Man Utd "Concrete" Transfer Negotiations for Midfielder! Man Utd News

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Man Utd are in concrete transfer negotiations to sign Hakan Calhanoglu from AC Milan according to Christian Falk. Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand. SUBSCRIBE here
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andrew pearson
andrew pearson - 23 dager siden
Pogba is the most inconsistent player. Does he get assist payments for giving penalties away? Get Jim out. He is not for and he is a liability the way he is! He can not play 45mins properly.
J G - 23 dager siden
why would Poch love the UTD job , he left Spurs because he didn't have control , he definitely wont have that here
andrew pearson
andrew pearson - 24 dager siden
Win the midfield and defence. If they can not score, the chances of winning are greater. Er need Grafters.
andrew pearson
andrew pearson - 24 dager siden
VDB in.
andrew pearson
andrew pearson - 24 dager siden
First player gone is Pogba.
Roy Powell
Roy Powell - 25 dager siden
We can buy all the he players we want and need but nothing will change because ole doesn't have a philosophy. He just gambling each week. He get it right this week he change it next week. He just know how to give the fans that feel good factor for a brief moment that's it. NOTHING CONSISTENT
andrew pearson
andrew pearson - 25 dager siden
The problem De Gea is complacency. That might sound harsh but hey, his game has lifted perhaps 15% to 20%.
Bryn Gefferies
Bryn Gefferies - 26 dager siden
Mediocrity has to go. Offensively was our strengths, defensively we should have been no nonsense defending but Maguire & Lindelof were the reasons why we lost those last two semi finals. Over the season they showed that they were vulnerable, either lack of pace & mobility or the necessary concentration & aggression to deal with matters in certain areas and De Gea should be more commanding in his 6 yard box. 50% of our losses were down to poor defending, where we expected our defenders to do better. Our general play will have to improve once we add more depth of quality players in defence that can play the Man Utd way. Time for them to move on.
Watching the Champion League Final, the impression given that our first choice CB's Maguire & Lindelof are Overrated, lack pace, aggression & are not up to the challenge to reach to the top. Tuanzebe & Bailly would be an improved choice in every way. Defending should be priority. If the opportunities arises it would be best to replace them at a loss. There's better players Out there. Recruit Wisely.
D K - 26 dager siden
Free transfer happy with that.👌
George Willis
George Willis - 27 dager siden
It’s pronounced Jalhanolu
Abiral Aashish
Abiral Aashish - 27 dager siden
Don't think we need him, we are well stacked in the attacking midfielder position, we need to get a quality CB and a RW. But could he be a Pogba replacement?
NM PK - 27 dager siden
Was fortunate to know one of Nobbys sons at school and met the great man himself once. A Utd legend always. RIP and condolences to his family.
Dalon Yong
Dalon Yong - 27 dager siden
For a free transfer , Hakan is a great deal, provided there is no huge wages, sign on fee and agent fee
Jim Tippers
Jim Tippers - 27 dager siden
Nobby Stiles forever in our hearts
Jim Tippers
Jim Tippers - 27 dager siden
Didn’t falk also say we’re signing sancho?
Park Jinsun Liu
Park Jinsun Liu - 27 dager siden
Goldberg thanks for the Halloween cooking, I think your Halloween meal will definitely give us 3points tomorrow
Gifti Demisse
Gifti Demisse - 27 dager siden
Ole in ed Edward out
Mohammed Abdinoor
Mohammed Abdinoor - 27 dager siden
We will al miss Nobby's toothless grin.
we all will...

Kieran Evans
Kieran Evans - 27 dager siden
Get ready for some banging free kicks if we get this guy
Colin Greig
Colin Greig - 27 dager siden
Safwan Wazed
Safwan Wazed - 27 dager siden
Wow another attackin midfielder
Judea Jud
Judea Jud - 27 dager siden
He should come because we are letting Mata Pereira and lingerd go at the end of the season we will need him he is better than the above mentioned
Piran Penrose
Piran Penrose - 27 dager siden
It’s Stiles. Not Styles.
WATCH NOFACE - 27 dager siden
Condolences to bobby stiles family and r.i.p win v Arsenal dedicated to him!
Ross O'Dea
Ross O'Dea - 27 dager siden
It’s because of the prem results once he starts performing in the league there will be a little less pressure
chrisjay2001 - 27 dager siden
Is there a need for over 15 advert breaks during your video Goldbridge Glazer!!!
jason casey
jason casey - 27 dager siden
Hom much will it cost a week to get the player
michael foley
michael foley - 27 dager siden
Every time I see this bloke I keep thinking of a great white reaching out of the water at ya with those big white teeth heading your way and I'd like to offer my love to Nobby Stiles and his family another great player going early but at least he's at peace👏👏👏👏👍
Tennyson clothing
Tennyson clothing - 27 dager siden
End of the day martial has been in the premier League long enough to FUCKING be the one to go down when he was hit and get lamela sent off...instead of reacting like an idiot
bradley mangz
bradley mangz - 27 dager siden
City are getting Denis Zakaria
Niall Cooney
Niall Cooney - 27 dager siden
Not really a fair fight with degea because he’s automatically got the spot Henderson has been brilliant and had some good saves when he played aswell , he wasn’t giving a fair playing field but I am glad to see degea back on top form
Name Surname
Name Surname - 27 dager siden
R.I.P. Nobby Stiles... Anyway, if Mark haven't noticed, transfer window is over.
Ahmad Rashdi Jaafar
Ahmad Rashdi Jaafar - 27 dager siden
Nobby Stiles stayed when Johny Giles had to leave. Assigned to man mark Eusobio against Benfica. Fred is in his mould & better.
All in The Game
All in The Game - 26 dager siden
Don’t even put Fred Flinstone in the same sentence and Nobby stiles are you crazy
PrimePresents - 27 dager siden
In regards to the attacking midfielder addition: We should keep Mata, utilising him as a sub in the No. 10 area as he can still pick apart a team like no other - he's just not a starter anymore and lacks pace. We should sell Lingard and Pereira (On loan expiry) and put those funds towards Grealish!
Terry Smith
Terry Smith - 27 dager siden
Nobby Stiles enjoyed watching you play for United R.I.P
Lucy Doozy
Lucy Doozy - 27 dager siden
All I heard is we’re signing Ronaldo on a free tfr
Niall Cooney
Niall Cooney - 27 dager siden
Apparently naigelsman has a soft spot for united aswell.. I was delighted with the result the other night but united have better players then them and if I’m honest I would prefer united to play the way Leipzig played attack attack , we just sat and broke it worked but I want to see us pound teams into submission.
STRETCH93 - 27 dager siden
That app is buggy
Ricky Sengupta
Ricky Sengupta - 27 dager siden
Please not hakka noodles
Michae V
Michae V - 27 dager siden
prem refs are very inconsistent
Robert Doyle
Robert Doyle - 27 dager siden
RIP Nobby. A true United Legend will never be forgotten. Watched him play he would have frightened the life out of today's divers lol.
D Mack
D Mack - 27 dager siden
"touted when he was playing in Germany"....we have heard that so often about players who really don't cut it when they move to a league where they have some competition.
Lance Pillay
Lance Pillay - 27 dager siden
This means we selling more players?
Joseph Spiteri
Joseph Spiteri - 27 dager siden
We should ALWAYS be challenging for the title! All we need to do is find new owners who will treat the club as a football club and not a cash cow.
Lance Pillay
Lance Pillay - 27 dager siden
Ole said he wants every player to have competition for places.. He is Bruno's competition.. With freekicks
E.W Labz
E.W Labz - 27 dager siden
I'm not ole out but when is it enough. How long can ole keep flirting with the sack going on runs? If he can't get consistency before the end of the season he needs to go before we lose out on potch as we can't keep going on good runs then bad ones
j j
j j - 27 dager siden
Was Christian Falk one of Mark's sources when he was giving it the big un that the sancho deal was done and they were waiting for the 7th of the month to confirm it? If so carry on as you were people
Yisehak Wegene
Yisehak Wegene - 27 dager siden
Another midfielder? are we having midfieldfetish...we will be playing 2-6-2
Dave Gratt
Dave Gratt - 27 dager siden
He is absolute bang average, and no where near United standard. Probably would struggle getting on West hams bench. There's championship players with good free kicks ffs, I hope it's not true.
MetaL - 27 dager siden
Definitely better than Lingard , Perreira so for free as a squad depth it's a good deal
Rupa Chatterjee
Rupa Chatterjee - 27 dager siden
Rest in peace Nobby Styles
Kevin Franco
Kevin Franco - 28 dager siden
Its pronounced "Cha-la-nou-glu"
Adam Geoghegan
Adam Geoghegan - 28 dager siden
Your always talking about what if??? Concentrate on what we have mark you tit!!! Ollie is our boss.... support him 💁🏼‍♂️
Aidan Groenewald
Aidan Groenewald - 28 dager siden
Hakan = Ozil minus his vision and intelligence (i.e. his slow, takes too long on the ball and is easily bullied when pressed). If he was quality Milan would've renewed his contract. They just want him to leave so that zlatan can take his no.10 jersey
djcol77 - 28 dager siden
I got a bit chocked up when I read Nobby had passed away. Another Mufc legend has left us. Thanks for those memories Nobby. 👍👹
writer james
writer james - 28 dager siden
More click hate from Goldbfidge, the transfer window is shut you mug
Aayush Choudhary
Aayush Choudhary - 28 dager siden
Hendo plays against Istanbul i believe
Ole Trafford
Ole Trafford - 28 dager siden
Ole has masterfully rotated his 6 midfielders in recent weeks. No one is undroppable...not even Bruno or Pogba. Donny is gradually being bedded into the first team, while Fred & McTominay have looked solid together. And Matic looks younger with his longer hair. So whether the interest in Çalhanoglu is concrete or not, our midfield is already our strongest department. We just have to find the right balance.
Savy Concept
Savy Concept - 27 dager siden
So true, all these news is just noises. Everyone knows that we need wingers, a DM and a good number of defenders ...
Arturo Filio Villa
Arturo Filio Villa - 28 dager siden
Meanwhile Ole has done great recently, he rightly deserves the pressure and criticism when he doesn't get results. As I have always said, he lacks consistency, if he manages to keep a good, consistent form I will back Ole, for now I'm still doubtful.
Anay K.B
Anay K.B - 28 dager siden
Good lingard Pereira replacement
334665eric 7788977
334665eric 7788977 - 28 dager siden
Vu Lang
Vu Lang - 28 dager siden
And its fair to say Ole has more to improve himself and he is; I can see that.
BeaTrix - 28 dager siden
Goldbridge should shush kick off. If we lose its ole fault but he wins because of world class players.
Vu Lang
Vu Lang - 28 dager siden
I dont thing Poch is better than Ole for MU job; I think he was just Ok at Spur, everyone can see that. On the other hand Ole is MU's own.
K Williams
K Williams - 28 dager siden
Get rid of James for the love of God., Pogba too, he's a good player but there is No United in his heart.
Vu Lang
Vu Lang - 28 dager siden
Mu need a holding Mid like Matic or a DM. thats crucial for the spine as Neville once mentioned. How long can Matic play, one or two more seasons? And he needs a good sub too, or he can be the sub if the new player is better than him. Mu can let Mc Tominay out on loan to improve him for future plan.
Milo Dsouza
Milo Dsouza - 28 dager siden
Ole needs to beat arsenal and everton to get full faith
Milo Dsouza
Milo Dsouza - 28 dager siden
Pogba and mata could leave next summer so donny and halkan are good replacements. Hopefully we can also get gravenberch from ajax
Steve Gardener
Steve Gardener - 28 dager siden
R.I.P Nobby Styles Legend 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
Ehsan Adli
Ehsan Adli - 28 dager siden
Unless Fab Rom doesn't release any official statement yet, I dont believe in anything
hitman hunter
hitman hunter - 28 dager siden
It's pronounced as "chalhanouhlu" not "kalanoglu"
Milo Dsouza
Milo Dsouza - 28 dager siden
RIP Nobby Stiles never knew him but a legend of man utd is a legend for me
Richard Dorling
Richard Dorling - 28 dager siden
Any news on Sancho?
Kenneth Grant
Kenneth Grant - 28 dager siden
Was so privileged to have watched Nobby Stiles, great player. RIP Nobby.
abdulrahman alali
abdulrahman alali - 28 dager siden
Hey Mark
Leighton Charles
Leighton Charles - 28 dager siden
Who's signing is it OLLYS or the next managers ???
Abdullah Qamar
Abdullah Qamar - 28 dager siden
People are asking OLE the results like he got the job right after sir Furgusion.
Brothers he got the job after the team and club was destroyed and now he is taking it in the right direction
Abdullah Qamar
Abdullah Qamar - 28 dager siden
Support OLE!
Rjb771996 - 28 dager siden
If we sell lingard and probably Mata will go then him signing on free will make sense
Chiro Ghosh
Chiro Ghosh - 28 dager siden
His best skill from MU's point of view is that he is Free 😀😀
Studio ShkafA
Studio ShkafA - 28 dager siden
RIP Nobby
SLAYER多 ZEUS46 - 28 dager siden
Hakan can bring squad depth , I think United are looking for increasing the squad depth , it's a good thing .
Otshepeng Ditshego
Otshepeng Ditshego - 28 dager siden
Busy signing players but not letting the likes of lingard, perriera, Jones go
Walid Duri
Walid Duri - 28 dager siden
Mark I think you should be more worried about Aubameyang. Arteta said he will play through the middle this weekend
Anthony Johnson
Anthony Johnson - 28 dager siden
Ditching Ole for Pochetino is sheer Stupidity; Common what we need is to get Ole the players he needs to succeed ! Haarland,Upermecano,CDM, Sancho !not Replacements like Ighalo or Cavani,Rojo,No CDM ; and Diallo plus Fercundo !
Vivek Sheokand
Vivek Sheokand - 28 dager siden
If we sign a first team cb, cdm, rw and a good backup striker, then we're ready to challenge for titles
Anthony Johnson
Anthony Johnson - 28 dager siden
Chanalogu is not what Man United need now ;We need a CDM,CB,Striker plus or minus a RW depending on how Diallo and Fercundo perform !
Jamie Whitelaw
Jamie Whitelaw - 28 dager siden
To replace matic no way
Thomas - 28 dager siden
Hmm - 28 dager siden
Robbie kept on trying to put words in mark's mouth and kept on banging about where utd are in the league and how many matches we lost. That's just so childish and small mentality for a grown man like him
Johan - 28 dager siden
Robby is right. Yes we beat two good teams is the champions league , because they want to attack and we can pick them off on the counter,but what happens when a team sits back,can we pick them open like liverpool or city, thats still the question
Nitin Sharma
Nitin Sharma - 28 dager siden
one football is the most anti-Manu app ever...
daany p
daany p - 28 dager siden
The reason Wolves keep Traore on the bench is because he is better and more effective off the bench. When he starts, he can very inconsistent. Hence why i don’t want him at MUFC
Huss E
Huss E - 28 dager siden
@47:04 when you think about this it is so true its actually crazy. All those Ole outers who now say 'we should be challenging for the league' the only reason why your saying this is because of Ole and the fact that he has been able to ge to more out of his players than any of our previous managers lol. These same people were probably saying top 4 would be a good season at the start of the whats changed? Ole is actually now making people believe that we should challenge for the league.
Premier League
Premier League - 28 dager siden
Utds midfield is packed it's ludicrous to be looking for more midfield players unless Pogba is leaving .
Carwyn Williams
Carwyn Williams - 27 dager siden
No cause lingard or mata are leaving
Akash Dixit
Akash Dixit - 28 dager siden
Nobby styles a great person and and Man utd legend. Rip😢😢
Ashutosh Sampat
Ashutosh Sampat - 28 dager siden
Question is why another Midfielder? All we need for this squad is a CB and an old fashioned RW who interested in staying wide and stretch the opposition.
Yewbzee - 28 dager siden
12:21 it's a very good point Mark, i dont think he ever will. Fans who have become polarised on this agenda will rarely concede they were wrong.
Louis Bonfield
Louis Bonfield - 28 dager siden
Rip nobby stiles fucking legend for both united and england
Shahrul irwan Musa
Shahrul irwan Musa - 28 dager siden
Remain the same team against RB Leipzig, easy win
Michael Melro
Michael Melro - 28 dager siden
I think the Hakan deal could be great for next summer. I don't think Lingard has a place in this side anymore and Pereira wasn't loaned to Lazio for no reason. Both will be gone next summer. Mata might be out the door as well. If we get Calhanoglu he will provide even more quality depth to the squad once we get rid of more deadwood in midfield. A midfield with Fernandes, Pogba, DVB, Fred and Calhanoglu is very deep. I think Utd need a CDM tbh, but we will see if that happens.
Troy Krentz
Troy Krentz - 28 dager siden
Finally someone sees sense of this transfer 😅