Pochettino's Man Utd ULTIMATUM! Man Utd News

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Man Utd must decide on Pochettino or Solskjaer soon as other clubs prepare a move for Poch. Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand.🔔 SUBSCRIBE here bit.ly/1CmczHm
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Jon Terry
Jon Terry - 14 dager siden
They will regret it if they let poch slip to another club, they will sack ole eventually and we will be stuck with no one
Rob Mosley
Rob Mosley - 16 dager siden
What about waiting for Brendan Rodgers? I know he's managed Liverpool but it wasn't his fault they didn't win a title, it was Gerrard's (haha) he's a great manager working wonders with Leicester. Or am I the only one who would want to see that?
andrew pearson
andrew pearson - 16 dager siden
Poch will not wait for united. All the best to Poch but see ya!
andrew pearson
andrew pearson - 16 dager siden
Mark, if you are sure the answer to a question is 90% correct and it is 100% wrong what is the percentage you were correct?
And you think some of us are unintelligent. Idiot!
Gbemiga Oluwatuyi
Gbemiga Oluwatuyi - 16 dager siden
Flip flop analysis Mark, Poch has never won a plastic cup. Zidane just won a trophy madrid last season.
onotu aliyu ohindase
onotu aliyu ohindase - 17 dager siden
Honestly I prefer Poch
Kellie George
Kellie George - 17 dager siden
ole has actually performed compared to klo
pp's first 100 games
Klopp won 50 and ole won about 55
Alan Kenny
Alan Kenny - 17 dager siden
Lingard has had enough chances. jesus christ he needs to be gone
Clint Griffith
Clint Griffith - 17 dager siden
Why would you continue to put Fred on par with a championship level player like McTominay? Fred can definitely be in an EPL championship side. Not McGuire, not McTominay and definitely not that waste of space Lingard!! British bias again! We will regret not firing this inconsistent PE teacher and will lose Poch!! Typical lunacy under these owners!!
Alan Kenny
Alan Kenny - 17 dager siden
Missed the United stand for a few days. nearly caught up with the videos.
Sihlee Undefined
Sihlee Undefined - 17 dager siden
Koeman will be replaced by Xavi not Poch
Da Word
Da Word - 17 dager siden
Ole is staying - and so he should.
Sam Mwatenga
Sam Mwatenga - 17 dager siden
This clearly shows the Man U board are very poor on making decisions , they must know what good for the club regardless Olen beat Everton
Shane Treacy
Shane Treacy - 17 dager siden
Ole the Wally ha ha
Tim Elwood
Tim Elwood - 17 dager siden
What has Poch won as a manager?
Dony Sebastian
Dony Sebastian - 17 dager siden
Ole is a Monitor lizard difficult to sack him. Man utd never win a title under ole
Paul Jackson
Paul Jackson - 17 dager siden
Let’s have Zidane if he’s sacked
Lucas Kondowe
Lucas Kondowe - 17 dager siden
Manchester United cannot be waiting for periods of good fixture results to decide on keeping a manager, it should be viewed as wholistic. How far away are we for our end goal of the season, irrespective of the teams around us in the table. If we've lost 5 games before the half way point, I'd be quite worried.
James Maughan
James Maughan - 17 dager siden
The Ajax manager is a manager I would like to see takeover young and ambitious he has a built some great young players
Nani Nels
Nani Nels - 17 dager siden
But y would we keep Ole ? Cause he beat Everton? Cause he beat Leipzig or PSG ? The worst thing to happen here was him winning those games cause it’s not like keeping Ole we might challenge for the league or win Champions league , this is when you realize the board have no clue n are not interested in winning anything, no need to keep in any case . We lost Klopp to Liverpool, Pep to city cause we didn’t act fast
SamiJeff KOR
SamiJeff KOR - 17 dager siden
no guarantees he gonna be better than ole
Bill Fois
Bill Fois - 17 dager siden
JimBob Tractor3000
JimBob Tractor3000 - 17 dager siden
Why are we not interested in Zidane?????? He's likely gonna get sacked. He's a good tactician and a respected manager by all. He'd be a success at Man United
Khangelani Silo
Khangelani Silo - 17 dager siden
I don't want poch at United because I think that board will have an excuse like levy not to spend for him
Gaarieth Moos
Gaarieth Moos - 17 dager siden
Why is everyone after Potch? Max Allergri is a better option?
Aatish Dhawan
Aatish Dhawan - 17 dager siden
Madrid aren't going to sack zidane
WAMBI kEN PAUL - 17 dager siden
Mark you're Ole out but u never say it
Kim Wong
Kim Wong - 17 dager siden
So if Madrid gets rid of Zidane, would United take Zidane?..
rabin shrestha
rabin shrestha - 17 dager siden
He is jobless for over a year and now he is giving us ultimatum..
buttplugs and mastadons 1988
buttplugs and mastadons 1988 - 17 dager siden
Cant blame him
Amitesh United
Amitesh United - 17 dager siden
This guy talks good sometimes, I won't lie... but he is such a hypocrite.. pick a side dude! "I love Ole but I understand the Ole-outers.. we should go for Poch before he goes off the shelf".. You sure Poch will get us the EPL/UCL? First day after the transfer window ended, you were like the board didn't support Ole.. Today Ole is losing (Surprised?).. Shut your diplomatic ass and side Ole you hypocrite! We had a world class manager in Mourinho but you bashed him then for a few followers, he's with Tot now and winning... Don't you learn from the past? I think if board gives Ole the players he wants, he can give us trophies.. You know he didn't ask for Cavani or wants the deadwood to stay.. but OLE IS HELPLESS..
Sean Tackett
Sean Tackett - 17 dager siden
To put it another way..if ole was a free agent, would we be worried psg or madrid would go get him??? NO
Sean Tackett
Sean Tackett - 17 dager siden
This is easy...to answer your question..you take poch! The top clubs in Europe want him. When ole is available, I don’t see psg, man city, Real Madrid, etc wanting ole!!! Hell, I don’t think another pl club does, let alone top clubs
9t3k - 17 dager siden
Remember everyone agreeing to we had a really harsh fixture last month, were just hoping we got through decent enough. And here we are, got through decent enough. Had some bad results, but had some good ones as well. Damn people are trigger-happy. Ole in! At least give him the season.
Boxot - 17 dager siden
The conspiracy Theory..........stop please...
IrishSinner89 - 17 dager siden
Poch saying he won't wait forever while available is like someone down the job Centre telling employers they won't wait forever for them to offer a job 😂 Behave Poch, you're unemployed for a Reason!!
BIG dracooo
BIG dracooo - 17 dager siden
zidane to psg allegri to real . then we go for poch
AdmiralOddSock - 17 dager siden
I think we need to get Poch, I love Ole and he’s done a great job so far with signings, and our style of play is a lot better, but we need to get to that next level and Poch is incredible, what he done with Spurs with limited resources was incredible.
Rockstarnic88 - 17 dager siden
Goldbridge rubbing his hands together mentally counting all that cash coming from excessive commercials
Edet Asuquo
Edet Asuquo - 17 dager siden
Wait for Tuchel instead, he is a better manager to pochettino..
Mario G
Mario G - 17 dager siden
Lingard has a one year extension option. I expect the club will trigger that just to boost his value a bit and hopefully cash in on him in January or in the summer. He’s become too complacent with his bit part role just like others who are literally stealing a wage and contributing nothing on the pitch.
Ole and his coaching staff are probably just too sympathetic because they know most of those players from the youth set up. Bottom line is they aren’t good enough. If a proven manager were to come in he’d probably demand a clear out.
Chevalier_noir - 17 dager siden
He was never getting the job 😆
Uche Omenoba
Uche Omenoba - 17 dager siden
Ole out out
Uche Omenoba
Uche Omenoba - 17 dager siden
Win or lose Ole out out out out out
Uche Omenoba
Uche Omenoba - 17 dager siden
Ole out out out out out out out out out out out out out
Richard Dorling
Richard Dorling - 17 dager siden
Any news on Sancho?
Godfrey Bett
Godfrey Bett - 17 dager siden
Lingard is very important. And by extension, this team can win the title
YK247z - 17 dager siden
I would take zizou or nagelsman if poch goes to real/PSG
YK247z - 17 dager siden
I know I butcherd the leipzg mangers name but yk who I am Ona bout
Mohammed D Malik
Mohammed D Malik - 17 dager siden
Sigh.. more Lingard. Just what we needed the hear.
Godfrey Bett
Godfrey Bett - 17 dager siden
I like how United Stand is trying to stay relevant with Ole sack rumours 🤣🤣🤣
Roy Johansen
Roy Johansen - 17 dager siden
Ole in and he will do it 👍😊❤️
Roy Johansen
Roy Johansen - 17 dager siden
Give Poch to Reald Madrid 🎉🎊💐🎁😁😂
Matri XXX
Matri XXX - 17 dager siden
He preffers the Premie League.
PH - 17 dager siden
I think lingard is a anderson type just nice to have around the dressing room but not really good enough so he might just stay for morale
cliffe ratemo
cliffe ratemo - 17 dager siden
Let poch go to Madrid then sack him afterwards. Ole to stay at the moment.
Matri XXX
Matri XXX - 17 dager siden
He preffers the Premie League.
Jonathan Yanakiss Tsouvallaris
We don't want you Poch!...Go anywhere you want????👹
Chris Dolmeth
Chris Dolmeth - 17 dager siden
Chicken Tits
Raheem #
Raheem # - 17 dager siden
I think we can all agree we love Ole he’s done great things for the club but we are Manchester United and Liverpool are about to over take us, everything Ole or sir alex has done will all go to waste if Liverpool win the league
Raheem #
Raheem # - 13 dager siden
@The Devils Verdict it’s too early to say ole out but Manchester need to be more ruthless with selecting managers
The Devils Verdict
The Devils Verdict - 17 dager siden
Ole did great things as a player. This is the problem with United fans. Understanding the difference.
Dar Mon
Dar Mon - 17 dager siden
Lingard can go to Norway with ole and scotty and James
Dar Mon
Dar Mon - 17 dager siden
Get it done asap no point waiting around
Robin Hood
Robin Hood - 17 dager siden
china brown
china brown - 17 dager siden
Rio talks a lot of sense an was a legend for Utd but that never meant you have to agree with everything he says
M a Ali
M a Ali - 17 dager siden
Lets give ogs a chance
Allan Ray
Allan Ray - 17 dager siden
Back Ole and stop going on about a manager who has not won anything.
hoeffen 98
hoeffen 98 - 17 dager siden
Everyone is forgetting Allegri. He is by far the most prolific free agent manager out there!
SPIDER-FAN 99 - 17 dager siden
@Peter Szabo people will want him out after one game
Truth Seeker
Truth Seeker - 17 dager siden
@Peter Szabo regular top 4 finish and ucl final. & Kane, alli, son, lo celso, alderweild, davinson sanches, trippier, walker, rose whole Tottenham team was created by pochettino with Limited budget. Even Arsenal win fa cup but not top 4.
Peter Szabo
Peter Szabo - 17 dager siden
@Truth Seeker 5 years with a player like Harry Kane and not even a league cup. Pochettino is a nice guy but not a winner. Allegri is much better but take poch if you want.
Truth Seeker
Truth Seeker - 17 dager siden
@Peter Szabo any coach will win seriA now with Juventus even sarri. Juventus was winning seriA before Allegri. But Tottenham wasn’t nowhere near good before pochettino.
Peter Szabo
Peter Szabo - 17 dager siden
@Truth Seeker What has Pochettino won by the way? Not even a tinpot league cup.
Haroon Nadim
Haroon Nadim - 17 dager siden
Inshallah we get poch
Truth Seeker
Truth Seeker - 17 dager siden
Paul Faalogo
Paul Faalogo - 17 dager siden
Let Poch go to Real, I'd take Zizu over poch any day of the week
Chris Grathwohl
Chris Grathwohl - 17 dager siden
United don't do ultimatums so Poch just screwed himself. This is part of the problem, Ed has an ego unmatched.
Barbara Hollingworth
Barbara Hollingworth - 17 dager siden
Already fed up with Pogba saying he is unhappy at United - always the same when he goes on international duties. What would he do if he does clear off to Real Madrid and the manager leaves?
Samson Munthali
Samson Munthali - 17 dager siden
This is a dangerous move of keeping ole around because we are only one game away from defeat theres no guratee of consistance in Ole
Samson Munthali
Samson Munthali - 17 dager siden
@The Devils Verdict the board is letting us down again its one step forward two steps backward if you watched the everton game it was just an individual performance and if bruno drops his performance we are gone
The Devils Verdict
The Devils Verdict - 17 dager siden
Exactly. It's one step back and one step forward. He hasn't moved the team on at all.
Barbara Hollingworth
Barbara Hollingworth - 17 dager siden
As always a good show - insightful and informative.
Chalky Scriber
Chalky Scriber - 17 dager siden
You need big Sam to keep you up 😆
Kenneth Thompson
Kenneth Thompson - 17 dager siden
Get Nagelsamm...better than Poch as a Manager & his tactical strategy & playing style combines flair, attack & strong pragmatic defensive tactics.
Keaton Ramey
Keaton Ramey - 17 dager siden
I think we need to be more patient with Ole. Ole does not have free reign to bring in whoever he likes like Man City. He has a more limited budget. In that situation, its obviously going to take much more time to get a good team together. Every time we change manager, the vision for the squad changes slightly, meaning that we have to readjust before bringing in more people. I would give Ole until the end of next season to gain that consistency and make Old Trafford a scary place before considering sacking him. He's gotten third with the current squad. He's got chops.
Roger Nicholls
Roger Nicholls - 17 dager siden
This is pure Rubbish the guy can't coach( Ole) it's hit and miss and these guys like to use excuses that "he didn't get the players he wanted" pure shite talk coach the players you have the current United coaching staff are not good enough this episode is pure rubbish these guys like him cause he scored a goal in 1999.
Paul Hynes
Paul Hynes - 17 dager siden
2020 and lingard is still an option 😂😂😂
WATCH NOFACE - 17 dager siden
Imo, Ole doesn’t need to create a style of play. The Style of play is meant to be the clubs dna which is attacking football with wing play, a strong spine and strikers that can finish, it’s simple.
The Devils Verdict
The Devils Verdict - 17 dager siden
It is which is why he should go because he ain't got close to that.
WATCH NOFACE - 17 dager siden
Abramovic sacked Di mateo after winning the CL for Chelsea. The board already stabbed Ole in the back so why wouldn’t they move on poch if they think they will lose the opportunity.
I’m don’t think poch is right anyway. Ole is learning on the job trying different things too much because he is forced to play unfamiliar/unwanted formations.
Edwin Osujaki
Edwin Osujaki - 17 dager siden
Does Mark knows who is the better manager to take over? he keeps saying abt Ole is not the right man and at the same time Poche is not the right person so who's the right manager to take over?
Bahadur Dehar
Bahadur Dehar - 17 dager siden
MU is in or out. In or out for Oli. This indecisive waiting is bad for the team. MU either decide to fully back oli until the end of the season and reassess. Back one manager and stick it. MU needs a player review. Every year or so sacking managers is a back ward step. This issue means another year of not winning a title.
OneTrackMind69 - 17 dager siden
Charlie Surtees
Charlie Surtees - 17 dager siden
Don’t know why everyone wants poch, finished third in a two horse race and lost the cl final . What makes him the man
The Devils Verdict
The Devils Verdict - 17 dager siden
It doesn't, but the team will work hard and play good football. For as long as Woodward is in charge of football affairs United ain't winning the PL or CL. Good football and top 4 best we can hope for.
Naomi Mwakugu
Naomi Mwakugu - 17 dager siden
Poch is the wrong manager for the current team unless the owners are ready to sign all new players. Its not that easy to get a job with the COVID .
luis gonzalez
luis gonzalez - 17 dager siden
More chances to Lingard come on really fuc&₡ING bs Mark just stop the love for shitty ass player's just because he is from the academy he deserves MORE opportunities come on
AMCDS - 17 dager siden
Tuschel would be a great long term signing for Utd. If Poch didn't win any trophies at Spurs, what makes you think it will go better at Utd?
AMCDS - 17 dager siden
Don't make decisions under pressure.
adam84657 - 17 dager siden
You saying if we win games then it's good. Wrong. If we keep winning, then Ole will stay for longer, poch will go somewhere else, then Ole gets back to his losing habits, and we end up losing everything. Think long term Mark
Lino Barros
Lino Barros - 17 dager siden
This is all Bruno Fernandes fault. If he didn't come to Man Utd , Ole would have been sacked last season. Seriously, Ole was a great player and as a player he gave a lot to United. As a manager, for a club as big as United, he lacks experience and leadership. Maybe in 10 years time he becomes a top manager. Same is happening with Pirlo at Juventus, they lack experience to manage big clubs. I wish the best for Ole, but even better for Man Utd.
The Devils Verdict
The Devils Verdict - 17 dager siden
Great analogy. I was thinking the same. Bruno has saved Ole. Like you said, top player rubbish manager.
KayDee - 17 dager siden
Ole out fans need to sod off... the board didn't give Ole his main targets in the transfer window this hampering him for the season... Liverpool were just as inconsistent before a single signing transformed their fortunes... Sancho and Upamecano would transform United into a title challenger...
KayDee - 17 dager siden
Not interested in Poch at all... give Ole time
shaid H
shaid H - 17 dager siden
we all know ole will get sacked make it sooner rather than later just get it done sack ole he knows on borrowed time
Muma Ndubula
Muma Ndubula - 17 dager siden
1Ten Hag, 2Poch,3Allegri 4Nagelsmann,5( The Southampton guy😂😂).
Allegri could help build our defence and awareness in games, he's a serial winner, well respected( bring in players) and tactically brilliant( He's Italian after all). Ten Hag players a modern version of total football, great at player development and is also tactically brilliant. But we still need better administration in terms of transfers and senior player training.
Francis Smyth
Francis Smyth - 17 dager siden
Gary Monk just got sacked by Sheffield Wednesday Poch could go there.
The Devils Verdict
The Devils Verdict - 17 dager siden
And Monk to us.
Feisal Juma
Feisal Juma - 17 dager siden
Poch pls come utd ole no coach
Andres Campos
Andres Campos - 17 dager siden
Lingard = Trash player
Orlando Arellano
Orlando Arellano - 17 dager siden
90% mark ??
Muaz M. 10
Muaz M. 10 - 17 dager siden
Love your vids mark been watching u for ages . keep up the good work 🔴 GGMU
Mike - 17 dager siden
Nobody wants Lingard other perhaps than the dopes at Manchester United. If he stays abysmal mediocrity rules at the club.
Gareth Mosgrove
Gareth Mosgrove - 17 dager siden
Nobody cares
Max Z
Max Z - 17 dager siden
Poch will destroy he's repetation if he ever desides to manage MU.