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hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa - 21 dag siden
Ollie at the wheel drinks carlsberg 😂😂
pida siouy
pida siouy - 23 dager siden
lol got derstoyed by arsenal, completely outplayed hahahhahahaha
east Africa
east Africa - 26 dager siden
Are you still confident mark. Because am still waiting for United win
Darren Pearn
Darren Pearn - 26 dager siden
It was a crap game from a crap team....again.
gooner 4life
gooner 4life - 26 dager siden
Are utd back yet goldbridge you mug???youre right were not your rivals we are miles better than you lot!!
Richard Dorling
Richard Dorling - 26 dager siden
Any news on Sancho?
you393 - 26 dager siden
lol got derstoyed by arsenal, completely outplayed hahahhahahaha
Tahmid Ahmed
Tahmid Ahmed - 26 dager siden
Damien Daly
Damien Daly - 26 dager siden
pogba worse manu midfielder ive seen in yrs
Damien Daly
Damien Daly - 26 dager siden
mate we need to win home games its logic but we cant
Lolo Lase
Lolo Lase - 26 dager siden
NOT ”smash that London club” arsenal are TOP
Lolo Lase
Lolo Lase - 26 dager siden
VARchester comedy club are NOT "better than arsenal” and arsenal man u willNOT and can NOT ”beat arsenal”
Garapati Gokul Sairam
Garapati Gokul Sairam - 26 dager siden
Noooru Muyaaa raaaa
Omar Saidi
Omar Saidi - 26 dager siden
Wrong players, wrong formation, wrong subs and wrong tactics ole got absolutely everything wrong today. “But we go again” they will say just like always
Joseph Patrick Balo
Joseph Patrick Balo - 26 dager siden
Ahahahahahahahahahaha say that again mark?
Gary Finn
Gary Finn - 26 dager siden
Ollie at the wheel drinks carlsberg 😂😂
mustafa manja
mustafa manja - 26 dager siden
pemain2 mu smua bgus2 tpi cm ne blh kalah tpt sdiri ..Arsenal ada la pasukkn yg baik
Graeme Brazil
Graeme Brazil - 26 dager siden
10:52 😂😂😂😂😂
mustafa manja
mustafa manja - 26 dager siden
chelsea...Arsenal..mcty.liverpol pasukn yg baik...ssh mu nk mng...apa da jadi mu...tkr sje jurulateh...cari yg baru...selgi ole....ssh mu.....
Mbuso Marble
Mbuso Marble - 26 dager siden
How did mctominay get so lucky he should have been subed off but but no he's the wonder kid.this is all oles fault
AuraPulse - 26 dager siden
This didn't progress well now did it?
martin grant
martin grant - 26 dager siden
It looks like Marks on Crack after that defeat!
Jey J-Baptiste
Jey J-Baptiste - 26 dager siden
Anyone noticed parteys performance......hes like the best of Fred and matic , honestly wish we signed him
Rainizaz Mohd Razali
Rainizaz Mohd Razali - 26 dager siden
To me, Maguire is just as good as Phil Jones... at least Phil Jones is a Premier League Champion. Sign Upamecano in January.
idontcare ey
idontcare ey - 26 dager siden
I have never ever seen a team looked so lost
Rainizaz Mohd Razali
Rainizaz Mohd Razali - 26 dager siden
Mark"s right... just play with the best players... I have to be honest, McTominay, Fred, Maguire, Lindelof and Matic are not good enough to play for United players. Look, the days of carrying players like Gary Neville, Darren Fletchet etc are over... they won't survive... we need top quality, top controller of the ball... look at how majestic Thomas Partey was today!
James Neilson Graham
James Neilson Graham - 26 dager siden
What happened to the lost art of going past people, beating your man - preferably with your first touch - and taking the ball up the field? Too often the midfielders and backs seem to turn tail and flee as soon as an opponent approaches - passing the ball sideways or backwards, usually from a standing position - as Carrick used to do . . .
Muma Ndubula
Muma Ndubula - 26 dager siden
Why start Mctominay at dm he isn't a dm, we only have one dm he's name is Matic, Pogba plays for himself,We should have started VDB. Better luck next time.
guALa sZn
guALa sZn - 26 dager siden
Mark you're a fraud. You see an incompetent manager managing our team n u still support him. Anytime utd win it's bcuz of individual performances. Still no pattern of play.
Gary Casey
Gary Casey - 26 dager siden
United fans were way too cocky before the game, deserved to be humbled, well done Arsenal
BestInTheWorld 24
BestInTheWorld 24 - 25 dager siden
Most of them usually r so don't b surprised
Alastair Fava
Alastair Fava - 26 dager siden
Ole's at the wheel!!!
Theo Kummer
Theo Kummer - 26 dager siden
Ole out
Jxremy - 26 dager siden
The guy said 3-0 😂😂
Silvfix - 26 dager siden
@john doe And leipzig lost 5 in 45 :)
john doe
john doe - 26 dager siden
Arsenal literally have the best def record in the league completely deluded
Flxzy - 26 dager siden
jarmaine19 _
jarmaine19 _ - 26 dager siden
Diamond does not work against a back 5, yes it works against Leipzig but arsenal are difficult to break down
Sean Phan
Sean Phan - 26 dager siden
Les Goddard
Les Goddard - 26 dager siden
no he isn't, totally overrated, gives the ball too many times and puts us under pressure
WahWahWehWah - 26 dager siden
Sit down Goldbridge you muppet!
Will Gooderham
Will Gooderham - 26 dager siden
Cheers for renting out your dance floor for auba tonight..... partey and elneny schooled you lot pipe down
SF Pred
SF Pred - 24 dager siden
@PS Dom so how comes you didn't beat United?
Bos Gaurus
Bos Gaurus - 24 dager siden
They underestimated elneny too much
PS Dom
PS Dom - 26 dager siden
@Will Gooderham doesnt change the fact that you're gonna slapped by the blues🥶🔵🔵🔵
Will Gooderham
Will Gooderham - 26 dager siden
@PS Dom literally didn't say a thing about Chelsea.... the only schooling I've seen recently was the fa cup final yet again against u lot and when u bottled it at the bridge
PS Dom
PS Dom - 26 dager siden
M8 you got schooled by Leicester and beating united is nonthing special. Wait till you face us, Werner and Havertz will tear your defence to shreds😂
Super Mario Maker 2 Glitch Hunters
No Pen..... No win!
Hugh Jass
Hugh Jass - 26 dager siden
Don't know what we're going to do with Pogba. He's not great as a cdm and he's obviously not a lm.
Icecold Noob
Icecold Noob - 26 dager siden
pogba stays on and bruno gets substituted .... i mean WHAT?
Jabs 1469
Jabs 1469 - 26 dager siden
BEST WISHES to bobby charlton a true Legend from an evertonian
Caleb Barraza
Caleb Barraza - 26 dager siden
Graham Hordern
Graham Hordern - 26 dager siden
How did Pogba stay on the pitch he couldn’t do a thing right. At this rate they will get relegated.
Freddy sp
Freddy sp - 26 dager siden
you can say the same about Bruno and Mctominay, they were all crap.
Kevin McKeown
Kevin McKeown - 26 dager siden
Ole out
G K - 26 dager siden
NOOO! Please keep him!😲
martin grant
martin grant - 26 dager siden
The reason there are no players who have done well today is cuz they don’t know or trust Ole’s overall leadership,....
Why would you,... He is a fucking ba-be! He needs to go,... whether we win lose or draw!
Rik Mann
Rik Mann - 26 dager siden
probably having a meltdown watching united while eating his roast
martin grant
martin grant - 26 dager siden
Please Lord,... get Ole out of Manchester United!
Edward Reid
Edward Reid - 26 dager siden
1-0 Arsenal . Pogba starting over Donny ? Joke . Ole out
fillbyname - 26 dager siden
One down at home again
Nabil D
Nabil D - 26 dager siden
1 0 arsenal
David Murphy
David Murphy - 26 dager siden
Fred can’t pass the ball without giving it away but he gets it back.
Jamie McCabe
Jamie McCabe - 26 dager siden
Barely gets it back mate
idontcare ey
idontcare ey - 26 dager siden
@Jon Williams 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jon Williams
Jon Williams - 26 dager siden
That's alright then🙄
Alejandro Gonzalez
Alejandro Gonzalez - 26 dager siden
Seguramente te quiero ver a ti, pon el partido
John Varga
John Varga - 26 dager siden
Once again, defending too deep, too much back passing, very slooow to clear our lines, wayward passing, we just don't look like scoring.....otherwise ok.
WATCH NOFACE - 26 dager siden
There were signs of something for Sir BC unfortunately he’s been slightly shaking for a few years now, I thought it would be Parkinsons and this news is obviously terrible. Thoughts to him and his family. Hopefully UTD can give him some good memories before they are lost.
GRIZZLY XCIV - 26 dager siden
he won't replace someone until the 75th min
Chris G
Chris G - 27 dager siden
Matic should have started.
laci no
laci no - 27 dager siden
We are so slow 😡
Eureka Mzungu
Eureka Mzungu - 27 dager siden
Arsenal defenders have some yellow cards and I don't know why we aint putting them under alot of pressure. We need to be smart.
Borris Trump
Borris Trump - 27 dager siden
Pogba off vdb on
iLbo L'bo
iLbo L'bo - 27 dager siden
Pogba out VDB in
Aminoor Rashid YY yp
Aminoor Rashid YY yp - 27 dager siden
Mark, this is a poor first half performance by United. Our midfield is poor especially Fred, McSauce and Bruno.
Ethan Khumalo
Ethan Khumalo - 27 dager siden
Eureka Mzungu
Eureka Mzungu - 27 dager siden
Scott can't even make a forward pass. Where is VDB
brian kenome
brian kenome - 27 dager siden
AWB scot and Linda all ball watching for saska's header
Mo Garnier
Mo Garnier - 27 dager siden
No live comments?
Messymouf Entertainment
Messymouf Entertainment - 27 dager siden
Shaw is hiding it's a joke
Preetha D'Souza
Preetha D'Souza - 27 dager siden
What happened
Gad Hassan
Gad Hassan - 27 dager siden
Useless united midfield
Gad Hassan
Gad Hassan - 27 dager siden
Pogba and Greenwood subbed immediately before the cost us
positive OVA negative positive OVA negative
What we doing with fuckin maguire?! He needs to be dropped he is no fuckin good..I swear. I dont see why he captain and formation ole picked is not the one
Oliver Simington
Oliver Simington - 27 dager siden
Popular opinion lacazette is better than man united ronaldo
Gaming_with_Dhruv - 27 dager siden
Bloody prat
Reza Razak
Reza Razak - 27 dager siden
mctominay is clueless
s O
s O - 27 dager siden
Your full of crap. Mark
Chris G
Chris G - 27 dager siden
Passing is poor.
12philipweston - 27 dager siden
Up untied!!
Chris G
Chris G - 27 dager siden
Our midfield is outplayed
Nhlakanipho Sikakane
Nhlakanipho Sikakane - 27 dager siden
Mctominy isn’t making us playing forward 😡
positive OVA negative positive OVA negative
I dont want maguire to be no captain I swear he needs to be on bench
AlphrGaming - 27 dager siden
what the heck happened here
Paul Lees
Paul Lees - 27 dager siden
Utd’s passing is atrocious, particularly Fernandes
Freddy sp
Freddy sp - 26 dager siden
If he dosent score penalties he offers nothing, i have said it since start, hope people starts to open their eyes.
Gaetan Paul
Gaetan Paul - 26 dager siden
Eureka Mzungu
Eureka Mzungu - 27 dager siden
Especially Bruno
Bob Dagnall
Bob Dagnall - 27 dager siden
MARK. Of course WE are going to WIN the game. POSITIVE POSITIVE POSITIVE. WE WILL WIN.
Tyreese Oninku
Tyreese Oninku - 26 dager siden
Life comes at you fast bob doesn’t it
partoh msee
partoh msee - 27 dager siden
Wow! What a prat!
Capa NG
Capa NG - 27 dager siden
Liyana Shafiqah
Liyana Shafiqah - 27 dager siden
Sebastian Anthony
Sebastian Anthony - 27 dager siden
Going into Lockdown eh?
Zahrina Syarifah
Zahrina Syarifah - 27 dager siden
Sammie - 27 dager siden
Am happy for Fred. He has forced his way into the first team. He is Our 'Kante'
will - 26 dager siden
We wish!!!!
Gamerzz Live
Gamerzz Live - 27 dager siden
Calltomkiss - 27 dager siden
Ryme Zaidi
Ryme Zaidi - 27 dager siden
Where did he go
Alax Whiteman
Alax Whiteman - 27 dager siden
You never know
Colin Quish
Colin Quish - 27 dager siden
Who's here after he died
MIKE TYTHON - 26 dager siden
@HaystackHider obviously not u troll hehe
HaystackHider - 26 dager siden
@Nicholas Wagenaar - Dont you know??
Nicholas Wagenaar
Nicholas Wagenaar - 26 dager siden
Who died
Shadow - 27 dager siden
Mark u prat
kyro mitchell
kyro mitchell - 27 dager siden
Oluwatayo Daniel
Oluwatayo Daniel - 27 dager siden
Stomps - 27 dager siden
Saadiq Dar
Saadiq Dar - 27 dager siden
Mark lagbridge
Jorge Sánchez
Jorge Sánchez - 27 dager siden
Marks a prat who can’t run a yt channel
Steve Brindle
Steve Brindle - 26 dager siden
Totally agree he wanted this formation and now the players didnt turn up its ogs fault? All fuckin mugs on this channel
Harrison McConnell
Harrison McConnell - 27 dager siden
Shadow - 27 dager siden
Killian Clarke
Killian Clarke - 27 dager siden
What a prat
Alex Scott
Alex Scott - 27 dager siden