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bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu - 21 dag siden
Everyone watching this, will shine in life💗
asioe kiou
asioe kiou - 22 dager siden
Everyone watching this, will shine in life💗
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui - 24 dager siden
Dear stranger who ever likes this comment: may your mother live 100 years👍👍
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi - 25 dager siden
Dear stranger who ever likes this comment: may your mother live 100 years👍👍
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon - 26 dager siden
Dear stranger who ever likes this comment: may your mother live 100 years👍👍
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu - 21 dag siden
I'm sorry but when mark tried singing the bruno song🥴😳
adit mdr
adit mdr - 29 dager siden
Yu net
asioe kiou
asioe kiou - 22 dager siden
Rashford what a baller.
Tom Sunshine
Tom Sunshine - 29 dager siden
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui - 24 dager siden
good job hosting in this video.
قناة مُعادلة تطويرية
الا رسول الله
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi - 25 dager siden
Wow just wow
MOD La M - 29 dager siden
That much was crazy
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon - 26 dager siden
Really amazing
PixelStacker - 29 dager siden
Rashford gave the penalty to martial, only to bang in the hat trick later on. What a baller absolutely
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Everyone watching this, will shine in life💗
Useful Things To Buy
Useful Things To Buy - Måned siden
What a awesome guys match
SIR DRILL - Måned siden
Dear stranger who ever likes this comment: may your mother live 100 years👍👍
Shaun Collins
Shaun Collins - Måned siden
adam huss
adam huss - Måned siden
I am ole out and whether we lose or win its always on the manager so big respect to Ole. Great team selection and performance but we cant drop points against Arsenal. Will be Ole in if we beat Arsenal. Over the moon.
New Song
New Song - Måned siden
All in one
New Song
New Song - Måned siden
lloyd beardsley
lloyd beardsley - Måned siden
Im irish in Australia the game started at 7 in the morning when i start work so didnt look at my phone all day turned off notifications and worked the opposite side of the site to stay away from my Newcastle supporting boss, watching this and game as if it's live 😂 cant believe whats going on!
Akhil Kaza
Akhil Kaza - Måned siden
I'm sorry but when mark tried singing the bruno song🥴😳
Belal Ahmed
Belal Ahmed - Måned siden
Rashford what a baller.
Dominick Cloete
Dominick Cloete - Måned siden
You know what I just noticed
Manu won:5-0
Chelsea won:4-0
Man city won:3-0
Liverpool won:2-0
Cool little fact 5,4,3,2
M J Pes player
M J Pes player - Måned siden
Wow just wow
Rocky Balboa
Rocky Balboa - Måned siden
Rashford is a great human. He is fighting for child food poverty.
TERROR Bz - Måned siden
i love how they bounced back right away from the loss to tottenham
C P - Måned siden
Goldbridge moment 1:03:43
This guy wants to go all directions and the central part of every place 😂 😂 😂
Victor Nyaga
Victor Nyaga - Måned siden
"😂😂😂Harder than a race horse pissing on a wet flat rock "LMAOOO 3:05:43
Daniel Lo
Daniel Lo - Måned siden
Cailum Henchy
Cailum Henchy - Måned siden
I think Mark should be manager
Gabriel Ben
Gabriel Ben - Måned siden
Best team that ! That’s what I’m talking about mate!!!!!
kelvin k
kelvin k - Måned siden
Pogba had a great game
Jamie McCabe
Jamie McCabe - Måned siden
I don’t get this thing about Fred he was the worst passer on the ball in our team today he’s just an energy merchant, any other cdm for the top clubs in the prem could do the job he does but so much better
The Football Connect
The Football Connect - Måned siden
When these man said this was the group of death, I didn't realise they were implying that United were going to be murdering everyone else in the group
Rehwant Ramautar
Rehwant Ramautar - Måned siden
Skully Base
Skully Base - Måned siden
Stolen comment
XOmzino - Måned siden
Word 🤣
Mr Bille
Mr Bille - Måned siden
Trainer .Q
Trainer .Q - Måned siden
The amount of diving by leipzing in this game (especially poulsen) was appaling.
Still can't slay the *RED DEVIL*👹
J.P _
J.P _ - Måned siden
Now I cannot wait for the Turkish dessert
Realazz Nibba
Realazz Nibba - Måned siden
😂 a piece of cake
Gerry Shom
Gerry Shom - Måned siden
Shoutout to all timestamp merchants in the comments. You lot are heroes.
Em Simpson
Em Simpson - Måned siden
Don't know if it was intentional but there were quite a few live comments (and Mark himself) that couldn't seem to give Rashford credit without having to mention someone else they thought was better.
"Rashford scored but was it was Fred that really made that goal..."
"Rashford' s scored but can we appreciate how good Fernandes has been.."
"Rashford gets a hat-trick - he AND Martial have been amazing today.."
Richard Dorling
Richard Dorling - Måned siden
Any news on Sancho?
Rob chicken
Rob chicken - Måned siden
He reads the chat too much and misses half of the game
Wzrd_Games - Måned siden
"You're a stiky mess of flies" BOOM SHAKALAK
PMs Village
PMs Village - Måned siden
Bayern Come Outside
Troy Krentz
Troy Krentz - Måned siden
Perfect game 100% and i think we finally have found the correct formation and starting line up, 4-1-2-1-2:
xpkx360 - Måned siden
Arsenal were coming for you!!!
M.I. 6
M.I. 6 - Måned siden
Sam R
Sam R - Måned siden
Such a shame that there were no fans in the stadium.
Workout Motivation
Workout Motivation - Måned siden
jurgen klopp are you listening?
you better keep that trophy glistening,
we're coming in may to take it away,
Walking in an Ole wonderland!
Abhirakshit Nawani IITB
Abhirakshit Nawani IITB - Måned siden
@Workout Motivation Haha okay, got it
Workout Motivation
Workout Motivation - Måned siden
@Abhirakshit Nawani IITB not getting carried away, but we might win the superbowl and the world cup too.
Abhirakshit Nawani IITB
Abhirakshit Nawani IITB - Måned siden
@Workout Motivation well let's not get carried away. It was a wonderful performance but let's not be so reactionary mate
Workout Motivation
Workout Motivation - Måned siden
@VALKY • Bruno i said klopp, not the bayern manager. meaning im talking about the premier league.
VALKY • Bruno
VALKY • Bruno - Måned siden
Pfff rb leipziq not even better than Liverpool bruhh and also if you play in final CL you will see Bayern 🤣🤣🤣
Wonderinacup Kuala Lumpur
Wonderinacup Kuala Lumpur - Måned siden
Wish the same diamond formation will be use in PL
Msquared - Måned siden
Upamecano was like bambi on ice😂😂
Cam Spears
Cam Spears - Måned siden
Thank god Spurs played Man U when they did or else us spurs fans would be really scared. Seems like we woke you up a bit haha. Do us a favour and smash Arsenal for us on the weekend😉
ryan lmao
ryan lmao - 29 dager siden
@Mike Tyson that’s what they said about leipzig tho🤷🏼‍♂️
Mike Tyson
Mike Tyson - Måned siden
@Applied Channel lol . I think its going to be 1-0 to man utd not 6 goals
Applied Channel
Applied Channel - Måned siden
We're going to smash them like Khabib.
M.I. 6
M.I. 6 - Måned siden
@Rush Wars Not being funny,We were so off the pace and the players we have now barley played...
Rush Wars
Rush Wars - Måned siden
you set us straight that's for sure. The humiliation i got from my friends was bad but we needed it
Bryan Teles
Bryan Teles - Måned siden
Fred cdm pobga lcm van de beek rcm bruno cam who agrees?
Bryan Teles
Bryan Teles - Måned siden
@Troy Krentz donny plays like a Cf when playing cam at ajax he played box to box in the middle he should play where fred played to create attacks from deep one pass touches and fred drops cdm
Troy Krentz
Troy Krentz - Måned siden
McT or Matic as CDM. with Fred as RCM and Pog plays LCM. VDB clearly needs more time to adapt, not sure why some fans wanted to rush him?
Sunny Toor
Sunny Toor - Måned siden
Rashford a hero both on and off the pitch. Great guy, Great player and he will be legend for this club. He was euthless today.
Deep Zepp
Deep Zepp - Måned siden
Legend? No. Don’t see it. He came on in game where RBL were stretched. The team in the first half done the hard work. Rashford would not have finished that Greenwood goal.
100 Subscribers Without Any Videos Challenge
1:51:50 1-0
3:02:02 2-0
3:05:35 3-0
3:14:31 4-0
3:19:53 5-0
Sowinho - Måned siden
I know some people might call me crazy but van de beek>Bruno , van de beek is a high percentage player who rarely loses the ball . He’s so classy. Bruno would be a great sub with the high press/ energy he provides. Ole don’t change the lineup for arsenal ffs
Sowinho - Måned siden
@Logen M I think 4-3-3 could work with Bruno at cam and vdb at cm , but what formation do you think they can play together?
Logen M
Logen M - Måned siden
Have you seen the "our strongest lineup" video on this channel? There is a formation where both VDB & Bruno can play together
Troy Krentz
Troy Krentz - Måned siden
Hugh Jass
Hugh Jass - Måned siden
chris oziegbe
chris oziegbe - Måned siden
@Troy Krentz upamecano was their best player today tbf
Troy Krentz
Troy Krentz - Måned siden
Upa finally got found out 😂
Sunny Toor
Sunny Toor - Måned siden
Fred a running beast in midfield. True workhorse. I have been his biggest critic but fairplay to the lad. Great performance.
I .C. E
I .C. E - Måned siden
Fred must start every champions league match from now henceforth.
Michael Discon
Michael Discon - 28 dager siden
Mark said he don’t like you and only want to be my best friend cause you fart too much and it stink a lot
Andy Low
Andy Low - Måned siden
@Deep Zepp Needlessly giving away possession four times is fine when you win the ball back twenty.
Vk Deen
Vk Deen - Måned siden
he had a weird game that really summed up Fred as a player... amazing energy intercepts great positioning.... dodgy passing (especially first half). but in that kind of game where we need legs and press he did what no other could
Mayank Singh
Mayank Singh - Måned siden
@Deep Zepp What tf is wrong with you? Did you see how many times he broke up there play or how many interceptions he made? Isn't not his job to be good on the ball even though he is adequately good But his job is to do the dirty work And he does it brilliantly When he is given gametime
LightningBlade420 - Måned siden
@xpkx360 are you high? He played well all game hence why he got MOTM
Ch Martin
Ch Martin - Måned siden
Another penalty typical United
Shorya Kashyap
Shorya Kashyap - Måned siden
someone’s sad
Abbas Raza
Abbas Raza - Måned siden
Although it was a definite one
sachin devprasad
sachin devprasad - Måned siden
Cry more
sʜᴀᴅᴏᴡシ - Måned siden
I wanted cavani to score the penalty man
sʜᴀᴅᴏᴡシ - Måned siden
Civil Discourse nah cavani couldve got a debut goal
Civil Discourse
Civil Discourse - Måned siden
Nah, martial needed it
Pillai 99
Pillai 99 - Måned siden
The 442 diamond and 3412 are the best formations for this team to play with based on the talent available. We have defensive fullbacks who cant perform well as they can in a wider 4231 and in a 442 diamond they cover well for the wide midfielders. In the 442 diamond and 3412 the players look better tactically and United look more concentrated as the 433 emphasizes width and we have no player that can really play as a dynamic winger on both sides as Rashford and Greenwood are inverted forwards and James isn't ready at that level. With the midfield talent and defensive capabilities on the width playing a 2 striker formation is best especially as the midfield offers lots of talent and Pogba is better settled in a CM role on the left than as a CDM.
Our formation should be 442 diamond, alternative 3412
نوره العتيبي
نوره العتيبي - Måned siden
جدي خنة
Civil Discourse
Civil Discourse - Måned siden
Bionicleg Man123
Bionicleg Man123 - Måned siden
Marcus rashford what a role modle
MERKMAN - Måned siden
Oblivious IJ
Oblivious IJ - Måned siden
Man Utd player:...
Leipzig player:...
Man Utd player: *Breathes*
Leipzig player: AHHHHH I'M DYING!!!
Ref: Foul!
Galaxy Pumps
Galaxy Pumps - Måned siden
@Cloud 63 now u have took that way too far lad
King Ronaldo
King Ronaldo - Måned siden
Exactly! Kampl was horrendous as well
Oblivious IJ
Oblivious IJ - Måned siden
@Mainly Everything I literally just admitted knowing our players dive 😑
Mad Ting
Mad Ting - Måned siden
@Mainly Everything Our players only started fighting back because they were doing it... it was a fair game prior to that, a game that United were dominating, United's momentum kept being halted by Leipzig players flopping around like fish out of water.
Mainly Everything
Mainly Everything - Måned siden
Don't blame them for going down because our players did the same thing What was annoying was they kept holding their fucking faces as if they'd been punched
S Murari
S Murari - Måned siden
All those who said trashford .....go look at the mirror
Nasser Hossain
Nasser Hossain - Måned siden
Ole the tactician, what a performance! This diamond could be the way forward.
PS 4 MTA - Måned siden
1:51:51 (1-0)
3:02:02 (2-0)
3:05:40 (3-0)
3:13:20 (penalty )
3:14:25 (4-0)
3:19:52 (5-0)what we all came here for😁😁😁
PS 4 MTA - Måned siden
@SexyOliver I have corrected it
ben - Måned siden
@Pixel2k fucking take it man
ben - Måned siden
Btw mate the 4th goal was at 3:14:45 Your still a fucking legend tho
69- Ganeshram
69- Ganeshram - Måned siden
Pixel2k - Måned siden
XY Z - Måned siden
Rashford gave the penalty to martial, only to bang in the hat trick later on. What a baller
Sucker Hacker
Sucker Hacker - 29 dager siden
with an assist from martial as well
Bruh_Blood - Måned siden
Mark Illsley
Mark Illsley - Måned siden
Players playing with belief and a plan which suits them,Pogba played in a similar role to the one he had at Juventus and we looked so much better
.Well done Ole.
Yh S
Yh S - Måned siden
I need time stamps boyssss
CHRISTIVN - Måned siden
I just posted all goal timestamps.
Jamir Assen
Jamir Assen - Måned siden
yk - 29 dager siden
Absolute legend
Shau nak
Shau nak - Måned siden
Thanks my g
Hxtem - Måned siden
My g
TN 97
TN 97 - Måned siden
XOmzino - Måned siden
Rashfords too clinical
Ryan Paul
Ryan Paul - Måned siden
S Murari
S Murari - Måned siden
3:19:50 Rashford Hatrick
Max mac08
Max mac08 - Måned siden
What a result lads today

Rashford super sub, as ole would say🤭
Afiq - Måned siden
Well at least RBL manager’s suit is better than their defense in second half
Outstanding performance from Manchester United Ole got his tactics right in second half bringing in Rashford and Bruno, the team looks hungry for goal and again every tackle from Wan Bissaka is superb tonight.
Motm- Wan Bissaka & Rashford
Damian Dynamite Morgan
Damian Dynamite Morgan - Måned siden
Got his tactics right the entire match match just clearing that up lol but yes amazing performance
Emperor Ceaser
Emperor Ceaser - Måned siden
I hope the whole OLE wasn’t backed talk will end now. We got talents to win games. No excuse for ole not to win games or play good football.
Mar Medli
Mar Medli - Måned siden
The whole Ole out should also stop its pathetic he is building the GOAT and I have known for a while that regardless of the Glazers he would be successful.
Sreeshankar Karunan
Sreeshankar Karunan - Måned siden
simplyrecommended - Måned siden
poor upenmencano lol rashy hat trick, pastor fred doing the lords work in midfield, arsenal get ready
How is Leipzig 1st and were 15th
Zach White
Zach White - Måned siden
Time skips lad?
CANNON GUNNER - Måned siden
Rashford has made himself quite a role model in England 👏
Coygooners11 Rapz
Coygooners11 Rapz - 26 dager siden
@Spice man was it the truth though? 😂😂😂😂
Michael Discon
Michael Discon - 29 dager siden
Mark said he is my best friend and not you anymore because you are mean and always bossy
Spice man
Spice man - Måned siden
@CANNON GUNNER I just love the way you accept the truth that on Sunday you gonna get smashed
CANNON GUNNER - Måned siden
@Are you 3-1 United
Captain Obvious
Captain Obvious - Måned siden
Yaseen Ali
Yaseen Ali - Måned siden
Chuffed. 👍👍
I loveUnited
I loveUnited - Måned siden
While the rest of the Leipzig team flew back to Germany, upamecano stayed in Manchester...
Mike Tyson
Mike Tyson - Måned siden
@OlivertheMusicMan lol
TheGamingHispanic21 - Måned siden
i started a war 💀
TheGamingHispanic21 - Måned siden
@Brudda Big Sus its fine lol
TheGamingHispanic21 - Måned siden
@In5ertName again, no
TheGamingHispanic21 - Måned siden
@I loveUnited no
Mohammed Amran
Mohammed Amran - Måned siden
What a performance
Maska Cjey
Maska Cjey - Måned siden
Anonymous - Måned siden
Sit down u marcus rashford haters
CANNON GUNNER - Måned siden
Rashford is actually brilliant
Good player, good person
CANNON GUNNER - Måned siden
@Rush Wars sorry mate, I meant central. He is wasted on the wing.
Rush Wars
Rush Wars - Måned siden
@CANNON GUNNER really?i feel aubameyang has to play as ur st and playing him on the wing is a problem
Robert Mr Bitches Freeman
Robert Mr Bitches Freeman - Måned siden
These are the same people lol
CANNON GUNNER - Måned siden
@Karam Nabil 👍👏
Karam Nabil
Karam Nabil - Måned siden
Respect 🙏
Osman Pasha
Osman Pasha - Måned siden
5-0 Let's go Reds! GGMU
apple's lover
apple's lover - Måned siden
Better dead than red
PresTige Ghoulz
PresTige Ghoulz - Måned siden
This change real quickly
Flamy_RL - Måned siden
PC Andy
PC Andy - Måned siden
Time stamp guy where are you
Nischay Shakya
Nischay Shakya - Måned siden
He's right above you lol
William Hurst
William Hurst - Måned siden