How Solskjaer MUST Line Up Man Utd or be Sacked! Man Utd News

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How should Solskjaer line up Man Utd if he wants to avoid the sack and get United fans back on side? Mark Gioldbridge goes through Solskjaer's tactical options. Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand.🔔 SUBSCRIBE here
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Runtime: 23:50


EDWARD DE CRUZ - 6 dager siden
Hear ye! Hear ye! The Manager speaketh!
Trevor Jones
Trevor Jones - 10 dager siden
Should change your name to Mark "I have an agenda but then moan about other people who have agendas" Goldbridge
adam huss
adam huss - 12 dager siden
The diamond didnt work against arsenal. Mctominay was a let down and Telles was a big difference. Also think if he puts the right players it will work. Awb needs to improve in attack.
adam huss
adam huss - 12 dager siden
Why is it only Ole can't see that vdb has the intelligence and fitness and ability to play thr role mata plays why and how is that not possible
Nani Nels
Nani Nels - 12 dager siden
We still wasting time with Ole , unbelievable .
Mohammed D Malik
Mohammed D Malik - 12 dager siden
We need a fast CB.. one that can deal with some of the best attackers in the world? Axel Tuanzebe anyone?
Mohammed D Malik
Mohammed D Malik - 12 dager siden
I'm sure you did this a few weeks ago insisting on the diamond..
FAN BOYZ - 12 dager siden
Wheres Axel Tuanzbe?
Pierre Lailvaux
Pierre Lailvaux - 12 dager siden
I'm puzzled. The system you show is the system Ole decided on, presumably in an attempt to paper over the defensive issues you raise. Is it the ideal system? Maybe yes with the players he has to hand. Does he intend to improve things? Almost certainly. Will he? If he gets the board support and the players he needs, maybe. I certainly don't blame a manager for trying to make the best of his players to hand. He has to keep in touch with the league table while waiting on better players.
Jamil Yassin
Jamil Yassin - 12 dager siden
Solkjaer is the manager and is supported by his team. He don't have to listen to anyone else cos at the end of the day its his job that is 
on the line
Simon Lee
Simon Lee - 13 dager siden
Seriously, Mark should apply for the job as the next Man Utd Manager. He talks as he can manage better than Ole. Give it a shot Mark. Apply for the job.
guALa sZn
guALa sZn - 13 dager siden
Playing with mcsauce against good opp is like playing with 10 men
TheWallethead - 13 dager siden
If you’re going to line up with Fred and McTominay against WBA with Donny and Pogba on the bench.... might as well pack up and call it quits!!
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson - 13 dager siden
MARK, I ADMIRE YOUR OPTIMISM, but the Ole out people, regardless of what he does, won't accept that we are progressing. Hell most dont even realize how much our squad has changed since jose. Too bad we didnt get a player coming in for every one that left.
Nik Sterjovski
Nik Sterjovski - 13 dager siden
Someone please send this advice to Ole! Mark Golfbridge has spoken
Neil Luhar
Neil Luhar - 13 dager siden
I think Mark forgot Dean Henderson plays for Utd
Mahmud Salam
Mahmud Salam - 13 dager siden
@manutd is having clueless coach with easily too predictable tactics.... reasons being is due to @manutd coaches like ole and @carras16 have no alternative as potent attack on the right side...
Ry Earl
Ry Earl - 13 dager siden
Nemanja pratic
Matthew Lee
Matthew Lee - 13 dager siden
Get McTominay out of that starting XI for the love of God!!!
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson - 13 dager siden
I like Mctominay in there. His passing isnt great, but his graft in the midfield picking up second balls, with fred, is great. Matic doesnt have the legs to control the middle like fred and Mctominay.
Aar Dalal
Aar Dalal - 13 dager siden
Ole is apparently spending a lot of time on what systems to play and what personal and not enough time in the training ground i think he is trying to play pogba and Donny because his got a lot of criticism for not playing enough not good players will interesting to next few weeks.
Jj 530
Jj 530 - 13 dager siden
We never played a 433 after lockdown because Bruno was playing a number 10 and pogba was a 6 that’s not a 433
M15TRY - 13 dager siden
It doesn’t matter how we line up. we are so unbelievably inconsistent that it won’t last.
Isaiah - 13 dager siden
Mark is trying to get this over with it’s rushed
Isa's Football Corner
Isa's Football Corner - 13 dager siden
Goldbridge for Manager
Trevor Cross
Trevor Cross - 13 dager siden
say what you want Solskjaer ain,t listening
Idisi Marvelous
Idisi Marvelous - 13 dager siden
Ole should continue using his Fred and Mctominay if he can't use vvd and Pogba .
Its less work to control them.
chad phillip
chad phillip - 13 dager siden
Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I can respect yours but you don't have any coaching badges and obviously its only your opinion.
Az Far As Possible
Az Far As Possible - 13 dager siden
everyone : no no he's got a point
ole : Yes
Andy Stultz
Andy Stultz - 13 dager siden
M8, you really need to shove your Ole agenda where the sun don't shine.
HardstylezSuperstaar - 13 dager siden
Sit here and fix formations like its FIFA21, what a prat, Mr.Pratbridge 😂 He THINK it will work but he is far from sure 😂🤦‍♂️
Spurs Flying High
Spurs Flying High - 13 dager siden
Garbage pundit, and garbage club, almost ruined the special one, Mourinho. He is too good for your trash board.
Crap Head
Crap Head - 13 dager siden
4-4-2 even MU nags can play that formation.....regards Tony
Gavin Parton
Gavin Parton - 13 dager siden
The more u talk about ole more I want him out his not good enough as a manager his jus a hero ove the moment 1999
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson - 13 dager siden
Yeah I heard when they were looking for the interim, they just went back through the goals to see which one got them out of their seats the most. It was Ole's. /s
tbirdthethird - 13 dager siden
Taimoor Malik
Taimoor Malik - 13 dager siden
Mark, the convo really needs to shift from "Bruno and Pogba can play together" to "Bruno and Donny can play together."
Taimoor Malik
Taimoor Malik - 13 dager siden
De Gea, Telles, Maguire, Lindelof, Tuanzebe, Wan Bissaka, Fernandes, VDB, Fred, Rashford, Martial. Really don't understand why Ole can't understand this.
Trevor Cross
Trevor Cross - 13 dager siden
I don,t know why he is still Utd manager i am serious
Owen Brown
Owen Brown - 13 dager siden
Has everyone forgot we have signed a right winger😂😂😂
Jack - 13 dager siden
So obsessed with formations too
Jerome Nel
Jerome Nel - 13 dager siden
Great analysis
PizzazN - 13 dager siden
Lol. Maybe you should apply for the job, lets see how you'd turn out.
Brandon Combes
Brandon Combes - 12 dager siden
Not well would be my guess
MAN UTD WORLD - 13 dager siden
this guy is an idiot cause shaw is injured
Isaiah - 13 dager siden
I think he was rushing to get this done
J J - 13 dager siden
How is mata starting ahead of vdb ?
Albert Partis
Albert Partis - 13 dager siden
Mctominay in for matic all day long! The amount of times in a game matic gets tackled from behind!
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson - 13 dager siden
It is crazy, him and Pogba. They are just too careless on the ball and they are always deep when displaced.
Olav Digre
Olav Digre - 13 dager siden
playing to definsive midfeelders gives us the securety so Bruno can be more reckles.
Linford Pierre
Linford Pierre - 13 dager siden
Who came here just to throw shade....most of you apparently....PRATTS
Mohammad Ibrahim
Mohammad Ibrahim - 13 dager siden
videos about the best formation are very stupid.. this is no Playstation.. every week there are injuries, fitness drops, performance drops, illnesses.... so before every game the players must be evaluated based on all these different factors and another factor is the opponent, how to pick up the players and formation that takes advantage of the weaknesses of the opponent and how to stop his strengths ...
so it's the starting XI, the formation shape, the strategy to approach the game.
L30887 - 13 dager siden
What a stupid title for a video
Isaiah - 13 dager siden
I think he was rushing to get this done
Guy from the 80's
Guy from the 80's - 13 dager siden
Mark....why are you doing this to yourself?
Amjad Hussain
Amjad Hussain - 13 dager siden
Put vdb in matas position and watch the difference
A J - 13 dager siden
Excellent comments about balance
blacherc - 13 dager siden
How Ole should line up by the experienced and well known coach Mark Goldbridge 🤔mate you loosing the plot when you try and fill content during International break. Stick to reporting news and don’t try and make it
Isaiah - 13 dager siden
To get too his second channel
Isaiah - 13 dager siden
I think he was rushing to get this done
tarantula Kingdom
tarantula Kingdom - 13 dager siden
Is as clueless as the manager is wrong team out mata matic to old play Fred on right centre and proba left centre and donny van de beek amr rashford aml Bruno through the middle telles on the left and awb right. and Harry m and Victor lin centre def de gea in goals and martial up frount now that's what I call a first team
laptop clinic
laptop clinic - 13 dager siden
Mc tominay is the one who started not Matic
Ellefsens Barmy Army
Ellefsens Barmy Army - 13 dager siden
Soslkjaers fate will be decided by the results, not on the formation.
There’s not one formation that always will work. United have very clear weaknesses, but one of the strengths is definitely that they are capable of changing their formation depending on the challenges they are facing. The psg game showed that. Going from a back 5 to a back 4 when psg was starting to control the game was pure brilliance.
4-3-3 with Mata and Rashford going inwards worked very well against Everton because of the way they line up in midfield. Against a team that go high with the full backs that will probably not work. In those cases we have seen that Rashford, Martial, and early last season also James, are good at exploiting the space the opponent leave.
XORION B - 13 dager siden
This just proves how inept our manager is.
Tevin Johns
Tevin Johns - 13 dager siden
I think you should express your opinion with less negativity, saying "this team isn't good enough to win titles" "this formation..." etc. We have a title winning team indubitably! Even retired professionals know that and constantly point it out. The problem is that players need to get their heads right; there's no such thing as this player can't do that and that player doesn't do that coz in other teams players in those positions do exactly that, so it means it's the players not the manager. We've got an excellent team that is capable of lifting the title, they just need to get their heads screwed on
Tevin Johns
Tevin Johns - 13 dager siden
When you talk negatively you sending that energy out towards our club, casting spells with the things you say
oOJackFlashOo - 13 dager siden
high on your self mark?
Maax1200 - 13 dager siden
Name One backline who ISN'T backed up by the midfield (let alone attack).
GroovywithAD - 13 dager siden
Or be sacked uno. What effrontery 😂
Sean - 13 dager siden
When will u accept that man utd just aren't a top team anymore , u haven't been for about 8 year yet you still think you have a right to be ine of the best in the world . Reputations dont win you trophies and reputations come and go and man United's reputation for years now has been that they are not a top club anymore , a big club yes but not a top team and haven't been for nearly a decade
Cedro Cross
Cedro Cross - 13 dager siden
It's funny how now Mark wants the diamond (which its fine to change your opinion) but the master of the diamond is chilling waiting for us while Ole is stinking it up
sinbadw00t - 13 dager siden
mark truely understands the fans love it u legend! bring back the cantona days maybe not right away :)
Fra - 13 dager siden
I love how goldbridge and others are telling Ole how he should pick the line up.. Ole and his staff have all the analytics to make the right decision on the line ups. Just listen to Ricky he knows more about football then Goldbridge..
Blackest Eyes
Blackest Eyes - 13 dager siden
The fact that we are even debating what formation we should play tells you everything you need to know about Ole as a manager. He's trying things and hoping its going to work. He doesn't have clear enough vision himself about how he wants us to play. How are his player supposed to get the message and be given the best platform to perform when the manager is unsure himself? Loved him as a player but he simply isn't good enough.
Sresht Banerji
Sresht Banerji - 13 dager siden
I love these tactical videos mark.
The Devils Verdict
The Devils Verdict - 13 dager siden
I like tactical videos. Which is why I do them.
Lazar - 13 dager siden
Golddick is cancer of MU....
aaron galvin
aaron galvin - 13 dager siden
Mark has just proved he’s clueless about tactics. During that long run we played 4-2-3-1 with Bruno as the 10. Just stick to playing up to reactionary fans
Stuart Grant
Stuart Grant - 13 dager siden
They were not the average positions against Everton Mark you do and say what suits your agenda😂😂😂😂
Anthoney Fogah
Anthoney Fogah - 13 dager siden
no matter the line up he will be sacked due to his tactical difficiencies a formation can only work for a time till opposing teams adapt to it its not formation or lineups that win matches but tactical ability coupled with quality players who understand his role in that specific tactics.
the right key
the right key - 13 dager siden
My formation will be 4-4-2 Diamond without winger :
RB : Wan Bissaka
RCB: Lindelof
LCB: Maguire
LB: Telles
CDM: Fred
RCM: Pogba
LCM: Van De Beek
AM: Bruno
ST: Rashford
ST: Cavani
#PgTrym91 Norwegian Sports fan, gamer & Guitarist
Lindelof been actually dealing with a back issue starting this season ...
JOHN AKINBOTE - 13 dager siden
do you think we should start cavani over martial cavani has been on fire he scored on for urugrauy martial as been poor
JOHN AKINBOTE - 13 dager siden
@Tremaine Bishop yuh
Tremaine Bishop
Tremaine Bishop - 13 dager siden
International football is crap.
Sang Guite
Sang Guite - 13 dager siden
I hope ole be sacked..he wasted talented players😏
Ricky Paul
Ricky Paul - 13 dager siden
Matic. Fred
Pogba/VDB Bruno
Martial. Rashford
John Bhaal
John Bhaal - 13 dager siden
I think the reason ole changes players a lot is injury fears, and the congestion of the season, so whatever he picks he will be changing it on a regular basis.
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson - 13 dager siden
Yeah, not enough supporters realize how brutal our schedule is, especially with players going on internationals.
Cal W
Cal W - 13 dager siden
I thought rashy was injured to 😩
Manju KV
Manju KV - 13 dager siden
You still set them up to defend. Bruno can misplace a pass, Rashford cannot keep the ball or win headers. Not tough enough. Martial is the only one who can do justice to his role. Donny will have to play in tight spaces, Fred as well and he cannot pass the ball well either.
Jose Augusto Martins
Jose Augusto Martins - 13 dager siden
Cristiano Ronaldo,Rashford,,Cavani in front.
Bruno behind them and Matic and Van beek ,behind Bruno!! Super??😄😄
jay cam
jay cam - 13 dager siden
Garbage team,Ole out!!!!
Muhammedfitness Grema
Muhammedfitness Grema - 13 dager siden
Our cb are okay the team just lacks organization and the midfielders don’t protect the cb enough
Ricky Spanishhh
Ricky Spanishhh - 13 dager siden
FREE PHIL JONES! ive just reported him as a missing man to the police..give him up
Calvin Westbrook
Calvin Westbrook - 13 dager siden
See Goldbridge picking injured players, how can he pick Shaw and Rashford? Then it will Oles fault if he picks players with knocks who get worse injuries, Ole really can't win with Utds fickle fans, the same fans who called for Fergie to be sacked any season he didn't win the league, those old enough will remember that, he was past it when he didn't win the league every time.
tcbarton - 13 dager siden
So one win against Everton and now he doesn't mind mctominay 😂 please keep playing him
guALa sZn
guALa sZn - 12 dager siden
@Joyline Joseph NAHH we ain't so off
Joyline Joseph
Joyline Joseph - 12 dager siden
Not to the extend of arsenal fans btw
guALa sZn
guALa sZn - 13 dager siden
Most Utd fans r delusional
Linford Pierre
Linford Pierre - 13 dager siden
Who came here just to throw shade....all of you apparently....pratts
Fergie's Son
Fergie's Son - 13 dager siden
Biggest flip flop on the Tube, he will go along with whatever is the popular opinion on the day.
Aidan Harnedy
Aidan Harnedy - 13 dager siden
I like the diamond with this personnel, good balance between defence and attack
Jermaine Fosu
Jermaine Fosu - 13 dager siden
I think we should play 4-3-3 with
Martial cavani rashford
Bruno. Pogba
Telles lindelof maguire AWB
Cavani scored again for Uruguay. I think we should really start him he can be the striker than we need rn.
Overtly Antagonistic
Overtly Antagonistic - 13 dager siden
_this team is too open_
EyeInTheSky - 13 dager siden
what you on about you cretin. Greenwood tracks back like a beast. Not only that he starts the attacks after getting back as well and has gotten us out of the shite so many times by doing that you are clueless. You must have the memory of a goldfish.
Louis Bonfield
Louis Bonfield - 13 dager siden
4231 is the way to go all the top teams play it
ProRemotes Locksmith
ProRemotes Locksmith - 13 dager siden
Cavani was the best of Uruguay yesterday and start the god damn game just saying
Nkanyiso Mbeje
Nkanyiso Mbeje - 13 dager siden
Quite harsh but I think Maguire is a flop in my mind, why would u break the record by buying the most expensive defender of all time then a year later u also need another while we have a couple of gud defenders ie Lindelof and Taunzebe
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson - 13 dager siden
His price was high, but he isnt anywhere near a flop. He came in and immediately improved our defense. He needs a quicker partner and then I think we see an even better maguire.
terry stockwell
terry stockwell - 13 dager siden
VDB needs to start good enough for Holland not for utds first elven come on progba out mata out simple
Gaz Newton
Gaz Newton - 13 dager siden
Or be sacked i forgot you had football degrees mark and your coaching badges
Dis&Co - 13 dager siden
Goldbridge: I want to be to clear, I am Ole In, However this is why he should be sacked!!
jamaal mahammed
jamaal mahammed - 13 dager siden
Bro if you don’t see scott mctominay is improving the last 6 months let him play let him Become better
walata11 - 13 dager siden
Mctominey would not even get into united bench if he wasn't from the United academy .
Sam R
Sam R - 13 dager siden
Mark acting like he’s Pep Guardiola or something. Stop being so pretentious
Truth - 13 dager siden
Dude, stop ruining Ole’s lineups the guy watches you. The game against arsenal he literally picked your stupid diamond and we paid a price.
Linford Pierre
Linford Pierre - 13 dager siden
Exactly Stancee.....right formation....wrong players
Stancee 10
Stancee 10 - 13 dager siden
He used the wrong players
Kiiza Timothy
Kiiza Timothy - 13 dager siden
Mark, analyze football but not putting ole always on pressure to be sacked, don't always fuel sacking issue, remember how many complete positions united team has?
The Devils Verdict
The Devils Verdict - 13 dager siden
Do you really think what is said on this channel has any influence on what decisions united make on the hiring and firing. To be clear that's a rhetorical question.
Allu Lallu
Allu Lallu - 13 dager siden
Use tfm instead of lindelof and we will be able to.bplay better
James Neilson Graham
James Neilson Graham - 13 dager siden
Getting kind of tired hearing about formations. Sure, you need to set up intelligently, but it's what you do within the set-up that counts. Backs and midfielders (yes, even defensive midfielders) need to start attacking - with their first touch. If an opponent is charging towards you he can't manoevre. He's at your mercy. Instead of turning your back and passing the ball sideways or backwards, you use your opponent's momentum against him and, with your first touch, go past him. Because you've acted fast, you've de-stabilised the opposition . . .
Joe Dhli
Joe Dhli - 13 dager siden
He lined up exactly how u wanted against spurs and look how it turned out
Chris Ellington
Chris Ellington - 13 dager siden
That game was cursed 😬
Wiseman mashego
Wiseman mashego - 13 dager siden
That team got united 3rd in project resart. Players like Maguire and baily made bad errors in that game but everyone seems to blame de midfield and atttack only
bountylad - 13 dager siden
Ole should have look for a winger at a reasonable price .....Sancho was overpriced and no club in their right mind would have paid £110 million for him last summer. We need a younger and more solid CDM to take over from Matic.