ONE Point From 9 At Home! Man United 0-0 Chelsea | LIVE Fan Forum

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Azraai R
Azraai R - Måned siden
I bet United Stand won't invite Aiden after this anymore..😆😆😆
Chris Downing
Chris Downing - Måned siden
KG always talks sense! Doesn't lose his head. Big Up!
Garth Francis
Garth Francis - Måned siden
Sorry. I agree with Sander. Bring on the hate. All he's saying is Ole has improved players that were mediocre before he was there.
Tashrif Alam
Tashrif Alam - Måned siden
I think Man United needs a midfield of Fred, Van De Beek and Bruno Fernandes. Because Ajax deployed Van De Beek in that kind of a role but what Van De Beek does have that I think Pogba is unwilling to do, is to have the defensive awareness and discipline
Dillon Sarkar
Dillon Sarkar - Måned siden
Keep the guy in the red beginning of the clip he is very smart. Sanders or whatever that guys name is has no clue what he is talking about, he cant even debate just quits because he has no back up. Ole did not improve Fred, Ole literally improved no one.
Greenfingersuk - Måned siden
Giggs is having a word with Olé, that’s why Dan James gets shown love. He needs to go!
Aritra Bakshi
Aritra Bakshi - Måned siden
How can anyone honestly say Ole has imprpved Greenwood? He had not kicked a ball before last season. So we never knew how he was before(in a first team setting), how can you say Ole improved him? Ole just gave him his debut. And he went on and scored 17 goals in his first season. Thats testament to his exceptional talent and natural growth at such a young age, how can you say its down to coaching?? What makes you think Greenwood has become BETTER? What's the baseline? It was his FIRST SEASON
J WELSHEY - Måned siden
Who else was laughing hard with KG at 34:15
Thomas P
Thomas P - Måned siden
KG with the 🍿 😂😂😂😂
Aqeel Stemmers
Aqeel Stemmers - Måned siden
I like this Aiden guy. Keep him on the show
Aqeel Stemmers
Aqeel Stemmers - Måned siden
Xander my friend,... You need to open your eyes Bro. What influence do you think Ole could have had on Fred, except giving him game time?
Joelmir Schon
Joelmir Schon - Måned siden
Jean-Paul - Måned siden
About lowering the standarts, happy with a point against Chelsea at home. And Maguire should have got a penalty against him on Azpilicueta.
Kyle - Måned siden
It's simple.
Greenwood and James both "joined" in the same season. Greenwood is by far the better player, thanks to Ole's development.
Under the same development, James hasn't gotten better. So the development isn't the issue. It's the quality of player.
Which is Aiden's point, it's difficult to develop crap players.
Kyle - Måned siden
Aiden is me! Please keep him!
RAZA RAZA - Måned siden
Dan James had a good start to last season with a few goals and assists, but ever since then, he has had a shocking run of form. He is too one dimensional. He is a championship player at best, no wonder Leeds were trying to sign him last season. I just hope Van de Beek gets the respect he deserves and gets more game time.
WarrenG Regulate
WarrenG Regulate - Måned siden
Sanders loves Ole so much that he's about to cry coz he can't see Ole’s flaws. I made a mistake by giddying up you Sanders and no you're still a little kid who sooks when you don't get your way 😢😢😢😢
Emmanuel Chibeze
Emmanuel Chibeze - Måned siden
Where’s Junior?? He keeps it 100% real
JM - Måned siden
Maybe because sander is too young he doesn’t know how we were under fergie. Aidan is right, ole is a terrible manager
Sean Marc Rees
Sean Marc Rees - Måned siden
tellez show
Sean Marc Rees
Sean Marc Rees - Måned siden
Cavani & Greenwood up top vs. Leipzig.Pogba Bruno, Matic
Sean Marc Rees
Sean Marc Rees - Måned siden
Dan James belongs with DERBY. Rooney would show him the ropes
Cedro Cross
Cedro Cross - Måned siden
KG with the popcorn lmaooo
Cedro Cross
Cedro Cross - Måned siden
And Ole didn't even wanna play fred lol he had no choice when our whole midfield was injured. Sander lives right up Ole backside lmaoo
Cedro Cross
Cedro Cross - Måned siden
Martial barely played under Mourinho what is Sander talking about?
Saif 5000
Saif 5000 - Måned siden
Sander getting rattled💉💉
Adah40 - Måned siden
Xander or Sander whatever his name is, hates it when he knows others opinions is far more valid than his lol then he makes these faces when he's upset but try to speak over people who's talking... Poor class and he don't know shyt what hes talking about sometimes.
Dillon Sarkar
Dillon Sarkar - Måned siden
He’s a moron, Dan James got worse under Ole and if Leeds wants him I guarantee Bielsa will make him a deadly winger
Ezii Jr
Ezii Jr - Måned siden
Zander needs to move on, this PE teacher thing come on, let's look at OLE and compare him to his peers how has he performed
ASJAMMER - Måned siden
bring on jota more
usifo john
usifo john - Måned siden
Fred was man of the match for me.
joka619 - Måned siden
van de beek plays the same position as bruno. pogba can only be replaced by another box2box like scott, but the latter isnt at his level offensively.
Red Devil
Red Devil - Måned siden
The sexual tension.
usifo john
usifo john - Måned siden
I think James has something. I don't know if UTD has found how to use that thing but Bielsa probably sees it. I feel like he is like sterling in his early days at Liverpool. I feel it's on us to help him improve technically and tactically. Else, somebody else like Bielsa might just do it for us.
I Fix
I Fix - Måned siden
VDB should be feeling fucking down & disappointed .....
OLE "Mr PE Teacher" just knew how to destroy players!!! LOL
usifo john
usifo john - Måned siden
I wouldn't agree that Ole doesn't make players better. Martial has gotten better, his hold up play is amazing. Rashford too has improved.
Jay Singh
Jay Singh - Måned siden
Ole is at the Wheel,
Dan James is on the Steal,
Donny is on the Bench,
Marcus is making a Stench,
Cos theres no lunch in the Trench,
Fans are making a Winge,
Cos Ed is the Gringe,
Ricky gonna love the Shape,
And it doesn't matter United is Shite,
Muppets gonna love Ole
Even though we play like Molly
JA M - Måned siden
Sander take that head out the clouds, he got it wrong today end of!!!!
Jay Singh
Jay Singh - Måned siden
It's the Glazers fault, they didn't buy Sancho, if they did he could have warmed the bench like VDB
Tapuwa Munjoma
Tapuwa Munjoma - Måned siden
Oxygen thief!!!!
A thief of Oxygen!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Craig Taney
Craig Taney - Måned siden
Maguire as our captain sends a negative fearful mindset throughout our whole team
Devil red 7
Devil red 7 - Måned siden
Sanders actually just said fans complain when ole picks a team that isn’t suited to the opposition we’re playing, absolute donkey
Devil red 7
Devil red 7 - Måned siden
I hate it when people say van de beek is mata with pace, they play nothing alike at all
S M - Måned siden
Should have started cavani and played rashford on the left
S M - Måned siden
Aidan, you can't pick one subjective criterion as the defining quality of a manager's worth
Daniel Davies
Daniel Davies - Måned siden
come away from this safe team..... and what get battered 6.1 again? come on lads steady the ship the move on. A 0-0 draw vs Chelsea is not a bad result.
james aaron
james aaron - Måned siden
Dan James has started more games than Van de beek
S M - Måned siden
Tbf to ole, the high press was working in the first half. His team selection, though, meant that we couldn't maintain it.
yerashtop - Måned siden
That Sander guy talking through his arse, absolutely schooled by Aiden
Andy w
Andy w - Måned siden
Is there any coaching at United ? Stop blaming Dan James , he's another player who worse than when he came to the team
Rik Mann
Rik Mann - Måned siden
who is the guy who looks like Gary Neville ?
james aaron
james aaron - Måned siden
That Sander guy don’t know ball. There’s no way you can argue Ole is as good as a coach to compare him Beilsa and Klopp
xPrzza - Måned siden
Had to turn off after 45 mins, them man chatting pure wet
S M - Måned siden
A clean sheet should only be seen as a bonus if we win.
Rob Johnson
Rob Johnson - Måned siden
Last point, people want good tactical coaches at the club. But moan because they say players are not in their best position. To switch tactics in a game, they need to be able to adapt to new formations and strategies. Intelligent players can adjust and adapt. Look at Pep, Tuchel, Ten Haag etc. They don't always play the same formations, but still use the same players. Why is it different for Ole? This team still needs some work on, but we are finally going in the right direction after years of mediocrity.
ZOE JACOBS - Måned siden
A2 are you sure you support united???
Rob Johnson
Rob Johnson - Måned siden
A few points from today's show. If Ole doesn't develop players, what is Pep doing with his defenders. They go from really good talent to dead players. They regress under Pep. Dan James isn't good enough for United. He offered about as much going forward as McTomminay and Fred today. Not a good enough standard for our level. Should be playing for a team near the bottom or Championship. Ole wins a load of games, certain people won't praise that and keep quiet. Soon as he has a negative result. They are shouting loudest for Ole out. No balanced view, just biased agenda. Also I watched football long enough to know that even the best managers have frustrating flaws in their style and mentality. There isn't a perfect manager out there. The way Chelsea set up today tells me one thing. A top six side treating United like we are like Man City or Liverpool. I thought Mourinho was back at Chelsea. Playing not to lose and siting behind the ball. Chelsea now seeing United as a danger team. The game was frustrating, but we are starting to turn a corner where we are disappointed not to win against a team of the calibre of Chelsea.
Saj Irshad
Saj Irshad - Måned siden
De gea, awb, Maguire,lindelof,shaw,matic,Fred,van der beek, Fernandes,mata,Rashford, that team would have beaten Chelsea with ease. I hope he plays this team against rb Leipzig and arsenal.
Min Hmu
Min Hmu - Måned siden
Man the guy in the blue hoodie looks faded af 😂😂😂
Aksmanu 1
Aksmanu 1 - Måned siden
A2 100% ole went for the win vs PSG he played a back 5 fair enough but we controlled the game at times and he won’t to 4 at the back just after HT and a diamond in midfield if he was not going for the win he would have stayed with back 5
Bennie - Måned siden
Zander/Sander/Xander forgot his meds... this guy was rattled by then debate and the goes on to disrespect when down. This dude has an attitude problem.
G G - Måned siden
Haaland got better after Ole managed him.
WarrenG Regulate
WarrenG Regulate - Måned siden
What a shite game! It was like Ole & Lampard shook hands b4 the game for a draw. If James & Mata is the best we have starting then we're in deeper shite season to come 🤬
Paul K
Paul K - Måned siden
these people who think its not a bad result are mental...bottle jobs just like the team were Rashford misses these chances more than he scores them van da beek omg is he sitting patiently waiting for pogbas departure
Johno81a - Måned siden
Jota is bang on! Zander is deluded. Rashford and martial scored more goals because they were actually playing in the best positions consistently they wasn't because mo favoured lakaku and rashford was played all over the shop to try find his best position and let's not forget rashford was our penalty taker. Facts Bielsa would develop this team.
abdulrahman alali
abdulrahman alali - Måned siden
Hey Adan
abdulrahman alali
abdulrahman alali - Måned siden
Hey KG
abdulrahman alali
abdulrahman alali - Måned siden
Hey Flex
abdulrahman alali
abdulrahman alali - Måned siden
Hey Xander
Jack Coleman
Jack Coleman - Måned siden
This jota looking guy speaks a lot of sense
Sam Gauri
Sam Gauri - Måned siden
James should have gone for a loan for a year to sharpen his skills. Ole can't afford to test his parameters at the cost of the game. We can't keep exploring when the team needs consistency.
Judea Jud
Judea Jud - Måned siden
People asking why James is playing and vanderbeek benched can vanderbeek play on the left
Carl Pretorius
Carl Pretorius - Måned siden
Ole has got the longest run as a manager since Ferguson but yielded nothing for us. lowest points no silverware yet.
Judea Jud
Judea Jud - Måned siden
There is nothing like 9 points at home we started poorly having lost 6…1 in the last game we should give the manager credit for his performance we are going forward
Rajeev K
Rajeev K - Måned siden
Aden is crap ... please take him out
Saul Goodman
Saul Goodman - Måned siden
Its examples like this why I don’t like watching Xander shows, honestly mate you haven’t got a clue...
Muaz Ali
Muaz Ali - Måned siden
nah mate he defended Ole well
Carl Pretorius
Carl Pretorius - Måned siden
Zander and KG don't want to get kicked off United stand.
Rajeev K
Rajeev K - Måned siden
Aden does not know anything about football.... we would have lost if Pogba had started
Keysi Fighting Method
Keysi Fighting Method - Måned siden
Free Van Der Beek from Oles incompetence!
Carl Pretorius
Carl Pretorius - Måned siden
Zander absolutely no clue.
Rich Porter
Rich Porter - Måned siden
Kg stop it pep made Stirling better and with Fred he weren't dead but they was not playing and after being out so long we expected him to come on and play great only difference now is he's playing every game so we seeing the benefit
PJTV - Måned siden
Rich Porter
Rich Porter - Måned siden
Kg stop it pep made Stirling better and with Fred he weren't dead but they was not playing and after being out so long we expected him to come on and play great only difference now is he's playing every game so we seeing the benefit
Peter Elemi-Ecoma
Peter Elemi-Ecoma - Måned siden
"Olesexual" LMAO!!!
Captain_Nemo - Måned siden
No lie rate KG, big up yourself KG🙌🏾
Yathartha Shrestha
Yathartha Shrestha - Måned siden
Sander talks most sense on here.
Eddy otu
Eddy otu - Måned siden
Come on guys where is cam, u need the in depth analysis here, he had a gr8 snippet on Mark's preview
Captain Velli
Captain Velli - Måned siden
Man like Beanie Seagal on the United Stand now una
Ddot - Måned siden
Bring Aidan back plse. Ole not good enough.
Ddot - Måned siden
That’s true, opinions is good, this was a good watch from the guys still.
Trë Trë
Trë Trë - Måned siden
I love all the guys they have on TUS it’s all about hearing different opinions ffs lots of people just can’t get that through their heads tho smh.
Mark Bernard
Mark Bernard - Måned siden
Some of the faces Sander pulls when someone else is talking are bang out of order. If someone has a different opinion than him, he can’t take it.
Eddy otu
Eddy otu - Måned siden
i know disrespectful fanboy mentality there
zekariyas G/eysus
zekariyas G/eysus - Måned siden
Man like KG
Captain Velli
Captain Velli - Måned siden
Mason Greenwood is a youth prodigy how did Jota let Xander get away with Olé making Greenwood better. He literally had his debut wtf he was never bad loool
Footballscholar - Måned siden
Great show lads!!
Stewart Cameron
Stewart Cameron - Måned siden
Maguires headlock - we are solid at the back we're kicking on - you're having a laugh KG.
rajwol maharjan
rajwol maharjan - Måned siden
which player has klopp improved that has no ability??
Ranbeeir Kalsi
Ranbeeir Kalsi - Måned siden
The new guy is a PURE Oleouter😀🤣
Anderton Chigoneka
Anderton Chigoneka - Måned siden
James is a Championship Player.
Van De Beek needs to play so does Bruno and Pogba just try it for one game.
Tellas should start over Shaw
abdi jaras
abdi jaras - Måned siden
Ole gunnar solskjaer breaks all record
Isabella Ailiseuh
Isabella Ailiseuh - Måned siden
💯 agree with aiden!
Aaron Walters
Aaron Walters - Måned siden
Xander is just bad vibes at this point.
Adah40 - Måned siden
10000% agree with you..! He thinks he knows everything and thinks he's always right. Smh
NP - Måned siden
When i heard the lower right dude say, "Van de Beek is Mata with pace". I stopped watching LOL.