Rashford Will DESTROY Arsenal | Man United News Now | Flex, Harry Pinero & KG!

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Marcus Rashford is on fire as Manchester United prepare to face Arsenal & Ole Gunnar Solskajaer faces Mikel Arteta but who is the better coach? Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand.
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A B - 22 dager siden
You hype him as he is world class, he ain't Ronaldo.
DUBstepper - 23 dager siden
Man U 0-1 Arsenal - the diamond formation turned out to be fake jewels - this was easy - these three mugs running their mouths are left licking their wounds!
nevermindthe bollocks
nevermindthe bollocks - 23 dager siden
Rashford to destroy Arsenal , dont think so hahahahaha 'hello darkness my old friend '
Gaverio Reid
Gaverio Reid - 23 dager siden
Theses lot said 4-0 and 5-0 are they mad
dylan westren
dylan westren - 23 dager siden
Haha this aged well
Daniel Henry
Daniel Henry - 24 dager siden
O Scar
O Scar - 24 dager siden
"You see when we beat Arsenal,yeah"...😂😂😂
Gaverio Reid
Gaverio Reid - 24 dager siden
Who's here after arsenal schooled man United
MrMessyb - 24 dager siden
Fred over Partey??!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Noufel Ouafi
Noufel Ouafi - 24 dager siden
Utd fans are really stupid they think they're going to win the champions league, next game loose to Arsenal DELUDED
D HJ - 25 dager siden
WHo got destroyed?
stavvy stavvy
stavvy stavvy - 25 dager siden
Was Rashford playing??
zed365 - 25 dager siden
This didn’t age well 😂
mohammad abbas
mohammad abbas - 25 dager siden
rashford destroyed leipzig i think thats what you meant
he was in holding's pocket lol
Chaka Whyte
Chaka Whyte - 25 dager siden
This aged like a cup of warm piss
Jabz Jr
Jabz Jr - 25 dager siden
😂😂😂😂😂 hearing this after arsenal match snm lol. Btw do hats and headphones make you deluded bcoz people say Ty is bad🤦🏾‍♂️
Jide Ajibola
Jide Ajibola - 25 dager siden
Look at the joy on their faces..when things were rosy lol
tomite2001 - 25 dager siden
In case you are still looking for Rashford, he is in Gabriel's pocket. You will need to pay a ransom to set him free. Just send a Diamond yeah and you can have him! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Markx - 21 dag siden
BANKAIIIIII - 23 dager siden
just send a diamond 😂😂😂 fkn dead az
Mfundo Nkosi
Mfundo Nkosi - 25 dager siden
Hahahaha 1-0
Specter017 - 25 dager siden
Hahhaha haha so much big talk. And it's blown up in your face. Arteta > Pep
Zuhdi Za'aimuddin
Zuhdi Za'aimuddin - 25 dager siden
arsenal are babies? say that again please. hahahaha...
Neville Amimo
Neville Amimo - 25 dager siden
"Ole can do no wrong now, the team is flourishing".... Arsenal 1-0 Man utd(flourishing) 👀
Chuck Manjoume
Chuck Manjoume - 25 dager siden
Hahahahaaha... How is it now?
ashton cap
ashton cap - 25 dager siden
i told you guys....we have to keep our heads low man...i hate it when i see our own fans being cocky as hell...but then again our fanbase is massive...there a many different types of pesonas 🤷
Marsha Phiri
Marsha Phiri - 26 dager siden
4 Nil and 5 nil wow deluded united fans. this is the problem when you write off team like Arsenal. And Arsenal have been getting results against united from 2017
Sarah Johansen
Sarah Johansen - 26 dager siden
Nagarajan Munusamy
Nagarajan Munusamy - 26 dager siden
Who is here after 1-0...🙋
T shaydz
T shaydz - 26 dager siden
This aged well LOL
Arsenal looked like the home team and dominated Man Utd
Jseelan Jc
Jseelan Jc - 26 dager siden
Ha haa haaa.....great comedy.
Geo McCalla
Geo McCalla - 26 dager siden
“Make RashFord your triple captain for this game” are you mad!
Geo McCalla
Geo McCalla - 26 dager siden
Watching this after the arsenal game >>>>>> 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Prakash Kumar
Prakash Kumar - 22 dager siden
Deluded manu fans
Zuhdi Za'aimuddin
Zuhdi Za'aimuddin - 25 dager siden
"arsenal are babies" hahaha.. if arsenal are babies, MU are fertilize eggs.
Sweet Science!
Sweet Science! - 26 dager siden
This video didn’t age well. 🤣
Am - 26 dager siden
oh you smashed Arsenal lololol....what a banter FC lol..geeez
Gooner Boy
Gooner Boy - 26 dager siden
Are we still weight? U mugs 😅😅😅
John Ian
John Ian - 26 dager siden
Who,s here after we bossed their mid and rashford had no influence
Deluded Gooner
Deluded Gooner - 26 dager siden
Anush Jeyakumar
Anush Jeyakumar - 26 dager siden
oh well guys. better luck next time, 😏
Gervais Louis Quadros
Gervais Louis Quadros - 26 dager siden
This aged well..😂🤣😂🤣😂 THE ARSENAL 1 - 0 Manu
Dromeaga - 26 dager siden
Trashford will do what???? You plastic mugs....
Carl Ranger
Carl Ranger - 26 dager siden
Hasn't aged well has it.
Football Tactics
Football Tactics - 26 dager siden
Could’ve gone much better
Joe Johnson
Joe Johnson - 26 dager siden
This aged well
abdullah087 - 26 dager siden
This is one of those videos, ageing like fine wine 😂😂😂
Aeson Industries
Aeson Industries - 26 dager siden
This did not age all at all.
mohammad abbas
mohammad abbas - 25 dager siden
Jide Ajibola
Jide Ajibola - 25 dager siden
at all lol
Darren John
Darren John - 26 dager siden
Where was Ruthles Rashford
faizl mujadidi
faizl mujadidi - 26 dager siden
hOw wE gNnA SmOke arsenal
Broadhurst Gardens
Broadhurst Gardens - 26 dager siden
This did not age well..bwhahahahaha
Aryaman Paul
Aryaman Paul - 26 dager siden
Why tf did you guys have to jinx it ffs
meteojahuti - 26 dager siden
Mark Wilkins
Mark Wilkins - 26 dager siden
Absolutely loved this show guys BIG UP 👏👏👏❤️
Cam Chaz
Cam Chaz - 26 dager siden
I’ve done the triple captain on rashford hope ole picks him
sheriff Sambo
sheriff Sambo - 26 dager siden
Harry Jones
Harry Jones - 27 dager siden
THAT WAS JOKES THE CL question cos i watched that video!!
Quadry Ridley
Quadry Ridley - 27 dager siden
This needs to be the new show.
Luni Santario
Luni Santario - 27 dager siden
Yes... I thought that Oles jacket was reminiscent of Fergie’s....
Luni Santario
Luni Santario - 27 dager siden
I haven’t even watched but I hit the like button.... love Flex and KG....
Louise Cunnington
Louise Cunnington - 27 dager siden
Got to be the best united talk show CHURCH
Marvz - 28 dager siden
Nah this show was too good 😂😂
Ben Hur
Ben Hur - 28 dager siden
brilliant show guys!!! thank you
Kyle Richardson
Kyle Richardson - 28 dager siden
Please say you haven’t jinxed this flex
b3 arusha
b3 arusha - 28 dager siden
Delusion 101
k Se7en
k Se7en - 28 dager siden
No one was normal on that day 21:05m for real 😂😂🤣
Alex Jaison
Alex Jaison - 28 dager siden
Star Lord
Star Lord - 28 dager siden
This Flex and KG duo is my light in these dark days, Dropping Bombs 👊
Kushal Roy
Kushal Roy - 28 dager siden
Just love KGs addition. Brilliant and a total new flavour
Jack Phillips
Jack Phillips - 28 dager siden
This needs to be a regular show, KG showing HP sauce the wreckless ropes
Donte Why
Donte Why - 28 dager siden
I want to SMOTHER ARSENAL !!!!
F A - 25 dager siden
Apex_Pred4t0r - 28 dager siden
The dropping bomb button is the best thing ever 😅😅😅 kg is amazing
Iyke Nwadinobi
Iyke Nwadinobi - 28 dager siden
But Ole has not beaten Arteta in two attempts
Ellias Ghazouani
Ellias Ghazouani - 28 dager siden
Joel MUFC - 28 dager siden
Rashford Cavani
Pogba Fred
Shaw Maguire Tuanz AWB
Ram Kamboz
Ram Kamboz - 28 dager siden
KG is the don!!!
Kris ManUtd Devil
Kris ManUtd Devil - 28 dager siden
Big up to united stand this channel has evolved soo much and the fact u keep it refreshing and fun like these shows credit to u guys 1m coming soon 👊
Kevin McKie
Kevin McKie - 28 dager siden
F.A.W Info
F.A.W Info - 28 dager siden
Imagine Tottenham slapped this guy's 6-1 and everything was calm, they won 5 and think they can win everything now. 😂
Mar P
Mar P - 28 dager siden
KG is the best signing ever 😂
Insanity - 28 dager siden
They played against a weak team
Insanity - 28 dager siden
Arsenal gonna whoop Manchester
Timothy Aaron
Timothy Aaron - 28 dager siden
The ending of this show had me in tears
Gurdit Singh
Gurdit Singh - 28 dager siden
Bro, you man didn't even clock the shoulder shaking thing, only Harry did 😭😭. Shout out Specs Gonzalez
RL10 - 28 dager siden
This was an insane episode! What a trio
Dzivhu Lavhelani
Dzivhu Lavhelani - 28 dager siden
KG a whole vibe 🤣🤣🚀🚀
C.O - 28 dager siden
34:02 I keep replaying KG's "Alwriteeee" lmaooo legendary show
Kyle Lewis
Kyle Lewis - 28 dager siden
Shaw and Wan need to get better at attacking to play a diamond
Shane Peter Cosgrove
Shane Peter Cosgrove - 28 dager siden
Do any experts on here actually coach and work with teams?
Shane Peter Cosgrove
Shane Peter Cosgrove - 28 dager siden
Why do people give Luke Shaw stick. He's a fantastic player....come back from a broken leg the way he has. He's a great player end of...
LLK TAY - 28 dager siden
Gabriel is wavy wow u man a deluded
Jazz_K - 28 dager siden
This has to be a regular trio! Love it, too many jokes !!
Rocco Stiff
Rocco Stiff - 28 dager siden
He had a good 20 min at the end of a game, the game was over people let’s get a grip ffs coz the likelihood is ole will park the bus for a point lol 😂
LLK TAY - 28 dager siden
Omg shaw got spun by pepe at the emirates stop forgetting this 5-0 got to u lots head
vincent - 28 dager siden
I wouldn't be so confident, old trafford is not a fortress and arsenal are due a bounce back, good luck
Aaron Francis
Aaron Francis - 28 dager siden
Pastor Fred 🙌🏼🤣
Dennis Glenister
Dennis Glenister - 28 dager siden
Couple good results and your mob think you’re the best. Where was this energy after palace and spurs. Reality check coming Sunday
KSM7 - 28 dager siden
We need to be all over Leno when they play out from the back before he is not comfortable
ashton cap
ashton cap - 28 dager siden
i personally think we need to be grounded after that result...yes it was awesome great performance..im sure everybody is over the moon...but we still have lots of games ahead....be humble guys...
Manish Lama
Manish Lama - 28 dager siden
Lots of fun ...😂😂😂😆🤗
steviehoang - 28 dager siden
“Alright - alri eee aight “. KG IS THE GOAT
Mr Toxic
Mr Toxic - 28 dager siden
Bunch of clowns
K C - 28 dager siden
Yooo I was dyiiing this was sick 🤣🤣🤣
Lemos Simone
Lemos Simone - 28 dager siden
Ole is really dressing like fergie now 😂😃 all he needs is a pack of gum now
EB WAN KANOBI The Chosen Wan
EB WAN KANOBI The Chosen Wan - 28 dager siden
Why does everyone keep saying keep the diamond. Man u didnt play a diamond!!!