Pogba Not Happy! Greenwood Under Fire! Man Utd News Now

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Paul Pogba isn't happy with how things are going at Man Utd according to his manager and Mason Greenwood's attitude comes under more scrutiny? Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand. 🔔 MAN UTD's Top Earners Watch Here noburn.info/id/video/2WnOn5aVerFlg3o.html
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Aay Grg
Aay Grg - 13 dager siden
Solsjaer is the problem not Pogba.
Hyp0 CritikaL
Hyp0 CritikaL - 15 dager siden
Paul Liability Pogba.
Tom Sunshine
Tom Sunshine - 16 dager siden
DAVID SEDLICKAS - 16 dager siden
Sir Alex Ferguson did not want Pogba.
What does that indicate about the players quality ?
DIVAD LLEWDLAC - 16 dager siden
Why dont United if they seriously want to win the League, buy Kane for 500 million, Grealish for 250 million Maddison for 250 million you will walk the league your stats would be P 38. W38,D0.L0 Scored 200. Against 0.....Premier League Winners, European Cup winner, Europa League Winners, League Cup winners, F A Cup winners, World Cup winners.The Dog and Gun Cup winners.
Wake up you dope its over, just like Liverpools Reign, the best team wins the league and you havent been the best team now for 6 yrs.
AC Mills
AC Mills - 16 dager siden
Ronaldo for Pogz all day long
Strider - 17 dager siden
If Pogba consistently played his best he would be better than de bruyne, but that's the problem, CONSISTENCY
Nicholas Richardson
Nicholas Richardson - 17 dager siden
I’m new here, how accurate is the info presented here? Or is more gossip fun
Nicholas Richardson
Nicholas Richardson - 15 dager siden
@Jayant Kori lol thanks mate that's helpful, I'll tune back in post international break
Jayant Kori
Jayant Kori - 15 dager siden
@Nicholas Richardson I would recommend only match reaction videos for any new viewers of this channel as it does bring varying opinions. Most of the videos Mark puts out is just him talking about rumours around players and transfers which is just a waste of time.
Nicholas Richardson
Nicholas Richardson - 15 dager siden
@Jayant Kori cheers
Jayant Kori
Jayant Kori - 17 dager siden
Just gossip
Jay Ali
Jay Ali - 17 dager siden
Sorry mark don’t agree with you for once I think ibro would still smash the premiership
M R D - 17 dager siden
He should have gone last season. He is undisciplined. You’d of thought growing up playing in English football that he’d know what it means to wear the shirt but he doesn’t and I don’t think he would in a thousand years.
Mark Williams
Mark Williams - 17 dager siden
Pogba,- who is he ? He's crap, come on, what's his contribution to UTD other than moans upon moans,- he's a major flop - get rid !!!
Rockstarnic88 - 17 dager siden
Mctominay the white pogba
Rodney Mckee
Rodney Mckee - 17 dager siden
Pogba has been a nightmare since he arrived bring nothing but controversy to the club out the door ASAP
Kevin Tadayon
Kevin Tadayon - 17 dager siden
Nicky Mathew
Nicky Mathew - 17 dager siden
I want Pogba out of the club. He
doesn't respect the badge.
Frank Jaeger
Frank Jaeger - 17 dager siden
Ohhh no Pogba is not happy what will we do without him........ Get rid of the waste man he has wasted our time.
andrew pearson
andrew pearson - 17 dager siden
Stop supporting Pogba like you did Sancho.
Oh Sancho a once in a lifetime opportunity that sat on the bench for England Mr 90% Sancho. Did not, has not done anything since last year.
andrew pearson
andrew pearson - 17 dager siden
Mark his talent rives penalties away! Mark get real. Call it like it is!
andrew pearson
andrew pearson - 17 dager siden
Goodbye Mr Pogba.
havard winther
havard winther - 17 dager siden
MattyIceyyy - 17 dager siden
pogba out
EyeInTheSky - 17 dager siden
People going on about how we are only "x, y z" points behind "x,y,z" team are the most deluded of all. They think that just because another team is having a mare and are below their usual level that someone how it is ok for us to be even worse than them. This is exactly the warped type of thinking that makes them confused that when more games are played and the points spread shows a bigger gap because the average position will be more consistent over the season because so few games have been played it gives a false sense of position.
EyeInTheSky - 17 dager siden
He is not happy that he is no longer getting started regardless of his form which says 100% what kind of character he is
Harto Widjaja
Harto Widjaja - 17 dager siden
Who cares about Pogba not happy, the club better concerns that we fans are not happy with him ... Get him out!!
mark wilson
mark wilson - 17 dager siden
Beckham not as talented as Pogba? he was twice the player.
mashherd - 17 dager siden
I legit hate pogba, i think he is a giraffe on the pitch. He is the french baloteli, i think he should go to another club, probably do well. But not for us. He is a disgrace to the emblem.
B S - 17 dager siden
no respect to Bruno.. he is just a player ....Markk
V K - 17 dager siden
he was always trouble should never have signed him
amputd - 17 dager siden
Might as well have a show titled, “if you were George Best, who would you try and sleep with?”. It would be more interesting than talking about imaginary United transfers (sigh)
Suprio Mukherjee
Suprio Mukherjee - 17 dager siden
Send Mason to live in Marcus' home. Pogba will never make it at United. Wish him the best though- must find another club in another COUNTRY.
Mr.Avocado - 17 dager siden
Pogba should not be happy I agree, cant be happy with performances like his.
Surely Real Madrid can take him off our hands come January.
John Varga
John Varga - 17 dager siden
Who cares if you are unhappy...leave already. Grossly overpaid for your performance on the field.
Asif Iqbal
Asif Iqbal - 17 dager siden
Pogba will be better in ensuing days. He has to be better for man utd, himself n his future. Consistency is an acquired trait. Pogba has a critical couple of months and if he hits his form in November and December Christmas period Pogba n Man Utd will be in great position.
Kamy Mehmood
Kamy Mehmood - 17 dager siden
Pogba is world class! Pogba is my favorite! He needs right manager to manager him! Maurinho had problems wi him.. ole cant manage a sunday league team.. he needs a class manager
Katana Lugo
Katana Lugo - 17 dager siden
Sell pogba asap and get the cash to build the team... one player can never hold the great man Utd hostage...
Lille Pelle
Lille Pelle - 17 dager siden
Pogba has almost similar points per game stats in United as he had in Juventus even though he is played as a cdm alot of the time in United. He has never been a cdm, he is a playmaker, its not purely hus fault that he looks bad when he has mostly been used out of position at United. I also dont get why he gets so much hate when he is performing like this in United but performed equally points wise in Juventus and was praised. Get a good cdm so we dont have to play players out of position and we will have the strongest midfield in the league.
The 5 Wolf Packs
The 5 Wolf Packs - 17 dager siden
A swap deal pogba for valverde would be Good imo
Zulhakimi Bahtiar
Zulhakimi Bahtiar - 17 dager siden
Zoa Nuna
Zoa Nuna - 17 dager siden
Trade with Dybala would be nice, we need that left footed player on the right side!
Upon-Fe - 17 dager siden
To the person who asked AJ or Tyson Fury, obviously it's Tyson, he's United through and through!
Upon-Fe - 17 dager siden
Ooooh, so Pogba was He-Man and now he's Skeletor. Now I understand.
Kristoffer Hansson
Kristoffer Hansson - 17 dager siden
Feels lika a proper DM would solve so much for us. But who would that be? Would not even think of other positions too buy, before we solve a
proper DM and a proper CB.
J J - 17 dager siden
Top players elevate the performances of other players around them, not the other way around. Will be happy to see the back of Pogba.
Aidan Harnedy
Aidan Harnedy - 17 dager siden
I agree Harry Maguire shoulldnt be a captain, Bruno should be. I do think that the captaincy affects his play and he would be better without it.
Andre Tirta
Andre Tirta - 17 dager siden
greenwood one season wonder
Michael Lydon
Michael Lydon - 17 dager siden
Is anyone happy with Pogba..??
RTL - 17 dager siden
Pogba's Real Madrid move depends on Zidane being there, but Zidane is in big trouble at Madrid.
dommy mac
dommy mac - 17 dager siden
Beckham not as talented as pogba 😂🤣 ok then 😂🤣✌
Ben Smith
Ben Smith - 17 dager siden
I dont think Pogba offers us anything. He aint scoring and barely assisting. He's turning into Jesse.
Mac 2
Mac 2 - 17 dager siden
Pogba needs to go or stay..which is it?
ligerpride - 17 dager siden
Moyes was the worst
Raphael Frank
Raphael Frank - 17 dager siden
£80 million for a centre back to play well against Everton!
Allu Lallu
Allu Lallu - 17 dager siden
Pogba would be in team sheet when he does his defensive duties better and he signs a long term contract which i am sure he will not. He was better after lockdown but may have gone down with club after board showed no positivity in the market.. he wants to go and so should be sold.. buy a cdm cb or rw
tchootube - 17 dager siden
Pogba - we get everything associated with a star player. Except performance on the pitch.
paul scarff
paul scarff - 17 dager siden
Mason Greenwood needs to realise if he was working a normal job he wouldve had his p45 in his hand for braking company rules. So count himself fucking lucky. Get a grip we boy
Richard Goldie
Richard Goldie - 17 dager siden
Greenwood got a good chance of becoming the new wellbeck!!
paul scarff
paul scarff - 17 dager siden
Im so glad pogbas been benched. Time to pull your finger out yur arse and start working for a wage. Dont give in ole show him hes not bigger than United and attitude isnt ryt. I just hope ole doesn't back dwn and if pogba wants to leave GOOD!!!
Kemeshen Padayachee
Kemeshen Padayachee - 17 dager siden
You didn't mention Kante
CR7 KING - 17 dager siden
POGBA is his own problems, Am a black like him but his types makes coaches not to trust black players
Kc Link
Kc Link - 17 dager siden
2:24 huh, now all of a sudden stats matter
ryan cumberton
ryan cumberton - 17 dager siden
He will show the fans his new dyed hair
Efi Brilovski
Efi Brilovski - 17 dager siden
pogba never wanted to leave juve and despite his efforts he can't seem to get out of the club which i assume poison the locker room
DylanB04 - 17 dager siden
Wouldn’t be surprised if we let Greenwood go to Dortmund
Jon Oconnell
Jon Oconnell - 17 dager siden
James against city
shaun young
shaun young - 17 dager siden
Pogba needs to leave and join some kind of Harlem globe trotter show team where he can dab and change his hair at half time. We have no need for a show boat that hardly performs and drops his head within the first minute of being on the pitch. We need tough players that care about the team. I feel his influence in the dressing room is unhealthy.
Wyatt Hunter
Wyatt Hunter - 17 dager siden
As for now Pogba is behind Bruno Fred Van de Beek and maybe Matic as our bests midfielders.
Peter Gauffin
Peter Gauffin - 17 dager siden
Oooh Please Mark, all this talk about slower or fast paced. Was Zlatan fast when he played at Manchester United? No! All the fast paced team should win the World Cup, CL etc? No, because football is so many more things than pace. Like Zlatan says: Why run when you can fly;-)
laci no
laci no - 17 dager siden
We Have enough midfielders, swap him for Ronaldo 👍
ATP Synthase
ATP Synthase - 17 dager siden
It's clear Pogba is on his way out but for us to be at our best we need Pogba at his best but that's up to him. I'm sure he knows that.
Jon Oconnell
Jon Oconnell - 17 dager siden
Phil foden is the problem with Greenwood
Samuel Bino
Samuel Bino - 17 dager siden
In what world is pogba more talented than Becks, there is no argument to be made. In every aspect of the game Becks towers above Pogba. Ridiculous comparison Mark.
Ciaran Mitchell
Ciaran Mitchell - 17 dager siden
Pogba unhappy?! AMAZING! THEN LEAVE! Absolute poison at the club.
Mohammad Ali
Mohammad Ali - 17 dager siden
knew mark was the type of person to play football in PE like a World Cup final
king caamir lingz
king caamir lingz - 17 dager siden
Pogba is a world class the problem is manager not pogba but pogba is better than ol united player why are you started sub coach is very stupid
Sachindev Jughaloa
Sachindev Jughaloa - 18 dager siden
300k a week and people are still unhappy?
Imani Kyende
Imani Kyende - 18 dager siden
Fred has had the mentality, but now he's getting the quality. After Bruno, I think he would make the best captain.
Steve Whitehead
Steve Whitehead - 17 dager siden
No first touch can’t pass 10 yards gets caught on the ball regularly 😂🤣😂🤣😂 now he’s getting what ..................
RTL - 17 dager siden
Fred needs to sort out his passing and first touch.
Mr Lebz
Mr Lebz - 18 dager siden
This man must have 99 Narcisism and 12 Humility
United Forum
United Forum - 18 dager siden
Fred deserves some respect on his name! This guy has the heart to make it at this club. I was gutted when ander left, so i just hope he can fill his boots.Follow my channel for MUFC match reviews.
Annas Syafiq
Annas Syafiq - 18 dager siden
mark bromance with bruno is out of this world..get rid of pogba..if u want to talk about pogba..just focus on pogba issue..i rather have ole out than pogba out.
Nasrul23 Neymar
Nasrul23 Neymar - 18 dager siden
if he wasn't really happy at united. i hope we can swap him with ronaldo. we can play martial on the left, ronaldo striker, rashford right and cavani as a backup striker. rashford doing well on the right vs liepzig and everton in the last minute covering mata position.
Specter101 - 18 dager siden
Can we please accept just like Jamie Charragher mentioned, that Pogba is a “Great Talent”, not a Great Player! Everyone keeps saying he’s one of the best midfielders in the world. Based on what?? His lack of consistency? His lack of goals and assists compared to the De Bruyne’s, the David Silva’s etc, his lazy attitude on the pitch?? Where is the actual evidence that he is one of the best in the world?? BRUNO HAS DONE MORE FOR United in 9 months than Pogba has done in 4 years!!!! Can we please drop this delusional attitude towards Pogba! He is a player we desperately want to be among the best in the world, but he’s not and never will be!!
Kaboom Arang
Kaboom Arang - 17 dager siden
Saying bruno has done more in 9 months its cap. You know we got more points in the previous seasons than the last one ? Most of you fans are just reactionary or kids
cogamers84 - 17 dager siden
All true
steven carter
steven carter - 18 dager siden
Wish Pogba had Fred's passion & desire what a player UTD would then have?
Giantz X
Giantz X - 18 dager siden
Pogba be would be our best player but he doesn't want it enough and is to inconsistent
Ayman Bari
Ayman Bari - 18 dager siden
It’s not Pogba’s fault that he is not performing.He is being put on a team where no one knows what to do.It’s the manager’s fault for not putting him in a system that suits him
JT 777
JT 777 - 18 dager siden
Pogba is so bad we should just sell him
Ub Fr.
Ub Fr. - 18 dager siden
Manchester United needs to end this long and toxic relationship with Pogba and MOVE ON!!! No doubt he’s got talent but he needs to show more passion and commitment for the shirt and at least some consistency.
Derek Ma
Derek Ma - 18 dager siden
When will you realised that this league is getting more and more competitive rather than the so called bigger teams just being crap.
Chris Phillips Drum Lessons
Chris Phillips Drum Lessons - 18 dager siden
Dont see why people talk about pogba as world class
He has potential but hes never cut it in the prem.
But what proves he isnt world class is he came into a team/club with difficulties hoping to make a impact but he didnt he sank and wanted to leave.
A world class play (bruno) would have levelled the whole team up
Pogba could end up like Balotelli
E F - 18 dager siden
This guy pogba Why’s he unhappy he’s been dropping stinkers
Vs palace he was awful
Vs Tottenham gave away a pen and didn’t track his runner
Vs West Ham decides to block the ball with his hands
Vs arsenal gave away a stupid pen
What’s he moaning about if a keeper made that many mistake would he still be number one no pogba is a diva who kicks off when it gets tough proven by getting mourinho the sack
K Williams
K Williams - 18 dager siden
10 seconds into video. Advert 😡
bry - 18 dager siden
Where is pineapple man
DontGetMadGetMotivated - 18 dager siden
Sell Pogba get Zakaria
The Legends
The Legends - 18 dager siden
Mata is crap. If ole plays him against southampton then the work rate of saints would destroy him and ole if we lose he is out.
Grace Funds
Grace Funds - 18 dager siden
Pogba has the heart of a black man full of envy and jealousy. He should go to hell United doesn't need such a stupid and wicked minded player.
Rob Johnson
Rob Johnson - 18 dager siden
A fresh faced Ronaldo got a few rollockings at United. No one can doubt his attitude most of his career. Just a natural process of a developing player. I would be more worried if it weren't happening.
Tapa Saha
Tapa Saha - 18 dager siden
Who would want to play a sloppy player
Matt Waltho
Matt Waltho - 18 dager siden
Pogba will be decent in Serie A where he has acres of space and time to do things. He's a liability in possession and a confidence player. Won't be sad to see the back of him.
Bob Mugisha II
Bob Mugisha II - 18 dager siden
We already have a replacement at the club VDB
Fuzail - 18 dager siden
8:34 so shouldn't players who are talented but don't want to be here and don't play well be played, it was just yesterday taking about Di Maria
The Legends
The Legends - 18 dager siden
If we lose to west brom the ed should sack himself and ole at full time.