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New Paul Pogba comments about Man Utd have emerged diving United fans further about Pogba's future at Old Trafford. How can Solskjaer resolve the Pogba issue? Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand.🔔 CHRISTMAS JUMPERS
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sarah sarah
sarah sarah - 3 dager siden
Pogba good but dvb can play same position as proved tonight
sarah sarah
sarah sarah - 3 dager siden
Decent tonight dvb was best on pitch
EL Maddogz
EL Maddogz - 9 dager siden
Your a good watch but your adverts are now way to much. Later
Sean Mulloy
Sean Mulloy - 9 dager siden
Rommano u naughty boy
Didi Dada
Didi Dada - 9 dager siden
Just keep pogba on the bench as a sub until sold. Ole should start Martial, Cavani and Rashford then sub Greenwood. Play a 4-4-2 keep both martial and Cavani upfront and either bring Greenwood or rashford a little in the middle to play with Bruno, Fred and Vandarbeek.
Undead Voter
Undead Voter - 10 dager siden
If Pogba is happy to play a in a deep lying midfield role for France it’s even more damning we consider how badly he plays for United in that role! Maybe having. I’m not sure if the excuse of playing in front of a bad defence can be used as we have had an above average defence over the last 4 years. Pogba was supposed to make the difference but he just hasn’t worked out. Time to get him moved on
BobbyBen - 10 dager siden
Man Utd as ruined Paul's career by not winning nothing
Anilsekhar C
Anilsekhar C - 10 dager siden
No outrage. Just don't play him. He does more harm than good. Paul Liability Pogba
Akhil Vijay
Akhil Vijay - 10 dager siden
Why do we here misquotes from Pogba,his agent,his brother and his teammates in french national team.
I have never heard misquotes this often from De Gea, Martial, Rashford,Bruno...
We can act as if nothing happened.
But to lot of people it is clear what he wants.
Club is greater than any player.
If Ferguson was still managing Pogba won't be part of that team.
scott701988 - 11 dager siden
Media with a narrative... what a surprise
amanjot singh
amanjot singh - 11 dager siden
Sell him ... Get a good cb/cdm/rw/lw
Eureka Mzungu
Eureka Mzungu - 11 dager siden
Mark you just don't like Amada Traore. We have all seen his clips and to me personally and am sure others too feel this boy will light up the league.
milesey01 - 11 dager siden
Don't care what he said or not said.....he's lazy, a prima donna, not as good as he thinks he is, mentally weak.....
red flag
red flag - 10 dager siden
Leobest Bote
Leobest Bote - 11 dager siden
Manchester United will be a better ofd entity if we move Pogba on, I think our rlshp with Pogba was never meant to be
kid presentable
kid presentable - 11 dager siden
If Pogba banged your missus you would apologize to him
Stuart Holehouse
Stuart Holehouse - 11 dager siden
That’s poor reporting. Totally misrepresented what Pogba said. Romano should stick to transfer news.
Swohm Chattopadhyay
Swohm Chattopadhyay - 11 dager siden
Forget pogba, what is ighalo doing at this club?
Steve Zzz
Steve Zzz - 11 dager siden
They are happy to try players in make shift positions but cannot find anywhere for Bek...I really wonder about Ole and his coaches sometimes....
tyrone gonzales
tyrone gonzales - 11 dager siden
0:19 I stopped my 9-5 with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
WobO - 11 dager siden
I’m not and never will be sell Pogba bc of what he says. I’m sell Pogba bc I don’t think he fits the EPL. He Needs a slower league. Sell him and get the $$ and reinvest it ALL!!!
David Patterson
David Patterson - 11 dager siden
Pogba out!!!!! Forgot this season — he not consistent...sell him. Potential at his age lol!!!
Ashwin Gopinath
Ashwin Gopinath - 11 dager siden
He is a human being who is having a bad time at work 🤷‍♂️. Get your heads out of your asses yall
AtThe Whiskey
AtThe Whiskey - 11 dager siden
I just don't think, considering how much of a distraction Pogba is and how long he has been at United, that he is worth holding on to. It doesn't really matter what his comments are, it is time for him to move on. It also does not matter how you FEEL about him, it is about impact and results. PSG is the answer for him.
Pogba is major distraction and he is not worth it anymore.
oliver daley
oliver daley - 11 dager siden
To be honest , the club should come out in defense of the player because misquoting someone is not what makes us or breaks us . Fair is fair and honesty is the best policy . Paul is a good player but he is just going through a bad patch and I know sooner or later he will get things right . There are other players who are not performing at all , I think Paul is willing to try anything to uplift his level of play , so I know he will get the last hooray . Let’s see what they will say after the slump has passed . The reporter needs to apologize to Paul as well , spreading propaganda is something I never liked .let’s all give him our support since the truth has come out .
Jannik Nielsen
Jannik Nielsen - 11 dager siden
Don't find it so outlandish. France is one of the top sides and Utd is near relegation.
Marko Frost
Marko Frost - 11 dager siden
Pogba needs to leave this toxic club and their toxic fanbase.
SAli Another day
SAli Another day - 11 dager siden
The media has destroyed many people, attacking rashford and Greenford. Always on about pogba, black players and black people in society have to work twice as harder to get the same credit as a white person. If Ronaldo was black there wouldn't even be a debate between him and Messi. Racism will always be there.
SAli Another day
SAli Another day - 11 dager siden
All this pogba hate, shame on you, he will leave and win much more where ever he goes, too many fickle fans.
cogamers84 - 11 dager siden
LA galaxy
SAli Another day
SAli Another day - 11 dager siden
Only at United where fans dying for pogba to go before Jones and Rojo where they are not even contributing.
Fearghall Dubhghaill
Fearghall Dubhghaill - 11 dager siden
The French team is unreal at the moment. World champions winning most games . Only good memories with the lads. Different story with the club obviously. Especially for pogba.
Fearghall Dubhghaill
Fearghall Dubhghaill - 11 dager siden
@milesey01 I said most games. And lifting the world cup is a good come back to anyone who would point out losses like that. Good on Finland all the same.
milesey01 - 11 dager siden
Like losing 2/0 to,uh,Finland?!
Nyati SM
Nyati SM - 11 dager siden
Mark help them understand.
Paul Bradshaw
Paul Bradshaw - 11 dager siden
pogba has been with the club for 4 years now we have only seen flashes of how good he really is i think we should sell him next summer and go for jack grealish and play him alongside fernandes and van de beek plus we should definitely go for sancho again a centre back and a striker maybe raul jiminez or moussa dembele
Adam Brown
Adam Brown - 11 dager siden
Facts. Thanks, mark.
He might also be saying, “why am I watching mctominay pass sideways from the bench?”
brian kenome
brian kenome - 11 dager siden
If I were a footballer I would never give a second of my time to the press/media/journalists. Those guys seem to always want to twist words out of context
wazza mc
wazza mc - 10 dager siden
I kind of agree, even when he wasn't talking (or playing for that matter) everyone had opinions which he had to address. Total ws Media Bullshit!
Dirty Diamonds House
Dirty Diamonds House - 11 dager siden
Goldbridge has way too many excuses for Pogba. It shows there's a real problem there. However, he should stop claiming Pogba is unfit. He is basically inconsistent and is struggling for form, mentality among others.
Damien Legge
Damien Legge - 11 dager siden
Starting to get fed up with hearing about Twitter expert romaro . Stop thinking of him as gospel
Vellura - 11 dager siden
Want to know whats more outragous than Pogbas comments? The sheer amount of adverts on this video..
Matthew Stewart
Matthew Stewart - 11 dager siden
Pogba is a smart guy, he talk in parables but dammming know the message he’s trying to send which is always mysterious
Kim Wong
Kim Wong - 11 dager siden
You guys getting your panties in a twist..they can't speak English properly..& on top of that, it's the French team, of course it's a breath of fresh air cause he can't start for club plus he can talk freely & fluently with them..don't bash the man..take things into go a Spanish country & talk & see how well they understand you
nor mongo
nor mongo - 11 dager siden
Pobla is not happy because of Bruno, he jealous because he knows Bruno is running the show. Ever since Bruno arrives at United the whole focus is on Bruno. Pobla knows that he's not stupid. How he drawing the attention of himself but bitching on live tv
charlie mamo
charlie mamo - 11 dager siden
Let him go to Real Madrid or Juventus
Chiechefulam Ajaero
Chiechefulam Ajaero - 11 dager siden
How do you know the COVID testing in England is better than in South America?
HardstylezSuperstaar - 11 dager siden
Pogba has 100% right anyway!!
micheal james
micheal james - 11 dager siden
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adam84657 - 11 dager siden
OGS must be loving it shielding behind the scapegoat pogba. He knows that when united dose not do well, all the blame will be on Pogba. Once Pogba goes, OGS will follow suit.
Kristóf Jakab
Kristóf Jakab - 11 dager siden
Szoboszlai would be an awesome addition to this team, if Pogba goes.
adam84657 - 11 dager siden
I totally understand Pogba. When he plays with France, he plays with world cup winners. With united, he plays with a bunch of losers coached by a PE teacher.
pyappy - 11 dager siden
The fact that weak minded players like pogba has not be forcibly removed from the club shows how weak mufc have become.
Tashii Gurung
Tashii Gurung - 11 dager siden
Whatever the quote is.. he needs To go from my club ✌🏽
Mark Gabriel
Mark Gabriel - 11 dager siden
Pogba is spot on..
He knows utd ain't capable of winning titles/silverware whilst under the stewardship of ole..
Terry Kawanga
Terry Kawanga - 11 dager siden
Misquoted or not has to be sold
andrew charles
andrew charles - 11 dager siden
He needs to work to get into the team,, Fred and Mctonomy are fighting for there places,,so they shouldn't be dropped
Joe O Sullivan
Joe O Sullivan - 11 dager siden
You can do a lot of damage by taking a few words out of a statement. For example:
_"I enjoy killing time by socialising with people"_
Now lets take a few words out:
_"I enjoy killing... people."_
Bijaya Dass
Bijaya Dass - 11 dager siden
0:47 My entire life changed because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
John Kelsall
John Kelsall - 11 dager siden
Get rid of pogba not good enough
BIG SHOOP - 11 dager siden
We should've listened to Sir Alex - he sold Pogba for a reason, it was a mistake to bring him back
Les Bailey
Les Bailey - 11 dager siden
As far as football goes .......... he has a very nice haircut !!!
Poundcake Og
Poundcake Og - 11 dager siden
Media do this all the time wether its politics, football, covid... Its all a load of sh*t journalism is on its last legs but still Pogba should move on because he will never ever be a world class player at United and he cost us games due to the lack of energy in the midfield
TerryLeeMurphy11 - 11 dager siden
Stop defending Romano because he might come on the show, Hes just as disgusting as all those other bullshit so called journalists.
Amina Salihu
Amina Salihu - 11 dager siden
You are very delusional making excuses and supporting pogba. Pogba said he wants to leave united . You're supporting pogba because you want subscribers who are pogba's fans. Mourinho has been vindicated.
tim pardoe
tim pardoe - 11 dager siden
I don't do agendas says the anti british agenda specialist
Jack Nicholls
Jack Nicholls - 11 dager siden
Not mad at all for what Pogba said. If anything he’s exposing the underlying issues.
Tim Robertson
Tim Robertson - 11 dager siden
No offence mark, pogba makes great content for you to make a video, but the reality is that he needs selling to the highest bidder, he has under achieved eversince hes been back and now bored of his balotelli style reactions, and its a bit poor on your behalf to use this for your own gains, and the difference between you and the glazers is..?
Ashok Jain
Ashok Jain - 11 dager siden
Taking your own words spoken in different context, Pogba is that boil on Utd’s arse. I can’t understand why you’ve to be such a Pogba apologist as if he is the ultimate player in the planet. His value to the Club has been practically zero in past many months. Forget his playing abilities, he is and shall continue to remain a disruptive influence on the team. He is a sinking stock, just get rid of him as soon as you can. Someone has likened him to Balotelli in comment section. I’d agree with that. Let him be happy with France.
red flag
red flag - 11 dager siden
Spot on
Barbara Hollingworth
Barbara Hollingworth - 11 dager siden
I speak fluent french and read L'equipe newspaper and can fully endorse your comments that Pogba was indeed misquoted: ok he has not been playing up to the standard he is capable of but give the guy a break.
Paul Lees
Paul Lees - 11 dager siden
Get rid of immediately he’s been a let down ever since his return.
Alec Dukas
Alec Dukas - 11 dager siden
I haven’t checked yet but if Romano cares about his journalistic integrity he should apologize or correct his statement.
Rob Alicea
Rob Alicea - 11 dager siden
Pogba is so overrated.. Overpaid.. He's not a game changer. I'm just over him. SELL, SELL, SELL
Kyle Reed
Kyle Reed - 11 dager siden
@Poundcake Og what are you even saying. Learn how to conversate
Poundcake Og
Poundcake Og - 11 dager siden
@Kyle Reed i meant Is he Cantona you bunch of no Life wankrs
Jean Chris
Jean Chris - 11 dager siden
@Poundcake Og Are you serious??? Cantona was actually THE game changer. He was the turning point for United at that time... unlike Diva Pogba.
paul mcmullen
paul mcmullen - 11 dager siden
buy, buy, buy
Kyle Reed
Kyle Reed - 11 dager siden
Cantona was 100x the player pogba is you plank.
Tom Wilson
Tom Wilson - 11 dager siden
One of your best presentation
Rod Digby
Rod Digby - 11 dager siden
Get a manager who can coach players and put them in there best positions
Kellie George
Kellie George - 11 dager siden
the biggest problem at united is selling players while they r at their lowest,,,,we should give them time get past their off days
coz the situation at united shoes even the best of players have bad days
Spartanste82 !!!!
Spartanste82 !!!! - 11 dager siden
Yeah he has been misquoted but there was a target he created with his Madrid comments the last break. I want him out because he is always potential never a finished player. He frustrates me on the pitch not off it
Mohd Hasyudin
Mohd Hasyudin - 11 dager siden
We need to buy a player from ulu kuang. He was superb!! He can kick ball and the ball will explode like bomb!! If he play with Man Utd, we will win the league!!
Ruth Mayers
Ruth Mayers - 11 dager siden
See City are after signing Haaland from Dortmund.
Parag Sangani
Parag Sangani - 11 dager siden
Will Anthony Martial be playing on the 21st and will we need green wood and Cavani to start and rashford
Dante Roa
Dante Roa - 11 dager siden
I've for the longest time have been piss about the agenda against are french black manchrster united players from the media. It always the same shite and ppl eat it up.
wakeup2theNWO - 11 dager siden
Yeah like Henry they always used to bash him oh no wait they loved him I wonder why maybe because he wasn't overhyped
Eduardo Yepez
Eduardo Yepez - 11 dager siden
4-3-3 with Fred holding, pogba and Bruno box to box with Bruno having a bit mor freedom and we have Donny on the right..... we would also have tuanzebe to help fred with his sketchy first touch at times. Best def I know who can give a good option to holding mid that’s under pressure to receive a quick 1-2 and move it forward
nathanael conroy
nathanael conroy - 11 dager siden
get rid of pogba end of
Tariq Timol
Tariq Timol - 11 dager siden
Stop it man...
Its typical Pogba and you always defend him with your dumb comparisons.
Its simple.
Bruno arrived at the club at the same time Pogba came back from injury
Bruno has scored/assisted 30+
In the same period MAGUIRE, yes MAGUIRE has been a greater goal threat
Masarrat Fatima
Masarrat Fatima - 11 dager siden
Tbh atalanta play 3 5 2 and traore is a winger so maybe that is why he gets no games. Maybe.
Keith Corbett
Keith Corbett - 12 dager siden
He can sit on the bench for the rest of the season.
Adnaan7 -
Adnaan7 - - 12 dager siden
Stop spreading fake shot mate romano just said, he didn’t say anything negative about United more about his consistency. Though this channel wasn’t about agenda, but then kicks out other ppl for agenda. United stand is slowly becoming the pogba out channel. Really trash content
Jhan Siraj
Jhan Siraj - 12 dager siden
We need a Robben, not a poser
Jhan Siraj
Jhan Siraj - 12 dager siden
Missing out on a move doesn’t make you a worse player, Sancho had a good season, but overall he is a 40 mil above average winger
Emergency Shibe Samurai
Emergency Shibe Samurai - 11 dager siden
@red flag yeah thats the problem. We only have them. Cavani and mata are the only others of quality. Also yeah, i dont think we need sancho after all we are getting amad traore in jan.
red flag
red flag - 11 dager siden
@Emergency Shibe Samurai just we’ve already got rash Greenwood martial all up an coming we don’t need another for 100 mill
Emergency Shibe Samurai
Emergency Shibe Samurai - 11 dager siden
@red flag little boi is a bit too harsh man. He is skilled, but 100 mil is too much for any player
red flag
red flag - 11 dager siden
So glad we didn’t get him he’s another little boy when we need proper competitive players
Emergency Shibe Samurai
Emergency Shibe Samurai - 11 dager siden
100 million is just outrageous
Peezebeuponyou - 12 dager siden
Grealish is a class above DVDB. Love to see him come in to replace Pogba.
Lima Brynt
Lima Brynt - 11 dager siden
Grealish ain't coming. Also, Pogba ain't leaving anytime soon. He also isn't class above VDB. They both have different playing styles just like Messj and Ronaldo have different playing styles but both world Best players.
Peezebeuponyou - 11 dager siden
@Lima Brynt why?
Lima Brynt
Lima Brynt - 11 dager siden
Space - 12 dager siden
This guy actually thinks Van Debeek is better than Lampard
Fxck - 11 dager siden
Are you deaf
Shahan Naseer
Shahan Naseer - 12 dager siden
Does Pogba really want to be at united is making excuses until leave - we all know not going finish his career at utd - is time to move on and get in someone who see utd as opportunity - sell to Real Madrid or juve swop for CR7 - if player is no longer willing give 110% for shirt move on
Shahan Naseer
Shahan Naseer - 12 dager siden
Pogba swop for CR7 - not Loyal at all
Frank Rybicki
Frank Rybicki - 12 dager siden
Pogba is old news and a media hound who doesnt perform on the football field. Only Pogba can perform in the games, his whole time at MU has been inconsistences in his play.
Beny Soakz
Beny Soakz - 12 dager siden
I could not care less. Pogba get out of my club
K Chino
K Chino - 12 dager siden
He’s my favorite player at the club, but i was angry last night and made some comments on twitter, i take it back. Kudos to Mark for the clarification
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson - 12 dager siden
ON POGBA, SHOULD WE BRING SCHOLES BACK TOO, just because he had seasons where he was great? If a player isnt performing why keep starting him. MOST POGBA SHOULD HAVE NOW IS 30 mins. If he gets consistency and takes care of the ball, then you can look to start him.
Ebraheem Al Shatti
Ebraheem Al Shatti - 12 dager siden
I swear I’d take a ONE LEGGED Paul Pogba over McFred any day, the fact that they both can’t play without each other shows how bad they are. Matic and Pogba all day every day.
Darkstar8473 - 12 dager siden
If you as a striker has nothing but your hold up play then you are not a striker. We need someone better at United than Martial. Martial can play so relax you fanboys just put him on the right or the left.
Chinweze Unamka
Chinweze Unamka - 12 dager siden
The attack on Pogba is so unfair. How can anyone function normally with that level of media glare and unnecessary twists on every sincere statement he makes?.
TRAPAHOLIC MVP - 12 dager siden
are arsenal better than united ?
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson - 12 dager siden
MARK, OLE HASNT HAD A DECENT PERCENT OF US RIGHT FROM GO. Whatever, if he does the impossible, great we just saw one of the most romantic exciting club loving things with a legend. If he doesnt work out, alright he is just like 99% of managers in the world, unable to win us the prem. REGARDLESS THOUGH, OLE HAS ALREADY BEEN A SUCCESS HERE.
Isaiah - 12 dager siden
Mark you have a pogba and dan James agenda
Arun Kumar
Arun Kumar - 12 dager siden
You are going out of depth to defend pogba, Mark. He is doing nothing but belittling the club for a while now. He is not bigger than the club.
Robin goddard
Robin goddard - 12 dager siden
The media is disgusting with there lies but what’s worst is the blind idiots that live by there words like gospel
Yes pogba has been inconsistent but the way he’s treated by media and fans is a open and clear agenda
You poor blind flys caught in a wed of lies