Man Utd Accept Pogba Exit Inevitable! Man Utd News Now

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Man Utd are trying to sell Paul Pogba before he leaves on a free transfer as they accept a new contract is increasingly unlikely according to reports. Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand.🔔 CHRISTMAS JUMPERS
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switzhk ng
switzhk ng - 4 dager siden
Great news, cheer, kick him OUT ASAP
David Ajaka
David Ajaka - 5 dager siden
FLOGBA gonneeee🎆🎉🎊
norberto lourenco
norberto lourenco - 6 dager siden
Sell Paul pogba an Anthony martial useless
Tom Sunshine
Tom Sunshine - 6 dager siden
Kehinde A
Kehinde A - 6 dager siden
No the Pogba drama is down to people with agendas stirring. As you can see from the WBA game we are lacking creativity without Pogba.
Leenkesh Ramlagun
Leenkesh Ramlagun - 6 dager siden
Let him go. He is too slow for the PL. Gets dispossessed so easily. If he performs like he does for us, Madrid fans will tear him to shreds.
Ben Brewer
Ben Brewer - 6 dager siden
Good riddance
Mark Grundy
Mark Grundy - 6 dager siden
Vdb is the perfect replacement for pog
Mark Grundy
Mark Grundy - 6 dager siden
Mark why you excited for Paul pogba , he's done absolutely nothing whatsoever in a utd shirt. Sell him in January and see what we can do in the summer
vinny hoban
vinny hoban - 6 dager siden
without doubt the best news of the whole year
Jakob Ásmundsson
Jakob Ásmundsson - 6 dager siden
Get rid of him and give the team a new fighter like Bruno in the back
D K - 7 dager siden
Just get rid I’m sick of the pogba show I think he is a good football player but best if he goes.💪💪💪💪💪
Dwayne Wright
Dwayne Wright - 7 dager siden
how about playing 3-4-1-2
lindelof maguire shaw
AWB VDB/fred Matic Telles
Martial Rashford
Snowl Lectric
Snowl Lectric - 7 dager siden
Yeah make way for Grealish thamk you pogba!
sunday0978 - 7 dager siden
The pace of the premier League does not suit his game. Doesn’t like to be pressured and rushed. Italian league suited him better as it is more built up play. That’s why the premier League is the best league in the world. You may beat the top teams but team below you will fight tooth and nail to take points off you to stay in the premier League.
Dee_Causing_ Havoc
Dee_Causing_ Havoc - 7 dager siden
Good. He needs to go in January
Hermes Solomon
Hermes Solomon - 7 dager siden
Hope this does not turns out to be Pogba saga! Only if his work ethic and attitude was as big as his ego...
Bleachguy - 7 dager siden
i think with our team pogba for either varane valverde or eder militao we really need a cb and dm dont get me wrong would love ronaldo but cb and dm are bigger priority unless we start using tuanzebe which i dont see ole doing maguire/lindelof with tuanzebe compliment each other
Odeyemi Temitope
Odeyemi Temitope - 7 dager siden
If pogba decides to’s not that he hates’s because man utd isn’t ambitious....well...he might have his shortcomings though.....Buh if pogba leaves....Bruno will ...if man utd fail challenge for major trophies this season n next season...,.
DragunMann - 7 dager siden
Start VDB over Pogba so we can get some goddamn consistency in the line up lol
Bleachguy - 7 dager siden
my friend said team he go with is de gea awb telles maguire baily matic fred and mata lingard mason and cavani he also said as ricky said we doing alot shoehorning mata on rw when he a number 10 same as donny on rw he a secondary cdm and B2B better would be matic and donny with bruno if pogba goes wont need replacement we have more than enough he watched ajax brilliant player been wasted at united so far
Rhys Powell
Rhys Powell - 7 dager siden
I hope we lose so that we replace him sooner rather than later at this point it is inevitable and the sooner we get Poch in the better
Dan Moya
Dan Moya - 7 dager siden
I hope that Pogba doesn't leave for less than 60mil
Dan Moya
Dan Moya - 7 dager siden
Could you see it happening?
Michael Melro
Michael Melro - 7 dager siden
Was I blocked from the live video for reciting a Monty Python joke? An innocent Python joke? Wtf am I paying for this subscription for?
Darren Hayes778
Darren Hayes778 - 7 dager siden
The only way the club can fix this is by giving us RONALDO and BOOTING OUT POGBA
Darren Hayes778
Darren Hayes778 - 7 dager siden
If Paul doesn't get on the bench or play this week then we know he's going ..if ole plays him then ole needs the boot aswell
Darren Hayes778
Darren Hayes778 - 7 dager siden
Sack him and sue him for not living up to his contract
Darren Hayes778
Darren Hayes778 - 7 dager siden
He is out to screw us over i can feel it ..he's purposely lying to us to keep donny 2nd to him in choice donny stick pog in the reserves or swap him straight for Dybala or Ronaldo
Darren Hayes778
Darren Hayes778 - 7 dager siden
Hes out that door ..he's has spoken ill of our club for the last time ..he's a tramp and now I'm fully disgusted that I supported this fucking knacker of a player jose said bench him and make him respect the game and club
Allan Palfreyman
Allan Palfreyman - 7 dager siden
don’t mind u talking about Paul pogba if he wants to gg let’s not go round the world let him go 👍
Nick Grant
Nick Grant - 7 dager siden
U must me smoking catpiss if you think madrid will let varane go
freddie b burkinshaw
freddie b burkinshaw - 7 dager siden
If I'm honest with pogba I don't think hes as good as he thinks he is! I'm confused what player pogba is! Hes a bit clumsy hes not consistent well he is consistent at not been consistent! He left utd because he thought he was better than he was want to juve which he did ok in a slow mediocre league the pace in Italy suited him but not 89 million pound! He just looks lazy and turns up when he feels like it! I'd rather sell him get grealish in his work rate is consistent every week!
The Compass
The Compass - 7 dager siden
All the forwards should be under intensive drill everyday for headers in order to take full advantage of Telles's crossings.
Brian Jackson
Brian Jackson - 7 dager siden
I'm sick of him, Pogba. He's been such a shocking player.
He's cost a Huge transfer fee after letting him go for free. His wages are incredible. For 4 years most of his play has been disappointing. He has been slow, dwelling on the ball, giving it away. Not properly covering in defence, even giving penalties away. Just get rid!
geoff harris
geoff harris - 7 dager siden
Pogba, Lingard, are far better performers on social media and a play station than they ever were on a football pitch, and that's a fact not a gripe !
Oddy Pele
Oddy Pele - 7 dager siden
Varane is nowhere near top class CB.
Robin Conn
Robin Conn - 7 dager siden
Best news ive heard for a while , what a waist of 4 years he has been
Mikey Brownski
Mikey Brownski - 7 dager siden
Bruno isn’t going anywhere.🖕🏾
Paul Taylor
Paul Taylor - 7 dager siden
I have one key point- I am more than happy if pogba goes as soon as possible but players don't need to earn new contracts such as j9nes and periera both of which give 5 year deals.
Darkstar8473 - 7 dager siden
Yes I hope Tuanzebe starts because the last time he did he went so fucking well ...
Defo - 7 dager siden
Valverde for Pobbga? lol that's not gonna happen....Valverde is the future for RM...maybe a swap for Odegaard ..
SAli Another day
SAli Another day - 7 dager siden
Pogba hater, why don't you hate Phil Jones
Routinnee - 7 dager siden
Maybe if the club actually knew what they were doing we would've got the best out of him. Not his fault the board could care less about the club.
SAli Another day
SAli Another day - 7 dager siden
Team Allegri
1 Jourdi
1 Jourdi - 7 dager siden
I rate pogba as a footballer, but he is what you call an upfront snake not a behind the back snake.... hence I believe he would do it
Isaiah - 7 dager siden
Pogba was world class next to Lingard
Isaiah - 7 dager siden
Play pogba and matic in the midfield please ole
Isaiah - 7 dager siden
Man utd are joke club
mark piper
mark piper - 7 dager siden
Good riddance
Jay Omarion
Jay Omarion - 7 dager siden
Finally 👏👏
jarzhinio - 7 dager siden
I think the problem is with Pogba and his United career - he plays as a deep lying midfield playmaker and United don't play with a player in that particular role. It is not really Ole's game plan to have that quarterback style free-man.
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson - 7 dager siden
IF WE GET A NEW MANAGER, I think the board uses the transition period to give a new contract to Lingard. They cant afford to have tw.o marketable players leaving at the same time. Plus they arent capable of replacing two players, and then buying players to progress the squad.
Haroon Nadim
Haroon Nadim - 7 dager siden
Get rid of him
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson - 7 dager siden
IF JAMES SHOULD BE ON LOAN, who would our backups be? We need players that are good enough to play for other teams, but willing to work with limited time for us. WE ARE IN 4 MAJOR COMPS, our squad already isnt think enough with quality, and you want to loan out our ONLY TRUE WINGER. Its just shortsighted.
ndongmo joseph
ndongmo joseph - 7 dager siden
am more worried clubs wanting bruno than pogba wanting to leave....the latter has done everything to deserve a pay cut on his new contract regardless if he starts playing well
Stuart Holehouse
Stuart Holehouse - 7 dager siden
Liverpool were lucky last season with injures.
Jonathan Ryan
Jonathan Ryan - 7 dager siden
He needs to go.. no point renewing a contract, get rid and use what we have..
Rodney Mckee
Rodney Mckee - 7 dager siden
Best news I've heard since he resigned for utd sooner he goes the better
Husaam 'Huzzy'Hashmi
Husaam 'Huzzy'Hashmi - 7 dager siden
Do the deal in installments
Bvllest - 7 dager siden
If we’re starting Telles why not start Cavani too or atleast get him on at 60th minute
Husaam 'Huzzy'Hashmi
Husaam 'Huzzy'Hashmi - 7 dager siden
Fam just go in January
ben lennon
ben lennon - 7 dager siden
It won't be long until the premier league reintroduces the 5 sub rule which will benefit us
Kwei Kwabena
Kwei Kwabena - 7 dager siden
why give Pogba a contract? .........of course, his level is not the same as Lingard, Mata, Matic, Jones, Rojo.................correct, that is not Pogba level!
Da Word
Da Word - 7 dager siden
The chances of Paul Pogba staying at Man Utd are not diminishing because there is virtually zero chance of him staying in the first place. He wants, and is determined, to leave. It's been obvious for a very long time. Sooner or later - mostly later - you will get it.
hans holtz
hans holtz - 7 dager siden
Sell him !!
J Brennan
J Brennan - 7 dager siden
Good riddance and bring that dinners 4 winners fraud rashford,
John Wu
John Wu - 7 dager siden
Mark you are bias, because you are a fans of him. He might be good in skills but bad in attitude!
John Wu
John Wu - 7 dager siden
He should go, he is not a player
Medusa - 7 dager siden
Good flipping riddance
Devraj Sood
Devraj Sood - 7 dager siden
What a brilliant signing Pogba has been, winning one league cup and one europa league in 4/5 years at the club
Devraj Sood
Devraj Sood - 5 dager siden
@Hector Rico yes 😁
Andrew Tunstall
Andrew Tunstall - 7 dager siden
Fergie knew what he was doing when he got rid of Pogba YEARS ago
Artair - 6 dager siden
He also said Phill Jones could be great...
MrLubba1974 - 7 dager siden
Was going to write the same thing ..
Ole is at the wheel
Ole is at the wheel - 7 dager siden
Hunter - 7 dager siden
United and Pogba need to sit down and figure out an exit plan. If he wants to leave, I don’t want him on the pitch at all.
Gambiza Mupinga
Gambiza Mupinga - 7 dager siden
Pogba is good and Of African origin so is to blame because of africaness. Man u is for white and Europeans, simple
ST AS - 7 dager siden
Another idiot just commented
IndigoMann - 7 dager siden
It seems that some people are very secure with calling someone they don't know personally a scumbag.
Kristian Devil
Kristian Devil - 7 dager siden
Let’s be honest; wouldn’t be the first time Pogba refused to sign a new deal and leave for nowt would it?
Geovannie Dyer
Geovannie Dyer - 7 dager siden
Geovannie Dyer
Geovannie Dyer - 7 dager siden
People say he's talented.
Without consistency,quality,leadership,guts and hungry for ur club,truly makes no sense.
1of Man Utd worse buy.
Kwei Kwabena
Kwei Kwabena - 7 dager siden
no young French player is coming to Manchester United...... .......players and agents are not stupid!!
SYED IBRAHIM - 7 dager siden
I don't want to see Pogba go. I love him.
Kwei Kwabena
Kwei Kwabena - 7 dager siden
A french pundit stated, what he gives to the French team is not enough for toxic Manchester United base! so what is the say he is not let the boy leave..........yep! lukaku was clueless, overweight, lazy...........yep, young man go on!!!
Peter Smigiel
Peter Smigiel - 7 dager siden
Pogba is an expensive Balotelli
E -Dottz
E -Dottz - 7 dager siden
I'd be glad to see the back of him, he's a major embarrassment and a disgrace to this club
Abhijith Anoop
Abhijith Anoop - 7 dager siden
Pep had never extended contract at any club. This is the first time.....
Cooldre - 7 dager siden
CANT BELIEVE MARK SAID Lingard deserve a chance?!! What chance to do what go a whole season without contributing again.
Terry Smith
Terry Smith - 7 dager siden
Ole needs to win next five games if not then he should be sacked by Christmas
Jannik Nielsen
Jannik Nielsen - 7 dager siden
In recent years, Utd has sold off their sellable players, so maybe selling Fernandes is not so outlandish. I also feel PSG would be wiling to pay £20 mil for Pogba.
sam p
sam p - 7 dager siden
Tuanzebe can’t play with Maguire. Too often Maguire runs out and leaves his partner alone. Lindelof and Baily are strong tacklers to deal with it most of the time but Tuanzebe has to give a foul away or he will get out numbered
Hamz - 7 dager siden
It’s fine , let him go !!
Christopher Osborne
Christopher Osborne - 7 dager siden
United should have learned there lesson when Pogba did the dirty on united when he left the first time
Ivan Cruz
Ivan Cruz - 7 dager siden
Let pogba leave and buy a world class defensive mid
sam p
sam p - 7 dager siden
Swap Pogba with Varane and get Molinkovic-Savic. Then buy Alaba on the cheap and we have a new back line until slab head gets his act together
sam p
sam p - 7 dager siden
@Dels Trotters I’d trust VDB to do what Pogba has done tbf he just can’t pick out a long pass like those players can unfortunately but can adapt his game to it considering he does have a vision for going forward
Dels Trotters
Dels Trotters - 7 dager siden
Savic is class been watching him for a while now, sadly we won't get him because of VDB, nothing against VDB because he is class too, but we can hope lol
Anthony Tomln
Anthony Tomln - 7 dager siden
If pogba was that good sir Alex wound not have got rid, take nor ole.
Kelvin Ogbeide
Kelvin Ogbeide - 7 dager siden
Why do people keep saying this, its so dumb, you must be too young to remember, sir Alex and the man utd board wanted him to stay, he left because of mina raiola, he didn't want to sign a new contract you can go back and check your facts, before saying what you don't know
SAli Another day
SAli Another day - 7 dager siden
Pogba quality, renew his contract now.
Bob Dilan
Bob Dilan - 7 dager siden
Pogba box to box yeah right he had me when he come back the 2nd time. How on earth can you be a box to box midfielder if your defence rating is zero!
Anthony Wisdom
Anthony Wisdom - 7 dager siden
Sell Pogba and buy Camavinga
white owl
white owl - 7 dager siden
Junior Mwamba
Junior Mwamba - 7 dager siden
Terminate Jones and Rojo are sell them fools for 1millon
sbr721 - 7 dager siden
United's best form since fergi retired was when we got bruno came in and Pogba was "injured" Pogba came back into a team playing very well and killed all the momentum after about 5 games. When has Pogba really done something for united? Scored two goals against city? Scored a load of penalties one season? He was given the keys to the car and just sat in the back seat for four years asking why it won't go. When Pogba goes united will go up a level. Major distraction on and off the pitch and has never lived up to his own hype. He's playing in the wrong league and doesn't have the mentality to consistently preform in such a physically tough league.
Nahom Yacob
Nahom Yacob - 7 dager siden
That led to no trophies. Just top four. In Pogba’s first two seasons we won two trophies and got our best finish post-SAF. Pogba being important to both