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Manchester United look to ignite their slow start to The Premier League with a tough tie at Old Trafford vs Arsenal. Can Ole Gunnar Solskjaer tactically school Guardiola's old apprentice Mikel Arteta?
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Amandev Singh
Amandev Singh - Måned siden
I hope Tuanzebe starts this game. It would do him some great confidence
Jack Stubbs
Jack Stubbs - 29 dager siden
@Jake Wilson jujuyyyrsyy
Michael Discon
Michael Discon - 29 dager siden
Mark said I am his best friend and not you
cyberman - 29 dager siden
I'd like to see Tuanzebe together with Lindelöf for this game. But I think it will be Tuanzebe with Maguire which I don't hate either. But I think Lindelöf would be a better option for this game.
Good Times
Good Times - 29 dager siden
Amandev Singh I don’t think tuanzeve needs confidence ,he just needs game time
Stephan jae
Stephan jae - 29 dager siden
Facts brother 👊🏿
izayoi sakuya
izayoi sakuya - 26 dager siden
This Aged well.
Leon Williams
Leon Williams - 26 dager siden
Hahahahha.... who’s watching this after the game 0-1 😂😂😂😂
Nick Chemist
Nick Chemist - 26 dager siden
Mark Goldbridge enjoying his humble pie tonight ! You love to see it !
saunak podder
saunak podder - 26 dager siden
Solskjaer To School Arteta! - Yeh that happened! ;)
Mr Mahape
Mr Mahape - 27 dager siden
Your so biased when it comes to shaw
Isa's Football Corner
Isa's Football Corner - 27 dager siden
Dan mata and Juan James 😂😂😂😂 that made me laugh while I was running lol
adam84657 - 27 dager siden
If Ole bottles this with team selection and tactics, he has to go. He's only allowed to drop points at Anfield. we have the best 3rd squad in the PL. No more fucking excuses
Tyrone Williams
Tyrone Williams - 27 dager siden
Manchester Utd have had two great Champions League games, but it will be another bore draw tomorrow. We are still in a bad place in the league, and Ole needs to give up the negative tactics. Should be an interesting game.
Iltik Aubrid
Iltik Aubrid - 28 dager siden
insha'Allah an arsenal win
robert fletcher
robert fletcher - 28 dager siden
Ole will start with Van de Beek and not Pogba. He needs a Midfielder to back up Bruno. Bruno will be up with Van de Beek sitting behind. Arsenal will be a tough side to beat so don't under rate them.
David Bracegirdle
David Bracegirdle - 28 dager siden
Arsenal did NOT get results against Liverpool and Manchester city like you said
they got beat in both matches 3-1.......1-nil............Get your facts right!
Vitalis Okoli
Vitalis Okoli - 29 dager siden
Maguire won't be benched because he is the Captain,Lindelof will be the one exchanged for Tuanzebe of there would b any changes at centre back.
Vybz Quality
Vybz Quality - 29 dager siden
Goldbridge at his best !!! Always throwing shades...
emma nyong
emma nyong - 29 dager siden
I think Ole need to start the best teams against Arsenal he should start Tuanzebe and Greenwood.
Insanity - 29 dager siden
Insanity - 29 dager siden
Manchester gonna get fucked
Scott Panton
Scott Panton - 29 dager siden
I think we need Lindelof & Tuanzebe back pairing to eliminate Aubameyang, Lacazette threat
LLK TAY - 29 dager siden
School him ???? 😂😂😂😂💀
mark muikia
mark muikia - 29 dager siden
i am confident the players look like their gonna go for the win like against rb liepzig
TEFADE ELIAS - 29 dager siden
Tuanzebe because who is going to catch aubameyang
Abhi nav
Abhi nav - 29 dager siden
I don’t understand why you guys underestimate cavani. Guy has 200 goals for psg absolute monster
Jamie-Williams Arts
Jamie-Williams Arts - 29 dager siden
Arsenal don't have any particular aerial threat, 'drop' Maguire and put in Shaw, Lindeloff, Tuanzebe and AWB
Jamie-Williams Arts
Jamie-Williams Arts - 29 dager siden
AWB, Tuanzebe and Lindeloff have the pace and spatial awareness to get back without getting distracted, and Shaw/Matic/Fred are the connection to Pogba/Bruno who are the connection to Rashy and Greeny
Jamie-Williams Arts
Jamie-Williams Arts - 29 dager siden
Depending on how it's going in the second half, Fred comes off for VDB and we smack them in the final 3rd with a 2-3-3-2
Jamie-Williams Arts
Jamie-Williams Arts - 29 dager siden
PACK THAT MIDFIELD! Don't let them through the middle, and let Shaw and AWB defend like the quality defenders they are and decimate their joke of a defence and let Pogba and Bruno bully Partay like they do jorginho/kante
samuel anador
samuel anador - 29 dager siden
He should start cavani and pogba van de beek too
Stuart Holehouse
Stuart Holehouse - 29 dager siden
For what it’s worth “whoscored” had our formation as a 4-3-1-2. Average positions definitely showed Matic sitting deeper though.
Tobi Olusola
Tobi Olusola - 29 dager siden
Um. Didn’t arteta beat ole already.
Lehlohonolo Mokotedi
Lehlohonolo Mokotedi - 29 dager siden
the arsenal defence is way more organized then the utd defence...we're gonna win, Gunners all the way
An ordinary Liverpool fan
An ordinary Liverpool fan - 29 dager siden
NGL if you draw or lose this game Lepzing and PSG momentum is pointless.
Kapil Trivedi
Kapil Trivedi - 29 dager siden
Fergie used to use the diamond
Prem sujith
Prem sujith - 29 dager siden
Willian will exploit the wings🤔 if we play🔷
Temesghen - 29 dager siden
Arteta will show you how good he is. See you this weekend.
Jonathan Johnston
Jonathan Johnston - 29 dager siden
I know the last two games maguire has played well but for some reason I'm worried about him being played against arsenal and formation in my opinion we should use 4 3 3 attack
Adam Jama
Adam Jama - 29 dager siden
0:53 yeah that’s why we parked the bus against city at the etihad and Liverpool at anfield and if arteta parks the bus so what at least we get results from this
Anthony Johnson
Anthony Johnson - 29 dager siden
442 Diamond: De Gea,Shaw,Maguire,Tuanzebe,Wan Bisaka,Matic,Fred,Pogba, Fernandez,Rashford, Greenwood for 60 -70 minutes; Subs : Van De Beek,Cavani, Mctominay for Pogba, Greenwood and Matic respectively !
Footievids23 - 29 dager siden
Let’s not get to confident but hopefully we win ggmu
Kelvin Nyaga
Kelvin Nyaga - 29 dager siden
Dan Mata and Juan james
Mason Harvie
Mason Harvie - 29 dager siden
I may be ridiculed for saying this but I thought the space cavani gave us against Leipzig was brilliant his movement off the ball creates openings for our selfish players coming into the box
yoko shaddy
yoko shaddy - 29 dager siden
if he play 2134 he will win
Suleman Toosy
Suleman Toosy - 29 dager siden
juan james gives me nightmares
Cooter 999
Cooter 999 - 29 dager siden
what about telles.... is he injured ?....
eric ebonu
eric ebonu - 29 dager siden
Good analysis mate
Wendyanne Noel
Wendyanne Noel - 29 dager siden
I don't think ole will start Matic
Reid Dawg
Reid Dawg - 29 dager siden
“What I would say is........”
Huitribe Wang
Huitribe Wang - 29 dager siden
Mu 3-1 Ars
Dimensions - 29 dager siden
It's not a diamond. It's a 4-3-1-2. Think for yourselves people.
#JL - 29 dager siden
David Luiz and Gabriel were good since the start of the season but Luiz getting injured implies arsenal is vulnerable and can be hurted.
Leenkesh Ramlagun
Leenkesh Ramlagun - 29 dager siden
I am mostly wary of their long balls into the left channel towards Aubamangue.
Need to control that.
Luke Shaw needs to stick to his man on the other side.
Servant Of Jesus Christ
Servant Of Jesus Christ - 29 dager siden
I'm certain that Ole is going to play Tuanzebe, and I'm also positive that we are going to absolutely destroy Arsenal Sunday..
Legit Walrus
Legit Walrus - 29 dager siden
Martials so important to how we play with this diamond so I’m worried we might not play as well as we’ve seen in the Champions league.
Ryan Wilson
Ryan Wilson - 29 dager siden
I’d say the fact he played positively against Leipzig at old Trafford shows we’re gonna start playing our football at home
J S - 29 dager siden
Arsenal 2-0
Uyo Ufuoma
Uyo Ufuoma - 29 dager siden
Do you know the meaning of when it matters when it matters is losing three simefinal
Declan Mullally
Declan Mullally - 29 dager siden
I don't think you have the workings of the diamond quite right . Your moving Matic around to much...
Sir Alex was well known for adjusting his team to deal with the opposition . I hate the idea of playing style and philosophy. You set up to win and that might mean different set ups for different games .
But I agree with the diamond and split strikers
managementrebel2 - 29 dager siden
Shine bright like a diamonnnnnd!!
David Shackleton
David Shackleton - 29 dager siden
They gave fergie time He wasn't so successful to start with an look how that turned out. Leave ole alone and let him do what we all deep down know he can do. United fans can't win anything with kid haaaaaaa yh right lol
Royalty Musiq
Royalty Musiq - 29 dager siden
I think maguire and axel will be a great partnership!
Diego Murillo
Diego Murillo - 29 dager siden
U wanga
PJTV - 29 dager siden
Mike Tyson
Mike Tyson - 29 dager siden
nice joke
Mike Tyson
Mike Tyson - 29 dager siden
Sean Lee
Sean Lee - 29 dager siden
Did u forget 2-0
MUFC 2004
MUFC 2004 - 29 dager siden
Ty thinks Utd will be scared, I thought he pisses me off, but he just makes me laugh now, 😂😅
H Adeniran
H Adeniran - 29 dager siden
He’s deluded and needs help
vinny hoban
vinny hoban - 29 dager siden
good stuff to night mark
Benji Darken
Benji Darken - 29 dager siden
just remember we said we could see a draw against psg and leipzig...
Riyaaz Davids
Riyaaz Davids - 29 dager siden
Mark you respecting Arsenal too much really. We are favourite to win for sure
Louis Bonfield
Louis Bonfield - 29 dager siden
Diamond is a defensive formation we should be bringing the game to arsenal with a 433
Alison Rae
Alison Rae - 29 dager siden
U are a genius mark.
John Smith
John Smith - 29 dager siden
Why do you keep talking about the sack!? You're the only one. He's not going anywhere.
Jesse Lemon
Jesse Lemon - 29 dager siden
Never won against Arteta tho
LiveWireRed B.
LiveWireRed B. - 29 dager siden
Arteta is actually very defensive. He sits back and plays on the counter. I think we have better players back to front than them. I like the team Mark has put out tbh perfect.
Unika Ngxonono
Unika Ngxonono - 29 dager siden
Funny how he talks about Arteta parking the bus vs United when he spanked them at the Emirates and completely dominated United but okay
Nas Kane
Nas Kane - 23 dager siden
@Jadon Sancho Welp 😂😂😂
Jadon Sancho
Jadon Sancho - 27 dager siden
That was last season when we didn’t have Bruno and vdb
Jonathan Manuel
Jonathan Manuel - 29 dager siden
Good analysis Mark!
Curtis 15
Curtis 15 - 29 dager siden
If Arsenal fans actually understood football they’d know Arteta is a park the bus merchant and nothing more
Samuel Johnston
Samuel Johnston - 25 dager siden
If united fans knew football they would realise the diamond died in 2002 and Ole can only counter attack, couldn't break down a low block if he's life depended on it
cyberman - 29 dager siden
As you said, the energy is really important for the diamond formation. Pogba worked his ass of against Leipzig. Because he has had a difficult time getting back to fitness I'd start VDB instead. It's a real bummer that Telles is sick, because Shaw probably could use a rest as well. The biggest problem I see for the Arsenal game is a dip in energy. Both mental and physical. That happens very often after a big win where you had to expend a lot. Maybe the fact that the match was over with 20 minutes left on the clock made it so that the players didn't have to dip into the deepest energy reserves though.
Zein Mayassi
Zein Mayassi - 29 dager siden
Auba Hatrick !!
yaeyae yaeyae
yaeyae yaeyae - 29 dager siden
Press David Luis compel him to make mistakes we will have the game definately
Richard Dorling
Richard Dorling - 29 dager siden
Any news on Sancho?
Dee Vee
Dee Vee - 29 dager siden
I’d be surprised if cavani doesn’t start ahead of greenwood tbh... personally either of them is fine with me as I’m curious to see what cavani will do with a full match to play
Rod Digby
Rod Digby - 29 dager siden
Park the bus and counter attack ole is a tactical genius
Tshepho Mamabolo
Tshepho Mamabolo - 29 dager siden
United should win something this season
Pl or UCL 😂😂😂
paul fernandes
paul fernandes - 29 dager siden
Rashford is playing well now he will destroy arsenal defence
Nolan Nguyen
Nolan Nguyen - 29 dager siden
Tuanzebe must start this game. Lindelof and Maguire aren’t fast enough to deal with aubameyang and the French Charlie Austin
ilir united
ilir united - 29 dager siden
C'mon manchester united ❤️
Maax1200 - 29 dager siden
Ole plays Lindelof because he wants to. He playes Maguire because he has to (Captain mr 80million). If Ole had the choice he would bench Maguire.
A T - 29 dager siden
Happy Rics
Happy Rics - 29 dager siden
Here's hoping Dan james dont start
Nick Saunders
Nick Saunders - 29 dager siden
PE teacher still
bouncingboredom - 29 dager siden
I love how overnight the diamond has become this ultimate, untouchable truth among a lot of our fanbase, despite the fact that in the first 75mins we only produced one goal that was a little lucky to stand and at times RB Leipzig were able to just ping passes right through the middle of us, from back to front, for fun. We were seriously disorganised without the ball and it took fresh subs against a careless, over aggressive opponent playing catch up for us to start consistently opening them up.
bouncingboredom - 29 dager siden
@zach robert They forced a couple of good saves from De Gea for a start, but they just weren't that creative in the final third. A lot of their gameplan seemed to be "give the ball to Angelino, cross fingers and hope for the best". But to say the diamond was shutting everything down is madness.
Jack Sandelin
Jack Sandelin - 29 dager siden
@zach robert spitting facts
zach robert
zach robert - 29 dager siden
I think you're the one who doesn't watch games. Never at once did i feel Leipzig were gonna score. The threat was nullified by the diamond everyone was aggressive despite them having most of the possession. Their final 3rd woes was a result of how compact our defence was. The subs were brought on to keep up with the intensity
bouncingboredom - 29 dager siden
@Jack Sandelin Because RB Leipzig offered very little threat in the final third. Once they got there they had no imagination and no real creativity, they just ran out of ideas + our back 4 generally were solid. Couple of good saves from De Gea as well. I swear some of you don't actually watch our games, you just watch highlight packages.
Jack Sandelin
Jack Sandelin - 29 dager siden
Disorganised? How’d we not concede then?? Absolute idiot
Dhruv Shah
Dhruv Shah - 29 dager siden
bruno and greenwood 2-1 united GGMU ❤️
david tyrer
david tyrer - 29 dager siden
Them players must be moving at the speed of sound😄
Folio 84
Folio 84 - 29 dager siden
It's called the swivel defense
parkermmmhill - 29 dager siden
i know you arent doing it on purpose but just wanted to let you know your videos help me ignore my troubles in life since covid. even tho you dont have any idea who i am i love ya mark
david tyrer
david tyrer - 29 dager siden
Many managers 🤔
jimmyy13 - 29 dager siden
Only thing that is bothering me is that Lingard isn't in the squad,utter disgrace! Tuanzebe(who is BTW one of the best CB in the league) will end like Angel Gomes.
bendel82able - 29 dager siden
Ole out
Andorrasrevenge - 29 dager siden
Mark do you play classical guitar??
caitano samuel
caitano samuel - 29 dager siden
mark , apart from the own goals from luke shaw and martial , we have kept a clean sheet , we have stoped teams from scoring against us , after the spurs game .
grant katanick
grant katanick - 29 dager siden
How is telles going to play with COVID?
RAZA RAZA - 29 dager siden
I think we will scrape through it, and get through the other side with a 2-1
Carlos Ayala
Carlos Ayala - 29 dager siden
Cavani will start this game ! We need telles to send him good crosses.
Carlos Ayala
Carlos Ayala - 29 dager siden
@Tamilore Ayeye yeah in aware, there’s a small chance of him playing. I hope he does even tho Shaw is playing well I think we need more crosses for cavani
Isaac Meehan
Isaac Meehan - 29 dager siden
@Tamilore Ayeye ye we know but he might be able to play on sunday
Tamilore Ayeye
Tamilore Ayeye - 29 dager siden
Telles has covid
Carlos Ayala
Carlos Ayala - 29 dager siden
I love you guys, but you guys are always favoriting the English players. Period. Just my opinion.
SHAFI - 29 dager siden
Don’t Worry, We Will Won. GGMU!!
Cedric Svensson
Cedric Svensson - 29 dager siden
Does anyone know what webside mark’s using when he shows the tactics?