Is Solskjaer's Reign Coming To An End? ISTANBUL 2-1 MAN UNITED | LIVE Fan Forum

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Manchester United 1-2 Istanbul Basaksehir! Flex & Co. react to a LOSS for United. Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand.🔔 Player Ratings Vote here
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Marianbadea Badea
Marianbadea Badea - Dag siden
Zippo404 - 20 dager siden
Who else watching this on widescreen?
ADRIAN KEARNEY - 20 dager siden
what this man talking about ole was a sub who could never hold down a strickers place at utd . that was a great team and ole could not crack it as a player and he cant crack it as a manager at a big club
Aquil Rose
Aquil Rose - 21 dag siden
Man when KG drop that bombshell I had to reload it a couple times 😂😂😂😂😂
Lance Pillay
Lance Pillay - 22 dager siden
Ole is ruining bruno and pogba by telling them to run back to defend for Maguire
Decker Dryges
Decker Dryges - 22 dager siden
Another four yrs of mu being in the bottom half will make ole a very experienced mgr. By which time Klopp, Pep and Ancelotti would left the premiere league. Maybe ole & mu would have a chance then.
JM - 22 dager siden
Aidan knows ball, sander doesn’t
Shadow - 22 dager siden
Lol on paper loads of prem teams are better than you. Overate your players much.🙄
Gooner Boy
Gooner Boy - 22 dager siden
That Zander gezza sounds like Pete with the tourettes from old skool big brother 😆😆
JW989 - 22 dager siden
All talking about going on the piss. Does Manchester actually know we're in lockdown? Typical Manc arrogance...
MrSiddyboy - 22 dager siden
Sanders becoming a joke at this point
Dean Tongue
Dean Tongue - 22 dager siden
Ole was out of his depth at Cardiff never mind United....get Royston Maurice Keane in as manager rapido....!!!
D Robinson
D Robinson - 22 dager siden
You're a mid table team !youre not a force any more every dog has its day deal with it !!
Faizaan Farookee
Faizaan Farookee - 22 dager siden
Why are people blaming the players for Ole? Whenever his job is under threat they have stepped up to save him each time. They play their asses off through his daft tactics to get him and keep him in the job.
Unika Ngxonono
Unika Ngxonono - 22 dager siden
First off if Ole Gunnar Solskaer is a United legend is Origi a Liverpool legend?
Chris.P Bacon
Chris.P Bacon - 22 dager siden
come on sander come and join us, step up and just say it lol sander really is torn bless him
ITZ _JAI - 22 dager siden
“Calvert-Lewin wants to get on his Inzaghi ting”🤣🤣🤣
Elliot and Niamh
Elliot and Niamh - 22 dager siden
No Partay for Ole
I Fix
I Fix - 22 dager siden
Do you employ a Kindergarten teacher for a few years as a University lecturer???
That's a FUCKING big fat NO!!!
OLE shouldn't ve taken up the job in the first place!!!???
Mark, you are LOST!!!
abc def
abc def - 22 dager siden
Aiden looking like a btec Hakim Ziyech,he's a great guest tho
Giorgio B
Giorgio B - 22 dager siden
Teams play like they practice. We fail to do the basics that should be done a thousand times on the training ground.
Is there even a game plan? If so, why are one or more key players constantly out of position in every match? Why don't forwards make runs that enable teams to break down opponents that sit back? Why are there no obvious patterns of play?
Alan Kenny
Alan Kenny - 22 dager siden
United always struggle against teams who gives us possession is the CB's are not quick enough. When Maguire steps out, Matic doesnt step back to cover. He pushes forward also which leaves a massive gap and hole for opponents to counter into
Richard Greening
Richard Greening - 22 dager siden
Keep backing Oleg and you will always be a banter club!
kevin mole
kevin mole - 22 dager siden
iys wrong they are not playing for him
EyeInTheSky - 22 dager siden
The key question which NO ONE is asking is how many teams player for player are better than us in the league? The question is we are on a Par with the Top 4 contenders at least. Yet we are playing like a bunch of plebs. The other key question is how many managers in the league are better than ours and the problem with that argument is you would have an argument for almost every single one. These are the hard facts that are either people are too dumb to think about or too painful to look at. I think regardless if they sack Ole or not the next manager is STILL going to need a class RW, CDM or someone who is willing to defend regardless of how attack-minded they are and also a CB and an attacking RWB/RB option. AWB is a defensive machine and can't offer much going forward at all. IT would be less of a priority though because we get more attacks on the left wing to make up for it but it would be good to have both sides somewhat competent which at least a RW can do to make up for AWB lack of attacking ability and would actually benefit from having good protection behind him which comes no better than AWB.
Franco Rojas
Franco Rojas - 22 dager siden
Sander my boy has become a Politician! Bloody Hell 😂
EyeInTheSky - 22 dager siden
so we will likely beat Everton and you guys will be placed again for another 6 dead results after
EyeInTheSky - 22 dager siden
wonder What is that slimy little politician going to say this time now to defend this shite?
Corneil Ac
Corneil Ac - 22 dager siden
KG got me CTFU
Thato M
Thato M - 22 dager siden
Sander doesn’t say anything logical in these debates, it’s all about romance, nostalgia, passion and good vibes with him. He doesn’t states any facts but rather how he feels. 🙄🥱
sudhanshu chaturvedi
sudhanshu chaturvedi - 22 dager siden
I stopped watching united play.
Anirudh Takkar
Anirudh Takkar - 22 dager siden
Stop living in the past guys 😂😂😂. It's time to turn off the history channel 😂😂😂. Legend or not, Ole is taking you nowhere 😂😂😂.
Dwayne Wright
Dwayne Wright - 22 dager siden
At this point of time, it looks as if utd are going to finish 8th at best even if poch is to come in.. Honestly, Liverpool, city, Chelsea, spurs, arsenal , everton and Leicester all look to be miles ahead..
dean leecroft
dean leecroft - 22 dager siden
It's like the players saw the poch interview and are thinking this guy should be our manager, ole out
mndflns LGN
mndflns LGN - 22 dager siden
Sell Maguire pls. Or at least strip captaincy and drop him from the XI
Ole wouldn’t even be considered a legend outside Manchester. Scoles Rooney yes as an outsider
Unshaw93 - 22 dager siden
Great show!
thian huat tan
thian huat tan - 22 dager siden
Guys, the day when Ferguson left , everything went to Liverpool. Ferguson went to Liverpool wearing Kloop's mask. What Liverpool done and achieved is Ferguson DNA , everything, from tactics, character, ambition, mental, fighting spirit etc everything is now with Liverpool. When you guys are looking at Liverpool is what you are watching Man U of yester years when Man U was at their very best. Do I explain clear enough?
Marcus Heinrich
Marcus Heinrich - 22 dager siden
Sander just dont wanna be proven wrong
Marcus Heinrich
Marcus Heinrich - 22 dager siden
Cant stand Sander
Mark Randall
Mark Randall - 22 dager siden
We need players who really want to play for man u even if it means kids
Flywings Nlr
Flywings Nlr - 22 dager siden
There is no need to say 'ole out' it will happen anyway
yaj-willy Yaj
yaj-willy Yaj - 22 dager siden
Sanders face omg. After aiden said what he said!!!
Eden Lloyd
Eden Lloyd - 22 dager siden
Never mind what does McTom 'have' on Ole, what does Xander have on the United Stand? Boy can barely speak English, dumb as a dumper full of dumbbells
Daniel Munroe
Daniel Munroe - 22 dager siden
Big up jota.. should have gone out with your mates fam.
SMERSH - 22 dager siden
Stanley Gwelo
Stanley Gwelo - 22 dager siden
Aiden that was a good point...yes you're allowed to wish United to lose to get Ole sacked...I for one don't blame you. KG keep your experiences advice.
Anthony Okonkwo
Anthony Okonkwo - 22 dager siden
To Sander, do you think Ole is the right man to make us a great side again like be consistent, win us leagues, other cup, the champions league? Or not
HamidH - 22 dager siden
109 goals is legendary status. He is a legend.
Faizaan Farookee
Faizaan Farookee - 22 dager siden
I think cult hero is more appropriate to Ole the player thanlegend.
Phuket Phuket
Phuket Phuket - 22 dager siden
Anybody notice the hoardings in the background? "Priceless"
Sanele Madlala
Sanele Madlala - 22 dager siden
100% Aiden
David Smethurst
David Smethurst - 22 dager siden
Poor subs , team got worse with every sub. Team not being coached properly, poor movement and very little tempo. Very little fight or confidence. Clearly the players have little resilience and don’t believe in the coach. I think Ole is at the end of his road as he does not have the solutions to take us forward.
Bradly bBelle
Bradly bBelle - 22 dager siden
KG welcome to the Darkside my brother. OLE OUT!
Jonathan Muwumuza
Jonathan Muwumuza - 22 dager siden
most hurting moments about our games is the post match reactions. ole seems to always accept that we are bad; seems to accept that there we made errors but doesnot seem to learn; i think he has dementia or he's clueless. players run like they are pregnant; no intensity , nothing. even the goals come from individual brilliance or counterattacks. we need better than ole. pogba's speed cant match the premier league or he should play as a 10.
The Huntster
The Huntster - 22 dager siden
All he needs is an umbrella then he can be......
Anthony Okonkwo
Anthony Okonkwo - 22 dager siden
I have always being Ole out not because I don't like Ole but because I just think he is the man to make me a lover of good football again. Whether we like it or not, man united have quality players that can win trophies for any team all we are lacking is a quality coach. A good teacher brings out the best in any weak student, likewise the right coach brings out the best in the player. Poch is that man. Ole outtttttttttttttttt
Faizaan Farookee
Faizaan Farookee - 22 dager siden
No tactics, no technical knowledge, no organisation, no discipline, no charisma, no fun- why is this utter buffoon in the job at all- there isn’t one redeeming quality he has
Munib Rishad
Munib Rishad - 22 dager siden
Puch is no good either... That's the reason his out with no job!!! Ole needs adviser's good assistants he needs guidance his players are indisciplined they don't listen!!
Shau nak
Shau nak - 22 dager siden
Man, seeing kg saying ole out is mad. Kg is the most optimistic person i have seen and this just shows what united has become
incognito96 - 22 dager siden
we need basic players not superstars. diego jota player of the season who we would never buy.
Matt Tabago
Matt Tabago - 22 dager siden
Game really was a terror to watch. Tactics, leadership, knowledge is no where to be found and that’s for both the players and coaches. The moment that I lost it was seeing the Fosu Mensa for Wanbi sub, that’s when the little hope I had faded away. Needing a goal and you substitute a Right back for a Right back.
Kyle - 22 dager siden
Sander, you don't wanna be Ole Out cause you don't like the culture, and don't want to be associated with it?
So you'd rather look like a fool, and undermine yourself cause of some idiots on Twitter you've never met.
Makes sense.
Soale Jaabir
Soale Jaabir - 22 dager siden
The manager is incapable.
ken beckett
ken beckett - 22 dager siden
Fantastic stuff Ole, keep up the good work.
Soale Jaabir
Soale Jaabir - 22 dager siden
We are fed up of this manager.
Soale Jaabir
Soale Jaabir - 22 dager siden
We are fed up of this manager.
Soale Jaabir
Soale Jaabir - 22 dager siden
The manager is not a trophies manager.
Soale Jaabir
Soale Jaabir - 22 dager siden
The manager is not a trophies manager.
Jake Marshall
Jake Marshall - 22 dager siden
That bit of cloth that came with school trousers was to test washing powder etc not to fix your trousers. I found this out recently 😂
J C - 22 dager siden
The guy bottom left needs to stop smoking crack
Stefan Engell Andersen
Stefan Engell Andersen - 22 dager siden
Cant believe this...i know this script all too well, another one bites the dust ! sad
Stefan Engell Andersen
Stefan Engell Andersen - 22 dager siden
What is Sander on ?????
Idanye - 22 dager siden
Where’s sander from?
Nani Nels
Nani Nels - 22 dager siden
Zander is out of his depth here just like Ole at United.. get rid
Aviral Singh
Aviral Singh - 22 dager siden
i think instead of training they do tick tok drills and perform an utter shambolic performance
Rajalingam Seetharaam
Rajalingam Seetharaam - 22 dager siden
KG .. Ole will field Mata.. James... and McTominay ... agst Everton... and you will change it ... 😅
buster colin
buster colin - 22 dager siden
No more Yanks + no more board= Success
SmallPurpleBumpie - 22 dager siden
If he loses to Everton he will be sacked
Saltire - 22 dager siden
Lol, 4 Londoners. Imagine being that pathetic coming from there and picking Man Utd as your football team. Embarrassing 'bruv, innit'.
FifaFc - 23 dager siden
I’m not ole out but if we lose to Everton I will definitely be ole out but who ever wants to buy Manchester United pls do help this club to get back to what we used to be
Jesse Jesse
Jesse Jesse - 23 dager siden
Ole out !
Tom A
Tom A - 23 dager siden
utd are getting relagated in the near future
Stephen O'Brien
Stephen O'Brien - 23 dager siden
And KG, it took him a week to flip flop. KG, I’ll let you into a secret, we’ve been this bad for sometime now!!!!
Stephen O'Brien
Stephen O'Brien - 23 dager siden
Sander shouldn’t be on this channel. Hasn’t got a clue.
nicnac - 23 dager siden
Jesus christ so much love for LG. Suggesting ole isn't a legend is garbage - chicharito getting anywhere near that 98/99 side?! People forget how much ole/Sheringham were used (not necessarily together) in that season. Longevity isn't an argument either
Nnajiofor Kingsley
Nnajiofor Kingsley - 23 dager siden
The real problems of United are Class of 92, Rio Ferdinand, SAF, Woodward, the physio team, the recruitment team, Pogba and of course Ole. Until these are sorted out, forget progress
The Red Devil in Me
The Red Devil in Me - 23 dager siden
Sander waffling like usual....Ole is crap
S. - 23 dager siden
Shoutout to Zander. Warming to him after every show. Speaks well and always of sense
Febian Lim
Febian Lim - 23 dager siden
Ole already have enough time, he seems to be out of idea, reason and tactic. Against Everton it will be more suffer, ancelotti is well experience tactician and he will smack ole
Seramics - 23 dager siden
I am 100% agreed with the Zander (bottom left) guy. Suffered enough since David Moyes reign until now. MU is not one bit better than the day David Moyes first took over. Embraced it long ago. The patterns is obvious. Change manager. Struggle one season. Next season get top 4. The season after instead of backing manager n build further, go against the manager n don't buy players. Then bad season n sack manager. Repeat cycle.
Just embrace the new mediocrity.
Gavin Parton
Gavin Parton - 23 dager siden
Aiden talks more sense than goldbridge
BIbEK MagAr - 23 dager siden
Which one is kG here?
barryhains - 23 dager siden
I dont often comment but Sanders attitude today was unbearable to watch. Grow a pair
Abhijith Anoop
Abhijith Anoop - 23 dager siden
KG is having none of it from Sander. Not a single smile :(
Peter Baxter
Peter Baxter - 23 dager siden
Four failed or failing managers, the only permanent are the Glazers! They are the ones failing this club.
Abhijith Anoop
Abhijith Anoop - 23 dager siden
Milo Dsouza
Milo Dsouza - 23 dager siden
United can win title with good coaching and some new players on transfer window
Azhan Kids TV
Azhan Kids TV - 23 dager siden
so hard to sack ole? what are we thinking? wasting more time????
334665eric 7788977
334665eric 7788977 - 23 dager siden