Man Utd's BEST PAID Players Ever! Pogba, Rooney or Zlatan?

Who are Man Utd's best paid players ever and what does that show about how badly the Glazer's are running the club. Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand.🔔 SUBSCRIBE here
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Runtime: 09:38


westywest100 - 18 dager siden
The Alexis hate campaign again 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
Sebastian Burrow
Sebastian Burrow - 18 dager siden
A lot of people give Di Maria stick but I think we, United actually let him down. He started off really well, was exciting to watch, then the LVG effect got to him. Let's not forget his family home was broken into which sent him over the edge.
J C - 19 dager siden
"So who is the best player in MINEchester United's history"....
Says it all !!
Vestige Digital
Vestige Digital - 19 dager siden
Rooney indeed 260 grand fine, zlatan happy also gave us hope...di Maria was a mistake.....and we all hate him...pogba next mistake tired of this pretender will never be a cult player and should be, road has gea fine OK...and Alexis well he just wasn't feeling it was he haaha..
malcolm booth
malcolm booth - 19 dager siden
rooney all day long
shreyas p
shreyas p - 20 dager siden
Zlatan even declined to take wages during the time he was injured
Prijan Shrestha
Prijan Shrestha - 20 dager siden
First time heard mark talking if Rooney.
Wyatt Hunter
Wyatt Hunter - 20 dager siden
To be fair Di Maria and Alexis were still among the best at their position. No one could have really expected them to flop. The main issue in my opinion is their wages. We should be able to get top players without being at the top of the bill. Compared to other big clubs in Europe United probably is the worst in terms of sportive production related to the wage bill. Yeah that last sentence sounds odd english is not my first language.
Lisa S
Lisa S - 20 dager siden
Zlatan was a great signing and definitely worth what he earned. Being a Swede I'm watching all his games at AC Milan and thanks to him Milan is now the leader of Serie A and he's the top scorer at 39!!! He has scored 9 goals in 9 games despite being ill for a while of Covid-19. He's just an amazing footballer 🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪
Fernando Zamudio
Fernando Zamudio - 21 dag siden
Just for context Phil Jones earns more than half of the premier league centre backs that start. And he isnt in our 25 man premier league squad. So even with inflation those kind of decisions are shocking.
Brindley Weerasekara
Brindley Weerasekara - 21 dag siden
Zlatan was worth it 🔥 Di Maria Wasn't 😂
Brett Williams
Brett Williams - 21 dag siden
Great video
Javier Hernandez
Javier Hernandez - 21 dag siden
Unfortunately we may have to add Ousmanne Dembele on the list if he comes in. Who knows what wages he could be on?
A B - 21 dag siden
I genuinely forgot about Sanchez lol 😂
Donny Van de beek
Donny Van de beek - 21 dag siden
Phil jones has been here since Ferguson howwwwww
Donny Van de beek
Donny Van de beek - 21 dag siden
Pogba is good player on his day his better than Bruno he got us 2nd plus a trophy and Bruno got us 3rd
Mapa Tara
Mapa Tara - 21 dag siden
I'm so confused with the tittle. Is it supposed to be manutd's best paid player or biggest flop manutd's best paid player? How did Maria get the mention but not RVP?
Btw, I see this pattern of you just talking about all the players that renew their contracts after Fergie era. I am Glazer out all the way, but I honestly think Fergie wouldn't get away in today's modern football with not attracting big players with huge wage. You all could see his last season that he needed to pay up player like RVP to compete with City. Just saying.
Kay A
Kay A - 21 dag siden
Raoila is also a massive problem to this club .. if i’m correct half of these high earners are all his clients.. just mugging us off
cammy macfarlane
cammy macfarlane - 21 dag siden
Rooney had more talent in his left foot than Pogba has in his whole body
Ernesto Williams
Ernesto Williams - 21 dag siden
highest wages and highest earners are two different things. Zlatan and Di Maria didn't earn as much as players at the club who stayed over 5 years
Drisq Crawford
Drisq Crawford - 21 dag siden
With zlatan that was the best pogba we will ever see.
Kob - 21 dag siden
What this exposes is this new recruitment team is much better than managers giving a list of their targets plucked out of nowhere. Then fans say get them no matter what.
This new recruitment team and where we find out if the player actually wants to be there is much better.
Look at Bruno’s wages
Telles wages
Jakob Puggaard
Jakob Puggaard - 21 dag siden
I dont know if it’s a bad thing but why am i not surprised. Our all time greats are properly not even in the top 10 if you reg. for inflation. Good work woodward 😫.
Alokay Amari UG
Alokay Amari UG - 21 dag siden
Shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaambolic. I like Rooney up there with Ibrahimovic and De Gea. But goodness DI MARIA and ALEXIS are like the wooooooooooooooooooooorst ever eveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer
Kallan Armstrong
Kallan Armstrong - 21 dag siden
Great video would be good too see similar types of videos in the future 👍
Matthew Gartell
Matthew Gartell - 21 dag siden
'it was tough working out what zlatan was on? Wages or medication Mark?
Andrew Richardson
Andrew Richardson - 21 dag siden
The chart show?!?!?!?!
Zitchdog - 21 dag siden
Zlatan best
kalle klovn
kalle klovn - 21 dag siden
Not Di Marias fault we didn't get the best out of him. Fantastic player
IliyanDetty Ilievi
IliyanDetty Ilievi - 21 dag siden
All the players bouth by mourinho are flops i think he came into to the club just with one purpose, and it is a revenge.
TwoSixFour - 21 dag siden
inflation, that’s all it is.

oh and the glazers
QUINCY PROMES - 21 dag siden
Talk sport said martial is the highest paid player in this team !!! And like 4th or 5th in the league !! (And de gea)
Habib Muhammad
Habib Muhammad - 21 dag siden
Zlatan justified it
J P - 21 dag siden
Why didn’t you just adjust for inflation? The data is out there
Chris Phillips Drum Lessons
Pogba is abysmal and a huge flop
Good Times
Good Times - 21 dag siden
Only Wayne Rooney justifies his wages on this list
Gilsz WARRIOR - 21 dag siden
Zlatan definitely justified it imo
Jbemps - 21 dag siden
I want pogba to go now🙄
abdulrahman alali
abdulrahman alali - 21 dag siden
Hey Mark
Damion Tummons
Damion Tummons - 21 dag siden
A video based completely on rumours. Short of ideas much!!
Numero Uno
Numero Uno - 21 dag siden
Bruno going to be United legend🙌
Dhruv Shah
Dhruv Shah - 21 dag siden
I think the zlatan fee was justified for 28 goals at 35 years old in a season along with the Europa, lets be honest none of us think we were winning the league or the CL that season...( In my opinion) so i feel it was justified and rewarded
Postman Pat
Postman Pat - 21 dag siden
Juventus reportedly want to sell Cristiano Ronaldo next summer, should we cash in?
BasketvilleFox TV
BasketvilleFox TV - 21 dag siden
Getting close to the milli mark. Fully justified! Great content 💯
lardosian - 21 dag siden
For 250k a week ye would think that would include a few goals, but no they need extra again!!
Quinton Saayman
Quinton Saayman - 21 dag siden
I think Beckham back in the day
Quinton Saayman
Quinton Saayman - 21 dag siden
I think Beckham back in the day
little Jacob
little Jacob - 21 dag siden
Mark should do more top 5 or top 10 vids
NINTH EARTH - 21 dag siden
🤨 wait what?Pogba gave is the Europa league under Jose , it's how we remembers Zlatan but not Pogba the secret agenda ("Something's in the water")
dan moley
dan moley - 21 dag siden
Zlatan better signing then pogba
Carl Pretorius
Carl Pretorius - 21 dag siden
I was wandering when Mark is going to come out with his Pogba story during the international break.
James Xx97
James Xx97 - 21 dag siden
Rooney and Zlatan were not only players but big charachters and leaders. No wonder we haven’t won a trophie since they left.
Aaron Mcquitty
Aaron Mcquitty - 21 dag siden
You should do a top 10 man United players of all time
Josh Kay
Josh Kay - 21 dag siden
Finance with Goldbridge... something none of us knew we needed on a Monday afternoon.
John Dosh
John Dosh - 21 dag siden
The most overpaid player ever in the history of Man Utd is Phil Jones and in the history of football.
John Bhaal
John Bhaal - 21 dag siden
Well there’s many aren’t worth the pay heck, u only need look at how much we wasted on maguire
R M - 21 dag siden
Arsenal made Sanchez look good because they were so bad
Mehdi Sadik
Mehdi Sadik - 21 dag siden
Rooney, semi final against the Bayern (Raphael cost us the game btw), he was injured and was playing with one foot, he couldnt run and still managed to break the Bayern defense by one touch cleaver passes, an injured Rooney at the time was playing better than Fred and McTominey combined, and he wasnt even a midfielder.
Zakaria Abdirashid
Zakaria Abdirashid - 21 dag siden
Ffs I hate alexis more than dimaria even 😏
Maxi Felix 55
Maxi Felix 55 - 21 dag siden
I feel like Zlatans wages were definitely worth it
Max Bowers
Max Bowers - 21 dag siden
Rashford is on 300k a week 🤯
Abhishek Kalgutkar
Abhishek Kalgutkar - 21 dag siden
He's the man with the golden feet- Zlatan Ibrahimovic!!
Rohit Nair
Rohit Nair - 21 dag siden
One of the best video by Mark. It shows the shallowness in our decision making when it comes to transfers and depth of incompetency at the highest level. For all those Ole out, its not about the manager the root cause lies in the board.
Gareth Short
Gareth Short - 21 dag siden
U forgot maguire.
William Wheeldon
William Wheeldon - 21 dag siden
Mark CR7 night be coming back to United ... The Italian manager is saling him next summer
sihle mthethwa
sihle mthethwa - 21 dag siden
Pogba agenda everyday even when he's not playing
sihle mthethwa
sihle mthethwa - 21 dag siden
Pogba agenda everyday
Pratyush Prasad
Pratyush Prasad - 21 dag siden
Zaltan is playing realy good for AC millan
Mark Gunn
Mark Gunn - 21 dag siden
Crazy Management! (above the Manager/Coach!)
Anubhab Saha
Anubhab Saha - 21 dag siden
I like this kind of videos. More of these please.
Philip Burtonwood
Philip Burtonwood - 21 dag siden
South American players never work at united falcao di Maria Sanchez
D4L3 - 21 dag siden
Just curious of the reason why Sanchez wanted to leave after his first day. Was it that he could see the team was full of people just going through the motions and not wanting to put the effort in every training session or game? Or that there were no leaders in the team and that with the players we had then we werent going anywhere near the top? Just a thought...
arturs filipovs
arturs filipovs - 21 dag siden
Rooney was the most jusified out of these 6
GriffoChaz - 21 dag siden
literally sat here thinking is it Falcao? or Depay? Forgot Alexis played for us
R T - 21 dag siden
Love this concept mark, you should do more of these list videos
tchootube - 21 dag siden
Zlatan did more for Utd in one year than Pogba has in four. You can rely on Pogba for nothing.
Jewel 7 7 Jewel
Jewel 7 7 Jewel - 21 dag siden
Pogba... Often on the thumbnail nowadays... But for "negative" subject. It's becoming odd.
Agenda? 😛😂
RobyManuel - 21 dag siden
Mark I think Zlatan justified it.He gave the team immense amount of character and scored in two cup finals at wembly.
Charlie - 21 dag siden
@Sufyan Billel lool bruh its literally just a comparison of their similar circumstances not their balling ability
Charlie - 21 dag siden
Yh, people forget both Zlatan & Sanzhez were free transfers which obviously gives them huge leverage to demand huge wages as overall clubs still save easy £20-40m each even for crap/finished players in the current market. Tho its bad for team harmony & wage structures.....on the whole ££ wise not as bad as it looks but owners will use it as excuse not to spend
Your mum LovesCharlesDickins
Also, Zlatan
smokey joe
smokey joe - 21 dag siden
This video just proves how much of a shambles our club is in
Kamarul Riffin
Kamarul Riffin - 21 dag siden
Kieran richardson > alexis sanchez
Ultimate TNTGamer
Ultimate TNTGamer - 21 dag siden
I am not old enough to go back to see wayne Rooney's rise in football but all i know the amount of time i watched him he was my hero and my idol and he well diserved his wages unlike alexis sanchez so long live the king wayne rooney
Stuart O
Stuart O - 21 dag siden
Our board are a friken joke........on zlatan another player we should have kept he's better than Lukaku better than cavani
Alex Wood
Alex Wood - 21 dag siden
J-LINDO 6 - 21 dag siden
Brendan Walker
Brendan Walker - 21 dag siden
Can we do this with inflation adjusted?
ZG - 21 dag siden
Remember when the Glazers paid Rooney more than Ferguson in 2010? Good times
(SAF asked for a match highest earner clause eventually after catching wind)
ZG - 21 dag siden
@Goldbridge voids the season Unless its Messi/Ronaldo it doesn't happen in most situations. With Rooney the Glazers bit the bullet and did everything to make sure he wouldn't leave
Goldbridge voids the season
??? Top players always earn more then manger
Nico Joshua
Nico Joshua - 21 dag siden
8:41 for core message
Gary O Brien
Gary O Brien - 21 dag siden
Not really bro
yippee kiyay
yippee kiyay - 21 dag siden
Falcao wasn't far off making the list I'd imagine
SlothBirdBeard - 21 dag siden
What was Falcao wages?
chris blanchard
chris blanchard - 21 dag siden
Then we had a deadly number 9 target man.. clinical finisher and consistant 25 goals a season LUKAKU on a moderate 150grand a week and we sell for 73mil and buy players like maguire for 80mil blows my mind.. pogba aint consistant but your starting old man no legs matic and inconsistant oldish mata with pogba and DVB on the bench.. pogba needs discipline but he has to start and be our engine and physicality.. buy a CB and a number 9... and play DVB and james RW if we cant land Sancho
Rhys Powell
Rhys Powell - 21 dag siden
The logic to get rid of Lukaku a 20 goal a season striker and replace him with Martial who struggles to break double figures is so stupid.
NATHAN - 21 dag siden
We love you Mark..the amount of work you put in on this club to give us daily content..mad love for you😍
NATHAN - 21 dag siden
@Daniel Krivtsov yeah... of course he's paid but what i meant is that he has a family but does this daily..i just love his work
Daniel Krivtsov
Daniel Krivtsov - 21 dag siden
@B BLOPPIE - Thats true! but you know he gets paid also? this is hes full-time job and you all is paying him.
Risana Chauke
Risana Chauke - 21 dag siden
I was trying to forget di Maria played for united, but at least zlatan played for us
Only Football
Only Football - 21 dag siden
Pogba and Martial make more than Mane, Salah and Van Dijk. That's fucked up.
Richard Were
Richard Were - 21 dag siden
I would love United to sign my brother who plays pub football and pay him £160K a week
Urmi Sinha
Urmi Sinha - 21 dag siden
Mark,a request can i come on the show for once one sunday....i want to have a chat with all of u and especially Rick....i cud send a vidoe of me if u want to.
Collen Mohlala
Collen Mohlala - 21 dag siden
Pogba won Europa League and that EFL cup. Come on guys, you wanna slander someone at least be truthful
smokey joe
smokey joe - 21 dag siden
Nothing to do with personal vendettas we should never have brought him back there is a reason sir alex got rid ov him his attitude was bad then and even worse now
Richard Obiekwe
Richard Obiekwe - 21 dag siden
They can say all they want the stats will always say otherwise. There was an Italian legend who retired with a lot haters at his back, he is still considered as one of the all time best players. Your personal vendetta cannot stop a player's record.
smokey joe
smokey joe - 21 dag siden
Pogbas attitude stinks get him and the other toxic players out
Marcus Di Salvatore
Marcus Di Salvatore - 21 dag siden
I’d rather forget Sanchez’s run at United than Di Maria.
Areeb Ahmed Shariff
Areeb Ahmed Shariff - 21 dag siden
Di Maria lmaoo
Kain VS Predator
Kain VS Predator - 21 dag siden
Ya said de gea is the only one in the top six to win the Premier league trophy. Ya forgot Rooney won as well.
Kain VS Predator
Kain VS Predator - 21 dag siden
@Physio D . Minor trophies. He hasn't won a major trophy yet at united.
Physio D
Physio D - 21 dag siden
Pogba won Caobao cup and Europa you failed to mention
arturs filipovs
arturs filipovs - 21 dag siden
Rooney won 5
Rob Hatherly
Rob Hatherly - 21 dag siden
This video was cool, could you do in depth videos looking back at certain positions so say top 5 or 10 gks weve had or cbs etc, based on their stats maybe, just a thought 🤔, keep up great content guys