Man Utd Transfer Talks With David Carmo? Man Utd News Now

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Man Utd have begun transfer talks with Braga defender David Carmo according to reports. Is Carmo the answer to Man Utd's defensive issues? Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand.🔔 CHRISTMAS JUMPERS
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Chico Montana
Chico Montana - 9 dager siden
Hello people my name is Khan
I live on planet Pluto
I shall be signing for you too
Sean Chan
Sean Chan - 9 dager siden
Rajalingam Seetharaam
Rajalingam Seetharaam - 9 dager siden
Even the roof in OT leaks Mark 😂
Rajalingam Seetharaam
Rajalingam Seetharaam - 9 dager siden
Maybe Woodward wants all this controversy... so he can sack Ole' 😅
Rajalingam Seetharaam
Rajalingam Seetharaam - 9 dager siden
Mark is right... the media just crazy... over Man Utd ... Man Utd news sells ...
Rajalingam Seetharaam
Rajalingam Seetharaam - 9 dager siden
The club just wants exposure whether good or bad ... it's all part of hype creation ...
619 Trading
619 Trading - 9 dager siden
Im tired of hearing what the media puts out on United in terms of buying players. They (the owners) have proven they only buy players for managers first year in charge. Bunch of horsesh!t this is. Why would anyone think differently? We need to stop speculating on who we need to buy and concentrate on football.
David Bratton
David Bratton - 9 dager siden
The ideal role model for young Mason is Paul Scholes. How many times were there stories about him when he played for us. As you rightly said about Fergie and how he controlled everything and also kept a lid on all the bollocks that went on. The club probably are doing everything behind the scenes but the standard of journalism we now have is a joke who follow the party line of sensationalising and scrutenising a players every move. They have to be named and shamed and then banned. By the way the United Stand is not the only channel talking about this and you guys have every right to be more pissed off about it because you represent us - the fans- yet you are not allowed in to press conferences to ask our questions. I live in Thailand but I do not watch mainstream media or have access to these papers - not that I would believe what is printed anyway. I listen to you guys for the ACTUAL news!!!!
Kob Ross-Aikins
Kob Ross-Aikins - 9 dager siden
Did we have a clear run at Maguire? Sure City really wanted him and their manager even admitted that
Amro Arafa
Amro Arafa - 10 dager siden
Absolutely agree Mark this club needs to be doing more fighting against this press. Sir Alex used to blatantly ask during press conferences for a reporters name if he asked stupid questions and announce to everyone that he or she would be banned from entering this room again. This club isn't doing its part.
Joseph Edwards
Joseph Edwards - 10 dager siden
I think we need to realise that race is not coming into pay here. I really think we need to see that Manchester United players are coming under fire. Some of our best players are black so they are in the spotlight.
Katleho Trey
Katleho Trey - 10 dager siden
Tuanzebe should be given a chance that's it honestly it's a disgrace he is not playing every match
Joseph Spiteri
Joseph Spiteri - 10 dager siden
Play Carmo with Tuanzebe!
Muma Ndubula
Muma Ndubula - 10 dager siden
Gimenez, Alaba, Badiashile, Upumecano, De Vrij, Romagnoli, Koulibaly, Konate and that kid from La liga.
hqh - 10 dager siden
Alaba is not a centre back.
JON 'el picocuy' FERGUSON
JON 'el picocuy' FERGUSON - 10 dager siden
10 clubs?
You lot better give up hope right now 😂
Nain Ali
Nain Ali - 10 dager siden
Get everyone transfer at the end no one sign. Hahahaha
Rob Johnson
Rob Johnson - 10 dager siden
The media used to build players up, then knock them down. They don't even do that now. They find a target and just destroy players who are finding their feet in the game or they don't like the look of. The media are a joke, they are no worse than social media trolls.
Rjb771996 - 10 dager siden
We need Upamenchano a left footed center back a defensive midfielder like ndidi or saul and a right winger.
Out: pogba,Jones,roho,baily,fosu mehnsah(loan),Romero or Henderson(loan),lingard.
Andrew Ebanks
Andrew Ebanks - 10 dager siden
No transfers are going to happen
Sasho Rafajlovski
Sasho Rafajlovski - 10 dager siden
Transfers again? So,dreaming again.
Ramtea Jongte
Ramtea Jongte - 10 dager siden
We want David Alaba..thats all
ben lennon
ben lennon - 10 dager siden
Carrick Viera Matic were all talk cdms
alibabashero - 10 dager siden
Maguire played with johnny evans Mark. Hardly had lighting pace but was a good partnership.
Footy Equilibria
Footy Equilibria - 10 dager siden
That is a great point and observation Mark. Clubs relation with Media should get smarter. True for most clubs. But disagree with your point on The Son.
It's a stain for any player collaborating with them. They are one of worst examples of shitting news with bad intention behind players, special those more vulnerable ones. The history of awful lies by them is vastly known in England, at least in the north.
Floyd 81
Floyd 81 - 10 dager siden
It all boils down to the fact that everyone hates United.! Players from other teams hardly get a mention in the news, but if its a United player they're in the news for fuckin weeks after the event.!!
Mm hh
Mm hh - 10 dager siden
David Carmo is so bloody slow ffs (34PACE) LMAO
Floyd 81
Floyd 81 - 10 dager siden
The only transfers our board are interested in doing are bank transfers.!!
Cedro Cross
Cedro Cross - 10 dager siden
Harry Maguire has gotten backed from the club and the media over a much worse scenario. Greenwood, Pogba, Lingard, Rashford, Martial get bad mouth hate and no support.. it's not a coincidence
Sarvesh Raote
Sarvesh Raote - 10 dager siden
Man utd rivals interested? People find a way to put Manchester United in a story just to get more attention, even if Man Utd is not involved at all.
Dan Narayn
Dan Narayn - 10 dager siden
I'm so proud of Rashford! He is a one off! A young man who fights for thoes less fortunate, thoes who are being left in poverty without basic needs met like food! That makes Rashford a target (for the very reason that he is challenging the rich and powerful and putting a spot light on their lack of support for thoes who most need it!)
It's a shame that more don't use their voice to call out thoes politicians and policies which leave people under fed or under educated in our society! Rashford is a legend and I'm proud of what he is doing and that he plays for United!!!!
John Calum
John Calum - 10 dager siden
Imagine little mark defending cantona 😂😂
Oge Marony
Oge Marony - 10 dager siden
Here we go again with the sources 😂,let's try and crack the top 10 B4 we talk Transfers.
Gary Casey
Gary Casey - 10 dager siden
Badiashile all day long, Carmo is too slow
Gary Casey
Gary Casey - 10 dager siden
Carmo is a Portuguese Maguire, he's decent in the air but slow, we don't need two slow CB's
Realist90 - 10 dager siden
Great points Mark!
Colin Roomes
Colin Roomes - 10 dager siden
I prefer zagadou to carmo
Glen Pillay
Glen Pillay - 10 dager siden
All ballocks
king Fergie
king Fergie - 10 dager siden
6 ft 5 lionel Messi- peter crouch 😀
Cedro Cross
Cedro Cross - 10 dager siden
Every time Mark said SAF would've dealt with the press it makes me think Ole and the club are failing Greenwood
LJA 11
LJA 11 - 10 dager siden
The way mark said at the end “football for me... is football” with such conviction as if he’d made a great observation 😂
Cedro Cross
Cedro Cross - 10 dager siden
Isn't Sander Berge on Sheffield like 6'5" ?? He's a CDM
Isaiah - 10 dager siden
I think it’s a race thing rashford greenwood martial pogba and lingard are all black.
Slapped Noodle
Slapped Noodle - 10 dager siden
We should get Alaba
Bleachguy - 10 dager siden
i think why mason was left out of england is southgate given mason time after loss
Bernard darkwah
Bernard darkwah - 10 dager siden
Unless we are buying a defender that will go straight into the lineup, I'll rather have Teden Mengi promoted into the first team than buy Carmo. He's quicker n stronger, similar to Tuanzebe.
Qhamaninande Gqeba
Qhamaninande Gqeba - 10 dager siden
Start a United Stand Paper Mark
Emmanuel Chibeze
Emmanuel Chibeze - 10 dager siden
Bolt was 6’3
Bleachguy - 10 dager siden
i think inconsistent is part due to one that deals with contracts performances have no affect on contracts will get one regardless of how they play
Bleachguy - 10 dager siden
a loss will affect anyone if friend or family im confident he has support from his teammates and family
Isaiah - 10 dager siden
Mctominay is the best cdm in the premier league
Bleachguy - 10 dager siden
a players personal life there buissness and what they buy is there buissness i dont pay attention to it
Isaiah - 10 dager siden
Who else want him
phelan edopu
phelan edopu - 10 dager siden
Why doesn't we look for a partner for lindelof his been improving his Arial ability constantly. But maguire's lack of pace is something that can't be changed and lindelof has been our better Centre back.his better than maguire at every else expect in the air.
Craig Millington
Craig Millington - 10 dager siden
Maguire is english so even if lindelof is proven better he would not get that kind of respect
Adeshola adeyemi
Adeshola adeyemi - 10 dager siden
Manchester United is not ignoring it due to personal relationship With reporters. They have the same issue, United stand and many Other organisations in society have.
Picking on players black players and writing about them in particular context, race is such a decisive topic most outlets don’t want to call it out let alone acknowledge it.
Abhishek Adhikari
Abhishek Adhikari - 10 dager siden
Upemecano is best.. kaulobaly also
L L - 10 dager siden
What happened to badiashille
Kamy Mehmood
Kamy Mehmood - 10 dager siden
Mark'' maguire is preety good on the ball''..... since when ??
Eliteballers - 10 dager siden
Tuanzebe x David Carmo 🔥🔥
Or Mengi x David Carmo🔥🔥
Excel Johnson
Excel Johnson - 10 dager siden
But Carmo is trash
Fingers - 10 dager siden
United don’t plan for the future! They only talk about future because future is far away and they can keep talking about it forever. But it’s only a news bs talk and there’s no future plan. The only plan they have is the financial one.
Will Burns
Will Burns - 10 dager siden
At least we're all starting to see that Romano, mark etc. Are full of crap. These 'transfer' videos remind me of reading Match magazine transfer stories when I was a kid. trash.
ABZ - 10 dager siden
The comments hands down are the best form of entertainment😂😂😂
John Field
John Field - 10 dager siden
Goldbridge is right, we need siege mentality in our club
Rob Evans
Rob Evans - 10 dager siden
another maguire 6 foot 5 no pace dreadful scouting we have
Soccer As We Like It - The Manutd Direction
Usain Bolt is not 5ft 7
Hugh Jass
Hugh Jass - 10 dager siden
"carmo is better than Maguire on the ball" that agenda comes out in every video lol
Excel Johnson
Excel Johnson - 10 dager siden
Carmo is even slower than Maguire lmao
Colloquial Soliloquy
Colloquial Soliloquy - 11 dager siden
Weird question but...should United shorten their pitch? Our pitch was ideal for crosses and fast paced passing,but is it a hindrance in the era of short passing?
Artair - 11 dager siden
"The BBC is a credible outlet" Mark it's November, not April fools.
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson - 11 dager siden
WHY CARMO? HE IS NOT THAT QUICK. We are just buying another lindelof with Carmo. Maguire needs someone with pace beside him.
Tyrone Harris
Tyrone Harris - 11 dager siden
Badashille is the best talent out there imo.
Dede Fakolujo
Dede Fakolujo - 11 dager siden
Marks not on board...
Dane Sumner
Dane Sumner - 11 dager siden
I think he’d be better as a CDM, Viera like 👍
Excel Johnson
Excel Johnson - 10 dager siden
He is slower than matic and Maguire if we get him we are just putting another Fridge at the back
SinGames - 11 dager siden
VDB is building up, alow him to build up and come into this league with the best chance. If he is not strong he will soon get bullied of the ball in turn lower his confidence. Let him get strong first whilst he has great confidence.
SinGames - 11 dager siden
If I was Rashford i would be investing in property as well. why not make profit when you can?
MaTty_97 - 11 dager siden
10 other clubs have contacted his agent... we wouldn’t get him if ONE other club was in for him so that isn’t happening is it
WKaliberr - 11 dager siden
Alex Boyd
Alex Boyd - 11 dager siden
Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if the club is leaking stories about Greenwood to cover their back if he doesn’t turn out. They leaked the footage of Roy Keane a while back as propaganda
Numero Uno
Numero Uno - 11 dager siden
Please make the move faster United,stop the rumours.3 players CB,CDM and Winger,we will at the top
Franklin Oparah
Franklin Oparah - 11 dager siden
Our transfers are too exhausting.
Noah Laliberty
Noah Laliberty - 11 dager siden
OR OR. And hear me out here. We drop Maguire and start Carmo and upamecano. Maguire is not a title winner. Hes overrated. We NEED Upamecano
Yella Dean
Yella Dean - 11 dager siden
I watched this carmo guy in the europa league vs rangers is Dog pooo not even better than Tosu mensah honestly
Tremaine Bishop
Tremaine Bishop - 10 dager siden
phinio03 - 11 dager siden
Pleading to the British media on being nice is like asking Woodward for your first choice on your transfer list.
Robin goddard
Robin goddard - 11 dager siden
I can make this greenwood thing worse he’s talented he’s going to clearly be in the England squad for future so the press and media are slating him and being unfair and then are going to rely on him to help England win a major cup or something like that if he plays he should play for the people that stuck with him and give the finger to the rest that are trying to destroy him
AHMED-RVP OFFICIAL - 11 dager siden
( Ronaldo Sancho Upamecano Bennacer )
Harrison McConnell
Harrison McConnell - 11 dager siden
In marcus rashfords video he mentions favourite food is cereal and as a kid he had around 5-6 bowls a day and i know for a fact to eat that much cereal you cannot be poor because thats around 10 boxes a week £2 a day = £14 a week minimum on cereal thats not poor
Artair - 10 dager siden
You clearly don't understand what poor is.
Chris Sparkes
Chris Sparkes - 11 dager siden
I agree about the press point. And yes it’s not rashfords fault he gets paid that much. But the point is that there is no evidence that rashford a multi millionaire sacrifices a big portion of his wage for free school meals but criticises government who are in massive debt to fund it.
Roy McNeilly
Roy McNeilly - 10 dager siden
I'm sure he pays taxes.
TinoTinny M
TinoTinny M - 11 dager siden
De ligt should be our target the man got gas
Harrison McConnell
Harrison McConnell - 11 dager siden
I dont think mark knows that mctominay is 6 foot 4 lol hes going on about hes never seen a 6,5 cdm
Tremaine Bishop
Tremaine Bishop - 10 dager siden
If he was the same height as Fred he wouldn't be anywhere near the squad.
Shau nak
Shau nak - 10 dager siden
Bro he plays as a cb.
Dav Noble
Dav Noble - 10 dager siden
Mctominay isn’t a cdm either and he isn’t even that good 💀
Joshua - 11 dager siden
Yes but mctominay isn’t great, of course there are many giant cdms but how many of them are actually good?
S Peled
S Peled - 11 dager siden
Trust the process 😀
jeswin gigi
jeswin gigi - 11 dager siden
Remember 50mil tony martial😂
Luke Smith
Luke Smith - 11 dager siden
He's quicker than Maguire, he's better on the ball than Maguire and he's just as good in the air... So he's actually a better footballer full stop than Maguire!
Ewan Harris
Ewan Harris - 11 dager siden
Even I’m better than maguire
TinoTinny M
TinoTinny M - 11 dager siden
What do you think of Diaz and Laporte
Marci - 11 dager siden
Ohk let’s be honest, we’ve paired Maguire with every CB in the team and still don’t work. Funny enough, Tuanzebe and Lindelof looked liked a solid pair against PSG, the only down factor being Ariel ability. Left wit me, it should be who we should be pairing with Tuanzebe and it’s definitely not Maguire.
Pat Cow
Pat Cow - 11 dager siden
How much you get paid per ad mark ? You must be a millionaire by now
Niall Crean
Niall Crean - 11 dager siden
He’s paying Bruno’s wages
Nathan Heath
Nathan Heath - 11 dager siden
Linked doesn't mean anything
COC REX - 11 dager siden
Akshay V
Akshay V - 11 dager siden
D alba would be a good sign he can play lb cdm cm and cb
Paul K
Paul K - 11 dager siden
if this is the case get the readys out give it to the club and get him no half payments no installments or else we will get no where again
Nikolai Govender
Nikolai Govender - 11 dager siden
Matic is 6"5 though
Jordan Fullwood
Jordan Fullwood - 11 dager siden
With telles I think maguire will score more