RICKY! Solskjaer Has Lost It! Istanbul Basaksehir 2-1 Manchester United Fancam

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Istanbul Basaksehir 2-1 Manchester United! Mark Goldbridge reacts to a loss for United. Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand.🔔 Player Ratings Vote here theunitedstand.com/articles/match-ratings/fan-player-ratings-istanbul-basaksehir-vs-manchester-united
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1005wiking - 18 dager siden
Who shall take over?
Dean Kirlew
Dean Kirlew - 21 dag siden
Ricky you talk nonsense
Robchuckle - 21 dag siden
Ben Holland
Ben Holland - 21 dag siden
You can’t get no one better than this old boy to talk too, I know he has the accent but come on ???
dylan westren
dylan westren - 21 dag siden
Massive overreaction from Utd fans as usual. Still in a very good position in the champions league
Jack Arnold
Jack Arnold - 21 dag siden
Nobody :
Ricky: remember when we placed spurs and palace
Daflundaful - 21 dag siden
He kept Bruno on so that he could do his magic. For a moment brilliance.
Alex Wood
Alex Wood - 22 dager siden
Clueless players and a clueless manager the movement from rashford and martial off the ball hurts my eyes
Herbert Chapman AFC
Herbert Chapman AFC - 22 dager siden
hey YOU leave Martin alone !! ... Good Luck Carlo it's time for a win ....
Shahid Shabir
Shahid Shabir - 22 dager siden
Love ricky, proper old school isnt he aha
little dude from across the street
I swear Ricky wouldn't crit Matic on anything. Clearly he had to be on the half way line and his younger than Demba ba he should have the legs to atleast keep him Matic is washed up
cami_ insidebooi
cami_ insidebooi - 22 dager siden
When rival fans come to United Stand instead of AFTV 👀🤣
lazyeejay - 22 dager siden
I see Mark went very quiet over McTomminy when Ricky said he should play more often. Mark is always very vocal about his displeasure of McT being in the team and here he went as quiet as a mouse.
Imran 95
Imran 95 - 22 dager siden
Matic matic matic shuttup man
Sahil Jugdes
Sahil Jugdes - 22 dager siden
Rashford is not better than Mata ~ Ricky 🙈😂👀
Ventsislav Vladov
Ventsislav Vladov - 22 dager siden
What is this senile old man talking about.....
Daniel Nastals
Daniel Nastals - 22 dager siden
Ole is clueless! Took of the best player off the pitch . Enough is enough
Brian - 22 dager siden
The problem with Ole he has set up the team to be counter attack oriented. When we play teams which seat deep or flood the midfield we find it hard to break down the teams; hence our wins tend to be against the bigger teams as they are attack oriented which works in our favour due to our strength in counter attack football. Under Ferguson although we were lethal on the counter we could break down teams with players like Scholes. So in this modern way of football he needs to ditch the over reliance of counter attack football and get his players to play more one touch football and triangles. That is what Van Gaal was aiming towards but never got the ability to complete that transformation.
mason spencer
mason spencer - 22 dager siden
1000th comment
Henry Jenkinson
Henry Jenkinson - 22 dager siden
Ricky doesn’t know whether it’s Pancake Tuesday or Sheffield Wednesday...
kevin adamson
kevin adamson - 22 dager siden
Ricky for next Manchester United manager , couldn't be any worse than Ole .
GamingST - 22 dager siden
Ricky: I wanna give up on saying defensive midfielders
also ricky: We need at least two defense minded midfielders on the pitch
Ian Rankin
Ian Rankin - 22 dager siden
You the man Ricky
porpTUBE - 22 dager siden
i swear ricky only gets featured for banter bc this guys opinion 😬
Kirk United
Kirk United - 22 dager siden
Reece Waters
Reece Waters - 22 dager siden
Too many bitter pundits, who were beaten by ManU are getting on Ole's back. Ole finished 3rd in the league and tops Champs league group table. Be strong board!! Keep Ole and back him in the transfer window.✌
Ivan Chambers
Ivan Chambers - 22 dager siden
Vdb can play anywhere he is mobile strong a box to box midfield player can defencive when necessary.
Luke Monet
Luke Monet - 22 dager siden
mctominay can't pass, rarely scores, not great at tackling as players run past him, he's ok at intercepting the ball if he has a good game, how the hell can he be described as a 'proper midfielder'.
Bernard O Rourke
Bernard O Rourke - 22 dager siden
That was the best show in a long time thank you lad's
Stephan Noël
Stephan Noël - 22 dager siden
Now we start to see why sir Alex Fergus has let Paul pogba go for free to juventus
Michael Tomko
Michael Tomko - 22 dager siden
Our forwards never bother themselves to put forth any effort to win the ball back after they lose it. That would help the misfield and keep the breaks from happening.
pppscooby - 22 dager siden
Fred instead of mata otherwise its fine,
Iztok Golob
Iztok Golob - 23 dager siden
The first goal was outright criminal. The second one? Where was Luke Shaw? If we were attacking the right side and AWB was up on the pitch, Luke is supposed to be back protecting the center halves. It is the basic rotating of your shape. Kids stuff as well.
I can't believe players actually need a manager to teach them that. Are they beyond daft?
I am not going after single players but Ricky is right. First of all, Scoot in this current team is one of the few I do trust. He will do the job. I know what to expect from him and he will do it. I don't expect spectacular passes, dibbles goals. He is one of the few that will fight and stick to his homework. He will cover the ground, holes and will not lose the ball 20 yards from his goal. As some superstars do.
Going after Scott is as silly as one can get. With so many braindead stars around him I mean.
jarheadmetalpants - 23 dager siden
Ricky is the biggest joker haha if it was his way we would be relegated think of it... mata matic mctominay and Dan James haha 😄
Torstein-S - 23 dager siden
miss the old man utd fans the new man utd fans is all so negative
Nicholas Hernandez
Nicholas Hernandez - 23 dager siden
Mark, Bruno gave the ball away 34 times and you still can't criticize him?! You're more biased towards your favorites than Ole is. Disappointing.
Augustine Obisesan
Augustine Obisesan - 23 dager siden
Thank you Ricky for saying that rashford is a striker not a winger
Harry Slack
Harry Slack - 23 dager siden
The guy knows what he’s talking about
Rasmus Malmgren
Rasmus Malmgren - 23 dager siden
Shaw took the corner?
Summer Wynne
Summer Wynne - 23 dager siden
Poor Ricky. He looks so upset at the start of the video. We all care about this club so much. Ricky talks such total sense. For the first time I think we are in real trouble. Too many players for a position eg midfield and goalkeeper. No players for other positions eg wingers. No idea about what system works or what shape to play. Very good players but no cohesion. What a bloody mess.
Stuart Boylan
Stuart Boylan - 23 dager siden
Just waiting for Ricky to say we shud have Phil Jones in the team lol
BADA BING - 23 dager siden
Man u is finished for generations to come. Potch not gonna do much better with this squad.
Lives 4You
Lives 4You - 23 dager siden
He can play VDB off the Right with Fred n matic with Bruno AM
Bri254 - 23 dager siden
First goal nothing to do with midfield you always have a quick defender on the last man.
Think we can agree we have had our pants pulled down Maguire £80m.
DVB one of the first names on the team sheet for me.
EyeInTheSky - 23 dager siden
10:45 "Ancelloti will be rubbing his lips" ROFLMFAO, that is an image I can't unsee...
EyeInTheSky - 23 dager siden
it was not a bad ball to Mata. The amount of times our shite players bludgeon the ball to Bruno who has to control it and still makes something out of it is ridiculous. This recent fashion on calling out Bruno who is by far our best and most productive player just goes to show how dumb our fanbase can be. The fact that he is trying more and more risky stuff is because he is compensating for the lack of EVERYTHING from his teammates and is desperately trying to make something happen. We are so good at blaming the only player who is.
denis omahoney
denis omahoney - 23 dager siden
Ricky looks likes he’s gonna have a seizure ....let’s just say it Ole is simply not a good enough manager of Man U it’s not personal after sat we could be in the relegation zone ..
John up gaming
John up gaming - 23 dager siden
Ole out
intention miller
intention miller - 23 dager siden
Why our manager always sit down until we or losing he stand up
Bruce Gibson
Bruce Gibson - 23 dager siden
Ollie's man management is atrocious. I honestly don't think the club practices any kind of offensive system on the pitch. McSauce is not a EPL caliber player. He is out of position far too often. AWB has all but quit trying. The only players who truly care appear to be Bruno, Martial, Rashford, and Shaw. Van De Beek is all class but you can see the frustration on is face. I don't believe in Ollie in or out. But the club will not win any trophies with Ollie as manager. He should be replaced immediately with someone who knows how to win and will command respect of the players.
Katana Lugo
Katana Lugo - 23 dager siden
I'm really sick of seeing same story over and over again... I really don't know what to say???
ZNEO6 - 23 dager siden
Feel for Matic tough no defenders in sight, left for dead. Clueless manager, Poch waiting in the wings, we deserve Europa league football after that result. POCH HE'S MAGIC YOU KNOW 🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵
AlexTotal Gaming
AlexTotal Gaming - 23 dager siden
Ricky really is the voice of wisdom
Sey Sey
Sey Sey - 23 dager siden
Rashford can just run with ball in empty space to score, trible past defenders is not for him.
Gary P. Hann
Gary P. Hann - 23 dager siden
1:16 I can finally enjoy life because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
THEremiXFACTOR - 23 dager siden
Ricky's solution is to drop Bruno........riiight. So let's play Pogba, who's been useless in most games over the last year, but we drop Bruno who is the only reason we're in the CL in the first place.
El Sol
El Sol - 23 dager siden
He just said Dan James 😂😂😂😂😂
THEremiXFACTOR - 23 dager siden
Take a shot every time he says 'Matic'.
THEremiXFACTOR - 23 dager siden
Does Ricky think Matic is the answer to all footballing problems? He might have decent games now and then, but he's not a player we can build the midfield around.
Moe - 23 dager siden
Ricky has to be a troll Mata is garbage and gets no blame. All the team but Rash and Bruna are awful
Warsame Ahmed
Warsame Ahmed - 23 dager siden
Ricky you always say Matic and Mata. What happen tonight? They are crab. Let them go.
Andrew Fethers
Andrew Fethers - 23 dager siden
I played Saturday and Sunday league footy with Ricky back in the day - as a centre back - after he'd moved back from centre forward - good player in his day!
Keith Roper
Keith Roper - 23 dager siden
great show followed the show for over s year just be honest with the man ,get him off your show,
Keep it 100
Keep it 100 - 23 dager siden
Matic n Mata 🤣🤣 looked there age there legs have gone n should be subs at best
KS77 - 23 dager siden
Matic is to old and Mctominay is not good enough the need to get Alaba who contract is expiring and Ndidi.
Thilo Govender
Thilo Govender - 23 dager siden
Ricky is deluded
gobchops - 23 dager siden
Mark for a man who claims to know football, please stop going on about Wan Bissaka's positioning, this should be coached and addressed on the training pitch. Coaches at fault.
gobchops - 23 dager siden
I would agree with much of Ricky say's but... Mctominay is a proper midfield player?. WTF is Ricky on. Mctominay is a tart, get's his haircut before each game and concentrates more on keeping his socks above his knees than actually getting involved.
cyberman - 23 dager siden
The only one that played anywhere near good enough were VDB. Martial wasn't all that great, but he was better than Rashford in that game. So if you criticize Martial you gotta give it to Rashford as well. I don't think the biggest problem was the shape or not enough "proper midfielders". I think the problem was focus or something. Everybody (but VDB) were just giving the ball away and having bad first touches. And to top it off it looked like they didn't even try to work hard when it was obvious that the skill wasn't there that night. Awful performance!
VvVFiR3VvV - 23 dager siden
Sod off with mctominey being a proper midfield player.
gobchops - 23 dager siden
He we go I'm seeing Mark going soft on Mctominay AGAIN!
Maya Mitchell
Maya Mitchell - 23 dager siden
RICKY is BOX 📦 OFFICE 🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾🔊🔊🔊
k_extra45 - 23 dager siden
Ain't no Bruno agenda,we call it like we see it Mark!
k_extra45 - 23 dager siden
Ricky "I've had it with him" 😂😂😂😂. I got no faith in him.
Dave Croft
Dave Croft - 23 dager siden
I’m 78,, but when I played shape was taken care of by the simple instruction from our coach, ONE UP, ONE BACK. ONE IN ONE OUT!
What worries me is that Pogba is still in Great Britain! He won’t play for the team! Example, on Sunday he lost the ball near the centre circle, and stood still looking like a kid who’d had his ball taken off him
Pogba wants to play European football , were United, we play our. Game and it’s good enough to win the treble, and titles galore
King Mario
King Mario - 23 dager siden
This guy has a hard on for Matic n Mctominy
blindpinkthunders - 23 dager siden
Ole out....Ricky in.
Craig Lawrence
Craig Lawrence - 23 dager siden
Attacking you buy the talent, defensively its tactics and coaching and there is the problem, Ole ,Carrick etc zero clue.
kaz bains
kaz bains - 23 dager siden
This old guy Ricky is annoying and boring. I think united stand need to sack him off.i literally stop watching every video where he states ranting (which is all of em)
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Eva Burnz
Eva Burnz - 23 dager siden
I thoroughly enjoyed this discussion, excellent communication between both contributors with wholesome, insightful content.
Kudos Mark & Ricky!
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Apexjoe Music
Apexjoe Music - 23 dager siden
Your best midfielder is Pogba but you shegged him and have prevented him from flourishing
Sanet Crisp
Sanet Crisp - 23 dager siden
Lose to Everton...it is over.
Apexjoe Music
Apexjoe Music - 23 dager siden
Fred ...dead
Mcnugget ..finished
BenHodgson17 - 23 dager siden
THE 2ND goal is on Luke shaw mans in the opposition box when he should be back defending , but mark will say I have an agenda
deren durmaz
deren durmaz - 23 dager siden
manchester united are not in their old strength.Başaksehir crushed it very badly
EasyGoingDevil Fan
EasyGoingDevil Fan - 23 dager siden
"When Matic plays we win" 🤣 Remember
JA M - 23 dager siden
Fred, Matic and Mctominay wtf are you going on about. You are almost as annoying at TY of AFTV. Deluded
Cala B
Cala B - 23 dager siden
I had it with you too. I dont even bother listening anymore. The titles you use says it all.
Why do you never blame the players? Its so pathetic. When Ole wins against teams like PSG and Leipzig so easily, everyone agrees he has shown to be very tactical, but when they lose, he suddenly has no clue?? Laughable. Time to blame the players. The players need to step up (I agree totally with Keane). They dont have to be babysitted and told exactly what to do in every situation. FFS they are professional football players earning millions. They know what to do and decides to not do it every game for some weird reason. They better man up and show they deserve what they are paid to do.
Alex Aldridge
Alex Aldridge - 23 dager siden
Ricky is absolutely clueless
Joel - 23 dager siden
this is the same guy who said the other day Young is two footed, with a great left foot and we should have him back at United
mark Bateman
mark Bateman - 23 dager siden
You can go on and on about the manager and how he sets up the team etc. but if one of the teams out there is determined to win the game and the other doesn't give a toss there is always going to be only one result. Certainly in the first half our players gave the impression that they simply didn't care.
Nicholas Kearney
Nicholas Kearney - 23 dager siden
Ricky is a legend. Top analysis.
N25 African
N25 African - 23 dager siden
Ole is going out its obvious so clueless as usual of him weak and inept at best shocking team
Benedict Richard Ngwahi
Benedict Richard Ngwahi - 23 dager siden
Scott solid😧😧😧hang on Ricky ,I disagree big time with you ,for me and like what Mark mentioned it’s this obsession he has with Scott,he changes the plan to suit the wrong player and he get it wrong ,Scott was supposed to be nowhere near that line up except for the dying minutes of the game..Taking VDB off showed us that it is really true that Ole has favorites because VDB didn’t nothing wrong to be subbed off ...why didn’t Fred come on at least not Scott