RICKY! Ole Got it Wrong! Manchester United 0-1 Arsenal FanCam

Manchester United 0-1 Arsenal! Ricky wasn't happy with Solskjaer's team selection and said it cost us dearly.🔔 Player Ratings Vote here staging.theunitedstand.com/articles/match-ratings/fan-player-ratings-manchester-united-vs-arsenal
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Runtime: 18:24


georgetaylor853 - 20 dager siden
Ricky: Anthony Marshall
Andrew Pryce
Andrew Pryce - 23 dager siden
Send Ole back Cardiff ! He is out of his depth at Untied .Even if he is a nice guy !
Asfaw T'Rudi Alisha James
Asfaw T'Rudi Alisha James - 24 dager siden
FVK DI HATERZ UNITED WE LUV U. ROY KEANE IS A LEGEND AND GOAT LIKE DENIS LAW BOBBY CHARLTON AND HAIL FERGUSON EVERYTIME♥ truth hurts when big ppl talk keep quiet. Big up ROY KEANE ♥. De Gea must sit down as Sergio is better
joshua hector
joshua hector - 24 dager siden
Bro its doesnt matter about wether mata or greenwood is on the field the manager need to become strict n let everyone pass n make better runs to keep the play moving n show tht u have some true tactic to be manchester united manager n stop being a low end team manage n start showing some consistency
Kai Kai
Kai Kai - 24 dager siden
Man said arsenal fans don’t get martial nah we don’t cause he’s not consistently good don’t try and make out like if you had upfront man United would of won low it 🤣🤣🤣
JM - 24 dager siden
It’s 4231 ricky
boyta23 - 25 dager siden
Start at the back Ricky, They have to play Taunzebe, drop McGuire just to take his captaincy away
mboka khalid
mboka khalid - 25 dager siden
Bruno, Rashford, Fred and James could be better against unconsciously attacking teams. Meanwhile Pogba, Martial, Matic, Mata, Cavani, Igalo, Greenwood and Van de beek should be the selection against more defense conscious teams
mboka khalid
mboka khalid - 25 dager siden
Pogba simply follows what Ole tells him in order to perform the way he does. He needs not to disobey manager's instructions.
mboka khalid
mboka khalid - 25 dager siden
Ricky, I like ur comments.
rowen - 25 dager siden
Is it a case of Arteta getting it right or Ole getting it wrong...i think the latter. we could of won the game even with the shape but with better team selection
Peter George
Peter George - 25 dager siden
The midfield players kept passing the ball to the other side, not a recipe for success.
Ian Andrew
Ian Andrew - 25 dager siden
Matic - yes, but this Dan James/Mata bullshit. They are not and will not be the future of Man United. Diamond didn’t work because he put McTwat and Fre in wrong positions, and McNumpty is not good enough.
NAyF DOc - 25 dager siden
Rick i agree mate tbf, but another manager would not start dan james or mata with these players at their disposal. Ole is not good enough to get the best out of the talent he has, simple as that.
TheW - 25 dager siden
De Gea
Wan-bissaka, Tuanzebe, Lindelöf, Shaw
VDB, Bruno
Mata - Martial - Rashford
Iztok Golob
Iztok Golob - 25 dager siden
Ricky my man. No mention of Pogba apart from not naming him in the team. I agree with everything he says.
Yonas sisay
Yonas sisay - 25 dager siden
Rest in peace manchester united
david sief
david sief - 25 dager siden
The same starting line up as midweek but Cavani in for Tony, and United win the game clear.
Herman Mhiko
Herman Mhiko - 25 dager siden
Ricky should be our manager 🤣🤣
Alan Sheehan
Alan Sheehan - 25 dager siden
Greenwood knows where the goals are and is one of our best for a long time at that, BUT his midfield and defensive work is terrible.
How did MATA win MOTM but hadn't appeared since bar being taken off on the hour that other week.
Play him at 10 and surround him with players who work with him
sadek rahman
sadek rahman - 25 dager siden
James needs to develop a footballing brain before he. can start
will - 25 dager siden
The title of this video says it all!! We’re screwed!
Dirt Shultz
Dirt Shultz - 25 dager siden
Rickys fuckin brutal. Talking about not shoe Horning players into positions. If we play a 442 that's exactly what we would have to do. Who's going to play leftmid/wing and right mid/wing. But of course matic will hold the team together 🙄
Isaac Meehan
Isaac Meehan - 25 dager siden
We were just nervous and didn’t turn up and our midfield were dominated that’s where the game was lost.
Can 14
Can 14 - 25 dager siden
Martial is critical for us. We lose when he doesn’t play. Simple as but people will still hate on him
Zen Zaini
Zen Zaini - 25 dager siden
Juan Mata🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
sadek rahman
sadek rahman - 26 dager siden
Ole is too busy tinkering with his team.
sadek rahman
sadek rahman - 26 dager siden
Fred is a box to box mid. And not a CDM.
sadek rahman
sadek rahman - 26 dager siden
Fred was playing in the wrong position.
sadek rahman
sadek rahman - 26 dager siden
Mata is too slowm
Chris Farquharson
Chris Farquharson - 26 dager siden
Ricky your feelings for a play is out of this world! James can play!!!!! He have nothing to offer!!!!!
Ryan Langton
Ryan Langton - 26 dager siden
Can’t stand Ricky
kuhle nkosi
kuhle nkosi - 26 dager siden
Ricky: He's just different gravy 🤣😂🤣😂
Callum Walmsley
Callum Walmsley - 26 dager siden
Big let down. Ole must be feeling the pressure now. This is not good enough as Keane said
Waza88 - 26 dager siden
Katana Lugo
Katana Lugo - 26 dager siden
Ole isn't a proper manager at all... all he is doing is guess work with his tactics... can someone send him home now???
Abubakarr Dumbuya
Abubakarr Dumbuya - 26 dager siden
I said that don't underestimate arsenal team but you guys were over hyped on RB Leipzig wins. Arsenal is a home team
Jhan Siraj
Jhan Siraj - 26 dager siden
Greenwood is an out and out striker not anything else
John - 26 dager siden
How flex can keep a straight face when Ricky says" I've said time and time again Mata should play in the right"
Keenan Fitzhenry
Keenan Fitzhenry - 26 dager siden
Love how he says "don't pick on mctom " but he constantly only picks on Fred PLUS Fred played the wrong position and doesn't say anything ?
Keenan Fitzhenry
Keenan Fitzhenry - 26 dager siden
Can I get the drugs Ricky smokes please
NLV Films
NLV Films - 26 dager siden
Mata is not a Right Winger.
Adrian Bascombe
Adrian Bascombe - 26 dager siden
mata ricky on crack
David Keating
David Keating - 26 dager siden
Can we please get Junior and Ricky on a show to discuss the Fred Vs Matic debate!!😊😊😊👌
David Keating
David Keating - 26 dager siden
Ricky Juan Mata is not a winger!! FACT!! He’s a 10!!
United struggle against a 3-4-3!! Same thing happened against Chelsea twice!! Last week and in the FA Cup semi final last season!!
James Mc Hugh
James Mc Hugh - 26 dager siden
Mctominay not good enough Fred gives the ball away too much
roycck - 26 dager siden
Fred and Pogba are the goats 🐐
Aldo Gjipali
Aldo Gjipali - 26 dager siden
Ricky is being proven right time and time again
J Leroy
J Leroy - 26 dager siden
Bareeee waffling
Mike Bond
Mike Bond - 26 dager siden
James Winny
James Winny - 26 dager siden
Even if Pogba doesn’t make that error it’s still a very poor draw.
Erez Tsur
Erez Tsur - 26 dager siden
Rickey is so right
Kato Patrick
Kato Patrick - 26 dager siden
Nurbol Nurdaulet
Nurbol Nurdaulet - 26 dager siden
Am I getting older? because I'm starting to believe what RIcky says :) lol ... I agree with RIcky today, seems like our coach does not understand basics sometimes. and that is weird.
Kato Patrick
Kato Patrick - 26 dager siden
Guys,forget winning if you don't involve JUAN MATA and Van De BEEK
christopher millar
christopher millar - 26 dager siden
AWB, Maguire and lindelof couldn't play between the lines. When we managed to get the ball into feet midfield, up top, we couldn't turn with arsenals press, we wernt good enough to hold the ball up and keep possession. Amount of loose passes was ridiculous. Although we were poor arsenal pressured united into mistakes. Our formation and personnel needed changed straight after the break it was so obvious. Might sound silly this but we would've been better going a goal down in the first half. We would've had more time to have a go at it. Last 15 mins we dominated when we needed to push for a goal. Might've streched the game but that's the point on having nearly 200m as a back 4 to keep the ball out.
AF1998 - 26 dager siden
Why o why does ole have to accommodate anyone. I'm fed up. Where he must accommodate pogba. Bring in his mate matic coz he ain't played for free games
Kevin McKie
Kevin McKie - 26 dager siden
Kevin McKie
Kevin McKie - 26 dager siden
Mata and dan james, OMG
shreyas p
shreyas p - 26 dager siden
Mctominay sucks. He's just a teacher's pet at this point
Ozz Lee
Ozz Lee - 25 dager siden
The PE teacher's pet... 😆
msaninyoze Kachilaza
msaninyoze Kachilaza - 26 dager siden
Uncle Ricky, on Wednesday when we won, "we are scoring for fun" today crying like. Inconsistence!
The_Sceptical_ One
The_Sceptical_ One - 26 dager siden
We actually missed martial today
The_Sceptical_ One
The_Sceptical_ One - 26 dager siden
Greenwood was one of our better players... Ricky and Juan mata gotta be related
Bruno Rodrigues
Bruno Rodrigues - 26 dager siden
vdb atleast as good as bruno, alright Ricky, im not saying he isnt but you stating he is without any proof is daft
joshua herbert
joshua herbert - 26 dager siden
This guy knows nothing about football
MT-MUFC - 26 dager siden
Does Ricky ever watch Dan James! Mata, James and McTominay are not the level we need!
dan jones
dan jones - 26 dager siden
Who's this clueless old tart
Good Times
Good Times - 26 dager siden
Dalot is twice as better attacking wise why we don’t have him for such games nobody knows
Mark Stone
Mark Stone - 26 dager siden
Oh for fake sake Ricky with this 'Mata' bollocks, you're becoming a broken record. Blind mate. I won't listen to this crap anymore.
Leshay Leafe
Leshay Leafe - 26 dager siden
Juan Mata and donny needs to pair up in the next game cause there was no creativity getting the ball through to Rash&Greenwood creativity wasnt there
BR 7
BR 7 - 26 dager siden
How can Rickey say don’t shoe horn players in. Mata is not a right winger
Stuart Holehouse
Stuart Holehouse - 26 dager siden
Ole wants to play 4-2-3-1 but we didn’t buy a winger so he’s trying find a formation that compensates for that.
Stuart Holehouse
Stuart Holehouse - 26 dager siden
DVB should be starting ahead of Pogba. Pogba and Greenwood are impact players not starters.
Jonathon Potter
Jonathon Potter - 26 dager siden
Ricky is clueless, Ole picked the WRONG players for the diamond
JA M - 26 dager siden
I would love to see:midfield 4 of
James Matic Fred Mata 🙄
Kjalli - 26 dager siden
The diamond is being played because Utd dont have any wingers. Rashford and Greenwood can play on the wings but they are not natural in those pos.
Sunny Toor
Sunny Toor - 26 dager siden
listen Juan mata wouldnt have done nothing. James may have caused small problems with the pace but lets face it dude has no football i.q, Pogba should be subbed for the rest od the season, that tackle obvious and stupid. No world class player would have done that. Play Van de beek and give him a run instead.
Josh Nunn
Josh Nunn - 26 dager siden
Mctonimay needs to go to a championship side
e SOLUTION - 26 dager siden
Ole will never break the 70-points barrier nor reach a final irrespective of the players at his disposal. He (Ole) is just a relegation manager playing relegation football, and the sooner the board gets rid of him, the better it will be for everyone. That's what I've been saying since the end of last season.
Pramil Sapkota
Pramil Sapkota - 26 dager siden
this old man knows football
Samuel Parsons
Samuel Parsons - 26 dager siden
In what universe is Ricky in to be trying to defend McTominay’s performance? He was comfortably the worst player of either side on the pitch.
GREAT HOPE - 26 dager siden
Fred come out .. if Matic has come off and we lost this fool will be up in arms.. What does Dan James do .. get this fool off the channel now .
Lovejoy - 26 dager siden
The United Stand's blind faith in Fred amongst Goldbridge and the general consensus is bordering on the bizarre. He's the worst player I've seen play in our midfield in the 37 years I've been watching them. He can't pass a ball and gives it away all the time. And they choose to pick on McTominay instead (who I don't rate either). Absolutely bizarre.
Raghavendra GN
Raghavendra GN - 26 dager siden
With Pogba, VDB, Rashford and Bruno , we are talking about lack of creativity! that's how negative football we have been playing..FFS, please play with one DM to accomodate Bruno Pogba/Mata and VDB together..we can't expect McT or Fred to be creative! come on guys
fcom123 - 26 dager siden
Lol yeah mata and James would save us .. cmon Ricky mate
Tefo Marape
Tefo Marape - 26 dager siden
Dan james plays better on the right, no need to cut in just run and put a cross in.
Martial Cavani Mata/James
VDB Matic Fred
Flat midfield
Hamza Adan
Hamza Adan - 26 dager siden
Ricky's acc a fotballing genius , I forgot about how much we needed mata.
H L - 26 dager siden
Why didnt he play Matic as the bottom of the diamond and fred as the one disturbing and intercepting plays like he does best like the last few games. Fred as a cdm is awful so was mactominay
steviehoang - 26 dager siden
Rickys always right
Jackson Agbesi
Jackson Agbesi - 26 dager siden
Ole is a try and error coach, in fact he's very indecisive most of the time leading to our inconsistency
Mrod 1117
Mrod 1117 - 26 dager siden
Mctominy bigger and stronger he doesn’t look strong I’ve seen him be bullied and doesn’t use his strength for tackles only thing he uses his strength for is to give away fouls
Lucky Huciano
Lucky Huciano - 26 dager siden
this man is the most educated on football on this channel, but often gets put down for his opinions. I like to come back and laugh at them when he's proven right lol.
Paul K
Paul K - 26 dager siden
greenwood needs to be rested now martial is back he looked shattered
Harto Widjaja
Harto Widjaja - 26 dager siden
Ole did not do his homework... He needs a consultant for assistant in analysing the opponent weakness for every game which Sir Alex himself did a good job by himself... Ole not good in analysing that, he needs to employ one or two from his own pockets but unlikely he will do that😁😁smile on The Ole Smile 😁😁😁😁
Calibrated Chinger
Calibrated Chinger - 26 dager siden
A 4-4-1-1 with wingers who can track and cross the ball, two box to box players and then a proper 9 with a cf behind. Why United don't have wide players who cant cross a ball is insane!!
Neil Tough
Neil Tough - 26 dager siden
I hate to say it BUT lose to Everton and I think Ole will be gone and let’s be honest we all know deep down that he’s out of his depth !! BUT it won’t matter who the next manager is because if the board don’t back him we will be back in this same position in a few years time .....
Adrian Marrinan
Adrian Marrinan - 26 dager siden
Greenwood offers nothing from the right, hes right. Plus RB cant offer anything. Left side not much better. No balance. Completely reliant on counter attack...but even with that, yesterday Rash is the only one with legs!
Samson Munthali
Samson Munthali - 26 dager siden
sack Ole we aint going anywhere trust me the football will not change
D M - 26 dager siden
Whole midfield was rubbish. Especially Fred and McTominay.
allan de
allan de - 26 dager siden
Ricky is a very good analyst... never used to agree with him but every call he makes turns out to be right