RICKY! Not Dan James' Fault! Manchester United 0-0 Chelsea Fan Cam

Manchester United 0-0 Chelsea and Ricky says the result is not Dan James' fault!
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Runtime: 18:06


Declan Heard
Declan Heard - 3 dager siden
Dan James deserves defending everyone has a go at him
Lawrence Atherton
Lawrence Atherton - Måned siden
i don't blame James, mcTominey, and Fred we know are not creative and Shaw doesn't play the ball forward. James made some fantastic runs and never got picked out by Shaw. I just think James needs some confidence and to play with some people who will play the ball forward for him. he doesn't get much game time so let's give him some time. Also, James puts in a shift up and down the pitch greenwood offers one thing... if he not scoring you get nothing else from him in my view
FCU 86
FCU 86 - Måned siden
I always look forward to rickys interviews but he needs to take them fucking stupid glasses off and see things clearly instead of being biased towards his favourite players
sengamine - Måned siden
Sorry but for a decade we had Scholes and Keane in midfield, and it was the best midfield in the world. No reason we can't play with one DM and one of Pogba /Bruno or VDB in midfield. The question is can the player who plays there be intelligent with his positioning.
aquil khan
aquil khan - Måned siden
Ricky .. is Dan james your son ???
Rama Dan
Rama Dan - Måned siden
Dan James really shouldn't be at Manchester United full stop .
Rama Dan
Rama Dan - Måned siden
Full time they stop interviewing this guy bloody hell man !!
stwads - Måned siden
Dan James was picked to keep Reece James quiet. I also think Donny will get more games under his belt. He will get chances later in the season & will be a constant next year after Pogba has left!
Asif Iqbal
Asif Iqbal - Måned siden
I hope Ole plays Diamond with two split strikers or 3-5-2 in next game
steven woodall
steven woodall - Måned siden
I agree a lot with what ricky says but dan James analogy is rubbish
Mohammadparsa Parsaei
Mohammadparsa Parsaei - Måned siden
Finally sb spoke wisely.
BENEDICT Samson - Måned siden
Have said it that Daniel James is not better than Manchester United Academy wingers
BENEDICT Samson - Måned siden
Please someone should explain to me how Daniel James ends up being a winger
Emmanuel - Måned siden
What is it with Ricky and Daniel James. The guy is not good enough just admit it. Football is not just about defending and being inept when going forward
k Se7en
k Se7en - Måned siden
United didn't buy Dan james to be a defender Ricky
The Blackamura
The Blackamura - Måned siden
Can't believe Ricky gave AWB MOTM tbh
Captain Joetry
Captain Joetry - Måned siden
Here's what I reckon they should have played.
DDG (obvs)
Back 4: Telles, Lindelof, Tuanzabe, Wan-Bassika
Matic (holding)
Bruno Fernandes and Van de Beek
Rashford, Greenwood and Cavani
That would have won us the game
Raj Guy
Raj Guy - Måned siden
Was Telles injured because he would have been a better option on the left?
Robert Ankuma
Robert Ankuma - Måned siden
Dan James is trash..😂
Eucalyptus Da Villa
Eucalyptus Da Villa - Måned siden
Reece pocketed James .
Adah40 - Måned siden
He said put Bruno on the bench lol Ricky probably was a shitty footballer when he was young or just jealous of actually good players.
M Harsha Vardhan
M Harsha Vardhan - Måned siden
dan james doesnt know how to dribble he doesnt lift his head and see he is just waste
007methman - Måned siden
Blind faith in Dan James and Matic yet overly critical of Pogba and Bruno..
Michael Musial
Michael Musial - Måned siden
Donny needs to start vs Leipzig. There’s no excuse not to pick him
Louis Bonfield
Louis Bonfield - Måned siden
Whats the point in fred and mctominay if every time they win possesion they give it away again with dogshit passing
Orran Smith
Orran Smith - Måned siden
Ricky is a prime example of how our standards have fallen
Uncle Sue
Uncle Sue - Måned siden
Why does Flex interview Ric and also what happened to other guys on the untied stand
Keenan Fitzhenry
Keenan Fitzhenry - Måned siden
Ricky knows nothing about vdb..he played number 8 at ajax and scored more his goals and assist in the cm position
imran ahmed
imran ahmed - Måned siden
I agree it wasn't the worst result but Chelsea was there for the taking get vdb on the pitch james can't finish
Kapil Trivedi
Kapil Trivedi - Måned siden
I like Ricky.
He makes me feel better
J_Ramone - Måned siden
Ricky was the midwife at the birth of Dan James
Kong Bundy
Kong Bundy - Måned siden
Ricky talks a lot of sense. Would love to see Cavani 9 and VDB 10 midweek but I doubt OGS will do it!
Gavin Akil Thomas
Gavin Akil Thomas - Måned siden
Ricky needs to be stopped. Team shape is no excuse to play or defend Dan James who offers nothing going forward. Great, he gets back. But when he tracked back how many tackles did he win? I saw him run into challenges and skipped passed every time so he's not even offering anything when we defend. I watched this guy dribble into three players in Chelsea's box at one point. And he is not some 19 year old kid. He's 23.
Mojo K
Mojo K - Måned siden
Ricky is deluded. Man rates Matic, James and Shaw like they top ballers.
Rob Walker let the music play
It’s all about the Team shape 🤷🏼‍♂️
Roy law
Roy law - Måned siden
This guy talks bollocks we had a great run with pogba and bruno in the team last season .and mata is not a right winger change formation play a diamond
Darren Herbert
Darren Herbert - Måned siden
Dan James is his new mata
Scientist Tim
Scientist Tim - Måned siden
why am i not surprised about the titpe
Brando Robinson
Brando Robinson - Måned siden
Daniel James shouldn’t even be making the match day squad very poor decision from the manager almost every game James play he is poor n u have Donny on the bench smh very clueless ole
Danny Drinkwhiskey
Danny Drinkwhiskey - Måned siden
i'm starting to believe now that Ricky is somewhat an uncle of Dan James. Besides Ole and his team, no one really rate that Donkey. Dan James is a winger who had no flair in his game. can't dribble, can't cross, can't shoot...all he can do is run and make those stupid faces after he misplace a pass or made the wrong decision. Ole is clueless for starting him and stop listening to Giggs advice. Dan James is not good enough to play for the club.
Mokeddem Fayçal
Mokeddem Fayçal - Måned siden
The sub is an issue and it takes too long for ole to make a change
Tevin Coley
Tevin Coley - Måned siden
Imagine ricky as our coach lol matic mata and james would play every game we would be one big boring team and draw almost every game jesus Christ this man is a iodit
Tosin Oduola
Tosin Oduola - Måned siden
I respect people who admit and speak the truth when its obvious, you lose all respect, Mr Ricky, when you say Dan James did a fine job...
Mohamed Thanveer
Mohamed Thanveer - Måned siden
Ricky is quick to blame Bruno when he makes a mistake and now he is defending Dan who was the worst player in that pitch yesterday.
Why are you defending James for???
He was awful Ricky.
Martin Elliott
Martin Elliott - Måned siden
Ricky would try & convince you that 🎅🏼 is real. Dan James’ grandad strikes again 😂
Darren Walton
Darren Walton - Måned siden
I have alot of respect for Ricky but today he's embarrassed himself .
Chelsea are shipping goals as well we have plenty to batter them but ole is negative our home form for a massive club is shocking he needs to get these line ups right i.e Donny cavani matic
Thunder Robot
Thunder Robot - Måned siden
ill take a 0-0 score if I thought we couldnt win.The way Chelsea were playing,we could have easily won had Ole chose his lineup logicaly,or even made substitution with common sense..The moment Bruno went to the right wing,any chance of winning ended
timmo - Måned siden
just deluded at this point.
Ken Brickley
Ken Brickley - Måned siden
The sound of spin, it’s like Ole is working Ricky.
I Fix
I Fix - Måned siden
VDB should be feeling fucking down & disappointed .....
OLE "Mr PE Teacher" just knew how to destroy players!!! LOL
Elijah Hagler
Elijah Hagler - Måned siden
“ReEcE JaMeS pLaYeD rIgHt BaCk NoT aSpIcAlEtA!” - Ricky, 2020
Elijah Hagler
Elijah Hagler - Måned siden
@Preemo Heat Gotta love him
Preemo Heat
Preemo Heat - Måned siden
Thats him🤣 brilliant👌
Samuel Morley
Samuel Morley - Måned siden
Ole will be finished by christmas
CraigWCK - Måned siden
Ricky is a dinosaur with no understanding of the modern game.
Mike Glenn
Mike Glenn - Måned siden
Dan James is a really nice lad. Ole is picking him, but why? He is clearly struggling at this level. Even Lingard has more to offer than James! I just hope James does not read this sort of site. Not good for his well being. United should be conscious of this!
Michael-John Uren
Michael-John Uren - Måned siden
"Only man to defend Daniel James." Ricky needs to get a break from the show, he keeps defending a player who really doesn't add anything to the team.
Ivar - Måned siden
YOU can play 4-1-4-1 , Donny and bruno in middel, Mata and Rashford wide, and matic cdm
Maysam Safdari
Maysam Safdari - Måned siden
James out ! He should play in Swedens division 4
Zeki Suzen
Zeki Suzen - Måned siden
Come off it rick mate. Dan James is terrible
AKASH DUTTA - Måned siden
daniel james not a UNITED quality player just like phil jones championship quality
matt boneham
matt boneham - Måned siden
Dan James epitomizes the fall of United. We have people defending a winger who doesn't produce anything going forward. :/
Arthur Everett
Arthur Everett - Måned siden
Wish you had more fans like Ricky talking about utd football
Mark - Måned siden
Ricky always talks shite, need to drop this guy asap. He can't even pronounce the player's names correctly what a melt.
Gunslinger Oy
Gunslinger Oy - Måned siden
Think Rick is right in terms of people need to keep perspective here. Some are acting like we just lost 4-0 to Exeter.
andrew pearson
andrew pearson - Måned siden
Hey Mark, Sancho played real well hey Mr 10% correct. Getting your Flickr are you sunshine.
KBR P - Måned siden
Ricky, just admit when you're wrong. This shows your analysis can't be trusted.
Dappa khan
Dappa khan - Måned siden
Get Ricky of here and put him back in eastenders.
4Runner King
4Runner King - Måned siden
Ricky lost me as son as he said, “Dan James did his job absolutely fine”. You didn’t even know he was out there unless he gave the ball aways or made a stupid decision.
Joseph Bakkabulindi
Joseph Bakkabulindi - Måned siden
Ricky...come on...mediocre...wen has United ever felt comfortable with a draw
jhonathan pike
jhonathan pike - Måned siden
1:46 I quit my work thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Elvin Motovac
Elvin Motovac - Måned siden
Ricky do not know what he is talking about. Needs to be realistic, saying that James was good is an example of how low our standards have got. Fergie would never accept that performance. We need to be the best and some of our players are not cutting it.
Elvin Motovac
Elvin Motovac - Måned siden
And we are dissapointed because it was a BAD performance, we are MANCHESTER UNITED we shouldnt be Happy with 1p against Chelsea, our ambition should be to win always, and if we dont win, do not bloody smile about it!
David Pearson
David Pearson - Måned siden
Dan James does his work absolutely fine? I like Ricky but c'mon man, don't be silly, he's about as much use as a pair of Speedos to an Eskimo
Stewart Crofts
Stewart Crofts - Måned siden
UTD need to play 3-5-2 away from home and 4-1-3-2 at home.
BIG PERM - Måned siden
Dan James should not be a Manchester United player. Period.......
kerim ozkolaci
kerim ozkolaci - Måned siden
Get your head out of your arse Ricky, you go around slating bruno when Dan James loses the ball regularly and offers absolutely nothing going forward, complete idiot
Mark Owusu
Mark Owusu - Måned siden
Donny must be watching Dan James on the pitch and thinking, I know 15 year olds at 'De Toekomst' (Ajax youth training complex 'The Future') that make better footballing decisions than this guy.
Cedric Levy
Cedric Levy - Måned siden
In the last 31 games, we have a 71% win ratio. Scored 72 goals and conceded 25. We are not playing as bad as everyone thinks we are
However, I cannot for the life of me understand why Ricky thinks that James deserves to be in the team.
He does not contribute anything. A pony has more tricks than him and a pony only has one trick
Gainmaker 5000
Gainmaker 5000 - Måned siden
If Ricky was a manager his team would be extremely defensive & boring.
Modou Mbye
Modou Mbye - Måned siden
And he will never win a single game
Pman 35
Pman 35 - Måned siden
If Ricky was a manager he'd be sacked after a week. The man hasn't a clue!!!
Ben Smallman
Ben Smallman - Måned siden
Deluded old fart
Geronimo Anonymous
Geronimo Anonymous - Måned siden
"I've put a tweet out before the game"
Gunnar - Måned siden
Ricky is a fool
Dan Ramos
Dan Ramos - Måned siden
Ricky said the team looks different with James, I must say worst
ben lennon
ben lennon - Måned siden
Dan James is a left winger. His job is not to keep us a clean sheet his job is to create and score goals or at least be involved in attacks
DAPS - Måned siden
Ricky just loves his white players
DAPS - Måned siden
@Mark Owusu cos we have no white strikers 😂
Mark Owusu
Mark Owusu - Måned siden
Not true. He talks up 'Marshall' all the time.
Mark Owusu
Mark Owusu - Måned siden
Dan James has not improved. After his first 2/3 good performances he's remained consistently average since.
But in all honesty, is it surprising? Who is he getting his training and on pitch guidance from? If he was coming into the side to replace an almost retiring Giggs, they would work together to improve his game.
But we have no experience in the team in most of our positions. No older heads to guide the youngsters. Definitely no real midfield leaders who can boss him into making better decisions.
Would he be making the same mistakes if Keane was in the side and glaring at him after the first 'blind alley run or row Z long range shot'?
Same reason why Shaw has taken so long to really develop. And there's some who don't think he really has.
Daz T
Daz T - Måned siden
Dan James is awful, pace yes but no football brain, got in Rashfords way just before penalty shout, no final ball. Hes had his chance, get rid.
dicerevo - Måned siden
Mata is not a player that will be playing next year regularly nor can he. Makes no sense playing him ahead of others when he’s not part of the long term plan
Adam Reidy-Thompson
Adam Reidy-Thompson - Måned siden
Spot on Rick, we should've won yesterday tho
Owen - Måned siden
Dan James was terrible what is Ricky on about😂 I've said it before and I'll say it again stop letting this deluded idiot on the United Stand
2 Melo
2 Melo - Måned siden
@Mark Please remove Ricky he is SO Biased
Pat Cow
Pat Cow - Måned siden
Tbf chelsea played for the draw never lost there shape , how mctominey played 80 minutes I don't know his passing is awful . This talk about dan keeping the shape means nothing why don't you go out in stand in the corner ricky you'd offer more . In the end we ran out of ideas again can't break teams down
Ossai Chuks
Ossai Chuks - Måned siden
Came here to watch how this man would talk rubbish in the name of defending another useless performance by his grandchildren James and mc tominy again
Nigel Ian Hinkson
Nigel Ian Hinkson - Måned siden
In most team sports the best players start the game
Mick Colton
Mick Colton - Måned siden
U can't play sub standard players just because of team shape
Still Jay
Still Jay - Måned siden
I like Rickys system. Play mata right, martial left and Bruno / VDB. But we need to give VDB a run of games instead of keeping him in the bench.
Jay Dot
Jay Dot - Måned siden
I get what Ricky is saying but Dan James can't start theres someone who can start in his place and do better but I get the balance thing Chelsea done same thing but Chelsea played their best players uptop we didn't.
J03c 15
J03c 15 - Måned siden
Ricky is deluded
J Ango
J Ango - Måned siden
Utter bollox
Bradders 1001
Bradders 1001 - Måned siden
Not gonna lie Ricky speaks facts most of the time
Abs Corleone
Abs Corleone - Måned siden
James Ran into traffic on a one on one send him back to the championship!!
Nick Edwards
Nick Edwards - Måned siden
Well said Ricky. UTD fans atm seem to think we will win the prem after a win and that we will get relegated after a defeat, get a grip. It is 38 games , we all need to calm down and grow up and stop acting like petulant 8 yr olds all the time. It becomes very very boring watching idiots slating the team all the time. VERY DULL. Well done Ricky , 100% with you
Cedric Levy
Cedric Levy - Måned siden
Leipzig are undefeated and top of the German league.
If McT is not injured, keep the midfield the same. Otherwise magic will be blowing chunks after 20 minutes