Ronaldo Needed! Ranking Every Man Utd No 7 Since Ronaldo Left

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Runtime: 11:53


Anthony Speers
Anthony Speers - 7 dager siden
Owen is united best no. 7 since Ronaldo 😂😂😂😂 karma is good
Anthony Speers
Anthony Speers - 7 dager siden
Remember Ronaldo scored against United and celebrated proudly 😁hehehe
Micheal Adeduro
Micheal Adeduro - 8 dager siden
just retire the godammn shirt until someone worthy
Bando FLP
Bando FLP - 9 dager siden
Tf is the number 44?
Sektion OBC
Sektion OBC - 9 dager siden
But Ronaldo couldnt play the piano
Deepak Raj E
Deepak Raj E - 10 dager siden
Bruno deserves it
Lee Davis
Lee Davis - 10 dager siden
George came in many shirts. The real start of the No7 was Robbo!
Vincenati - 10 dager siden
Needed this video.
allan das
allan das - 10 dager siden
Mark, who’s more fitting of the no 7 shirt, Cristiano Ronaldo or beckham?
Johnsnoe Beir
Johnsnoe Beir - 10 dager siden
You mean legends like Alexis Sanchez and Di Maria
Bucky MacClusky
Bucky MacClusky - 10 dager siden
Valencia had ONÉ goal??? Bullshit
Krittawat chawaldit
Krittawat chawaldit - 11 dager siden
just give it to bruno fernandez for god sake
Colloquial Soliloquy
Colloquial Soliloquy - 11 dager siden
Rashford should be our 7 for the next 10 years
Manuel Nava
Manuel Nava - 11 dager siden
I really liked Valencia, passionate player
noneedtoknow myname
noneedtoknow myname - 11 dager siden
Antoine Greizmaan is the most overhyped and over rated player in the world
matthew flatters
matthew flatters - 11 dager siden
The no7 shirt is cursed, the only way the curse can be lifted is by ronaldo coming back home to us
RYDER - 11 dager siden
No. 7 at Man Utd should be a skill full player who can create something out of nothing. Cavani isn’t that.
Coach Killers Podcast
Coach Killers Podcast - 11 dager siden
Bruno deserves the shirt!
arnie kidding
arnie kidding - 11 dager siden
Sad how we've never replaced Ronaldo one of the roots of many problems at the club?!
pilling83 - 11 dager siden
The way we take the number 7 is a joke...I feel sorry for this generation...I had icons in my younger days robson, cantona,beckham and Ronny
Mark have ever done a video on your all time starting eleven I’d like to see that video it would be difficult probably best to do with a group discussion
Amin Zaharim
Amin Zaharim - 11 dager siden
Retired that jersey please
Ninja Funky
Ninja Funky - 11 dager siden
0:10 I quit my work because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Yahsan 1911
Yahsan 1911 - 11 dager siden
what the hell?!!! michael owen the best no.7..??!! i feel like laughing but in the same way I feel like crying thinking what's going on with my dear I agree Cavani out Ronaldo in and someone please bring Fergie back..
Business - I
Business - I - 11 dager siden
Mark how about best number 7 ever video
MENTOR SYSTEMS - 11 dager siden
im not saying that no 7 is a cursed no at united because obviously the likes of david and ronaldo wore it.... im just saying ronaldo cursed it when he left so wait for him .... lmao XD
Elias Lindström
Elias Lindström - 11 dager siden
Ronaldo was a new signing and got it (facepalm)
The Legends
The Legends - 11 dager siden
Cavani respects united and the shirt he has the right mind set and it feels like he is a united player of sir alex time.
Rishon Pillay
Rishon Pillay - 11 dager siden
nah get jadon sancho instead of ronaldo
DeathValley21 Gaming
DeathValley21 Gaming - 11 dager siden
Cavani is definitely a no. 9
Harto Widjaja
Harto Widjaja - 11 dager siden
If Messi coming to City, Ronaldo definitely coming to England...
Ajay Thomas
Ajay Thomas - 11 dager siden
This was more like ranking the flops since Ronaldo's time with exception of Falcao.
Benson White
Benson White - 11 dager siden
Ricky: Give it to Dan James, he holds shape brilliantly
HardstylezSuperstaar - 11 dager siden
Haha Pratbridge have gone from Sancho 24/7 to Ronaldo 24/7. Is he 90% sure of a deal to?
Neil Luhar
Neil Luhar - 11 dager siden
Marks goal stats are a bit skewed because he’s only counting league goals.
Neil Luhar
Neil Luhar - 11 dager siden
Di Maria second worst is a bit harsh. He’s a brilliant player and would’ve thrived under Ole tbh. He was actually quite decent in spurts, and I think he should’ve had another season. In all honesty he’s the right winger we needed to fill that rolw
Muhammed rtm8⃣
Muhammed rtm8⃣ - 11 dager siden
Di Maria and Sanchez were the biggest flops
D HJ - 11 dager siden
Welcoming the new AC Milan of the premier league, where they rely on old
Dean - 11 dager siden
No 7 shirt = 💵💵💸 All glazers and woodward care about...
Christian Hernandez
Christian Hernandez - 11 dager siden
I would’ve liked the #7 shirt held for Greenwood in a couple of years. It would’ve been cool to see him given it this season, but I think it’s too much pressure right now.
Shannon Sharpe
Shannon Sharpe - 11 dager siden
Memphis was too egotistical at United he humbled himself a bit at Lyon he’s a great player
Donald aka DP7
Donald aka DP7 - 11 dager siden
Come on if Sancho comes u will definitely give him the number 7 shirt.
Their's no problem giving a young player the number 7 shirt like Memphis, Ronaldo wasn't a superstar wen he got it.
Andrew Stringfellow
Andrew Stringfellow - 11 dager siden
Bring him back
Philip Grant
Philip Grant - 11 dager siden
Johnny Berry, George Best, Bryan Robson, Eric Cantona, David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo.
After these Great Players the No 7 shirt has been made a mockery by United..
micheal james
micheal james - 11 dager siden
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adam84657 - 11 dager siden
You can blame Ed, but SAF should take the blame too for not replacing Ronaldo, Tevez when they left, and replacing the aging Scholes and Giggs. I remember him calling Scholes out of retirement cus he was too lazy to find a proper replacement
Burt Brandsen
Burt Brandsen - 11 dager siden
At the moment I think the only one on the pitch that embodies that No7 is Bruno. Best player, leader, playing for the team and club
Tremaine Bishop
Tremaine Bishop - 11 dager siden
Performance wise di maria was the best out of all of those players that flopped in the #7 shirt.
Leon Lovelock
Leon Lovelock - 11 dager siden
Sancho is the number 7 we need as much as I love ronaldo need sancho.
bob w
bob w - 11 dager siden
I always thought the record books say that no 10 scored the goals
Bran Derby
Bran Derby - 11 dager siden
If ronaldo doesn’t come give the number 7 shirt to rashford ,it’s that simple
Kristóf Jakab
Kristóf Jakab - 11 dager siden
Basically just give this number to Bruno if Ronaldo doesn't come back.
Yusuf Best
Yusuf Best - 11 dager siden
Yes he is king like cantona
noneedtoknow myname
noneedtoknow myname - 11 dager siden
He is no. 8 or no. 10 not no.7 and no. 10 is rashford so if we want to change the shirt it should be no.8
Ronnie Kiven
Ronnie Kiven - 11 dager siden
Giving him the number 7 might put too much pressure on him and it might affect his performance negatively
Brandon Lee
Brandon Lee - 11 dager siden
He should be given the 8
Ronnie Kiven
Ronnie Kiven - 11 dager siden
No, No,No
Steve Mbogo
Steve Mbogo - 11 dager siden
Grealish 7
Bill Williams
Bill Williams - 11 dager siden
Bruno is obviously not a number 7 but he is the only one at the club who can live upto it
Jack Scanlon
Jack Scanlon - 11 dager siden
Memphis was a Ronaldo when we bought them I’d say Memphis had proven himself more
Suyash Tyagi
Suyash Tyagi - 11 dager siden
The no.7 curse is a thing ,hopefully cavani proves us wrong ,I have the faith but still..
King Lace
King Lace - 11 dager siden
Are we forgetting that this man is 35 and now plays like a goal poacher you know that type of player who relies on service something we couldn't get if we played on top of a cell tower let's get back to reality and try to build a team
It’s okay t.v.
It’s okay t.v. - 11 dager siden
“Amazon Prime, with a discount code” 😂😂😂
Md.Ashiqur Rahman
Md.Ashiqur Rahman - 11 dager siden
If Lingard got the number 7
He would top the chart even andreas.
David Marsden
David Marsden - 11 dager siden
Getting Ronaldo back is not moving forward, it’s no better than one of Woodward’s stop gaps. We should focus on signing younger players with potential. Not taking anything away from Ronaldo, a great player and always remembered at Old Trafford.
J. Mike Taylor
J. Mike Taylor - 11 dager siden
This is depressing.
Hernandez - 11 dager siden
Yes bro, thanks for finally saying my mind, no. 7 have to be earned not inherited
4Runner King
4Runner King - 11 dager siden
Bring Ronnie home damn it
Chandrachur Mukherjee
Chandrachur Mukherjee - 11 dager siden
create a video of all time no7
kosar fatih
kosar fatih - 11 dager siden
To us num7 is iconic but not to end or Glazer's
mohamed bayoumy
mohamed bayoumy - 11 dager siden
Who really gives a damm it's a bluddy shirt if they bang in the goals and assists who really would care mate the bottom line is it's a flaming shirt G over it
Nicolae Olisevschi
Nicolae Olisevschi - 11 dager siden
Youtube does not let me like the videos
Oscar Plata
Oscar Plata - 11 dager siden
Ronaldo earned the number 7 shirt and he set a remarkable high standard as to what it means to wear it. He lived up to those Man United all time greats who wore it before him. The shirt should only be reserved and earned for a special player not given
Fernando Zamudio
Fernando Zamudio - 11 dager siden
Imagine after Ronaldo left in 2009 our best number 7 in the next two decades would be a 36 year old Ronaldo coming back in 2021 xD Jesus Christ
Ederies Cottle
Ederies Cottle - 11 dager siden
Rey Dro
Rey Dro - 11 dager siden
I think greenwood is the most suitable number 7, he should get it eventually
dicerevo - 11 dager siden
Ronaldo needs to come back so he can lift the curse.
Mannan iqbal
Mannan iqbal - 11 dager siden
Alexis Sanchez was the biggest flop ever in football
Spandan Das
Spandan Das - 11 dager siden
"Cavani's future is yet to be written in the number 7 shirt."
He only has a past dude. 😂😂😂
Courtney Evans
Courtney Evans - 11 dager siden
NANI was United's best #7 after Ronaldo
Steve Martin
Steve Martin - 11 dager siden
Althugh he doesn't play No.7 Bruno deserves to wear the shirt on merit.
xpkx360 - 11 dager siden
Ronaldo is the best player ever to play in the PL
Kamy Mehmood
Kamy Mehmood - 11 dager siden
Ronaldo 90%club
Gallet G
Gallet G - 11 dager siden
I think Bruno is a good N7 for united
Zander Viki
Zander Viki - 11 dager siden
Sanchez was the biggest flop in Premier league’s history!!
Alec Dukas
Alec Dukas - 11 dager siden
Yahn Peïli
Yahn Peïli - 11 dager siden
Christiano will never accept to be coached by the like of Carrick and Ole. They don't have what it takes to coach him.
gavin greensmith
gavin greensmith - 11 dager siden
They dont have what it takes to coach my 6 year old granddaughter
Abdi Ali
Abdi Ali - 11 dager siden
Cavani was a number 7 at napoli
Lawrie Da Costa
Lawrie Da Costa - 11 dager siden
Mark you're wrong on Di Maria...he finished 2nd with most PL assists that season behind Fabregas even after player less games and various positions under LVG...LVG in a way didn't help Di Maria settle into the squad cause he was a risk taker and didn't want to play like Robot which LVG demanded
Redie HD
Redie HD - 11 dager siden
Bruno Nr.7
Daveion thompson
Daveion thompson - 11 dager siden
The EX Liverpool player messed up the shirt and the number. Because as Valencia wore it, he got injured for almost the entire season, and as he changed back to the number 25, he was good again.
Damian Chapman
Damian Chapman - 11 dager siden
Owen Utd legend lol
murilo alves
murilo alves - 11 dager siden
Ronaldo back to United would be the "Dream come true" that new players say when they sign nowadays, but for us fans (and maybe Ronaldo).
I believe it can happen.
Richard Dorling
Richard Dorling - 11 dager siden
Any news about Sancho?
connor bagnall
connor bagnall - 11 dager siden
Amazon prime with a discount code on it 😂
Rjb771996 - 11 dager siden
Bruno should be our no 7
Louis Dresen
Louis Dresen - 11 dager siden
Rashford as #7
BoxOfOranges84 - 12 dager siden
Internet United fans act like Ronaldo is an academy graduate lol. Manchester is not his "home"
Mateo S
Mateo S - 11 dager siden
He might aswell be a academy graduate cos Ronaldo was made by Sir Alex at Old Trafford. It is his home, it’s where he first burst on to the sceene, got his first trophies, and individual hounors and became the player he is today.
Shane Graf
Shane Graf - 12 dager siden
bring ronnie homeee
kid presentable
kid presentable - 12 dager siden
Pogba out out out
Raj brains
Raj brains - 12 dager siden
He won cups with update how can u put him one of the worst no 7
Raj brains
Raj brains - 12 dager siden
I disagree with valencia
kid presentable
kid presentable - 12 dager siden
Valencia a great servant but he was no num 7
Aryan Poddar
Aryan Poddar - 12 dager siden
Rashford deserves it!
Mohammad Ali
Mohammad Ali - 12 dager siden
I think Bruno should’ve inherited the number 7 after Sánchez left
Ronnie Kiven
Ronnie Kiven - 11 dager siden
Bruno doesn't deserve it yet but he might in future
Shaun Crous
Shaun Crous - 12 dager siden
Ven der beuk ad no7.
james cooke
james cooke - 12 dager siden
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