Ronaldo Tempted by Man Utd Return! Pogba Agenda Continues! Man Utd News Now

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Man Utd and Ronaldo got reunite next summer according to reports and Paul Pogba gets attacked by the media again. Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand. 🔔 MAN UTD's Top Earners Watch Here
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Visual Social Science
Visual Social Science - 11 dager siden
What’s the future of Greenwood (and Martial?) if Ronaldo returns? If Ronaldo is to be the main striker that is surely bad news for Greenwood - he is the future (near future) United no 9
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt - 12 dager siden
Imagine the confidence boost Ronaldo would give to the dressing room
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu - 12 dager siden
One last dance with Ronaldo at United?
kevin browne
kevin browne - 13 dager siden
Only right to come back end his career were it all started Cr7 swap pogba for him he doesn't want to be there anyway so bring him back
Marrow452 - 13 dager siden
The only reason Pogba wants to go back to Juve is to play with Ronaldo. If Ronaldo comes to Utd Pogba won't want to leave.
Marrow452 - 12 dager siden
@oiuet souiu What?
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu - 12 dager siden
If ronaldo join united warning Because PENALTY
Anil Malla
Anil Malla - 14 dager siden
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt - 12 dager siden
If ronaldo join united warning Because PENALTY
Aaron Patel
Aaron Patel - 14 dager siden
All you man unt fans are deluded. U guys are were saying sancho will bring so much to the club and ole was gonna sign him but what happened. Keep dreaming
Nair Da
Nair Da - 15 dager siden
Nothing new, we keep hearing this for years and it won't happen.
Shahan Naseer
Shahan Naseer - 15 dager siden
Ronaldo Could be Player Manager at UTD in 5/10 years - He a legend .
Jim Craik
Jim Craik - 15 dager siden
cavani feeding on ronaldo crosses would be fab
Jim Craik
Jim Craik - 15 dager siden
glazers would love it so much profit revenue and i would love it
imran ahmed
imran ahmed - 15 dager siden
Messi to city CR7 back to old Trafford
Fehzaan Mahmood
Fehzaan Mahmood - 15 dager siden
Bruno & ronaldo = 🔥
Tevin Johns
Tevin Johns - 15 dager siden
I've always asked how is Pochettino world class? He has won nothing in the Prem just like Ole. Ole needs a chance, if Sancho AND Grealish were in our club, things would be different unequivocally! If anything I'd choose Wolves manager over Poch if Ole needs to be replaced. Nuno Espirito Santo is on his way to becoming one of the greatest managers, all he needs is the stage to perform on, to take him to the next level
Tevin Johns
Tevin Johns - 15 dager siden
He can most certainly come back
Ste Vaughan
Ste Vaughan - 15 dager siden
Ole isn’t the man to manage Ronaldo
Jason RT
Jason RT - 15 dager siden
ROSHANTH NM - 15 dager siden
Eric Baily and tuansebe will be better than Maguire and lindelof
iam vape
iam vape - 15 dager siden
El Matador! Gonna say goodbye To 7 so it's gonna be safe if he join united

The comment is copied.
iam vape
iam vape - 15 dager siden
If ronaldo join united warning
k M0NEY - 16 dager siden
I’d love to know where this guy gets his info bcuz it’s always wrong lol
Fucg Dyvjb
Fucg Dyvjb - 16 dager siden
CR7 Up👆 Siiiiiii
NMF10 - 16 dager siden
Yes I do want Cristiano Ronaldo to come back to Manchester United! This is crucial! I hope the board will make this transfer true, they can swap Pogba for Ronaldo.. Because Juventus also interested in Pogba maybe this can be the most potential negotiation
Darshen Pillay 8E6
Darshen Pillay 8E6 - 16 dager siden
Messi at City vs Ronaldo at United is just the meaning of a derby
Ben Jones
Ben Jones - 16 dager siden
I keep my Ferrari in my dreams (picking up on point at 29min).
I think Pogba will he viewed as the biggest flop in the history of Man Utd. I’m sick of the Pogba circus and the excuses. I agree with Carragher’s view that he’s a great talent, not a great player. He has rarely shown Man Utd attitude. He is not a leader, or a great example for other players.
Whisky Apocalypse
Whisky Apocalypse - 16 dager siden
I think Ronaldo has a good two years left in him at his current level, he's an absolute beast of an athlete.
Sell Pogba and the rest of the dead wood and shite and bring in Ronaldo. I think Ronaldo, Bruno, Martial and Rashford would fucking terrify teams.
Scholes 18
Scholes 18 - 16 dager siden
Juve will get both I believe (Pogba and CR7)
Mikey Brownski
Mikey Brownski - 16 dager siden
Pogba has more value than Ronaldo now in the transfer mkt.
Ronaldo + £40MM for Pogba.
Ronaldo represents merch sales and a larger audience. This potential is huge for the owners. Like Messi joining too.
This is a Disney ending for both where they both cash out and go for some trophies together. The EPL for sure and the Champions League next season.
Kc Link
Kc Link - 16 dager siden
I don't believe that for a second.
TAEN - 16 dager siden
United should buy more players from Lisbon like Liverpool/Southampton, Bayern/Dortmund , PSG / Monaco .
Philip Burkinshaw
Philip Burkinshaw - 16 dager siden
No matter the striker, you still have to get the ball into the box.
Lynne Hall
Lynne Hall - 16 dager siden
Cavani IS on a one year contract with an option for an extra year so it’s perfect - Ronaldo could replace Cavani next summer. As a swap for Pogba? I’d definitely do it tho a bit of cash too for the age difference would be nice. But we MUST get a mobile combative CDM too to free up Bruno & VDB. Sancho for RW still needed but will we pay that now? If not, Rashford isn’t bad RW with Martial LW.
Pogba?? I’m fed up of him!! He’s NEVER been consistent for United & never will be. Think most Utd fans are thinking that now. Just SELL POGBA! If we don’t he’s leaving for nothing eventually. Pogba did ok with Bruno at first but he prefers to attack more & Bruno is just better at that. When Pogba’s not content he just doesn’t perform. Why can’t Pogba do what Fred does but with better passing? He’s got the strength, pace & physicality but he doesn’t want to do that. He offers no versatility & is unreliable. We can do better. Time to move on from Pogba.
Matthew Galley
Matthew Galley - 16 dager siden
I prefer Carragher too.Because hes a pundit who has not got his hands up everyones arses like mr neville....or at least thinks he has
john bartliff
john bartliff - 16 dager siden
You're wrong on Pogba and Bruno, Mark. They can't play together, it worked for a handful of games when spirits were high and playing poor teams, but after that we didn't look great and either scraped through games luckily or lost at the tail of the season. Ricky and Jamie are correct, Pogba is not disciplined enough to play along side a player like Bruno, he loses his man, loses the ball in key areas and doesn't get back quick enough.
Matthew Galley
Matthew Galley - 16 dager siden
Bring another past it player back haha...yet the same person slagged off the United board for doing the same thing..
Bran Derby
Bran Derby - 16 dager siden
100% take ronaldo guys a game changer.
Pogba out ,ronaldo in ✅
Tony Smith
Tony Smith - 16 dager siden
No it wouldn’t be like signing a 30 yo .....mark thinks he can stop Father Time lol your already a laughing joke just stop while your behind you pleb
Jake Parrino
Jake Parrino - 16 dager siden
I read that PSG are trying resign Neymar, Mbappe and Di Maria despite their "financial woes"
Not saying that Ronaldo won't go to PSG.. just saying I dont believe CR7 is on their radar
Luke Evans
Luke Evans - 16 dager siden
Reece WAFC18
Reece WAFC18 - 16 dager siden
Reece WAFC18
Reece WAFC18 - 16 dager siden
Sajid Hussain
Sajid Hussain - 16 dager siden
Trust me it can happen
Sajid Hussain
Sajid Hussain - 16 dager siden
Hi everyone im just gonna say if ronaldo sign for man u and messi signs man City what a war will happened in the Premier league
Rudy Reimer
Rudy Reimer - 16 dager siden
pochettino is not a world class manger...
Harvey Brown
Harvey Brown - 16 dager siden
Viva ronaldoooooooo
David Mendonca
David Mendonca - 16 dager siden
Ronaldo would re transform us to our winning ways in my opinion. His and Bruno’s work ethic would sort the likes of certain players who need a kick up the ass. A role model well needed. It would be HUGE.
J MILZ - 16 dager siden
He would come and take the no.7 shirt straight off Cavanis back
BIG dracooo
BIG dracooo - 16 dager siden
what if we have cavani for this season then bring cr7 and sancho
BIG dracooo
BIG dracooo - 16 dager siden
cristiano to united and messi to city
oml manchester derby the new el classico
Rhythm Flav
Rhythm Flav - 16 dager siden
The way you bark and window wish transfers on this page 😂😂😂😂
United Gaming
United Gaming - 16 dager siden
Would PSG be able to afford Neymar,Mbappe and Ronaldo
Akhil Kaza
Akhil Kaza - 16 dager siden
12:24 your opinion is no better than anyone else's in general
Akhil Kaza
Akhil Kaza - 16 dager siden
We are playing well without pogba, so I don't think we need him that much
S A - 16 dager siden
It is not about whether we want Ronaldo or not but about if he wants to come if United don't end in top 4 this year.
Marvin Clarke
Marvin Clarke - 16 dager siden
Ole is a POOR coach and his favorite players will get him sacked
Mr Big Knob
Mr Big Knob - 16 dager siden
Messi joins city... Ronaldo joins united everybody’s happy
Gary Shepherd
Gary Shepherd - 16 dager siden
Desperation 😂
Mubarak Babatunde
Mubarak Babatunde - 16 dager siden
Hello everyone good "morning" its 9 when he posted
Ole is at the wheel
Ole is at the wheel - 16 dager siden
Van de BEEK has just scored
Jay Drill1985
Jay Drill1985 - 16 dager siden
Whoa that means stop a horse 😂
Aaron Dawson
Aaron Dawson - 16 dager siden
Come back and rule the world again Ronaldo is the man
William Djokro
William Djokro - 16 dager siden
Ronaldo would be the leader and general on the pitch. It is similar to Zlatan during Jose’s tenure. He would be the one giving sticks to these underperforming players
Worth A Look
Worth A Look - 16 dager siden
Get him and put him upfront - guaranteed goals once again from ronaldo
Dave Croft
Dave Croft - 16 dager siden
Mark, I fully agree with most of what you say, however if you are a United supporter, and there is no doubt you are, I have been since 1948! Then I ve to disagree with you on Pogba! He was a RED DEVIL, and once your a Red, you’re always a RED! He doesn’t show the passion as the others do! Rooney was a scouser, but he’d more passion for UNITED than Pogba! I’ve written to you before, and it’s the same issue!
J. J.
J. J. - 16 dager siden
Not sure why people still get their hopes up, or maybe just short memories forgetting what happened in summer transfer?
Rust Rider
Rust Rider - 16 dager siden
Mark u struggle so United never mind ajax
ESWAR RAO - 16 dager siden
Just rumour and nothing else.....
If cr7 comes then ole can't manage him...development of young lads will be halt...
These r just stories on YouTube.
O N B A B Y - 16 dager siden
I feel like we need a leader and Ronaldo can be that leader that can lead by example and vocally so I would definitely bring him back.
Rust Rider
Rust Rider - 16 dager siden
Real wouldn't take pogba in his prime now he is so inconsistent there's no chance
Ian Booth
Ian Booth - 16 dager siden
Luís Laboreiro
Luís Laboreiro - 16 dager siden
Bro get rid of cavani if you can bring back ronaldo
Ben Eales
Ben Eales - 16 dager siden
Pogba is a very talented player but he cant play in this league. FACTS
Hatchet Mac
Hatchet Mac - 16 dager siden
There is more chance of Alex Stepney playing in the champions league final and saving the winning penalty....Mr Goldbridge!!
Anthony Johnson
Anthony Johnson - 16 dager siden
Instead of Ronaldo I would do Haarland,Upermecano, Cavavinga or any other CDM and Sancho or Greylish !
Jose Augusto Martins
Jose Augusto Martins - 16 dager siden
Ronaldo in m United jeans more 50 goals per year!!! Exactly the Numbers of goals that r Madrid os missing since he left..
onotu aliyu ohindase
onotu aliyu ohindase - 16 dager siden
Ronaldo will resurrect the winning mentality and the fighting spirit in the United team. Hope it happens.
Karl Nufc
Karl Nufc - 16 dager siden
Lmfao keep dreaming Mark😂😂
netr 77clan
netr 77clan - 16 dager siden
Az Far As Possible
Az Far As Possible - 16 dager siden
Beny Soakz
Beny Soakz - 16 dager siden
To hell with Cavani, release him
Niall Doyle
Niall Doyle - 16 dager siden
Ronaldo and a new manager
Joseph M
Joseph M - 16 dager siden
Wouldn’t work because we bought cavani
Ideozu Blake
Ideozu Blake - 16 dager siden
Controversial but i wouldn’t want Ronaldo back at the club
Oliver King
Oliver King - 16 dager siden
So you can't play Bruno and pogba in the same team cause we don't have a good enough CDM. So your proving carragher right, we can't play Bruno and pogba together!
Darrell Brown
Darrell Brown - 16 dager siden
What pogba agenda ? The guy hasn’t performed since joining consistently mark chops and changes his feelings all the time
Abdifatah Gabeyre
Abdifatah Gabeyre - 16 dager siden
If we scored two goals per game our defense would be called the best in the league. We are bad going forward.
Anoop Dindigal
Anoop Dindigal - 16 dager siden
Notice how happy mark is when talking about cristiano. Shows how great of a player he was for us and how much the fans loved him. I want him here asap
thee Gifted Lord
thee Gifted Lord - 16 dager siden
I forgot we've got a board🤦‍♂️.
"A board"
Nicholas Allen
Nicholas Allen - 16 dager siden
Yes 👍
Stu - 16 dager siden
Bring Ronnie home
Don Singh
Don Singh - 16 dager siden
Ronaldo swap for Pogba is good but Grealish for his replacement isn't good it would have to be for MSS and i reckon he will join PSG I'd prefer a double deal for Haaland and Sancho
Josh Richardson
Josh Richardson - 16 dager siden
Get Ronaldo back, sell Pogba and get a few decent center backs. Mings or Zagadou and Soyuncu or Upamecano would be perfect. I think we need a new defensive midfielder as well Matic is getting on a bit. Somone like N'Didi, Rice or Neves.
Orlando Arellano
Orlando Arellano - 16 dager siden
Not this again. Every six months lol
3000KJH - 16 dager siden
Pogba must regret coming back, wasting his best years here. Sell him, Donny will be a better player for us.
Al Marcuccilli
Al Marcuccilli - 16 dager siden
Mark goes on about the glazers, this is classic them, looking for short termism to boost shirt sales and share price. Hypocrisy...😂😂😂
JP Racing
JP Racing - 16 dager siden
Think with Ronaldo he's realistically still got enough to perform at the top Level until he's almost 40. Fitness wise he'd be only 30.
Amro Arafa
Amro Arafa - 16 dager siden
As someone that had watched almost every Ronaldo game ever since he left United. He's not a striker. He either plays on the wing or as a forward next to another attacker. It benefits his pace cuz he likes to sprint into free space from unmarked territories. He can't play with his back to goal, holding the ball isn't his strongest feature, and playing him as a no 9 is every defenders' dream because it limits his freedom of movement. He can play alongside Rashy and Martial no problem just shift Rashy to the right.
Michael Nixon
Michael Nixon - 16 dager siden
Feel so bad for Shaw. Seems like every time he gets on good form, he gets an extended starting from scratch each time....
gaming charlie
gaming charlie - 16 dager siden
Hes playing in a boring juventus league he should come here and give us a chance of winning the premier league title
Sorry we didnt want bale because hes too old and injury prone and now lets sign a 36 yr old 😟 that premier league will turn him into a 55yr old in months. Look at zlatan he lasted 10 month and was DONE nearly crippled himself in one knee.
C M Valim
C M Valim - 16 dager siden
Hahahahahaha.. Ronald back at Man U lol.. are you lot high