Pogba Speaks Out on Man United Escape! Man Utd News Now

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Paul Pogba' admits he's happy to escape his Man Utd struggles for international football as he endures the worst period of his career. Can Pogba come back stronger? Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand.🔔 CHRISTMAS JUMPERS united-stand.myshopify.com/
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Fatimah Yusof
Fatimah Yusof - 7 dager siden
If Pogba not happy, by all means he should leave. Brother POGBA!!!!! You are not bigger than club. Do not create unrest among dressing room and other players
Rajalingam Seetharaam
Rajalingam Seetharaam - 10 dager siden
What is wrong with Rashford buying properties? 🤷🏽‍♂️
Rajalingam Seetharaam
Rajalingam Seetharaam - 10 dager siden
Pogba is not made up for the pace in the English game?
Collo De Jèsùs
Collo De Jèsùs - 11 dager siden
I disagree with you on this. This guy is nasty, bad attitude, always toxic.
Super Mario Maker 2 Glitch Hunters
A grown man wearing a footy player on his jumper isn’t a good look 😆
Robin Hood
Robin Hood - 11 dager siden
Shahan Naseer
Shahan Naseer - 11 dager siden
Does Pogba really want to be at united is making excuses until leave - we all know not going finish his career at utd - is time to move on and get in someone who see utd as opportunity - sell to Real Madrid or juve swop for CR7 - if player is no longer willing give 110% for shirt move on
Shamrock Phys
Shamrock Phys - 12 dager siden
It's funny...united fans think they Barcelona or madrid🤣🤣🤣...crap manager and average players...not won the league in years...no top class player interested in cumming here...will not win anything till ole around...u bet pogba wants to leave ..cause hes a winner and wants to win titles...uneducated fans go blah blah blah...get rid of ur owners and maybe u guys can get back to the top...till then keep *fighting * for 4th 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Kegan Dupreez
Kegan Dupreez - 12 dager siden
Just a reminder - this has been going on for 4 years.
tarantula Kingdom
tarantula Kingdom - 12 dager siden
I don't blame proba being unhappy who would be happy playing for man utd they ain't winning anything and is wasting is carrer at man u because let's face it man u won't be winning anything I might take 20 to 30 years before man u win somethink again so I don't blame him I like Paul World Cup winner wants to win things
Kalamity Crisis
Kalamity Crisis - 12 dager siden
Fred can do the CDM role on his own but our defenders are crap plus one of our best games we played was sevilla and it was Fred and Pogba at the base bruno in the 10 and we created over 20 chances but we didn’t finish them so Fred can do it but as we saw we lost that game due to defensive errors.
Kalamity Crisis
Kalamity Crisis - 12 dager siden
At this point i stop making excuses for Pogba i have always been a Pogba supporter but it’s been 4 years man, unless he comes back and plays brilliantly i think he should be sold in the summer.
Gaza West
Gaza West - 12 dager siden
Taking quotes out of context and making a story out of it is a reporters bread and butter, be careful with these slippery c@*#!!
LIONEL MARCUS - 12 dager siden
REMEMBER Sir Alex "Play for your club or find a new Club"
Jodie April Mae
Jodie April Mae - 12 dager siden
NEVER EVER EVER, sign ANYONE, no matter how proven, promising, how characterful, how brilliant, IF HE HAS ANYTHING TO DO WITH MAXOUT PAYOLA, MINO RIOLA!!!
Wayne - 12 dager siden
Get a decent replacement for Pogba and United stand a chance of finishing in the top 12
Wayne - 12 dager siden
Pogba is consistent.
sam biani
sam biani - 12 dager siden
Why all of these “super stars” don’t want to play for United anymore
mata manutd
mata manutd - 12 dager siden
Because they are not super players
Peter Elemi-Ecoma
Peter Elemi-Ecoma - 12 dager siden
Mark: I'm not going to sit on the fence
Also mark : i don't mind if he stays or if he goes

CHOCCY BARR - 12 dager siden
When Pogba went to Juventus they had an injury crisis in midfield. Marchisio was out injured and Pogba couldn`t handle the pressure of running the midfield. Pogba will always need someone else to make him look good. Even back in his youth days at united it was Tunnicliffe who did the hard work.
CR7-Rvp cls92
CR7-Rvp cls92 - 12 dager siden
Just tired of these pogba issues every time he goes on int. Duty. Get on the pitch and play ball talks too much
king Fergie
king Fergie - 12 dager siden
'On his day' isn't good enough for united. It has to be everyday!
chunky chunks
chunky chunks - 12 dager siden
how about paul pogba is an international player, be it for country or european club games ( champions league etc ) where the tempo is slower, maybe he's just not a premier league player ( faster tempo ) ?
Judea Jud
Judea Jud - 12 dager siden
Pogba should join psg he lost his chances of leaving upto his potential
Kyle Middleton
Kyle Middleton - 12 dager siden
I'd make sure Pogba is sold. He's been S*** all the time he's been here. He's using up a position when we could play someone like Van Dé Beek who plays with passion, heart and cares for the club. I will be sooo happy when Pogba leaves Utd. If Utd give him a new contact I will lose it.
Oliver Heaney
Oliver Heaney - 12 dager siden
You said Pogba would not react like that and just want to make excuses- he wants to leave and that’s always been the case
Rawzy Al Pacino
Rawzy Al Pacino - 12 dager siden
Sexful Rashford 😂😂😂
The Rambler
The Rambler - 12 dager siden
Sell him and buy Sancho.
Makayi - 12 dager siden
We all love Pogba. But the context is every time he’s not in form his international manager backs him to look for a move etc. It’s getting boring now and we need dedicated players. There are a lot of options out there now
H L - 12 dager siden
When can Pogba talk to the press in UK without questions getting prechecked by someone at United press department?
Anthony - 12 dager siden
Pogba is my favourite player at United and I've backed him throughout because he has the highest ceiling for me. But when I see Bruno, who is less talented than him trying to galvanise the team and is producing numbers, I have to question Pogba's mentality.
Yes I know Bruno is the only player in our team that has the freedom to do whatever and not securing a DM in the summer has seriously hindered us but I still expect way more from Pogba.
Laurence Trengove
Laurence Trengove - 12 dager siden
Drop him, sell him, ignore him, move forward- Pogba is not a dead weight but an active negative influence on the whole squad.
Thabo Mahlagare
Thabo Mahlagare - 12 dager siden
Pogba has never been Duracell FC. He's never been that guy. Pogba is not the defensive run around a lot deep-lying midfielder, he's not done that effectively anywhere France or Juve. Pogba is an 8 box to box free role player. Ferdinand used to get annoyed with Cristiano cause he didn't defend, but understood that he can do other things. Mourinho again created the myth that Pogba is a 6/ holding midfielder we've lapped it up
No - 12 dager siden
How long should the jumpers take to arrive in England
Sakif Aryan
Sakif Aryan - 12 dager siden
time for Captain Jack.... Jack GREALISH is world class
Nani Nels
Nani Nels - 12 dager siden
Mark says he doesn’t think Southgate is a better manager , here is a question for you mate , Who is a better manager between Southgate n Ole ? I will wait but hope I don’t wait forever 😂
mmjv beats
mmjv beats - 12 dager siden
i feel sorry for pogba it must be so hard making over 290k a week and playing for manchester united
Bilal Brown
Bilal Brown - 12 dager siden
France, golf, United. In that order.
diesel - 12 dager siden
Too slow for EPL back to Italian league
MJRp123 - 12 dager siden
Paul Pogba could have a press conference right now and say he hates everyone at United and wants to leave and you lot will still say those comments were taken out of context 🤦🏼‍♂️😭🤣
Muma Ndubula
Muma Ndubula - 12 dager siden
We need a Dm guys that's all, we could sell Pogba to raise the funds for it, he's not a bad player but his not been at his best with us, it's time to let him go if we keep him he needs to play as an Am cause he's useless in a two, we could play him in a 3 with him and Bruno as am' s and and Fosu-Mensah as Cdm.
kwaku frimpong appiah
kwaku frimpong appiah - 12 dager siden
Pogba fool too much
Tyrone Williams
Tyrone Williams - 12 dager siden
Good transfer business would’ve been selling Pogba, and then bringing a world class CDM in, Ndidi would’ve been perfect, he was the man to sign from Leicester, not an overrated English CB. Nemanja Matic should never have been offered a new contract, giving him a three year contract was stupid, proof that Man Utd don’t know what they’re doing.
Umaru Sanu
Umaru Sanu - 12 dager siden
Pogba will regret it after returning to man utd this week
Huzayfa Dadabhay
Huzayfa Dadabhay - 12 dager siden
There's a reason why fergie sold pogba he knew it will destroy the club, before he came players like lingard could play now those players are Instagram addicts, pogba needs to go
Leo __
Leo __ - 12 dager siden
He has put on mucle and weight just like Lukaku in his last season. That’s why he looks worse than usual. Just look at him during his last full season in 2018 and now in 2020. He needs to lose the mucle makes him more slow and clumsy.
Voltage VO
Voltage VO - 12 dager siden
what you said about the prem is nonsense, hazard went to La Liga and cant perform half as good as he did for chelsea. As for Bruno he was a flop in serie A at Sampdoria and is tearing it up in England. Do your research.
Awadh shamlan
Awadh shamlan - 12 dager siden
Irish Atheist
Irish Atheist - 12 dager siden
Name an English midfielder that starts over pogba in that french team...
Pramath S
Pramath S - 12 dager siden
Love your show from India
Irish Atheist
Irish Atheist - 12 dager siden
Delusional English fans are pushing for maguire and rice while saying pogba and martial aren't good enough 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️😆😆
Adithya Krishna Navada
Adithya Krishna Navada - 12 dager siden
Mark sneezbridge
Irish Atheist
Irish Atheist - 12 dager siden
Pogba out? Sure. Mediocre maguire first.
Irish Atheist
Irish Atheist - 12 dager siden
Imagine thinking pogba is a priority out 😆😆😆
Lingard, jones, mata, james, maguire, romero, matic first.
soundtrip - 12 dager siden
Mediocre footballer who has been found out, doing this out of defence mechanism...which is a natural human tendency, playing the victim card.....get out of our club, we won't miss you
Native Son
Native Son - 12 dager siden
Absolute nonsense talking about Fred and McTominay keeping Pogba on the bench. Bruno is Paul's problem not Fred and McTominay. Bruno plays regardless of who else is in the midfield. Bruno can play at the top of the diamond. Bruno can play in Pogba's position in a midfield three, on the left. He can also play on the right... as well as the 10. Pogba doesn't play because Bruno is better... more active, more pace, just as good a passer and makes quick decisions. Pogba plays like he is still in Italy... trying to take a second to look for outlets... there is no time in the premier league and Bruno knows that. Pogba plays well for France because Kante is doing all of the work.... he played well for Juventus because Vidal was doing all of the work, and Pirlo and Marchisio were the leaders on that team. He has immense quality but Bruno has just as much quality with a winning and masculine mentality. Bruno is at United to make them champions... Pogba talks like a female, always hinting at his next landing spot, always talking about his problems. Pogba's problem is Bruno. He needs to return to Italy, where he can have time to make decisions. He will flourish there.
Oddy Pele
Oddy Pele - 12 dager siden
I can't wait for Pogba to leave United. That would be huge step towards progress for United. People have always had excuses for this guy. Watching him play, it's clear that he is most overrated player of all time alongside Griezman🤣. I don't understand where all his hype came from..and I am glad most people are now realising that he is nowhere near world class.
Favour Asuoha
Favour Asuoha - 12 dager siden
Honestly is there something I’m missing
kaushal parekh
kaushal parekh - 12 dager siden
Pogba is a definitely a quality player but he hasn't done much for United. Consistently inconsistent. Plays well in one match out of ten. I've been saying since the past two years now. Pogba seems lazy on the pitch. SIR Alex was correct when he said that hard working players will outperform talented players if talented players don't work hard. Mctominay and Fred are proving that. Pogba has to leave in the summer. Same goes for Lingard, Mata and Matic. Get Zakaria and Szoboszlai and try to integrate some players from the youth. Loads of talent left unused in the youth team.
Bleachguy - 12 dager siden
lol mark chief of contracts we need a better one for that role and mark be perfect for it
varun gurjar
varun gurjar - 12 dager siden
Should have brought Thomas partey ,instead of vdb. Its not that i dont like vdb,but cdm was a priority.pogba could have done better with partey alongside him.
Theo James
Theo James - 12 dager siden
Mark he could be unhappy because he gets racially abused in the UK
Chris Jackson
Chris Jackson - 12 dager siden
Nonsense, he played in Italy with a very bad track record of racism towards footballers and he was happy enough there , it’s always racism lol , there’s a lot more to prejudice than skin colour
Bleachguy - 12 dager siden
would love a dm but which dm compliments pogba i would say ndidi but havnt watched much of LC we have been linked to saul there also rice zakaria i think ndidi would get in i wouldnt be apposed to rice but be expensive kimmich would be great ive been saying we need a dm for so long would of made sense if board said last year we cant get sancho we going to try get a dm or cb
Derius Jones
Derius Jones - 12 dager siden
you said it best when you say nothing at all. I know in the US elite players are obligated to address the press. I'm not sure that's the case in europe. So why even bother staying anything.
Dallas Schwartz
Dallas Schwartz - 12 dager siden
Mark; Pogba has shortcomings that are only magnified by the presence of Bruno. He feels more comfortable within the footprint of the French squad/game. It's not of the pace/quality of EPL/England. Maybe the pace of the game within the PL has passed him. Maybe it is time to look at moving him. Maybe it's time to end the drama Pogba insists on bringing upon Utd. just my three cents... Cheers from across the Pond
abdulrahman alali
abdulrahman alali - 12 dager siden
Hey Mark
mwamba chisanga
mwamba chisanga - 12 dager siden
We better cut our ties with Pogba next summer. He's been a huge disappointment and doesn't seem as if he's going to justify the huge fee we paid for him. Let's just cash in and sign Grealish.
Sahil Sharma
Sahil Sharma - 12 dager siden
Pogba out Grealish in
mahoota sibitlo
mahoota sibitlo - 12 dager siden
When MOU was sacked I honestly would have sold Pogba too or just sell him and leave MOU he turned the players against MOU because MOU was demanding more from him I won't defend MOU actions but I think it's time he left
David Patterson
David Patterson - 12 dager siden
Pogba out!!! He has talent, but doesn’t work hard and is too slow....
Chevalier_noir - 12 dager siden
I’ve said it before..I’ll say it again..his nose is out of joint since Bruno signed! And fans keep bangin on about Maguires fee 🤷‍♂️
Nkanyiso Mbeje
Nkanyiso Mbeje - 12 dager siden
The arrogance and disrespect to other leagues such La Liga, Serie A........ La Liga is an easy league that completely bullshit 🚮 Messi is regarded as best player that had ever lived nd he plays in that league, I've seen Coutihno tear premier league apart and flopped in La Liga, I've seen the premier best player Hazard go to LA Liga and flopped, no ways La Liga is an easier league it just more technical and befit the ballers not the speed Marchants
Snowl Lectric
Snowl Lectric - 12 dager siden
Make way for Captain Jack pls. Pogba can improve his career elsewhere. Hes done enough. Salute🙋‍♂️
William Tan
William Tan - 12 dager siden
Pogba shud go
R C - 12 dager siden
Sir Alex have been correct all the way about pogba.
Krishnadev Nair
Krishnadev Nair - 12 dager siden
Glad we have Pogbas replacement already 😁
Chris Sparkes
Chris Sparkes - 12 dager siden
Can you start a new channel called The Outlast Stand?
Flywings Nlr
Flywings Nlr - 12 dager siden
“Hard work will always overcome natural talent when natural talent does not work hard enough.”
Football KnowledgeHD
Football KnowledgeHD - 12 dager siden
“Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard”-Kevin Durant
Jyothish Nair
Jyothish Nair - 12 dager siden
Sell pogba, bring on grealish
Thiha Thu Hein Htet
Thiha Thu Hein Htet - 12 dager siden
Instead of discussing which CDM to buy to make Pogba better, why not ship him off and buy someone who can do both roles of CDM and cm? I am so fed up with this Pogba saga and his comments always when he teams up with the national squad.
TheWallethead - 12 dager siden
Funny how Mark keeps dissing Spanish and Italian teams but then when we face them we can’t beat them. Even the better teams in our league struggle against mid level Spanish teams.
Irish Atheist
Irish Atheist - 12 dager siden
Delusional English fans...
Dan Breen
Dan Breen - 12 dager siden
pogba is a disgrace.get him out of our club.
Mick Moore
Mick Moore - 12 dager siden
I would take Grealish over Pogba all day long.
Mr Smiles Raj
Mr Smiles Raj - 12 dager siden
let him have all the breaths of fresh air that he wants and stays in France
Asha Singh
Asha Singh - 12 dager siden
Pogba was man of the match in a world cup final. This shows how good he can be but he needs to show that in a united shirt soon.
Fitzroy 1878 Williams
Fitzroy 1878 Williams - 12 dager siden
Ole out
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson - 12 dager siden
WHY ARE WE LOOKING AT CARMO? He is left footed yes, but he is in no way a speed merchant, which would still leave us lacking pace at the back, and susceptible to the ball over the top. IF WE ARE GOING TO BUY SOMEONE, GET SOMEONE WITH SPEED.
TheWallethead - 12 dager siden
It has to be racism to insinuate that Pogba has done nothing for us in 4 years. By all metrics he’s been the best player at the club for the last 4 years. We can debate whether the managers put together a successful team to get the most out of the players but we can’t pick the best player from the last 4 years and say he hasn’t done anything. That’s revisionist history. The most successful periods of this team in the last 4 years has been with him in the team so let’s stop making his 4 years comparable to Sanchez for example. STOP WITH THE RACISM.
John Obuya
John Obuya - 12 dager siden
You choose now to play the race card? Literally people getting killed because of the color of their skin and you pick now to attribute the Pogba agenda to racism? Wow
Trevor Jones
Trevor Jones - 12 dager siden
For most people, slide tackling is because they are out of position. Not the case with AWB. He shows his opponents so much of the outside that he puts them in position to slide tackle. It's on purpose most of the time, not because he's out of position
kendell pierre
kendell pierre - 12 dager siden
you try to over-positive everytime and week after week dissapointment comes to manU, if its not the players its the coach, its the board, its the owners........a bloody s**tshow
OrcasRule x
OrcasRule x - 12 dager siden
And some people still compare pogba to Messi and Ronaldo 🤣🤣🤣
Manos Tzanakakis
Manos Tzanakakis - 12 dager siden
With France he has Kante with four lungs to make up for his lazy arse strolls.
Hello, Bye!
Hello, Bye! - 12 dager siden
his fame from juventus went over his talent and professionalism and was never able to live up to the expectations at all. It's sad, because he is a world class player on his day, and that day is very rare. Time is up.
Michael Richards
Michael Richards - 12 dager siden
Fred and Pogba both in form and combining with Bruno can be a revelation
Dirty Diamonds House
Dirty Diamonds House - 12 dager siden
I really don't understand why we awarded Matic a 3 year contract coz though he may be our best CDM, he lost his legs at least 2years ago. You are right about us using two players doing one mans job rendering us largely ineffective as we can't seem to play or fully integrate our best players into the 1st team. Fred may be tenacious but his passing is average and he is prone to the odd and costly mistake while Mctomminay is a physical specimen but just isnt good enough to start for United. As we cant get Tonali, I say the best bet for CDM at the right price would be Reuben Neves from Wolves. Declan Rice would get a shout but I think he is probably too expensive as he is English.
Account_CB - 12 dager siden
Pogba has zero faith in the players at UTD...he only performed reasonably when Ibrahimovic was with us...because Ibra was a machine and commander, a Keane-type leader so Pogba had no choice but to raise his game. Since Ibra left Pogba has just slacked off ...not shown desire...he just doesnt want to play in a team with players in his opinion arent winners...but sadly that is his poor attitude...UTD fans want to believe in him and have given him so many opportunities to repay our faith...but we are all exhausted now from hope...he simply isnt peforming...he needs to be shipped out.
Medusa - 12 dager siden
Sack him, Grealish in
Mr Biden
Mr Biden - 12 dager siden
Pogs has to go.
Account_CB - 12 dager siden
Pogba needs to go! We were all behind him when mourinho was the boss...but mourinho was right!! Just as he was about dropping lindelof and shaw. Pogba has had too many chances and failed to deliver....under mourinho it was his ankle...then with solskjaer and now COVID. Pogba seems depressed...he is finding that in the PL he can't perform. Pogba should have been the new Viera but the WC medal proves nothing in his case.
The Dark Archer
The Dark Archer - 12 dager siden
Goldbridge is really blind on one eye, Pogba has been shite for United for years now, biggest flop in history considering his world record fee back in the day.
Irish Atheist
Irish Atheist - 12 dager siden
Mediocre maguire would like to have a word.
peter duncan
peter duncan - 12 dager siden
Mr Man uni is never wrong ?????
Senai Berhane
Senai Berhane - 12 dager siden
Hazard:Am I a joke to you
uzlad was taken
uzlad was taken - 12 dager siden
biGgEsT fLoP iN hIsToRy