Man Utd vs Arsenal COMBINED 11 With DT AFTV

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Runtime: 18:58


David C
David C - 19 dager siden
Best is he says partey was hyped up and proceeds to pocket every United player on the pitch 😂😂
BEZZAZ EDITZ - 22 dager siden
Eronmosele Aziba
Eronmosele Aziba - 22 dager siden
Who else is watching thus after the Match? I guess Partey showed Flex😂😂
Max Shamwana
Max Shamwana - 22 dager siden
this didn't age well
Lowkey Kidda
Lowkey Kidda - 23 dager siden
After this game 😭 flex deffo knows partey will walk into the team
Lowkey Kidda
Lowkey Kidda - 23 dager siden
Should do one of these for after the game
Evilguy Animations
Evilguy Animations - 23 dager siden
lol the idea of comparing Fred to Partey
BOSSK52 - 23 dager siden
how is this guy saying arsenal are the banter fc. Utd have Phil jones, Lingardinho and Maguire lol
BOSSK52 - 23 dager siden
Partey ahead of Fred anyday
Will Potts
Will Potts - 23 dager siden
Flex was completely missing DT’s point about Partey
Sizable Healer
Sizable Healer - 23 dager siden
Then man u gets smacked 1-0 true banter fc
hornz22 - 24 dager siden
Wonder if united fans still want Fred in over partey 🤣😂
Instagram: DriveForceOne
Instagram: DriveForceOne - 24 dager siden
This aged well yana
Latrell Stainbank
Latrell Stainbank - 24 dager siden
Man wanted Fred🤣🤣
Ben Clare
Ben Clare - 24 dager siden
Partey dominated
Ben Clare
Ben Clare - 24 dager siden
Fred is unplayable yeah unplayable off the pitch
Marcus - 24 dager siden
jack burgess
jack burgess - 24 dager siden
Alfi Mellett
Alfi Mellett - 24 dager siden
This would be so much different if they done this after the game, elneny partey holding bellerin all going in the team
Alfi Mellett
Alfi Mellett - 24 dager siden
Watching this after the game makes this so much funnier
Dodep 09
Dodep 09 - 24 dager siden
Leno, AWB, lindelof, Gabriel, tierney, partey, pogba, Bruno, Auba, martial, rashford
Simon Hofnung
Simon Hofnung - 24 dager siden
What about Thomas Partey now huh
Conor Lawler
Conor Lawler - 24 dager siden
I love how all the United fans who were backing fred and their own players are not replying to any of their replies after the match 😂
G10 tripura
G10 tripura - 24 dager siden
Watching this after we betterd man utd and laughing how confident utd fans were...
T-Sports 20
T-Sports 20 - 24 dager siden
THE UNITED STAND: We can't argue over the midfield, it's all ours.
AFTV: What about Partey?
THE UNITED STAND: He isn't proven yet and Fred is unplayable.
ENLENY & PARTEY: Let's have partey in that midfield.
Neil d.g
Neil d.g - 24 dager siden
All of the Man U fans talking with chest just to get beaten by arsenal at home.
ToxicAstekz - 24 dager siden
I am dying reading these comments about Fred being better than Partey 😂
Hassan karim
Hassan karim - 24 dager siden
Well what did he do in the game?🤔🤔🐐
Hassan karim
Hassan karim - 24 dager siden
Ok Thomas partey hasn’t kicked a ball
SoccerFan - 24 dager siden
On form Thomas partey pocketed : pogba,fred ,bruno and mc tominay
Heck id even have elneny over pogba
NON-STOP CONTENT - 24 dager siden
🤣🤣🤣 this aged bad for Flex
Nick Duxon
Nick Duxon - 24 dager siden
Tierney over shaw for me
Arshia Ebadian
Arshia Ebadian - 24 dager siden
Who after partey pocketed pogba and fred and arsenal won
Marcus - 24 dager siden
English please?
Disaster Artist
Disaster Artist - 24 dager siden
Tierney Gabriel Mquire Wan-Bissaka
Pogba Partey Bruno
Rashford Aubameyang Lacazette
Kofi Kufuor
Kofi Kufuor - 24 dager siden
Flex came in with a plan to throw everything at this argument.
Henry Tan
Henry Tan - 24 dager siden
Partey and Elneny dominated ‘unplayable’ Fred, ‘McSaUCe’ Pogba and penandes. The Egyptian Gilberto and Vieira 2.0 world class.
Trew Pock
Trew Pock - 25 dager siden
Who’s here after partey dominated the whole Man U midfield 😂
Gaverio Reid
Gaverio Reid - 23 dager siden
1ondon - 25 dager siden
I'm so glad I watched this after the game, makes the delusions of UTD fans even more hilarious.
Annonymous T
Annonymous T - 25 dager siden
Maguire over Lindelof is an absolute joke
dylan chandarana
dylan chandarana - 25 dager siden
If this was done after the game.
De gea
Wan bissaka
S.P. Libin
S.P. Libin - 24 dager siden
Apart from Rashford none of your players should be in team XI
dylan chandarana
dylan chandarana - 24 dager siden
@Sidney Ijenyo sorry I was trying to avoid any salty united fans. The best combined team was the arsenal team
Billy Mumford
Billy Mumford - 24 dager siden
Leno Bellerin Gabriel Holding Tierney Saka Elneney Partey Willian Lacazette Aubameyang
Musa Zimunya
Musa Zimunya - 25 dager siden
Looking at some of the shite comments on here clearly its biased. Party totally ran the show. Ask Keane and Scholes
zachariah skids
zachariah skids - 26 dager siden
Christ this was hard to watch (regardless of result) “shaw has to get in” “Fred is Jesus” “forget about elneny” the football knowledge is outstanding😂😂😂😂😂
S.P. Libin
S.P. Libin - 24 dager siden
😂😂😂Now who is banter FC
Lolo Lase
Lolo Lase - 25 dager siden
VARchester comedy club
Froduf - 26 dager siden
Seeing Man United fans picking Fred after the match is different 😂
DB - 26 dager siden
Who's here after banter fc got slapped up 😂
mohammad abbas
mohammad abbas - 26 dager siden
Partey pocketed penandes in that game
FootTea Time Official
FootTea Time Official - 26 dager siden
big result for gunners today. They just need consistency. that side play good football. also I think partay is a PLAYER! really see him slotting into any side if im being honest. Liverpool had an excuse to drop points this weekend but didn't. City with a pedestrian but important win and don't look now but saints and newcastle are getting big results. Chelsea and spurs look proper title challenging sides. WHAT A YEAR! So many fun sides to watch. Even look at wolves and Leicester who are pillars of consistency. This is the best I can remember the PL being in a while!!
Mr Akmal711
Mr Akmal711 - 26 dager siden
I love reading all these finely aged comments.
Eee ee
Eee ee - 26 dager siden
Flex looks like a dickhead now😂😂😂
The Arsenal Misfit
The Arsenal Misfit - 26 dager siden
Maguire is worth maybe 30 million at best. He would never be in any team of mine.
iMakeThisLookGooood - 26 dager siden
1-0 thanks 😅
vishnu kamalanathan
vishnu kamalanathan - 26 dager siden
It has ended in tears 😂😂😂😂
W white
W white - 26 dager siden
Thomas Partey I was gutted Utd didn't get him. They should have sold Fred or McT and got him. He is fantastic
Banter United
Banter United - 26 dager siden
Rotimi Taiwo
Rotimi Taiwo - 18 dager siden
Yk that’s a lie. Oh btw, Ollie Watkins dominated u
hey KIEL
hey KIEL - 27 dager siden
Delusional Arsenal fans 🤣🤣 banter DC indeed
Markx - 26 dager siden
@Aidan I mean tbf a lot of Man United fans are from London so does that mean old Trafford is a London ground now?🤣🤣🤣
Aidan - 26 dager siden
😂😂😂 united are definitely banter fc
Markx - 26 dager siden
@Sai Chayank bruv I'm dying over here. Man United looked like a championship team against Arsenal. They can't beat one team in London - Not even Crystal Palace 🤣🤣🤣
Markx - 26 dager siden
If a Banter Club beats you, doesn't it mean you're the banter club?
Sai Chayank
Sai Chayank - 26 dager siden
Louis Bonfield
Louis Bonfield - 27 dager siden
Did i just hear thomas partey is a world class player
Aidan - 25 dager siden
@Louis Bonfield but according to united fans pogba is
Louis Bonfield
Louis Bonfield - 25 dager siden
@Aidan still doesn’t make him world class
Aidan - 26 dager siden
Yes did you not see him boss your whole midfield?
Pulp Roman
Pulp Roman - 26 dager siden
Maybe check your hearing especially as you just got pumped.
Alex James
Alex James - 26 dager siden
Yes u did
GODHenkie - 27 dager siden
arsenal fans are overating partey to much, hes good but not world class
Markx - 26 dager siden
@Pulp Roman Elneny really surprised me in this match. Thomas Partey is so nimble for a guy that has the whole United midfield in his pocket. How do you carry such a heavy load around and play like that? 🤣🤣🤣
Pulp Roman
Pulp Roman - 26 dager siden
Absolute 🤡 Partey and Mo dominated you fools.
Markx - 26 dager siden
What was that again? What does that say about your midfield? He absolutely owned them all 🤣🤣🤣
Rohan Halder
Rohan Halder - 27 dager siden
Do a 4-4-2 w fred party pogba bruno then front two of rashford aubameyang
OMAR S - 27 dager siden
Agree with Flex!
How can you put Partey with one game in (a defeat)?
OMAR S - 19 dager siden
@Aidan who bossed ur mid now? 😂😂
Aidan - 26 dager siden
He bossed your wole midfield 😂😂😂 BANTER FC!
Pulp Roman
Pulp Roman - 26 dager siden
You still agree? 🤡
Leroy.Official - 27 dager siden
Gabriel and lindelof man wtf, lindelof is so underrated
GrizZLyGuy - 27 dager siden
What WAFFLE! I got Partey in FM and I’m Ghanaian so deffo think he’s a good play and a great signing.... but he ain’t WAY can u put him in the team over Fred! Fred’s playing beastly!
Pulp Roman
Pulp Roman - 26 dager siden
How he played today for you? 🇬🇭
Venkata Nagendra Babu D
Venkata Nagendra Babu D - 27 dager siden
Manchester United vs Chelsea retirees....
Just for fun
Voice Of Lusaka
Voice Of Lusaka - 27 dager siden
De Gea, Wan Bissaka, Harry Maguire, Gabriel, Tierney, Partey, Pogba, Fernandes, Saka, Rashford and Aubameyang
Oliver Horton
Oliver Horton - 27 dager siden
Fred atm 100%
Hashim Sharif
Hashim Sharif - 27 dager siden
3:38 that didn’t age well🤧
Irshaad Allie
Irshaad Allie - 27 dager siden
Partey for sure
Shirish Baral
Shirish Baral - 27 dager siden
Greenwood better than Saka all day
Fab Gamer
Fab Gamer - 27 dager siden
If Partey gets in so does Telles 🤷🏾‍♂️
Nana Osei Nyame
Nana Osei Nyame - 27 dager siden
Partey should get the shout
BeastMaster64 - 27 dager siden
Saka over Greenwood😅
Rhian Jones
Rhian Jones - 27 dager siden
Vasu Bansal
Vasu Bansal - 27 dager siden
Flex was a pushover in this video man.
Vasu Bansal
Vasu Bansal - 27 dager siden
Saka doesn't ever start over greenwood ever if he was at United.
Ismaeel Ali
Ismaeel Ali - 27 dager siden
Might as well put Beckham back from retirement and play him cuz he scored loads of goals
Andre Robinson
Andre Robinson - 27 dager siden
How you gonna get Partey because of ‘quality’ when Greenwood doesn’t get in over Saka? Bit daft that
Anto Mac
Anto Mac - 27 dager siden
Lindlof is by far better than maguire its not not even a compitition just British bias and price tag that makes him start hate these videos the way the British player gets in when we all no he's terrible and not our best
Anup Poudel
Anup Poudel - 27 dager siden
Haha Matic walks all over Partey and Fred is our best player this season so far. Hope he scores this game.
Catherine Jennings
Catherine Jennings - 27 dager siden
Fred all day
OneTrackMind69 - 27 dager siden
Social distancing not an option here I see.
HARRIBO2008JOE - 27 dager siden
De gea
Wan bissaka tuanzebe Gabriel Shaw
Pogba. Fred
Saka. Aubameyang. Rashford
Hayden Jones
Hayden Jones - 27 dager siden
Shaw is sooo bad defensively, hes always out of position and lets crosses in without challenging them all the time
Jack's Page
Jack's Page - 27 dager siden
6:00 loose at liverpool because jota scored jn the last minute to make it 2-1, apart from the fact that it was 2-1 at half time and finished 3-1
alkeneify - 27 dager siden
Looking forward to watching 'El Bantero' today
A S - 27 dager siden
Kane > Aubameyang
Kane > Rashford
Kane > Martial
A S - 27 dager siden
@Curtis Bracey no chance
Curtis Bracey
Curtis Bracey - 27 dager siden
Aguero >>>> Kane
Aryan Malik
Aryan Malik - 27 dager siden
Fred all day
Pulp Roman
Pulp Roman - 26 dager siden
Getting skipped pass by Partey all day yeah.
Mats Jensen
Mats Jensen - 27 dager siden
Graphics, please
ULTRA FOOTBALL - 27 dager siden
The moves from flex🤣🤣🤣🤣🤦🏾‍♂️
tom parle
tom parle - 27 dager siden
Talks about form for 10 minutes then puts pogba in with no argument ahaha
Sunveer Hariparsad
Sunveer Hariparsad - 27 dager siden
Why did the Arsenal guy say "I don't get this banter FC if you compare us until after Sir Alex left"... There is a huge difference.. Man Utd have won bigger trophies AND they have been in the CL more often than not. Arsenal can't even get into the CL and they can't even with the Europa League which proves that they aren't good enough for the Europa League and they deserve to be there only and not the CL.
BS GAMES - 27 dager siden
fred over partly every day of the week!
Dylan James
Dylan James - 24 dager siden
😂😂😂 this aged well
Rahul parthasarathy
Rahul parthasarathy - 27 dager siden
But honestly speaking a midfield of partey pogba and bruno would be sick!😍
Kunal Prajapati
Kunal Prajapati - 27 dager siden
Its the only thing we will win because they will beat us today
Alan Koh
Alan Koh - 27 dager siden
Flex should juz gv him a 👋 slap
MrGlennJohnsen - 27 dager siden
4-3-3 combined XI:
De Gea
Wan Bissaka - Lindelöf - Gabriel - Shaw
Fred - Ceballos/Partey
Pepe/Saka - Aubameyang - Rashford
Young Lord
Young Lord - 27 dager siden
Didn't martial win the penalty at spurs, at psg and at Leipzig and assisted rashford for his hattrick
Julian DiGiuseppe
Julian DiGiuseppe - 27 dager siden
You cannot have 4/5 United defenders plus goalie when arsenal have been miles better defensively this season lol
Amrit - 27 dager siden
If I am correct only Aubameyang makes the list from Assnal. Assnal squad is weak like noodles.
Tal David
Tal David - 27 dager siden
Yeah for me I would rather have Fred cause he the best CDM since then
Fergie's Son
Fergie's Son - 27 dager siden
Saka can't even tie Mason's Greenwood laces ffs
ChickenChopHorFun - 27 dager siden
Grow a spine, Flex
Alex Ya
Alex Ya - 27 dager siden
Party a 45 million midfielder that atletico didn't really care for is world class ?