Pogba & Varane Swap Possible! Cavani sees Red! Man Utd News

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Man Utd could swap Paul Pogba for Raphael Varane in a transfer that suits both parties and Cavani sees red as Pogba shines on international duty. Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand. 🔔 CHRISTMAS JUMPERS united-stand.myshopify.com/
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Alan Stannard
Alan Stannard - 7 dager siden
I would like to see paul to be given a 10 game run then we could decide his future
Nhlonipho Msweli
Nhlonipho Msweli - 8 dager siden
Varane?? I’d rather be stuck with Maguire .. honestly 😂😂
Jonathan Ryan
Jonathan Ryan - 8 dager siden
I think you've forgotten ole has played him twice in that position this season and one as got battered by Tottenham and he gave away a penalty, and he did the Same the other week.. gave a penalty away..
Ebrima Dibba
Ebrima Dibba - 8 dager siden
Yes yes he is good player tells the true. What needs from him passed the football⚽ in the game s it's very important,
Epit Epit
Epit Epit - 8 dager siden
i dont know what happen to united this days..varrane upamecho all not siut to united..the most buying flop club in the univers..go find another defenders
Tarmac 'n' Tin .
Tarmac 'n' Tin . - 8 dager siden
I'm sick and tired of hearing about Paul Bloody Pogba .
Tarmac 'n' Tin .
Tarmac 'n' Tin . - 8 dager siden
I would swap him for RONALDO
clever trevor
clever trevor - 9 dager siden
Pogba is done. Get rid while he is still worth something.
Hassan Jalloh
Hassan Jalloh - 9 dager siden
Boss Ole is not that type of coach that improves players.
Addictive Viewing
Addictive Viewing - 9 dager siden
Not to long ago,mark was saying free up pogba to play a attacking roll higher up the pitch like he had at his time at juve. Today he says pogba should play a deeper role in our midfield because thats where his suited. C'min mate. Make up your mind
Alex Salazar
Alex Salazar - 9 dager siden
Imagine batane and alaba as out center backs. Unstoppable.
Ragiv red devils
Ragiv red devils - 9 dager siden
Paul pogba can dribble can make challenges 🙄
WarrenG Regulate
WarrenG Regulate - 9 dager siden
I really can't understand how us United fans are divided when it comes to our own players. Have your favourites & love them that's great but going at other players coz of agendas just shows how pathetic you're. Take a good look at yourselves, shameful 🤬
Dylan Thomas
Dylan Thomas - 9 dager siden
Pogba does not want to play here end of story how can we get the best out of him if his heads already in Madrid? Sooner the better we get rid of him nobody should be able to talk about our club like that not once but twice publicly times up for pogba Ouuuuuuuuut!!!!!!!!!
Hassan Bang's
Hassan Bang's - 9 dager siden
If man United do want them what to do he is real full Varane is very full defender
amarpall sidhu
amarpall sidhu - 9 dager siden
Pogba, go with my blessings. Enough of the circus, only plays well for France. Go.
THC OF UYO - 9 dager siden
LMAO so you are the one who understands Pogba"s qualities ?
Jose Ramos
Jose Ramos - 9 dager siden
Pogba Out Ole Out, Pocch IN ..Now !!!
Marvel hattaz
Marvel hattaz - 9 dager siden
I think pogba should leave , He would be happier.
Alpha Jagne
Alpha Jagne - 9 dager siden
allan paskwababiri
allan paskwababiri - 9 dager siden
Dude you wanna play Pogba in a dm 😳in the Epl 🤣4 yrs 4 managers been trying to find a position for him and continue to fail, it's time to move him. He plays okay for France coz there are bigger players who carry the team. He is looking like a squad player now 🤣. Man say Jamie Carragher doesn't watch enough football he doesn't know what he says 🤣🤣bro you've lost it now,seriously. Hes a pundit his job is literally to watch and analyze games. Not to mention that he played the game for years at the top level 🤷🏾‍♂️
M Benz
M Benz - 9 dager siden
How come you dont want mctominay in the starting lineup anymore
Christophe Oosterwijk
Christophe Oosterwijk - 9 dager siden
varane is not good enough for real madrid and has no future there. if united want to sign varane then they should and not just stall like they did with sancho and upamecano
cammy macfarlane
cammy macfarlane - 9 dager siden
your having a laugh
cammy macfarlane
cammy macfarlane - 9 dager siden
Could not be better news goodbye Pogba. Pogba defending midfielder in the premier league your having a laugh
David Lawrence Graham
David Lawrence Graham - 9 dager siden
varanes on the slide imo but tbf its probs just a bad spell hes looked top class up until fairly recently so im being a bit harsh on the lad
ALI ALAF - 9 dager siden
We cannot find a player of the level of Pogba in the market now. Better to sale McMoonie and fired Olli. we need Pogba to take the championships ..asked the people to stop manipulate his feelings because he was sick and that he was injured. he is the best player in Man united and we have to suport him .
AlfieHorn - 9 dager siden
100% want pogba for varane swap
Zeedan A
Zeedan A - 9 dager siden
Oh yes the classic pogba agenda is back, clearly you've never seen varane playing without ramos
Evora - 9 dager siden
I am fed up waiting for Pogba to pull his socks up for Utd and turn up in a match. We could be waiting for it for the next twenty years
He is not good for Utd and Utd is not good for him. He should leave now.
SAli Another day
SAli Another day - 9 dager siden
Haha, pogba haters want mcfred but pogba to go, they need to get their head tested.
Christian Krillz
Christian Krillz - 9 dager siden
Lindelof played really well vs France! You really gonna try say Lindelof is poor because SWEDEN lost 4-2 vs the world champs? With sweden having Danielsson as a CB and fucking bunch of nonamers in the entire team.. ye sure. the only star sweden have Alongside Emil Forsberg getting the blame lol.. jesus christ
Scott McGrath
Scott McGrath - 9 dager siden
Bruno gives the ball away when he goes for a dangerous pass that's the only reason why
Ibrahim Mansaray
Ibrahim Mansaray - 9 dager siden
Pogba does not have the right mentality for united. He lacks the right Spirit
Lentutis - 9 dager siden
This whole issue with Pogba having the athletic build doesn't mean he should be chucked in at CDM. Otherwise, you can say the same for Luca Toni, Lukaku, etc because they are huge. In fact, watch fernandinho, Fred, Kante, are these men big men? So why when it comes to Pogba, you wanna say put him at CDM because he can big? Pogba is a creative player, and chucking him deep like that wouldn't work.
This is really not fair on Pogba. Since Fergie retired, United have not been good. 2012/2013 we were first, then Fergie retired and we finished 7th in 2013/2014. We finished 4th in 2014/2015 and 5th in 2015/2016. Pogba came with Zlatan and we finished 6th in 2016/2017. We finished 2nd, our best-ever finish in 2017/2018. With Pogba. At that point, we should have reinforced and got rid of Shaw and other deadwood. But noooooooo. We were 6th in 2018/2019 and finally, in 2019/2020, we came in 3rd.
All this, yet we blame Pogba??????? Who in the damn squad after fucking Fergie has played well? Yet you Pick one man? In fact, we have been worse without Pogba, statistically. But people will not see that. Ever since I heard Mark say that Pogba shouldn't be dancing in his own damn free time is when i stopped taking him and people who say the same seriously. Dancing is something we Africans do, not our fault some people have no rhythm.
Millennial Rabbi
Millennial Rabbi - 9 dager siden
If Pogba stops giving up penalties and the ball away near our goal, he can come back
Ridhoy Islam
Ridhoy Islam - 9 dager siden
Cow for sheep 😂❤️Mark with a another one
Stephane - 9 dager siden
Mc Sauce Plays DC with Scotland
GoogleName - 9 dager siden
Im surprised Mark actually rates Chris smalling. He's not atrocious but im glad we let him go. He should've left a while ago if u ask me
TheGavalanche - 9 dager siden
What about our defence needing the protection of two holding midfielders?
I think Pogba's had enough chances at United. I would be in no rush to put him back in ahead of Fred, McTominay or Matic.
Stick him on the right instead of Mata 😅
Thomas Hamilton
Thomas Hamilton - 9 dager siden
Get him swapped not worth the hassle “i want madrid but i like united “ His agent mouthing off aswell
KEVIN CORBETT HILL - 9 dager siden
Why in the world would Real Madrid swap
For Pogba??
Berdan Ceviz
Berdan Ceviz - 9 dager siden
If we don’t send Pogba to Juventus and bring back CR7 idk what we’re doing
Sean - 9 dager siden
Mark saying the game against Seville was the worst because man utd were supposed the best team but then says the defense played crap and the strikers couldnt finish chances , so you were crap then lol utter idiot
Kristian Larsson
Kristian Larsson - 9 dager siden
Mark always says not to listen to pundits because they do not watch football enough. But when it suits his Lindelof agenda then suddenly we should listen to them.
Brandon Bossert
Brandon Bossert - 9 dager siden
Pogba for someone that upgrades the team - win - win.
Geronimo Anonymous
Geronimo Anonymous - 9 dager siden
What happened to the diamond
Joel Mathew
Joel Mathew - 9 dager siden
Imagine Varane and Tuanzebe!!!!!!! Brilliant!!!
Marcus Webster
Marcus Webster - 9 dager siden
I think u guys shift camp so easily, like we all know as mu fc fans Pogba was badly off form...like who plays an out of for player. It's a joke the way we criticise coaches, it's nonsense
christopher bradley
christopher bradley - 9 dager siden
United could have signed Grealish in the Summer but we were made to look stupid trying to sign Sancho when B orrusia said the deadline was up on August 7th and because Woodward has an iq of minus something we got neither.Woodward would have been sacked by now at most other clubs b ut because the Glazers also have iqs of minus something his job is safe.Pleased for Grealish he can now sign for a top team instead of the pathetic mufc
Mickstar - 9 dager siden
I’d swap Pogba for Eric Djemba Djemba 😂😂
So good they named him twice
Ethan McCormack
Ethan McCormack - 9 dager siden
I would ask Juventus if they want pogba and if so say give us Ronaldo plus 30 mil and he is yours. So sick of pogba and his drama he makes every single season with wanting to leave.
Rob United
Rob United - 9 dager siden
Mark “I watch a lot off Italian football” goldbridge
Jhan Siraj
Jhan Siraj - 9 dager siden
A big difference between Didier and Ole. Ones a coach the other is a playstation manager. Ole pike a system and places players in it, then done. Not a coach
Pedpost Urgent Care
Pedpost Urgent Care - 9 dager siden
We r becoming a very stupid team. I agree pogba shud b sold but to give Madrid what they need for varane they don't need is stupid. We shud sign John Stones from City. Its a risk but the English core of AWB, Stones Maguire Shaw could develop at United. Stones will complement Maguire cos he's good with his feet (something lindelof can't do). Then we sign grealish abd sancho
Josh Lewis
Josh Lewis - 9 dager siden
Modric is the main man of real and he's 35
Live Life
Live Life - 9 dager siden
Please just sell him immediately
Pedpost Urgent Care
Pedpost Urgent Care - 9 dager siden
We will be idiots to swap Pogba for varane. Madrid will sell Varane for a new center back.
Tal Kim
Tal Kim - 9 dager siden
Is he better than Yaya Toure? Or similar to yaya
danny flynn
danny flynn - 9 dager siden
Come on u just said pogba can tackle.... not in the box he cant
Vel Antip
Vel Antip - 9 dager siden
They not gonna swap Varane if they are not linked with some CB. I think they are already linked with Upamecano, if so we have no chance to get him.Just swap Pogba for Varane.
James Thornton
James Thornton - 9 dager siden
“Carriger doesn’t know what he is talking about, he doesn’t watch enough football” 🤨 no because he played it🤨 at the highest level🤨 premier league, champions league, international🤨 what have you done mark?
Tom Sunshine
Tom Sunshine - 9 dager siden
Done nothing for United
Your talking about a player like hes a transfare coming into United hes got this hes done that YEAH all for other teams not for us.Please stop with this nonsense im fed up with it SELL HIM ASAP.
Marlon Davidson
Marlon Davidson - 9 dager siden
But when he plays he doesn't play well..i don't think Ole doesn't want to play him
0ffury - 9 dager siden
Can we plz Stop Talking About this Bakteria Called Pogba --- this will never end -- why and wtf why have he ever been a good player -- u are what u are today in man u -- have he been good in man u -- i say sh itt - dont say we can play pogba this and that -- --PLZ Bridge of value - see it as it is - Pogba is NOW SHI TT -- value 10 pound -- Historie is what it is But Now Pogba will Not be Qualified or bought into a Childs leage (for good reasons ))) Paul as u call him will never play good (opposite by fre will) for man u -- OMG send him back for free ----------------------
Stuart Humphreys
Stuart Humphreys - 9 dager siden
Stuart Humphreys
Stuart Humphreys - 9 dager siden
Dstaar UTD
Dstaar UTD - 9 dager siden
Mark, don’t judge Pogbaa position of his physical appearance, if we did you’d think Lukaku is a target man but he can’t even hold up a ball. We can see Pogba is always a liability when defending. He may not be as delicate as KDB but he is definitely more of an attacking player than a defensive.
Michael Lydon
Michael Lydon - 9 dager siden
I'd swap Pogba for Raphael from teenage mutant ninja turtles nevermind Raphael Varane
ardian krasniqi
ardian krasniqi - 9 dager siden
Rashford Bruno Van De Beek
Pogba Fred
Telles AWB

Maguire Tuanzebe
De Gea
jarzhinio - 9 dager siden
Don’t like the sound of this swapsies and going after a target from Ferguson’s days- it sounds like Madrid get the better deal there.. by some margin. Agree about Pogba though he plays in a deep lying role his whole career
Ranveer Deshwal
Ranveer Deshwal - 9 dager siden
Mark why would Varane leave Real to join Man Utd ?
Jakob Puggaard
Jakob Puggaard - 9 dager siden
If we are going to make a swap deal with Madrid why not go for Valverde.
Monsterkiller - 7 dager siden
They won't sell neither Varane, its a downgrade for them, from confirmed champions league games and a starting position to playing the europa league.
jerome007ify - 9 dager siden
Hopefully that stat on Bruno will sit a few people down Mark. Doubt it will tho.
Sash Linton
Sash Linton - 9 dager siden
Mark the fucking guy give the ball away way too easy, dont talk about France the guy never play for United like how he play for France, fucking bunker that guy!
drilla 27
drilla 27 - 9 dager siden
Mark u are the biggest flip flop around ,it's funny to see tho 😂
drilla 27
drilla 27 - 9 dager siden
Mark goldbridge dont even watch real Madrid if he did then he would know that varane ain't that good
david Stirton
david Stirton - 9 dager siden
pogba had covid not that long ago ,,there’s people out there who still haven’t recovered from having it ,give him a chance to get sorted
J1TOOCOLD - 9 dager siden
Imagine Varane and alaba coming
Simon Dixon
Simon Dixon - 9 dager siden
No. Sell Pogba and get Upamecano
Rust Rider
Rust Rider - 9 dager siden
Janazi I will eat my hat if he does
joseph tidyman
joseph tidyman - 9 dager siden
Varane and jovtic for pogba
Rust Rider
Rust Rider - 9 dager siden
Memphis delay coming back
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson - 9 dager siden
MARK, POGBA IS THE ONE WHO NEEDS TO DO SOMETHING TO DISLODGE FRED OR MCTOM, not Ole. Pogba has not looked after the ball well, and his tackling is dodgy. If a manager was starting Pogna right now, it would be a disgrace. PLAYERS NEED TO START TALING RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR PERFORMANCES.
Steven Banner
Steven Banner - 9 dager siden
Definitely Mark Mc Tom has Pogba place in the team, we need VDB on the right box to box!! Telles this weekend, with Matial left wing, Tranz with Maguire, Carvani forward & yet again VDB has to start !!! P.s I would like to see Pogba start before Mc Tom with Fred, Earlier subs Rashford, Greenwood coming back & then Mc Tom depending on tack ticks also shape or Lind if we need to be defensive...
Aldo Martinez
Aldo Martinez - 9 dager siden
People should know Varane has lowered his level since Cristiano left Real Madrid. The only player that has carried their defense is Sergio Ramos.
Don't be distracted by the fact they also want Upamecano to reforce their defense and they won't sell Ramos.
Bijay Malla
Bijay Malla - 9 dager siden
Release Paul Pogba for free. He is good for every team except United. How come. This proves Pogba is not good enough for us.
Judea Jud
Judea Jud - 9 dager siden
Pogba dont want to play at that position in a United shirt he can do that for deschamps
Yew Kan Kong
Yew Kan Kong - 9 dager siden
Why Varane wants to come ? And why Ole would consider Varane ?
Jon Hickey
Jon Hickey - 9 dager siden
I would bring back Memphis!
Judea Jud
Judea Jud - 9 dager siden
I can't swap poul pogba with varane sell pogba buy a player that wants to play at Manchester United
Fingers - 9 dager siden
What we need to win the PL again is a new ownership and board structure. Unfortunately can’t happen without this change.
Edward Reid
Edward Reid - 9 dager siden
ZAHA needs to come back in Jan
Edward Reid
Edward Reid - 9 dager siden
This weekend on a positive note I reckon we will WIN against West Brom 4-1
Rust Rider
Rust Rider - 9 dager siden
Who did we get for mikhatryn swap deals a bit of a gamble but pogbas form so up and down a swap would be welcomed by a majority of United fans.pogba dosnt know where his bread is buttered
Krishnadev Nair
Krishnadev Nair - 9 dager siden
Pogba the New Sancho😁
laci no
laci no - 9 dager siden
Fantastic player? When was it last time? Stop saying that please, everyone is annoyed with pogba
Edward Reid
Edward Reid - 9 dager siden
Omg . Varane is French ., u don’t think for one minute that pogba hasn’t said to varane and all the other French squad that UTD are a shambles and advised them to stay away !!! Get real .. varane no chance of coming , do u even listen to yourself sometimes lol
Snazzy Mkhwanazi
Snazzy Mkhwanazi - 9 dager siden
No I wouldn't swap Paul for Rafael we need them both
steven woodall
steven woodall - 9 dager siden
How many more chances do you expect Pogba to be given.
He has been poor and overrated for 4 years. Sell/swap whatever get him out of old Trafford
Deano Badgeo
Deano Badgeo - 9 dager siden
Pogba actually tries for France that's the difference