mo Yafai - 5 dager siden
Ronaldo will not be coming back when your not in the Champions League
Ptlchando - 5 dager siden
that would be a waste of Ronaldo's talent
GR33NM4N - 5 dager siden
Agent Bruno 8)
Faroogh Haftjoosh
Faroogh Haftjoosh - 5 dager siden
I like how we searching for what player like what posts lol
Jake Parry
Jake Parry - 5 dager siden
Everyone talks about how cavani could help the young strikers improve imagine ronaldo helping rashford both very similar players
european royalty
european royalty - 5 dager siden
Hanging your hats on a 33yr old. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.
Mahbuber mostafa
Mahbuber mostafa - 5 dager siden
😏Is this true?! Man utd are in for Messi and Ronaldo for free in the summer..😉
Mutib alMutib
Mutib alMutib - 5 dager siden
messi @ city
ronaldo @ united
let the rivalry resume!
buster colin
buster colin - 5 dager siden
I will always love Ronaldo, absolute legend💯 bring back our 7
Snowl Lectric
Snowl Lectric - 5 dager siden
Mark ur just delusional woodward n co wont pay ronaldo high wages
Neil Tough
Neil Tough - 5 dager siden
Total and utter bollocks Ronaldo will never return to United ...........Moving on
Philip Mc
Philip Mc - 6 dager siden
Ronnie back to man utd 👌
Shirt sales would pay for himself while kits pay his wages..
Viva Ronaldo
Viiiva Ronaldoooo
Running down the wing hear United sing
luke murphy
luke murphy - 6 dager siden
It was so funny at the start
Matthew Wood
Matthew Wood - 6 dager siden
Are you really gonna spin 12 months of Ronaldo after your absurd months of Sancho.
Why would Ronaldo join Man Utd?? Man Utd are nowhere near a title winning team. If Ronaldo was gonna leave Juve he would go back to Real or go to PSG.
He will NEVER EVER play for United again.
LJC - 6 dager siden
He’s unliked the comment on Instagram, so knew it wasn’t anything to get excited over
Az Far As Possible
Az Far As Possible - 6 dager siden
N4VXC - 6 dager siden
Like Sancho was coming 💩💩💩
1983LoneRanger - 6 dager siden
Mark talks about Martial as if he’s Harry Kane 😂. Bad mouthing Cavani scoring a tap in!!!!! How many tap ins does martial score? Strikers should be getting most of their goals as tap ins.
Kirwin Nixon
Kirwin Nixon - 6 dager siden
Ronaldo is the cash 🐄..🤑💰💸
Super Mario Maker 2 Glitch Hunters
Mark Wilkinson
Mark Wilkinson - 6 dager siden
I still don't think messi will ever join man city it just doesn't realistic
david cox
david cox - 6 dager siden
CherryBlade44 - 6 dager siden
man even if ronaldo comes so what??? he’s like 36 in february and i get that he’s still really good but i think that we’d be better off getting someone more... permenant.
Youtube Sucks
Youtube Sucks - 6 dager siden
We better get champions league to even think of getting Ronaldo in my opinion.
hamzajacksonfan86 - 6 dager siden
I hope cristiano ronaldo returns to Manchester united the return
Chirag Garg
Chirag Garg - 6 dager siden
Saul Niguez, Upamecano, Sancho, Haaland more important than Ronaldo. But Ronaldo is a dream!
Matthew Hyland
Matthew Hyland - 6 dager siden
They should’ve bought Leeds United instead of man city
Joe DS
Joe DS - 6 dager siden
There goes Mark 90% again he has no issues to talk and be brings this topic and he hopes us to believe we not going again for 90%
SHUKRI SHEHADEH - 6 dager siden
You are singing like we’re at the top of the table🤦🏻‍♂️
David Smith
David Smith - 6 dager siden
Ronaldo's on his a taxi driven by Sancho.
Mick Moore
Mick Moore - 6 dager siden
Ronaldo and Bruno - what a cheeky partnership!
david Zhorzhikashvili
david Zhorzhikashvili - 6 dager siden
United roads take him home 😭
joseph abbs
joseph abbs - 6 dager siden
See your back to reporting utter bollocks just for the sake of making a video again eh Mark
Iam The truth
Iam The truth - 6 dager siden
Swap martial for calvert lewis or raul jimenez
Abz Bari
Abz Bari - 6 dager siden
Ronaldo is going to come back simple reason is that he will come because he is adored by the united fans and that's what he wants, he's won it all so there is no challenge left for him, come home CR7
Abz Bari
Abz Bari - 5 dager siden
He's got more chance of coming than sancho 😂 lol,
Jadon Sancho
Jadon Sancho - 6 dager siden
R u sure he’s coming back??
M I - 6 dager siden
If we get Ronaldo wat happens to cavani??
ADam Sadiq
ADam Sadiq - 6 dager siden
Nyamarungu Jr
Nyamarungu Jr - 6 dager siden
Messi & Ronaldo in Manchester 😀😀😀
samgzag11 - 6 dager siden
Sancho is worth 70 million. In reality he is young and a risk. How many of these 100 million plus transfers actually worked?
Danny Condie
Danny Condie - 6 dager siden
Ronaldo will end up in France with PSG, would love to see him back in Manchester though
Sey Sey
Sey Sey - 6 dager siden
Bale is back at Tottenham why can't Ronaldo come to MU unted.Who is better play Bale or Ronaldo. Even MU wanted to bring Bale at Old Traford.I will welcome Ronaldo back he still better than some players that are wearing MU shirt right now.
El Sol
El Sol - 6 dager siden
90 lol
Callum Grant
Callum Grant - 6 dager siden
can’t find any article about this getting any closer, Sancho or Ronaldo or bloody Sean Goater
Brian Daniels
Brian Daniels - 6 dager siden
Sign Lamptey
Carson Merice
Carson Merice - 6 dager siden
Im tired if ansu fati
Ryan Baker
Ryan Baker - 6 dager siden
I don’t see Ansu Fati leaving Barca for a long time so that entire rumor is nonsense. They did a bit of Messi work with his citizenship and world visa and made him a Spanish citizen for a reason. Can’t see them going through all that work for their new up and coming superstar just to sell him to man United
CCCbeats - 6 dager siden
Yeah you're right.I can't see us signing Fati and I wouldn't want us to because of his price tag.Spending £140m on him and not £120m on Sancho makes no sense.
Darkstar8473 - 6 dager siden
It would be a shame to see shite like Ole managing Ronaldo and Upamecano.
Evil Jim
Evil Jim - 6 dager siden
Oh Ya, Ronaldo would Love to play the Europa League again.
Bob Artor
Bob Artor - 6 dager siden
Upemecano didn't look very quick when Leipzig played Utd.. Ronaldo to Utd would be a backward step.
Not 2 busy
Not 2 busy - 6 dager siden
Yup, the youth movement at Man Utd is alive and kickin'.
Can Zlatan be far behind ?
Joe Kavanagh
Joe Kavanagh - 6 dager siden
I wouldn't take Ronaldo back. We should not take back players who walked out on us. We shouldn't have taken Pogba back either
Euan Mcginty
Euan Mcginty - 6 dager siden
Cavani loving his number seven😊

Ronaldo 😳
Dinesh Kudva
Dinesh Kudva - 6 dager siden
Hope he (Ronaldo) comes and takes Greenwood under his wing
Ben Shorthouse
Ben Shorthouse - 6 dager siden
With one of Messi’s 2 demands to Man City been completed it would be amazing to have Ronaldo and Messi in the prem,
To people wondering his two demands where:
* new contract for pep
* contract extension for aguero
Souce - OneFootball
Tyrel Pillay
Tyrel Pillay - 6 dager siden
Maybe colour your hair. The joke that speaks for Manchester United 🤦
glenn oakley
glenn oakley - 6 dager siden
Tyrel Pillay
Tyrel Pillay - 6 dager siden
Mark Goodridge lol what a joke. A child that was clearly bullied but now has an outlet to vent. grow up bru
Harry khaw
Harry khaw - 6 dager siden
MU can't afford CR
One Wipe
One Wipe - 6 dager siden
BS, won’t happen!
Ferrari Giggs
Ferrari Giggs - 6 dager siden
You know this ain't happening your just desperate for content.
Garnett Burnett
Garnett Burnett - 6 dager siden
A little sip of water 🤣🤣🤣(sancho on Instagram)
Togbuiwo Nyigba
Togbuiwo Nyigba - 6 dager siden
Fellow Man Utd fans have been signing the best players in the world for so many years, but the club is still stagnating. None of the world class players has changed the club's standing.
S M - 6 dager siden
Ronaldo would completely shatter his new wage direction we want. Also, aside from zidane, cr7 would undermine any manager
Nilanjan Bose
Nilanjan Bose - 6 dager siden
how many more videos with CR7 ?
let him decide wherevr he wants to play.. will only be happy when I actually see him back at United !
theone&only bj
theone&only bj - 6 dager siden
Ronaldos wages will cripple us
Harto Widjaja
Harto Widjaja - 6 dager siden
Be real come on, Ole has no power in signings... Getting tired and sick listening to issues of new signings... Stop please please please please
bendel82able - 6 dager siden
Ole out
Carl Moore
Carl Moore - 6 dager siden
Absolutely Delusional if you think Ronaldo would come back, his affiliation is with Alex Ferguson, no Man Utd
pierrane suh
pierrane suh - 6 dager siden
Messi and Ronaldo are great players but Ronaldo is sexy and handsome than Messi and many companies and brands will love to make him their brand Ambassador and sign advertisement contracts with him than Messi which is worth millions of dollars.
Anilsekhar C
Anilsekhar C - 6 dager siden
The important question is not why Ronaldo wants to come to United. The important question is why on earth do we need to sign a 36 year old Veteran to the club. What is the expected outcome?
Mr. Beast
Mr. Beast - 6 dager siden
Vervito United
Vervito United - 6 dager siden
I don't want Ronaldo at United, we're Manchester United not Ronaldo United.
Anilsekhar C
Anilsekhar C - 6 dager siden
36 year old Veteran is indeed what the club needs now...Can't really blame the board when many fans are thinking liking this.
Jordan Alford
Jordan Alford - 6 dager siden
Have you even seen him play?He looks 30 not 36. Pace is gone but he’s still a 30 goal a year striker
Francis Lee
Francis Lee - 6 dager siden
Not gonna believe in any rumours all BS, until players holds the shirt. I dont need another 90% rumour for 8 months
Vince Bruno Mason Grealish
Vince Bruno Mason Grealish - 6 dager siden
if we bring Ronaldo home perhaps we can swap him for paul ''bring him home'' pogba rather than paying nearly 200 million on bringing players back home!
Jamie Wain
Jamie Wain - 6 dager siden
Anyone who thinks ronaldo is coming back to us needs their head tested not happening this is just ridiculous news
Gary Henry
Gary Henry - 6 dager siden
Video number 881 about cr7 rejoining isn't happening lmao
Anilsekhar C
Anilsekhar C - 6 dager siden
If we sign Ronaldo, the name of the club should be changed to Veterans United
pierrane suh
pierrane suh - 6 dager siden
Ole will get titles for United this year, Ole works well under pressure and with the pressure on him now from fans and the board , he will perform very well.
cedric DCunha
cedric DCunha - 6 dager siden
I’ll have Ronaldo in my team any day and get rid of Pogba !!!
Rishi Bissumroy
Rishi Bissumroy - 6 dager siden
He played in England,Spain,Italy. I think his next move will be France or Germany.
Ari Guedalia
Ari Guedalia - 6 dager siden
Why would he move to a situation where the manager could lose his job and to a inconsistent team
Jadon Sancho
Jadon Sancho - 6 dager siden
Because him and Bruno can carry the team obviously
Tarmac 'n' Tin .
Tarmac 'n' Tin . - 6 dager siden
If Ronaldo came back what would happen to van De beek ? I dread that the poor bloke will NEVER get a game anyway
pierrane suh
pierrane suh - 6 dager siden
Just imagine Dayot Upermercano at the central defence with Twanzebe , our defence will be the best in Europe .
ThisIsOkiki - 6 dager siden
Ronaldo is continents ahead of Messi
You love to hear it
Onca L
Onca L - 6 dager siden
Man City have made Messi’s demands apparently.😂🤦‍♂️
Jack Scanlon
Jack Scanlon - 6 dager siden
Still remember waking up and seeing the reports. Still gets me in the feels today. Never felt a feeling like it to a player leaving since… I’d take him in a heartbeat whenever he’s ready
Our board would love a star signing to be cheap like CR7 would be compared to Sancho. Wages would be massive, but we give massive wages to everyone so nothing new there
Sresht Banerji
Sresht Banerji - 6 dager siden
Why would messi even think of dead oil club like city
Michael T
Michael T - 6 dager siden
Haaland won't come to Man United because of what Roy Keane did to his dad lol...he will go to Man City or Liverpool
John Ruiz
John Ruiz - 6 dager siden
Smh mark copied my telles and bruno captain
Nikunj Pasari
Nikunj Pasari - 6 dager siden
If Ronaldo comes to United, Martial will play like Tevez and Rashford will play like Rooney...there you go Rooney, Ronaldo and Tevez combo !
davewhtn - 6 dager siden
Watching old clips of Rooney, makes me sad how crap our strikers currently are
Francisco Reyes
Francisco Reyes - 6 dager siden
Ronaldo is using United as leverage......again.
Francisco Reyes
Francisco Reyes - 6 dager siden
@Leo Cawley This is business, if you create demand for a commodity the price goes up.
Leo Cawley
Leo Cawley - 6 dager siden
Not Ronaldo himself, he doesn't need to hype himself up.