Rashford HATTRICK Man United 5-0 RB Leipzig - Old Trafford Battering | LIVE Fan Forum

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Manchester United 5-0 RB Leipzig! Flex & Co. reacts to a disappointing draw for United. Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand.🔔 Player Ratings Vote here theunitedstand.com/articles/m...
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Jimmy King
Jimmy King - 26 dager siden
Harry Jones
Harry Jones - 27 dager siden
KG IS SO RIGHT i been saying it since THATS part why Dan James and Mata payed v chelsea and Mctom last few, apart from the impact of certain players from the bench he is clearly showing that ATTITUDE AND COMMITMENT matters as much as ability and sure enough makes the players WITH ability STEP UP
Alwaleed - 27 dager siden
We should focus on arsenal game now
Benjamin Turner
Benjamin Turner - 28 dager siden
Media Agendas and true football definitely do not mix as we have evidently seen for the last few years etc.
Francisco Martins
Francisco Martins - 28 dager siden
United won to Lisbon champions league semi finalist, and a champions finalist. Are not average teams
Festy - 29 dager siden
Still beats me how Bruno was just available and no one went for him even when we screwed it up first time. Gotta be the best transfer of the decade.
Jack Matthews
Jack Matthews - 29 dager siden
Love the combo of flex and KG
N M - 29 dager siden
Final 4 at the end needs to be a permanent show ASAP 😂👍
L.A. BRIT - 29 dager siden
Van De Beek... He did a very good job. Never been worried about his lack of starts. There are many games to go. I do think it’s definitely more than worth mentioning that at times, the way he played us out of their high press with short incisive passes and quick turns made my jaw drop literally
zid - 29 dager siden
Naaaaaaah how can man say Perrier isn’t from Brazil but mackinsfeild 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 your killing me G
nicnac - 29 dager siden
Until KG mentioned it I'd forgotten about the legendary Fellaini years. Anybody moaning about Ole, remember hoofball
ASSASSIN L 7 - 29 dager siden
Where’s the player ratings from u man
Keith Herman
Keith Herman - 29 dager siden
The penalty taker should the penalties. Full Stop. Bruno should have taken the peno. Great that Martial scored though
pppscooby - 29 dager siden
What you are all ignoring is how poor we were at keeping hold of the ball for an hour, yeah Fred broke up play but he then gave it away again. Pogba was knocked of the ball so many times. VDB was the only player who could pass to his own teammates under pressure from the high press. We will not be consistent with Pogba in the team and until our CDM learn to pass the ball accurately.
peter duncan
peter duncan - 29 dager siden
KG you make my day, you are fucking nuts man
Gavin Akil Thomas
Gavin Akil Thomas - 29 dager siden
Nah man, Flex you have to take that bomb sfx off KG man lmfaaaoooo
Monsieur Jokk
Monsieur Jokk - 29 dager siden
Really love it when you talk like this with passion and the group has a great dynamic. Please invest in some better microphones, it would really up the viewing experience :) GGMU
Invictus_trax - 29 dager siden
Bruno's impact within 5-10 minutes was Imense aswell. Nice chip ball to Tony who sadly missed it and a nice cross to Pogba who didnt catch it either.
ben hanson
ben hanson - 29 dager siden
Sanders a right cornball
Ayush Joshi
Ayush Joshi - 29 dager siden
I wanna be on the same energy as KG all day, errday! Love this crew! Y'all are doing great work!!🙌🏽🙌🏽🔥
Ben Cheda
Ben Cheda - 29 dager siden
We need two cdm dont change it. FRED must play with either scott or matic then either bruno and pogba or bruno and VDB
Rookie Monster_133 M
Rookie Monster_133 M - 29 dager siden
That white guy sounds like Tom Holland 😂😂
Thai Dang
Thai Dang - 29 dager siden
If you got pogba fernandes and vdb at the same time, what happens if ones injured or getting burnt out especially with the run of games we have. Need to rotate
Amiss AV
Amiss AV - 29 dager siden
Kg is wild😂😂Big ups❤️
suleman butt
suleman butt - 29 dager siden
Xander stop making the same dead joke about ole’s coaching you wet blanket
Invictus_trax - 29 dager siden
Love Sander, thats the Spirit :)
Shahan Naseer
Shahan Naseer - 29 dager siden
Rashford is Quality Individual - both as a United Player and Young person off pitch - This is the type of person we need at United .
Shahan Naseer
Shahan Naseer - 29 dager siden
Keep playing this system
El Capz
El Capz - 29 dager siden
I need KG at my wedding, what a guy!
United84 - 29 dager siden
Skip to 37mins to skip Sander and his annoying BS
Fidel Shetu
Fidel Shetu - 29 dager siden
Muhsin Soleman
Muhsin Soleman - 29 dager siden
Funny fact:
Rashford assisted martial for martial's first career hat-trick
Martial assisted rashford for rashford's first career hat-trick
beatzshuffle - 28 dager siden
Also remember when Martial injured during warmup and started the official career of Rashford
Fuk the Haterz
Fuk the Haterz - 29 dager siden
Sanders needs to relaxxxx had to just skip his half of the video. Second half with wham harden and drake was soo good tho.
Paul The Party Animal Parker
Paul The Party Animal Parker - 29 dager siden
the guy in the bottom left needs to fix his mic or not be on the show. Had to stop watching a few minutes in because of the constant BOOOOOOOOM everytime he speaks.
Aggelos Stm
Aggelos Stm - 29 dager siden
I trust so much bissaka rn....I am just sure that he will clear it every time the opposite team is attacking from the left
k Se7en
k Se7en - 29 dager siden
Flex & KG beast of a show ...it was lit 🔥🔥🔥
Rob United
Rob United - 29 dager siden
The perfect girl doesn’t exi...
Terrance Twonk
Terrance Twonk - 29 dager siden
Ever since LVG had to bring Rashford on he's always had that special something. He might be inconsistent on occasion but with his age & what he's achieved so far - the sky's the limit
rapidkid11 - 29 dager siden
Xander should relax lol people that are OleOut want best for the club too not only him 🙄 and pls ideally dont come on here semi-drunk
Wantali TV
Wantali TV - 29 dager siden
Man like KG!
George Mazuran
George Mazuran - 29 dager siden
What’s wrong with this sander
Umaar XBeybladeX
Umaar XBeybladeX - 29 dager siden
Rashford lowered the price for Upamecano
Rickard Bergquist
Rickard Bergquist - 29 dager siden
I don't understand why Scholes complain on Lindelöf all time. That is one of the best defender in Champions League.
Martin Mugo
Martin Mugo - 29 dager siden
Xander is just noisy for nothing
Ben Goldbridge Jr
Ben Goldbridge Jr - 29 dager siden
Fred & Matic were brilliant if we go forward with both cdm then play them mctominay can come on and do a job then for matic
Mr. S.A.
Mr. S.A. - 29 dager siden
KG! Bring da madness!! I'll watch you whole day!!
Daniel Marsi
Daniel Marsi - 29 dager siden
Sander is actually annoying! He makes me not wanna watch the show! Love KG & FLEX tho my guys!
Emmanuel Oboke
Emmanuel Oboke - 29 dager siden
The boom wasnt sounding entirely well check the audio and keep up thee good work 😂😂
xpkx360 - 29 dager siden
KG is prob the best character in TUS
Aly Pea
Aly Pea - 29 dager siden
Never seen pogba run like that!
Random Stranger
Random Stranger - 29 dager siden
Can i not see sanders on the united stand? He's not someone who you can bring in on a discussion
christoffer solberg
christoffer solberg - 29 dager siden
Am I the only one noticing how attacking Victor Lindelof has been lately? He was behind one of Marcus goal today, and he dribbled his way up the whole pitch one moment in the game, love to see this Lindelof
Kee Keong Liew
Kee Keong Liew - 29 dager siden
Looks like Ole may have found the formula to get the best out of his players........that includes team formation, players selection n substitutions.....etc.
hardlife - 29 dager siden
You know Sanders happy when he’s talking in 2.5x speed not his usual 1.5x speed
Rob Zombie
Rob Zombie - 29 dager siden
The real AWB is back, whoever was playing after lockdown is gone and the right flank is back on lockdown. Fred MOTM bossed the midfield.
hardlife - 29 dager siden
This is still the group of the death just that we’re the murderers😂
Benji Darken
Benji Darken - 29 dager siden
Thank you for this guys, made my week.
Sandro Rodrigues Do Rosario
Sandro Rodrigues Do Rosario - 29 dager siden
I swear Sander’s on crack everytime he comes on a show. Bro let’s enjoy this win all you are doing is dividing. Who cares who’s ole in ole out, we are Manchester United not ole in United or ole out United.
Tom Bara
Tom Bara - Måned siden
Group of death? This group is a piece of piss.
Mark Bernard
Mark Bernard - Måned siden
Flex telling Sander to cop on and stop rattling on about Ole outers.
MrHashmude - Måned siden
Sanders chip on his shoulder. Just discuss the game and stop whining about people being mean to you online.
Michael T
Michael T - Måned siden
Fred is literally saving Lindelof and Maguire from further embarrassment. Also when McTominay, Fred and Bruno are on the pitch together we don't lose, we scored 4 goals in this match when they were all on the pitch together
Mark Bernard
Mark Bernard - Måned siden
Sander spent all night tweeting about how anyone who was doubting Ole was “cringe” rather than actually celebrating a great result. Let it go Sander and enjoy the performance.
Angelo Sobotker
Angelo Sobotker - Måned siden
Sorry to say I don't think martial as a striker is that good. Don't get me wrong he is a great player but if you look at the runs greenwood & Rashford, I don't see him making those runs. He is a left winger or left forward at best.
Rebe Kaker
Rebe Kaker - Måned siden
Kg is like Bruno for the Manchester United
Emmanuel Osei
Emmanuel Osei - Måned siden
forever utd
Rebe Kaker
Rebe Kaker - Måned siden
Cracking show
Lance Pillay
Lance Pillay - Måned siden
Rashford wasn't greedy anymore, He played like da old Rashford A TEAM PLAYER
KayDee - Måned siden
That zebra kit has grown on me
KayDee - Måned siden
Aditya's Foden comment says it all about the media agenda against United
moses wanyoike
moses wanyoike - Måned siden
Fred... ball-winner "backerer" was out of this world. won every ball he went for, challenged even for the aerial balls in spite of his height. Monster!
KayDee - Måned siden
Anyone that doesn't believe in Ole is an idiot and totally clueless... back the manager and be patient
Ideozu Blake
Ideozu Blake - Måned siden
Sanders, fans can criticize ole when he makes questionable tactical decisions/team selections. You’re making seem like he hasn’t done some very head scratching decisions since he was appointed. We can’t sit & act like he’s got everything right consistently. The criticism for olé has been right.
Thabo Mahlagare
Thabo Mahlagare - Måned siden
I thought Pogba was really good, energetic, wanted the ball, Pressed. kept the ball! Not enough said about my man when he does play well.
Aaron Mcneil
Aaron Mcneil - 29 dager siden
I agree, he had a very energetic game! When he turned and shot up the field and set up greenwood. Mint!
kartik jani
kartik jani - Måned siden
I just love kg man makes me gassed everytime we win best signing for TUS
Matt Handford
Matt Handford - Måned siden
I believe we can win the Champions League.
Bijay Malla
Bijay Malla - Måned siden
Maintain a similar tempo for the home games also. Remember, Leipzig were short of some of their regular players also.
dennilly - Måned siden
Feeling the energy.
Only Hooman
Only Hooman - Måned siden
All the fickle fans will go from saying 'death to the Glazers' for not buying Sancho, and no alternative winger will be good enough (because Mark Goldbridge said so) to saying Sancho wouldn't have been worth it because he isn't performing well at the start of this season.
The same fickle fans will say Upamecano is average now because of what Rashford did to RB's defence. Yet they were demanding that Man United buy him 'or else' not too long ago.
Well done, Ole! If we lose to Arsenal, the fickle fans will want you sacked again, though.
R A - Måned siden
Ole still out!
Y H - Måned siden
Where is sayed? And Nooradin
Lovinglife forreAal
Lovinglife forreAal - 29 dager siden
Who cares
John Oze
John Oze - Måned siden
Ronit Biswas
Ronit Biswas - Måned siden
15:41 😂😂😂
abdulrahman alali
abdulrahman alali - Måned siden
Hey Xander
abdulrahman alali
abdulrahman alali - Måned siden
Hey Flex
I don't care anymore. Fred is better than Kante. Fight me
j͚i͚m͚m͚y͚ - Måned siden
people are losing their head when we lose because they’re desperate to win BIG silverware ASAP rocky
hamza younis
hamza younis - Måned siden
Redbull r out of stock fred cleaned em up hes full of that energy
j͚i͚m͚m͚y͚ - Måned siden
i like KG he relays the message i’ve been saying to other fans!!! we’re so alike as fans, spirit animal and we shared the same level of joy 🤣🤣 i love this club!
Vivek Varma
Vivek Varma - Måned siden
Statement win! Cheers all.
Wesley Geland
Wesley Geland - Måned siden
Sander: "Ball-winner-backerer!" :) Killed me
Evedance Musana
Evedance Musana - Måned siden
I couldn't really figure out what he was saying until you typed it out for me........😂
Mr. S.A.
Mr. S.A. - Måned siden
These fraudsters on ESPNFC(Burley & Nicol) can't and will never give Olè props, Olè can win the CL, EPL and they'd still say it was luck, the other teams didn't play well, etc etc etc etc. KG please drop a bomb on dem man!!
Ash Cru
Ash Cru - Måned siden
I just pray we don't see Dan James again. Sorry but this guy is not a CL/PL level player. Let's not get carried away either. Happened too many times before, one good game followed by a couple of bad. Let's hope for some consistencies from the players.
beatzshuffle - 28 dager siden
I hope he brings back the start he had last season and atleast give 7/10 performances whenever he plays.
Yung Simbah
Yung Simbah - Måned siden
KG aka Mr. BOOM-bastic 💣💣💣
Andi McGaw
Andi McGaw - Måned siden
United Stand regulars are disappearing fast
Nicholas Hernandez
Nicholas Hernandez - 29 dager siden
Yes. Strange. And without much explanation either... 🤔
Cedro Cross
Cedro Cross - Måned siden
"One thing about Ole.. He lies" 💣💥💥🤣🤣🤣
beach bum
beach bum - Måned siden
More of this and less of Goldbrige
Lovinglife forreAal
Lovinglife forreAal - 29 dager siden
@Destiny Ediae nahh we are tired of goldbridge too much
Destiny Ediae
Destiny Ediae - 29 dager siden
Less of goldbridge ? The only reason we love watching this?
beach bum
beach bum - 29 dager siden
@Mark Bernard more of kg and flex i meant and full the other slots with whoever idc..except Goldbridge he's jus everywhere,its getting boring with the opinion
Mark Bernard
Mark Bernard - Måned siden
More of Sander??? No thanks.
Cedro Cross
Cedro Cross - Måned siden
I've never seen Luke Shaw cross like that in my life
QueenInTheNorth - 29 dager siden
that's what happens when you have competition for places, players up their game
Shau nak
Shau nak - 29 dager siden
Bro i was shocked
Lou Bloom
Lou Bloom - 29 dager siden
thats a first time in a long time i saw shaw crossed the ball. we need that more often
Ewan Vickers
Ewan Vickers - 29 dager siden
Shaw has the ability he was just scared to do it after the leg break until recently I also think Jose destroyed his confidence also.
Joel Beckford
Joel Beckford - 29 dager siden
Me neither, I knew he could do it, he just lacked confidence in his final ball but Telles is probably giving him pointers and also Shaw has probably realised he has to step his game up to keep his place in the team.
Peter Klein
Peter Klein - Måned siden
Pinky is only able to think in black or white
Jevaughnie Samuels
Jevaughnie Samuels - Måned siden