ISTANBUL BASAKSEHIR vs MAN UTD! Solskjaer Must React to Poch Pressure

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Basakeshir vs Manchester United preview! Solskjaer's Man Utd must react to an awful start to the season and the pressure of Pochettino. Get the latest Man Utd news on The United Stand. SUBSCRIBE here
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Kasra - 23 dager siden
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Jermaine Donaldson
Jermaine Donaldson - 24 dager siden
Mctominay is trash 🗑
Banter United
Banter United - 24 dager siden
0-1 lmao banter united
Winter Wine
Winter Wine - 24 dager siden
❤️🤍 🧡💙
SmallPurpleBumpie - 24 dager siden
Maguire is an international player, where games are more defensive as the stakes are higher in tournaments
andrew pearson
andrew pearson - 24 dager siden
I can see a big weakness around an unfit Pogba! With no one intercepting in midfield.
UZEE™ - 24 dager siden
Pogba on the left and vdb on the right of midfield with Bruno in front and matic in cdm position
Emiliano Silveiro
Emiliano Silveiro - 24 dager siden
Start Cavani
tedkitcat - 24 dager siden
Comparing ole to sir Alex is like comparing Margo Robbie to Susan Boyle
Patrick Toito'ona
Patrick Toito'ona - 24 dager siden
Ole out
kornholigo - 24 dager siden
Just don't win this game, but win against Everton. Please
Ricky Sengupta
Ricky Sengupta - 23 dager siden
Your wish might come true
THEKID6 - 24 dager siden
We (Roma) mopped the floor with them last year in Europa League, 4-0 at home and 3-0 away. United should win, but you never know. They did go to Gladbach and win
Neil Luhar
Neil Luhar - 24 dager siden
Dean Henderson has to start. He was one of the best keepers in the Prem, and before the season the big debate was who is our number one. De Gea is definitely our best keeper, but if you can’t play Henderson against Istanbul, you might as well sell him cause your only playing him in Carabao cup.
Neil Luhar
Neil Luhar - 24 dager siden
Mark I can’t believe you want to play the fucking Diamond again. Our best formation is 4-2-3-1. We beat this side by playing fast with width, and counter attacking fast. This weekend with Martial back we’ve got to play 4-2-3-1. The Diamond will work in certain occasions, but it’s just not our way forward. Mata, Greenwood, Martial, Cavani, Matic, Williams should all play tomorrow, and our best way to do that is by playing Martial Cavani and James or Greenwood/Mata at RW, Bruno, Donny, Matic, Shaw Maguire Tuanzebe(to give Vic a rest), Williams, and it’s crucial that Dean Henderson starts’
Neil Luhar
Neil Luhar - 24 dager siden
Istanbul Bukayosakashakira we’re knocked out by Copenhagen in the Europa League right before we played Copenhagen in Koln
Bleachguy - 24 dager siden
ive a feeling like bruno god forbid i hope doesnt happen if rashford and martial get injured would they get sancho
cjee_ styles
cjee_ styles - 24 dager siden
Ole is a deluded man .... And pogba has to leave ..I mean for every good performance he has there is always an equal bad performance is doing 3rd law of motion with his performances ... Get out of the club man ..go to Madrid ..ffs
cjee_ styles
cjee_ styles - 24 dager siden
Ole out ... That man is out of his depth can u see ur teams performance in the ist half against arsenal and still send the Same team out nd still play the same formation ..what is he expecting ?? ..I mean for me to loose to arsenal at home ,At home 😒😒 for me thats a low blow....its doesn't matter what we play against Istanbul ...if u like play 6 -0 I don't Care ole u are not good enuf
Kc Link
Kc Link - 24 dager siden
25:10 He got to the Champions League with a broken team. What moron even asked that stupid question.
THC OF UYO - 24 dager siden
But bruno didn't start in the diamond for Lepzig
Colin Ritchie
Colin Ritchie - 24 dager siden
What are the coaching staff doing, it starts on the training ground
Carl Goring
Carl Goring - 24 dager siden
I'm sorry but even if we beat Istanbul which we should do, ole is still not the man for the job unless we see improvement in the league, which right now I dont see happening.
Original Alovesammy
Original Alovesammy - 24 dager siden
19:20 up to now thats still nonsense. mctominay would boss the efl with style as a player
Rey Dro
Rey Dro - 24 dager siden
I would like to see this team with lindelof in maguire out and bruno as the captain
A T - 24 dager siden
Lindelof + Tuanzebe is the partnership going forward. Unless Maguire find an extra 5 yards of pace and gets into flying form
Robin Wilson Peters
Robin Wilson Peters - 24 dager siden
Do coaches ever take pay from wealthy players to keep them on the pitch?
dioforce - 24 dager siden
iT's aLl AbOuT oPiNiOn
Joseph Ngoma
Joseph Ngoma - 24 dager siden
So much negativity with recent videos from fans
Kamy Mehmood
Kamy Mehmood - 24 dager siden
Ole, maguire, james , mctominey... get these useless prats out of my club!!
Mubs Mars
Mubs Mars - 24 dager siden
My only concern is with Ile and how he picks our starting team.
I wonder why he made Ighalo stay by he no him;I wonder why he got Van de Beek and he plays him not.He got Mata he loves benching.
When it comes to defence he failed to pick his main starting players.
When it comes to goalie he shoukd learn to use Henderson too at some matches so that he picks up a higher experience .
It Is time for Ole to dream United is a bigger job which needs wins plus Trophies.
MM_UsesYT - 24 dager siden
I hope this will be the team he plays
AMR13 - 24 dager siden
Micael Schiller
Micael Schiller - 24 dager siden
How can you drop Lindelof when he's been our best cb by far?
banter Nbeards
banter Nbeards - 24 dager siden
Apart from Telles for Shaw, imo that’s our strongest possible line up
Wayne Shella
Wayne Shella - 24 dager siden
Old is not a good coach
Alan Ansara
Alan Ansara - 24 dager siden
I do start McTominay. These are the games he should be starting. Matic started vs. Leipzig, came off bench vs. Arsenal, & needs to start vs. Everton. 4 games in 12 days is too many minutes in too short a time for Matic. I don’t understand why he didn’t start against Arsenal with the idea of resting him here
Bernhard Reknes
Bernhard Reknes - 24 dager siden
Crap crap crap.
Alan Ansara
Alan Ansara - 24 dager siden
Problem is you can’t play Matic every game in PL, CL & domestic cups. So McTominay or Fred has to play at CDM in certain games & neither is great in that role. But can’t understand how you play Fred (can’t pass) & McTominay (can’t pass & scared to even try a progressive pass) against Arsenal & save Matic for the far less important Basaksehir.
Maiden Air
Maiden Air - 24 dager siden
Ole should play a strong side
Nani Nels
Nani Nels - 24 dager siden
Tired of hearing the board didn’t do this the board didn’t do that , Ole is just clueless, worst manager in the league by miles
AzYouWere - 24 dager siden
My honest opinion, we have been found out and it started with Southampton last season they pressed so good that teams know we can't play out from the back, old Trafford has lost fear factor, period
ERW8 - 24 dager siden
Are you going to talk about the angel Gomes news
Giorgio B
Giorgio B - 24 dager siden
If we're giving Lingard another chance, Ole might as well give Rojo and Sir Phil more chances too. What's the worst that can happen? We're already in 15th place.
hanif rajasa
hanif rajasa - 24 dager siden
ole will play lingard tomorrow
Jorgexx_0 - 24 dager siden
I’d like to see Henderson play tomorrow and Tuanzebe but of course that won’t happen😕
vaishnav sv
vaishnav sv - 25 dager siden
If ole gets sacked which I don't want to happen and replaced by poch then the first thing poch will do is make bruno captain. I remember poch wanted bruno at spurs and he loves him. Easily that will happen
Tal Kim
Tal Kim - 25 dager siden
Mata will start next game, seem like his type of game for him tbh
Jimmy T
Jimmy T - 25 dager siden
McSauce is the new Schneiderlin. Theyre still trying to replace Michael Carrick. Clueless
Tal Kim
Tal Kim - 25 dager siden
”im very ole confuse” Imao aren't we all
Tal Kim
Tal Kim - 25 dager siden
If he loses against Everton, he has to get the sack 7 game = 7 points! That's a sacking form for United. Come on mark let be honest.
Omar Lewis
Omar Lewis - 25 dager siden
airforce1969 - 25 dager siden
I thought Greenwood played upfront for most of his youth career? Remember him playing as a solo striker a lot?
Bo Chaka
Bo Chaka - 24 dager siden
Greenwood did play up front during his youth career. He never was a RW during his youth. He actually use to be an attacking midfielder. Then he turned into a false 9 at 15 and at 16ish he turned into a striker. He was never a RW.
Leo Manutd
Leo Manutd - 25 dager siden
This will not change with Ole.. he cant do much more.... its always gonna be defensive and counter attack... he dosent know.. he needs experience... he should never have gotten the job.
Thomas Henriksen
Thomas Henriksen - 25 dager siden
Pogba should get a try at the CAM position. He doesnt have the workrate and defencive capabilities to play on the left. What he does have is passing vision, he has a physical presense, great header and good at holding the ball.
My midfield (on paper) would be matic, fernandes-VDB, pogba.. In reality maybe fred or mctominay is needed in there somewhere
Isaiah - 25 dager siden
Swap Lingard with dele alli. dele alli wants to leave
Paulo Ramírez
Paulo Ramírez - 25 dager siden
I bet Ole will pick McTominay, Fred, Pogba and VDB vs Istanbul
Zoltán Dévay
Zoltán Dévay - 25 dager siden
I still dont think the diamond is the best way.. It worked for ac. Milan for a while and it worked well against leipzig but it doest mean its working. I believe 4-2-3-1 and 4-3-3 work better as our sidebacks are not the best in going forward and then getting back so i would prefer greenwood and rashford doing their thing on the wings
Isaiah - 25 dager siden
Cavani isn’t a ole signing it was desperate
paul mundy
paul mundy - 25 dager siden
Any manager with half a brain would realise that you need a spine to your team & stick to it barring injuries or a poor run of results, not chop & change every game. For me you have to build around De Gea, Tuanzebe, Fernandez, De Beek, Pogba, Martial & Rashford
Paulo Ramírez
Paulo Ramírez - 25 dager siden
Lindelöf and Tuanzebe
Teslim Bollard
Teslim Bollard - 25 dager siden
I don’t think ole will play, the diamond again.
J - 25 dager siden
Comparing Ole to Sir Alex is like comparing Dan James to Cr7.
Denis Vasilev
Denis Vasilev - 24 dager siden
Spot on
kinda cool
kinda cool - 25 dager siden
United will win
ML7 - 25 dager siden
Martial Is soooo Important in The Offensive !!!
joba Tamrat
joba Tamrat - 25 dager siden
Mata and james will play in the istanbul game surely
David Rover
David Rover - 25 dager siden
Manchester United should be 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3 formation.
Paul Taylor
Paul Taylor - 25 dager siden
Pogba shouldn't start.
Lucas Leyland
Lucas Leyland - 25 dager siden
U are a beast please reply
Mark I love the show but basing your opinion of a person only on the football pitch is all well and good until something like assault of a woman comes along. Then things need to be re-evaluated. However your right innocent until proven guilty.
Jordan Finley
Jordan Finley - 25 dager siden
Lindelöf over maguire. Bruno left of diamond and mata at 10. I will have some of that thank you very much.
Mark O
Mark O - 25 dager siden
From Golden boy to hated because of one player. Thats insane.
Harto Widjaja
Harto Widjaja - 25 dager siden
If united cant survive in premier league, whats the point of focusing in UCL ? Can united make it to final ? I doubt it ! So i suggest you Ole put your focus and time on Premier league, do your homework on analysing your opponent weakness for every game and counter them!!!! Or its time up for you to go, get out of here, beat it smiley take your smile away with you !!!!!
MO ABD - 25 dager siden
Idiots lol
Trevor Jones
Trevor Jones - 25 dager siden
Certainly Mata shouldn't start against the top teams who will take the game to us. But against a low block Mata should be one of the first names on the team sheet. Suggesting anything else is once again exposing your agenda Mark...
J Ango
J Ango - 25 dager siden
Can't listen to this 🔔🔚 now the transfer windows closed.
Laith Hussen
Laith Hussen - 25 dager siden
I'm not Ole out but I'm Pochettino in ❤️🔴🔥
Mkenya Halisi
Mkenya Halisi - 25 dager siden
Rubbish. Why should we lose for Solskjaer to react. Solskjaer has to get a grip on the team and make them deliver at all times at all costs
Shirdisaio - 25 dager siden
Scott is saf recommendation to ole
S Peled
S Peled - 25 dager siden
Lol and Moyes was as well
Dr Chunky Biscuit
Dr Chunky Biscuit - 25 dager siden
And what if Giggsy IS found guilty? Is that ok with you because, "It was in his private life"??
Dr Chunky Biscuit
Dr Chunky Biscuit - 25 dager siden
What is "Nooz"? 🤔
S M - 25 dager siden
i don't know about a diamond for this one. raphael was bombing forward a lot last week and looks dangerous
Dylan Thomas
Dylan Thomas - 25 dager siden
I hate the way maguire talks as our captain just gives no enthusiasm or leadership to the badge what so ever
Tim Robertson
Tim Robertson - 25 dager siden
Maybe when we beat leipzig the team was buoyed up because bruno was captain, then straight after maguire is captain again and the team feel the same old same old effect again. Ole never seems to reward players for great performances. Certain players anyway
Footievids23 - 25 dager siden
Potch didn’t get backed at spurs 🤷‍♂️
Ste Jonah
Ste Jonah - 25 dager siden
Why can't you see pogba is better off the bench, he can't be arsed playing 90 mins.
Your hindering us with him on, swap him for Fred, then bring him on in the second half.
Yes he's one of our best players, but for 10 or 15 mins of a game, not good enough.
simon marshall
simon marshall - 25 dager siden
Adverts are pissing me off
mrjoeyd91 - 25 dager siden
I’d love to see us move away from the diamond formation. Our fullbacks aren’t good enough going forward for us to play that formation consistently. We exert so much energy on defense that we can’t retain the ball or hold an attacking shape on offense.
Tim Robertson
Tim Robertson - 25 dager siden
Oles persistence with certain players will see him sacked.
And no im not really wanting poch.
xpkx360 - 25 dager siden
Ive said this for months! Ole is very very annoyingly stubborn. Its gonna get him the sack sadly but he deserve it if he still makes the same mistakes
Kwei Kwabena
Kwei Kwabena - 25 dager siden
Ole needs to stop focussing on stopping the opposing team......Ole needs to develop his own system and let the other team worry about his tactics!
Leobest Bote
Leobest Bote - 25 dager siden
Ryt now I think Lindelof and Taunzebe is the way to go
Aim 4 Jannah
Aim 4 Jannah - 25 dager siden
My Lineup: 4-2-3-1 | DDG (GK) , Shaw (LB), Maguire (LCB), Tuanzebe (RCB) , AWB (RB), Matic (LDM) , VDB (RCM), Bruno (CAM), Rashy (LM), Greenwood (RM) , Martial (ST)
Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin
Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin - 25 dager siden
What about Angel Gomes Mark?? You said you got some news about him...and you did not said a word about him??
Kelvin Hudson
Kelvin Hudson - 25 dager siden
Please ole stop wasting time on pogba. Play Donny more Please.
phelan edopu
phelan edopu - 25 dager siden
Why does lindelof have to get dropped when he is the more reliable center back. Dropping him only sends a bad message out to the other players,that even if you perform well, you will always be be selected over the favourites.And maybe such reasons are why some players have lost respect for the manager.
Dhruv Shah
Dhruv Shah - 21 dag siden
@Doctor Quiet Stealth lindelof is streaks ahead of Mistake-in Maguire, no one's flip flopping here. Do uk what this person's opinion was previously? No u dont. They're saying they dont think Maguire is any less deserving of a dropping than lindelof. learn what flip flopping means
shane brattsel
shane brattsel - 24 dager siden
Maguire has made less mistakes but they are blatant mistakes like the Tottenham game but lindelof has made more
Doctor Quiet Stealth
Doctor Quiet Stealth - 24 dager siden
Lindelof was making a LOT of mistakes in last season, and to your mind it was his mistake that costed us a Europa League final. Stop flip-flopping, please!
Dhruv Shah
Dhruv Shah - 24 dager siden
cudnt agree more
Shehu Mayaki
Shehu Mayaki - 25 dager siden
I'm wondering: does Ole watch The United Stand Channel at all? Fantastic free advice here!
Junior Andrews
Junior Andrews - 25 dager siden
If we loose to Everton on the weekend will ole get the sack?
Warya Gang
Warya Gang - 25 dager siden
As soon as i saw vdb on the bench i said to myself ole deserves to be sacked because we can blame the board for not signing certain players but come on ole’s selection have been awful hes not good enough
Dean - 25 dager siden
It's not about formations. Any formation can work. It's about the quality and the players knowing and being good at their role! If Ole stops rotating so much, players will learn their role better and play better with players around them.
Bob Dagnall
Bob Dagnall - 25 dager siden
Maguire is NOT captain material and NEVER will be, he lacks LEADERSHIP on the pitch. It's a shame that the MANAGER is blind to this and it could lead to his DOWNFALL.LET'S hope he will see the light in time. POCHETINO is NOT the right MANAGER for our team as he lacks REAL DRIVE and is NOT a UNITED TYPE. Whilst OLE IS.