Pogba IN? Or Pogba OUT? The Carragher & Neville Heated DEBATE | Man United News Now

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Paul Pogba continues to receive criticism from the media. How much does he deserve and how good has he been for Manchester United? Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand.
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AMR13 - 28 dager siden
CM Ahmed
CM Ahmed - 28 dager siden
This Zander is a Prat.
jc composer
jc composer - 28 dager siden
turned it off when you was all going on about race
bramford7e - 28 dager siden
Can't stand Sander.
TheDankelly - 29 dager siden
Pogba swap for verane not rocket science
Leon Roye
Leon Roye - Måned siden
Ole should be demanding the hard work from every player are pressing is very poor to non existent and if pogba can’t replicate that hard working play style which I believe he can then he shouldn’t be playing for us.
Leon Roye
Leon Roye - Måned siden
Ole cant escape the fact that his coaching is very basic. The issue with pogba is a team issue more than jus him as an individual. There is no way KDB silva and Fernandinho is more combative than pogba Bruno and Fred/matic. The fact we can’t play that lineup is because we are poorly coached and that issue is not being addressed. Are full backs don’t create so we need more in midfield McFred ain’t enough for Man Utd
totalfeckinEEjit - Måned siden
United. Consistently inconsistent.
Oddy Pele
Oddy Pele - Måned siden
Pogba is the best Midfielder in world.??? Really...what a joke... What basis are you using? The guy has done literally nothing...ZERO delivery.
Oddy Pele
Oddy Pele - Måned siden
If Pogba leaves , he won't be missed at United. Especially on the pitch.
Oddy Pele
Oddy Pele - Måned siden
I still don't understand why some fans still hype Pogba. Where is it coming from really .. I don't get it. The guy hasn't delivered ever since he joined. What basis do they use really?
Hugh Jass
Hugh Jass - Måned siden
We don't have a right winger so why do we need a left winger great logic stick to make up
Veer Pattani
Veer Pattani - Måned siden
There are too many excuses made for Pogba. We aren't ambitious enough? We brought in Telles, Cavani and VDB. By all account's that's a good window, even without Sancho. Pogba has been tested up the pitch, deeper, in a 3 and in a 2, and its failed almost every time. He is OK for France but not special - this is also a myth. He had 4 out of 7 good games in the World Cup and podcasts are claiming he's a superstar for France. I don't buy this. His only club titles were in a league where the team walked the title with almost 20 points to spare each season.
Samoc2020 - Måned siden
Sanders on que as usual
Busta Bromfield
Busta Bromfield - Måned siden
Every time Pogba get on the field he change the game. Pogba is top class.
Abhishek Bhattacharya
Abhishek Bhattacharya - Måned siden
People losing their hate over dropping the players in favour of a particular tactic.
The same people will thrash Ole and say he doesn't have any tactics when a team with those misfits LOSE!
JmAn FrOmlOw
JmAn FrOmlOw - Måned siden
Kid in the middle has been on the van da beek. Off his head in every video 😂😂
Serginho Da Jamaican
Serginho Da Jamaican - Måned siden
Fred at DM, Pogba and Bruno at CM. It’s that simple. Against Sevilla the midfield was on point.
Ceecee Fex
Ceecee Fex - Måned siden
AWB “world class”?😂😂😂😂
Abzzay Gomez
Abzzay Gomez - Måned siden
This xander Guy is cancer get him off. Why wouldn’t you wanna play a system and position that suits him, he’s our only world class talent that we have so yes we should make sure we find a spot for him. Ever since bruno came he’s been sacrificed and pushed back to DM which we all know it isn’t his position. And you barely see the real Pogba from that position. Play him forward in a 10 or a 8 with no defensive responsibilities and watch him flourish
Ali Mamman
Ali Mamman - Måned siden
Mctominay is CRAP. Comparing him Pogba is an insult. Stop. It’s embarrassing.
Paul Taylor
Paul Taylor - Måned siden
Flex said pogba hasn't been consistent but no one else has been either. Let's talk about consistent over 5 games, when has pogba ever had three good games in a row? Maybe when zlatan was here maybe at a push. Has other players? Yes.
Paul Taylor
Paul Taylor - Måned siden
Pogba has been driving with the ball, spreading the play nor creating chances. People say he has this ability but he only shows it in maybe 25 percent of games at most.
dama - Måned siden
Keep him on the bench he doesn’t have the concentration to play 90mins
DamianBrowne - Måned siden
DDG is defo world class! When we actually put a good defence in front of him, we will see some consistency!
Adam Otto
Adam Otto - Måned siden
Pogba looks as though his been over eating during quarantine on that thumbnail
Zandre Farmer
Zandre Farmer - Måned siden
Messi is not performing at the moment and is inconsistent
Kyle - Måned siden
So if I understand Sander correctly, Pogba is one of the best midfielders in the world, and can do incredible things, but he should leave because our manager, who is arguably not even in the top 10 of EPL managers, doesn’t know what to do with him.

You would rather rob our team of world-class quality, in favour of an incompetent manager?

Makes no sense.
WarrenG Regulate
WarrenG Regulate - Måned siden
Xander is on some good sheet..absolutely froppin
Kob Ross-Aikins
Kob Ross-Aikins - Måned siden
Xander can never see anything wrong with Ole. No matter what the topic or decision.
cogamers84 - Måned siden
If a player from my club said he wants to leave to Real Madrid on national television I'd never forgive him
Deemo - Måned siden
Pogba needs to be played in his best position,.. LCM / LAM
Deemo - Måned siden
Love the enthusiasm by Sander. Passionate about UTD. Keep going bud.
RL10 - Måned siden
Hopefully we can get a Flex & KG show later this week?
Densil Davis
Densil Davis - Måned siden
Nothing is wrong with pobga he’s one of the best players in the world and he has proven that. Obviously Manchester United isn’t using him properly. That’s not his fault it’s the coach and it’s the system. You guys said it yourself no one is consistent for the club in the past few years but we are here blaming pobga like give the guy a break. Look at lukaku the united fans bash him but the guy is a proven great number 9. Pogba would be winning championships on any other club. Pobga is not a problem 😤
Noelle Francisco
Noelle Francisco - Måned siden
Pogba is great. But has he actually been great? No. He has not.
Carry On Coaching
Carry On Coaching - Måned siden
Abzzay Gomez
Abzzay Gomez - Måned siden
Thats because he isn’t a CDM! His first thought is to beat the man cos he’s that good.. he’s a 10 or a 8 with no defensive responsibilities and then no one would scream about him losing the ball..
phoenix rus
phoenix rus - Måned siden
Rashford hasn't been consistent either, is he a title winning forward? But because he not French, no talk of him being dropped
Crucial Daddy
Crucial Daddy - Måned siden
Doesn't it make sense to play the system to accommodate the players we have I.e "diamond "
Kabelo Abel Phohu
Kabelo Abel Phohu - Måned siden
Lack of football knowledge by this Zander is appalling. Liverpool and City never wanted to get rid of Coutinho and Sane respectively. Coutinho was their star player and minus injuries Sane was playing well. When Ole first got the job with that un beaten run, Pogba vital in that run.
Kristian Devil
Kristian Devil - Måned siden
Why do we keep making excuses for a player who’s been here for 4 years and we paid 90m for? He’s playing out of position, he needs better players around him. Bollocks. He’s flattered to deceive and he ain’t as good as people say he is.
Kristian Devil
Kristian Devil - Måned siden
Will more attacking full backs and a “proper CDM” stop him from taking too many touches? Unlikely.
Theophilus malepeng
Theophilus malepeng - Måned siden
Sanders spoken like someone who didnt live the glory years. Clearly he doesn't have the standards for united that we the older generation have. MacTom and fred aren't good enough for united.
moses wanyoike
moses wanyoike - Måned siden
Why does every coach need to accommodate Pogba, contribute to the team as needed, not the other way around.
Yagi Neves
Yagi Neves - Måned siden
Yep great idea let’s keep playing players out of position
Mitchell Woodward
Mitchell Woodward - Måned siden
We should play
De gea
Fred cdm
Pogba cdm
Right cam DVB
left cam Bruno
Right striker martial
Left striker rashford
John L
John L - Måned siden
Thumbs down for the adverts way to many
Brandon Seale
Brandon Seale - Måned siden
I just watch this interview and it's a joke the crap the guy in the middle is talking really now
Sean Carey
Sean Carey - Måned siden
Zander motor mouth
LosoMUFC - Måned siden
I know right. It actually hurts
moses wanyoike
moses wanyoike - Måned siden
that's a joke! why does Pogba need "A Proper CDM" to play better? Do we say that about Fred, McTominay n VDB, Bruno,... Every season every coach, it's the same story, that means He is the problem. Yes, Bruno loses the ball many times, but he chases it back to put pressure yet he plays further forward, Pogba won't do this even when he's sitting in front of defenders... Shameful!
moses wanyoike
moses wanyoike - Måned siden
Sure consistency is lacking in the entire team, but playing him ahead of defenders? it's BS! we keep saying he should play further forward but let's be honest here, not even Pogba can play better than Bruno in the No. 10 role! Fact! So, do we wait till Bruno is injured to give Pogba a chance n is he willing to sit n wait? that's the big question.
Tito Zadravec
Tito Zadravec - Måned siden
Play 433 whit fred pogba and vdb in cm lw rasford st martial and rw bruno
Richard Obiekwe
Richard Obiekwe - Måned siden
He is inconsistent because no other player is and none has since Ronaldo. Your club is clueless about player strengths Pogba is not the manager of the club.
gareth naicker
gareth naicker - Måned siden
Ballwinnerbackerer... I love sander 😂😂😂
w00t777 - Måned siden
I've had enough of Pogba. He can now go.
He has the talent and ability but not the correct mentality
Raymondo Red
Raymondo Red - Måned siden
Just ask yourselves..... why did Fergie get rid of Pogba?
Abzzay Gomez
Abzzay Gomez - Måned siden
He got rid of him Cos he didnt wanna start him eventhough he was first team ready and pogba knew his talent and didn’t wanna just stay in the U23 team
Gideon Ssemu
Gideon Ssemu - Måned siden
🤣🤣🤣 This again. You're just as enlightened as the guy in the middle
David Makungu
David Makungu - Måned siden
Tidy and knows about footy=marriage
Nostradamous - Måned siden
Think sander needs to do some research on Klopps signings at liverpool, 90% have been a success. Karius being the only real flop.
Super Mario Maker 2 Glitch Hunters
Pogba *WAS* a brilliant player.... then he signed for United 😩.
De Maria *WAS* a brilliant player.... then he signed for United 😩
A. Senchez *WAS* a brilliant player.... then he signed for United 😩
Lakaku *WAS* a brilliant player... then he signed for United 😩
Dupry *WAS* a brilliant player... then he signed for United 😩
The list goes on!!
Super Mario Maker 2 Glitch Hunters
@Christian Catterson really??? Are u a United supporter????
Christian Catterson
Christian Catterson - Måned siden
Only one of those players Signed for united. Never heard of the others
Dan Moya
Dan Moya - Måned siden
I feel that Pogba is similar to a young player with talent that has just come into the team and we are all hoping he will mature and erase the basic errors young or teenagers do. This of course has not happened. Sell the guy for as much as we can.
David James
David James - Måned siden
Always about Paul pogba much more consistent than any other player in midfield this agenda and media attack is really sad sanders I just think ur a passion merchant
Ash Cru
Ash Cru - Måned siden
How did Ole get the best out of Rashford? All the players have been inconsistent. We can even see a drop in Bruno's performance. Sanders talked about tunnel vision but he has got his Ole's glass on. Coaching and training is wrong within utd, only explanation to this ridiculous inconsistencies. Ole's decision making during games is very poor. I want our fans to stop moaning about transfer window. We have very good players at our club, someone needs to get the best out of them. I'm not sure its Ole.
idontcare ey
idontcare ey - Måned siden
Big respect to the Marseille team for not taking the knee
David James
David James - Måned siden
Put pogbas stats against the rest of the utd players and then sit ur ass,s down sander totally disagree with u 🙄
Miguel Mohaba
Miguel Mohaba - Måned siden
Why haven’t we looked at Douglas Luiz of Villa as a CDM he is only 21 looks more like a Brazilian than all the Brazilians we have 😒😒😒
Tonye Minimah
Tonye Minimah - Måned siden
soto - Måned siden
Pogba out!!!!
Sheldon Adams
Sheldon Adams - Måned siden
Sander can’t say Liverpool and city got rid of Sane and Coutinho because both those players wanted to leave those clubs and both managers tried to keep them!
Gideon Ssemu
Gideon Ssemu - Måned siden
He's so clueless. Saying pep benched sane when he was injured for the entire season
abdulrahman alali
abdulrahman alali - Måned siden
Hey Beth
abdulrahman alali
abdulrahman alali - Måned siden
Hey Xander
abdulrahman alali
abdulrahman alali - Måned siden
Hey Flex
Swarup chhetri
Swarup chhetri - Måned siden
All these issues with our players and team stems from the fact that we have an incompetent manager.
Fraz Dar
Fraz Dar - Måned siden
What talent? When has he ever had a world class performance for United? In the 00’s he’d be a bang average midfielder at a mid table club
Swarup chhetri
Swarup chhetri - Måned siden
Zander has no idea what he is talking about
Harto Widjaja
Harto Widjaja - Måned siden
Pogba wont make any difference to the game... But his salary means alot to other players...
Juhairwe Joab
Juhairwe Joab - Måned siden
Stop laying Pogba out of position and he will be the best he can be for you but the more u make his life hard by sending him to defend the more you loose on quality
fcom123 - Måned siden
“When pogbas not at it” - flex
WHEN has he been at it ? It’s been what four seasons! Fk all to show for it
fcom123 - Måned siden
Nosike what a prat
Anthony - Måned siden
People talk about consistency with Pogba but only one player out of a squad of 25+ has been consistent 😂 make it make sense.
fcom123 - Måned siden
Because Logan is off to juventus abs he’s never done what Bruno did straight off the plane from Lisbon ffs it’s not rocket science
fcom123 - Måned siden
It’s a team sport! Flex talks about unlocking a defense like pogba has done it regularly LOL
fcom123 - Måned siden
If u put pogba in at ten for four games I don’t think he’d create more than four goals. That’s not really him. I just don’t think he can excel in the prem it’s irrelevant to say oh. Uh he’s mint for France. Pogba has never looked a more dangerous creator than bruno. There’s not room for Donny much less Casper the ghost pogba. Au revoire
fcom123 - Måned siden
Fergie knew to pass on him years and years ago. Nothing else to say. Pogba has never delivered for utd. Move him on
fcom123 - Måned siden
@Richard Obiekwe 2005 if you must know, you? the truth about pp stands..
Richard Obiekwe
Richard Obiekwe - Måned siden
When did u start watching football??
Cedric Mutayisa
Cedric Mutayisa - Måned siden
Wow, so much hate for Xander
SAI VHIMAL RAJ - Måned siden
I mean i mean i mean 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
fcom123 - Måned siden
Flex love u bro but wake up. Why the hell would log a stay. He’s not interested and it hasn’t worked out. Time to move on. Saying no one has been consistent is a non excuse. Weak passing the buck
fcom123 - Måned siden
Big up sander for the buckeyes jacket !!!!! Right on mate
kai xian luo
kai xian luo - Måned siden
No Man Utd players are consistent. It goes down to your price tag. Somehow, Pogba receives more backlash than Maguire. There are too many issues in Man Utd. It goes from top to bottom. The team selection many times, has been shocking too. Pogba could do well at teams with a good squad, just my opinion. Whatever, I wish Man Utd the very best. Please win more games.
Dstaar UTD
Dstaar UTD - Måned siden
I love Bruno but lets all not act as if Pogba in Bruno's position and he would be on par, probably better. Bruno has scored 15 penalties and 5 from open play in his whole tenure. I think we just need to play them side by side rather than one more advanced.
kaushal parekh
kaushal parekh - Måned siden
Glazers are right when they say that we(United fans) are delusional. The focus has changed from them to Ole so quickly. What is he gonna do? He got rid of deadwood but didn't get the players that he wanted and we keep talking about Ole and his coaching. We all want him to drive up to the top of the mountain but the Glazers and Woodward have given him a Volkswagen Beetle instead of a good off-road vehicle.
jjtotheb - Måned siden
What is Beth's 2nd name, is she on Instagram.?
Hmm - Måned siden
It's not that we must have the system to get the best of out of pogba, it's that we don't have the correct players and coaching staff to bring out the best of pogba
proud to be a geordie
proud to be a geordie - Måned siden
Personaly on the pogba issue a don't think it's racism a think it's due to his price tag
DEAN ROBINSON - Måned siden
Pogba was never a box to box midfielder 🤨🤨
Krutik Teli
Krutik Teli - Måned siden
pogba should play as a 8
SuperJixs - Måned siden
This guy talks much man, say something that makes sense pls....
Nikki Childs
Nikki Childs - Måned siden
Stop bringing up the sevilla match everyone please. We didn't win that game.
Nathan S
Nathan S - Måned siden
Zander wear an Ohio state jacket ruined my mood go Michigan lol... love the content guys cheers from Canada
James Kadar
James Kadar - Måned siden
Wan bissaka and luke shaw are poor going forward, the game has changed until we sort out the full backs we will always be unbalanced
The Betting Guy
The Betting Guy - Måned siden
Is Beth single 🤔 .Answer Mr.flex
proud to be a geordie
proud to be a geordie - Måned siden
No she's not 😘
The Red Devil in Me
The Red Devil in Me - Måned siden
Scott slows down the team more than Pogba in that role and can't move us forward by makin those incision passed forward, he offers no defensive knowhow but hey Pogba is the one who should leabe and cant make the team,you gotta be kidding me
Anand Mahamuni
Anand Mahamuni - Måned siden
What the hell is hapened to Sander?