MANCHESTER UNITED vs RB LEIPZIG! Van De Beek & Pogba Must Start!

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Manchester United vs RB Leipzig! Solskjaer must make changes and consider starting Van De Beek and Pogba in another must win game for United. Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand.
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Michael Palfreman
Michael Palfreman - 26 dager siden
Sad news about Bobby Charlton
Dementia should get more coverage
Luis Fernandez
Luis Fernandez - Måned siden
We have to play a back 5. RB Leipzig overload on the flanks and we will be exposed with this narrow formation. Agree that VDB is NOT an attacking player he’s a midfielder who runs forward. Reminds me of Lampard/Gerard (not as good)
Deirdre Winters
Deirdre Winters - Måned siden
Did you know of course there better arsenal 😂
A G - Måned siden
Clearly the fans recognize a good footballer when they see one. I believe Van De Beek is going to become an all time legend @ United. If they actually play him.
Roshan Muhammed
Roshan Muhammed - Måned siden
Serious request to mark. If some how we win today. Please don't come with further negativity saying everything is wrong with us blah blah. Atleast let me sleep one night peacefully
Abhishek Garkemukhu
Abhishek Garkemukhu - Måned siden
Even RICK calls VDB a No 10. .....
Steven E.F.
Steven E.F. - Måned siden
We cannot play the same style in all matches, we should be able to adapt, be dynamic and play according to the need to counter the specific opposition especially currently when we're still finding the right personnel. That's what great teams do!
Reeves Wong
Reeves Wong - Måned siden
Bruno’s not as good when van der beek played. - from probably the shittest Valencia manager ever 😂
Scept _yt 21
Scept _yt 21 - Måned siden
Did you know that we’re going to steal Dayot from the Leipzig ...
Vídarr Odinson
Vídarr Odinson - Måned siden
I think I like the diamond more and more as an Option. People are saying we only have 6 midfielders for four roles, meaning we'd get tired. I disagree. I think we have 6 players capable of playing cm. But some of our wingers can play in the 10 slot, some of our defenders can play in the CDM slot as a halfback or a water carrier, which would work much better when there are two CM's AND A CAM ahead of them . Lindelof could manage it , tuanzebe could manage it. They just aren't good enough to be a permanent option.
I'd also like to see Pogba and Donnie behind Bruno. Bruno as the ten, Pogba and Donnie as Mezzala. With a workhorse ball winner protecting the back four. I think it could work.
Rashford and martial could be more direct with their attacking intent in that formation too, which would suit them really well with their pace .
liam 123
liam 123 - Måned siden
1:56 I can finally enjoy life thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
「λlik」 jr.
「λlik」 jr. - Måned siden
i'm simple, ole plays dan james, im ole out.
Michael Richards
Michael Richards - Måned siden
I would love that predicted line up to be the one
「λlik」 jr.
「λlik」 jr. - Måned siden
bet this match will prove that upamecano is real class an ole notice it and then sign him next transfer. hope so
seanako69 - Måned siden
Matic's graphic is as slow as him 😂😂
seanako69 - Måned siden
Matic's graphic is as slow as him 😂😂
Wantali TV
Wantali TV - Måned siden
Mark’s Leipzig report; they press high and Polsen is tall. 😂
Smurff Oo
Smurff Oo - Måned siden
Mark defo obsessed with Bruno pogba has won a world cup what are you talking about?
Smurff Oo
Smurff Oo - Måned siden
Donny taking Bruno place Mark ain't happy
Mark Gabriel
Mark Gabriel - Måned siden
This is a very tough game..
We all know how they battered spurs in last season's CL..
Johnnylong - Måned siden
I think Bruno will be rested to have pog in the cam
Yellow - Måned siden
Man U Caribbean
Man U Caribbean - Måned siden
I am really tired of our wing-backs in attack! Awb & Luke Shaw would struggle to cross the road!
Mo bayomy
Mo bayomy - Måned siden
We will win 3.0
HawkHardstylez - Måned siden
lindelof over maguire! Besides that looks good!
Cécile Aguilar
Cécile Aguilar - Måned siden
I think you should swap mctominay for fred
cyberman - Måned siden
The more I look at that formation the more I like it. I think I changed my mind, and I hope Ole will play that lineup against Leipzig.
cyberman - Måned siden
I agree that Maguire + Tuanzebe is probably the right pairing for this game. I also think this game would suit Lindelöf, but I don't know who I would bench to get him on the pitch. If Tuanzebe only can play one game this week however, then I'd play him against Arsenal insted I think and let Lindelöf play this one.
If we're playing a diamond Telles is really needed. But can he play against Arsenal as well? We are most likely playing a back 5 against them, so he would be needed then as well. Tricky situation. I porbably wouldn't play him in this game either, for that reason. And that is also why I wouldn't want us to play a diamond in this particular game. Also I don't think that formation is well suited against Leipzig. I really like the diamond for this United team in general though. Just not this particular game.
Zak Lalani
Zak Lalani - Måned siden
scott mctominay isn't good enough. James Garner is who we need to focus on.
John Miller
John Miller - Måned siden
The only big loss for Leipzig Laimer, the others they have like for like replacements for. .
Dstaar UTD
Dstaar UTD - Måned siden
Van De Beek is a Raumaedeter end of. If you dont know what it is it's similar to Thomas Muller, players who always find space and take limited touches.
Leipzig top1 in germany.......
Jay Jayster
Jay Jayster - Måned siden
Hello everyone welcome to the United Stand!😎
Cécile Aguilar
Cécile Aguilar - Måned siden
If we can beat psg away we can win the champions league
Paul Vilner
Paul Vilner - Måned siden
So Mark. What you're saying is van de Beek is a no. 8, right?
Shantoya Taylor Carr
Shantoya Taylor Carr - Måned siden
Start beek telles and the number 7
Sinclair James
Sinclair James - Måned siden
Well said, Van de Beek is the much needed final piece in the Man Utd midfield jigsaw.
I reckon it is time once more to (just like Sir Alex once did) open your hands and take the huge (scarcely earned) fee for Monsieur Pogba.
Van de Beek is young and shows huge talent for many years ahead.
In contrast, Pogba continues to flatter to deceive...x
John Calum
John Calum - Måned siden
De beek in bruno out
John Calum
John Calum - Måned siden
He can only play cam
John Calum
John Calum - Måned siden
Bro donny is number 10
kevin gooptar
kevin gooptar - Måned siden
all the world says n experts says DVB is a 10 but because mark loves bruno n will suck him off says VDB is a box to box so he won't hamper bruno. you're so pathetic bro. he's a 10 at best.
We dont need z overrated and useless pogshit.
Ricardo Moran
Ricardo Moran - Måned siden
Shoyo Simon
Shoyo Simon - Måned siden
Absolutely Nobody:
Even Donald Trump:
Mark Goldridge before every game: THIS IS A MASSIVE GAME
Steve Church
Steve Church - Måned siden
he can play as a no10 but isn't a no10. bruno is a no 10 but can play as a no8, Dvdb can play as a no8 but isn't a no10 or no6, pogba is a no6 but can play as a no8... these three mid field players can play in any of these positions wether you call them the number or not. just play them in any of these positions ffs don.t care what you call them. call them yoda if you want just play them in the midfield, all in the same team in the same game starting together for the best team we have no matter what they are called, they are man utd midfielders. just start the matches with them. if you want a diamond 442 then include fred, have him in front of the back four more than matic. fred Dvdb pogba bruno. best diamond.
pj neon
pj neon - Måned siden
the 4 mid is perfect
snia idrees
snia idrees - Måned siden
United to sign Boris Johnson or Kier Starman to cover for Marcus Rashford while he is on political duty
Sujendran Surentharan
Sujendran Surentharan - Måned siden
Mark is deluded about Bruno's contribution to the team, take away his pens n c what's left..bruno should play as no#8 beside Pogba..Fred should play as CDM.
DJGLR - Måned siden
Don is a 📷 - era
Tshiamo Mogotsi
Tshiamo Mogotsi - Måned siden
Great video Mark. Great point with the formation and how we can defend when we don't have the ball.
Rimzee __
Rimzee __ - Måned siden
U go pogba must start u never even put him in ur team
Neil Luhar
Neil Luhar - Måned siden
Greenwood should start against Leipzig. And Mark, at Ajax Van De Beek started in the “Bruno” role.
Idan - Måned siden
I've liked and supported Ole up until now bit this insisting on james and mctominay is stupid. also shaw's place is on the bench every match if telles is available.
andrew pearson
andrew pearson - Måned siden
Yes Mark, Mr 10% correct. Se all know you want to ser a spurs basketball match. All i care about is that we win. Å clean sheet is the first step to that end. Simple trust Olly.
Leonard Martin
Leonard Martin - Måned siden
Bruno plays well in his preferred position. Pogba playing there would be better. Tried it once or twice last season and our trainee manager plays him at CDM
Leo Manutd
Leo Manutd - Måned siden
BEST POINT ABOUT OUR TEAM AND OUT MANAGER IN A LONG TIME!!! Love it.... we need to United we need to evolve .. and we are not with this manager. Wish I was wrong .. but at the end of the day.. we dosnt have IQ to play!.. wether its now or later.. this manager will not be good enough and will leave.. just dont want to miss on a top manger. We have awful recruitment with managers.. most important position on the team
andrew pearson
andrew pearson - Måned siden
Same team as for PSG except, Lindeloff to the bench and McGuire in. Mc Tominay to the Bench, Donny on!
Sharky1325 - Måned siden
Gold bridge for manager
Claire Rodriguez
Claire Rodriguez - Måned siden
I guess mark changed his mind about the diamond lol. It's true though... Out width is sad
Omer Abdullah
Omer Abdullah - Måned siden
I wish u were manger of united them ole
James Wright
James Wright - Måned siden
James Wright
James Wright - Måned siden
Getting me gassed mark! Let’s have it!
ScubeZ - Måned siden
If you’ve actually watched van de beek play mark he naturally plays further forward than Bruno. He’s an attacking midfielder more than a box to box. When he has played he played very far up the pitch.
RAZA RAZA - Måned siden
Lool does Matic's graphic change slower because he is a bag of cement? Lol
Jonathan Yanakiss Tsouvallaris
I Couldn't Care less Who Ole" play s or leave out as long as United do the business!..We are Manchester United not Pogba United Orleans any other for that matter! If it works for the good of the team i don't care if your ain't playing mate!👹
Louis Bonfield
Louis Bonfield - Måned siden
Bruno and vdb can both play as 8s
Louis Bonfield
Louis Bonfield - Måned siden
Is telles injured?
Zozero Compilations
Zozero Compilations - Måned siden
Dont think so
Matthew smith
Matthew smith - Måned siden
Pogba is the type of player that will give 110% in a CL game. He wants that move to Madrid. So with the eyes of world fixed on him he will perform at his best. Thats why I would start him in every CL game. In most league games it seems like he's phoning it in a bit. Mybe its more of a unconscious thing with him. Rather than him just not wanting to play for the badge. But regardless. We would be better off playing VDB in the league and Pogba in the CL. VDB has something to prove and he will be more consistent because of that.
Robel Tadesse
Robel Tadesse - Måned siden
I’m not gonna lie. I would rest Rashford this game bc we need him for Arsenal and he can come off the bench if we need him. Also I want to see that Cavani and Telles linkup so I would start him. I would also rest Bruno and play Van de Beek in that number 10 role with Pogba playing that CM role behind him. Leipzig have a really good defense and midfield but ever since they lost Werner, their attack is good but it’s not elite like it was last season. It’s just decent. They do create a lot of chances tho and the wingbacks do a lot of attacking as well.
Photographer Michael croghan
The right team and right tactics system is two things Ole has no excuses to have not got a system other than 7 defenders and press small teams with numbers. If any other manager did even a 1 third of what Ole did cycle or no cycle he would be gone. Blatant obvious he is a perfect person for glazers only reason van gal and Jose left they pressured owners on new recruits and lack of. Oles got more chances new starts than anyone. Ole will play five at back and long ball past press. Don't be surprised to see Dan James , the fact we haven't a clue is another issue with Ole the relegated Cardiff manager how long does he get way out of depth just sick of em now boring, we are in a cycle of bulshit with him
Daud Khokhar
Daud Khokhar - Måned siden
Mata should start
Taimur Ahmed
Taimur Ahmed - Måned siden
donny van de beek is more like darren fletcher. but can turn out to be bettter
Taimur Ahmed
Taimur Ahmed - Måned siden
please playy wid pogba bruno and van de beek, we lost 6-1 and we change d whole team. ole has to grow biggger balls to ' succeed at this club with or without this group of players' when sir alex lost 6-1 we did not change a single player apart from going dfensive and winning d next two games 1-0 1-0 and that wass our recoveryy
StevenHallsworth - Måned siden
Mark, I really want to get back into your channel after some time away, but man! What’s with all the adverts?!
Daniel Lawton
Daniel Lawton - Måned siden
Imagine rashfod martial cavani ahead of bruno fred and donny or pogba with them in front of telles shaw tuanzebe and awb and de gea.forget systems play that team and we win alot more games than we lose.
Shawn Mccarthy
Shawn Mccarthy - Måned siden
Ian Wright is the best pundit he is not a bias individual n well knowledgeable
Justin Weaver
Justin Weaver - Måned siden
Stevie Wonder can see our best player is bruno some of these people watching this are just dip shits
Chris Casserley
Chris Casserley - Måned siden
Thank you for pointing out how Donny played at Ajax, and how Mata also plays inside a lot when hes on the right, Donny can do the same, and off the left also
John Doe
John Doe - Måned siden
Khalfan Nadhief
Khalfan Nadhief - Måned siden
Forget about two holding midfielders system thing. This system is too Mourinho-esque and not attacking enough for club who wants to be in top four.
Nathan Heath
Nathan Heath - Måned siden
1:34 and there better than United
Ali Ramezani
Ali Ramezani - Måned siden
Only if we had sancho for this match we could play 4-3-3 and when rb press high we just throw a long ball to bruno and front three with sancho martial rashford it would be fire
Noah Laliberty
Noah Laliberty - Måned siden
VDB actually creates a decent amount.... are you sure you've watched him?
Bertrand Lo
Bertrand Lo - Måned siden
He didn’t say he doesn’t create chances he said he doesn’t create a lot of chances to be classified as a 10 he’s created goals and chances but he doesn’t score and create a lot as kdb or Bruno did
Ryan Clegg
Ryan Clegg - Måned siden
for tomorrow martial should be benched. Cavani to start and swap maguire with lindeolf
Bertrand Lo
Bertrand Lo - Måned siden
We need Cavani against arsenal
Francisco Reyes
Francisco Reyes - Måned siden
if United wins tomorrow, we would have 6 pts and top of the group with a least a three point gap. If we beat the Turks side twice that could get us to twelve points while PSG and Leipzig have to face each other back to back. Winning tomorrow might mean United maybe needing a point from the last two games.
azad3000 - Måned siden
Talking rubbish as usual....
J. Mike Taylor
J. Mike Taylor - Måned siden
Did you know their Director of Football is Paul Mitchell, who is from Manchester.
Will Beames
Will Beames - Måned siden
He's also got nice hair..... :-)
Terry Mardi
Terry Mardi - Måned siden
I think Ole will go with the same side that started against PSG 😔😔
Nick Mccall
Nick Mccall - Måned siden
I would love to see Pogba play as CDM.....controlling the play from deep ala Pirlo in between the lines
Bertrand Lo
Bertrand Lo - Måned siden
The difference is that pirlo did defensive works pogba ain’t doing that
Gypsy Pinto [Student]
Gypsy Pinto [Student] - Måned siden
Mark has a thing with Bruno
Danny Brown
Danny Brown - Måned siden
Pogba influence and importants on the team is quickly dwindling and I'm loving it!!! He's a joke
jan b
jan b - Måned siden
When’s Mark gonna realise VDB is a 10
Bertrand Lo
Bertrand Lo - Måned siden
He’s right Donny isn’t a number 10 he’s an 8 who can play as a 10
Gypsy Pinto [Student]
Gypsy Pinto [Student] - Måned siden
Chris Hunter
Chris Hunter - Måned siden
If you have Pogba out of your starting line up you're suspect
Bertrand Lo
Bertrand Lo - Måned siden
Not with the way he’s been playing this season
Shannon Sharpe
Shannon Sharpe - Måned siden
I think this game is gonna be tougher than psg their backline is really strong
Craig Davies
Craig Davies - Måned siden
United to sign Boris Johnson or Keir Starker to cover Marcus Rashford when he is off on political duty.
Tim Jim
Tim Jim - Måned siden
Give Bruno a rest try pogba and VDB
banter Nbeards
banter Nbeards - Måned siden
*That* is the team that I wanna see.
Matic is experienced and proven
Mctominay should be swapped for VDB
Pogba should be brought on 2nd half
Great team selection mark!
John Roth
John Roth - Måned siden
We need to not lose. The next two are both istanbul and if we win those two we'd have hit 10 points w a draw tomorrow. 10 points is sir Alex's magic number..
MrJayManUtd08 - Måned siden
Do you think we will end the season with Dan James playing more games than Donny?